Limbaugh: America “Swept Up By the Insane”

No political pundit holds a candle to Rush Limbaugh when he’s fired up about something. Despised by the left, El Rushbo has been a guiding light for conservatives in this country since the first Clinton administration, carrying us through the dark times before Fox News and the rise of online conservatism. And though he has plenty of competition these days, Limbaugh shows no signs of slipping away into irrelevance.

Consider his rant on Tuesday. After explaining why he wasn’t fully interested in the presidential race quite yet, Limbaugh went on to address the damage being done to our culture. Our society, he says, has gone off the deep end.

“We’re going insane, folks. We’re literally being swept up by the insane and being told we have to join them in their insanity,” said Limbaugh. He used this as a platform to talk about the many stories troubling him. Rachel Dolezal, the fake-black woman who has given rise to a special kind of insanity: the transracial American. “Do you realize we live in a time now where there is no objective truth?” he asked.

He went on to chastise a leftist who said – idiotically – that Dolezal was actually more black than Clarence Thomas. “Rachel Dolezal is not to be honored,” he said. “She is not to be rewarded, awarded. She is one of the most visible human beings worthy of sympathy and assistance that’s come along all week. Yet she’s being lionized, by many.”

Of course we are. And it’s just what Rush said: there’s no objective truth anymore. Liberals have taken the concept of moral relativism and they have stretched it until the elastic has popped. As long as the subject of their scorn isn’t an evil conservative, they will find a way to justify their actions. Who are the biggest heroes in Liberal Land over the past year? Dolezal? Jenner? Michael Brown? A white women who thinks she’s black, a guy who thinks he’s a girl, and a thug who thought it would be a good idea to jump a police officer.

Somehow the country doesn’t see it. Or, worse, they fall right in line and nod their heads and say, Ohh, mmmhmm, okay then. We’ve abandoned common sense. We’ve let these extreme radicals brainwash us with gossip shows and movies and talking heads until we can no longer think for ourselves. We have indeed been swept up by the insane, and it is going to have a destructive effect on the country before long.

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  1. and rush is the prime example of the insane leading the incompetent. the morons that still think he is relevant and/or truthful in his ranting are the type of idiots that grab a gun and blast away in churches after listening to his hate speeches against everything and everyone who if not white and conservative.

    • Your administration is a good example of the insane leading the incompetent. You’ve never heard Rush either, he doesn’t give hate speeches. To a lefty, hate is the truth, Gruber.

      • mac2sM2,
        Anyone who does not side with a liberal is a “hater”.

        • Anyone that sides with a liberal has emotional issues. The PC is absurd and one must look for things to be offended by. Lockstep lunacy.

          • mac12sam12,
            My gripe with Limbaugh is that he is a disgusting representation of conservative thinking and behavior. Liberals have a right to misjudge conservatives due to dolts like him.

          • He’s not disgusting, OMG! Have you ever even heard him? You listened for 5 minutes, right. He’s not inflammatory like a Chris Matthews or an Ed Schultz.

          • Not conservative thinking, RINOs.

          • Aubrey,
            I am losing my patience with the RINOs.

          • The worst thing between Republicans and Socialist Democrats is the misnomer that Republicans will win them with decency and kindness. They need to do what I did with the Muslims in Antelope Valley, California: read their own strategy and reverse it on them.

          • Aubrey,
            As I said before, I am running out of patience with that strategy.

        • Boy, you need to wake up. There is so much hate in the socialist democrat party that they protest their own families.

          • Aubrey,
            I am wide awake and that is a part of what I was thinking when I posted. anyone who does not agree with them is a “hater or bigot” of some kind. Oh yes, you are also a racist if you dare disagree. I have been called all sorts of things by liberals. As the needle said to Lady Godiva, sew what?

      • ??? prime example of a loony rant – only you and others like you could possibly understand that garbled mish mash of words that you consider a sentence

        • I see you have no retort, as usual. Only attempted insults. You sound offended! That’s right, you’re a loon lib!!

        • Your “Magic Negro” is in Bev hills today ….. raising money for the corrupt LEFT, instead of going to SC to help the families of those Murdered by a LEFTIST !!

      • That’s “Goober”.

    • And all these idiotic progressives that think conservatives hate everybody that is not a white male because they don’t fall in line with their point of view. Yeah tolerance, tolerance only if you follow the liar in chief and the morons in the media.

    • How is living in STUTOPIA working out for you?

    • uhh, as an apparent Liberal, you should not be complaining about incompetency. You have elected one of the most incompetent presidents ever to serve…. a man whose “legacy” will be the worst race relations in 50 years, the highest national debt ever, enemies that laugh at our weakness and stupidity in dealing with them, friends who no longer can trust us to keep our word. Even if we elect a real leader next time it will take decades to correct Obama’s ignorant mistakes.

      • correction : ” You have elected one of the most incompetent presidents ever to serve…. “; replace ‘one’ with ‘THE’

    • james, james, go back to the cellar and drink some more of the lefts kool aid. you definitely have shown that you are dumber than a bag of hair.

    • Ouch!, ouch!, ouch!; the truth really hurts, doesn’t it? Hmmmm, seems that it has been widely reported that your school/church/theater shootings were all done by liberal leaning psychos. You are delusional and are just what Rush was talking about in this post.

    • Blaming conservatives every time this happens has come up with a big zero so far. I hate to think what will happen if you people get to pin a conservative for one of these terrible crimes.

    • You are an idiot. Have you ever listened to Rush. No if you had you would be more educated, your probably on the Government tit too.

    • Again, as responded above, where is your objective proof, hard, cold facts of what you are blathering? Anyone can ramble on (ie; Joe Biden, John Kerry, et al) but you KNOW that the hard cold facts are that this mentally deranged guy had an ILLEGAL gun, walked into this church (Assumption: since it was a black church, assume democrats/liberals) and since no one had trained themselves for self-protection, then no one was able to stop him!
      Rush speaks truth & facts to anyone who is willing to listen to truth, cold hard facts.
      Get your head out of your ass, get a breath of fresh, FREE air & come see the REAL word!

      • Guns are allowed in Georgia churches as long as you have permission from the pastor, bishop, etc..
        I haven’t heard of any churches being shot up since it went into effect.
        This guy was also possibly on some kind of (was it doxozone???) illegal prescription drugs that he had in his pocket, too. They don’t take that fact into account though.
        So there is no need to crack down on guns, obie, only a need to crack down on those who sell their prescription drugs, and the REAL racists of the world (guess that includes you and your buddy al).

