Linda Tripp Blasts Hillary: “She Destroyed Women”

With Clinton and Bush both in the race for the White House, more than a few political analysts have made uneasy jokes about the return of the 90s. But while Hillary Clinton may be most closely associated with that decade, she would probably prefer to keep the past in the past. Especially when that past comes to haunt her like it did this week.

After years of complete radio silence, Linda Tripp reappeared in the public spotlight this week, granting an interview with the UK’s Daily Mail. And while the 65-year-old woman best known for recording secret conversations with Monica Lewinsky had plenty to say about both Clintons, she reserved her most searing attacks for Hillary.

“I think the most compelling thing about Hillary is that she will stop at nothing to achieve her end and that she views the public as plebeians easily seduced into believing her point of view,” Tripp said of the former first lady.

Clinton’s supporters will probably take Tripp’s venom with a grain of salt; she is not, after all, likely to be found on the Clintons’ Christmas mailing list. But those already suspicious of Hillary will find the incomparable ring of truth to Tripp’s recollections. Despite the much-ballyhooed media makeover she’s attempting, this is no kindly grandmother. This is a cold, calculating woman who is obsessed with power.

Tripp claims that Hillary was in charge of making sure every woman who came out to accuse her husband of sexual impropriety was swiftly discredited. “In this endeavor she was ruthless,” Tripp said. “She destroyed women so that their stories never saw the light of day.”

And if anyone thought Hillary just woke up and decided in 2008 to make a run for the presidency, Tripp says that this candidacy has been years in the making. “This has been planned for so many years,” she said. “I remember one of the quotes in my first week in the Oval Office…everybody had this little mantra: ‘Eight years for Bill, eight years for Hill.'”

It’s unlikely that Tripp’s interview will knock Clinton off her game, but it’s certainly interesting how the evidence keeps piling up about this woman. Everywhere you turn, there’s another little bit of information. Another little glimpse into her character. And unless it comes straight from the Clinton campaign itself, these things almost always make her look like a monster. After a while, doesn’t even the most fervent Hillary supporter have to pause and think about who this woman really is?

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  1. Clinton doesn’t need supporters, she is counting the votes…. The entire Democrat party could wake up to Hillary’s lies and vote for Sanders and Hillary is going to win anyway. What the Democrats don’t understand is that the Media will set their expectations, and Hillary will count the votes.

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    Joseph Stalin

    • That Stalin statement could have been signed by obie. I was halfway expecting to see HIS name there.

      • Do any of these sound familiar?

        A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
        The goal of socialism is communism.
        Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.
        The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.
        It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.
        Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.
        The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.
        One man with a gun can control 100 without one.

        All Lenin

    • this is true an we send our votes over seas to be counted–are we stupid—-yep

      • And the votes never get back in time to count! Yup, we are stupid!

        • Why bother to have elections at such great expense when the outcome is predicted by the cheaters like Obama and Hillary.

      • No we are not stupid, we are powerless to do anything about it. You probably still live in relative comfort. It will take a lot before you finally reach the point where you will be willing to take up the rifle.

    • Both Obummer and the Clintons rubbed elbows with the likes of card carrying communist Sal Alinsky (Rules for Radicals), Bill Ayers, Cloward and Piven and many more. The commies have many slick sayings, one is “A lie repeated enough will eventually become the truth”.

    • That’s what happened in 2012!

      • I feel that his reelection was not legitimate. Therefore I have no moral obligation to obey any of his laws or directives.

        • Me too.

          The media sets expectations by calling it close.

          Then without counting the socialist wins 52% to 48%.

          Nobody questions, nobody complains.

        • Yet it is very often conservatives claiming that “liberals” respond to their “feelings” not reason.
          so, you have no verifiable information to legitimize your “feeling.”

          • There was definitely IRS targeting of conservative groups and lies and cover up about what happened in Benghazi. Also there was voter fraud in Pennsylvania if I remember right.

  2. Hillary is running the classic Diane Feinstein campaign. She will never interview, debate, or even talk at a rally. She doesn’t have to. The media has already made their choice, and give Hillary unlimited airtime even though they can not talk to her.

    Feinstein counted the votes, Hillary will count the votes….. No need for either of them to get dirty with the public.

  3. Linda Tripp knows what she is talking about and she is not lying.
    Hillary is a Nasty Beast….
    Democrats are going to have to bury their heads even deeper to ignore all this crap.

    • an what differnce does it make?

    • “Hillary the Pillory” is an ole ugly commie whore that like all of the leftist elitists are Satan worshippers who are power hungry and promote a culture of death – abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality and it is upon the nearly majority of the debauched sheeple to understand this truth! It appears that they would rather be ruled by these evil despots than a loving God!

    • I am hoping that by the time the election gets here the wicked witch of the east is in prison for all of her transgressions of the law.

      • I’m with you 7papa7!!! I wish she would get thrown in prison just as she is announced as the Dem-O-Crapic candidate for President….wouldn’t that be sweet justice to all of the LibTurds!!??

        • Actually I would prefer for it to happen about a month before the election. That way she would be ineligible to run and the left wouldn’t have time to put anyone else in and gain traction.

          • Why do you think the Clinton’s were promoting the freedom of felons to vote? This country has become so corrupt in the political arena that even if Gowdy was to get her convicted and imprisoned a month before elections she’s probably still win.

          • She could possibly win but she would not be allowed to serve. Convicted felons are not allowed to hold the office of president.

          • You are forgetting that poisonous executive pen of Obama’s…why do you think he is going through the motions, of being concerned and acting, on letting prisoners go..he is not dumb enough to just openly and blatantly nullify that law just for Hillary, he would have to disguise the groundwork preceding it…He also has the power to forgive her in the same way Ford forgave Nixon…on the other hand, Nixon looks like a saint compared to this woman…

          • I don’t think he would do anything to help her. He wants biden not hillary to win. I base this on what he has said and done. He will help hillary just enough so that she will keep her mouth shut on what she has on obama.

