Liberals Outraged as Democrat Strategist Calls for Return to Political “Center”

Democratic Party strategist Mark Penn, together with Andrew Stein, wrote a piece for The New York Times last week urging the party to come back to the “center” and stop chasing after the Sanders/Warren/Social Justice fringe that represented such a small slice of the American electorate. Clearly concerned that the Democrats are going to waste a golden opportunity for a Washington comeback next November, Penn advised the party leaders to ignore the loud voices calling for an even more progressive approach.

“Central to the Democrats’ diminishment has been their loss of support among working-class voters, who feel abandoned by the party’s shift away from moderate positions on trade and immigration, from backing police and tough anti-crime measures, from trying to restore manufacturing jobs,” he wrote. “They saw the party being mired too often in political correctness, transgender bathroom issues and policies offering more help to undocumented immigrants than to the heartland.”

When you put Penn’s article together with Peter Beinart’s recent Atlantic piece urging Democrats to find a middle path on illegal immigration, it’s clear that there are strong forces on the left who want to see this party regain relevance on the national stage. And they know that’s never going to happen if the party keeps veering to the hard left.

But the liberals over at Slate called Penn’s article “asinine.” And writers at the Huffington Post, Vox, and Salon have all taken their shots at Beinart and Penn for abandoning the Democratic Party and its (much cherished, in those circles) slide towards abject, anti-American liberalism. These critics think that the success of the Democratic Party lies in the rainbow-colored protests of San Francisco. In the riotous chaos of UC Berkeley. In the writings of Karl Marx. In Black Lives Matter. They see this radical approach to left-wing politics as the ONLY approach, completely oblivious to the fact that the majority of Americans (to quote Paul Ryan) “just aren’t there yet.”

Hopefully, they never will be. And there is a good reason to believe that we won’t. A couple of new studies have shown that while Millennials are ardent leftists when it comes to their politics, their political views are not shared by the generation coming up behind them. The new crop of voters, who will be eligible to head out to the polls in 2018 and beyond, are much more conservative and much more likely to be Trump supporters. The backlash against the Obama years didn’t come and go with the 2016 election; it only began.

Democrats had better beware.


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  1. James Allen Wyatt


    • Perfect GOP response.

      • I notice you didn’t have any response to itsfun, Mike W or Moe. What’s the matter? Their rebuttal not the Perfect GOP response. You have no response for people who actually make sense. Perfect liberal response!!

      • USN Vet 31yrs Svc

        And just what has the demoRats contributed? For the people they represent?
        My son is a D. $1200/mo HC premium, $6000 deductible for 3.
        House payment $800/mo. No doctor in 100 mile radius that takes BHO care. Now, what is it demonRats do for the people?


      • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

        Go away Phyllis. We really don’t want you here.

  2. “I cannot imagine that Congress would dare to leave Washington without a beautiful new HealthCare bill fully approved and ready to go!” Trump tweeted.

    Would someone please explain the words “beautiful,” “healthcare” and “ready” to Donald. Clueless President. GOP deserves better than this.

    • Looks like a libtard on the wrong thread again.

      • Don’t insult her – prove her wrong – it’s really pretty easy. Maybe just maybe she can be brought to see the light. You have to understand that the left treats their people like mushrooms – They feed them lots of BS and keep them in the dark.

  3. Please, appealing to all “left of normal” morons, stay the course, hold out for “open boarders” transgender legislation, climate control, and your other wack job thinking, please as a conservative I say: stay your course to insanity!

    • MyRoseHasTHORNS

      Agree 1000% but we NEED to build mental health hospital facilities, two or more huge detainment centers per state that allow for more than a 72 hour hold, forced medications and restrained detox.

      Round em up, ship em off -RAWHIDE!

      • I say use the old fashioned methods … isolate and devoutly neglect most of their “needs”.

        • MyRoseHasTHORNS

          I’d prefer to try to fix them first

          • I admire the optimism. Once a person is older than about 13 years, it is difficult to “fix” anything –

          • MyRoseHasTHORNS

            I’ve seen many grow up(? or become more responsible? ) after age 25 once the school of hard knocks or university of life has opened their eyes.

          • I am not in disagreement. The process of change after 13 years typically involves a significant emotional event. It is definitely possible and your point is indeed, bonafide.

    • thats why they are called dimocrats, not too bright!