        • typical conservaturd – before today no one had heard of nuts with guns shooting up a church—-schools yes- grade schools yes– kindergartens yes- shopping malls yes – movie theaters yes- but this nut with a gun made history as the 1st mass murderer in a church. didntcall him a racist but his apartheid patch and his rants on face book really do lean that way. but talking to you is like herding cats so why bother you only see/ hear what you want IE to stupid to learn.

        • OK, PB, is that what your BRAIN is?!? Everything you say is EXACTLY what I stated, almost verbatum – gun control doesn’t work, the guy was mental, illegal, a menace that should not have been on streets, armed citizens (yes, even in church) are the major deterrents to crime, etc.
          I’ve not a racist bone in my body! EVERY legal citizen that wants to be should be allowed to carry, even open carry in most circumstances. I carry & have only needed to draw 1 time, didn’t need to shoot, thank God…

          So, oh brilliant Peanut Butter Brain, READ for comprehension before you blather on!

          • Verbatim means word for word. I used a completely different analogy.
            And I only stated that the boy was on drugs. Then I was talking to obie in the last paragraph about gun control, not you. I called him and al sharpton racists (once again, not you).
            I was in total agreement with you. I even put in an up-vote. So before you call me names and jump on me about reading comprehension… just saying…

    • Shofar threading

      YOU, james, fit the bill. You don’t want to hear, see, know nor be healed of your foolishness.

      “For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.” Acts 28:27

    • LOSER LIB !!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    • Billy Bob Johnson

      Preach on, brother. You are right on.

    • You are an idiot. Have you ever listened to Rush. No if you had you would be more educated, your probably on the Government tit too.

      • as usual you make am ass of yourself with assumptions because you listen to morons . he doesn’t even believe the shit he says he gets paid to fire up the uneducated. and for your info dummie im 66y/o and still working. and I do watch him -and beck and the moronic preacher – and palin- to see whee you simpletons get such stupid ideas- Koch brother think tanks write their scropts and they should be on the cartoon channel but nut jobs
        take it seriously.

  2. Our present Maximum Leader in the WH is the epitome of everything that is wrong in present day Amerika.S.S.R.

    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      I have a suggestion Don’t like it get out no problem. If it sucks sio badly go try to find better. I defy you to. Asshats piss and moan because everything does not go yoru way. Got a surprise for yall President Obama didn’t do it all by himself he had a ton of supprt. Enough to get him elected twice and with the bunch of idiots yall have running now, well you are not going to be any happier than you are right now.

      • Ignorant s–t-for-brains voters electing ignorant s–t-for-brains politicos. That’s where we are now, and the country has gone to hell. But we aren’t going anywhere; we’ll stay and fight.

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          SO in other words the majority of the voting public disagrees with you? You can not see where the problem lay?

          • Most of your precious majority are politically as blind as bats!

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Blind is ok dumb is Republican

          • What an ignorant response.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            There must be a union just for dumbass trolls because a shitload of them are crawling out of the sewer, like that dickhead meadows.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Give it a little credit, huh? He hasn’t changed his diaper yet!

          • don’t try – their smartest idol even said “YOU CANT FIX STUPID”

          • And both of you are proof of what Forrest said.

          • Jacqueline McIntosh

            I come out here to read smart people who have something worth saying and talking about and this is what I see. Can’t you all grow up and actually have something to say other than acting like children?

          • LOL you came to this site for intelligent conversation???? this is the site were Nazi- bigot morons prove their ignorance in the written word you will find no intelligent conversations here. hate- bigotry and lies abound and if you hate your country and the president the traitoriuos speech is moronic and limited to bad puns and rehashed 3rd grade cursing so even that is bad – but if you like to play tug of war with puppys or read campfire stories to kids this is the place – the term you cant battle wits with unarmed people fits this site immensely

          • Jacqueline McIntosh

            Yes, I can see what you are talking about. Well, it has been a while, but I’ll make the most of it. Thanks for the advice.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            They’re leftist commie trolls! What would you expect??

          • make up your mind moron – are the liberals undereducated or the college educated elite ???you cant call us both just because were smarter and there are more of us that disagree with your idiotic klan way of thinking

          • Education is a measure of privilege …not the sign of intelligence .

          • No EDucation is not a measure of privilege, it is not a right, it is a personal goal.

          • Hey smart man, what happens when you have taxed the working people so much that they decide to stop working and join the Entitlementalists in their Handout Heaven ?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            There’s that dumbass owens again…

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ummmm, most of those that support the little halfbred bastard are getting tons of freebies from him, and that’s exactly what the little commie is counting on!!

          • you think that a larger amount of lunatics makes them right.
            As you are one of them there is no reason to expect a reasonable response from you.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            TROLL ALERT! TROLL
            ALERT! TROLL ALERT

          • Damn right we see where the problems lie. Illegal voting and having the votes counted by someone in another country by people working for George Soros. Don’t tell me it’s BS because it’s a fact. Do some legitimate research.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Do some legitimate proving and I shall forgive you when you fail

          • I’ve done my research. Do your own research, lazy fool. Stop listening and repeating what Obama tells you, thinking it is true. Do the research and find out for sure. You will be amazed by his lies.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            I can forgive ignorance but I can not accept unfounded statements by someone who needs as much forgiveness as you require.

          • Blah, Blah, Blah,. So you don’t want to do the necessary research to find out the truth. That’s fine, continue to be a fool and follow the Pied Piper right over the edge.
            They say, ignorance is bliss. I guess it’s true.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Not exactly I am calling you a liar and forgiving you for being one. That is very different from your childish suggestion as to what I am doing. You made a whole bunch of statements that have no basis in fact and I am calling you on it

          • You wouldn’t stand in front of me and call me a liar, you useless excuse for a human.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Actually, tough guy, I most assuredly would because you are one,No problem, after which I would help you pick up your teeth and even call 911 for you.. However, I forgive you

          • I didn’t ask for and don’t need or want your forgiveness. Stick that in your *%#. You are to ignorant for me to deal with so you will be wasting your time if you respond. I will not respond to you again. You have no idea who you are messing with so stop while you are ahead. Done with you.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Now see I could be like a bunch of idiots on here and explain the difference between to, too and two, instead I will just forgive you. You have no idea who you are dealing with asshat. your empty cowardly threats mean nothing

          • careful he s a nut job probably spends more on his gun collection than his education

          • You actually think you are educated and grown up? If my kids talk like that to anybody justified or not they know the consequences.

