Limbaugh: GOP Doesn’t Want to Win

Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday that it was becoming clear to him that top GOP officials no longer had any interest in being a national force for conservatism – or for anything else, as far as that was concerned. He said this election had crystallized his growing suspicions about the Republican Party’s self-imagined place in American politics.

“The Republican Party is not interested in winning. It clearly is not interested in winning,” Limbaugh said. “And if you want to be even more specific than that, it is paramountly obvious that they’re not even interested in defeating the Democrats.

“It’s just mind-boggling,” he continued. “All of these years I’ve been doing this program I was under the impression the Republican Party wanted to beat Democrats. And as the years have gone by, it’s become obvious to me that that’s not their No. 1 objective.”

Limbaugh said he was disgusted to see Republicans go after their own nominee with such greedy relish.

“We have Republicans – to one degree or another – working as hard as the Democrats are to defeat Donald Trump,” Limbaugh said. “The country we know and love is being torn apart and rebuilt in ways that we don’t want, and the Republican Party doesn’t even seem to care about that. The Republican Party seems just as eager as the Democrats to pronounce their voters as extreme kooks.”

Limbaugh warned that while Republicans were warring with each other about Trump, the Democratic Party was unified in one mission: The total destruction of the GOP once and for all.

And, indeed, they seem on the verge of getting what they always wanted. You have half the Republican Party freely willing to hand the election to Hillary Clinton if it means they can wash their hands of Donald Trump and his merry band of “deplorables.” They still seem blind to the obvious: That Trump is a direct response from the voters who are sick and tired of watching Republicans lay down for Obama and the Democrats. It’s not about this policy or that one. It’s about standing up for the country in the face of unprecedented, unimaginable liberalism. And they’re simply not getting the job done.

These elected officials are not supposed to act as gods and goddesses, looking down their nose at the pathetic citizenry and telling us what’s best for our lives. They are supposed to be our representatives – our collective voice. And for eight long years – at least – it seems that only half the country has had that representation.

If the GOP goes down in flames next month, they’ll blame Trump.

Just like the Democrats are hoping.

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  1. .
    The D’genrats and Rinos have no idea of what this election is all about. or maybe they do and that is why they do not want TRUMP to win

    There’s not a rats ass difference between the D’genrats and the Rinos and there has been decreasing amounts of independence since LBJ was the D’generates front man.

    It is quite obvious from this revelation and defense of the NaNa in Orange PJs that D’genrats and Rinos have no notion of what this election is about. It has very little to do with conservative and liberal ideas. It is about the citizens regaining the initiative in DC and ousting the political parasites both D’genrats and Rinos that have taken over the government from the LBJ presidency ’til now.

    Politicians have increasingly ignored what the people desire and are in office mainly to line thier own pockets. A good example is the fortune that the clintoons have amassed since getting out of office. Another example to a lesser degree is the hiring of boehner by K Street for salaries way beyond his capabilities and worth, obviously a payback for his traitorous decisions and legislation while in office. His former staff have already sold thier souls to K Street and secured a future for themselves. Lest you think I am only picking on Rinos, Bawney Fwank and Cwissy Dood did the same thing with the banks after CAUSING the housing crash . . . congress along with their complicity of bush and the 0webomb are responsible for the great recession but they are protected by thier outlandish salaries.

  2. The GOP is comprised of two distinctive groups. The fiscal conservatives
    are the ones who normally run the show: they’re the ones who push for
    “starve the beast” policies, fewer corporate regulations and lower taxes
    on the rich, because unsurprisingly they’re often rich. However,
    fiscal conservatism is actually pretty unpopular, for good reason. You
    can’t build a party that’s nationally successful on fiscal conservatism
    because not enough people want it.

    This is where the second group comes in. These are the single-issue
    voters that the fiscal conservatives were able to wrangle onto their
    side: the evangelicals, the racists, the gun lovers, all people who feel
    very passionately about one particular topic and will vote Republican
    because the Republicans have positioned themselves as the party that
    supports those issues. These are called “wedge issues” because they
    split voters along ideological lines: even though the GOP’s fiscal
    policies are bad for a poor white evangelical voter, they’ll vote for
    the GOP anyway because they’ve positioned themselves as the only option
    to fight abortion, and they’ve cultivated abortion as being a more
    important issue to that voter than fiscal policy. This is the
    Republican base.

    There’s a lot of techniques that go into creating and maintaining
    wedge issues, but a big one is dog whistling. Because wedge issues
    still only capture about 40% of the electorate and you need 51%, GOP
    politicians have made a practice of wink-nodding at their base during
    elections, saying things that an independent or undecided voter can take
    as innocent while carrying a clear message to the base. The whole
    birther thing is a good example: relatively few politicians said they
    didn’t think Obama was born in the United States, but plenty said “well,
    a birth certificate would sort this whole thing out”, which can sound
    reasonable to an independent but carries a clear message to the base
    that they agree the President isn’t a US citizen. They have to do this
    because the social issues they’ve created, to those on the wrong side of
    the wedge, are abhorrent.

    Trump’s message is basically the same as everything the GOP’s been
    dog-whistling for decades. The only difference is that he considers a
    dog whistle to be low energy. He prefers a bullhorn, which fucks up the
    whole strategy because suddenly it becomes searingly obvious to
    everyone what he’s saying. This appeals to the base because finally
    someone is focusing on giving them what they want instead of using them to push a fiscal policy that they don’t care about.

    The fiscal conservatives, meanwhile, are horrified because they
    didn’t want to have to be openly associated with those social issues.
    Trump puts them in a position where they have to choose between pissing
    off independents, who don’t like it when the GOP runs on a platform of
    “fuck Mexicans, blacks, women, and gays”, and pissing off their base,
    who won’t settle for dog whistles anymore.

    This is part of why Trump was able to decimate everyone else during
    the primary: it wasn’t just that they were too busy attacking each other
    to attack him, but they to some degree couldn’t attack him because they have the same social positions that he does.

    • HOGWASH. REAL Conservatives are Constitutionalists. They have not been brainwashed into believing that the wealthy conservatives are evil and the wealthy liberals are good.
      Conservatives (generally) operate businesses, create jobs, pay taxes and stimulate the economy.
      Liberals, on the other hand, tend to rely on the government to take money (taxes) from those who earn a living and give it to those who are too lazy or too sorry to earn a living. This is accomplished by promising the afford mentioned deadbeats a free ride at the expense of the producers. It has been said that, “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money”. Socialism (AKA Obamaism/Clintonism) has never worked…and NEVER WILL.

      • Cotton is evil, his intent is to divide the republican electorate so that Hitlery could plausibly win.

        If enough of the people believe that it is plausible for Hillary to win, the Elites that have rigged the system will coronate her.

        I do not believe Hillary won CA, but her machine counts the votes. The elites are counting the votes, NATIONALLY.

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
        decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        —-Joseph Stalin

        • Appropriate opening, “Cotton is evil, his intent is to divide the republican electorate…” Just look at his bio: “Professional paid commenter…”

          • Yes, he is also arrogant. To get paid $750k per year to lie to people.

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

            ‘Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Socialized State.’

      • You accuse me of hogwash, but you just proved all of my points.

    • Hey Rich boy… Your deceptive and divisive comments are evil. One has
      got to wonder why a rich democrat like yourself feels compelled to lie
      like that. What is in it for you??? Control? Division of conservative
      republicans, perhaps to get hillary elected. That is probably it,
      everything is to keep the status quo in power. You know a divided
      Republican party means a win for the status quo. Because Trump will not
      support the status quo, Trump seems to be outside the political system.

      YOU MEAN LOWER TAXES.. FOR EVERYONE…I will remind you that Bush’s tax cuts benefited EVERYONE, including the rich.

      conservatives want lower taxes for EVERYONE. not just the rich as you
      would have us believe. So what is wrong with treating EVERY American
      equally? Why Are you so bigoted toward the rich as to not want them to
      have lower taxes too? Or is it you fake bigotry for the rich?

      tax code is purposely over complicated with loopholes for the rich. So
      that they can protect their wealth where the middle class can’t. A flat
      tax would simplify things and would be transparent. The wealthy like
      yourself would end up paying more, that is probably why you fight to
      keep the status quo.

      Politicians on both sides of the isle need
      more of the American Peoples money. When they get it all, we will be in a
      communist state. The more we pay in taxes, the more enslaved we are to
      the system.

      To get more taxes politicians us a divide and tax
      (conquer) method. They divide out a small chunk of the electorate,
      vilify that electorate, and get the rest of the people to tax the crap
      out of that small group of people. In the past they have vilified
      smokers and alcoholics as good examples. ,

      Currently the
      division is “the Rich.” But that is just a ruse, because we all know
      the taxes on the rich are not changing, The Democrats are using this
      issue to fool the people into keeping the status quo.

      Democrats and elite MEDIA had this stuff on Trump from the beginning.
      They chose not to disclose it because they wanted Trump as an opponent
      to Hillary. Trump was their choice as an opponent. And what these Elites
      did to get Trump the nomination is nothing short of voter manipulation.

      • How is anything I have just said evil?
        In your entire writing you have not disproved anything I have said, so it is the truth.
        You seem to be very offended at the very thought of my words being the truth. I’ll just have to post this more often to get the word out that all of you have been used.
        Keep calling democrats evil, because you have been controlled by the rich minds of the GOP for a very VERY long time.

        • Your entire statement is based on:

          “The fiscal conservatives are the ones who normally run the show: they’re the ones who push for “starve the beast” policies, fewer corporate regulations and lower taxes on the rich, because unsurprisingly they’re often rich”

          Which is WRONG and misleading at best. Fiscal Conservatives strive for lower taxes for EVERYONE. PERIOD.

          You have created a new type of bigotry. Against the wealthy. For the purpose of dividing and taxing the electorate. Democrats fight for keeping the tax code the same, confusing and with loopholes for the rich.

          Fiscal Conservatives want a simplified OPEN and understandable fax code without loopholes. A flat tax seems to be the proper solution that would allow the Government to rid itself of a corrupt agency.

          The fact that you are a bigot only helps make my point that you are evil.

          • How is it wrong if they do everything I just said? All you did was add on that they go for lower taxes for everyone, but you never disproved my point. Your ways of argumentation are deceptive, learn your logical fallacies.

          • You attempt to vilify one group of people by making them “special.” That is wrong and deceiving. In my mind makes your entire statement wrong.

            The fact is EVERYBODY gets the same tax cuts under a flat tax. EVERYBODY pays the same. Yet your want others to pay more.

            I noticed when talking about 0bama’s spending you communists use a ratio. When talking about taxing the rich, you don’t. Why are you guys so hypocritical?

            I would say your ways of argumentation are deceptive and hypocritical. You need to re-learn your logical fallacies.

          • You have disproved nothing I have said yet again, stop with these incoherent ramblings and stop trying so hard.
            “You attempt to vilify one group of people”, yet you say democrats are evil communists.
            You make me fucking laugh with your easy to disprove nonsense.

          • Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Communists.

            If you are an elite, I am calling you an communist.

            The elite politicians on both sides of the Isle have used divisive comments like yours to divide the electorate. Their goal was in most cases to raise taxes or gain and keep control.

