Liberals Turn Their Insane Outrage on Bill O’Reilly

Are people actually outraged and upset about this Bill O’Reilly/Maxine Waters thing? Is that possible?

In case you missed it, the controversy started on Tuesday morning when O’Reilly was a guest on Fox & Friends. After the show played a clip of Rep. Waters criticizing Donald Trump, the hosts asked O’Reilly to respond.

“I didn’t hear a word she said,” he said. “I was looking at the James Brown wig.”

After a bit of laughter, host Ainsley Earhardt, probably sensing the Political Correctness sirens in the distance, said, “I have to defend her on that. You can’t go after a woman’s looks. I think she’s very attractive.”

O’Reilly said, “I didn’t say she wasn’t attractive. I love James Brown. But it’s the same hair James Brown, the Godfather of Soul had.”

Okay, so that’s the whole thing right there. That’s why people were going nuts on social media – and in the, ahem, real media – and calling on Fox News to fire their signature primetime star. Because he made an extremely mild joke about a black woman’s hair? A joke, we might add, that wasn’t even so much a joke as it was a factual observation. No one can look upon Maxine’s…attractive, is that the word we’re going with?…visage without eventually humming “Living in America” in their head. Maybe it’s childish to point that out. Maybe it’s a little mean-spirited. But that’s about the worst you can say about it, unless you’re a tightwad of the tightest order.

But no, of course that’s not the worst you can say about it – not if you are an angry liberal always looking for the next story that will take you from “bored” to “outraged.” And that’s really all this comes down to, right? This is about people who have so little joy in their lives that they have to find constant outlets for their rage. And the rage monster is always getting hungrier, so this lunatic mob has to invent new boundaries for speech and behavior and opinion.

Alas, advertisers have their demands, so O’Reilly was forced to come back in his evening program and issue one of those pitiful public apologies we’ve seen so many times from so many people.

“Although many Americans disagree with her extremism at times, she deserves a hearing and she should not be marginalized by political opponents,” O’Reilly said. “In fact, I made that mistake this morning on ‘Fox and Friends.’ I said in a simple jest that the congressman’s hair distracted me. Well, that was stupid. I apologize.”

Will that be enough, or will bored liberal idiots once again get their pound of flesh? Tune in to next week’s episode of This is What’s Wrong with America to find out.

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  1. so where are the apologies for libtards calling donald trump orange face and stuff like that and talking about his hair

    • Okay, I’m sorry that many have noted Trumps orange face and bad hair and obesity!!! Satisfied?

      • not until they are all fired. you just like you libtarbs

        • Fired from what, commenting on a post. So I guess you are in favor of firing news/ commentators for offensive remarks directed at political figures. I guess you are then in favor of Fox firing Bill O Reilly. Seems a bit harsh, I would have thought Fox would have been more upset at his sexual harassment suit which Fox settled!!!


          • O’Reilly has found himself to strive to be current.In fact he an old grizzled nasty man and his only claim to fame is to knee in front of the orange Hitler.
            Sexual harassment from him??? now isn’t that enough to turn your stomach?

          • Learn to write Carol. Your blabber doesn’t make sense. …”his only claim to fame is to knee in……..

          • blah blah blah blah blah…………now back under the porch

          • Back on your knees Carol. I’m about to ejaculate.

          • You and NCO’s ignorance and blind following of the Soros puppets is what turns my stomach!!

          • The fact that you are such a poor excuse for a decent woman turns my stomach.
            Now let someone grab you by the p***y low class trash.

          • You might give some consideration to trying to GROW UP! If anyone posting here is obnoxious, IT IS YOU!

          • Typical leftist has to reply with name calling since they have no evidence, therefore, no valid argument. Pathetic!

          • Most women actually like being grabbed by their pussy ! Just like I would not mind a good looking woman grabbing my cock ! ???

          • No fool its not women that like it……its the sheep you have sex with.
            Is it true you complain because you have to walk around front to kiss her??????
            I am sure you are just a hunk of burning love!!!!

          • Now, how would you know that??

            That’s quite an insult to someone who HAS no class whatsoever.

            And, I am a white, senior citizen, disabled veteran female.

          • There are so, so many of us who thank you for your service with all our heart!

          • Methinks you, carol, are just angry that NO ONE would ever even want to grab yours. Poor old thing–you.

          • Careful Mary, that comment could be construed as an “ugly attitude” so sad!!!!!

          • Of course my attitude is ugly! Folk with “attitudes” bring out my “attitude.” Otherwise “I” am Peace Personified!

          • Then peace be with you also Mary, have a nice weekend 🙂

          • You have a good weekend too! Thanks for reminding me to watch my attitude! I needed that reminder.

          • I do just fine Dearie…….unlike you I would not allow it I have respect for myself.This “old” thing is 30 years old and a registered nurse.I earn over 100k a year and I pay my taxes.
            Unlike you I don’t get sloppy in some bar and allow people to grab me.Maybe you should hook up with The Real Patriot…..he seems like your kind of man.
            As for me I wouldn’t spit on him (or you for that matter) if you he were on fire.
            Now go think up something else low class to say I am sure it will easy for your kind.

          • Carol, just don’t get depressed. Since you are young and make fairly good money, someone will want you! Keep up your hope! I wish you the best.

          • You Mary are probably right on point with that .??

          • You are real classy!

          • You still look beautiful. Be careful about Repubs and TEA Partiers. They are always after young office women. Actually they are underwear gropers.

          • I would bet you also are after young office women.

          • Isn’t it interesting how progressive communistic so called democrats accuse those of us who are conservatives of exactly what it is they do.

            Have you ever wondered what makes them say things like pmbalele says below. I am not a republican however, I am certainly an independent conservative. I am I guess what you could call a TEA party’er. I never even heard of an underwear groper. What kind of a sick person would say something like that. Rather hard to be that or even suggest it and still have respect for ladies. Have a nice day!

          • Ah Carol, I bet you have no idea you are a fascist (“liberal” is code for progressive-fascist or progressive-communist – a tiny difference in property rights). Ar you prepared to fight in the civil war (which was started by the far left progressive-fascist Woodrow Wilson, and continued by the Dems ever since) your kind is pressing for? Weapons, lots of ammo, tactical gear, ability? Don’t believe me, but are open minded enough to check? Read the detailed history of the progressive movement and several “top” progressive leaders since the late 1800s: “Liberal Fascism”. BTW, that was one of the labels the FDR team considered when they decided to run away from the (accurate) progressive label in 1935. Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini were all progressives and people in the USA were becoming aware of their thuggery – despite the already far left media trying to cover it all up.

            I suppose you don’t find any of the trash mouthed Hollywood and media leftists (or other “entertainers”) offensive. Not even the fascist dyke Mad Cow Maddow.

          • Are you talking about that skank clinton’s mate slick willie?

          • Unless you were around to see the AFTERMATH of Hitler, you have NO right whatsoever to claim that Trump is the same as Hitler.

            How many people has Trump had murdered?? NONE
            Concentration camps? NONE
            Mass Graves? NONE
            Remains of burned and gassed bodies??? NONE
            Countries Trump has invaded? NONE

            You are a fool if you believe what liberals are saying about President Trump.

            I REMEMBER the aftermath of Hitler, the beginning of the Cold War, countless “Duck and Cover” drills, etc.