          • you will probably raise them to be as narrow minded and bigoted as you are . you should just talk to m dimwits he believes like you

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You two assholes must be related! Didja’ both have the same mother but just different dads? Dayuum, she musta’ really been embarrassed!!!

          • and you are proof

          • watching beck and orielly is not research moron

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Boy, when TWO dumbass trolls get together in here, they really have an “idiot party,” huh?? Wonder where these dumbasses are produced???

          • LOL we come to this site to see what the idiot party has to say to day and get some chuckles at the lunacy. any time you get someone who can prove your lies are such you call troll or some other name – try checking the facts

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Hey asswipe. Give that suit back to Goodwill, huh? And then drag your sorry ass back over to the school for the retarded, huh?? You damned leftists trolls…. Dayuumm.!

          • suit cost more than your trailer and at least I can wear one

          • Jonathan Brooks

            So you admit you and Raymond are a couple….how fabulous.
            When is the wedding?
            Have you picked a Christian Baker and Photographer to sue yet?

          • I am sure a “GOOD ” christian with morals as upstanding as you can recommend one with a klan moltif

          • Jonathan Brooks

            James, I assume that you brought in the race issue, since, being a good scumbag troll, you love to divert from the main issue, which is that you and your cabana boy troll Raymond come in here and do your little ad hominum attacks, because it entertains your twisted little muslim minds. Take your comments and stuff them in your glory hole.

          • nothing I said was about race – your hate spewing is reminiscent of the hate filled language of the klan and you. your onstant referral to homosexual tendencys shows your latent desire to be one so bend over at the next rally and smile

          • still got no facts-no proof-no ideas and no original thoughts dim wits your a boor

          • Jonathan Brooks

            It’s a deadhead’s party,
            who could ask for more,
            leave your reason and rational thought at the door,
            It’s a deadhead’s party,
            just here to troll on the floor,
            never gives a kind answer,
            when a insult and slam comes to the fore…..

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I’d be willing to bet that you two dumbasses are brothers rarray.. ROFLMFAO

          • yep fixing the vote is how bush won -check your facts don’t make up shit you look even stupider than you are

          • Michael Dennewitz

            DUMBASS TROLL !!! DUMBASS RROLL !!!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            No ray ray.. What he probably was thinking, (at least I am), that your retarded ass is most likely getting a shitload of freebies and you love living “under the thumb of communism.”

        • Amen and GUNG HO (All for one and one for all)!!!!

      • William Matthes

        Y’all need to go back to school and learn to spell Ray! You must have looked up how to spell suggestion, yet you can’t spell so, your, OR support!

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          Spell no type perhaps. I wish on you the very same handicap I fight daily just to post come visit I will take care to help you out

          • There you go! The socialist democrat party is taking care of you!

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            When you realize where you would be without Socialism that will be the best day of ytour pathetic existence. You really should not throw around words as if you comporehend their meaning. It is so much worse than some typos which you still clearly understood

          • William Matthes

            See what I mean about Raymond?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            What the hell is comporehend ???

          • Learn to speak and spell in ENGLISH Raymond.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            LMAO so many spelling cops among you asshats and yet you understand what I post. I forgive you

          • when they cant win an argument with words , facts , or logic out pops the cussing and word police they morons

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            lol james what is really fun is finding out how many of them are the same person using different names

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Another one for you and retard ray ray, and I sure you understand it! G F Y !! :-))

          • Have you ever lived in a Socialist – Communist Country? If not I suggest you try it . I was there, I have done it.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Yes I did. Look at the name it is my real name.

          • Jacqueline McIntosh

            Here, Ray, I will post it again for you, just in case you get too lost on the last one. Some real facts might be too much for you. Don’t let your head blow off if you are too busy looking for spelling errors.

          • I lived under socialism and I lived under the Nazis and I worked for the Russians – communist. All I have to say is “you do not know what you talk about”. What you read, what you hear, what you learn “in school is not the reality you experience living under the different systems. Yes the USA is on its way to join the socialistic – communistic countries.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            We have been through this before I am Lithuanian. Enough said? It had best be because I have no time for liars and idiots

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Snort another one ray-ray….

          • Michael Dennewitz

            ray ray, ever heard the phrase, BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS?? And take that dumbass owens with ya, huh??

        • William Matthes

          Whatever your “problem” is, it’s pretty clear you are one of Obama’s Kool-Aid guzzlers.

      • There’s a real black man running now that make Odummer look like a crib baby.

      • Small problem, Raymond. There is no place to go. Lord Obama, Master of the Libverse is turning this nation into Stalinist Russia, and making it harder to leave with each day, taking a percentage of all money held in banks if you expatriate, hitting your overseas accounts with the iRS, and putting people on no fly, no travel and no passport lists, so it is easier to smuggle in ISIS agents from Mexico than to smuggle out your family. I pray YOU never end up on Obama’s Red List, or you will find the imperious leader a deadly one.

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          Big problem here Jonathan when hate, ignorant hate and bigotry is your primary emotion you forget the meanings of words and use them as if they are interchangeable. You ignorantly think that someone can be a fascist a nazi, a muslim a communist and a socialist at the very same time. If you are of the opinion that your post was something elequent and impressive I am here to tell you it is only those things to people of a mind such as a 21 year old ytoung man who shot up a Bible study in Charleston.
          Do you even have an idea of how many people left Europe after WWII and came here without those very things that are making you stay where you say you are so oppressed? I doubt it. Talking through other than your mouth is very unbecoming

          • Raymond, comparing me to a psychotic emo junkie who killed black people out of a ton of crazy, suboxone use, and inability to keep work, shows you to be the bigot and racist here.
            Obama is a muslim, and has said so to UN officials, heads of state overseas, and to islamic crowds in speeches, in fluent Arabic. He wears a ring that translates a phrase in Arabic saying No God but Allah, and celebrates Ramadan. If you have a problem with that, tough. Reality sucks to the indoctrinaire radical.

            Obama is making this country into a facist state, by his insistence on pushing the TTP, which allows power to flow from Congress to him and international corporate powers, who will control trade with an iron fist. The Third way, originally puched by Bill Clinton, is just corporate facist rule, in which the rich and powerful run and staff the government chronies in a system very similar to the capitalist Chinese Communist system that replaced the Mao communism after his death.