            A divide house falls. By singling out just the rich in your statement, you are saying it is ok to create a small group of people and tax the crap out of them…

            I don’t get it. Runs against your fake concerns for the helpless.

          • More ramblings from a mad man.

          • Your insults are a badge of honor, as they signal that you are conceding the arguments.

          • Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Communists.
            Prove it. Pro tip: You can’t.

          • Big Government is Communism… Prove that it isn’t.

          • So when America first created the federal government we were became a communist country? That is a very flawed argument.

          • Having trouble with reason again?

          • No, you are.

          • If it were flawed you would have been able to debunk it. Yet you come back with the typical argument with an Alinsky ridiculous conclusion. As if I said America was first created as a communist country…

            America was formed with the signing of the Constitution. The Constitution supports individual rights and individual freedoms and was based on Judaeo Christian values.

            It is you with the flawed argument., or am I to assume that is how you logic through things?

          • So much mudslinging from you.. And yet you have not proven that our Big Government is a communist government, and you ask me to debunk it. Even though the common sense of any person studying politics or the American Government is that there are barriers preventing total control over the people that can never be overturned (eg checks and balances). Your doubt in the system shows your anti-patriotism.

          • If you don’t like the mudslinging you probably shouldn’t treat people any different than how you want to be treated.

            You talk as if you have common sense, but I do not believe someone that can only see half the evidence can actually make a common sense decision.

            The common sense of any person actually studying politics and the American Government will prove out that the system is broken and corrupt. Somehow you see the corruption of crony Capitalism yet can not see that Crony Capitalism IS Communism. Or in other words, the collusion of Big Business (Means of Production) and Politicians (the State).

            My ability to see the system is broken and propose solutions to fix it shows my patriotism, your inability to reason shows that you have been ideologically subverted.

          • “The common sense of any person actually studying politics and the American Government will prove out that the system is broken and corrupt.”

            Mistrusting everything you see doesn’t make you an expert.
            Extreme skepticism is not skepticism at all.
            Telling people that they are subverted, brainwashed, agents of communism, whatever BS you pull out, does not help your case.
            Telling people that they just can’t “see” something is what conspiracy theorists do. Those that say the moon landing never happened, that 9/11 was a remote explosion, lizard people, flat earthers. What makes you any better than them?

          • Now you are relying on your argument that I am an extreme skeptic? hahahahahaha

            No, you just are not smart enough to make your points…

            Watch the video again, it tells you that you will not be able to see the truth, even when a preponderance of evidence is placed directly in front of you.

          • You didn’t answer my question.

          • My apologies, could you repeat the question?

          • Click view discussion or the comment itself, or don’t answer, your choice.

          • nope, if you cant repeat your question, I am not going to guess. Must not be that important to you.

          • You couldn’t answer it anyways.

          • If you think you can, or you think you can’t. You are absolutely right.
            —-Henry Ford.

            You are right, you can’t.

          • You just proved my point.

    • What a bunch of BS !!

    • Just what Liberal, Progressive Commie university “safe zone” did you get that bullshit from?

      All the people I know that have been supporters of the Republican agenda (and I know a LOT) are dead on the concept of keeping the money they earn, starving the Government out, and running their own lives without intervention of anything even approaching a nanny state.

      Nothing like you are pushing in your inane dissertation exists in the real world.

      You want to hear OUR reality?

      Trump for the White House
      Clinton for the BIG house !
      The entire RINO/Democrat elite establishment for the shit house.

  3. The gop rinos don’t want Trump to win! Because it would mean bye bye clinton foundation which the lobbyists use to do their bidding!

  4. I will NEVER send the RNC a dime of my money. They’re only interest is preserving their careers not those of the public they serve.

    • I only give directly to the candidates of my choice now.

    • You are finally realizing that?

    • You & me both (along with many others)! As far as I’m concerned, the rnc was finished a lonnnng time ago and it’s been years since I sent them any $$$. I just made another donation directly to the Trump campaign; here’s one woman not afraid to take a stand with Donald Trump and ready to MAGA!!!

      • I am proud of you! One women that is interested in the future of our country! I do think Reince Prebuis (head of the RNC) has done a good job and has put himself in political danger because of it!

        • Trump is a woman abuser. Apparently, you are another one who approves of that behavior.

          • You are a woman LOSER to think that Hillary Clinton cares about women. Donald Trump cares very much about women. You obviously believe what the Liberally controlled media tells you.

          • Is that why he marries foreign wormen who were born and educated in Communist countries?

          • His wife may have been educated in a communist Country but she was smarter than your dumb ass when she was in 3rd grade.

          • Excuuuuuuuse me. My daughter-in-law was born and raised in Poland and knows what it’s like to live under the heel of communism. She met my son when he was on a business trip to Warsaw. They married and now have a 12-year-old son who is the light of my life. She is not a communist for obvious reasons; she also speaks Russian, Polish, German and English. She is raising my grandson most excellently; he is at the top of his class and is a true gentleman. She is a world traveler and is very intelligent….so what’s wrong with being from another country? You seem to have forgotten that most of our citizens have come here from other countries. That’s why America is called a melting pot. My ancestors came here from England almost 350 years ago, so I guess in your book I’m a foreign woman. So what???? Since when is the country of a person’s birth a reason to castigate them? I think you’re just searching for a reason to call Trump’s wife dirty names. Does that type of activity make you feel bigger than the rest of us?

          • She’s a bigot by another name. Just like Hitler.

          • Clara2: you’re trying to have an intelligent conversation with AKLady2015. Clearly she is a liberal (by definition ignores facts). She has also shown first hand the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party. Calm down, I agree with your argument 100%. Remember, you can’t fix stupid !

          • What the heck does that have to do with anything? Jealous? Or just stupid.

          • He cares about grabbing their pussies

          • I guess you know that because you saw him do it. You are so lame!

          • No, because like you, I believe everything he says

          • Hillary cares about Hillary – money and power and that is ALL.

          • anthony bottalico

            duh, and trump cares about? lmfao

          • You obviously believe what the mefia tells you about Clinton.

            I believe what the legally documented facts say about Trump.

            The U.S. Government has brought action against him for racial discrimination over 200 tines. Start your formal education with United States v. Trump. NY. 1973.

            As far as his treatment and opinion of women, that is recorded — in his own words and voiced — for history to witness.

            “I would never buy Ivana any decent jewels or pictures. Why give her negotiable assets?”

            “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [they] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

            “You have to treat ’em like s—-“.

            “I have days where, if I come home — and I don’t want to sound too much like a chauvinist,” the Republican said, “but when I come home and dinner’s not ready, I go through the roof.”

            “They said, ‘How are you going to change the pageant?’ I said ‘I’m going to get the bathing suits to be smaller and the heels to be higher’.”

            In May 2000, the property mogul ranked famous women he’d like to sleep with, including Princess Diana. “She had the height, she had the beauty, she had the skin — the whole thing,” Trump said. “She was crazy, but these are minor details.”

          • anthony bottalico

            Hey Jeff, what media would you prefer none. Your upset because your president embarrasses you everyday and the media follows it. Don’t blame them because hes a loose cannon. Hes all about himself not the country, you actually believe he cares about you lmao!!!!

          • I don’t approve of any kind of abuser. I also don’t approve of liars and you appear to be one!

          • Thank you.
            Your comments are always welcome.
            Thwy say so much about you.
            I suggest you obtain a better data source. Your information is mostly not factual.

          • Trump has many liberal traits that I don’t like, but he is still mountains better than Hillary.

            Trumps bad words are far better than Hillary’s incompetence and lying.

          • Trump’s bad words? He doesn’t use bad words but Hillary is notorious for use of profanity. Trump speaks vulgar language which comes from the Latin “vulgate” which means language of the people, and that is your and my language. Straightforward and right out there!

          • Trump speaks vulgar language, but does not act.

            Hillary ACTS… That is far worse.

            Lets be clear, Hillary’s ACTIONS are far worse than any vulgar words Trump might say.

          • Are you saying Hillary would have you killed if she got angry with you? She would!


            She has gotten people killed that oppose her.

            Shawn Lucas


            Died: August 2, 2016

            On July 3, 2016, Shawn Lucas and filmmaker Ricardo Villaba served the DNC Services Corp. and Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz at DNC’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., in the fraud class action suit against the Democrat Party on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters.

            This was before Wikileaks released documents proving the DNC was working against the Sanders campaign during the 2016 primary.

            Shawn was found dead by his girlfriend. He had been in perfect health and did not do drugs. The authorities are refusing to disclose the cause of death even after three weeks. Meanwhile, the DNC is trying to delay the lawsuit until after the November
            election by saying Lucas did not “properly” serve the papers … with Lucas conveniently unable to testify on his own behalf.


          • Actually, the enemies of Hillary are dropping like flies….


          • Actually Trumps “bad words” were about actions. Actions that he admitted to. And subsequent to denying he ever did anything, a dozen women came forward to correct the record. #DirtyDon #Serialgroper #smallhandsfortightspots

          • These actions are trivial compared to Hillary’s incompetence, hypocrisy and lies.

          • I am far from surprised that you would refer to repeated sexual assaults as “trivial”

          • Why does that surprise you, you refereed to Bills repeated sexual assaults as “trivial.” Let us not be hypocritical.

            Besides, they are trivial when compared to Hillary’s lies and incompetence.

          • I never said anything about Bills actions, Maybe you need to go back to 4th grade where you left off. My post said I was “far from surprised” a/k/a NOT surprised.

          • Of course you didn’t, because you know you can not win that argument about Bills actions.

            The left’s hypocrisy is catching up with them. On one hand you ignore Bills transgressions because he is a liberal, and on the other you vilify Trump because he is a Republican.

            It is no longer proper to talk about one without talking about the other.

            You are saying that Trump is not worthy because of his alleged transactions but Bill was worthy regardless of his actions.

            I say this is a diversion from the real issues and that is Hillary trustworthy and is Hillary guilty of lying to the American People.

            Hillary is guilty, she is incompetent, she can not hold a classified status, and should be disqualified for the office of President of the United States.

            Hillary is the Enemy within.

          • Actually the diversion is bringing Bill into the conversation. I’m not sure if you heard this on Fox or not, but Trump is running against Hillary, not Bill.

            I don’t compare Trumps sexual assaults to Bill Cosby’s either. Do you know why?? Bill Cosby ISN’T running for President.

            So you have a serial sexual predator whom you can’t defend, running against a former US Senator and secretary of state. I guess its kind of obvious why he’s down double digits in the polls. He’s done. Come on say it….Madame President

          • Lets treat others as they would treat themselves.

            That would be Alleged serial sexual predator.

            What a hypocrite.

          • Both need to get out of the gutter…this country has real problems…all of us should get back to policy & what is best for…really think Trump wants to help before it is too late

          • Seriously? What do YOU think are the top 3 problems facing America that Trumpochio would actually fix?


          • Oh got it. You’re one of those who thinks your religious beliefs trumps someone else’s constitutional rights. The is why the republican party is about to suffer their 3rd straight defeat and will probably be dismantled. People like you who are stuck in the 50’s

          • Who said I was a republican and Jesus does come before the constitution

          • Jesus beats the constitution every time

          • If so, hillarY is a far worse abuser of women, especially those among her husband’s rape victims whom she mocked after getting bilL off Scott free. You appear determined to vote for the massively greater evil.

