Lieberman: World More Dangerous, Leaderless Than Ever

Joe Lieberman, the former Connecticut senator and vice-presidential candidate, wrote in a Washington Post op-ed this week that the world was suffering due to a lack of American leadership. Lieberman, who identified as a Democrat for most of his political career, did not call President Obama out by name. But in his critique of the world stage, he certainly left little doubt as to what he thinks about the current administration.

“The simple fact is that there is more instability in the world today than at any time since the end of World War II,” Lieberman wrote. “The threats come from emboldened expansionist powers such as Iran, Russia and China, and also terrorist aggressors such as the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. In short, the enemies of freedom are on the march.”

Lieberman said that this era of instability was only worsened by American inaction. “At the same time, the United States — which assumed global leadership after World War II to protect our domestic security, prosperity and freedom — has chosen this moment to become more passive in the world.”

The former senator has been a harsh critic of Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal, but seldom has he slammed this president’s foreign policy with this much enthusiasm. In his piece, he takes issue with the president’s failure to stand up to Vladimir Putin, Iran, and Syria’s Assad.

“In too many places in recent years,” he wrote, “the United States has treated its adversaries as essential partners to be courted, while dismissing or denigrating its historic allies and partners as inconveniences or obstacles to peace.”

Lieberman concluded by calling on voters to elect a president who would have a firmer understanding of America’s proper place in the world.

We can probably guess that he’s not feeling the Bern, and his disdain for Obama’s policies would seemingly disqualify Hillary Clinton as well. Would Lieberman support a Republican? It’s possible; he endorsed John McCain in 2008 over Obama.

Lieberman’s personal loyalties notwithstanding, it’s hard to find fault with his opinion on America’s current standing in the world. President Obama has gleefully allowed the Middle East to burn under his watch, and he has failed to take any meaningful stance against Putin. He’s too involved to be deemed an isolationist and he’s too timid to be called an interventionist. He’s just…there. And that’s dangerous.

But to a growing number of liberals, Obama’s thinking on foreign policy is the right one. The left wants America to become subservient to the rest of the world, except as it pertains to fluff like climate change. What they don’t seem to realize is that the rest of the world depends on a strong, involved U.S. That doesn’t mean we have to invade every country run by a dictator, but we do need a president who recognizes America’s role as a potent, irreplaceable military force.

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  1. I thoroughly agree with everything he said.

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  2. Why doesn’t this jew go to Israel and live. A Democrat supporting John McCain – what an asshole

  3. Lieberman sounds quit reasonable. Too bad reason and independent thought outside of the collective is frowned upon in liberal circles…

    Careful Joe, Liberals eat their own when they show signs of reason.

    • What happened to Ted Cruz – written off by GOP? I read somewhere is a killer and that he was involved in killing spree. We want to know more about that. But that is normal for Repubs and TPs. They are angry with GOD why he put them on this earth. Remember all Repubs and TPs are corrupt, hypocrites, liars, racists, sexists, bigots, greed, jealous of one another, cheaters and callous as relates to others Mitt Romney bludgeoned his classmate suspected of being gay. Mitt also is known for stealing his father’s state patrol and faking cop by stopping motorist on highways. I would not be surprised Ted is a killer.

      • Maybe you should lay off the weed a bit.

        • Did you hear this? GOP leaders have decided to block Donald Trump’s nomination at all costs, even if it means losing the presidency to Hillary Clinton? Why! Trump threatens all the establishment GOP leaders’ cozy deals? He’s a threat to the lobbying class! He’s a threat to the consultant class! He’s a threat to the globalists!” Here is best one – GOP establishment would rather suffer through four years of Hillary than to have an outsider be president like Trump, who is beholden to no one! So all these years, Repubs and TPs have been telling us they want to cut tax, scale the government to bone, and go to war nobody wants; but actually the want to syphon the government and people of this Country. I love it when they prefer GOP candidate to lose for Hillary. That is exactly what people have been thinking all this time. We are better off with Hillary, our angel, than any of those morons calling one another as liars. What a day to see Hillary taking President Obama’s torch!

          • Lay off the alcohol, too.

          • Is Sunday today – nobody in my neighborhood drinks. We are surrounded by Repubs and TPs who lie to us are Christians now we find them bullies of their wives.

          • Until your socialist handler is elected, you still have the option to move. Lay off the other drugs, too.