            We were made to watch ALL of the films the Nazis made of their carnage.

            Not only that, but the effects of Hitler are STILL being felt, especially in Europe, today.

            Check it out. It’s all over the Internet, and on the History Channel.

            I would refer you to the public library, but you are probably too lazy to actually READ a history book.

          • The very construct of the European Union was developed by the Nazis at the end of WWII as a means of assuring Germany survived the post-war peace! Now European countries have no control of their own borders, no “right” to determine who enters their countries, and they cannot stem the tide of Muslim migrants and refugees because the Fascists running the EU consider the Muslims their allies, just as the Nazis did during WWII! So far, only Great Britain has been smart enough to Brexit, and it may already be too late for them to prevent their country from being taken over by Muslims because their liberal policies permit the Muslims in the UK to breed like rats on the public dole, just as we do here in US!

          • So much better then the black hitler don’t you think?

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          • First of all I wasn’t talking to you.I take out the trash I don’ t talk to it.
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            I could buy and sell you 5 times over,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BTW your opinion means squat to me.

          • I sincerely doubt you could sell me or anyone five times over, unless you worked a different street corner everyday. Communist stooges such as yourself have been brainwashed to the point of insanity. I am sure that you would like to create the Gulags in this country for those who didn’t tow the crap that the Democratic party puts out. Interesting how the Democrats are so hell bent on destroying the Republic (same for a large number of Republicans)I realize that you wish to exterminate all who don’t march in lock step with you and the loony liberals of the left, kind of like Felix Dzerzhinsky’s Cheka under Joseph Stalin did to the middle class in the 1930’s. So I say to you it will never happen, as you and some of the more intelligent Democrats and RINO’s hopefully will realize that you have been duped by those who would use you and wake up to reality.
            That the ideas which originally formed the Republic are the only thing that really matters.
            A pox on both of the parties.

          • Go away and take your low life comments with you.
            I work on no corners you low class piece of trash.I am a registered nurse and I earn over 100k a year and I am 30 years old.I don have to tell you that and frankly I don;t give a damn what you think of me.Or more correctly what you have conjured up in your vulgar pickled brain.
            Now move along,you are like gum on the bottom of my shoe.
            I don’t propose people be given cars or houses or vacation.I do believe every American should be able to see a Doctor.
            No one should be forced to put a bag of ice on themselves to quell the pain of cancer because they have no insurance.
            By the way you realize NOTHING you don’t know me and I don’t want to know you.
            You sing the praises of the orange Hitler…..thats all I need to know about you.
            Now go try and bait someone else……you bore me.

          • You have to remember freedom speech only applies to those blacks were out committing acts of anarchy, you know like in Baltimore with the mayor says they’re having freedom of speech, all the while there are looting and burning and beating white people up, that’s their freedom of speech you know. If those people in this country do not start putting these rats back in there hole,then this country is over. The rats or in the minority but they are the majority of the destruction of this country in every respect of the word.

          • O Reilly is being criticized not arrested!

          • NCO please retire from commenting

          • It kills me that someone that goes with the title NCO sucks at the trough of pigs and lefties. He can’t be a Marine….
            Marines 1873-83
            Semper Fi

          • Does the Salvation Army have NCO’s? He sounds less a member of the American military than of a socialist from some community outreach, tree hugging group.

          • He’s being attacked by the lap dogs of the anti American NWO billionaires! You ever see them attack the fake we had who worked diligently to destroy this country the black bitch of the NWO Obombo?

          • comanchewill…get back on your reservation and keep you loose tongue off our Non-Commissioned Officers (I was both NCO and Capt).

          • As was I, BM2 – Ending service CWO2. The differences is in the manner of communication. I’m not buying his NCO retired story. He sounds all to much like all other Valor stealing scumbags.

          • An’ there we have it folks – the reason we have to turn up late for the important wars; pick the winning side. And the reason we can’t finish the small, unjustified and unimportant ones- we promote folk from RetardsRuS.

          • I find it interesting you have to tell people your rank….

          • NCO designates enlisted man but otherwise does not designate a specific rank like Sargent first class or master Sargent. It is Non-commissioned officer.

          • Why not he earned it, appears he was a mustang and that is a difficult process to obtain an officers rank. Of course no worthless pos liberal would understand that.

          • Here Here.

          • The truth is the truth no matter how you paint it .

          • Start segregating again. Blacks have different values, cultures, music, clothing (NO belts thus pants constantly falling down exposing boxer shorts that look like a table cloth from an Italian Restaurant), an entirely different language or way of talking, no family structure. White have to be extra careful about what they say about blacks, but blacks can say whatever they want about whites. I am sick and tired of hearing that it is the White Man’s fault that Blacks don’t receive a proper education, thus don’t have good jobs. Is it the white man’s fault that a black teen has babies with multiple black teens and grandma gets stuck with them? They should take care of their own house before pointing the finger at the white man!!!!

          • When good black people like Bill Murray try the Marxist left beat him in the ground like a tent stake. They’re being used by the Democrat party just like they were used in a daze the Democrats had slaves. Many of them don’t care because it get some more they want.

          • There are many many good blacks but obama is not on that list. He ruined it for many blacks because they fell for his lies. He also sold them on sharing other peoples money. So now their future is in danger.

          • Judge Thomas on the Supreme Court one said Obama was put in there by the New World order billionaires, because he was a good looking black man, and they could use them to promote their agenda and hide behind his collar when he went against anything that was the rule of law or the constitution he would play the race card and get by with it.

          • The biggest mistake Americans ever made is electing barack obama in 2008 and reelecting him in 2012. He, to a large degree, destroyed our military. He also destroyed our economy. Both to the cheers of millions of democrats. The day he left office we were more vulnerable to a rogue nation then at any time in history since 1776. If some rogue nation could take over this nation they could rule the world. They know it. The United States of America is a gold mine to a rogue nation out to rule the world. But are the American people waking up? Some may be but still it appears, many are not. But they are currently making another mistake namely not supporting Donald Trump as president. The only person who even has a chance of righting the wrongs perpetrated upon this once great nation by the last president. This may not pass peacefully. This problem will not right itself by ignoring it hoping it will go away because it will NOT. We now have other nations threatening us because for eight years we had the weakest president in our history. But not only was he weak he intended to, as he promised, fundamentally transform America. But no one asked into what? They just cheered wildly.

            It is now obvious the words of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (the last true liberal by dictionary definition) no longer holds any meaning to many if not most progressive communistic democrats. It is now what America can do for them! They offer nothing to, or for, America. Thanks for the most part to now ex-president Barack Obama planting considerable divisiveness in America with the desire of bringing down American liberty and destroying the very law of the land the constitution of the United States of America. And the progressive communistic so called democrats cheering him wildly.

            However, he may have made the mistake, in his last month in office, that takes him down. Hope so!

          • The Marxist put Obama in power for one reason only and was to destroy America and when people clamored out against him for what he was doing they would and still play the race card to hide behind, and still do but we the people are tired of that LIE! God bless America!

          • Right Kevin looks a lot of people are getting fed up with them. However, they brought it on themselves. There are good ones but even they are overwhelmed by the idiots.

          • I have black neighbors that are very nice. The good ones move to the suburbs to get away from that BS. I worked with a woman who was a teacher in a Black School district in Buffalo, NY. She was threatened, harassed and even attacked. School teachers don’t want to work in inner city schools because it is a WAR ZONE.