          • Bill Clinton has never been charged with rape.


            If you do not approve of our laws, I suggest you more somewhere else — today if possible.

          • AKLady: can I assume you never heard these women “cries” over Bill Clinton’s sexual behavior? Monica Lewenski, Paula . . . the list goes on.

          • I beg to differ! He was accused of rape and sexual misconduct by more than one woman. Just because he was not prosecuted does not mean he didn’t do it.

          • In this country, everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of competent jurisdiction.

            You ask me to be judge and jury — I refuse.
            You ask me to join in the public discussion of allegations —
            I refuse.
            If there was sufficient evidence to support a criminal indictment, Clinton would have been charged.

          • anthony bottalico


          • Billy boy had no need to rape anyone.

          • And you are a progressive liberal who loves killary and all the good things she’ll do for you. You and all the liberals are traitors to the concept of our country and want to live in communism with a dictator. We’re close to that now and killary will finish the job only she is going to lose this election and we get to keep our country.

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Not lies read what people who have worked for her say…..have you ever met or worked at the WH??

          • Name calling is childish.

            Most give it up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Temper, temper …

            You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.

          • Read Crisis of Character & Armaddon

          • If actual evidence existed, charges would be filed.

          • the evidence is there….people in these books knew, lived and worked for them…witnessed many things

          • Glad she is blocked because is one sicko troll or democrat or both.

          • Funny but I thought this country was about Free Speech.. something that Trump said he would “look into” if he was elected.

          • The 1s Amendments does not protect hate speech.

          • AKLady, Your intelligence has not improved a bit. You like to set yourself as some sort of authority on matters, then come up with this rubbish about Trump without one tidbit of evidence. Shame on you, but your type have no shame!

          • Coockie, get off your behind and do some research.
            I’m just not as lazy as you are.

          • Obviously someone who only reads LIB rags – I am WOMAN, LAWYER, MOTHER, and DESPISE HILLARY AND HER CORRUPTION- WILL VOTE FOR TRUMP, neither is great, but Hillary only wants money and power – that is all the Clintons are about.

          • No, darling, I read court records.
            Maybe, you should try some instead of insults.

          • Gossip….there are more important things to be talking about like jobs, economy, FREEDOM OF SPEECH….ALL THE AMENDMENTS to the constitution ….our very way of life!

          • Statements made under oath in a court of law does not constitute gossip.

          • Where is the evidence that he abused any woman? His companies have more women working at high levels then most of the companies in America and probably the world. Stop spreading “FAKE NEWS” Go back to your safe space until you can support our countries president or leave and find some where better….. Good luck with that!

          • Troll! That’s all you are. A plant from the Globalist/Socialist/Communist/Democrat Party. You are nothing new. This was the same “beer hall BS” that came out in 1932 with a certain “sawed-off National Socialist” in Germany.

          • AKLady2025, I thought your had a valid argument with Jonny “everyone is innocent until proved guilty”. Trump was NEVER proved guilty of being a women abused in a court of law. Oh, I beg your pardon, CNN is your court of law !

          • Trump’s misogyny has been documented on film — witnessed by the world.

          • Lady – hitlery has done MORE TO women than trump and others ever could… more ways than a few…

        • Okay, but he needs to have a call to Jesus talk with Ryan who has flipflopped again! We did not want him as Speaker so he really should go home to his family and let our America do its thing. I even hope his state does not re-elect him! Not a great Catholic either to do this injustice to OUR candidate and as a real Catholic I can say that.

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      • Well, then you are a woamn who aproves of his disregard for, and poor treatnent of women.

      • I, too, have been donating to Trump personally and to the PAC because as a women we need Trump as our leader. Remember, Trump was either the first businessman or near first that encouraged and helped women (of all colors) to rise in his business. He is known for his charity as are his children. He has the art of the deal, a successful get it done business man, and at 70 looks a heck of a lot younger than the hag Hillary who only wants to dominate and take us straight into the globalist evil elite communists One World Government/New World Order as she has been a communist since her late 20’s. She hates America; Trump loves America. We are a Republic and she keeps saying we are a democracy and we ain’t. We do have democratic capitalism which means we each take responsibility for ourselves and not sell our souls to any administration (our employees), and free market and small and large businesses, etc., which she wants more control over everything! Enough already. Pinch your nose if you must, but vote Trump because my family has personal experiences with both socialism and communism and it ain’t nice!

      • I feel the same way…am an educated woman too

    • They are adamant on maintaining the status quo that is the only thing they want and if it takes a democrat to do that they are quite content with it.

  5. the gop that don’t want to win
    should just change their affiliation to democrap
    and vote for their criminal!!!

  6. I believe that Rush is dead on and the GOP elitist have forgotten who put them in office and their oath of
    office also. We have seen this problem rising with the leadership over the past 8 to 10 years and it
    gets worse and worse each year. When a politico becomes entrenched in office the become complacent
    and forget the WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE of the job they were elected to by the PEOPLE and who
    can remove them from office. But by the same token the voters have become lazy and not paid attention to
    what is happening in our Nation today. As a result we are being overrun by criminal Invaders from foreign
    nation and those who would destroy our core beliefs and values to replace them with theirs (From which they
    fled in the first place).

  7. The RNC will not become POTUS. The RNC does not represent the “average” Republican voter. I have never supported the RNC and never will. I support candidates with whom I share values and ones I think will right a sinking ship of state. An “outsider” and “politically incorrect” Donald Trump will do the job nicely.

  8. All of this just scares me to death. There is no patriotism, religion, dedication to the country and its people. I truly believe that America has reached the end. Just like Rome and Greece. I’m ready to die or leave whichever comes first.

  9. Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA = Communists Controllers.

    The elites have changed our government from of the people, by the people and for the people to of the elites, by the elites and for the control of the people.

    Now that the Republican Elites do not have a horse in the race, it does not surprise me that the Republican elites will support the Democrat elites.

    The Elites can control Hillary, it seems they can not control Trump.

  10. They have deep doubts about the radical right wing tack they have been pushing for over a generation. I think they dont want to win because that are ashamed of their cover up and promotion of fascism and their attacks on freedom and civil rights of all Americans.

    • Check your history, ‘Fascism’ was a Socialist movement founded in 1920 – in Italy. Mussolini was a Socialist. A Nazi is a National Socialist. Neither of these God Awful Movements were Right Wing, they were “Totalitarian Socialist Movements” fueled by an appeal to Lower Class Socialistic Nationalism that arose principally in the losing side after the so called Great War of 1914 – 1918. They were peddled as an alternative to World Socialist Communism of the Internationale Movement from the U.S.S.R.

      • Hitler invented the term national socialism to get the votes of socialists.After he got into power he purged the left wing socialists from the party and everything they did was extreme right wing nationalism. They never gave anything to anyone. Instead of giving the old and the weak pensions like socialist countries they murdered them in hospitals.

  11. Rush Limbaugh is his usual self & he is playing the “Devil’s advocate” & I somewhat disagree in that: this is not a usual election to say the least, It is a Movement! It is as Rush says We The People demonstrating our total dislike for the Wimpy congress we have been dealt for the past several years…we the people elected many during the last mid term & they went to DC & sat on their asses & accomplished nada…they ran 16 potential candidates & laughed at Trump while he kicked all of the candidate’s asses & got the nomination fair & square! Then most of the republicans continued their bad mouthing & sabotaging the nominee…then last week the libs released a “long held” video with audio of locker room talk by Trump 11 fricking years ago & many of the republicans were “chopped down at the knees” & did various “recanting” AGAIN…I was going to vote for McCain after not wanting to because he needs to GO, but decided to give him another chance until he wimped out again…in very unimpressive RECANT again….I will not vote for him nor will I vote for Ann Kirkpatrick & will just not vote for that slot if necessary…Way to Go Wimpy Republicans…I believe Trump will win by a landslide & there are many who I believe agree with me…they are just being wimps themselves by not declaring it. The republicans will have to grow up & start acting like adults & work with Trump in the next administration…GOD BLESS TRUMP & GOD BLESS AMERICA OORAH!

    • I’m with you Mr. Lowe. These are the acts or should I say tactics of very scared very desperate people, them being the ruling class made up of the elitists from both parties. I would like nothing better than to see both of these miserable despotic organization eliminated from the country. Originally the Founding Fathers created a nation with a government that was “of the people, by the people, for the people”. In 239 years they have totally perverted the ideas and dreams of these men. In order to keep America free and viable “the people” need to step up and make sure the corrupt politicians do not win. That will not happen with Clinton or any other candidate except Trump. If you want you and your children and loved ones to live with freedom and liberty DO NOT LET THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS, PARTIES AND MEDIA CONTINUE TO PERVERT THIS CUNTRY ANY LONGER.

  12. It’s fun watching the civil war in the clown party.

  13. The D’genrats and Rinos have no idea of what this election is all about. but they ae beginning to figure it out.

    There’s not a rats ass difference between the D’genrats and the Rinos and there has been decreasing amounts of independence since LBJ was the D’genrat front man.

    It has very little to do with conservative and liberal ideas. It is about the citizens regaining the initiative in DC and ousting the political parasites both D’genrats and Rinos that have taken over the government from the LBJ presidency ’til now.

    Politicians have increasingly ignored what the people desire and are in office mainly to line thier own pockets. A good example is the fortune that the clintoons have amassed since getting out of office. Another example to a lesser degree is the hiring of boehner by K Street for salaries way beyond his capabilities and worth, obviously a payback for his traitorous decisions and legislation while in office. His former staff have already sold thier souls to K Street and secured a future for themselves. Lest you think I am only picking on Rinos, Bawney Fwank and Cwissy Dood did the same thing with the banks after CAUSING the housing crash . . . congress along with their complicity of bush and the 0webomb are responsible for the great recession but they are protected by thier outlandish salaries.


    IF TRUMP LOSES THE REPUPPY PARTY IS FINISHED. EL TRUMPO SURELY STANDS ALONE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. He is standing for all Americans. He does not pick and choose. He takes no bribes. I joked and said if he wants to win, all he has to say is: Elect me and I will only steal half of what the other guys are stealing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he visits every fly over state in the great 50. Real Americans love the little guy who stands against all odds and takes the beating then comes back to win. Both house and senate are repuppy controlled and they cry like babies saying they can’t stop Obama’s destruction of the nation.

    Trump will win alone even if we lose the house and senate. He will get the job done starting work at 3:00 am. That includes Benghazi 911 calls. You only have to ask yourself if you were in a foxhole who would you send back for Ammo? Trump, Hitlery, Match McConeel or Paul Rino. If he says he will help those trapped in demo commo ghettoes or struggling hardworking Latinos. They have a good shot. Like he says, what do you have to lose?

    Going back to Hitlery and her Rinos, who would you trust to carry the wounded back? Speaking of wounded. Did you know Obama covered up his casualties in Afghanistan all 17,000 and 1700 KIA’s. All hidden by the communist media. You know how they did it? They listed them as NATO troops to be identified later. Every casualty Bush had was listed by name. rank, town, age and their mom’s got NBC mikes in the face and the CNN question, How does it feel to know your son died under George Bush? We may not be fighting communism but we are dealing with communist tactics. Assassination by ridicule is a big one.