            Your insistence that Nazi and communist systems are nothing alike is based in pre WWII thinking, in which the two systems tried to separate themselves from each other, but the fall of communism in Russia and China, due to the failure of the economies forced the new chinese system into existence, in which communist totalitarian rule existed with corporate chrony capitalism.

            You can live in the past, or grow up, and realize that the white supremist concept died decades ago, and only prison and some isolated drug heads still follow that belief.

            The public is faced by a much more savage threat, muslim immigrants that follow the chinese model of chrony capitalism used in Saudi Arabia, combined with Marxist belief system nurtured by the welfare state and economically jobless system existing in Saudi Arabia, and most of the Emerate states. These ideologies frame themnselves in Islam, but are at heart welfare statist, communist facists, who hate Jews, religious Christians and Shea Musklims as subhumans.

            This is who ISIS is. This is who the Muslim Brotherhood is. This is who Al Nusra is. competing groups with the same goal, a planetary Sharia compliant totalitarian state with enemies killed in genocide. Hitler united with this same group of people in WW II andf they never went away or changed. And they are not a race. They are an ideology.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            I think I must forgive your ignorance

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You, apparently know everything there is to know about ignorance!!

          • I think I must ignore your forgiveness.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            R I G H T. ON. !

          • and now you make up lies and/or more orielly bs as your proof LOL you a joke fool

          • Jonathan Brooks

            Are you muslim or just pretending to be one? That pidgen English is just screaming Islam.

          • proper spelling -proper context and words of truth what part confused your lil mind

          • Fantastic Johnathan Brooks ! You are RIGHT ON ! There is only one word for people like Raymond. BLIND !

          • now are we a fascist state a communist state a socialist state or a monarchy – you morons say the president is all of them == by the way there is a difference in all of those if you ever want to look them up before making stupid allegations LOL

          • Jonathan Brooks

            Sorry, Troll, but I have already explained myself, so go back to Trollteethistan, and read what I already said.

          • you a moron that doesn’t know the difference- LOL- and you expect anyone but other morons to take you serious, good thing you post on these klan sites were other wack-a – doodles like you show their ignorance. if you had finished 6th grade civics you would know that all those types of rule are different

          • you cant change their thoughts because you cant fix stupid

          • he depressed because his trailer park wont let him park a tank for his home protection

        • be glad Obama is in office if bush/ cheney reich was still in place you would be in gitmo as speaking out against the power

          • Jonathan Brooks

            Who said I liked Bush/ Cheney. Apparently the Muslim and troll community thinks we burn a candle to Bush, and pray to him at night. get a clue. i detest Obama because he is an illegal alien CIA tool, that was protected by the Republican and Democrat Establishment. The purpose of Obama was to allow chrony capitalism and the TTP to come in, and to work the Democrat agenda. This was also to destroy both the Democrat and Republican base.
            Bush/Cheny was a non-conservative progressive establishment cabal to marginalize and thwart the Republican base, and keep RINOs in power in the House and Senate. The majority of conservatives andlibertarians were disenfranchised the entire time Bush was in power, and Bush could give a flip what his base thought. Bush had no different policy differences than Hillary or Gore, except for a slightly lower tax rate.

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          Well Limbaugh promised to go to Costa Rica. I bet you can go with him if you are a young boy.

          • Jonathan Brooks

            The gay thoughts just come to you and James so easily. I am thinking you are actually a couple.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Great attempt at spin but did you think it would not be noticed that suddenly you are full of shit about leaving as are all of you kids?

      • First of all Raymond J. , why don’t you learn to write English? Second. Most of the people who voted for the SCUM we have running the country are just like you. IGNORANT. Zero COMMON SENSE. Zero moral fiber. Anything goes with you people as long as it promotes the Liberal-Communist AGENDA. Laws don’t matter, common decentcy does not matter, truth does not matter.
        This country was built on VALUES, not on a free for all mentality. God means something, the Constiution means something. We would have never built this nation without them. People like YOU, don’t know about things like that do you Raymond?

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          My foirgiveness for you is in place

          • I don’t want your forgiveness Raymond. I would like to see you inform yourself. Google and read ( Communist Goals 1963 Congressional Record ). Maybe you will learn something about what COMMUNISIM is all about and how OBAMA and his deviot Administration are implementing these COMMUNIST GOALS one by one. This has NOTHING to do with BIGOTRY. That’s the word you LIBS use when you have zero argument. We conservatives don’t give a damn what color or race a COMMUNIST is. They are still COMMUNIST and they HATE FREEDOM. AMERICA, CHRISTIANS and our CONSTITUTION. PERIOD. By the way Raymond, how about Dr. Ben Carson, do you hate him bacause he’s black? No, you hate him because he’s Conservative right ?

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            My forgiving you benefits me even if you ridiculously do not accept it. Perhaps you need to read a Bible and edify yourself. As for communism. I know more about it than you and a dozen of your closest ignorant friends. I am American by paper,German by birth and Lithuanian by blood. I had family members do time in Siberia. Those that were not sentenced to that hell hole were shot and killed or died of starvation. You have nothimg to tell me about communism especially not by reading something. MY family lived it and as a result I too paid a price. Of course though I forgive ignorance especially yours on this topic, since you are one of those bloviating asshats who thinks they know all there is to know.

          • If what you say is true, then you did not learn your lessons. I am Austrian by birth lived through the Nazi Regime, the Russian Occupation with his requirement you want to work join the party, the change to socialism and I saw the Nicaraguan revolution first hand and the resulting destruction of the country.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Obviously you know little about Europe or it’s history. If you did you would not feel thge need to ask ridiculous questions

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            See you know nothing I do not hate so you can shut up and sit down before I tire of forgiving your ignorance

          • Excellent response! These morons simply have no clue.

        • and texas ohio and kentuky are the leaders of electing idiots

          • What is that supposed to mean ?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Yoladane, they’re trolls. I was finally able to have a friend program my system so that I can no longer read their BULLSHIT! Don’t waste your time!!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Woosh I cud spael like you do…….

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          I am inclined to ignore your Christian behavior and forgive you for your stupidity since you understand every word I post

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Is that a promise? Huh, huh? Woohoo, I won’t have to read any more of your BULLSHIT!?!??

