Liberals Want Cubans OUT of Hispanic Classification After Trump Vote

After she presided over the 1619 Project and all of its historical misinformation, we felt confident that we’d seen the worst from Nikole Hannah-Jones of The New York Times. But she proved Wednesday that a rotten fruit tree will continue to produce rotten fruit for as long as it remains viable, and thanks to her (absurd) Pulitzer Prize, we assume that Hannah-Jones will remain viable for some time to come. That will allow her to keep making insane proclamations like she did on Twitter.

“People are consistently surprised by how Latinos trail only white voters in their support for Trump, but this is simply an unsophisticated understanding of the Latino as a category created by white po,” she wrote after the Trump vote started coming in from South Florida. “Do white Cubans as a group identify naturally w Mexicans in camps?”

“One day after this election is over I am going to write a piece about how Latino is a contrived ethnic category that artificially lumps white Cubans with Black Puerto Ricans and Indigenous Guatemalans and helps explain why Latinos support Trump at the second highest rate,” she continued in another tweet.

Literally, she’s saying that we can no longer refer to Cuban-Americans as minorities because their skin is lighter. Therefore, they have been unceremoniously kicked out of the Identity Politics Group, and now they can fend for themselves. It would astonish us the degree to which these people police the boundaries of racial identity, but who can be surprised at this late hour? Really, though, Hannah-Jones sounds like she belongs on Stormfront or something with her musings about who is “white” and who is not.

Of course, she wasn’t the only liberal with a bad take on the Cuban vote.

In the early hours of Tuesday’s election night specials on the broadcast networks, multiple liberal journalists were beset by the fact that President Trump was doing far better than expected in Florida and South Florida, due in large part of what they called “disinformation” that successfully “scared” Latinos with fears of Democrats implementing “socialism.”

CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell tossed to CBS News contributor and former Univision anchor Maria Elena Salinas as “the voice of Hispanic America,” but based on her hot takes shilling for Biden, she didn’t live up to the moniker.

“There was a lot of disinformation in radio stations in Miami and in Spanish-language media there and they really scared people into socialism and especially now Venezuelans,” lamented CBS News’s Maria Elena Salinas.

Right. Anyone saying that Democrats with their Medicare-for-All and their Green New Deal are pushing socialism is clearly trading in “misinformation.” Shame on those Florida Hispanics for falling for it.

We’re surely not far from the day when social scientists decide that anyone who identifies as a Democrat is a disadvantaged minority and anyone who identifies as Republican is a racist oppressor. At least then it’ll just be right out in the open.

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