    • Leftists Democrats need to increase identity politics to push for additional rights for those poor minorities suffering from centuries of social and economic repression due to having 1) one blue eye, 2) a bald spot on their head, 3) adults shorter than 4 feet tall, 4) adults taller than 7 feet (excluding NBA players), 5) people than identify as Native Americans (oops, Fauxahuntas already been there done that), etc.

      Identity politics has worked so well for democrats. They have excluded deplorables, pro-life women, law and order supporters, military, veterans, competitively priced healthcare, fiscal responsibility, etc..

      • Man —— You Folks just don’t get it —– Comey is a dirt bag – Mueller is going to protect him at all costs – Warner is making excuses for comey – shiff is making excuses – dem lawyers are lining up – judges have been picked – money is already in the slush finds……

        • Sorry, failed to note my sarcasm toggle was in the “on” mode.

          I agree. Mueller is leading a witch hunt in search of a crime, any crime will do. That failing, he has LOADED his staff with blind Hillary sheeple that will not hesitate to create criminal evidence for the purpose of impeaching Trump. Dangerous.

          • If the liberals should dare to throw Trump out of office, for no good reason, there will be another civil war in this country, and it will be UGLY, and many people will be killed in the rioting that will happen! I hope that it doesn’t come to that!

          • Sadly we have a divided country. East/West Coasts + major cities versus flyover America. Fortunately Flyover America produces most of the nation’s food and supports 2nd Amendment with most of the country’s guns (thanks to best gun salesman BHO).

          • Unfortunately, all the government, or one of many domestic enemy groups which our government is allowing to flourish within our borders, would have to do is take control of the ammunition manufacturers. That would keep Americans from re-arming for battle.

          • Just exactly what I am saying, we voted him in to clean this country up from the criminals so don’t think we intend to let it ride.

          • If another Civil War isn’t declared, and isn’t won by generational White Christian Americans, and if immigration from Third-World countries isn’t permanently halted, the US will cease to exist at all because a Constitutional Republic requires an educated, religious populous (under the Christian umbrella), and the Democrats have been actively flooding in uneducated, Third-World Socialist peasants, criminals from every nation of the world, thousands of Chinese spies plotting coups, Muslims, and non-Christian refugees for years!

          • No one in their right mind would want that, except people who go out of their way to destroy us from the inside out. Dividing People, Telling people we must go against our values or they will use our own Govt. to attack American Citizens. That people who do not agree with all their Social Justice PC BS is the best way to divide people. Well and coming out and saying everyone but whites are victims while supporting terrorist Group including invites to the White House by BLM. Calling Traitors to America like the Soldier who Obama traded for 5 of his buddies out of Gitmo a Hero and bringing his traitoris father to the White House to speak Muslim. Such a Rude disrespectful self centered Ass. Who was Obama working for, because if your really think of all the things he has done to harm and make weak the America I Love..The more I have to say it was not us or America.

          • I agree and I expect make believe evidence to show up. They cannot impeach Trump, but the plan is to bring up charges at any cost or deed. They truly believe they can turn Anerucan opinion against Trump and make us worship a pathological liar and con-man Obama by electing his liberal clone. Everyone was making money under sneaky Obama’s watch, Trump is rocking the boat for the best congress money can buy, in both parties. The congress people do not care if the next president like Obama secretly pisses away trillions and trillions and the nation goes bankrupt as long as they can keep power and their PAC monies from lobbyist flowing. The left controls the media, newspapers and we are fed propaganda and lies daily by them. The left must always be the viction, always. Only if you continue to feel guilty for stuff you did not do, can they live off your tax dollars. All this insanity goes back to one evil individual Obama and his selected goons. One guy not only turn the world and nation into turmoil, he bankrupted our treasury with giving away money. He lied on film about numerous things, he illegally brought in millions and millions of illegals to fix elections and gave them welfare entitlements, he and his DOj goons obstructed justice endless times, they destroyed evidence and laughed in our faces. Now they secretly plot to elect our legally elected president for another pathological liar and left wing nut job.

          • Well said Moe.

          • Look at the RED USA more of us than those left, we will not stand to give up the President we chose. You had the white haters by crook and fraudulent illegal votes. If you don’t like it, get over it we are firm.