      • Dribble from another Obamite sheeple. Obozo has done serious damage to this once great nation. We will probably never get back to being the great nation we once were, because of you non-thinking Obozo lovers. I have a suggestion for YOU. Kiss my asz.

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          Forgiveness is given to those that offend thus you are forgiven

          • ignore m dimwitz he a spammer and never knows what the topicis – was – or anything but kiddie insults

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            The one you mention is an example of what is wrong with Tea. I learned that some time back but thanks

      • I don’t understand all of your forgiveness crap.You are another nut-job w/ shit-for-brains, as my mother would say.

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          I forgive your mother for bringing up a moron

        • must be quite the lady with a mouth like that around children – explains your thoughts

          • You seem to have an aversion to the word ‘shit’ which every creature does, I wonder which ‘words’ you don’t have an aversion to. The only word my Mother and Grandmother would use, so according to you my Mother and Grandmother, had quite a mouth around children, how about ‘poop for brains’. better?

      • Your moronic rant is so typical of the idiots who supported this fake in chief-you are everything that is wrong with the current state of affairs. And for the record-your boy Obama didn’t need any help. He had his agenda and he poured it right down our throats.

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          I forgiuve your ignorance Goodforall. I am certain there is an explanation for what happened to you

      • Dead Democrats actually have voted, especially in Chicago !

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          Other than a Fairy tale what else have you got. Something that can be proven would be of benefit

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Shit for brains ray ray probably voted for the asshole too…

      • Raymond–Why are you still running loose?

      • Jacqueline McIntosh

        Ray, if what you are saying is that Obama didn’t get in by the actual voters, you are correct. It was a rigged voting system. Most of the votes were never even counted. If the system had been honest, Obama would never have gotten a 2nd term. It was a scam of an election.

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          Jacqueline thank you ever so much for such a typical Turd Potty Christian Conservative response. Accusations innuendo and none of it based in fact. If your suggestions were even close to reality you have a lot of talking to do to those you elect to represent you.

          • Jacqueline McIntosh

            Wow, Ray, I suppose I should not be surprised that you are wearing blinders. As for your immature name calling, I am not a Christian or a Conservative. There are plenty of smarter people in some of the other blogs, where there are actual real adult conversations going on where they are quite aware of the fact that the last election was a sham. That IS the reality of it, deal with it. And take your blinders off, this isn’t the 60’s anymore, where voting actually worked. You actually are the idiot they are calling you. Stop watching the nightly news, where they are told what to say; Bush W. admitted it in an interview; and get some real news.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Wow Jacqueline still devoid of fact. I never said you are a Chirstian or a Conservative even if your behavior makes a lie out of the statement that you are not at least Conservative. What I said without the spin you attempted is your behavior is, not you are. My apologies if English confused you. Would you like me to post in another language? If you are using the greatest liar of a President as a source it is you that has a problem. The President whose lies killed how many? The President who denied torturing? The President who can not travel to many countries or face being tried as a war criminal. The President who is responsible for trillions of lost dollars. This is your source? Yeah ok, I am the one being mislead,lolololololololol

          • Jacqueline McIntosh

            Read your own writing. “Jacqueline thank you ever so much for such a typical Turd Potty Christian Conservative response.” Do you not know how typing in English works? Can you not understand even your own words, Ray? When you put a name with “typical response”, then you certainly are putting me in a category. I’ll give you time to look that one up. I completely agree that that Bush W. was one of our worst Presidents. And, yes, he was idiot enough to actually tell the public on record.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            This is my final response to you. It says very clearly your response was a typicl Turd Potty Christian Conservative response.Nowhere does it say you are either Christian or Conservative however if you continue this sort of behavior I may need to rethink and actually say yes in fact you are what you claim not to be

          • Jacqueline McIntosh

            Here, this is just one site that shows the numbers. If you can understand it. With many links that prove that the last election was a sham.
            Of course you will find problem with all of these facts. You must be one of those people that just cannot live with yourself if you are proved wrong.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Do you have a mirror? Who are you to decide what I am and what I am not judst because I will not accept your statements with out some facts? Get over yourself, you will do better in life. Bitterness bites you in the ass more than it bites the person you are attacking

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Repooplicans sold us out and threw us all under the bus, so they can crack on Rush all they want – they’ve gotten just as bad – NOT WORTH A SHIT !!


      There no soviet socialist republics in the Russian federation. Why do you call America a soviet socialist republic? I bet you think the Boy Scouts of America is a Communist organization.

    • Dennis B Anderson

      Dah my babooshka / por favor!! Im seeing Stewart Granger as Lot in the movie Sadom & Gamorrah. God struck everyone down and made them blind. blind. History does repeat itself.

  3. If anyone is an authority on insanity, Limbaugh is certainly one of them.

    • Proof? Where’s your objective, factual proof of this?
      Oh, yeah! Blathering leftist fools don’t NEED any proof or facts!

    • You need to change the tinfoil in your hat .. it’s slipping to the LEFT!

      • Mac Boy,
        I just answered two other on this issue. Again, I repeat, he is an embarrassment to the conservative thinking. So, no, I am NOT slipping to the liberal side by any means. I resent his nonsensical ranting.

        • Do you not have sense enough to realize that in addition to being a expert on politics, Rush is an entertainer. Your problem is that socialist democrat attitude of yours.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Yo momma was probably pretty embarrassed when you were born, but I GUESS she still loved your TROLL ass.. Now do us all a favor and go back to playing with yourself in another room!? (get ready folks, his next comeback has got to be a doozy). ROFLMFAO

          • Michael,
            Get this straight. I am a Republican who cannot stand Limbaugh. I do post sensibly on something sensible. Limbaugh is not sensible. If you wish to email me in a decent fashion I will respond likewise. But I have seen your posts before and name calling seems to be your game.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Blah, blah, blah….blah blah, blah, blah blah blah… Drink another glass of that koolaide..

          • Mixhael,
            What did you do with that box?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            you mean the one yo momma laid over while the dog drilled her???

          • MIchael,
            NO, the one you had to stand on to kiss my ass.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You’re such a dumbfuck, you know? The whole damned website was expecting that moronic reply from you that was worn out eons ago, you retarded dumbass. Time to put your sorry ass on my “block” list, I see…

          • Michael,
            I will not miss you if you take a hike. But you have a right to your diatribe. Last response.

    • That’s right! He can spot you Kooks a mile away.