          • Since when has the law stopped these people from doing anything?

          • Good point, but if the R’s hold congress they will force her out based on the law.

            They are spineless namby pamby’s and will do NOTHING!

          • What we are seeing is more and more conservatives being elected.


            I don’t trust half of the Rs some of them are two face back stabbers and you know some of the ones I’m talking about.

          • I don’t trust them either but I do trust them a little more than the D’s. On a scale of 1-10 I trust the R’s to about a 2, I trust the D’s at about a -1.

          • A voice for the American way?

            “the left wouldn’t have time to put anyone else in and gain traction”

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Never happen. geo soros is calling the shots, funding her miserable ass and he’ll keep her out of prison!!


        • Why are you yelling. I agree that she and billy should be in prison. She should probably be tried and executed for the number of crimes she has been involved with.

    • I am looking forward to seeing Hillary’s reaction when it finally dawns on her that her hopes of entering the Whitehouse are gone forever. I remember thinking when Obama was first elected that it could have been worse. It could have been Hillary. Now I am not so sure that I was right. But I am not so sure that I was wrong either. I am not just taking her defeat for granted. I will be out on the street with the Tea Party. My two signs will be:
      “The smoking gun was on Hillary’s server!”
      “No Clinton crime family in the Whitehouse!”

    • They will they know what Hillary is, she is the demonrat party.

    • Yes, Linda Tripp knows what she is talking about– she betrayed the confidences of a young woman 20 years her junior to pay for cosmetic surgery. Monica thought Linda was her friend, you know what they say – “With friends like that you don’t need enemies.”

      • Did you know that liberals eat their weak?
        How did that linda tripp snack taste?
        Regardless of how nasty Tripp is, she can’t hold a candle to the champ… Hillary.

    • How much deeper in their asses can they bury their heads? They will need big asses. Probably get alot in Michelle’s ass.

  4. You can stick her with a fork. She’s done!

  5. LINDA TRIPP! The bit&h who taped her phone conversations with Monica in order to sell the tapes to the media. She used the profits to pay for plastic surgery to change her ugly face.

    Based on her actions she is qualified to know all about evil.

    • R U really that grubarfied? If Monica did not save that BLUE dress will slick dick WILLIE . Monica would be pushing up daisies…Yes, lets blame Linda Tripp??? Hillary knew all about Monica and many others knew & sought to discredit everyone that sucked & f u cked willy…While Willy kept dipping his dick and cigars into vajayjays. You all blame the secret tapes being sold. The Clintons sold out OUR country ..But “homegirl” get your presidential knee pads on . You libtards are such a disgrace!!!!

      • Two women threw Monica under the bus-Linda Tripp and her mother. It was her mother who held onto the blue dress. Any mother would have burned the dress to save her daughter from the scandal. And it was Linda who sold the taped phone conversations.

        You, and aztec7007 hate democrats, liberals and progressives to the point where you become irrational.

        • They Are Not Alone. Liberals Should Be Run Out Of This Country At The End Of A Barrel. And Chased Back To The Scum Country They Are From. I Would Be Willing To Bet Scumbag Hillary Is From N. Korea.

          • I bet you are a rabid supporter of the Constitution, you should read it as your post is the exact opposite of what the Constitution guarantees.

          • Constitution Does Not Apply To Ignorant People like You. and Gives Me The Right To Run Your Worthless Lib Butt Out Of Our Country. So Go While You Can Still Walk. HomeIdiot.

          • Spoken like a true fascist. Threatening to run people out of the country and claiming it is your “Right” reveals your true character and political affiliation. The only thing missing is the Sig Heil!

          • Sig Heil This O Ignorant One. Now Run Along. Your Gang Buddy’s Are Waiting For You.

          • The “gang buddies” are on this site. The group indulges in their “cluster fcuk” every day. You have a very weak position if gang response is your best shot.

          • Boo Hoo. Keep The Crying Up. You Are Going To Need It For What Is To Come. Best To You. You Are Going To Need It. Everyone Will.

          • Thank you for your kind thoughts. But I am concerned about “You Are Going To Need It For What Is To Come” That statement makes me suspect that the Tea Baggers will get off the computer and really plan to march on Washington, D.C., fully armed “this time.”

            So much talk of armed uprising on this site, is it just talk or are you serious? I am not sure if that is treason or sedition.

          • Not Me Honey. Like I Said Before. It’s Like A Dog Chasing It’s Tail And Getting Nowhere. I’m Preparing For My Own. You All Are On Your Own. Obama Cares Less. Our State Reps Care Less. Not Wasting My Time. So You Libs Tea Baggers Conservatives Keep Chasing That Tail. Me. I’m Going The Other Way. Much Left To Do. Take Care Of Yourself. You Are Going To Need It.

          • Am I right, you have decided to move to the wilderness and live off the land. Good Luck.

          • No Luck About It Sweetheart. I Am Blessed.

          • You are indeed blessed to make and realize a life dream.

        • You’re right…I detest liberals…but I’m not irrational…They saved Monica’s life…..saving the blue dress. The trail of dead that exposes the truth about the Clintons…Or completely destroyed so many lives. The tapes were exposed in the proceedings when slick dick willie perjured himself.. It depends on what definition of is is…
          Clintons have all self inflicted wounds. Sold this country out ..You need to do a little research…Hitlery played the victim…Right wing conspiracy… Oh Okay …That really is so laughable… The GOP really took the dick out of his pants. But hey..They got your vote…Now who’s irrational ?

          • To irrational I add brainwashed.

          • Yes you are!!!!

          • If the Clinton Crime Family really gave a rat’s as$ about the American people or anything but their obsessive lust for position and power, they would just return to private life and stay there.

