Lindsey Graham Finds a Seat on the Trump Train

Well, we found out what Lindsey Graham fears most: being called a rotten egg. While he’s not quite the last significant elected Republican on board the Trump Train, he waited about as long as would be decently acceptable. Graham came around to his enemy Ted Cruz almost immediately; with Trump, it took the guy a little while to see the light.

Graham may not be heading out to stump for the Republican nominee anytime soon, but he’s telling donors behind the scenes that it’s time for them to come off their wallets. At a fundraiser in Florida this weekend, the senator told prominent donors to keep the big picture in mind: defeating Hillary Clinton.

“He did say that we need to get behind him,” one fundraising activist – Teresa Dailey -told CNN.

CNN also spoke to Graham’s spokesman, who wouldn’t say whether or not Graham had shown that much blatant support for Trump. He did say, however, that Graham was against any third-party campaign that might be launched by NeverTrump conservatives.

Some are speculating that Trump may have won over his critic in a phone call last week. Shortly after his much-publicized meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan, Trump had a conversation with Graham – reportedly about foreign policy. Graham later characterized the call as a “good conversation” and Trump as a man who “asked good questions.”

Isn’t it something?

Everyone thought that Trump’s nomination would split the party into factions that could never be repaired. And it still appears that some Republicans will never come around. But for the most part, Trump – both by being the guy the voters elected and by showing these Republicans that he’s not trying to destroy the party – is rallying the troops behind him.

Maybe this wouldn’t have happened quite so easily at another time. But right now, wise Republicans are looking six months down the road. They are seeing what will happen to this country if Hillary gets elected. They know that it will be the closest thing the Democrats could have ever gotten to a third Obama term.

But more than that, perhaps they’re starting to realize that these fractures weren’t caused by Trump at all. Trump was the result, not the catalyst. He may have accelerated the process a bit, but what happened this year was going to happen eventually. The wisest Republicans understand that – Trump or no Trump – there’s no going back.

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  1. davesnrakleberger

    I don’t understand why this stinking little fellow gets any press at all. He’s not a republican, not much of a patriot, and certainly doesn’t give a damn about the party or the country. And he’s a shill for the senile McCain who needs to retire.

    • Worthless McCain needs to be replaced, he has been in the white house years to long!! Every in congress or the senate needs to be voted out when they come up for election!!They have all been there too long and most are all to old!!

      • Vote for Ward in this next election, that is McCain’s replacement. Everyone I know will select her. Go Ward, Go Trump! And Flakey is going to lose in 2018 unless there is a recall on him. Fed up with our lying rino senators in AZ!

        • Milton W. Lowe


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        • You are 100% correct!

        • Sadly Portman in OH is not quite that bad, but on some major items like the Trade deal, Loretta Lynch and a few others he has not been very helpful to the cause; our major problem is he is running against Uncle Teddy Strickland our last Governor who made Kasich look so good by fixing his screw ups. If Uncle Teddy got in we would have two socialist Senators in Sherrod Brown and Strickland. Portman is in luck this time, But by no means does he deserve his ‘conservative reputation”. And I have told him soon spades.

        • I’m 7 years new to Arizona. As conservative as I find the state to be, how the hell does McCain get re-elected and Flake along with him. The best replacement I see is Paul Gosar. Someone educate me please.

          • Flake was a Tea Party darling that did a 180 immediately after being elected. It seems the T.P. had a lot of failures in their vetting process.

        • A natural born American

          And in SC

      • We patriots near Arizona are hoping and praying that Dr. Kelli Ward will finally unseat this despicable RINO!

      • Old is a good thing! Older equates to wiser, but too long in office is a bad thing, and I agree that the seemingly perpetual congressmen and senators are the problem, and they have to go!

    • William Matthes

      Graham is a stinking Rino, through and through. He can’t be trusted and has proved it time and time again.

    • Trump said he only wants American things in this country and he is Revoking the trades from other Countries this means it is the end for International Resturants in this country and it is the end of the English Dub Yugioh in this country this is Destroying the Economy stp Trump from Banning Resturants and Yugioh

      • This type of conceptual reasoning ability is why Democrats do so well in elections.

      • What a totally Rediculous statement.!

      • No more Olive Garden and Taco Bell?

        • i am going to tell you what the Vigilant Christian Mario Brission told me Trump is the Puppet for the Illuminati and this means the Illuminati is plotting to Ban these Resturants and also their another Branch the KKK also endorsed trump it freaked me out and if Trump beomes the President then in 2020 people might end up Voting for Kanye west

    • I’d put him & John Boehner in the same trash can!!!!

    • Graham cracker and McCain will lose their seat the next time their up for a vote. Bye bye

    • Absolutely, I live in South Carolina and can’t for the life of me figure how he keeps getting elected!? He’s more Democrat, emphasis on rat, than anything! He’s been bought by the Bloomberg’s and he certainly no Republican!!