      • Aubrey,
        This is my fourth response on Limbaugh. This jackass is an embarrassment to the conservative people of this country. I resent him being on the air. I am a conservative, period. But I know an ignorant dolt when I hear one. He is a liar and a buffoon. He goes out of his way to be an idiot and that hurts the conservative cause. My feelings toward him have nothing to do with my political leanings, which are conservative.

        • Sorry Jerry,
          We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I’ve been listening to Rush since 1989 and he has been wrong a few times, but very few.

          • Aubrey,
            It is not so much right or wrong but exaggerating on may issues and being so obnoxious. I just do not care for his wild attitude. He drones on bout almost nothing. I think some of what he says is stuff he has been fed and is not really confirmed. He is just plain obnoxious to me.

    • You’re absolutely right! He can spot you guys in a crowded football stadium.

  4. Rush is correct the young generation does not know what the word truth means. They listen to the leftist media the biggest liars the world has ever seen. The Clinton lie when ever you watch there lips move. The Obama’s could not tell the truth if they were force too. When ever Obama addresses the American people all that come out of his mouth is pure diarrhea. That man was never born in the U.S.A he lies so much he is stating to believes his own lies. Like Rush says these people have destroyed our great country,and will continue if not stopped. Hillary does not want to answer any ones questions on her abuse of power. The Clinton’s think they can lie,steal and deceive all of us with nobody stopping them.My son is in in prison for doing what the Clinton’s do every day to us real Americans.Our president plan is to destroy our freedom,and take away all our rites.I can go on with more of his hatred of freedom and white people, I am sure any one with an ounce of brains known that his plan from the beginning was divide this country and destroy. If any Democrat reads this I hope you are the first to go.

    • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

      Rush is a perverted viagra stealing and swallowing pursuer of little boys in Thailand

      • and Yo Mama wears combat boots …….FU

      • That’s right. If you can’t produce facts just follow your fellow leftists in mindless name-calling.

        • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

          LMAO do you really think your BS will stand scrutiny. I am not in any way requiredto tell you anything. I chose what I say and who I say it to. You are definetly someone I feel I can ignore without compunction

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Ignorant asswipe. When you realize you can’t argue with truth, you get into degrading mode! Did yo momma have any kids that lived??

    • Right, John. I said it from the first time I heard a campaign speech from him, but nobody listened to me. Well, no one except Joe the plumber. Is he still alive and running around free by the way? He just sort of disappeared: sort of like people used to during the Clinton administration.

  5. I might be ugly, and I might be crazy, but I’m not insane yet. And I will never go along with the destruction that the left used to hide behind a smokescreen, but now flaunt in our faces.

  6. Billy Bob Johnson

    The author of this article couldn’t be more wrong on so many levels. I’ll speak to one, which is the point he made that “Limbaugh shows no sighs of slipping away”. Are you kidding me? He is losing major radio stations around the country. Just recently he has lost stations in Indianapolis, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco. The company he works for will probably not be renewing his contract the next time around because they are losing money on him. He can’t seem to keep advertisers. Limpballs is on his way out.

    • You need more Kool-Aid, Lib Licker ??

      • Billy Bob Johnson

        The truth hurts, Boy. What I just told is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing bit the truth. It’s easy to fact check, or are you AFRAID.

      • MAC: suggest it is strong than the Kool-Aid, probably Crack, Meth, PCP or Xanax?

    • Has he lost any conservative stations? He lost San Diego, which went liberal, but he bought a network to replace it, thank goodness. The problem isn’t with Rush. It is with a party divided between Republicans and RINOs. One plus with the socialist democrats is that they’re sticking together when they disagree, even though they’re wrong. Rush is supporting the conservative side of the Republicans. Just this morning he was blasting the party for leaving Dr. Ben Carson out of the mix. Does that sound tight to you?

      • Billy Bob Johnson

        All of the stations that dropped Limpballs were conservative stations. WLS in Chicago is next. You need to come to the realization the Rush is on his way out. He’s losing stations, listeners and thousands of sponsors.

  7. I am sure he seen you doing everything you are accusing him of. It sounds like you have the intelligence of a yeast infection like most liberals. You know everything but the truth you are no better than the people you take about. Grow and try to learn something.

  8. A simple google search will show you that this story was reported days before it actually happened! Google ” massacre historic church charleston”. The very first result shows it was published 3 days before it happened! !! The desmoines register ran the story. In more obscure pages towards end results you’ll find it published as early as June 8. 2015. What does that tell you? FALSE FLAG!

    • I don’t know whether you are right on this one, but if you are, that sounds like more support for gun control.

      • It’s been scrubbed from the internet now unless you use an anonymous browser and also type in Desmoines register. It’s about the 5th result down

  9. William Matthes

    Many of us do see what’s happening to this country. But what can be done? The liberal imbeciles are everywhere spreading their lies and abandoning all common-sense!

  10. If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. Rush is more accurate in one minute than Obama has ever been at any time in the last 7 years He (Obama) doesn’t scare me. What does scare me are the uninformed leftist ideologues that voted him and along with them the uninformed lemmings. He told you who he was and what he was going to do, and you voted him in anyway. and now you are concerned? .
    I notice the trolls are out in force today. I think I will bail and have a cup of joe. One last thing………………………
    You don’t like rush that is fine. You don’t agree fine. You don’t agree with Levin? Hannity? You don’t agree with common sense? Don’t listen.

  11. marco a. poshar

    there are a lot of folks that would like that black and white work together and not to divide USA like OBAMA is doing , Dr.Ben Carson is an example what a leader is like to be and should be in this land of different races , God bless Dr Carsons vision for USA…….

  12. Could ye all stop picking on Raymond J Ambrozaitis. He could be a black man pretending to be white and possibly posing as the president of the NRA. Wouldn’t that be a hoot! No offense intended towards Ambrozaitis or the NRA. I’m just speculating.

    • Chopper, I think Raymond is actually Islamic. He is hypersensitive to digs about Islam, but not in a Shabaaz, Black Panther way, but in a Muslim Brotherhood way. His use of words and stilted language also feel very Sunni Muslim, He tries to provoke conflict racially, but does not seem to be “In the struggle”

    Skim over the ‘comments’ section of this article then compare it to the ‘comments’ section of any other reputable conservative web publication and you will find one common thread…..trolling ‘Marxists’ !
    These Marxists “troll” our web sites seeking out conservative prey who will blindly take the ‘bait’ of argumentative dialog causing disruption which is exactly what they want.
    We must stop ‘taking the bait’ my conservative friends and control the dialog ourselves by simply ignoring their dribble or by using controlled sarcasm which is my personal favorite.
    Bottom line is this……. never let them bring you down to their level , always be in charge by not losing your temper…it’s really that simple, try it you’ll like it!