    Trump is our only answer. Bernie’s betrayed and Gary Johnson’s loyal supporters will be squashed by Hitlery. Join with the only guy who fights the entire establishment. Give your vote a chance.

    • Marie Falkenstein

      Well Said Tom. We totally agree with your statement. The Fix is in. The Best to you and your family in the future.

    • Tom, all folks who care about the republic must vote to hold both houses of congress AND the presidency or else Trump will be hamstrung and left to twist in the wind. Also, at the first chance, a democratic house and senate would vote to impeach a President Trump. So we must play the long game and keep congress and WIN the Whitehouse!!!!!

    • If Trump wins, A,erica is finished.

      He is a dictator ready to take over.

      Trump worships thw God Profit with Greed. It is the only thing he cares about.

      The so-called conservative right whrships money and material wealth. Trump is a High Priest in that religion.

      The Bible warns about mammon. It is time for Americans to listen to that warning.


        • Sorry, I’ll stay up here in Alaska. I don’t want any part of the bigotry and hate that will boil over under Trump.

          King Bush II built the concentration camps.
          I hope you enjoy living in one.

      • AKLady2015…..What you wrote is 100% correct, assuming you substituent “Trump” with “Hillary”, and “He” with “She” and “right” with “left”.

        I would attempt to explain the specifics and merits of this presidential election to you, but I doubt you would be able to listen or learn from anyone with an opposing point of view. You have a very specific point of view that is deeply embedded within you, so much to the point that any dissenting voices cannot be heard. I love to get debate, an exchange of ideas, a pleasant battle of wits, but I believe that would be impossible in your case. You are too deep into your beliefs and any points of view contrary to same would not be acknowledged.

  15. As far as I can make out Limbaugh is 100% correct. I will not contribute ever again to the Republican Party and I will re-Register as an Independent after this election. They are almost all Obama and Clinton supporters, and complacent in their crimes against the U.S. of A. Does anyone see the irony of only 543 (or so), miserable representatives & their factotums controlling over 300,000,000 inhabitants of the U.S.A. with their criminal whims and fancies regardless of truth and honesty ?

  16. TRUMP was the ‘catalyst’ that was needed to expose not only the RINO’s within the GOP but the GOP itself as being…..a branch of the Democrat ‘progressive’ Party!!!!
    TIME TO CLEAN-UP DC……or there will be a 2nd American Revolution on the horizon that will make the 1st look like child’s play!!!!!!!!

    • Emircitna…I feel that same way! If the beast get’s “PUT” in the WH…the anger from the people will be so great that will not be containable!! And you are will make the civil war look like a skirmish!!

  17. I am hoping that all the “irredeemable deplorables”, Conservative Roman Catholics that have “bastardized the faith (according to Democrats), Evangelicals, NRA members, Republicans, lazy Hispanics and rednecks-all the people HIllary hates, get out and vote. That is an awful lot of people for one person to hate. I think it just might get Trump in the White House.

  18. TRUMP has my vote! When Ryan and the rest of the GOP ass holes don’t support their party’s nominee they will be sucking hind tit when he’s in office. And that is what they are afraid of–no more money for their special interests and the won’t be paid by the political whores who are paying them off.

  19. When Trump wins next month, Americans can spit in the faces of the GOP once and for all as each one of those antiquated RINOS are escorted out of Congress and handed to the Liberals to do as they wish. We, Conservatives, certainly do not want those turncoats in our Government. Time to be a SOLID FRONT against the Looney Left with President Trump’s direction.

    As for all the broads coming out of the woodwork to discredit Trump. Again, the Left is doing everything in its power by “creating” false personas to testify they were manhandled. Females, like these can be bought a time a dozen and would.prostrate themselves for any price. All you have to do is look at them and their actions. Trump would have had very desperate (and he wasn’t) to be interested in any of those conniving money hungry broads. Nice try Looney Left!

    • THE LEFT is grasping for ‘straws’ in their futile attempt to stay afloat! ~ They are ALL self-destructing by their own LIES & STUPIDITY!!!

      • You are so right! Americans are done with their stupid policies and dumb legislation giving anything that waljs and talks rights to our country’s resources. Enough is enough.
        The Looney Left can be deported with all their brain children illegals and muslim refugees. Americans DO NOT WANT THEM RUINING OUR NATION…so deport them all and send along the Looney Left idiots who created this mess with them!
        Trump WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN! If any Looney Left doesn’t like it, arrangements can be made for them to join the deportees. Done!

    • I did not know Trump was running for Garbage Collector.. That’s the only office he could win and I have doubts about that because most Garbage Collectors have Principles

      • Little do you know about God’s work. Trump is here because the U.S. is dying because of stupidity and immoral acts condoned by the Left.

        Trump has his faults, but he is no every day Sinner like the Leftists are or should I call you “Patty Progressives”? No matter, your flame will be put out in November because there are a lot more sane Americans who do not like what killary wants to do to our nation…KILL IT!

        So go on show the world how infantile you are and your inability to process facts. After November, you will be remembered as just someone’s escaped gas and blown away in the wind!

        • I have to tell you I am very concerned about you. I would recommend that you schedule another appointment with your doctor because it’s very clear that your dementia medication is no longer working. This disability can be a danger to you and others because you can’t recognize the world as it really is. I figured something like this would happen when Reagan closed all the mental hospitals and you people got out

          • The only one you need to be concerned about is your own infantile, immature brain. It isn’t processing any more but throwing screws! Like you!

            You seem to know abt a disabled brain – so you have been to PSYCHOTHERAPY in the past or are you currently in therapy? I thought so.

            You show signs of disjointed paranoud personality defect acvompanied by superiority complex with redundant brain function.

            Bet the therapist gave up on you. Why? BECAUSE YOU CAN’T CURE “DUMB” DUMBO! Don’t do anything lethal to yourself when Trump is inaugurated. On second thought, disregard that statement — America would be better off without psychos like you! Happy End Times Psychodude!

    • You are supporting a Putin styled, would be dictator. PLEASE connect the dots. Right now he has a15% chance of overthrowing a government that has provided some version of freedom for 240 years, that is too high for comfort .

      • That would be in place of a totally incompetent loser, homosexual, muslim, anti-American bottom feeder Marxist? I would take a hard working American any day.

    • The women involved in trolling Trump are all leftist loonies that nobody with an ounce of self respect would find attractive. Democrats in general disgust me as amoral animals. They are a subspecies of homo sapiens. Then we now have the self-righteous “church” also condemning Trump. These people are afflicted with a hypocritical religious spirit and either aren’t true Christians in the first place or are severely confused as to the meaning of the Gospel of Grace in the second place assuming I guess that they are getting to heaven on their good behavior. I pray that each hypocrite has his own humbling experience and for those that have taken a public stance against Trump may their comeuppance be public as well demonstrating God’s Justice. Don’t believe the polls in this time of deception vote Trump; resist the left which includes the media and their advertisers. May God have mercy on us all except for the wicked; may we escape the eternal torment but let the wicked perish in darkness forever.

      • You are 100% right. It takes a deranged mind to even come up with a bunch of whores to discredit Trump. “ALL” Leftists have one foot in Satan’s mire and the other in quicksand. The quicker they all destroy themselves, the better for America.
        VOTE TRUMP AND IGNORE THE LYING LEFT! Darkness surrounds those that run with the Left and their days are numbered.

  20. Hopefully, all sane people will go around their crooked politicians and vote for the only person who might get us out of this mess. A RINO GOP will never get my vote again. All these jerks will be retiring soon. TRUMP ’16

  21. It won’t matter much longer because Rush is living in a fantasy world. You think its a by some twist of Fate that his rating are falling so fast it would be surprising to seem him get a new contract. He is tied with Alex Jones for the worst that Conservatives have to offer. Its barely been 10 years but most of you have seem to have forgot that Limbaugh is no better then the Drug addicits he rails against some time.

    In court documents, investigators connected Limbaugh to 19 prescriptions for the drugs Lorcet, Norco and hydrocodone called in between April and August 2003. The prescriptions were issued by doctors in New York, Florida and California. According to medical records, Limbaugh’s doctor in Palm Beach County was unaware of some of the other prescriptions.

    Limbaugh was using prodigious amounts of the painkillers, according to the documents. In May 2003, a prescription for 50 tablets of Lorcet was filled for Limbaugh at the Zitomer Pharmacy on Madison Avenue in New York. The tablets were to be taken at a rate of two a day, and at that pace the prescription should have lasted 25 days. Three days later, a prescription was filled for Limbaugh at the same pharmacy for another 50 tablets. A third prescription for 96 tablets of Norco was filled about the same time at the Lewis Pharmacy in Palm Beach, according to the court documents.

    Limbaugh, accompanied by Black, turned himself in about 4 p.m. Friday, was fingerprinted, photographed and released, said Palm Beach County sheriff’s spokeswoman Teri Barbera

    • A lot of people get hooked on pain pills after surgery, and that was a long time ago. Want to talk about Hillary’s e-mails? In one of them she admits that she’s a liar. She said what I say in public isn’t usually what I say in private. She touts green energy and yet one of her biggest donors is the oil companies. She bashes the rich and yet she’s supported by the top 1%, Wall Street, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

      • You forgot JP Morgan/ Chase.

      • Ok lets talk emails.. Was it 2 million that cheney and Rove deleted off that illegal white house server. When are the Hearings on that. Your people held their hears the REPUBLICAN head of the FBI said a number of times she did not wrong and any emails that were sent to her were not marked the correct way to indicate they were Classified. SO get over it that horse is died and there is nothing left to prove. You don’t have to take My word for it Colin Powell and Connie Rice said they both had the same setup the difference is the two of them have this little (R) behind their name. You can repeat falsehoods all you want does not make them true. Like that Lame one about how much the Clinton Foundation uses for Charitable work. Let me help you out on that. The TRUMP Charities are the one New York order not to collect money and the TRUMP charities are the one that used Funds for Charity work for TRUMP’s Legal bills. They have the checks that show it.

        • Does it make it right that Cheney and Rove deleted them? One of Hillary’s leaked e-mails said that she likes her voters unaware and compliant, that would be the party of the Grubers. Only 8% of the money the Clintons get goes to charity. The rest is to fund their lavish lifestyle. Grifters.

          • You ever going to get tired of quoting that Lie that the Head of the RNC made up. Independent groups puts the Clinton Foundation at 87 to 90 Percent got for Charities. NOT 10

          • 10% was in their tax records and it wasn’t 87-90%. That’s too much money out of the slush fund! Grifting’s not an easy job!

          • you can say it as many times as you want its still not true. But it doesn’t matter.. the only way Trump is going to get with in Ear shot of the Oval office is if he builds himself one in New York

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1

            TRUMP is kick obama out hahahhahahahaha eat you words fool


      • Wow some guts.. The judge said “go to Rehab or go to Jail” and their were alot of guys in jail waiting to have him as their new Bitch in Jail

  22. No matter what “TRASH” the Looney Left throws at Trump, it is deflected away by his growing number of voters increasing day by day. The Looney Left is desperate to make him out as a loser while their own NARCISISTIC player keeps yanking their chains to try to save her rep. They can’t. Killary created her own death spiral by using Americans to cash in on $$ or power..
    Nothing else. She is living a huge lie and in the end, she will be the one who prostrates herself for the atrocities she has committed against our country and her people.