          • Did you see the latest video of Rubio. He took mentho during the debate. Trump was right that Rubio was sweating almost falling down.

          • I’m about to fall down laughing at you.

          • You have obviously never been under the camera lights.
            They say ignorance is bliss.

          • LOLOL… thank you! Together with salt and sugar!

          • “my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….

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          • You are very correct. The GOP establishment is going to give the presidential election to Hillary if they can’t get rid of Trump. He will keep them honest and get rid of the trash, he will force them to do the right things and they can’t allow it to happen. That’s the government corruption and deception

          • Never going to happen, her kind is a dying breed. Trump will be our next president.

          • …and where will she stop torching institutions, traditions, systems and other establishments??

          • Should the unthinkable happen, & killary installed, the American People will rise before we allow killary to drive the final , fatal blow to our great Republic.
            Never, in all days, have I ever seen a political party eat one of their own, or throw an election.
            Oops…yes I have! Once, almost 8 years ago.
            That is how we got the radical muslim foreign ,queer usurper.
            That won’t happen twice there bucky.

          • Stenka Razinova

            Maybe country can use a rebirth.

        • Weed would not cause such delusions, but severe alcohol consumption or psych drugs would.

      • This is the most ridiculous post I have ever read. The South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham, said that Cruz could be killed on the Senate floor and no one would find the killer guilty. Lindsey Graham and the rest of the Establishment are a black mark (yeah racist) against our country. He, is a poor loser, McConningYou, Bonehead, Lyin’Ryan, and the rest of the liberal azzes need to be replaced. Cruz believes in God and you must think you are the best troll that came down the lane.

        • Did you hear this? Rubio took an illegal drug during the last debate. It was a combination of cocaine and aspirin. That is why he was sweating like a pig.

          • and, what does a combination of cocaine and aspirin do?

          • You’re asking me. I never did drugs in my whole life. Ask Rubio how he felt. Trump says Rubio was dripping with sweat.

          • You have never been under the camera lights, have you?
            If someone does not sweat under them, they have put anti-persperant on their head, face, neck and hands.

          • Sure – that what Repubs and TPs believe in. That actually reminds me of Rubio when he was responding to President Obama State of Union in 2013. Rubio stole water and looked guilty.

          • It is obvious from pmbalele’s previous posts that pmbalele has only been under the “lights” at the police station when he was either attending lineups or having his picture taken when he was booked.

          • How do you know what it was he was taking ?
            It might have been nitro glycerin.

          • But did you see the video. You must be a Repub who never vet their candidates. You Repubs in Texas did not vet Ted Cruz who lied to them he was from Delaware. Actually he was from Toronto Canada.

          • He is not from Toronto. he was born in Canada. That doesn’t make him from Toronto. Were you born stupid or have you been practicing it all your life?

          • I told you Texans are dumb like you. Just imagine electing a Canadian to run Texas government. Ted Cruz is now running the Texas government. The guy is a foreigner. May be they did understand with his Canadian accent.

          • The only dumb one here is you. I bet your mama had to slap you when you were a baby just to get your IQ into double digits.

          • Is not right-wing conspiracy a wonder to behold?

        • Really -Lindsey Graham said that. I thought Lindsey was Christian like Bill Graham or Jimmy Swaggart. That is why GOP did not want Scalia autopsy. These people hate one another and still want us to believe they are for God. There is no reason Scalia body not be examined to see what he really died for.

          • The GOP had nothing to do with Scalia not having an autopsy. That was the decision of the family. My mother died in a nursing home in her sleep. She did not have an autopsy. I guess you think that was also because of the GOP.

          • Your mother was in nursing home; therefore she was frail. Scalia was health, was home and working as Justice. I have no idea you cannot see the difference. GOP killed Scalia.

          • Scalia had numerous health issues. He was almost 80 years old and was out in an elevation he was not accustomed to and took no time to get acclimated. You have little to no intelligence of anything.

          • Please read the Enquirer Today. It chronicles what could happen with Scalia. Repubs and TPs tricked him to leave his wife home. Then they gave him pure alcohol as luxury drug and God knows what they put in his glass. GOP and Repubs killed this smart man.

          • Your source is the Enquirer. You’re even dumber than I thought.

        • More Right-wing, infantile foul language.
          So not impressive.

        • There are many that believe in God, that do NOT make them a Christian, religious maybe. Cruz might believe there is a God, but he run his life as he is a disciple of Satan.