          • Yes, that would be convenient for the conservative media and monied political power. Same for the Bush family, Dick Cheney , Karl Rove and the warmongering cadre of their supporters. Or, do you support only Democrats, liberals and progressives being denied their Constitutional rights?

          • I’m sure that Hillary feels that she has a constitutional right and is entitled to be president. She has more baggage than a whole herd of elephants would be able to carry. The Republican party is only the lesser of two evils party. Seems like these days the lesser of two evils is the only choice we have.
            Speaking of warmongering, it looked to me that Clinton had bombed Iraq for the sole purpose of disrupting the impeachment proceedings. Also he had bombed the daylights out of Serbia and delivered Kosovo to the Islamic Caliphate.
            Monied? In the ranks of the Democrats there is George Soros, Warren Buffet, the Clinton crime family, and hoards of Hollywood elitists like George Clooney. The richest guy in the Senate was John Kerry.

          • Add to your belief that Democrats, progressives and liberals should not have equal political rights with conservatives-now add, they shouldn’t be allowed to be rich. Say it out loud and realize how foolish that sounds.

          • I never said that they should never be allowed to be rich. But for decades they have claimed to be the party of the poor and the low income people and that the Republicans are the party of the rich, which I say is not true. Actually I am registered as a Libertarian. I think that the Democrats are more greedy that any corporation ever thought of being. I guess that it is only a matter of speculation as to weather John Kerry would have married Teresa if she was only an ordinary working class girl instead of a rich multi millionaires.
            The Democrats are right about one thing though. There is a privileged class in this country. And it is them. Obama has been pushing class envy ever since he came into office. He was talking about economic injustice and social injustice. Am I a victim of economic injustice because my social security check is not as big as Obama’s pay check? Am I a victim of social injustice because I have to stand in line in the supermarket and Obama doesn’t? I have heard a lot of people say that Obama lives an incredibly privileged life on the backs of the taxpayers. Perhaps class envy will come back to haunt Obama.
            The smog test program here in California discriminates against the elderly and the low income people who just can’t afford to pay thirty or forty thousand dollars for a new car. My friend who is living on Social Security has been incredibly badly treated by the smog test system. And now they are threatening to impound his car. Now I too am struggling to get past the smog test system. Seems that the illegal aliens can drive in this state and I can’t even though I was born here 74 years ago. And Air Force One kicks out enough carbon emissions for an entire city.
            I figure that I am getting close to the end of the road anyway and if I am ever going to see my wife again it won’t be until after I cross over to the other side. I don’t have a gun, but I do have about ten years hard training in Hung Gar style Kung Fu. So those who wish to reduce my life down to where it no longer has any value do so at their own peril. If the progressives want to start a civil war, I’m ready.

          • While I have sympathy for your difficulties in having your car pass California smog standards* you overplay your hand with your remarks about the president.

            Every president receives the same benefits and security as the current occupant of the White House. Every Republican president in my memory, and I have a few years on you, has utilized Air Force One, the protection of the Secret Service and the privilege of living in the White House, rent free.

            Who Mr. Kerry marries and for what reason is a petty argument.

            Contrary to your obvious misconception it is not the progressives who wish to start a war it is the Tea Baggers who claim to be ready to use the weaponry they have in their possession. The topper is the Texas cry to secede.

            * It is possible to purchase a functioning car for far less than $30 or $40 K. A hybrid which does not have to pass smog tests is available for $12-$15K used or $25K new.

          • Not every president preaches to us about social and economic justice and about global warming. Not every president demonizes the rich. Not every president calls for shared sacrifice. Exactly what is Obama’s share of the shared sacrifice anyway? Is the Whitehouse chef from Burger King or MacDonald’s? Ayn Rand once said that whenever a politician calls for sacrifice we should flee from them as we would flee from the leper’s bell. I have long been critical of excessive lifestyles of presidents both Republican and Democratic. And since we are eighteen trillion in debt it is time to cut back on that stuff. I admit that I haven’t been keeping track of Air Force One mileage, but it does seem that Obama has been using it more than other presidents.

            Since you have a few years on me, I am sure you must remember a time when we had more freedom and less in your face government. I know that I sure can. And you don’t seem to be one who wants to be reduced down to one of the faceless masses. I believe that Marks and Lennon talked about the masses all the time.

            We just want our freedom and the ever more oppressive government off our backs. Seems we do need for states to secede. We need a divorce on the grounds that we have
            irreconcilable differences. If you don’t want us to secede then stop insisting that everything has to be your way. Do we have to move to Antarctica or to colonies on Mars to escape the tyranny of the takers. If there is a civil war the Tea Baggers will be fighting for freedom and the progressives will be fighting for welfare checks and food stamps.

          • I will try to respond in an orderly fashion;
            1. You have a different set of rules for President Obama than any other president since 1900. Do you not consider him worthy to occupy the White House and enjoy the protection of the Secret Service and the safety and convenience of Air Force One? The White House represents the USA and many dignitaries, foreign and domestic, are entertained there. Should the president take them to Burger King and house them at Motel 6. When we were loosing 800,00 jobs a month during the Bush/Cheney administration did you expect Bush to ride the Greyhound bus and fire the White House chef and staff? Get real.

            2. Ayn Rand, oh, I have heard about her, all self satisfaction
            and independence but she wound up destitute surviving on Social Security.

            3. Yes, I remember way back, in fact I remember when WW2 was fought to a larger or smaller degree by every American. Bush/Cheney took us into two wars to fill the coffers of their corporate military/industrial backers. The same military/industrial complex that Eisenhower (R) warned us about. No one at home was really involved in those wars and our veterans are suffering today as a result.

            4. Any state(s) that really vote to secede are welcome to their “states rights” without the financial support of the rest of us. It is a statistical fact that “red” states receive more in federal grants and suport than the “blue” states which send more dollars to D.C. and receive less in return.