  23. The Republicans can screw up a wet dream. Both sides of the aisle are corrupt & are despicable. Politicians are low life corrupt individuals.

  24. I agree with Limbaugh, but he too joined in trashing Trump along with Levin but they retracted and supported Trump. I don’t like Trump, but I voted for Mccain and Romney and couldn’t stand either,so why not Trump,if we can get the America haters out of Washington.

  25. I’ve been a liberal my entire life and have relied on the conservatives as a checks and balancing force to keep us as close to the middle as possible. This country has grown immeasurably through liberal ideas that conservatives have kept from getting out of hand. We have suffered, as a country for the last 25 years as the ultra conservative of the GOP have gained more and more support. I would hope the Republican party that had visionaries like Nelson Rockefeller and Everett Dirksen could return from the abyss it has fallen into. Maybe Trump will be the catalyst. Both liberals and conservatives need each other sides need each other, just not the far reaching liberals and conservatives so prevalent in both parties today.

    • Have you ever lived in the first state to enact an income tax on its residents ??

      • Have you ever been in a country where there are no paved roads outside the capital? Have ever been to a country where the U.S. State Department warned you against drinking the water? Have you ever been to a country where raw sewage ran in the streets and into the river where the people drew their water? Have you ever been to a country where there was armed soldier on every corner? I hate taxes as much as anyone, but I know to live in a country that gives it’s citizens the life style we enjoy it isn’t cheap. I equate paying taxes to paying rent or a monthly mortgage payment, pay a little and stay in the slums, pay more and live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood.

    • Guess I have to agree with you about the checks and balances but I vehemently disagree about the Democrat liberal progressives doing ANYTHING in the last 30 years that was anything but destructive to the country and the American way of life. All this PC crap had gone WAY beyond being completly out of hand too. Time ot put on the brakes. — And stick the dozer in reverse.

    • Spento Vestonucci

      Bruce, Bruce, Bruce! You obviously forgot what our Forefathers knew and tried desperately to ensure we did NOT forget. They told us what would happen if we let money flow into Washington with little or no correction. Remember, “The power to tax is the power to destroy” as well as “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!” The last few decades have proven this to be VERY true!!!! Also, the problem with being a liberal today (last 50 years) is that you have been used…played like a fiddle! Modern Liberalism is a disguise with which the elite/powerful dupe you into ceding your power to control your own government! Keeping the money out of Washington is THE FIRST step to keeping YOUR power over government! As for thinking of paying taxes being like “rent or mortgage” how much is enough? Give me the figure. How much of MY money should I be allowed to keep????? I have yet to find a liberal who will EVER answer that question…EVER! It never ends. There is always another “need” another program, another everything and every reason for us to give up our property (money) to the wonderful, well-intentioned “liberals” in D.C.!!!!! Remember, . There is nothing in the U.S. constitution about granting money to the U.S. congress for a litany of welfare payments to the individual, nor is there one word about the authority to levy an INCOME tax… Also remember…Those powers not specifically enumerated to the congress by the constitution, devolve to the states.

      Also, you state that “we have suffered as ultra conservatives of the GOP have gained more and more support???? Are you completely bananas???? We have suffered because these so called “ultra conservatives” caved in to at every LIBERAL, SECULAR PROGRESSIVE idea and PC BS!!!!! ESPECIALLY conservatives like ‘Paul Ryan’, traitor to ALL true conservatives and the GOP in general…. makes little difference though, because the current GOP, with very few exceptions are nothing BUT RINOS…. Best thing for everyone is LIMITED government, individual freedom and individual responsibility!!!!

      • If you get what you want federal taxes will go down considerably. Along with that federal services will also go down considerably. You say you don’t need those lousy federal services and maybe you don’t, but 95% of us do. What happens to the Veterans Administration? How about the interstate highway system we now enjoy? We don’t need the Environmental Protection Agency until Ohio dumps all their raw sewage and industrial pollutants into the Ohio river for the people in Illinois to enjoy along with their catfish supper. All the national parks will either close or have to charge huge fees to use. That may not matter to the upper middle class, but what about the family at the bottom that wants to visit Yellowstone or Yosemite?

        “The power to tax is the power to destroy” is as valid a statement as “Refusing to tax is a sure way to destroy a country”. I don’t advocate unnecessary taxes or services. I do advocate taxing when necessary and making sure services needed by the majority of American are available to them. That mean taxing so the least of Americans can enjoy what this country has to offer along with the people that have to most.

        Our military is staffed by officers that come from the poorest to the wealthiest people in the country. The ranks, you know the guys that face the live rounds in combat, are staffed with the poorest to middle class Americans. Yet the families of the poorest who serve us are relegated to a no service America when you get your way. There is something wrong with that picture in my book.

  26. The fing RINOS/liberal dembloodsuckers, I no longer see any difference.
    If we have to destroy the Republican PARTy to get rid of the RINOS, so be it.

  27. Yes, Rush, but: it won’t matter who the rump of the GOP blames, or who the Democrats point to. We voters know who did it and you are right, the end result will be the destruction of the GOP. I already sent a message to the GOP that this is the last election I plan to vote a straight slate of GOP; and in future, I won’t vote GOP at any level — ever again. I see now that this is not a party of the people, it is a party of interests, just like the Democrats, and these interests have more love for and in common with the Democrats elite than they have with us, the “everyday people.”

  28. And one more thing. We need to begin now to pull together another election vehicle to build on this movement that has begun. We can’t go GOP in future, but we cannot disband either. Unlike Hollywood, our voters can’t just pack up and move to Paris or London (as if either would be a good place to live anymore).

    • We aren’t moving anywhere. We need to start a new party, strong leaning towards Conservative. The Republican Party left us, not the other way around. They need to be held up as the party that betrayed its Constituents, its base and the American People. They smiled at our faces and then urinated all over the American People. The GOP is DEAD!

  29. I AM SO DONE WITH THE Republican Party! I am done with their lies, the deceit, their betrayals. I am the TEA PARTY. I am Conservative. I am an American. I am fkg tired of being lied to by the two “major” parties. They have piissed all over America. But Americans are too blind to really see it. This election cycle has proven what a CORRUPT bunch of A$$ Holes both the democ-RAT and repugnican parties have turned into. THEY DO NOT give a flying damn about America or Americans. It is about their POWER. I don’t care where it starts, but it is time to stop this bull sh*t in its tracks. As the democ-RATS are too stupid to see they are being bent over with out vasoline, lets start with the GOP. I am voting for Donald Trump, but the rest of them can go fk themselves.. I am done with the GOP. They LEFT ME, not the other way around. They want to sabotage the election, the let it be so. Not one red cent not one vote

    • As soon as the election is over, even if Mr. Trump wins, I’m changing my registration to Independent!

      • Until there is a major Conservative Party, same here! I am done with the lying pcs of human excrement in the other two parties.

        • I registered when I was a young guy as a Republican, because I thought they believed in the sanctity of the Constitution. I believe in our Founding Fathers, and they are who we should be emulating. Believe it or not, Governor George Wallace said in 1968 that, and I quote, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.” Nothing has changed.

      • I did that six years ago. I agree with both you and Armydadtexas

        • After this fiasco, I’m done with these phonies!

          • I fear it is worse then anyone imagines. I fear we are losing our once great nation. I can see war in Americas future. Civil war!

          • Arizona Don, I believe that if the election is stolen from Mr. Trump, or he dies under mysterious circumstances, and Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton becomes the dictator of America, very bad things are in our future.

          • I suspect you may very well be right. Bill Bennett wrote in his column some months ago he thought the establishment would not allow Donald to become elected president. He seemed to be certain because of past behavior that would happen as well. If it looked like he would win he would be assassinated which I’m am certain Donald knows.

            I am also reasonably certain you no doubt know about the 40 or 50 some people who have died mysteriously that had been associated in one way or another with the clintons. I am only familiar with one of them personally and that is Vince Foster. Something is extremely suspicious there. That was certainly not the cite he died at. But maybe dead men can drive. Consequently, even though it was ruled a suicide by the coroner to many things do not add up. For instance even though the gun was found in his hand his fingerprints were not found on the gun but a fingerprint was just not his fingerprint. It appeared there was a failed attempt to wipe the gun clean.

          • I think Justice Scalia can now be added to the Clinton “hit list.” The new emails have shown a definite connection to the Clinton Cartel via John Podesta. Regarding Vince Foster, it is without serious doubt he did not commit suicide. Originally, a gun was not found, but later it was “discovered.” In addition, Vince Foster would’ve had to be able to fly to get into Fort Marcy Park, because no debris was found on his shoes. My guess still is he was probably murdered on the White House grounds and transported to the park. Trump-Pence on November 8th!

          • I totally agree. To bad about Scalia. He may have been the best Justice along with Thomas.

            I have already voted (Today) and I voted for Donald Trump. Somehow they have Arizona listed as a swing state. Don’t understand that it has always been solid red. Except for Tuscon area.

          • Congratulations on voting for a winner! Hopefully, our votes will be counted for Mr, Trump, but we have a lot to overcome with all the voter fraud going on all over the United States. We live in the state of Harry the Hack Searchlight gReid called Nevada. The Arizona border is 1.5 miles from our house. My wife and I are working for the Nevada Election Department on November 8th. We plan to be vigilant about who’s voting. We will do what little we can, but the George Soros bankrolled Democrats are corrupt and morally bankrupt. We will be voting Trump-Pence in early voting on the 22nd of this month.

          • I sure hope you’re right about voting for a winner. Seems there are an awful lot of people who do not realize what another clinton presidency will do to America especially hillary clinton! Of course I do believe the polls are skewed. Donald garners tens of thousands at his rallies she gets a few hundred. Yet he is the, or seems to be the, underdog.

            I Attended an aviation academy just north of Reno, Nevada (Stead AF base) in the 60’s. We have a time share condo in Tahoe and visit for a week or so, sometimes a month, nearly every year. My wife loves Tahoe and Carson City area especially Genoa. Gets us out of the summer heat here in Scottsdale.

          • I think we have to have faith in We the People and God to take this country out of the hands of the Globalists. I agree with Mr. Trump that the election is rigged, but despite that, he will be victorious. I do not believe polls, because they are the creation of the media, and the media despises Donald Trump. My wife and I also like the Carson City/Lake Tahoe area. It’s really beautiful and cooler than where we are in Laughlin, Nevada. I see you’re in Scottsdale, and we want to move to the Sun City Grand in Surprise. We spent a couple of months there in 2014, and it’s a great place to live.

          • I have faith in both. It is a fact, among all the other things, hillary intends to come after the guns anyway she can. Perhaps the first amendment as well. Of course she will do this through the supreme court justices she will be nominating if elected. There could be, I understand, up to four. Consequently, if every gun owner in America, which could be well over a hundred million, I suspect more, were to vote for the only person running for president who promises to protect our constitution and our constitutional rights he could win by a tremendous landslide. Will they? If they know what is a risk here there is a good chance they could. However, the main stream media is “not” going to make that common knowledge.