          • They are WAR ZONES because the leftist officials allow it to continue, year after year. And the Teachers Unions let unqualified idiots continue to NOT teach anything but liberal nonsense.

          • The MAIN REASON why blacks don’t receive a proper education, falls squarely on the democrat party who insists on keeping all blacks “down on the plantation”. The black population today for the most part, has been soooo dumbed down by the democrat party that they can’t see what the dam^ed democrats are doing to them. Of course, you have the rare exceptions of brilliance with SCOTUS Clarence Thomas, and the brilliant neurosurgeon Ben Carson. Now I know that there are many highly educated black people that have overcome the ‘chains of mental slavery’ endowed upon the black community by the democrat party, and I applaud them. Too bad that there are a number of black rap artists that have been glorifying the sinful nature of man in their communities.

            Black community, wake up! I highly suggest following the ways of the good Lord instead of following the bad messages of your icons in your communities. FYI, bad messages = the likes of Farrakhan, Sharpton, and Jackson, to name a few. But please don’t forget the main blame IS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!!!!

          • carry concealed!!!

          • You are right! And I suggest every conservative do the same. The reason being is this anarchy by the left will not stop it will only get worse!

          • I am hopeful that the day is coming that the large cities mayors grow some back bone and issue a Mayor Daley of Chicago type of order, that he ordered in the riots in the 60’s against the human garbage (white,black, tan,purple color doesn’t matter) shoot to kill.It sure stops riots quick, and trouble makers even quicker.

          • You are right. The problem is we have too many cowards who The problem is we have too many cords in Merrill or governorships that are Democrats are Democrats, and besides they do not want to piss off their anarchist creating havoc, as they want to still continue to bring down this country. Have you seen one communist a.k.a. a Democrat condemn any of the acts of aggression against people on the right or the destruction of building, condemn any of the acts of aggression against people on the right or the destruction of buildings?, No not one commie /democrat has come out against these anarchist!

          • What?

          • It appears to be a “word salad” of jumbled English words.

          • Fire Bill O Reilly. forwhat telling the truth. I was more upset about her nasty reference to our President, Has she no respect for Pres. Trump? I did not like Pres/.Obama but did not slander the office. We the People are proud of our President and what he has already done. Are the democrats not aware of the fact Pelosi and Maxine leave a bad impression of the demcrates

          • Look up voting record on immigration issues for Senator Maxine Watters on NumbersUSA. She’s one of worst Democrats in Congress, 90% of which aid and abet the illegal alien invasion in every which way but loose! But stupid voters keep re-electing her, giving her a political platform to spew her pathetic liberal politics whenever the mood strikes her!

          • I believe those elections are fixed for waters and Polosi ,cause they’re both as dumb as a box rocks.

          • Dim Dumb Da__ Dems

          • I am extremely against “News Reporters” making offensive remarks about anyone. Do you understand the definition of the words News Reporter?

          • Yes. And O’Reilly is not one. He is a political commentator.

          • “Sexual harassment suit”?? You talking about that babbling STUPID idiot Maxine Waters?? That’s HARDLY what I would call a sexual harassment. Maxine Waters ‘sexy’? Yikes!! You need new glasses. She’s as ugly as sin, and it’s not so much what she looks like, but it’s the CONTENT of her CHARACTER that’s woefully missing!!!

          • Update #1 An investigation by The New York Times has found a total of five women
            who have received payouts from either Mr. O’Reilly or the company in
            exchange for agreeing to not pursue litigation or speak about their
            accusations against him. The agreements totaled about $13 million.

        • PLEASE … LIBTARD SCUM BAGS is the full Title…USE IT!!!

        • Would you believe the following were preaching Family and Christian Value just a year ago: Bill O’rielly, Roger Ailes; Gov. Sanford; Newt Gingrich; Herman Cain? Then we found they were cheating on their wives and chasing office women. You can’t trust Repubs and TPs. They are in big jobs just to grope into young women underwear.

          • So you have found this site. Get lost libtard

          • Ah, CNN has sucked your brains out I see….lol

          • Please just read what I have just posted.

          • I did and it’s like all the rest of the news coming out of the MSM….made up.

          • I have one for you. My democrat African American co-worker told me the other day that the reason he is able to talk to me about politics is because he watches CNN for an hour and a half every morning before work. There are so many things wrong with that statement in my mind !

          • Yes, much is revealed in that statement, but I’ll bet that he doesn’t even know that!
            It concerns me that so many Libs feel secure and smile as they are led to slaughter. They totally believe the words from their mouth!

          • So true it is almost sad but then I never had much sympathy for ignorance !

          • Bill O’Reilly is NOT married;
            Newt Gingrich has been married three times. He is still happily and faithfully married to Calista
            Rick Sanford is DEVOUTLY CATHOLIC, and devoted to his wife and family;
            Herman Cain? Really? That was a total hit piece generated by the left to destroy the candidate who could have beaten Ovomit.

            Provide some verifiable proof or shut up.

          • What! Here are the answers:

            • Bill O is not married! He was in divorce court just 6 months ago accused of abusing his wife. He also paid a bundle for groping women at FoxNews.

            • Newt: The guy wanted a divorce from his ex-wife on cancer operating table. Newt married his secretary. So he was cheating while married

            • Sanford; Left his state as governor to chase a married woman in Argentina. He called her “soul mate”. Did you not see his wife and bunch of women moving his wife property from his state building? That was very embarrassing to Repubs.

            • Herman Cain: Rick Perry, a Repubs, slandered Cain was a White-women underwear groper. About 3 women came out to accuse Cain who calls himself a “Koch Brother from another mother.”

            • Where has etiquette in GOP gone? GOP had never had etiquette

          • Bill O’Reilly was divorced in 2011. He DID however, sue his ex-wife for custody in 2016 and lost.

            Any amount he may have paid is CONFIDENTIAL and neither party is allowed to speak of it.

            The woman who sued him for $60,000,000 was blackmailing O’Reilly for money. They ALSO reached a CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT, and the amount awarded/not awarded, as well as a verdict is SEALED.

            Newt Gingrich: It was his FIRST wife who requested the divorce, it did NOT happen while she “was on the operating table” and his first wife requested it before she had a cancer diagnosis. This FACT is verified by her two daughters.

            “In 2011, their daughter, Jackie Gingrich Cushman, stated it was her mother who requested the divorce, that it happened prior to the hospital stay, and that Gingrich’s visit was for the purpose of bringing the couple’s children to see their mother, not to discuss the divorce.”

            Herman Cain DEBUNKED each and every one of those claims, proved that it was a Democratic Party set-up.

            Since WHEN does ANY POLITICIAN have “Proper Etiquette?”

            I asked you for verifiable proof. You provided nothing. Go away.

            There is NO evidence that he cheated on his first wife. NONE. NADA. NOWHERE.

            His second wife did NOT want to be the wife of a politician. Newt’s daughters have confirmed this and described the marriage as “difficult.”

            While married to his second wife, he DID begin an affair with current wife, Callista, and they were married FOUR MONTHS after his divorce from his second wife.

            Do you HONESTLY believe that he is the ONLY person who has engaged in extramarital activity? If you do, you are seriously deluded. A candidate’s personal life should NEVER be part of a political campaign. It is NOTHING but Smear Tactics, period, and you know it.

