Liberals Very Proud of New “Black, Gay, Immigrant, Disabled” Supreme Court Judge

It’s become a bit of sport to accuse left-wing pundits and politicians of caring more about a person’s “identity” than about their qualifications, intelligence, or accomplishments. But the thing is, as unfair as it may sometimes seem – as much of a strawman it sometimes feels like – it’s actually true! And they just prove it over and over again. As far as the majority of liberals are concerned, it’s much more important to fill Congress, the judiciary, the media, and our boardrooms with every possible “identity” on the spectrum than it is to actually look for competent individuals. Why? We couldn’t even begin to guess. They don’t really bother to explain. We’re just expected to accept that this is all for the best.

We’ve rarely seen an article so blatantly champion this ideology than this one from Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern. Entitled, “Washington State Now Has the Most Diverse Supreme Court in History,” Stern uses more than 1,000 words to explain why this is, like, the greatest thing that has ever happened.

After spending a paragraph lamenting that President Trump is filling the federal judiciary with “straight, white, and male” judges, Stern turns to Washington State, where things are ever so much better.

“While the federal bench grows more homogeneous by the day, Democratic governors are diversifying their state judiciaries to an unprecedented degree,” he reports. “On Monday, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, elevated Grace Helen Whitener to the state Supreme Court. Whitener is a disabled black lesbian who immigrated from Trinidad. She joins Inslee’s two other appointees: Raquel Montoya-Lewis, a Jewish Native American who previously served on tribal courts, and Mary Yu, an Asian-American Latina lesbian who officiated the first same-sex marriages in the state.”

As Kevin Williamson wryly asked over at National Review, “Yeah, but where did she go to law school?”

But we’re not supposed to question the mandate. Diversity is its own reward. It makes its own soup. Any questions beyond that simply prove that you’re a racist bigot who doesn’t understand that judging people by their “merit” is actually a relic of white supremacy. Duh.

And really, not to be rude, but “disabled, black, lesbian immigrant”? It sounds like a Babylon Bee headline.

“I believe, as a marginalized individual—being a black gay female immigrant disabled judge—that my perspective is a little different,” Whitener said in promoting her own nomination to the bench. “I try to make sure that everyone that comes into this courtroom feels welcome, feels safe, and feels like they will get a fair hearing.”

Yeah? But do they? Do they actually get a fair hearing? Isn’t that the important part? Or is it only important that they “feel” that way?

Eh, but there we go again, asking questions that we’re not supposed to ask. If our nation’s Supreme Court is made better by having a “wise Latina” on the bench, we’re sure that Washington’s Supreme Court is strengthened by the presence of a “black gay female immigrant disabled judge.” And if it isn’t? Well, we’ll just have to pretend.

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