Lindsey Graham Finds a Seat on the Trump Train

Well, we found out what Lindsey Graham fears most: being called a rotten egg. While he’s not quite the last significant elected Republican on board the Trump Train, he waited about as long as would be decently acceptable. Graham came around to his enemy Ted Cruz almost immediately; with Trump, it took the guy a little while to see the light.

Graham may not be heading out to stump for the Republican nominee anytime soon, but he’s telling donors behind the scenes that it’s time for them to come off their wallets. At a fundraiser in Florida this weekend, the senator told prominent donors to keep the big picture in mind: defeating Hillary Clinton.

“He did say that we need to get behind him,” one fundraising activist – Teresa Dailey -told CNN.

CNN also spoke to Graham’s spokesman, who wouldn’t say whether or not Graham had shown that much blatant support for Trump. He did say, however, that Graham was against any third-party campaign that might be launched by NeverTrump conservatives.

Some are speculating that Trump may have won over his critic in a phone call last week. Shortly after his much-publicized meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan, Trump had a conversation with Graham – reportedly about foreign policy. Graham later characterized the call as a “good conversation” and Trump as a man who “asked good questions.”

Isn’t it something?

Everyone thought that Trump’s nomination would split the party into factions that could never be repaired. And it still appears that some Republicans will never come around. But for the most part, Trump – both by being the guy the voters elected and by showing these Republicans that he’s not trying to destroy the party – is rallying the troops behind him.

Maybe this wouldn’t have happened quite so easily at another time. But right now, wise Republicans are looking six months down the road. They are seeing what will happen to this country if Hillary gets elected. They know that it will be the closest thing the Democrats could have ever gotten to a third Obama term.

But more than that, perhaps they’re starting to realize that these fractures weren’t caused by Trump at all. Trump was the result, not the catalyst. He may have accelerated the process a bit, but what happened this year was going to happen eventually. The wisest Republicans understand that – Trump or no Trump – there’s no going back.

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