            My bad on Gov. Sanford. I was mistaking him for Rick Santorum.

          • Well, thanks you know about Republican secret lives. Now can you tell us how Justice Scalia died and why he was alone in the bushes?

          • He WASN’T “Alone in the bushes.” He his sleep at the cabin where he was staying with a friend — it was a hunting vacation.

          • Wait a minute – Where was his wife and body guards. We are told he was Catholic. We catholic never leave our wives alone for a vacation. There is something you and Repubs do not want to tell us. President Obama went and goes with his wife on every vacation.

          • Lets see, the biggest of them all lying hillary’s mate and president at the time slick willie….huh…assault, rape and oh that’s right using one of them as a humidor. You don’t want to get into a pissing contest with who did what…just recently I think one of the insiders. What was his name? Oh that’s right WEINER…apt name for a guy that liked taking selfies and sending them to young women…lol
            See, the problem is….they do it on both sides and you can only see out of the left eye.

      • Carline D. Long Jr.

        I am sure you being retired is nice. On your Troops!

      • It is okay for Libtard’s just not us.

      • I’m not sorry she looks like James Brown.

      • I’m sorry you have your mouth confused with your rectal blow hole.

        • Unlike trump monkeys whose rectum is connected directly to the brain.

          • Trump monkey’s??? Are those like Sea Monkey’s? Did you order them from a comic book?

          • What is it recess you low life?

          • Your sentence makes no sense. Just like a libtard.

          • OH you are mistaking OVOMIT Followers with Trump Voters…


          • I think you have it wrong the carol….those of you that voted for that asshat clinton are the ones with the rectal connection.

          • Hey stupid… everybody’s blow hole is operated by the brain… apparently yours is operated by Nitrous Oxide…. Sounds like you have a kick starter on your whoopi cushion blow hole.

          • Exactly!!!… you are right!!!…
            See, with that connection, we are able to remove all excrement that you and your kind can’t and have to live with it for ever and ever…
            For that connection we elect President Trump…
            For that connection, we have a clean, working, thinking brain,an another words… WE , The Trump monkeys can confirm, without any dubs that WE… Have not shit’s for brains…
            Thank you… you are exceptionally bright.!!!

          • Do you feel better now? Good and you can now crawl back under the porch where you belong.
            Your orange Hitler is on his way to being impeached.Who will you worship then?Putin or perhaps the guy that runs the corner store and sell you moonshine cheap?
            Just how uneducated are you? Now run along you are boring at best.

          • You make me laugh …
            What’s happening?… are you constipated?

        • From your perspective you can’t tell the difference, everything looks like RBH>

          • Right, and liberal toilet bugs like yourself apparently consults Pelosi Galore for your intellect?

        • Speaking of blow holes, did you catch the Presidents morning tweets today?

      • The President has got his Billions and you got your pitiful little pension. Besides, he probably looks 10 times better than your old a@@.

        • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and I’m okay with my two little pensions, but I appreciate your concern MR. Gun!

        • and his widdle baby hands too

          • You’re sick

          • She knows it.

          • Why shame on you. Are you saying your hands are larger. And you call yourself a woman,,,,,or maybe you are not a woman. What is it carol. What are you?

          • Well take a look at your woman ,the one under the porch right now scaring up some vittles for you.The one with the wal mart outfit you bought her 2 Christmases ago.The one who works part time slopping pigs.
            I am the opposite if you can imagine.I have all my teeth,I am a registered nurse and I have never even seen a vittle.
            I dress well and have just bought a 300k home and I have a new car.I answered you for something to do………..not because I care one bit what you think.

          • Sorry I ruffled your feathers Miss Carol. My woman, damn, she is the most gorgeous woman on the planet. And she doesn’t have to work. I paid cash for my home, autos, and Harley. We use to eat out every night, but I got tired of the food, so she does cook some, and she is a damn good cook,,,like her Mother was. We have all of our teeth, just in case you were worried about that. I bet you voted for hillary.

          • Nice fantasy world you live in. Anyone who actually was like this certainly doesn’t have to brag. Best wishes.

        • He could be MAXINE Waters Missing SON…not a visual beauty at that ..but just as Mind Blown

      • Be careful NCO…………..these low class vulgar low life uneducated trump monkeys will attack………………its all they know.Most of are so mean because there hands scrape the payment when they walk and they think the orange Hitler can fix it.
        Wonder if they read 2 of the coal mines will close for good the end of May.Or perhaps the 1200 jobs he had stay a Carrier…well 550 will be laid off next week………more to follow.
        And he overturned clean air & water laws to do it awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
        In fact all he has done is make your kids and grandkids unsafe.COAL WILL NOT COME BACK! Just another line from the fool on the hill.
        But you will agree and bully for him and he wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire.
        Get up off your knees where is your pride?

        • Sorry Carol but it’s you libtards that attack.
          That’s all you know. Spew hate, loot, riot, burn cities down, protest every little thing that hurts your feelings and call anyone who doesn’t agree with you names. Real mature.. NOT!

          • blah blah blah blah blah

            here is an example for you fool
            80 %of Kentucky voted Trump
            51%live below the poverty line

            72% receive government aid
            47 % did not gradate high school

            So how are things in set your clocks back 30 years Kentucky treating you???

          • You’re a piece of work Carol. Butt hurt much??
            By the way idiot, I don’t live in Kentucky!!

        • While you are on your knees in front of Schumer and Obama. Please Carol.

        • Speaking of hands scrapping the pavement, how is Rep. Cummings from Atlanta? He is a serious primate, isn’t he? COAL WILL BE BACK AND I WILL HAVE A TEN DOLLAR ELECTRIC BILL!!! Damn the environment.

          • My God you people are dumb…..excuse me uneducated.Two large coal mines announced they will close for good by the end of May.But I can see you believe what you want to believe.
            You would be better off putting your money on the Eater bunny………like you don’t already.

          • Who is the eater bunny? And what is he/she eating?

      • No one can fire me as I’m retired, plus I owned my own company….so no luck there either. But maxine that ugly assed, dim witted moron needs to be put out of our misery. She even makes JB’s hair look bad and does a disservice to all blacks…although half of them do it all on their own. Personally I’d like to see all these liberal morons in the same place….how about we divide the country in half. The lazy no good for anything, queer loving morally bankrupt “smart people” or should I say “educated” (that’s a laugh) plus the hollyweird elite….can have one half. Then the rest of us can live in piece…freedom from those that want government to run our lives. By the way you get your biggest voting block to go with you….yep the folks that brought you the black panthers and the BLM…same folks that love to loot and burn down their cities. Oh and almost forgot…you love you some illegals too, the same ones that turn every area they live in into Tijuana flats. Fun times for you all!!

        • Sounds like you have already decided upon the division boundaries, and you’re taking the old confederacy south!

          • He said nothing of the kind.

          • Better than the moronic north east or here in Kalifornistan with the LA and San Franfreako braindeads. You can hear the sucking sounds in both cities from here in Kern county. We are just waiting for the first shots fired from the chicken shit, skinny jeans wearing pukes. Then we will undo them till there aren’t any left. I’ll take the old south over this shit hole out here in LaLa land.

        • Give them half of nothing!! Give them California, Oregon and Washington, extend the wall up the Colorado River through the Sierra Divide and further north. They can have that. And when North Korea nukes them, don’t come crying to us.

