Liberals Put Atheism Before Starving Children

In the United States of 2014, feelings matter more than facts. And since then liberal lawyers who make up the ACLU “feel” that promoting secular atheism is more important than seeing starving children get some much-needed food, it’s only natural that they would serve up a Christmastime warning to a middle school that dared to associate themselves with a charity called Friends and Family Community Connection San Diego.

But wait, say the two readers familiar with the charity, they are secular. You must have your facts mixed up! No, indeed, perceptive reader. See, the problem isn’t with the charity itself, it’s with a partnership they formed with an Illinois-based Christian charity called Kids Around the World. Friends and Family teamed up with both the local middle school and KATW to raise $3,500 to provide 14,000 meals for hungry children living in Tanzania.

Not on MY Watch!

Well, that was a bridge too far for the ACLU. They sent a warning letter to the middle school on November 20th, telling them that they were putting themselves in legal endangerment by partnering with the evil Christians (even if they were removed by at least one degree of separation.) While David Loy, director of the Sand Diego chapter of the ACLU, allowed for some praise for “public spirit,” he insisted that they were in violation of California’s No Aid Clause. The clause prohibits schools and other public institutions to give money to religious organizations. This, even though the money itself was coming not from public funds but from private donations made by the middle school students.

Hey, Great Job Guys…

And, as they so often do, the lawyers won. The San Marcos Unified School District told the local news that they would be donating the money only to Friends and Family Community Connection and severing any twice-removed ties with KATW. Thank god goodness liberalism! What would have happened if that money had made its way into the greedy, Christian hands of Kids Around the World? What if those kids in Tanzania had eaten meals that passed through a chapel? How many atheists might have been offended? Will someone please think of the atheists?

Alas, as our lawbreaking president is so fond of reminding us, we are a nation of laws. Those laws remain intact even when the basis for them is spurious and even when they provide us with little public benefit. Until we fight to remove them from the books, we can hardly blame lawyers, police, and politicians from carrying them out.

But really?

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