Lindsey Graham Tells DOJ To Think Very Carefully

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday predicted that if former president trump is prosecuted for the way he handled the private classified materials found in his Mar-a-Lago estate there may be riots in the streets.

Graham also noted that especially following the Clinton debacle, any prosecution of Trump could be taken the wrong way.

In a clip of his interview with former South Carolina congressman and host of Fox News’s “Sunday Night in America,” Trey Goody, that was then shared by Trump on Truth Social, the two discussed the topic more in depth.

Goody was the chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, which looked into the 2012 terrorist attack in Libya which resulted in the death of four Americans. It was this investigation that uncovered the private email server used by Clinton.

Graham warned that if there is a double standard in the way Trump is treated, as well as if the Georgia special grand jury is probing into Trump’s attempts to overturn the state elections, there could be riots.
Graham has also received a subpoena by the investigating team regarding phone calls he made to Georgia election officials looking to change the results of the elections. He also noted that before the 2020 election the FBI was warned to “back off” on any investigations of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

However, Graham said that many Republicans, including himself, believe that these cases against Trump have nothing to do with the law and they are all about getting him.

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  1. Where’s the private server?

    • H Clinton destroyed her private server in the bathroom. Of one of her mansions by bleach bit and a hammer. Communist China was believed to have hacked into the classified, highly classified and top secret documents. Her defense.. “I didn’t know what the” C” .. Meant on the documents. Remember she gsc been in government for decades.. Of course the lying, corrupt piece of dirt knew what “C” meant. And by not being president, she did not have the authority to DE classify the documents.. In essence she stole the documents.. Not a darn thing was done. She should have been facing clear cut espionage charges

    • add the server that was in the US Embassy in Kiev which may hold all the financial information for how US aid was distributed as Hunter Biden was not the only family member of a US politician appointed to the Board of Directors of large Ukrainian companies involved in gas, oil, coal agriculture, fertilizer, e tc

  2. In these times of heated rhetoric, a fire is possible!

    Biden’s comment of facism only sends a spark in that direction!

    • We have polarized Republic in which each side detests the other. The leftists have wanted to destroy our culture, our freedom, our Judeo-Christian heritage, our God given rights. For decades the left has tirelessly worked toward a socialist-Marxist America. They have nearly succeeded. But they will fail. We will not let it happen. We will never let it happen.

  3. To true the demoncraps said they woud do anything and try anything to destroy trump and all republicans.lindesy-grahm tells the truth and facts.

    • You claim that trump was cheated out of the election without once ounce of proof. Then you lie about everything else prove it and I will follow what you claim.

      • Proof has already been provided by Dinesh DeSouza. You’re a lib that supports your crooked parties decision to do whatever it takes to gain power and move this great country to communism. Even if the DNC admitted it, you would still be okay with it.
        Now your fascist dictator is giving speeches similar to another fascist dictator Adolph Hitler. Hitler gave very similar speeches to convince his people to support the destruction of the Jewish people in Germany. But since the DNC’s biggest financial supporter is admitted NAZI supporter/ sympathizer George Soros, it all makes sense. I’m sure you’re okay with that too.

      • Banning people from social media for having different opinions, false claims of “Russian collusion, & the topper, the SUPPRESSION of HUNTER BIDEN’S LAPTOP & evidence of biden’s (the big man) involvement in his son’s dealings with China & Ukraine, all are evidence of cheating. As to illegal voting, I do not believe the fact that it does exist & has in EVERY federal election, was enough to change the outcome of the election but all of the above is what contributes to the belief that Trump was cheated out of election.

      • Do America a great favor and stay home on election day Nov 8, 2022. Your political ignorance is astounding.

      • A plethora of evidence was discovered
        .. 100s of witnesses to the rigging of the votes testified. The evidence was presented to fed judges who had been appointed by. Obama. They all said “no standing” which means that the fools wouldn’t EVEN look at the evidence…. The evidence is there but with dems controlling most of the judges, the DOJ agencies nothing is done.

    • When you lie to the people long enough they start believing it.msm has been a propoganda machine for the deep state.biden is the racist but msm keeps screaming it’s trump.biden is the list but they keep screaming it’s trump.trump has done more good for black America than oboma did and that a she on oboma.he kept shelling out welfare and told them they were victims.hes doing it now because Biden don’t have clue what’s going on .he’s an embarrassment to us .FJB

      • I agree totally Kevin. Ask any Democrat and they’ll tell you that if you lie enough times it becomes true to those that heard it continuously. Their tactics are 1. Lie like hell. 2. Spin things to suit your needs. 3. Lie some more. I honestly believe that they believe their own lies. Oh.4. If people don’t agree with you, call them racist.

      • There are exponentially more white people on welfare than black people. Facts matter.

  4. May God bless The US

  5. There is currently a very large group in DC that needs the magnifying glass used on them extensively! The problem is…who is going to use the magnifying glass??? There is too much corruption and hardly anyone still maintains their integrity. Very few of the so-called politicians really care about their constituents, they only care about making money and keeping their sacred position.