        • Edward Cruz only believes in Edward Cruz and no one else, Cruz does not even believe in Jesus Christ and his Crucifixion, otherwise he would not so gladly tell gross lies about his fellow Tea Party members.

      • LOL, You must have been reading Hillary’s rap sheet…

        I find it sad that people like you will defend someone like Hillary, and then spread that kind of crap about someone else, without hesitation.

        Hypocrites like you are full of shit and worthless.

        • Right-wing, infantile foul language.
          So not impressive.

        • Then why do you GOP and TPs hate Trump and Scalia. Both are Republicans.

          • Never said I hated Trump or Scalia… What chu talkin bout???

          • Wait a minute now. Trump will win the primary on Tuesday. We know he will lose the election. That is exactly what we want. Trump will humiliate Repubs and TPs on Tuesday. They will get mad with him and not vote for him in the general elections. We know who will be the next president – Hillary. She is tough and smart too. I have told you this Country goes by good looks for their president. Now compare Trump face with Hillary. Hillary is by far better looking than Trump. We may make Trump Secretary of interior to ward off people Repubs and TPs hate.

          • Hillary is a criminal. Your evil plan has flaws.

          • Criminy Crickets kid !!! How shallow can you get?!!! Good looks?!!!?? Is that what you base your candidates qualifications on? ADULTS DON’T

          • You look like a criminal yourself. Do not judge other before they are adjudged in court.. Hillary should bill the government $20 mil for letting them use her server which was more secure than the government’s.

          • I never mentioned Hillary Clinton, child, So where do you come up with this me being a criminal??? Have I broken some kind of PC chit rule? ooohhh, NO!!!

          • I hate to tell you, but I would be surprised if most Tea Partiers support Trump. BTW, since you are so ignorant about the TP, have you ever met anyone aligned with the TP? I’m thinking you haven’t. I’m thinking the only thing you know about anyone aligned with the TP is what you read in the HuffPo or Salon.

          • What makes you think we FORMER GOPers hate Trump? The GOP and republican establishment leaders have been trying to derail Trump’s campaign since last fall. They know that a Trump victory will be the final nail in the coffin of the Republican party, and rightly so.

          • I am afraid that you misspoke. A Trump defeat in the General Election is assured because Donald Trump will bring more Liberal Democrat Party voters to the polls on Election Day than who would have vote if bribed with free marijuana.

          • We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

          • You are right…and they are All going to VOTE TRUMP;)

          • On second thought, maybe get back on your meds.

          • Trump is not a Republican any more than Bernie is a Democrat.

      • Isn’t right-wing conspiracy a wonder to behold?

      • The words you use to define Republicans and TPs can most assuredly apply to ALL humanity. Not everyone does those things on purpose obviously. But to label others with words that can apply to every human being on earth including yourself is childish and immature. You are projecting onto others the same propensity toward sin as outlined in the Bible, that every other human being has, *including yourself*. To verbally condemn others who don’t subscribe to the liberal agenda is thuggish and ***extremely disrespectful ***. . Get rid of the fun-house mirror, child, and look in a real mirror. You’ll see that you and all other human beings on earth are quite capable of doing those things.
        As far as the words racist, and sexist are concerned, they are just PC blame and shame words, meant to demean everyone who doesn’t see life through the same rediculous rose colored glasses. Many people choose to live in the real world and accept they have faults. Youthful exuberance combined with a limited view of the world is something adults grew out of many years ago.

        • Did you really say “Not everyone does those things on purpose obviously?” Yes Repubs and TPs do them on purpose. That is why some are prison. Look how Mitch McConnell is behaving after President Obama said he was going ahead appoint Justice to replace Scalia-Repubs hated. Mitch thinks he White therefore is superior to President Obama. Mitch is stupid to think so now. He should have thought so in 1950s when Blacks were 2nd class citizens.

          • LOL !!!
            I haven’t had a good laugh like that in a long time.
            GROW UP CHILD.

            “Did you really say … ”
            If you have to ask, then your reading comprehension is non existent.
            Yes, PEOPLE do those things. Do you really mean to say that you don’t??? Get off your high horse and come back down to earth with the rest of us mortals, CHILD

      • If you lisen to these crazy reports after hearing what the liberals (DEMO-Rat and RINO’S) have said, you are smoking to much and poping to many you nut.