      • You know, in all sincerity, I have never thought Trump had orange hair. Or face. And I own a colored television machine! Obese? Nah, not really. Chubby maybe but hey, he’s 69 years old! Have you ever seen a picture of his wife? She’s kinda hot for an obese guy, don’t ya think?

      • NCO= Nut Case Obsessive …(..IDIOT…)
        Retired= RETARDED .. Now be HoNEST SCUM BAG

      • Hey NCO – I’m also a former Army NCO (E6, 8 years, Armor, RVN 1969). The lighting makes his face ruddy (I have the same issue) and he won’t wear the usual makeup. His hair is thin and reddish – so I guess you despise all those of Irish and Scottish descent. Did you ever comment on the 40+ pounds of fat HRC waddles around in, or her plastic face from dozen face lifts (she just did it again, as she did after leaving the State Dept).

        Why are you on the side of the progressive-fascists (Dems)? Are you unaware of what a progressive actually is (they took over the Dem Party starting with Woodrow Wilson, a fascist like FDR, recognized by Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini as such)? Read “Liberal Fascism” for starters.

        • Thanks for the reading recommendation, and I have one for you Tear Down This Myth. FDR a fascist? FDR saved the country from the great GOP Recession and Communism.

          • Hi there – yes, those are the myths pushed by the far left controlled education system and media.

            In the chapter on FDR in “Liberal Fascism” you will find the truth. FDR was practically a worshiper of Stalin (all of his senior staff certainly were – as described in a chapter in this book they [I think it was 140 Dems] chartered a ship and went to Moscow on a worship trip in 1932 and were rewarded with a personal visit with Stalin for 6 hours), and Hitler and Mussolini both commented on how the New Deal was right out of the national socialist playbook (they admired it). FDR’s administration was highly infested with communists and communist agents working for Moscow – over 100 in just the State Dept. Also, read (a lot harder, dry book) “The Forgotten Man” on how people fared under the FR “throw it at the wall and see what sticks economic fixes” – FDR stole the phrase from someone else and flipped the meaning. It was originally used to mean those who had to pay for FDR’s progressive-fascist agendas.

            The recession was a result of many factors (explained in “Forgotten Man”) over many years. It was a global economic slowdown among other things. Hoover tried various fixes that failed to fix anything (the largest single issue not recognized was a severe shortage of currency) and FDR mocked him. But then FDR took the same path (first term) and doubled and tripled down on what Hoover tried. The huge drought and dust bowl (caused by the idiot Sec of Agriculture opening up lands in the prairie to farmers and telling them to cut furrows with the winds, not against. Hence the topsoil blew away) were major continuing factors.

            When FDR was desperate to regain momentum for the 1936 election (he was going to lose) he jammed together the Social Security system (buying votes) and ordered the (already leftist) media to stop using the progressive label (he was) and steal “liberal” from conservatives. His staff expected SS to collapse in 1970 – but they argued it would be someone else’s problem. So in 1935 “liberal” changed to “classical liberal” (the original meaning) to “modern liberal” (progressive). One of the labels they kicked around came from FDR admirer and friend H.G. Wells, who suggested what FDR offered fascism with a smile instead of boot, hence “liberal fascism”.

            There was a study by two left wing economics professors at UCLA who did a study on FDR and the Great Depression, and they came to the conclusions I already related. FDR offered hope (his radio addresses), which was important, but his policies did nothing to help. When he died in 1945, there were more people unemployed (16.8M) than when he took office (16.2M) – even with the women entering the workforce.

            It was clear that our economy came out of the big hole due to European recovery spending (Marshall Plan, which – ahem, mostly used the gold many countries moved to the NY Federal Reserve Bank to hide it from the national socialists and Italian Fascists).

          • Jonah Goldberg? Really ! Gobble it up fool.

          • I see, he isn’t on the approved list of progressive authors.

            Why don’t you read the book, and check out some of the hundreds of real references to papers and speeches by leftists which he quotes? The left hates him because he exposes the true nature of progressivism. As do many others, including much older works by Ludwig von Mises (1930s). He was completely aware of who they were and what their agendas were. He warned about Hitler and Stalin – no one cared.

            So, you refuse to allow that real books are written by center-right authors, and also refuse to see that the mostly fact-less books (“feelings”) by leftists are junk.

          • The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ( L Goldberg). What’s the matter no John Birch quotes?

      • Well, “I” am very SORRY that you have an ugly attitude problem that your poor family have to endure! That is so sad for them.

      • No, not until all dims grow at least ONE brain cell and learn to use it.

      • Obesity??? Yikes!! What a deceitful bigot.

      • Not unless you mention Hillary’s huge ass and Rice’s distorted face. How about Obama’s ears?

    • Not to mention that incredibly stupid bitch at the “Women’s March” who screamed that Donald Trump looked like he bathed in Cheetos. My GOD I’m beginning to despise the stinking Left more and more every day! On a brighter note, I did see a very funny YouTube video a couple weeks ago that showed the starship Enterprise (which had apparently gone back in time to 21st century Earth). After entering standard orbit, they picked up on a video feed from that “Women’s March” and watched as the aforementioned stupid bitch railed and wailed about the “Cheetos” president, screaming her insane diatribes as various members of the crew on the bridge of the Enterprise winced in agony at watching the stupidity of the Left. After several minutes of this, Captain Kirk finally ordered, “Fire Phasers!” – and it showed the Enterprise firing main phaser banks down on the “March.” Down below (on Earth) the video then showed a mushroom cloud rising where the March had been, and Captain Kirk’s smiling face then gave the order to leave orbit. It was a very satisfying video to see!

    • You won’t hear any!

  2. Don’t hold your breath, one side as you know is allays correct in it’s offense collective psychic mania and the other I just told the truth, oh well I am sorry if I offended, is never ever going to be accepted..

  3. ONE thing that is wrong with this country is the fact that so many are so “sensitive” and unable to laugh at themselves. Humor is the essence of happiness and these snowflakes need to find that humor would be a lot more compelling than outrage!!

  4. Wow, if Maxine Waters is considered attractive, then move over Sean Connery, you now have competition for the sexiest man alive award… LOL…. what a joke

    • Hey “Old Ranger”…this is kkh, the one you called a “libtard” on the Dog Food Advisor? Yeah, let me fill you in on a little something. I am a CONSERVATIVE LIBERTARIAN, and my husband is a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. In fact, he is the Director of Policy and Research for the REPUBLICAN MAJORITY STATE SENATE in Colorado. He worked in the Reagan Administration for the SBA and the Dept. of Education. You got that? That friggin CLEAR to you? They say “old dogs can’t learn new tricks”, but I disagree. So here’s a little advice for your old ass; when someone disagrees with your comment about DOGS? Bringing politics into it only makes you look ridiculous. Someone says something you don’t agree with, so that means they have “sociological problems”? Seriously? In fact, I would have guessed that YOU were the “liberal” here, since you seem to be an outrage addict. But I don’t make assumptions like that. Because assumptions? Only serve to make YOU look like a moron. Good job on that, asshole. Congrats.

  5. just as bad as aunt esther…on sanford and son!!!