            As a resident of the state with the 6th largest economy in the world, the most electoral votes (55) and the largest population I say, good riddance to these whiny freeloaders.
            And currently with a Democratic Gov. and a Democrat controlled House and Senate we have a financial surplus.

            The tyranny of the takers! I think you have that backwards, it is the red/conservative states that are the takers. As for your freedom, you and your fellow conservatives have full freedom of expression of your beliefs, bigotry and hatred on this and many similar sites. You even are serviced by the most conservative news channel in the country-Fox News, which is where I expect you get all your news-change the channel you might be surprised with real news about the power of the corporate oligarchy that runs this country.

            Last question: “Do you vote like the 1% when you are the 99%?”

          • Stick my nose in on this one comment. The Obama administration is the most Godless, self serving socialist, greedy bunch even more than Bill Clinton. Sorry, but your posts tells me that you are an administration hack, and are not worthy of any more comments. I am correct on this one though.

          • “correct on this one” NO, you are expressing your hatred of President Obama, liberals, progressives and Democrats. I am sure you feel better now, but, as the saying goes, “Don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya.” You won’t be missed.

            PS: Wrong again, I am not connected in any way with the Obama administration.

          • I believe that you are not in any way connected to the Obama administration. I do believe that you are what ACA architect, Jonathan Gruber calls you, a low information voter. Have a good day!!

          • In fact I am probably a medium information voter. I,
            vote in every election,
            have served on my county Democratic Central Committee.
            member of my local Democratic Club,
            know many of my elected representatives, and they know me,
            born and have lived in the USA for many years,
            lived in a fascist country,Spain during the Franco regime,
            also lived in a Scandinavian Social Democracy for many years,visited the USSR, and am currently living in the corporate oligarchy that is present day USA.

            How about you, are you a high, medium or low information voter?

          • “Not every president demonizes the rich. Not every president calls for
            shared sacrifice. Exactly what is Obama’s share of the shared sacrifice

            This from a senior citizen who can’t afford to bring his car to standard to pass California smog requirements.

            “Do you vote like the 1% when you are the 99%?”

          • Yes I had done very poorly in the financial arena. But that was my own fault and I don’t blame the Koch brothers for that.

          • Yes, I did do poorly in the financial arena, but that was my own fault. I don’t blame the Koch brothers for my own bad choices.
            My car did pass the emissions test but failed on three other items. I took the car to my favorite mechanic who determined that all three of these items were the result of errors on the part of the person at the test station and that I should have passed.
            Seems very much that these smog check rules apply only to the working class people and not to the privileged ruling class.

          • “Seems very much that these smog check rules apply only to the working class people and not to the privileged ruling class.”

            How is that possible?

          • “Not every president demonizes the rich. Not every president calls for
            shared sacrifice. Exactly what is Obama’s share of the shared sacrifice

            This from the senior citizen who can’t afford to bring his car to standard to pass California smog requirement.

            “Do you vote like the 1% when you are the 99%?”

          • Right-On Frenchie!!!! You’re 150% right…..and “F” the LibTurd Homegirl….she’s a friggin idiot and probably still sucking her thumb!

    • You are blaming Linda Tripp for Clinton’s bad behavior ? Really girl, you need to have
      your head examined. Go on your search engine and put in Communist Party USA and
      you will see that at least 80 of your perfect Democrats belong to the party. Wise up,
      your party was hijacked by the commies and you want to defent them ?

      • Yes Asshole 7007……..U uneducated worthless Pcs of Trash. The Bush’s and the Koch Brothers have been and still are in BED with the Communist Party. Get educated ….. Y fucking Moron and liability to OUR ONCE GREAT Country.

        • Sounds like you need a mental enema and wash out your mouth
          while you are at it. Anyone who has to use foul language to get
          their point across needs help. Everyone is a commie but you ??
          I suggest you get educated. Your party has been hijacked by
          communist party USA a long time ago, but go ahead have
          another glass of cool aid moron.

          • @aztex7007 – It *is* entertaining to read the words of proglibiotrolls as they writhe in the agony of their prevarications being uncovered with regularity. The foul language they use is apparently intended to whitewash the fact that they communicate nothing but…well…the ability to use a limited form of foul language!

            De Oppresso Liber

        • Seems that you and Reality Check have a lot in common. Both of you are incapable to comment without personal attack and name calling. The reason that our country is no longer great is because of democrat control freaks like the Clinton Crime Family and Obama.

        • News flash, communists are far left, just to the left of socialist. Bush is a republican, and the Koch brothers are libertarian. That’s about as far from communist that you can get, comrade.

          • mac12……..are U really that fucking stupid???? Hope the Kid U are holding will be smarter then her Idiot DADDY.

          • I graduated with a 3.7 GPA. The child I’m holding just graduated with a masters degree in science education with a 3.7 GPA and just got a job as a 4th grade teacher. How fucking stupid are you?

    • Bubba’s been accused of rape at least two times, and he also exposed himself to Paula Jones. One of his friends is Jeff Epstein, billionaire and convicted pedophile. Do you think that Bubba may have been riding the Lolita express? Your thoughts?

      • None, I find the conservative policy of attacking Bill Clinton has never borne results for them, yet they keep beating the same dead horse.

        I am more concerned with current political, social and cultural events than the past which cannot be changed.

        • He’s been accused of rape on at least two occasions, Juanita Broderick and Kathleen Willey are both credible women. He was guilty in exposing himself to Paula Jones and had to pay her $900,000. And yes, he did have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. He’s also friends with the billionaire and convicted pedophile, Jeff Epstein. Epstein employs underage prostitutes and has also donated to the Clinton foundation. I thought hillary was all about women’s rights? Prove me wrong.

          • Prove you wrong, why? Bill Clinton is not running for any political office. If you want to spend your time and energy cataloging his past I will not criticize your endeavors. It is a free country, so go for it. I have previously stated my opinion on “beating dead horses.”