      • If Trump goes with us liberals as progressive, he may dream of 2nd term-otherwise he should prepare to go back to Trump-tower in 2020. I have said many times Trump is not a bad boy. We Democrats want him to succeed. The problem with Trump is that he wants to please the radicals on the right. Just imagine hiring Sessions as AG. Sessions looks disoriented – not knowing what he wants to accomplish other than please himself. He does not care if his own family hates him or if there are poor Whites, poor Blacks, Latinos who want peace in their neighborhoods. Actually he does not know Trump is his boss. Look, he appointed a special prosecutor to put Trump and his family in prison. I just wonder what Sessions will get if Trump family lands in prisons. Sessions is not next of kin to be president. As I have counseled Trump before; please avoid contact with the following: Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Sessions who will be fired soon, Mitch McConnell, Dr. Carson, Allen West, FoxNews people like Hannity, Bill O, Gov. Sanford.; Patriot News; Right Wing Voice; Fix The Nation, Patriot Viral News; American Liberty Report; TEA Party; Front Page Report; Conservative Free Press; Restore American Glory; From Right; Conservative Zone; Right-Wise. These are dangerous to Trump and Americans as a whole for they were badly raised or weaned.

        • Clearly you have no perspective of America. I suggest that you visit diners in small towns across the country to better understand the issues that matter to most folks. On the other hand, remain in your safe space totally clueless.

          Get used to another 7 1/2 years of the Trump Team Train Making America Great Again

        • Enjoyed your submission; I find the Democrats HARD PUSH to force supporters of a new National Health Care program to see the efforts to change Obama care to be totally absurd.
          These are Democrats trying to force Republicans to either support the Democrat agenda or not get their vote! Does anyone truly believe ANY elected representative falls for that nonsense?
          Why would a Republican office holder allow a group of Democrats to force him/her to do anything and then expect their support when it comes time for reelection.
          First of all, who would have respect for anyone who gives up their duty and responsibility to properly represent their constituents ONLY because they have been threatened with loosing their position? If the representative is not strong enough to stand up for his/her constituents they do not deserve to be in office and if they are being threatened by the opposite party there is very little chance the voters are going to reelect them anyway – – Are We expected to believe the Democrats massive pressure adds – – they are nut jobs!

          • Now look, Don’t you think Mitch McConnell is acting like a six-grader? McConnell believes he can make mistakes by suggesting an Health case to see if some people will die. You cannot experiment a situation to see if people will die? Mitch should grow up and start thinking like an adult. Look what he has gone through with his so called health care bill. It is a trial and error.

        • The numbers of conservative voters and liberal voters is very close in number. Elections are decided by moderates and independents. Sessions did not appoint Mueller. He recused himself and left that to his second in command. The order of succession to the President is established by law with VP being next in line, followed by Speaker of the House. I doubt you have Trump”s ear. Ryan is speaker of the House and it would really be dumb politics to avoid him. He appointed Sessions and Carson so I would expect him to talk to both from time to time. Mitch is Majority leader and common sense means work with him, since nothing gets passed without Ryan and McConnell. You make one statement after another that make no sense and even go as far as to slam some conservative news sources. This country needs to hear differing views. There is an old saying that it is better to be quiet and to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. You have clearly removed all doubt.

          • Actually I am neither conservative nor liberal. I just want to be free within the law. That is why I disagree with some conservative beliefs; and on the other hand there are things I do not agree with so-called liberals. But I can tell you, if I were Trump I would fire Sessions right away. He abdicated his role as head of Trump agency to let his second command appoint a guy to sue Trump. You know some low level employees usually hate the guy at the top. That is what happened with Jesus. Emperor refused to make a decision leading death of Jesus. That is why Republicans are bullying Trump. He does not have an appointee to protect him. Sessions should be fired. N.B. Secret-I am not that religious.

          • Frank, what did I tell you? Sessions is out now. Trump regrets appointing Sessions. Sessions was supposed to protect and defend Trump. But he let his junior staff appoint and individual to sue Trump. Trump is smart to fire Sessions.

          • I guess time will tell on whether he remains or not. sessions should probably not have taken the job if he could not do any part of it. Recusing himself should not have happened. His job is to enforce federal law and to direct a very powerful department. Rosenstein was and is second in command and caved to political pressures on the appointment. I think his intentions were good in trying to take politics out of the investigation. The scope seems to have mushroomed to a point where I see no end any time soon. Trump needs to avoid any more distractions if possible and needs to get every one together for an information gathering meeting and dig out every meeting or email or anything else that some one could inflate into more than it is. Explain what can be explained and let the public decide what it all means. The disclosure of one thing after another looks far worse than if it had been disclosed and explained earlier. Lawyers should be involved and advise on how to release and how to explain the information. They are after all being paid big bucks.