  14. obama promised change. He just didn’t explain that it would be the dictionary.

  15. Robert N. Schick

    Rush it right….Straight jackets were invented for the Looney Toon Left…and padded cells and firing squads..I’m hoping we can colonized Mars..Then we’ll have an appropriate place to exile them when Conservatives take back the power..though 140 million miles is still too close.

  16. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    The families of nine black victims have made all of you haters look petty and stupid. Congratulations to teh only Republican candidate with balls enough to come right out and say it was a racial crime. Governor Kasich, well done. Jeb danced and avoided a real answr. Santorum went insane and called it an attack,despite the killers own statements, on Christians. Rubio hid out and said nothing. Perry was nowhere to be seen, Graham said something about the Stars and Bars flying higher than Old Glory was an acceptable solution to a problem and then mumbled some words to the effect that nine were dead, Trump was probably getting his hair done, Carson who certainly should have had something to say on the topic, didn’t. The black families of Charleston have turned you hatred in such a manner as to make you look dumb, ineffective. lost. ignorant and useless.To me you are jokes nothing more.

  17. Our country has gone insane because most have rejected God has been rejected and replaced in our churches and homes with emotionalism, entertainment, humanism, Atheism, socialism, communism, relativism, sports-ism and all the other isms that exist in our world today. Therefore, satanic evil covers our Land and we wonder why.

  18. Rachel Dolezal is not very black and Rush Limbaugh in not very bright, I would say they have a lot in common.

  19. Until Christian men get control of the country again and attack radical, second-wave feminism for the lying piece of crap it is, nothing will change and feminism’s irrational insanity will continue to thrive, and spread, through the influential, female, baby boomer illuminati within the entertainment industry, military, organized religion, judiciary, education, politics, business and government. It’s the women, NOT the men!

  20. Alleged Comment

    I don’t know why our leaders are the way they are but it would give me the greatest satisfaction to see them all hanging. Perhaps the lieberals will go into hiding and leave US alone.

    Save the last few feet of rope for yourself for allowing them to do this to you.

  21. Growing up (back when schools were schools and actually taught history), I could never understand how the German people allowed Hitler to come to power and exterminate millions of fellow citizens. Now I’m seeing how absolutely crazy people are becoming in our own Country and I still don’t understand how people can believe the outright crazy lies they are being fed on a daily basis and how literally satanic people are becoming and yet nobody sees. We are literally walking in darkness, blind to the Truth. Anyone who dare talks about what is happening in disagreement with the immoral Leftist agenda is marginalized, called bigots, racist, homophobic and evil. All the while the Leftist agenda steadily marches on consuming the minds and lives in it’s wake. Our Constitution is being perverted and defiled convincing the citizenry of so called “rights” that are man made “rights” not unalienable rights that our endowed by Our Creator -such as civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights, abortion rights,and marriage rights. Our unalienable rights that our endowed by God, Our Creator and enshrined in our Constitution are: our Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. That’s it. They apply to EVERYONE. There are no special rights given in our Constitution to special groups for a reason. You cannot give special rights to one person (or persons) without taking rights from someone else. Very simple and that simplicity of Our Constitution was brilliant~it lasted for over 200 years. Now that simplicity and brilliance is being dulled by Leftists who complicate it by twisting it around and perverting it for their own nefarious agenda and the masses are being seduced by evil. All the laws Hitler put into place before he took over Germany and invaded Poland are now in place in our own Country and people do not even realize what’s happening because there is no TRUTH. We are being deceived on a massive scale just as prophesied in the Bible.

  22. The liberals and many black leaders have gone off the edge, you can’t take any of them serious anymore. They are just unrealistic listening to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s rhetoric, The Rev Al sounds just crazy compared to them, after all it is his business the other two are politicians. Shhhhh

  23. Raymond you like all you believe in have the intelligence of a yeast infection. That’s how your monkey president won just look at the people that surround him.You all had your fun now after 8 years of failures the real Americans will fix this country.Yes Ray you also are a failure too. Stop talking and go take your life and I’ll s–t on your grave.

  24. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    The Confederate Flag was never formally adopted by the Confederate Congress, nor flew at any State Capitals
    during the Civil War. It became popular due to its use by the KKK during the 20th

  25. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    Please do not believe that The Stars
    and Bars is a symbol of States’ Rights. That phrase appears nowhere in South
    Carolina’s Declaration of Secession. The word “slave” appears 18 times, The
    document uses the phrase “slave-holding states” as a synonym for the states of
    the Confederacy and justifies secession on the grounds that white Southerners’
    Constitutional right to hold dark-skinned human beings as property would be
    threatened by remaining in the Union. It is all about white supremacy.

  26. Ray you sound like someone rape as a kid in what ever country you came from.I heard today on the news that the people you admire rape there male children is that right you seem to know everything. Do us all a favor and run into the highway and kill yourself then you can answer to Satan.

  27. Somekindofpatriot

    Stop already. It has been proven over and over again that Liberalism is a serious mental illness with a small if any chance of a cure. We all need to stop enabling them by engaging them. Please stop the madness already and just pray for them.

  28. El Rushbo hit the nail on the head. The proof is in the pudding. Just read what some of the liberal pudding heads post below, totally amazing.

  29. My, my, such childish and disgusting remarks. Name calling gets no one anywhere. What ever happened to debate?
    The name of the game is that we are sliding downward as a nation. We need representation who will fix it. Some candidates will not fix it and others are not up to doing it themselves. But our best Presidents are ones who could surround themselves with good people. That has not happened for quite awhile in either party. We have to get back to the Constitution and that is not happening. It is getting worse. We are voting for representation without checking their qualifications for holding office per the Constitution. We have the longest running Constitution in history because it works. It makes good sense to follow it.

  30. It was ACLU (formerly the official part of the Communist Party USA) that back in the 1970’s won the court fight while bestowing the human right of the criminally insane to refuse treatment and placement in the asylums for such.