            Hillary Rodham Clinton has declared as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president of the USA. I see no indication that she is a “one issue” candidate. So, yes, I hope one of her issues is women’s rights, but any candidate who focuses solely on one issue is not presidential material. Now it is your turn to prove me wrong.

          • Bill’s not running for political office but his wife is. Would you be married to a guy that has been accused of rape, exposing himself and hanging around with a convicted pedophile? My wife has standards and would throw me to the road. I guess you lower the bar.
            Hillary is also afraid to do any serious interviews. She’s brought up the income inequality issue, as if that can be fixed by the government, and the ever present race card. She’s an old lady with a stroke under her belt and it’s time for her to hit the bingo halls. She has no accomplishments except she landed a serial pervert.

            “America needs a vagina, and I want to be that vagina!” LOL

          • America needs our Congress to be 50% women.

            Are you going to support Donald Trump if he is the GOP candidate. If you want a history of “spicy” details, he’s your man.

            Was Ronnie Reagan too old and ready for the bingo parlors. He stumbled through a second term while his handlers hid his Alzheimer’s disease.

            George W., a reformed coke head and former (?) alcoholic. Also has the distinction of being AWOL from his military commitment for years.

            HRC has no accomplishments-successful attorney, author, elected Senator and recent Sec. of State.

            Lower the bar-many men and women make the difficult decision to remain with unfaithful spouses. That your wife would throw you to the curb is your issue and has no bearing on current national politics. But, good for her!

          • Talk about the spicy details, did you read what I said about the Clintons? Trump’s history has been out for years, and yes I would vote for him or any republican candidate who wins the nomination.
            Reagan brought back an economy after it was destroyed by the other liberal idiot, Carter.
            George W was also very upfront with his past problems. None of what you said is anywhere as near as scandalous as the Clintons. Chelsea isn’t even Bubba’s daughter. Hillary is also rumored to be a lesbian.
            If you think Bubba’s passed history is OK, You’ve really lowered the bar for your hubby.

          • Odd, you are willing to overlook Trump’s spicy history and vote for him. Yet you are amazed, scornful, indignant (?) at my decision to vote for HRC if she is the nominee. You support your party and your political beliefs and I support mine.

            George W. had his problems and you were willing to overlook them and voted for him, probably twice.

            I happen to remember the Reagan presidency, the last one he had full blown Alzheimer’s and we will never know who was really running the store. Yes, we enjoyed a full blown recession and 12-15% interest rates. That’s when the credit card interest rate went to 23% plus and for many has never come down. And we were spectators at the Iran/Contra scandal.

            I don’t know why you feel obligated to comment on my marital status but to save you further speculation-I have discarded two husbands, each after almost 20 years. And neither was due to any “spicy” history on their part.

            PS: Chelsea Clinton is not Bill’s child. WOW! Provide a reliable source for that off the wall statement or hang your head in shame.

            PPS: HRC a lesbian, don’t know, don’t care and neither should you. Pure nastiness on the part of conservatives.

          • Trump was a celebrity before he became a republican candidate and his history is no secret like Bubba the perv. He’s friends with a convicted pedo, look it up. Jeff Epstein.
            W. Didn’t hide the fact that he had problems in the past, but they don’t compare to the Clinton’s past.
            Reagan had Alzheimers later in life. Is that scandalous to you? Interest rates under Carter were over 20%, reagan brought that down, Reagan also had a very strong GDP which is an economic indicator. Compare it to Obama’s. He has the worst GDP in history and it has actually contracted four times in six years. And contrary to what you think, Reagan lowered taxes. One tax he did raise was the gas tax that hand’t been raised in years. He also deregulated businesses which lowers the price of goods and services. When you raise taxes on corporations and businesses, and put regulation on the backs of businesses, the consumer pays for the taxes and regulations because they’re considered a business expense.
            Hillary had an affair with Webb Hubbel. Look up a photo of him and he’s a replica of Chelsea. The Clintons are dirty hillbillies and corrupt.

          • Bill Clinton’s history “a secret” only if you are deaf, dumb and blind.
            Saint Reagan had an affair with Nancy Davis while he was married to Jane Wyman. He made an honest woman of Nancy 3 months before the birth of their child.
            Reagan’s “trickle down” economic policy is still sold to the ignorant, and you bought it.
            This Webb Hubbel must be Bill’s double because Chelsea sure looks like Bill.
            And what are the Bushs, oh I know-the spawn of Prescott Bush-Nazi sympathizer and supporter, look him up and be prepared to see real greed and treason during WW2.

          • It’s a good thing that Reagan isn’t running. Was he accused of rape? Exposing himself? Hanging around with convicted pedophiles? Big difference fro an affair, if it happened.
            Trickle down, AKA capitalism is a proven success, unless you’re too stupid to exploit Capitalism for yourself. Ever work for a poor person? Me neither.
            Chelsea looks nothing like Bubba. Look up Webb Hubbels photo.The exact replica of Chelsea, the wide set eyes, the mouth and the weak chin. Look up his photo!
            Many Americans were friendly with Hitler pre-WW2. So was Henry Ford and the Kennedys and many industrialists. NEXT!!

          • Just as I suspected – it is OK or maybe when your idols are guilty, but a huge scandal when a Democrat does it!

            Trickle down is a known failure and you can’t prove otherwise.

            You can hold onto your theory about Chelsea but you have not a shred of proof other than a photo.

          • There’s a big difference between the so called republican scandals you’re talking about and Bubba’s scandals. Affairs, pedophilia, rape groping and exposing himself. Chelsea is not Bubba’s daughter. Use your search engine and then find a photo of Webb Hubbel. It’s common knowledge.

          • “so called” when its a Republican scandal but “common knowledge” when it is about a Clinton. Dump your double standard and you may have an iota of credibility with me.