  6. Maxine waters doesn’t need a wig she looks like James brown

  7. Attractive? man she gives a whole new meaning to UGLY!!!!!

  8. He should have gone after her for the fact that she has been living with her hand in the cookie jar for 14 terms! The low info libs that vote in these pocket-stuffers don’t mind because they they think it is not their tax dollars being looted, they think it’s other people’s tax dollars.

    • She gets reelected every time, so who should you yell at? her for what she has or has not done or the dimwits that keep putting her dumbass back in office? She has the looks of 99% of the liberal women, did you see the women’s march, need more be said! That, left over 1% are Hollywood actors covered in makeup and a printed script to read.

  9. ROFLMAO AT THE NGR (no good racist) who is so mouthy she makes me sick. O’Reilly ever the gentle man apologize d. He shouldnt have.

  10. I think Bill was kind to Evil old black bitch. She nothing but a race baiting slut.

  11. She should be retarded (pardon my spelling) RETIRED. She is obviously a nut case as are the idiots who continually elect her to office.

  12. It really was all very silly, but puleeze. You all know what he was doing, and in the company of FaF ditto heads no less. Only old bigots think he still has anything interesting to say anyway.

  13. If Fox caves to liberal demands, many people, including me, will stop watching their shows.

  14. Okay, So it is fair game to mock Trump’s hair but not Muddy Water’s?

  15. Oh, but it’s alright when libtards, who claim to love everybody, especially illegal immigrants, make fun of Melania Trumps accent. Incidentally, I think Melania speaks better English than Maxine Waters.

  16. What offense? James Brown would not have been offended…”please, please, please!” The Godfather of Soul was proud of his hair, I am sure Maxie, the communist demented Democrat is proud of her wig as well,

    • I hope so. She has nothing else. I am aghast at Ainsley calling her attractive. She looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  17. Bill ( The Blow Hard ) O’Reilly and Fox News is part of the lame stream liberal/socialist media ! They ran cover for the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama for the last eight years along with CBS, NBC , CNN and the rest of the lame stream liberal media . Fox News professes to be conservative but how could they be with lead news anchor and commentator Bill ( The Blow Hard ) O’Reilly , a graduate of that liberal/socialist sink-hole Harvard University ?

  18. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    Please take into account that Maxine Waters is well known as the most corrupt politician in the District of Corruption, even “awarded” that honor from one of George Satan Soros’ own “charitable” organizations multiple years. The people taking issue with Bill are as follows:

  19. The Liberals can make fun of the president’s hair but we can’t say anything about one of them with out their double standard li B.S. coming up like it always does, I mean this winch does look like James Brown but I think he is better looking she looks sick with that constant scowl one her mug LOL….

  20. Water’s incessant acts of drama and flamboyant dress are part of her ‘act’. The dribble that flows from her mouth is without substance nor virtue. Bill was spot on, he observed and commented on the prop, there was nothing of meaning spoken from this progressive bobblehead.

  21. All of the liberalscum should be turned into dog food, it is their only way to have value.

  22. How could he see her hair when nobody backed the truck off her face

  23. F all you liberals. We are sick of it.

  24. Poor pitiful radicals-liberals. They can sure dish it out, but let someone stand up to them, they go running and snotting to mommy.

  25. Hey! He did her a FAVOR! – – like the “Emperor’s New Clothes” – – SOMEBODY needed to TELL her – – – Sierra Foxtrot November

    Older people in our building have hairdos that look like POTTED PLANTS

  26. cnn does this everyday, and not a blink of the eye for their hypocrisy.

  27. Bill O’Reilly does a great job of taking care of himself.
    I thought his comment on warped Maxine Waters hair was tame, compared to what he could have said about her being such a liar who puts Americans at risk everyday, because of her stand on protecting illegals and her massive support of Hillary.

  28. Where is the outrage with wimpy Steven Colbert in his a** clown comments every night? Grow the hell up childern !

  29. Bachelor With Sense

    CAN Everyone agree that LIBERALISM is a Mental Disease/Disorder that will only go away when ALL DemonRats are DEAD?

    IF YOU are a Democrat/DemonRat, I would suggest that YOU reevaluate your positions in all seriousness!

    Whether YOU personally believe in God, or Not, if the Bible is correct, and there are Multiple PROOFS that it is, then YOU and YOUR BELIEFS are leading you to your permanent Death! Wake up NOW before you are condemned to the Lake of Fire, also known as Hell.

    Abortion, which is the MURDER of innocents, is prohibited by God! Homosexuality is an Abomination to God! NO MATTER WHAT you want to feel about those subjects, God Disapproves of them!

    Communisim has NEVER worked anywhere that it has been tried, and regardless of how much YOU want it to work, it will ALWAYS FAIL, simply because it takes Hope away from people!

    EXPAND YOUR mind and read more than just the Lame Stream Media which is full of LIBERALS whose agenda is a GUARANTEE of YOUR permanent Death!

    Do NOT be to Stupid to Live!

  30. Maxine Waters is despicable retard, that wants to go and call everyone a conservative people names, no chastisement from her scumbag brothers in the Democrat party. Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelot see or poster children for idiots in the so-called communist a.k.a. Democrat party. If I were O’Reilly I tell those want me to apologize to kiss my derrière right in the middle.

  31. Let’s all just give her credit for what she really is………worthless, self-serving and wrong! I doubt she has ever done any good for anyone, except herself! Typical Politician aka: Professional Liar.

  32. If the loony libs attack O’Reilly, they’re going to get a horse of a different color. Oops…is that racist? Tough, deal with it!

  33. Don’t worry the liberals won’t be satisfied until they can put those that disagree with them in a political prison for re-education. Something on the order of North Koreas freedom of speech.

  34. disqus_7EcB0kPDrU

    What’s it coming too when we can’t laugh and joke a little?

    • disqus_2HJyL9vcD3

      That’s an easy one….a society controlled by liberals! Something that should keep us all awake at night.

  35. What gives the left the right to say anything and bash the Right about everything.
    I have not heard the right be any way close to the viscous comments the left serves up to the right , on a continuing basis.
    This is just fact while the Democrat party of Socialist,far far left Progressives and the admitted Communist. Continue to try and destroy our country and smother the legal citizens with hate and vial comments, physically attack them with no fear of consequences.
    This has got to stop and stop now !!

  36. Bill should have said, “I am sorry that Maxine’s hair looks like that”! That’s as close to an apology as she deserves!

  37. nothing like the hypocrisy of the unliberal unprogressive dematards. you cannot say or do the following id you are not the incrows dem. Moochie is the model for the new Kong figure, Barry looks like Alfred E Neuman with a tan, Liz is phauxcadishonest, BUT saying highly accomplished conservative woman look like hookers is OK

  38. To compare her to the fabulous James Brown is ridiculous. James Brown was much better looking. Of course the PC police are all over this. I’ll make it very simple, she’s a piece of trash, had she been white, nothing would have been said. I think its very evident she’s brain damaged, senile and just plain illiterate.

  39. Maxine Waters is disgusting no matter what she looks like.

  40. Waters is a prime example why “affirmative action” does NOT work. Hell she thinks that Russia invaded Korea. LMAO!

    • Don’t forget Maxine Waters’ other infamous quote after Rush Limbaugh hoped obama’s efforts to ruin the U.S. would fail: “Can you believe that? If obama fails, the country fails.”