          • I do as well. I also think the Supreme Court has become way too powerful over the past 60 years. I believe that we now need a constitutional amendment to end lifetime appointments for them and all federal judges. No one should have a right to a job for life! When the Constitution was crafted, it was under far different circumstances. At this point, in the life-cycle of America, we have been infiltrated by far too many leftist socialists, communists, and Marxists. These anti-Americans want us disarmed, and the Supreme Court is a very important tool to achieve that. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I have believed for months that Mr. Trump would win in a landslide, and one of the reasons is because of those of us who believe in the Second Amendment. Insofar as the so-called “main stream media,” they are part and parcel of the anti-American objectives.

          • Again I think you are absolutely correct Donald could win in a landslide. He draws multiple thousands at his rallies she, if she is lucky, draws a few hundred. That says something. However, the truth is considerable fraud is coming our way in the upcoming election. We know that now. Prior to the latest news coming out we just suspected while the MSM kept insisting there was no fraud being perpetrated. The question is do we just lay down, give up and accept it? The stakes are high and we cannot afford to allow this to happen under any circumstances. This nation is lost if we continue to do nothing. There has got to be some punishment for this horrendous crime. The clintons must pay. What we are witnessing now is what happens when crimes go unpunished. The longer this goes on unpunished the more brazen the perpetrators become and the worse it will get.

            In the final analysis however, are we headed for armed violent conflict here in America? I say it is possible. However, if it comes to that it comes to that. This is our once great nation we are losing here. What is our alternative? We have none. God willing, this too will pass. Peacefully without the fraud!

          • The Founders did not accept the fraudulent and illegal actions of King George; hence, the American Revolution. We cannot and must not accept the fraudulent and illegal actions of Queen Hillary Rotten Benghazi Clinton. If it means the Second American Revolution, so be it!

          • I have said the same thing many times. I hope however since there are over a hundred million gun owners in America I would like us all to get together and tell hillary she cannot have the guns, the peaceful way and vote for Trump! That is the landslide that beats even “all” the fraud.

          • I agree, because there’s strength in numbers.

    • GOP is dead……you only have to look at the Quisling Traitors…..Rubio, McCain, Ryan……..

    • oo-rah, Armydad! TEA party forever! F the GOP!

    • Donald Trump is absolutely correct when he says November 8, is the last chance we will have to save this once great nation. I myself will add peacefully. If hillary is elected a free America is history. Freedom will no longer ring here. Even now the American freedom is but a shell of what it used to be just a few short years ago. This nation will be bankrupt within her first term. The longer this goes on the harder it will be to correct it and get America back on the right course. Also the more it becomes obvious nothing but armed conflict will get America back on the right track. We are nearly at that point now.

      Many Americans will not accept government forcing things on them like the ACA. Because government plans to force compliance by Americans of other things the guns must necessarily be confiscated. That, I might add, is the sole reason hillary is going to move on the guns first thing after she is sworn in. At least that is what she says. In that case a civil war is inevitable. We must fight back or things will only get worse much worse.

      However, my biggest fear is, if armed conflict does become necessary there may very well be other nations become involved. Thanks to obama’s policies right now the whole country is a setting duck ripe for take over by many nations. Make no mistake they are set to pounce.

      The demise of America as we know it is rapidly approaching. Only about half of us really see it. Consequently, Ronald Reagan was absolutely correct when he said freedom is but one generation from being lost here in America.

  30. Well, finally Rush is waking up to what most of us have believed for a very long time. I don’t know what took him so long, because Romney actually had a very good chance of beating BHO in 2012, but all of a sudden he disappeared. It amazed me that John McShame was selected as the nominee in 2008. These two parties are globalists. Plain and simple!

  31. I said that a long time ago, to many republicans want socialism for America.

  32. They don’t know how to win….. They keep on forgetting there’s no “i” in TEAM……

  33. I agree with you Rush…no matter what the dems pull together ….rep. heck no..guess they are late bloomers as to what and how much we have to lose or they agree with the dems and are afraid of their base. It is all about reelection. I am a fairly new rep. voter. Jumped on the bandwagon in 2012…their is so much division in the party…but when you get right down to it I can’t figure out what they stand for. They have given Obama every thing he wanted, yet they are suppose to be republicans put into office on a different theme. I hope the voters clean house and start over…as we have a bunch of lobbyist and deceitful players in there right now.

  34. Limbaugh apparently sees what I have seen for over a year now. The RINO/Democrat elite establishment is a unit and is fully against the common American. They all are under the control of whoever is in command of his Royal Exalted Boma. The RINO faction runs their mouths about how they are on our side and then cave in to him every single time. At liest the Comiecrats tell you wht they are and do what tey say, eventhough it is the worst thing for the country. The RINOs are all 2 faced and are fully in cahoots with the Democrat elites.

    I call them RINODEES. (Republican In Name Only ‘ Democrat Elite Establishment) and they are an even greater threat to the American way of life then when the Communists infiltrated the Manhattan Project. If they are successful at getting that cackling witch into office again the American way is done for,,,,for ever. No matter what Truth, Freedom, and Justice will NEVER return to this country. Our way of life will be finished.

    Vote for Trump and then don’t forget who the
    “Never Trumpers” were. We must run them all out of office and see to it they never hole ANY local state or
    federal office again.

  35. Well, when the Country becomes a socialist One Party system, the inevitable 2nd American Revolution will begin.
    Many countries have had multiple revolutions, why should this one be any different?
    Jefferson warned about it, as did Franklin. They understood that some people will always look to others peoples money, and they understood that those same people would NOT appreciate freedoms they had not sacrificed for.
    I think I’ll start a Revolutionary Group, And call it the Sons of the Second American Revolutionary Front,
    or S.S.A.R.F!

    • hillary Clinton has made no secret about her feelings about the second amendment, she dislikes it. She has pledged to do everything in her power to curtail it with or without the help of congress. However, she does like Australia’s so called gun buy back confiscation but it could or would not work here. If she should win the election in November that is her intent even unconstitutionally if need be. She does not deny that.

      Therefore a win for hillary in November will have repercussions not presently even imagined in America. Americans love their guns, for good reason. There is little doubt they will do whatever is necessary to keep them possibly including going to war.

      There has already been two wars started on American soil when governments attempted to confiscate Americans guns. The American revolutionary war with Britain. The second was with Mexico when it tried to take back a cannon it had given to a town in Texas for protection. In both cases the guns may not have been the total reason for the war but they were the cause of it starting. In both cases many died on each side. It can happen again. Make no mistake about that. Those who think it cannot are underestimating the patriotic American. Attempting to confiscate guns in America will not prevent violence it will create it to the extent never before seen in the world. Even if the second amendment is somehow reinterpreted to not include individual rights. Which is how she, hillary, will go about it with a new supreme court. She, if elected, may appoint as many as four new justices. If she stacks the deck with people who will reinterpret the word militia to mean nation guard and not individuals they come after the guns. No repealing the second amendment is necessary.

      Interestingly enough those people who are now claiming it is impossible to deport eleven or twelve million aliens (the number they readily, although wrongly, admit are here) are the ones who suggest perhaps several hundreds of millions of guns “can” be confiscated from unwilling noncomplying Americans and they expect them to all be confiscated! Really? Cannot and will not happen unless we the law abiding American citizen surrenders them. When guns are outlawed more outlaws will exist. True Patriotic Americans will not be disarmed.

      America has learned from the mistakes of other nations because even a nation once as great as America cannot survive long enough to make them all. America must not relearn the lessons of the 20th century in the 21st century.

      • Well said Don, but as the old adage goes, ” Those who forget history, are doomed to repeat it”.
        Americans HAVE forgotten, and as Franklin pointed out, “When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will Herald the end of the Republic”.
        Jefferson suggested a revolution every 60 to 80 years, perhaps we are overdue.

        • There is little doubt we are long overdue. But if hillary is elected president we will not be for long. There is also another saying “those who lose their freedom never recover it.” Without liberty no man is ever free. Perhaps Americans have forgotten however, liberty is as precious as life itself. Just ask someone who has lost it!

          In any case we “must” never allow our guns to be taken form us. We must, at all costs, retain the right and ability to self protect.

  36. After this election, I will change my affiliation to Independent. Sick of the despicable power-hungry politicians.


  37. GOP? Do they have a candidate this election ? That would be welcomed.

  38. Every turncoat can kiss my A__. I’ll never cast a vote their way again. Goes to show how self serving they are and part of the problem. We seriously need to get Trump elected and get the ass pimples out of DC.

    Go Trump!

  39. Nothing to add it’s all true. They will get what they deserve unfortunately will be getting more of what we did not want. I will remain a registered republican so I can vote the establishment pubs out every chance I get.

  40. Of course they don’t want to win, they nominated a serial sexual assaulter

    #PervyDon #GroperinChief

  41. Marie Falkenstein

    I’m one of the “Women for Trump”. I have become so disgusted with the Republican Party. Especially the Bush Family, Romney, Ryan, McCain and Others. They have turned me completely from Not Ever Supporting them again. Trump has been working his Butt off to try and get America going in the Right Direction and all they ever do, including some of these talk show host, like Krauthammer is Criticize him. My husband and I are so Disgusted with the whole lot of them. When we go to the polls we are only going to cast a vote for Donald Trump. After that, all the others are are their own. Just like they left TRUMP. No more donating any more money to any of the Political Parties

  42. Rush is spot on. All establishment politicians of both parties are scared to death of Donald Trump. Not because he isn’t qualified. God knows Obama had no experience in anything at all yet he was allowed to run. The establishment “ruling class” knew he would only destroy our country but not touch the politicians scams, corruption and gravy train. But Donald Trump is a totally different animal. Firstly, he exposed the corruption of both parties and the media. Once that was done the ruling class was scared. Guys like Paul Ryan never wanted Trump and still don’t but with the cat out of the bag they had to go along or look like absolute fools. So now the cowards will do whatever they can to get rid of the man most conservatives want in the W.H. It sees like pulling a “Bill Cosby” worked to kill off Bill Cosby, so why not collude with the democrats and try that one again. And who better to enlist but Gloria Allred, the sleazebag ambulance chaser who seems to be able to pull victims out of thin are after decades in some cases as long as she has a client with very deep pockets. Allred’s politics should be checked. Then check the bank accounts of other of her customers. Oh, there will be more women to come forward as soon as Allred’s ads for “victims are seen on the internet or where ever ambulance chasers post them. Think of this . The second woman to accuse Trump said he put his hand up her skirt while sitting next to him in first class. If it happened I would “polygraph test her” first so there could be a smidgeon of truth, which I have a hard time believing. Why would a woman, any woman, sit next to a guy and allow him to molest her in any way without yelling and screaming to high heaven to get the attention of the flight attendants or the other passengers? I’ll tell you why “because it never happened”. But Allred knows full well she has the media, the democrat party and most likely the GOP on her side. Trump supporters use your heads. Who has the most to lose if Trump gets elected? Right, the ruling class! If you have any brains at all you should be able to see what is going on. They are very desperate and if they don’t get rid of him now their next attempt will have to be a lot more dangerous to pull off. I for one will stand with Trump because Hillary had no problem attacking the many women her husband not only groped but raped as well. After all, Hillary herself said a few weeks back that all women who report being raped should be believed. But it seems that only holds true for women that Bill didn’t rape.