          • You are thick. Rape, groping, exposing yourself and hanging around with a convicted pedophile isn’t quite in the same class as having an affair. If Clinton gets elected the economy will get even worse. She wants to raise taxes on the rich, you know who ends up paying those taxes? The middle class and the poor. You tax corporations and businesses, they add it to the cost of their products because they consider it a business expense. Democrat politicians and their minions are stuck on stupid.

          • ► Gee, I Hope she doesn’t raise fat cat taxes

          • Many people of both parties were friends with Hitler and Germany PRE-WW2. Fact! There’s scandals and then there’s scandals. Affairs are not admirable, but accusations of rape, pedophilia, exposing yourself and groping are REALLY BAD. HELLOOOO!! Do you Google about Hillary’s affair with Hubbel and see his photo? Chelsea is Hubbel with breasts.

          • Since you indulge in the game of gossip and speculation I might as well pass on this item about a recent First Lady:

            Laura Bush

            Okay, I kind of like her. And she reportedly is pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. I bet I would enjoy her if I met her at a party. But she’s married to, and extremely supportive of, George W. Bush. That has to reflect poorly on her. Right? Helping someone do things that you’re against? It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. (Plus she killed someone while she was in high school. Look it up.)

  6. Heaven for bid,should she win,the statement in the oval office will be”I didn’t have sex with that woman”.

  7. Listen to Linda. She knows first hand how the clintonas destroy people who get in their way.

    One day hillary & billy-boy the pervert will find themselves being thrown into the lake of fire.
    Good riddance.

    • Uchsamin,,,,,,,U ignorant /worthless Pcs of Trash. Just hope that someone, respectable, will destroy you and Linda. What Sewage Thou are!!!!!

      • Hey low life democrat,…..we know you hate the true GOD Yahweh, and that you worship the lesbian queen of heaven hillary (who has much blood on her hands) and continues to lie about Chelsea being bill’s daughter but is actually web hubbel’s daughter. The phony, fake family that you bow to is nothing more than a lesbian liar, a lying pervert, with a little ms priss for a rug rat.

        Your time on this earth is almost over, so the day will quickly come when you will take your last breath and your silver cord is severed. At that time you will find yourself standing before the GOD you have denied your entire life. At that time it will be too late for you. You will hear the words from our LORD and GOD saying; “away from me, I never knew you”. When you hear those words, be comforted that you will be with your gods being thrown into the lake of burning sulfur. Repent.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Where did this asshole come from??

  8. If that no account brain dead moron commie lover Clinton wins, America is dead, she will turn American up side down worse than that racists, Marxist scum Obama did.

    • It doesn’t really matter if we all are ready to defend America and take her down. We can do it if we stick together. Ban together and form units all over the country. I am sure that there will be a lot of dead people voting and all of the illegal votes also but we can do it if we stick together.

      • This is why voter ID is so important. It eliminated voter corruption.

        • That is very good but here in Texas they don’t require a voter ID. I don’t think so in Az. either, nor Ca. The democrats want those illegal votes. Maybe our new Govenor will set it up in a law that requires a voter ID. I hope so. I have to show mine in just about everything I do so why not them?

        • That’s why Obama and Hillary don’t want voter ID because they believe in voter fraud.

      • We are totally out numbered by terrorists and illegals and morons who want one world government. Sure we can stick together, and we might end up having to fight for our lives if Obama keeps the racial war thing going. But what will be left for us.?

    • Sharon…….U fucking Slut and ignorant Whore……..MRS CLINTON makes U look so Small and so Stupid. Please vote for smart Trump.

  9. clinton will go as far as she has to to stop the truth from ever seeing the light of day

  10. I am quite sure if we look hard enough, we might also find Hillary Rodhams’ name on the young communists roster. Just sayin’

  11. Most everything written about Billary (Bill “Slick Willy” + Hillary) is that she is a bitch to live and deal with. Old Bill must be whipped bad. Old Bill was the first President in many decades to NOT have served in the military. Both Obummer and the Clintons rubbed elbows with the likes of card carrying communist Sal Alinsky (Rules for Radicals), Bill Ayers, Cloward and Piven and many more. The commies have many slick sayings, one is “A lie repeated enough will eventually become the truth”.

    • I have no sympathy for the Clintons period. Any president who can look America in the eyes & say…. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” and lie on that level…., please! As for Hillary…., she is judged by her actions or lack there of. No more needs to be said. Those two are at the top of the list when it comes to people we don’t need in our or any government.

      • There is a small piece of me(very small and not often) that wonders, if technically, he had sex with the cigar instead of Monica..either way, it isn’t flattering to Hillary…Go Havana Cigars…I am wicked to think this but since she ropes people off when crusading the boulevards and won’t answer spontaneous questions…maybe everyone in the vicinity of these occasions should don a blue dress and wave a cigar…guys in dresses?..why not…for a good cause…

        • OMG!!! The blue dress gag following Hillary all over the country! Phyllis…, I still can’t stop laughing at the mere thought of the MSM covering and interviewing the men & women dressed in blue dresses. You are a wickedly genius !!! I love it….. I’m going to Walmart to get my blue dress…. Mwahahahahahahah…….!!!!!!!

          • The entrepreneur just rose up in me…let us buy up all the blue dyes and used dresses in all sizes and set up shop…have your pic taken in a patriotic(no doubt) blue dress…a little revamping, we may make blue the ‘color of the year’ in ’16…cigar leaves should go sky high next year…’borrowed a little of that from somewhere(Schmartlett may be alive and well…. after all…tomorrow is another day…that we frankly don’t give a damn what the Hill Queens think…

  12. Hillary and Suck My Dick Willie are liars of the highest order and many people who have gotten in their way have come up dead. We do NOT need any more of that sort of garbage in the White House AGAIN. Whole Democratic party has become the communist Democratic party with George Soros, a total monster from hell backing them. .