          • Recusing – suggest you look it up.

          • What – Lawyers! I thought Sessions is a lawyer. The problem with Sessions is that he was raised a bad boy. Just look at his eyes. Sessions is a lost cause. I doubt if he knows Trump is his boss or enemy. Same with Dr. Carson. Carson who is promoting his brain-improvement book while in office. These people do not know they are holding political jobs to serve Trump.

          • Sessions of course is an attorney charge with running the Department of Justice. that is a huge responsibility and needs his full attention. He may or may not stay on. Time will tell. The President as did prior Presidents have a number of high powered attorneys who are supposed to look at very technical matters that the President must deal with and provide legal advice. These dribbles of meetings that are not illegal need to be a priority and need to be dealt with. These lawyers get paid big bucks and need to earn them by protecting our President. This Don Jr. meeting should not be a problem but was poorly handled. A good lawyer doing his job could have handled this much better. Dealing with something before it becomes an issue works much better. I would fire them all and hire a new staff of attorneys

  4. “Not there yet.” Another reason why Ryan must go. Let’s hope the ‘Rats never “get it.”

    • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

      I don’t know what has happened to Ryan. I used to like him. Been in politics too long and now corrupted I reckon.

  5. The working man’s party of the 1930’s to the 1960’s is no longer their party. They represent special interest groups, the minorities that want free stuff, yet do not want to limit illegal immigration also in need of free stuff. Medical care for or pre-existing conditions ok, but for the poor and illegals at the expensive on the lower middle class having less to provide for their families is an issue. Lying Obama spent money like a drunken sailor, he did not give a shit if the nation was near bankruptcy, that with bogus make believe statistical data of success in the economy was bought into by The liberals. Free college or student not having to repay student loans good idea, not for the treasury or tax payers. Releasing Gito terrorist causing the death of U.S. service people not good, not enforcing but encouraging illegal immigration not good and an impeachable crime if anyone but half black Obama did it. Obama screwed thus nation over, only the very poor, illegal alien voters, people with social issues, minorities benefits like college pelt grants. Basically the democrats want socialism, but a very special kind of socialism where the rich Nd celebs keep their money and they take the shit out of the working class.

    • “Trump’s approval ratings are in the 30s. His White House is riven by backstabbing and infighting, with unprecedented levels of leaking as the various factions try to position themselves as not responsible for the mess being made.

      “As for the top item on the GOP legislative agenda, though Trump promised that the Republican health-care plan would deliver “something terrific,” in fact it is nothing less than the most unpopular piece of legislation in the history of polling.

      “Trump’s withdrawal from international agreements on climate and trade has led other countries to decide to go ahead and craft a new international order without us. America’s image in the world has plummeted; a recent Pew Research Center poll of 37 countries found that in 35, people expressed less confidence in Trump’s decisions than they had in President Obama’s (Israel and Russia were the exceptions).

      “Many of the worst results were among our closest allies, where confidence in the American president dropped by 60, 70, or even 80 points.

      “Or as Trump might describe it, “so much winning you’ll get tired of winning.” (The Week

      Answer honestly, folks. After you’re finished calling Obama, Hillary, and me silly, kindergarten names, are you really happy with Trump?

      • Yes; I am happy with President Trump. Check the popularity polls again and you will see the President has more approval than any Democrat. Nancy and crying Chuckie are in the basement.

      • Trump cannot delivery the democrats and established GOP cannot allow for his success. Jobs are coming back, real gains have been made in stock markets, there is once again pride in our nation and military. Climate change was we pay and the rest of the world doesn’t have to uphold agreement or delay action by india and China. Like all Obama self made without congressional approval agreements Climate Change Paris Pact was a disaster for a nation near bankruptcy after eight years of secretly peeing away trillions. We do not want the new world order, we do not want Globalization at our expense. Trust me on this one, if Obama or anyone like him comes back there will be an explosion in emotions by the majority that was screwed by folks like yourself. We want Obama in prison for crimes we can prove more than you want to impeach Trump for make believe accusations.

        • Yes, climate change is a Chinese hoax, and the U.S. is near bankruptcy. Obama is a Nigerian, who tapped Trump’s phones. Then there was “Pizzagate” and Hillary killed Seth Rich. Trump’s inauguration had the highest attendance in history, and massive voter fraud meant Trump didn’t win the popular vote.

          I believe all these things because I get my news from Breitbart, FOX, Russ Limbaugh, Alex Jones and Trump University — and Trump’s tweets.