  31. What a bunch of shit for brains you liberal commie assailed are not going to make our country a hell hole any longer if you want to be a Maoist or a devil worshipper you need to go to one of the failing communist countries and stop trying to foul out the land of the free and the brave to he’ll with you all you won’t bring us with you

  32. Obama is just another pig commie trying to transform America into a communist country it’s not going to work he is making the races of our country to fight against each other and cause chaos to destroy from within that’s how deviciveness works to change our way of life it’s how communism begins get us all fighting against each other for that sole purpose

  33. Ray Ambrozaitis is among those hell bent to destroy our way of life and everything that is good about America

  34. People like James Owens is in the group that thinks they are smarter than anyone else and know best for what we need key word thinks not is stop telling us how we should be we love our country you dont you want to change it and our constitution and our beliefs go somewhere else and leave America alone be the asshole that you are in a country that already exists with your beliefs

  35. No Ray you get out America is fine without assailed like you

  36. James you must have rode on the short bus not much thinking going on there are you one of the sheeples being led down the path of hell sounds as if to me

  37. Meant asshole Ray anyway you know what you are

  38. They are liberal thinkers that think they are smarter than anyone else and know what’s best for us that’s Maoist way of thinking and probably who they worship that’s Ray and James Owens ,Ray Ambrozaitis assailed that want a communist country instead of trying to make America one go somewhere else where they already have your failed beliefs

  39. Course I meant assholes think that tRay and James already know that that’s what they are

  40. Michael Dennewitz

    Oh no! My little red flashing lite just came on. It tells me when “DUMBASS TROLLS” are lurking about, but I don’t have to read their bullshit!! HA! Lovin it !!

  41. I read all these posts, and I have to agree with rush.

  42. I have been listening to Rush for over 10 years I like him very much but he is wrong in what he said. People are not going insane, they just don’t care or give a shit anymore they only care about themselves like that filthy Joel Olsteen on channel 5 on Sunday , he says do for yourself and God will be there for you. That is as false as can be. He believes in his filthy money he gets from stupid people that listen to him. I am 52 years old living in New York City all my life I am a right wing Conservative and I’ve been that way all my life and the reason is ‘cuz I am NOT weak minded I care for some stupid reason, that must be the Orthodox Christianity in me and the way I was raised “correctly”. I have been bombarded by the same filthy crap on TV and everywhere else in the city all my life how come I stand strong and hold fast. I will say it again it has nothing to do with insanity sweeping the nation , it only has to do with people being weak in the mind , selfish,and stupid and not holding fast to their morals. ” seek out the truth”.

  43. No matter how you feel about guns, you should find this
    most interesting. This may explain why there has never been an attempt on Obama.

    In 1865 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States

    In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States, who later died
    from the wound.

    In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States.

    In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States.

    In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, President of the United States.

    In 1984 James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.

    In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.

    In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.

    In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby’s cafeteria in
    Killeen, TX.

    In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas

    In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.

    In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W.
    Bush, President of the US.

    In 2003 Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.

    In 2007 a registered Democrat named Seung – Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.

    In 2010 a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and
    killed 6 others.

    In 2011 a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12

    In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis.

    In 2013 a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people in a school in Newtown,

    As recently as Sept 2013, an angry Black Democrat shot 12 at a Navy shipyard.

    “I want to talk about how this coward from hell took away nine beautiful lives,” Michael Savage said to his listeners. “They were the best of the African-American community, make no mistake about it. People
    like that are the bedrock and the spine of the African-American community. They are their only hope. Why didn’t the coward go into a neighborhood in Baltimore run by the Crips and the Bloods and express
    his rage there? He would have been killed instantly of course. So he chose a church
    instead. Christians killed in a church in America in 2015, not in Syria or Iraq. To me, it’s an act of terrorism. Here we have an atheist whose soul was destroyed in the public schools and by the American Medical Association. He was raised on the liberal credo of Obama and Hillary Clinton, which is do what you feel like doing.”

    Well – in my considered opinion it is not so much the AMA as it is the ACLU which years ago discovered the “human right” of the criminally insane to refuse the treatment and incarceration in
    asylums for such. Obama – it is rather B. Hussein Obama, our Marxist Muslim
    President from Kenya; and Hillary Rodham, the wife of that impeached disbarred
    felon Bill Clinton. Clearly, there is a problem with Democrats and guns. Not one
    NRA member, Tea Party member, or Republican conservative was involved in any of
    these shootings and murders. SOLUTION: It should be illegal for Democrats to own guns.

  44. ALL this coming from “rash limpballs,” who wouldn’t know what “TRUTH” was if he sat on it..
    I see the tea party clowns and most of the republican boobs that are their minions are still doing nothing but sitting on their indolent asses and whining..
    You STILL have nothing on Obama, you republican/tea party clown morons..
    Keeeeep whining…

  45. Rush, right on target, as usual. If America can survive this fraudulent and failed presidency we can survive anything.

  46. My Mother and Father, conservative democrats reared in the post WWII days, pretty much summed it up: Believe half of what you see and none of what you read, and you will be fine. Today they would be center right conservatives. The uber liberals, progressives, socialist, commies have hijacked the fed and its bureaucracy, slowly as intended in order to implement the “Overton Window” and move it to the left one year at a time.

  47. I sympathize with Rachel Dolezal – After all, I have believed for many years that I myself am “trans-species.” I feel much too rational and logical to be a member of the human race, so I must really be a Vulcan, born mistakenly into a human body. So, can I apply to have surgical alterations of my ears to make them pointed on top? How about those eyebrows that are supposed to angle up? Of course, I need legal assistance to have my name changed too, maybe to “Kevok?” The blood transfusion will be a lot trickier though. Changing red (iron-based hemoglobin) to green (copper-based hemoglobin, according to Dr. McCoy in at least one episode of the Original Series) is a bit beyond Earth science just yet, so I think a major medical research project should be undertaken (just for me, so that I can “feel” better about myself – never mind the hypocrisy involved here, because Vulcans are not supposed to “feel” anything!). It would no doubt cost billions, but it would be well worth it (to me). If this money could only help save the self-esteem of a single life (mine) it will be worth it. How about it, taxpayers, when will enough idiocy be enough?

  48. Limbaugh should know — he’s the expert.

  49. Michael Dennewitz

    Ha! My little red “troll/spam” lite just went crazy.. Must be a shitload of trolls in here! So glad I don’t have to read their bullshit anymore!! Whewww!!

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