    • Don’t forget the muslims

    • To normal people money is the means to get a new car. (one that will pass the smog test and keep the state of California off our backs) To these monsters money is the means to gain control over our lives.

  13. She has done a lot more than destroyed women, she is destroying America just as Obama has. If those that are in a situation that requires someone to talk to just answer and there will be someone to talk to. Even if I can help in some way just ask. I am not a Dr,. or anything else but a proud American just ask. Race, creed, or color doesn’t matter you all are welcome.

    • President Obama has given Credibility to America AGAIN……..fucking Bush and Senile Reagan are the most hated Presidents EVER. Cheney and Bush have a PRICE on their head around the World…….U fucking Ignorant Pathetic haters calling yourself Americans.

      • Seems that you liberals always have to resort to personal attack and name calling.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Killary isn’t the only one with brain damage, this asshole troll suffers from it too!!!

      • Credibility???? What freaking drugs are you on?????????? He is a “PHONY” resident of the W.H. or as it has become under him the “Rainbow House”!!

      • Obama’s legacy will be one of poverty and failure. He draws lines in the sand that are always crossed and his foreign policy is to bend over and grab his ankles. He will also go down as the worst president in history. BTW, Reagan was the best presidents in US history, comrade

  14. BILL COSBY CLINTON. Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby are very much alike. Cosby used drugs to seduce his women. Clinton used power. Both are oversexed children whose main goal is to dominate women. We were all wrong to have thought so highly of either. Hillary is worse than Bill ever was. Both are liars, but Hillary has made lying an art form

    • @Bob Stewart – Yes, at least Slick “Crooked Dick” Willie was so transparently lying that it provided comedic entertainment. Killary parses her prevarications so that it takes analysis to understand what she hasn’t said!

      Keep yer powder dry, yer head down ─ and fire in short bursts!

      De Oppresso Liber

  15. I’m happy that someone who knows who Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton actually is has come forth to give young voters some insight on Killary’s fundamental lack of character. Killary is evil to the bone!

  16. this Shit called the PatriotNewsDaily is obsessed with OUR NEXT President because this Shit News Hates Women and Blacks and All Minorities. Worse then Lying Fox……..its Readers are the most uneducated Southern Trash EVER to crawl on this Earth,,,,,,,,what has happened to America. Burn Patriotic Daily News and take your Sewage with you.

  17. I just can’t think that any one would vote for that mother? I just want to shoot my self.

  18. Linda Tripp knows a snake when she sees one. America can’t take any more DemoCRAP!

  19. Hillary told a person who wanted to take a photo with her to go to the end of the line. The Democrat party has been telling the American people to go to the end of the line for decades. Behind the spotted owl and the Delta smelt and the garbage carp on the bottom of the lake. Behind the environmental lobby and Planned Parenthood. Behind welfare and food stamp recipients. Behind the Islamists and the illegal aliens. Kate Steinle get in line behind Francisco Sanchez. Whatever the issue it always comes before the welfare of the American people.
    No Clinton Crime Family in the Whitehouse!

  20. Jonathan Brooks

    Praise the News Cycle: It never ends for villians, and it never ends for heroes.
    Hillary is definitely in the villain category. She loves to talk about how that is old news, let’s move on, but why.

    History is destiny, Hillary. She has moved through people’s lives like a mob hitman, or buzzsaw, and just wants us to forget the past, and focus on the issues.

    Unfortunately, corruption, pay to play influence pedaling, criminality, cruelty to underlings, and a revenge mindset ARE the issues, Hillary.

    At some point, the public has to face the past, because the Clintons NEVER change.

    For some insane reason, the Dems are willing to forgive and forget about issues that will be returning like a serial killer at a teen lake party, when the clintons hold power again.

    Bill will still have short eyes, and cheat. He never quit. He just disappeared from public view. Hillary is the same savage vindictive schrill idealogue she was in the nineties. She never changes.

    • Perhaps Bill might be too old to get it up anymore. But Hillary will definitely never change.

      • Don’t count on that…He’ll get a penis implant…he’s a walking hard-on…hear now he’s into little girls.jeffrey-epstein-pedophile-case
        Former President visited the hedonistic private island of and linked to as many as 40 underaged girls and allegedly provided minor girls to dear ole Bill.

        • If that is true then dear ole Bill should be in prison. But the thing that really angers me is that the law only seems to apply to us working class people. These people only want socialism for us but not for themselves. They see us as the “masses”. If there is anybody here who wants to be one of the masses, please raise your hand.

          • Dear ole Bill & wifee poo should both be in prison…and I agree 100% with you..You might think I’m paranoid but I fear for Trump..He dares say what we already know. They try to dismiss his poll numbers…And then worry that they mean something on the marxist Hitlery???? This country is in the most serious trouble..Wake Up America..
            I fear my grandkids will never know how GREAT America once was.

  21. A mountain of evidence that goes back many years re: the Clintons. they’re both the poster children for political scum

  22. Linda Tripp, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, is there a difference?

  23. this lying bitch should be in Jail right now , not running for POTUS….after what she did to 4 brave Americans that got killed in Benghazi …..U.S fighter jets were just 20 mins. away in Italy…..She held them back…..I think she should hang for that..!!! what happened to Vince Foster…? Pissed off the Bitch and now pushing Daisies….Need any more reasons…?

  24. Heil Hillary! Just what we need! More give to the useless and steal from the working person! Screw Socialist crap! I’ll give money where it is needed! But the useless just need to starve a little longer and then they realize they need to work to eat!! This is no more socialists welfare crap! It will work better without all the f’ing handouts! Less illegals because all the jobs are filled! Less crime because less illegals here to rape us from jobs! And less gangbanger who do not know how to fire a firearm properly killing our citizens!

  25. Ugliest Whore I have ever seen/Disgusting Slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. It’s going to be impossible for the Hillary supporters to pause and think about who this women is. All they’re able to think about is what they have been taught to think – they have no idea HOW to think for themselves. All they know is socially engineered hive-think!