  6. Hillary dealt with the issue, Trump HIDES IT.
    Hillary testified for 11 hours UNDER OATH.
    Trump hides from IT

    • Dude, why did she destroy 35,000 emails??? She would be in prison if she had not. She directed the sale of 25 % of the US’s uranium to Russia, our main enemy!!! Wake your ass up and quit drinking the Koolaid!!!

    • Actually she ran from it like the criminal she is. Deleting subpoenaed evidence is criminal! Instructing her staff to ‘wipe’ subpoenaed servers and destroy them is criminal.
      Satan has a special place for her when she arrives. At his feet with a burning chain locked tightly around her neck.
      Why do you lefties always support all things criminal?
      BTW. Helping a criminal, even by covering for them, is called being complicit, like you did with your stupid comment.

    • Your political ignorance is astounding.

    • HC stole confidential, classified, highly classified, top secret documents (not being the president, she could NOT Declassify anything she was subpoenaed to return the documents but she took bleach bit and a hammer to destroy the computers the info was on. It was believed that Communist China hacked into her servers. Not one damnable thing was done to her. Yes she testified before congress and her excuse was…”I didn’t know what the” C” meant on the documents… Not one thing done to her.. She should have been charged with espionage and clear cut objection of justice because she walked out with documents NOT declassified and she destroyed them!!

  7. Biden is right…our democracy is under attack…and the attackers are the biased mainstream media who bury negative stories about Democrats like Biden while hyping every word (often out of context) that a Republican (Trump in particular) says….also the FBI and ‘intel agencies’ who lied to FISA court judges to get warrants, created the false ‘Russia Collusion’ narrative, looked the other way at Hillary Clinton’s illegal server, buried the Biden laptop story by calling it ‘Russian disinformation’ etc…etc..etc..And when Biden and his media friends talk about ‘right wing’ political violence they never mention the far more numerous examples of political violence by Democrats such as the shooting of Republican Congressmen at a softball game, the burning of Courthouses, police stations, businesses etc…by anti-fa and BLM all throughout 2020. Have you noticed that all that violence ended after Biden ‘won’ without ever leaving his basement.

  8. You better tread lightly DOJ you did nothing to billary or Clinton if you think those people around you won’t go apeshit you are sadly mistaken I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes anyone can see this writing on the wall!

  9. “Graham also noted that especially following the Clinton debacle, any prosecution of Trump could be taken the wrong way”.

    What would be the right way to trake it RINO? Crawl into a hole and hide, like you do? That’s not going to happen. Just make sure you get out of the way. You haven’t been any help so far and I doubt you will ever be….

  10. You cannot apply laws to one and not all. If Trump is vigorously investigated and tried, then that leaves the door WIDE open to do the same to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Joe & Hunter Biden for the lap top business and business dealings with China that may be a gross conflict of interest, and any other former presidents for dubious dealings while in office. The Justice Dept cannot pick and choose on items of this much importance. It has to remain impartial to party and follow the letter of the law, be it common or Constitutional. I say let Trump have his day in court, get it all out in the open, let the chips fall where they may and then go after Hunter Biden with equal vigor. If Joe Biden is tainted then he has to face the music just like any common criminal. If his son is found guilty, then apply the full rigor of the letter of the law. It is high time that politicians be held accountable just like any other citizen. There is no room for party politics and partiality. If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime. Get the rope and hang ’em all.

    • Unfortunately this cannot happen fairly when DC is packed with Dem partisans. They only see one direction.
      If it were possible to have US juries selected from across the United States it might be better.
      Look at Sussman, Durham had evidence of his crimes, yet he was set free, unlike Bannon and other conservatives.

  11. The only thing missing from Biden’s address yesterday is 10000 storm troopers, Nazi flags and standards and Heil, Biden! What an absolute loser!

  12. I think Biden and his people is the worst thing that has ever happened to America!!! I felt more comfortable when Trump was in office and I think it’s time the Democrats stop going after Trump and do their jobs and bring America back to what it used to be!!!!!

  13. I am so tired of hearing of all the “bad things” that Donald Trump has done. How he has broken laws, put our Country in danger, etc, etc, etc.
    It seems to me that many of the people who are portraying him as such a bad person, and accusing him of all the bad things that they can think of, or in the case of Joe Biden, bad things he has done. Not to forget what Hunter Biden has done (with his father’s blessings and help) and all the sneaky things that both of the Clintons have done, most which if looked at with a clear eye, have been illegal. Of course I can’t leave out all of the Seators and Congress members have done that are way more than just questionanble. I feel we should listen to what Jesus said in John 8:7 When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “if any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” I don’t think there are many in Washington, that are supposed to be following the Constitution and running our Country, can throw a stone!

  14. I believe that POTUS either has dementia, is insane, or both. Then again, I think that Kamala has a few screws loose too.

  15. Go goose step with Biden and volunteer to run a gas chamber. You will be very happy especially when you see you family go in.

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