      • LMAO. Do you have enough of whatever prescription medication your taking to go around. Maybe Wisconsin has a program for people like you in need of rehab. Da da da da da da da da, twilight zone.

        • I know we have a school-drop out as governor. The whole Wisconsin government is corrupt. At least the Courts are still functioning. All we need now is a prosecutor to put Walker in prison.

          • LOL,,,, Not going to happen. Hyperbole, and obfusication propaganda used by dems/marxists/socialists/commies to push their one sided agenda.

      • Have you looked in the mirrior lately. Everything you just listed is the exact picture and truth of liberalism.. My geuss is you don’t know God and therefore don’t understand the meaning of truth, morality or sin except what you have created for yourself. Good luck with all of that.

        • Do you have a job now? Maybe not. You’re sitting on your rear and making illegals to work. But you’re the same person who wants illegals out of this Country. At least your friend Dr. Carson wants illegals to work on farms, hotels and jobs locals do not want. In other words Carson wants illegals as slaves. Carson has forgotten his ancestors were brought here as slaves. I have told you, you and TPs and Repubs are hypocrites, liars, corrupt, cheaters of wives but fake are Christians.

    • You would be wrong.
      Your political filter does not permit you to view anything based on content and/or action.

  4. hey there Joe ??? How long did it take to figger THAT one out ??? DICKHEAD

  5. When are you going to get it? The left hates America and all that it once stood for. Under this administration America is on its way to becoming a third world nation.
    Obummer is doing his best to destroy our country and Hillary will be more of the same. Political correctness has become the norm. What was once considered to be bad is now good- sanctuary cities, women on the front lines ,same sex marriage, illegals getting more benefits than citizens, free everything. Please vote for anyone but Hillary or Bernie!

    • Wow, talk about political brainwashing …
      Neither the left nor the right is good for America.
      A mixture of both is what is needed.
      A mixture of both is what we Americans enjoy.
      Please educate yourself with facts.
      Your bigotry and ignorance is immense.
      Also, name-calling is something most giver up by the 1st or 2nd grade.

  6. skippy is the leader of the free world, only skippy thinks it has nothing to do with freedom. skippy thinks it’s all about “free” stuff – phones, cars, healthcare…..

  7. Lieberman is an Zionist shill and incompetent liar. He blames everyone except Israel the Nation responsible for the corruption in our government and source of all the schemes to destabilize the Mid East. Gore was a fool to name Lieberman his vice president nominee but learned early that were he named President he would be dead in a matter of months and we’d have a Jew in the White House so he conceded. Smart.

    • Cause having a Jew in the white house would be real bad Right You fu cking POS Scum?

      • Yes, I’m sure having a Zionist in the White House would be a horrible fate for America.. We have more than enough support for the Zionists in this world. Take Kissinger for example. This pig caused the deaths of thousands of American servicemen because of his inside finagling in support for the war in Vietnam.
        You probably have your head firmly up your bottom or you’d be conscious of what has happen in this world because of Israel and it’s fanatics.

        • You and others who hate based upon race or religion are Scum of the lowest order. Why not get ahead of the curve & move the fu ck out of My Country You POS

  8. He is correct. He is also one of the few “old school”, almost conservative leaning Democrats.

  9. I miss Lieberman. He was a liberal in his day, but I have always had a great respect for the man. He was a true statesmen and he was not into the intolerant attitudes of the likes of Schumer, Kennedy, Reid ad nauseum.

  10. Trouble is OBAMA started this poor leadership in other countries because they listen to his stupid bullshit and its bringing our country down with the others HE should have been impeached but we also have very poor leadership in Congress

    • The ONLY Goal that the DC DICTATOR has ever had is to Turn this Nation into a THIRD WORLD HELL HOLE DICTATORSHIP….with him and the rest of his CORRUPT CRIMINAL REGIME of Marxist Communists and MUZZIES….Like himself….

      • Over 60 million people in our country is at fault because they were brainwash by him with this hope and change crap HILLARY wants to carry on his tradition again the AMERICAN people are falling for this stupid bullshit and they dont care its a shame how AMERICAN people can be easly be sucked into this nonsense

        • Many people who still have a Functioning Brain have WOKE UP….But we have to Hope that enough have….To Elect Donald Trump…and start the Long Process of Turning this Nation back to what our Founders gave us…

        • He was not elected, he was installed.
          Our own traitorous govt was complicit!