  43. We are no Longer A Nation of Laws or Borders The CIA has never worked for the USA The Executive Branch is controlled by a Muslim Fraud The FBI is now been compromised at the top.The DOJ is not at all interested in Justice just the Opposite, SCOTUS is the most biased Court in the USA The IRS is a Criminal Organization. The top tiers of both Parties of Congress are NWO Puppets ICE has been ordered not to do their job & assist Illegals in breaking our Laws. The Council on Foreign Relations has never been working in our interest it was created by Edward Mandell House (Huis) who was also behind The first Bilderberg Meeting The Federal Reserve, the Graduated income Tax, Jekyll Island & much more This Rat was never in the Military although he was given the Honorary Title of Colonel by Gov. Hogg of Texas never held a Political Office was advisor to President Wilson was a Protege of Cecil Rhodes. When checking into Candidates if they have been appointed at any time to the CFR or been a Rhodes Scholar they belong to the NWO Bankers.
    It is so hard for me to believe that our Government has allowed The Big Bankers to control our Money through the Federal Reserve that is Not Federal & with the Unelected CFR Deciding our Foreign Policy. Also created the League of Nations that morphed into the NWO United Nations that we provide the largest monetary support for them to repeatedly attack & undermine us. WWM

  44. IF I WAS GOVERNOR of a state I would ENFORCE VOTER ID, be damned the threat of a lawsuit from a corrupted U.S Dept. of Justice who are aiding & abetting Demo-Commies in winning an election by PROMOTING VOTER FRAUD!!!!
    BY THE TIME they sue the state(s) defying them and it goes to court we will hopefully have a REAL PRESIDENT and lawful U.S. Dept. of Justice that will….DROP THE SUIT!!!!!

    • I just received a Florida drivers license renewal notice. They want birth certificate or valid passport, Soc Sec card, two documents showing my residential address. And the Dems are bitching about voter ID. unbelievable!

  45. The only reason I registered as a Republican is when I registered Conservative I couldn’t vote in the primaries. The GOP is now another extension of the Socialist Democrat Party. A bunch of power hungry lying low life elitists. We have been lied to for decades. Although there are true Patriots in our government ,they are negated by a majority of power hungry elites. Once Trump gets in we still have much work to do. We can either abandon the GOP and start a new Patriot Party or totally revamp the GOP. I’d rather see the 1st Choice. There are too many things that the GOP has done that just the sound of it makes me sick. So let’s get started by getting Mr Trump in there and announce him to be the leader of the Patriot Party.

  46. Communists have infiltrated the democratic party. Very few if any democrats today have the same principles of the 60’s Kennedy democrats. How many democrats do you think even know what the famous line of JFK was after he took the oath of office? Now how many would do it? I suspect few today would ask what they can do for their country.

    Why should we not think communists have also infiltrated the republican party as well, just not to the same degree or extent. Graham, McCain, Romney and all the Bushes (except for Jeb’s son) it seems are among those and there are many others. Many of us thought they were conservative it turns out they are not. Thanks to Donald Trump it is much easier to see just who they are now that actually put America first.

    Communists have infiltrated the media, both television and newspapers and are now on the internet as well, the education system not only public schools but universities as well, and all three branches of government. With everything that is happening today why can the majority of Americans not be able to see that. What the hell did the democrats think obama’s fundamental transformation was into when they cheered so wildly. Then he was pictured in a magazine with a halo. Was he thought of as a god? Songs were made up for kindergartners to sing praising obama. A tactic not seen since hitler. Have we got such a short memory we cannot see our own mistakes?

    Many of the things (real) conservatives have wanted brought up are now out in the forefront and getting attention. Like open borders and who thinks free “fair” trade would even be an after thought if it were not for Donald. For example a free trade agreement is not necessarily fair if America winds up supporting another nation on tax payer money because they devalued their currency to gain an edge. We wind up subsidizing that nation in order to line a few politicians pockets. If Donald becomes president perhaps a lot of this corruption will go away. That is just part of getting America back on track. But it is also why Donald Trump is so hated!

    We all realize the corruption of the clintons has no bounds. Nations like those in the middle east, more precisely Saudi Arabia, do not give twenty or thirty millions of dollars to foundations like that of bill clinton unless they see it benefitting them in some way. Everyone knows that! So what is the motivation for them to give so much to the clintons? They are not that charitable especially to America. They are all fair weather friends.

  47. Great article. Absolutely true. They’ve betrayed us, abandoned us, look down their arrogantly raised noses at us and sold us out. They’re getting rich off they’re pieces of silver while this country’s falling apart. Their in the enemy camp now. They can all go to hell as far as I’m concerned. They’ve become democrats, Saying one thing while doing another and lining their pockets while those they pretend to represent suffer. Time to turn the tables on ALL the traitors. Get rid of them all. Start with a clean slate.

  48. I have been waiting for the people from the political parties to call. They have been calling for years when an election is coming up. Ever since the election of Obama back in 08, I have not withheld my feeling towards the Republican Party and how they have turned against the American people. Have I received any calls from the RNC this time? Absolutely not. All I get is robo calls. I guess they don’t want to hear what I have to say about the RNC. I am getting tired of voting for looser (ie Mccain and Romney) We need someone like Trump to take command. We need to get rid of the gutter trash in Congress once and for all.

  49. Well, of GVDL-ing COURSE the GOP doesn’t want to win! What further evidence can possibly be needed to prove what I have been crowing for well
    over a year now: that the “two” SO-CALLED part”ieS” are nothing but co-equal, virtually-identical, INTERCHANGEABLE, wholly-owned subsidiaries of a covertly-operated ONE-PARTY SYSTEM under authority of a Globalist CABAL that is working full-time to dissolve our SOVEREIGNTY so that we can get SUCKED UP INTO A ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT. Please read this AGAIN, and understand that I have quite thoroughly explained the BEHAVIOR of the SO-CALLED GOP.

  50. In a way, I think Rush is right. Trump as President would be such a disaster for the GOP, that they must sacrifice the White House to save their party. Trump has gone so postal, so off-the-rails, that they need him to lose and hope that America has short memories. Just watch in four years. It will be “Trump who?”

    • You need help if you really think by allowing Hillary to become president will be the best thing for our country Look what we got the last 2 elections. We will not forget.

  51. Rush is right on target! Too bad! The GOP told us in 2010 that they didn’t control the Congress so we voted to give the Republicans both the House and the Senate. Our Republican controlled Congress did nothing but give Obama anything and more than he wanted in terms of money for the budget. Obama cut Social Security for the seniors and took their money to bring in hundreds of thousands Middle East People that are now beginning to apply their Sharia Law to our country!

  52. There is precious little difference between the Republican establishment and the Democrat establishment. Paul Ryan appears to be campaigning for Hillary.

    • Ryan is supposed to represent the “we the people” that elected him. We elected Trump in the primaries but Ryan just “wasn’t ready” yet to support our choice. Ryan needs to retire with Boehner. We need a party leader with backbone. I would be quicker to trust one of the Trump Kids, loyal and well spoken!

  53. I received one of those RNC letters; THEN I found out that they have not launched any advertisements to support the GOP nominee, Donald Trump. Well, that envelope is going back with a note and NO$$.

  54. The Republican party aligned with religion. It worked in a time but religion is declining in the first world. One would be laughed at if one offered a religious justification for a law in Japan, Scandinavia, the U.K. or Canada.

    The Republican party aligned with its richest contributors so that virtually all of the economic gains since the 1980’s went to the already wealthy, especially the bankers and stock manipulators. As the middle class became impoverished, it became harder to believe that the fix was just more of the same.

    The party can attempt a national election based on shared anger but that anger eventually (and fairly) becomes aimed at the party itself.

    Read about Barry Goldwater, the Dulles brothers and Joe McCarthy. Some have honorable ideas that are past their time. Some have bad ideas but successfully sell them regardless of the harm that results. Some have neither ideas nor honor and are merely forgotten.

  55. My entire family has left the Republican Party and have not donated any money for years! We all now call ourselves Conservatives and fully back Mr. Trump! Is he perfect, no, no one is perfect, but his “issues” would not stand above the ankle-height of Madame Liar’s outright treason and crimes against the nation. I have known that the GOP has been the “Democrat-Lite Party” since George H. W. Bush and the last two candidates they hung around our necks could not win a run for Dog-catcher in any small or large town or city I know of! Most of the folks that run for office tell the voters that “I’m doing this for You”, can you say Bovine Scat! They do it for their own power, wealth and being an elite! Because of that I believe that “they” should by themselves fund their own elections. I do not donate to anything but my church and local issues. No money for political elections is the only way we will get back to “Public Servants” as was the intent of the Founding Fathers! Just for clarification, my family has been from the South for over 150 years and always Democrat, not anymore. Both parties stink to the High Heavens!

  56. You know I have never put a lot of stock in what Rush says, because he goes to far sometimes. Whoever that being said I believe this time he is right on the money. I am so disappointed with the Republican party as well as the rest of the republican party. I believe this is why trump was vote as our representation over the other 15 nominees.To watch them turn on their own party is one thing. But to pledge to vote for Hillary is unconscionable. The party is dead, and I for one will not vote for one sitting member i either party. Further more I think that we should look into the relationship between the national media, George Soros and the fact that they are buying the office of the President of the United States



    It is an old communist tactic called blame and deflect. You commit the crime and accuse your opponent of committing the crime. Covering up yours. Their best tactic is called Mary is a whore. it works every time. They spread the lie that Mary is a whore. She is heartbroken and destroyed. 80% of all who hear the lie believe it. Mary defends herself which takes time. All that time works to the liars advantage. Mary goes to court and the liar is found to be a slanderer. Now only 50% of the people do not believe her. Who is Mary? Wasn’t she that whore in the paper a while back? The liars gain a 50% victory and votes.

    If you were Putin and you saw a military training manual about sex change operations. Then you saw an American exercise where the troops were wearing high heels. Then you saw combat soldiers being sent to prison for fighting the enemy. Then you saw top combat generals being replaced by Obama losers. Then you saw two navy boats captured by an Iranian fisherman with an ak47. Then you saw Obama pull all American troops out of Iraq. Then you saw Obama send cash to Iran in exchange for 4 prisoners. Then you saw Obama close Gitmo and trade 5 top terrorists for one deserter. Then you saw Obama go missing for 6 hours during Benghazi and Hitlery not take the 3:00 am phone call.

    Then you saw all who wanted to rescue Benghazi told to stand down. Not to mention all the good info you are getting from KGB agent Snowden. Plus you know the Clinton’s had at least two chances to stop Bin Laden and they kicked Bush’s can down the road. Then you watched an affirmative no action president draw a red line in the Syrian sand and break his crayon..

    Would you move one division within 50 miles of Alaska. Help Iran get nukes next week. .Declare the entire Arctic belongs to Russia. swap drinks with the head chi-com who wants to covet Japan, the Philippines and Brunei wouldn’t hurt. Didn’t Stalin and Hitler make a deal to split Poland. Less than one percent of the nation defends it and they watch their brothers and sisters being killed in Afghanistan all 1700 are hidden from the American people plus the 17,000 wounded with Iranian copper IED lugs paid for by Obama in cash. NOT ONE AMERICAN WAS MENTIONED IN THE PRESS. When you have the communist press in your pocket it is easy to lie and say no Americans died only NATO troops to be identified later. Later never comes only cover ups. Whether it is dead Americans or bribe pay offs it is the same media cover up.

