Liberals Spew Venom at Late Chick-fil-A Founder – “Good Riddance.”

On Monday, America lost one of those guys who simply embodied the American dream in every conceivable way. S. Truett Cathy proved with his life that it was possible to rise from the depths of poverty to become one of the richest men in the world. Cathy built a little restaurant called Chick-fil-A and took it from its humble beginnings to its current status as a major nationwide franchise. Liberals mourned his death with respect even while lamenting the family’s position on gay marriage.

Oh wait, no they didn’t. They took to Twitter and social media in force, tarnishing the man’s legacy with lazy, hateful sentiments like:

“Never happy to see a death but hopefully someone more tolerant will lead with modern decision.”

“Good riddance.”

“F**k that bi**h hopefully they’ll be open on Sundays now.”

“One less homophobe in the world. Good Riddance. Adios.”

“Oh good, the Chick-fil-a a*****e is finally dead.”

Of course, these hateful social justice warriors are still upset about Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy’s 2012 admission that he did not support gay marriage. Let’s not forget: that’s all that he said. He made it very clear – and the evidence supports this – that his restaurant did not discriminate against gays in either their hiring or their service. He didn’t advocate for gay rehab or gay deportation or hate crimes or anything else that would seem to warrant this kind of loathsome response toward his father’s death.

Maybe liberals are still upset at the outpouring of support Chick-fil-A received in the weeks following the controversial remarks. Thousands of people who both agreed with Cathy’s remarks and agreed with his right to say them turned out to support the restaurant with their money. Chick-fil-A lines across the country were wrapped around their respective blocks.

Conservatives are often painted as the heartless ones. We’re the ones who want to reform welfare, we’re the ones who want to send back illegal immigrants, and so on. What the left refuses to understand is that these positions aren’t borne out of some kind of baseless intolerance towards a particular viewpoint. They aren’t borne out of some hidden racist agenda. They are common-sense philosophies that have been shown to work time and again throughout history. Meanwhile, half the country is brainwashed into believing the destructive propaganda coming out of 2nd and 3rd wave feminism.

But the liberal reaction to Cathy’s death is nothing new. These vile celebrations take place every time someone known for their conservative viewpoints goes on to their reward. You saw it happen with Reagan, you saw it happen with Charlton Heston, and you’ll see it again the next time a conservative figure dies. They’re so determined to change America that they don’t stop to learn from the past. Too bad, because the life of someone like S. Truett Cathy is well worth examining.

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