          • Learn how your government actually works.
            Your statement embarasses America.

            We the People do not elect a President.

            We the People have never elected a President.

            We the People cannot elect a President — the US Constitution does not permit us to do so.

            The Electoral College elects the President.

          • I cannot believe you ..
            I am very aware how this govt operates.. & why.
            I also know they are as corrupt as the very devil.

            An absolute idiot appears as Einstein in comparison to you.
            I just cannot understand abject stupidity.
            I find you to be a nasty stupid arrogant & very foolish woman.
            I post here, not for your benefit, but to discuss & share with people who are intelligent.
            You, however, are a simple minded annoyance.

          • No Bush was selected, and President Obama was ELECTED B

          • You have no idea..;)

        • Yes, and they are once again voting on emotions not using their brains. Trump is an insider and he is backed by Harry Reid…what the heck does that tell you? He deals and Reid says they can work with Trump because, yep, because he deals.

          • Trump was on the phone with HILLARY 2 hours before he decided to run for PRESIDENT sometimes i wonder if this some kind of setup that HILLARY would beat TRUMP for PRESIDENT just wondering anything is possible these days

        • If you are going to tel us how to run our government,
          at least learn to correctly speak and write our language.
          Also, leave out the childish foul language.
          You embarass America.

      • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        Why do you embarrass America this way?

      • Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

        Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        Why do you embarrass America this way?

    • NO leadership in congress.
      All (most)
      are traitors

    • Childish name-calling.
      So not impressive.

    • Infantile foul lamguage.
      So not impressive.

      Instead of advertising your ignroance before the world, maybe you should use your Internet connection for reserch — you have no idea, whatsoever constoitutes an impeachalbe offence.

      You are embarassing America,

  11. There is one principle that is paramount.
    “Nature abhors a vacuum!’
    The USA, once the worlds only superpower, abrogated its position to the “collective”.
    Chaos, as expected, and a fight to fill the leadership vacuum.
    Who woulda thunk it?

  12. Well Joe you need to talk to your fellow dems they are asleep, being blackmailed or getting promises of something for their silence.

  13. Hillary Clinton is an absolute joke and anyone supporting here must want this nation to fail because that is exactly what is happening. The only thing the Clinton’s are good at is fraud, corruption and making their enemies disappear. I’m retired FBI and the Clinton’s have been getting away with substantial crimes their entire public lives. If FBI Director Comey doesn’t go on the record in demanding a grand jury be convened which would most certainly result in a huge indictment of Abedin, the Clinton’s and others then I will resign from all FBI organizations and simply give up.

  14. Lieberman, of course, is right on target. He was probably the last reasonable democrat we’ll ever see in Congress.

  15. LOL! The world does not respect Negroes. Many Americans and Negroes do not not realize this.

    But they should have by taking a look around and notice NO Asian or Western country have Negro leaders and the ones in Africka are A JOKE!

    Saay, ain’t that the way it’s becoming for America???

    • I do not believe obama ran for president. He ran for vacations and praise to feed his ego. He likes to listen to people applauding him. Since he does nothing to deserve the applauding he has to lie about things. But one thing I do know for sure he is not leading from behind he is not leading at all. Remember the empty chair? Right wasn’t it?

  16. Right now the US is in chaos , it has become a dangerous place to live. I could give a damn about the me , they created their own mess, just as we are creating ours now. Time to focus on this nation, time to put an end to the invasion of this nation, time to take care of Americans.

  17. Begin by getting rid of enemy #1 : the tyrant in the white house. Once that fag is gone, we can take on the rest of the evil facing us.

  18. [Lieberman: World More Dangerous, Leaderless Than Ever] There in lies the problem… This world is no leaderless as Mr. Lieberman thinks… The prince of this world or as some would say the god of this world, is Satan and although he loss his battle nearly 2000 years ago he is still winning hundreds of thousands of souls every day as they die in their sins…..
    What USA and all the world needs us an awakening to the truth of God’s Holy WORD.



  20. [email protected] this is the only honest news site I have found lately. Fox and the rest of them are in on the dump Trump feed and the lies to get rid of him


  22. Lieberman is no longer a Senator and has presumably stopped taking more steps to building a career. He cannot be ‘eaten’ by his liberal cohorts..

  23. LIEberman: Thanks for killing single payer health care, and by your insurance company wife…

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