  41. Ahhh the most foul mouthed congresswoman is upset because her hair looks like James Brown? James Brown was much better looking than her, and had much better manner the Bank Robber Max Watters

  42. Good think they didn’t ask me about the woman.

  43. When you tell the truth, you are in trouble with the left, who wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them in the face, knocked them on the head and yelled TRUTH in their ears.

    I think Bill was spot on, I always wondered why Maxine looked familiar, her hair DOES look like James Brown. Why is this racist as James Brown is black and so is Maxine.

  44. well I will not lie…I was looking how UGLY that black woman is both on the outside and for sure UGLY on the Inside..(Heart)…Abortion…Homosexual Sodomite…Transgender Perversion…any one that supports or condones these Evil Sins is a Reprobate.

    • Agreed.

    • Democrats are simply evil. No two ways about it. Condone baby killing? No problem. Say that a 14 year old child consented to rape? Can do. Lie when everyone knows you’re lying? Not a problem. Ridicule a man for being faithful to his wife? Piece of cake! Excuse a man for cheating on his wife and lying about it on national TV? No sweat.

  45. Maxine is a cultural holdover from the 1960’s. The woman hopes that she can still look as if she is as youthful as a 1964 version of Diana Ross (It isn’t working). She’s still living in the Lyndon Baines Johnson’s “The Great Society” mindset. This was the beginning of his “Welfare State” that enslaved Black people, putting them on the “Government Plantation”. Her mode of thinking is as “out of mode” as a Studebaker horse-drawn wagon in the computer age. We don’t need to live in FDR’s Socialist society. it does little but stifle creativity, innovation and development.

    Welcome to the real world Maxine. When I need an freshly-knitted sweater, I’ll call you.

  46. Hmmmm – If it looks like a duck – quakes like a duck —— IT’S A FFFFING DUCK and it suits her….

  47. Simple truth Heaven help any White in her district.. because she sees Whites as something to step on.. She is a female Al Sharpton and makes me sick just trying to understand what she is blabbering on about this time.. As for her James brown hair yea its a very poor wig job and Bill called it.. he also did something that elitist WOMAN OF COLOR would never do admit a wrong and say I’m sorry.. so sorry he’s still the classier of the two..

  48. Let’s just face it she is not only stupid, she’s plain ugly! Not only that but she is for sale like the rest of the lib fold. Facts are facts. Its like how bad it is to call a women a pussy when they call themselves that today. They even have the hats! Sorry, no sympathy. Grow up or ditch the lib loons.

  49. So now that “CLIMATE CHANGE” is causing Diabitis according to CHELSEA HUBBARD , O REILLY is the ONE to be Blames for the (D) Anarchy Party DEMISE!!!
    Who will they BLAME NEXT??? SNOWFLAKES melting in the Summer sun???

    • She thinks the photo of Lincoln wearing a MAGA hat is real. She is sadly retarded. Should be in an institution.

      • IT seems that Climate Change also caused her VAGINA implant to DROP…..IN some Airport or TARMAC dirty floor …

        Now she might Campaign FOR transgender “JOHNS” on SUBWAYS CARS

  50. Maxine Waters is demented, and shows it every time she opens her pie hole.

  51. Forget the wig issue, she is stupid and she is ugly!

  52. Does anyone remember the filthy things the liberals called, and said about, Gov. Sarah Palin? They are unmentionable, and her accusers were never even reprimanded. But then even Clarence Thomas was never defended by the so-called “anti-racist” liberal crowd. The rule: never insult, not even in a joking way, a liberal woman; have at it with all conservatives!

  53. No one should ever apologize to a liberal. They are offensive by nature and deserve whatever comes their way.

  54. Maxine attractive? LOLOLOLOL. Ok.

  55. That’s because the libtards are two faced jerks and are trying to take Hillary’s flop loss out on everyone else!

  56. If I were Bill O’Reilly, I wouldn’t have commented on Maxine Watters looks. Her ultra-liberal policies are so ghastly, there’s plenty of political fodder to focus on every time she opens her mouth, in Congress or out. Hopefully Mr. O’Reilly has learned his lesson. Since he and Sean Hannity are the best pontificators on Fox News, I don’t want them going anywhere, and the Liberals should cease crying “Foul” every bloody time a Conservative pundit makes a statement which doesn’t fit their P.C. Playbook! Remember, the Demos LOST the election! That means their own wacky way of driving this country off the cliff is put on hold until they manage to win using massive voter fraud!

  57. Did O’Reilly, in his apology say Maxine was a CongressMAN?

  58. How dare Bill O’Reilly make fun of the late James Brown’s hairstyle? Poor James Brown is no longer alive to defend his choice of hairstyle! What did James Brown ever do to Bill O’Reilly?

  59. Iiiiiii feeelllll soooooooo goooood…and check my hair…don’t question my being continuously elected by ignorant voters and being as dumb as them or worse.

  60. Not only is waters unattractive physically, but so is her personality. she has a one track mind. poor, poor pitiful me, i’m black and have been and picked on. I will make others suffer and anyone disagree with me is racist. Her, nancy, feinstein are enough to drive the insane-sane with their lack of working brain cells.


  62. Marginalised? Because of a joke? Or because it’s one of liberals current favorite labels and gives them an excuse to have hysteria induced apoplexy, another favorite pastime. And I suppose calling millions of Americans things like white supremists and Nazi’s because we voted for someone they don’t like doesn’t qualify for any of their fake outrage. Or calling the legitimate president of their own country every smug, dismissive, demeaning name they can come up with and paying people to burn, loot, assault and riot in the streets. If it wasn’t for arrogant, outrageous hypocrisy liberals would have nothing to say at all.

  63. Maxine Waters loose Denture Gumming, escrement spewing, James Brown wig wearing, just as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside .One hugely ignorant ugly ass bitch.

  64. It would be a cold day in Arizona in August before I would apologize for saying that about Maxine Waters. She is a complete and total lunatic. She could be the poster child for loony progressive communistic so called democrats.

  65. seersuckerandapanama

    Rep. Maxine Waters’ hair doesn’t bother me. It’s what is under her hair that is disturbingly noteworthy.

  66. Screw all liberals til the cows come home… They constantly do worse to anyone that doesn’t agree with thier insanity. Who cares what they say anyway ???

  67. Roy Buster Ranic

    O’Reilly should have told the truth! Waters is more than one ugly empty head under a james brown wig……..she is a lying libtard that is dumber than a horses ass & only asked to give scripted interviews because she is just another embarrassment assigned to the little donkeys by the PC police! The people that vote for can’t create a complete sentence, like maxie! They reelect her because she is black & everyone knows they will be branded racists if they don’t! Like it or not …….it’s a fact.

  68. Liberals can’t stand it…when they are on the receiving end !

  69. Maxine Waters is fuzzier than an outhouse rat in a fumigation raid. An idiot!

  70. Actually I found that very funny…….. I couldn’t stop laughing (especially after I saw a pic of James Brown hair and lo n behold—the comparison was amazing) – I couldn’t see the difference between her hair and Jimmy boys…

  71. I thought O’Reilly’s comment about Maxine Waters “James Brown” hair was funny! Maxine is a member of the communist caucus and has proven herself to be harsh, critical, ignorant, incompetent, unpatriotic and abusive individual. I’ll take James Brown over Maxine any day! Bill gets an A+ for humor- to heck with political correctness.
    When you listen to the vulgarity or vicious attacks of degenerates like Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, or any of another hundred FAKE NEWS idiots being allowed to spew their lies and hatred – a humorous comment is fine.

