Limbaugh: America “Swept Up By the Insane”

No political pundit holds a candle to Rush Limbaugh when he’s fired up about something. Despised by the left, El Rushbo has been a guiding light for conservatives in this country since the first Clinton administration, carrying us through the dark times before Fox News and the rise of online conservatism. And though he has plenty of competition these days, Limbaugh shows no signs of slipping away into irrelevance.

Consider his rant on Tuesday. After explaining why he wasn’t fully interested in the presidential race quite yet, Limbaugh went on to address the damage being done to our culture. Our society, he says, has gone off the deep end.

“We’re going insane, folks. We’re literally being swept up by the insane and being told we have to join them in their insanity,” said Limbaugh. He used this as a platform to talk about the many stories troubling him. Rachel Dolezal, the fake-black woman who has given rise to a special kind of insanity: the transracial American. “Do you realize we live in a time now where there is no objective truth?” he asked.

He went on to chastise a leftist who said – idiotically – that Dolezal was actually more black than Clarence Thomas. “Rachel Dolezal is not to be honored,” he said. “She is not to be rewarded, awarded. She is one of the most visible human beings worthy of sympathy and assistance that’s come along all week. Yet she’s being lionized, by many.”

Of course we are. And it’s just what Rush said: there’s no objective truth anymore. Liberals have taken the concept of moral relativism and they have stretched it until the elastic has popped. As long as the subject of their scorn isn’t an evil conservative, they will find a way to justify their actions. Who are the biggest heroes in Liberal Land over the past year? Dolezal? Jenner? Michael Brown? A white women who thinks she’s black, a guy who thinks he’s a girl, and a thug who thought it would be a good idea to jump a police officer.

Somehow the country doesn’t see it. Or, worse, they fall right in line and nod their heads and say, Ohh, mmmhmm, okay then. We’ve abandoned common sense. We’ve let these extreme radicals brainwash us with gossip shows and movies and talking heads until we can no longer think for ourselves. We have indeed been swept up by the insane, and it is going to have a destructive effect on the country before long.

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