    • Trump understood how pissed middle class folks in economic decline actually were under the leadership of an entire executive branch that never stops telling lies, or doing in secret sneaky dishonest illegal deeds. He called out against the Obama plan to on purpose without consent of the Congress, law, or the people sneak in millions of illegal aliens and place them on various types of social supplement income for resettlement then tell senior citizens social security funds are declining. All Trump did was expose an evil to America one similar to cancer that must be removed to save the whole. He pissed away around 12 trillion dollars much in secret, and doubled the national deficit in only 7 years. Only Trump might have the courage to expose what this executive branch did to this nation. Many members of the executive branch belong in jail cells, only Trump can prove their not brilliant, but sneaky liars allowed to do a number on a trusting public. Politically it is time to at least try to fight back and show discontent with the trash running this nation.

  2. The Republicans should have spent less time ridiculing and demonizing Donald Trump and more time developing a relationship with him- it would have been time well spent.

    • Correct. They were demonizing Trump because he’s not one of them, a Washington establishment cartel politician. He can’t be bought by their campaign donors & controlled by them & their campaign donors. Plus, he says it like it is & they don’t like it because what he’s saying is the truth about them.

    • If it had not become the RINO Party, that would have happened.

  3. Trump and Graham–opposites attract. The prissy, sissified Graham and the pseudo-macho Trump! What a pair of misfits!

  4. Lindsey Graham missed the “Trump train” a long time ago. He’s just a spoiled rotten “establishment” senator that has been a BIG disappointment nationally. Maybe the citizens of South Carolina like him, they can keep him…along with Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney and Rush Limbaugh.

  5. Trump needs to keep a close eye on subversives like Lindsey…Graham is still on team invasion.

  6. Can’t wait for that muslim slime to get out of office and number of others!! The sooner the better!!!

  7. How about the Republicans obeying the wish of The People (whether it be the candidacy of Trump, or the execution and protection of the Constitution), or risking certain irrelevancy?

  8. how quick they change their spots !

    • Just like a rino. Can’t trust any of them. He is one of many in the senate. It seems to be infested with nasty old rinos! Vote em out, turn em over. Term limits on all of them whether they legislate it or not. That is our job!

  9. soldier for liberty

    I wouldn’t let any of them in they are done! when the doctor tells you you have cancer you cut it out you don’t move to where it can kill you.

  10. Cannot stand Graham, he is the quintessential RINO. And an arrogant ass at that! What is wrong with the state he comes from? Vote this turd out or recall him or impeach him. He is bad, bad, bad. And another reason for term limits!

  11. Hey, that’s the only way the likes of a Lindsay Graham can stay in HIS Political Office … by being part of “THE ESTABLISHMENT” which he stood behind sooo long, the POS!!!!!

    Now, realizing that if he doesn’t get on board with the New Type of Politics that Trump is advocating – of cleaning up the US Government and the Good Ole Boys and Girls ‘Establishment’ within it, he just might be left out in the cold … and wouldn’t that be a shame, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Trump wants to change the Republican platform to conform more with the Dem’s progressive stance. It’s not at great as we are led to believe.

      • Lyn Patton former employee of trump you tube.

      • Please base your “spew” on facts and not an ill opinion! Trump is TOTALLY against …. DEMOCRATS as in CROOKED HILLARY, duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His Progressiveness is ONLY to move America FORWARD and against the WRONG things as in OBAMACARE (ACA)… Got It, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • He may be left out in the cold but, unfortunately, he’ll still have his very nice retirement with benefits!

  12. It’s wise not t listen to people so blinded by a person…big name or not…that they can’t see he’s bad news even when they learn more about him… They just create a different narrative.

    Trump is bad news! We don’t truly have a choice. The only thing going for him is he says certain good things. Though, we’ve seen that his word is undependable…he flip-flops. Only God knows Trump’s true intent, but Trump is a progressive and it seems he always has been.

    True conservatives need to be quite careful not to follow so-called conservatives…whether seen as progressive elitists or ‘conservative’ journalists…who tell us our candidate won’t win against a progressive. When we do listen to their deception, we lose every time.

    That said…many voters have placed us all in a position where Trump may be the only one we have to vote for. Though at this point, knowing what we know about him and how he treats people who disagree/oppose with him, I
    can’t do that.

    • All true, but after the election you and all of the Libtard Whackadoodle Buttplugs will have to start practicing how to say the phrase “President Trump” whether you like it or not.

      Enjoy their company. You might want to stand a few feet away from them when the try that phrase for the first time, just so that you don’t get splattered when they start choking on their own puke.

  13. Well everyone is entitled to their opinions, and obviously there was ( and is still ) this very thick, un-reproachable group of Republicans who feel there is no room for new blood, or new ideas. The people have spoken, and made it very clear, we want change, real change not BO’s change~ and Donald was the only one talking our language. I agree, he was not exactly politically correct in some of his messages, but that was still another reason why we prefer him. the entire system needs a good shaking up, and he is the one would can do it, with or without others help! The past 7+ years have been a disaster, and we expect it will get even worse, before it gets better.

    • Make no mistake, if Trump wins, it will be with the help of conservatives.

      • Oh no. It won’t. In the primaries in Florida, Romney won 30.000 dem crossovers. Trump won 350.000. The only reason the “Establishment” is going alone with Trump is that Trump is bigger than the repub establishment. hate to say it, but that is the facts. Alas, we have way bigger problems that the election.