  27. Hillarious, “The Rude”, doesn’t care who she destroys as long as she and her “we’re broke financially” husband remain rolling in tax payer monies!

  28. A natural born American

    I vaguely remember hearing that ‘mantra’ back during Billy Boys time and everyone laughed at the idea of a woman potus.

  29. And why exactly is Linda Tripp and authority on Hillary Clinton?

    Because she started the Monica Lewinsky scandal?

    Conservatives ARE DESPERATE.

    • OMG …you surely are a total fool..What’s desperate is you & all the minions who march lock step to the marxist. Bet you aren’t even this loyal to your closet friend!

  30. Hitler-ee would be a re-run of Brokeback 0bama.

  31. if you are striving to achieve a goal for your own self importance, and it encompass,s the lives of millions you do not deserve it. .

  32. There is enough Clinton crime to form a syndicate. Let’s hope Hillary is indicted for breaching national security.


    I hope she goes to jail first! & Trump wins presidency.

  34. We are being WARNED – Are we LISTENING?? We were also WARNED about OB but WHO was listening and look where we are NOW!! WAKE UP AMERICA

  35. HITLER-ee for prison

  36. So long, Hillary! Au revoir! Aufwiedersehn! Hasta la vista! Ciao!

    Hillary Rodham Clinton, the
    wife of that impeached disbarred felon and master in extra-marital affairs
    William Jefferson Clinton, is slithering into temporary retirement. Justifiably
    tired after visiting 122 countries, having eaten some 6×122=722 first-class
    meals, having stayed in 122 first class hotel suites (all of the above
    admittedly just rough estimates), having accomplished absolutely nothing of any
    significance during those trips, and having taken the responsibility for the
    Benghazi murders without any consequences – finally left us temporarily by
    slithering into retirement to prepare for the Hollywood treatment of her heroic
    life and for the 2016 presidential campaign.

    She will be known for four principal inventions, among many less famous:

    1) She invented a new name for Marxism, i.e., “the Politics of Meaning”;

    2) She organized a perfect “suicide” of her reputed lover Vince Foster, and retrieved
    compromising paperwork from Foster’s office – illegally; an Olympic-type
    gymnast that guy Foster to be able to kill himself by a bullet in the back of
    his head;

    3) She beat all known records in cattle futures overnight trading (a new name for
    bribery); and

    4) “What does it matter now?” – She said after trying to excuse the Benghazi murder
    cover-up. Let us ask how they feel the parents of those four men abandoned by
    Hillary and B. Hussein Obama and left to die at the hands of a radical Muslim
    mob, who clearly were supplied with their weapons by … Hillary and Obama. You
    remember – that “April Spring” program.

    challenge you to name a single accomplishment from Hillary Clinton that isn’t
    personal in nature. From her years as Secretary of State? Accomplishments =
    ZERO. From her years as a Senator from New York? Accomplishments = ZERO. Even
    her time as a simple lawyer… remember why she got fired from the Watergate investigation? Her employer, Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat said, “Because she was
    a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the
    Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of this Committee, and the
    rules of confidentiality.”

    Asked in April 2014 to explain her proudest accomplishment as secretary of state,
    Hillary offered up some world-class pabulum: “I really see my role as
    secretary, in fact leadership in general in a democracy, as a relay race,” she said. “When you run the best
    race you can run, you hand off the baton.” That’s the type of thing you say when you
    don’t have a record to stand on. The sad truth of Hillary Clinton is that she
    is as empty and unqualified as Senator Barack Obama was in 2008… and remember
    how well that turned out. And then there was the Travel-gate, Whitewater-gate,
    e-mail-gate…and 48 other early unexplained deaths of their collaborators who
    suddenly became unreliable. Let us resume then: “Whitewater-gate,
    China-gate, Travel-gate, File-gate, Email-gate, Benghazi-gate, Hillary-care,
    Pardon-gate, “Pay to Play”, Rose Law Firm billing records, Vince
    Foster, Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung, Renting Lincoln Bedroom, Bosnia airport
    sniper, Bill & Hillary & Chelsea Foundation, H-1B Visas, 3rd section of
    Defense of Marriage Act.” And now that low-life declared her candidacy for

  37. Now that we are back on the subject of the 90s, it is appropriate to point out that the bribe-taking secret-selling baby-killer had a body trail even then. She is an apparent accessory to about 50 murders – “suicides”, “plane crashes” and other inexplicable demises of inconvenient individuals – during the climb from the Arkansas trailer park to the White House, in addition to the Benghazi murders, the women raped and murdered and incinerated by depraved aliens intentionally imported by the regime of which she is the chosen successor and the unprecedented holocaust perpetrated by her BFFs in Planned Infanticide.

  38. If you want to know who Hillary is all you have to do is take a look at the list of people who have “mysteriously died” that were connected to the Clintons in some way. The list is too long to be a coincidence. Waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too long.

  39. Maybe some Americans can be seduced but not this female, This “B” needs to get out of the race and be put in prison!!

  40. How many people do you know of that have had 43 of their friends die under suspicious circumstances, murdered or just disappeared? That’s Bill & Hillary.

  41. muskat antonopolis

    never cared for ol bill as pres. and I do care for Hillary as a candidate…..two peas
    in a pod to my way of thinking….

  42. muskat antonopolis

    I need to correct something I just posted I said never cared for old bill as a pres,,and I
    DO NOT care for Hillary as a candidate..phew…almost did myself in there…
    almost got tied up with the Clintons……well if Hillary dosent get
    wont hurt her income producing ability.she and bill could team up with the
    duck…and do a 3 ring speaking thing at demo rallies and party affiliates..
    maybe even appear at one of the ducks casinos as a dance trio….but, they will
    continue to show up here and there just like good old bill…he just cant let the
    lime light go….

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