LIKE A ROCKET: Trump’s Economy Adds Another 200,000 Jobs in April

A report out Wednesday shows that while Donald Trump may be fighting for his very presidency against a neverending onslaught of liberal witch hunts, the economy over which he presides is continuing to set new records with every passing day.

Make no mistake, it can come out that Trump slept with and paid off every porn star in Los Angeles, and as long as the U.S. economy is booming like this, it won’t make a bit of difference at the polls. Americans like to delve into political scandal, that much is true, but when it comes to the difference between scandal and their paychecks, there’s really no comparison.

Trump won in 2016, to a large extent, because the voters trusted this private-sector billionaire with the economy more than they did the private-sector experienceless Hillary Clinton. And when the Democrats try to put another tax-and-spend lifetime politician up against him in 2020, the results may be much the same.

The new report from Automatic Data Processing Inc. shows that private-sector employers added another 204,000 jobs to the free marketplace in April, exceeding the predictions from the economist class, which thought we were only on target to add 190,000. The gain gives Trump his sixth straight month of job growth that exceeds the 200K mark.

“The labor market continues to maintain a steady pace of strong job growth with little sign of a slowdown,” said ADP Research Institute vice-president Ahu Yildirmaz.

To be sure, there’s only so much blame or credit the President deserves for the overall American economy; there’s simply too many factors that weigh in to put it all at one man’s feet. But the political fact of the matter is that voters DO credit/blame the president for the state of the economy. Because, well, who else are you going to blame? And the president and his policies do indeed have SOME impact. It was not, after all, a coincidence that this country spent years in economic malaise during the Obama administration. When you do everything possible to handcuff and regulate the free market, a boom period becomes all but impossible.

Trump, in league with a Republican Congress, has gone in the opposite direction, slashing regulations, slashing taxes, and providing the business sector with every advantage it needs to succeed. The results are already showing in the numbers.

And we’re still just getting started.


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