Limbaugh: No, It Should NOT Be Easy to Migrate to America

When you want plain-spoken, near-genius truth about the United States and conservative values, you don’t need to look any further than radio legend Rush Limbaugh.

That’s exactly where a 13-year-old boy with a school project ahead of him went looking on Thursday, hoping that Limbaugh could help him with a difficult question: Is it too hard for immigrants to come to America? Is there something the U.S. should do to make it easier for the world’s tired, poor, and hungry to come here for a better life?

Limbaugh answered the question as only he could, delivering one of the finest monologues about the meaning of immigration and what it should take for someone to become an American citizen.

“There is no country in the world like the United States, not even free Western democracies,” Limbaugh said. “We are the only country in the world with a Constitution that limits the government, that provides for the primacy of the citizen over government. We do not have a Constitution that limits what people can do. We have a Constitution that limits the government. That had never been done before in the history of the world.

“Most people alive today live under some form of dictatorship or tyranny and have nowhere near the freedoms that we in the United States have,” he continued. “They don’t have anywhere near the economic freedom and liberty or prosperity that we have, which is why we’re such a targeted destination for people. We stand out.”

Because of this exceptional and near-unique stance on human liberty, Limbaugh said, the country thrived and quickly became the greatest place on the planet. This in turn led to our development of a culture that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

“And, by culture, I mean, rules and regulations and morality by which the citizens of America live,” he said. “And this culture was itself rooted in the premise of individual liberty where you could pursue happiness while living your life unafraid of what you think, unafraid of what you say, unafraid of where you go because your government does not have the power to penalize you for it.”

This is so patriotic and outstanding an outlook on the United States that we had to listen to it several times. Why? Because this – you just don’t HEAR this anymore in this country. You don’t hear people actually talking about what a triumphant thing it is, this Great Experiment in human liberty. You certainly don’t hear it from the mainstream media, which seems determined to make each and every one of us believe that America is a horrible land of evil white supremacy that has only made the world a worse place to live. It’s just so damn refreshing to hear someone say what we all know in our hearts: That this IS the greatest country in the world, and that it IS a great honor to live here.

And if you want to come here, you’d better damn well come for the right reasons.

“What’s happening,” Limbaugh said, “is that that unique, distinct culture is being diluted and watered down by record numbers of illegal immigrants who want to become citizens but do not want to have to do anything required to become a citizen other than show up. And that’s why so many of us feel the country is at risk and threatened.”

Beautifully put. And so very true.


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