          • Jackalyn Morrison

            That’s about all the ones you can really trust not to be fake

          • Agreed. Especially Trump University.

          • MyRoseHasTHORNS

            I’m positive you mean the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative and Obama’s IRS?

          • Phyliss thinks that was all just fine ..ask it.

          • Phyliss ? Is back again

          • Trump never sold government favors.

          • You seem to forget New Jersey and Florida. Trump is a joke. Bring on Pence.

          • Trump is the first serious president we’ve had in 8 years. The US needed someone with executive experience and not a community organizer.

          • Yes. He’s had numerous bankruptcies and from what I understand has a couple more in the hopper.

          • He had 4 bankruptcies in the gambling business and the gambling industry doesn’t do well in a bad economy. 4 bankrupt out of 520 is called batting .999.9% You should be so lucky.

          • You need to check your facts. Casinos actually do well during economic downturns. Why did the other casinos survive during that era. And he’s had 6 banckruptcies and a couple more are coming.

          • No they don’t because they don’t have the money to spend. There’s always a few citizens who think that they can gamble their way out of their situation.

            6 out of 520 is by all accounts extremely successful.

          • Yes they did. They take whatever they have in the bank and hope to win a big one. Look it up.

          • Addicts are a very small part of the population.

          • Casinos in Nevada did do well during the “economic downturns.”
            In spoite of the fact Nevada had the highest unemployment rate in the United States, the casinos continues doing well. Harry Reid had a lot to do with the continues success of the casinos, hotels/motels and eating places’ all that catered to tourists from throughout the world.
            Go back and did up some data from Nevada and you will find that workers in Nevada were being laid off by the hundreds. They were complaining that the gambling institutions and travel related industry (cafes, hotels/motels and casinos) were all thriving due to the thousands of Illegal Immigrants employed.
            When the complaints reached their peak the Now retired senator from Nevada (Harry Chicken neck Reid) stated the gambling related industry in Nevada could not survive if they had to discharge their illegal immigrants and replace them with American men and women. Reid and Obama turned their backs on the men and women of the United States,; in this case specifically the working men and women of Nevada in deep need of work.
            Similar incidents happened in Florida when Disney World laid of dozens of long time workers and replaced them with Immigrant workers brought into the Unled States on visa work permits. Disney supported their actions saying they could not find qualified workers to do the jobs BUT they used the workers who had been dong those exact jobs to teach the immigrant workers replacing them AT LOWER WAGES!
            Toys Are Us and several other big business’ did the same. The Obama Administration in spite of laws that prohibit it, allowed it to happen.

          • Some of his companies did declare bankruptcy. Many factors contributed to the Casino failures. Personal bankruptcy is different. Your business bankruptcy figure might even be low, but the bankruptcy laws allow for them. Just part of doing business and one of the reasons why corporations and sub-corporations are set up. to avoid personal liability.

          • That’s true, but bankruptcies are failed businesses which to me shows lack of business acumen. Let’s not forget the failed Trump University which essentially committed fraud. Why is Trump afraid to show his income tax statements for the past few years? Is he in hawk any everything is a mirage? He can put it to bed by revealing his tax statements. Aren’t you curious at all about what he may be hiding?

          • He settled Trump university deal to put it behind him. An education is only worth what we do or are able to do with it. As for tax returns. I am a tax accountant and you would likely not find anything there that shows criminal actions. I am also old and believe in personal privacy. One of parts of one tax return was shown on CNN and shows he made millions and paid millions in tax. Even if you saw a couple of the most recent ones, the content would likely not show what you might think. He did release financial statements which summarize the net results of his business ventures at least within ranges. Likely he does not want competitors to gain information that could be used to compete against him. Maybe if asked nicely he might release the 1040 pages which pull all of the information on other forms into something of a summary

          • Or, he’d be bust despite inheriting everything.

          • Trump is the biggest joke ever!

          • Examples please. I could beat you by a mile by proving that Hussein o was the biggest joke ever. Trump’s a leader, obama leads with his behind. Did I say that correctly? Snort..

          • Pre-election rhetoric – ban, wall, deportations and repeal. The President has not the power to do any of that. Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!

            Trump’s a fukwit!