        • I am by NO means an establishment voter!!! I’m a true conservative…one whose tired of the establishment taking over the GOP.

          The establishment is NOT conservative, though sometimes they like to tell us they are to win votes.

          The establishment are progressives. Progressives took over the Dem Party a long time ago, and they’ve been running things in the GOP for too long as well.

          Progressivism, socialism and the like are incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and a free and sovereign U.S.A.

  14. Kick that Benedict Arnolds ass off !
    Nobody needs that trader ! ! !
    The man is dumb as dirt ! !

  15. Graham is a worthless, useless gash.

  16. The Republican party didn’t realize they had a winner in Trump. They thought he was a joke but became more worried when he showed up the establishment. That is where the hate began and especially after he blew away all the insider candidates.

  17. If Trump gets “too establishment” his base will fall apart. We are in the throes of the end of parties anyway.

    • If we don’t pray and stand our ground for the GOP platform and taking back the party by getting INVOLVED (with our local GOP party and on up the party chain) and getting others to do the same, we could lose a lot more than that…we could lose our nation.

  18. Milton W. Lowe

    I’ve always questioned Lindsay Graham and he has disappointed me greatly & seemed awfully jealous of Trump popularity during the debates where Graham fared very poorly & Trump excelled… TRUMP 2016 & 2020 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  19. I guarantee one thing, Lindsey “weirdo” Graham would never get my seat on the Trump Train. If he found one, he is very fortunate indeed!

  20. Not sure if this is good news or bad for Trump. Most people including Republicans could care less what this RINO thinks. He i just another argument for term limits!

  21. Hillaryoncrack

    When Graham comes up for re-election the good people of South Carolina need to find a REAL conservative. Trump should rebuke this endorsement.

  22. Let’s get behind Trump and send hilLIARy packing!

  23. I’m a pretty loyal Republican from South Carolina and I would like to state that Lindsey Graham is pretty much a disgrace to this great state. It’s high time that he come around and throw his support behind Trump. However, I do have one good thing to say about Graham. HE HAS always supported Israel.

  24. I find it puzzling that old LG keeps getting voted in. The only way this happens in Texas is for our US Reps and Senators keep voting the way they promised us. A monthly survey keeps them up to date. LG wouldn’t last past one term. We are working to unseat our own John Cornyn and Kay Granger as they have served too long and are getting lax in winning our support. Out own Ted Cruz keeps the promise by harassing the DC mafia to tears, headaches and heart burn.

  25. While I don’t have an answer for Lindsey’s Problem–except he’s was a ‘Democrat Throw-Away’–we’ll go
    for Dr.Kelli Ward’s Batting Average–Against the “Sleeping Possum McCain’ Sleeping Sickness” and “Good
    Republicans Never Die–They Just Need to be Renewed by a ‘New Band-Aid’–which prevents Germs &
    Infections-! (It’s been “Plain to see–that McCain was infected by Obama” & that’s “Incurable”-!

  26. Screw Lindsey Graham.

  27. StupidConservativeValues

    Trump: “O.K., you, in the third row… Yes, you… I’m calling on you… Yes, that’s why I’m pointing… I’m pointing with my finger… My FINGER. This one… Why would you think I’m holding up a cocktail frank?”

  28. StupidConservativeValues

    The GOTP doesn’t have a policy message and continues to drum up fake “scandals” that were ALL disproven! You poor thing, having to listen to a group of phonies reiterate all the phony lies and fake BS that was never an issue, just a blown up scheme to discredit Hillary. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    • It really takes a mind numb robot for the Democrat Party to ignore all of the “coincidences” that have happened with Bill and Hillary. And almost every time their first line of defense has been to blame the”vast right-wing conspiracy” for their problems instead of admitting the truth.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        And Trumpy is as clean as a whistle. No mob ties, no bankruptcies, no grifting people out of their hard earned money via bogus Trumpy U. And he has never, ever had an affair. Well, there was Marla Maples as his mistress while married to Ivanka, but that doesn’t count….right? You’re intellectually dishonest at best and porta potty runoff at worst.

  29. Stupids up for re- election this year . Hope they get smart and throw him and Niki Haley out

  30. PatriotForever

    Who gives a rip about the Graham wimp?

  31. Sniveling little GOP lapdog. Lindsey and McCain are two of a kind RINO’s that should both be retired by the voters.

  32. what seat? the toilet seat? Graham is a sniveling p.o.s.

  33. Graham does what benefits Graham. Typical politician. Vote him out.

  34. I knew the gays would come around to Trump.

  35. Lindsey graham is not to be trusted. Just look at his record in Congress. He is one of the biggest liberal progressive rinos.

  36. This rino I guess will be welcomed on the Trumpy train. Trump is not a Republican either.

  37. Throw Graham off the Train at the next Stop. Better yet throw him off before it Stops

  38. I doubt that Graham is actually ‘on’ the whiny little bitch train but agreeing to close his eyes and mouth as it limps by; after all no self respecting gay man would climb aboard that train.

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