    Our once great nation has 25 days of freedom left. That is what Putin sees and he is grabbing all he can get his hands on. If Obama Bin Laden says anything Putin will spank him . What will will Obama Bin Lenin do call up all the GI’s he has been Sheting on? You know what he is going to get? One BIG FU. Then he can send in his BLM division and Bono, DeNiro and Alec Baldwin. The media can video it tied to the front of Russian berm busters.
    To make it simple so even a communist college draftee can understand. NO TRUMP NO COUNTRY. BETTER LEARN TO LIVE ON THE RUN.

    This is the first generation to see their children play lock down and hide in their kid’s schools



  58. Rush is right. The entire GOP establishment has made it very clear since day one that they were against Trump and have done everything they can to discredit him. That includes paul ryan’s aide releasing the tape of Trump 11 years ago. My vote goes to President Trump.

    • anthony bottalico

      the only problem with rush’s reasoning is trump himself. No politician could ever not feel he threatens all of us, regardless of party. such a loose cannon who cares on only about himself not the country. Is this a bad dream or what.

  59. I am finally convinced of the same thing Rush. I’ve decided that Trump does not want to win this election, but instead, just wants to use it as his forum, his tax right off, and as he looks in the mirror he can whine about how it is all so unfair. The top republicans are all whining babies that do not have the faintest idea of what a smart strategy is, against the democrats, so they will continue blaming everything on Trump to try and keep their seats so they can continue MILKING the U.S. Taxpayers. These politicians are all such losers.

  60. I have said many times they are 2 parties in 1. Trump revivified the RNC and then they fight against him. They ignore what we elected them to do, and hand it on a silver plate to Obama. Glad I left the RNC a long time ago because they are dying as I write and are too stupid to see it. Two parties used to be two opposing but partisan parties. What we have now are children fighting, so time to start up OUR new party!

    • The only thing wrong with starting a new party is that political parties EVOLVE, and all of them exist in the same environment, which drives them (for the most part) to evolve CONvergently, as opposed to DIvergently. Thus, in the end game, a one-party system inexorably evolves.

  61. If we could just get into one of those Bilderberg Meetings we could find what Both Parties are going to try doing.

  62. Soros bought the Democratic/Socialist Party and half of the GOP Party. Trump’s victory will upset Congress’s apple cart, with all of it’s perks, and maybe prosecute the heads of all of Obama’s Administration. Just look at what Hillary earned working for the government as a Senator and as the Secretary of State: over $200 million! When she left the WH with her husband, she claimed that they were “broke!” Now, how did she do that?
    Never mind what our MSM puts out, it’s the voters that will put Trump in office. The Dems are blaming Russia for the wikileaks. Who cares who put those wikileaks out! If the Dems had nothing to hide, they wouldn’t have anything to worry about. The NSA, that grew by 100’s of % under the Obama Administration, have all of those emails, but Obama wouldn’t let them out. Now, if NSA has the power to tape every email and cell conversation, don’t you think a foreign Country have that power, too? Maybe when Ambassador Stevens kept requesting additional security (on Hillary’s private server, mind you), and was refused, maybe the attackers knew that an American Ambassador was in Benghazi with light security, and planned an attack. If NSA taped Germany’s Merkel, then they have SoS emails, too, don’t you think? Too many people have too much to lose if Trump wins. He could follow the path of Briebart, and that’s not good.

  63. There is little difference between establishment Dems and establishment Reps. We realized that when they rolled over for the Dems on every issue. Trump is not beholden to any of them and would be a disaster to the Establishment ruse on the public.

  64. withinsigthbutblind

    Of course they don’t want to win! They have their marching orders and the marching orders are that Shitlery will win! She is pre-ordained and has been ever since 2008! This election ‘sic’ was supposed to come down to Bush and the bitch with the witch winning. Probably told Jeb he could win in 2024. Figure it out… I did!

  65. Thanks to the Tea Party patriots and their limited government, individual freedom, free market economy, and traditional values political philosophy, the GOP took back the House in 2010. And what did the establishment GOP politicians do in Congress? Nothing. The poor little cupcakes said they needed the Senate, too, before they could challenge Obozo’s loony policies. So, we conservatives won the Senate for them in 2014 and all they did was bend over, grab their ankles and say, woe is us, we need the presidency, too, before we can do anything to improve the economy, shore up the hollowed-out military, and do anything about the national debt. So, they got in bed with Obozo and gave him everything he wanted for the FY 2017 budget year appropriations. Even funded Planned Parenthood. So, as far is the Republican Party is concerned going forward, I got nuthin’ for ya. Don’t ask me for money for your PACs or your so-called GOP platforms. I can no longer tolerate your political wussiness or your cowardice. I will donate only to those candidates who demonstrate constitutionally conservative viewpoints on issues and have taken positions in opposition to the GOP establishment.

  66. WAIT… The Republican Party nominated Donald Trump, and you’re only NOW figuring out they don’t want to win???? SERIOUSLY??

  67. Limbaugh, You’re a smart guy, aren’t you? They got a better deal offered them by Hilliar. With Trump, their feedbags are smaller and hold less. . How much does it take to follow the gold? So it’s Trump and no booty or Hilliar and some specified share.

  68. Millions of illegals were registered to vote, millions given quickIe citizenship to vote, the dead are mailing in their ballots, the DNC is paying citizens united for change to create anarchy at Trump rallies then blame his supporters, Hillary ry supporters will vote multiple times, the media will never cover Hillary lies and emails being exposed. Obama is a major player to this, none of this is bullshit but fact, the election is rigged, liberal media will project Hilary in the lead until the fixed returns come in. Obama pretty much took the place Of the majority, as self proclaimed liar in chief he selected Hilary to protect his own sneaky low life ass. The majority might want Trump, but Obama pretty much said go f yourself.

  69. Rush, there’s only one party that’s worth their weight in gold and that’s the American Independent Party which all conservatives need to join. The GOP’s philosophy is the same as the Democrats and that is that the people serve the parties, not the parties serves the people. These people are corrupt, nothing less, and needs to be dealt with.

  70. I am so disgruntled and disappointed in the way republicans have conducted themselves in Congress for the past 8 years. I use to trust people in the government, and had this dillusion that they really cared about America and would do what was best for HER, not THEMSELVES. But they have buckled at every corner, or blimp and just give up. I want people in Congress who really LOVE America and consider it a privilege to serve, not I am going to make a lot of money under the table doing this!!! I think there are FEW good republicans left in Congress and I hope Trump wins the presidential race, because if he doesn’t, the republican party is done and I will not be part of it again. I don’t want to support a group of cowards who are only interested in their financial self interest or power. I want a man in The White House who loves America, considers it a privilege to serve, and will do his best to make America great again. I don’t care what he did 11 years ago as his past is behind him. I don’t think hillary has a lily white reputation at all, from the rumors I have heard about her!!! And we all know about Bill. This presidential race is about TOMORROW, and who has the stamina, will and persistence to do what is RIGHT for America. I dont think that person is HIllary as she is scheming, lying, and hiding her physical condition which appears to be dementia. Donald has been running on 8 cylinders since he began campaigining and hasnt run out of steam once!!! Trump is the only One who can bring back America. He is not a globalist but a nationalist! He doesn’t want the evil, One World Government or Agenda 21, which will have people telling you where you can live, where you can go to school, work, they will think your children belong to the State and they will take your private property and control the health care you receive. Its bad now but it will be FAR WORSE with a witch in the White House who cackles uncontrollably!!!

  71. I”t is time for a total new party, one that represents the people. The Rinos in the republican party are just as bad as the democrats, it is a party of self serving SOBs seeking power and wealth for themselves and WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT MEMBERS OF THEIR PARTY. They put on this big show of investigation after investigation of all the criminal acts and violations of their oath of office with bona fica evidence that they are guilty as hell, has anyone seen any of these bums go to jail.We the people must unite and rid the country of this party in DC and put in leaders that will work for the people and who love our country.I believe President Trump could make our country great again if given a chance, his success will reward all the citizens of the USA.

    • It’s time for ALL political parties to become irrevocably EXTINCT, which could be accomplished by having a draft lottery instead of SO-CALLED “elections” (where we “elect” POLLUTE-ticians from the ranks of “two” political pati”ieS”, ALL of whom were hand-picked, BEFORE THE PRIMARIES, by the VERY SAME GROUP OF ELITE SCHMUCKS!

  72. The GOP sent me a survey with the most ridiculous questions. It was embarrassing to see the party stoop so low – of course they also wanted more money. I can only wonder what the party stands for now. Rush is correct! There is so much GOP infighting going on and most of it is anti- Trump. I am really sick and tired of the party. We gave them the House, Senate, and POTUS and they are floundering like a bunch of wimps.
    As far as I am concerned Trump is the answer for our countries problems I just wish someone would get behind him and get all those GOP promises accomplished.

  73. Tommy P: I hear you. Have supported the RNC in past, but cut off all money UNTIL I see them “repeal & replace ObamaCare”. Very, very disappointed in the “inaction” to repeal and replace to date. Hoping Trump administration publishes names (both rep & dem) of those that stood in the way of moving this campaign promise. Need for 2018 mid-term election.

    • Even though (PERHAPS) the total dollar amount that our lay citizenry is able to donate to political parties “might possibly be” competitive against the total dollar amount available to them from the BIG donors, the FLY IN THE OINTMENT is that the BIG donors have “terms and conditions” attached to their contributions, while ALL of the money available to them through small donors is theirs to spend as they damn choose, and will accordingly be used TO IMPLEMENT THE AGENDA OF THE BIG DONORS!
      Therefore, we should NEVER donate one cent to them.

  74. That sector of the GOP that does not “want” Trump consists of the more perceptive elements of the party. They have seen a loon who campaigned irrationally on turning all kinds of things around, beginning immediately after he enters office. He boasted that he would rescind or obviate various accomplishments of the previous administration and would do so immediately. Those impossible promises betrayed his utter lack of knowledge of how the federal government operates. Having spent his professional career as a chief executive, whose orders were expected to be carried out by subordinates without fail, Trump ASSumed that he could operate within the presidency in essentially that same manner. A seventh-grade civics student could have advised him that it just does not work that way, but many of the true believers who voted for the buffoon just lapped it up. Now Trump is attempting in vain to cover up his failure to perform by routinely, and ludicrously, ASSerting that he has accomplished more in his first 6 months in office than any previous president, a claim that falls to pieces when examined against the actual record of his miserable blundering performance. The asininity of it all is astonishing!

  75. The GOP establishment are working to set up a socialist police state as are the democrat’s….if we don’t get the RINO’s out, this free sovereign nation will be lost and your ruler’s will be K street John’s with George Soros’s son as your King…you will rue the day you wouldn’t get off your butt’s and vote!

  76. The article is great, as far as it goes, but the obvious hole in Rush’s entire presentation is mention of the Globalist CABAL (which he didn’t even MENTION!). As long as we remain in denial of the enemy’s main network, we will surely remain in the clutches of the ONE-PARTY SYSTEM that it is foisting upon us.

  77. The dems have become disgustocrats and reps have become repukicans…..Sorry but they have to go…..

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