Liberals Want Facebook to Ban Climate Change Deniers

Hot on the heels of Facebook taking the extraordinary step of banning InfoWars from their platform, a Democrat Party-aligned group called Media Matters wants the site to go one better and ban anyone who doesn’t believe in the media-fueled hoax that is climate change science. In an essay published this week, MM called on Mark Zuckerberg to eliminate any and all healthy debate about climate change from Facebook.

This is, by the way, exactly what you do when you’re worried that your arguments aren’t good enough to win the debate.

“Zuckerberg has expressed concern about climate change, arguing last year that the U.S. should not pull out of the Paris climate agreement and noting that rising temperatures are melting the glaciers at Glacier National Park,” they write. “But he is not using the immense power of his platform to halt misinformation about climate change. To the contrary, Facebook is enabling and disseminating climate denial on multiple fronts.”

Say, do you think the people at Media Matters – the ones who wrote this article – have actually done the science themselves? Do you think they have spent time in a laboratory poring over climate data to come to their own conclusions about man-made climate change and the peril it poses to the world? Of course not. They are merely regurgitating what their Democrat masters have told them to say is the TRUTH about climate change. And if anyone dares to think for themselves and simply explore the possibility that, you know, maybe, things aren’t, you know, QUITE AS APOCALYPTIC as Al Gore claims they are? Well, they should be banned from Facebook (and probably from the rest of the internet)!

“One of Facebook’s official fact-checking partners, the conservative magazine The Weekly Standard, has at times been dismissive of climate science and the need for climate action,” they write. “A piece from July 2017, headlined ‘Dadaist Science,’ cast doubt on research that found a scientific consensus around the human causes of climate change. A piece from June 2017 criticized arguments being made on behalf of the Paris climate agreement. A long feature in the magazine from 2014 lauded climate-denying scientist Richard Lindzen.”

So here we see that Media Matters isn’t just calling for Facebook to ban out-and-out climate change deniers. They want the site scrubbed of ANY dissent from the mainstream narrative – a narrative, by the way, that has remained unchanged despite the inconvenient truth that many of the left’s dire climate predictions have utterly failed to materialize. Even still, we’re supposed to fully believe them that we have to ban oil and gasoline lest we face extinction by the year 20XX.

The only way that flies is if there are forces forbidding debate and criticism.

And Media Matters knows it.


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