  72. Does ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC & CNN display the same respect to Republicans? Hell no. They all have said and will continue to say moronic, demeaning, hurtful, untrue things about Republicans and Donald trump—–AND never apologize—–never.
    Why should O”reilly apologize for the truth? If he wanted to he could have rightfully called her a thug clown, acting like the scum that floats in the sewage disposal pond. Waters is Socialist that should be drawn and quartered in the town square. She is a Loudmouth ignorant bitch!

  73. There’s a hellva lot more wrong with Maxine than her distracting “James Brown wig”. This woman is as mentally unbalanced as she is a babbling fool. What the he|| is wrong with her constituents that they repeatedly vote this STUPID woman into office. Maxine is an embarrassment to the office she holds. There is NOTHING honorable about her. I can’t believe there isn’t SOMEONE in her district who has some semblance of a working brain to run against her and win!

  74. The Demonrats would love to have Oreilly Out of the picture because he puts them in their place and is fearless. That will not happen – political correctness is out and you can’t manipulate the common sense crowd. Oreilly is here for the long haul and he will point out your corrupt and evil as usual without fear. He always brings a 55 gal can of whip ass with him and your racist schemes will no longer work. Your platform is over!

  75. No outcry when the idiot Waters called all Republicans “scumbags.” She is a CA rep because she’s got a James Brown wig, not because she’s any smarter than the average lump of pond scum, the old bag.

  76. LIBERALS = another modern name for the village idiot that can’t work – hunt – fish for themselves so they demand others provide for them…..

  77. WELFARE = was NOT created to become a career choice….

  78. If it quacks like a duck…

    I subscribe to the “call ’em as you see ’em” theory of honesty.

  79. What’s the BIG DEAL? I love James Brown. He had BEAUTIFUL hair. Crazy old DemoKKK hag should feel FLATTERED! Nice compliment, Bill O’Reilly!
    (By the way—it IS a WIG! And a darn good looking one.)

  80. Oreilly needs to continue the distraction. While the democommies and MSM have all eyes and attack on Bill, Trump and team are moving forward with that swamp drain.

  81. Rodger K. Shull

    Well, the truth hurts, but it is the truth, an it sure looks like a James Brown wig to me too, maybe her hair stylist is, not as good as she can be.

  82. all you worthless retarded liberals are doing is showing your true colors

  83. You have to love demoncraps who can’t laugh, it just makes it that much more fun to make them cry…lol

    Come on…it does look like James Brown’s hair. Not like demoncraps haven’t said things. They enjoy calling Trump names like “orange man.” Hell, obutthead, during his 2008 campaign, compared Sara Palin to a pig. These people are unbelievable hypocrites. Did you little whiners cry or laugh about that? Hmmmmm?

    Mike Malloy attacked Glenn Beck, who’s a recovering alcoholic,
    when he told his radio audience “I have good news to report. Glenn Beck appears
    closer to suicide. I’m hoping that he does it on camera….given his
    alcoholism and his tendencies towards self-destruction, I am only hoping
    that when Glenn Beck does put a gun to his head and pulls the trigger,
    that it’s on television, because somebody will capture it on YouTube and
    it will be the most popular little piece of video for months.”

    Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann called conservative columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin a “mashed up bag of meat with lipstick on it” Did the weenies think that was so terrible or did the little communists laugh in lockstep?

    Then New Hampshire Democratic State Representative Timothy Horrigan posted on Facebook his wish for Sarah Palin and Levy Johnson to have been on board the airplane crash that killed former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. Horrigan wrote “a dead Palin would be even more dangerous than a live one…she is all about her myth and if she was dead, she wouldn’t the target of the liberals attempting to embarrass her.” Yep, they all had a good laugh on that one.

    News24 of South Africa had on its website an obituary for Ronald Reagan entitled, “Gay about Reagan’s death.” It quotes jon beaupre, a gay journalist and Los Angeles radio talk show host as saying, “I have a feeling that an awful lot of gay people are going to be cheering, that ‘Ding-dong! The wicked witch is dead.'” How cute. Bet the LA gays had a good laugh.

    The book “Game Change” says that former Senate Democratic Majority Leader little harry reid said, America would vote for barack obama because he was a “light-skinned” African-American “with no negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” Talk about racist and stereotyping. Wow!

    Michael Moore took on a mock Indian accent live on the air and ridiculed CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s name. Nothing said about that though, was there?

    PETA, in their ultimate wisdom during a fundraising effort, said “Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughterhouses.” Anything said about that? No false outrage over that diminishing of the Holocaust, was there?

    Hillary Clinton once referred to a subordinate as a “Jew b@stard.” Anything said about that? Any outrage from the “media” or hitler youth over that? Of course not.

    The good “reverend” al sharpton picketed a Jewish store in Harlem, NY, over a landlord dispute, where he personally incited the protesters chanting “bloodsucking Jews.” At the end of his “peaceful protest,” a protester ran into the store, shot people, and deliberately set the place on fire. Good ol’ tax cheating al, the pillar of the community. What a joke.

    Sorry, but what O’Reiley said is nothing compared to some of the things the commie liberals have spewed. It was an off-the-cuff remark about a wig for crying out loud…LOL Get over it. If maxine waters is that thin skinned that she broke down and cried over it, she really doesn’t want to see/hear what others have said about her. Maybe it will encourage her to buy a new wig, if that is a wig.

    You liberal bawl babies need to take your fake BS indignation, get back on your broomsticks, and fly back to Oz. The flying monkeys need you more than we do. Is anyone else getting more and more fed up with this stupidity?

  84. she is a name caller, she called Trump & his admin. a bunch of skumbags, what goes around comes around.

  85. Bill O’Reily is just fine! It was Maxine Watters that called us scum bags. In fact she is the scum bag and uses race to have a very good job! That makes her a racist doesn’t it?

  86. We do not need to hear comments about the physical appearance of people. We do not need to hear about wigs, hair, skin, etc. Stick to the issues. Quit acting like you are in middle school.

  87. The modern liberal is contemptuous, impudent, effeminate, livid, brittle and shrill. …..My dear people, these ongoing culture wars are getting to be boring and tedious. When are we going to debate real, authentic issues (what are traditionally understood to be issues – subject to some kind of debate). In these “latter days”, the notion of a debate has deteriorated into a virtual shit-flinging contest. The ongoing displays of profanity and nonstop ad hominem attacks are unbecoming of a United States Citizen.

    • Modern Liberal??? DO you not mean to say, petulant , Regressive ,Repressive, Depressive inherently deranged unsophisticated obstructionist lunatics known as progressive socialist. Yes they who have never rejected the means or ,opportunity to steal the labor or FREEDOMS of others.

  88. Sad to see through the changes in politics, what once, a LONG time ago was an honorable party is now a bunch of clowns. Apologies to the clowns.

  89. The tolerant Left apparently lives no more. Never were very tolerant. Never were interested in what any but themselves had to say. Never bothered to try to accommodate any moderate attempt at real discussion of any issues they found disagreeable. Never looked in a mirror to see how twisted and distorted their countenance has become. Good luck with being perpetually miserable with yourselves.

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