          • Put it all into a realistic view; when did our problmes start, who was responsible for them, wo should have been monitoring society and watching for these tings to happen?
            Who should have been pouidng their fists on table tops and demanding action when these problems weer developing?
            Clue; these problems started BEFORE Trump announced he was going to run for office. Trump did, Trump won the elections, and now has the job of fixing the mess left by Obama!
            Trump did not create the problems we are faced with – they were created over the past eight years and our congress men just set back and let it happen! Many of those who were running against Trump were past and present governors and/or congressmen; men who should have been doing something about the way our nation was heading but they did nothing.
            Trumps rating at this time, compared to the mess he inherited is not bad at all. He is faced with more opposition than any modern day president had to contend with , most of the friction coming not from anything more than just an effort to see him fail.
            Those who have a responsibility, the men and women we elected and sent to Washington to attend to the best interest of the nation and the Ameriacn people failed to do their job in the past eight years and today, rather than trying to fix the mess, are standing on the side lines fearful of not being reelected if they do not continue going along with the party leaders!
            We have a gutless congress who is more concerned with their own well being than they are the nations; and the media flourishes as the more “trash” they can dig up and develop the twists and turns that saturate the media the greater their profits; All At The Cost To American!

          • Problems started when we repealed Glass-Steagal Act (90’s), this led to irresponsible lending and crash in 2008. Not any Presidents fault, but mostly white men in suits.

            President has zip power; what did Obama do? What do you expect Trump to do – ain’t happening! Congress makes law and policy not the idiot in the WH – thank God!

          • I can agree with most of your comment; The president is helpless without the cooperation of congress. And the reverse, Congress has an uphill battle on their hands if they can not cet the presidents backing.
            In Obama’s case; he met with congress early in his administration. time he failed to achieve a working relationship with them as his agenda was far different than we had in the past and most was unacceptable to congress. Over time Obama just started doing as he wanted regardless of what the consequences may be. He had the backing though of a massive White House marketing budget that bought a lot of support from the media; for $2 billion (plus) you can buy a lot.

          • President has zip power – what did he do? Reference please! You got nothing, just dribble!

          • Bids from construction companies are being looked at. Obama would have given the contract to the biggest democrat donor because Obama’s owned by the lobbyists and special interests, Trump isn’t. Designs for the wall are also being submitted.

            So far Trump has kept all his promises and all Obama did was lie for the last 8 years. The Washington Post’s Obama’s biggest lies.

          • Why, no Bill to build wall! Waste of time.

            Not one promise kept so far – wall, ban, deportations and repeal and not ever likely to happen. Funny as!

            Obama, don’t care, neither a supporter or a detractor. He was mostly selling what Congress had passed, at least he knew how to play the game.

          • Not one promise has been kept? Turn off MSM, you might learn something. He promised better trade deals and his trade deal with the Saudis and China will provide many jobs. He promised to bring jobs back to the US and did. He said that the aircraft companies will have to place their bids and they are. He promised deregulation and he did. the economy’s also coming back strong with record highs in the stock market.

            He hasn’t been in office very long and hard to deal with the fake news Russia narrative.

          • Trade deals – remit of Senate. Nothing to do with Trump and his rhetoric would have meant huge penalties on China because of ill-balance in trade. Duh!

            No wall, ban, deportations down 18% (that’s finding folk already here!) or repeal!!!!!!!!!! But he hasn’t the power to do it!

            Economy – up nearly $40 billion since last week. A million every four minutes. Definitely the fix is in!

            “Fake” news – think if it was Trump would have sued them. he has a big history of that so am sure the facts are checked and double checked. Duh!

          • You’re too stupid to debate because not only are you low info, you’re also a party hack that will never acknowledge any successes by Trump.

            Mr. Poopheads world D=good
            R=bad. Such a simpleton

          • Still not voted Democrat – hold both parties in equal contempt.

            Still waiting on “successes”! Zip so far!

          • Stupid, you don’t vote therefore your opinion means nothing, so just STFU and take what you get, you’re just along for the ride.

          • 1. He told you he’d repeal Obamacare and replace it with something “beautiful.” You bought it. But he didn’t repeal and he didn’t replace. (Just as well: His plan would have knocked at least 22 million off health insurance, including many of you.)

            2. He told you he’d cut your taxes. You bought it. But tax “reform” is stalled. And if it ever moves, the only ones whose taxes will be cut are the wealthy.

            3. He told you he’d invest $1 billion in our nation’ crumbling infrastructure. You bought it. But his infrastructure plan, which was really a giveaway to rich investors, is also stalled.

            4. He said he’d clean the Washington swamp. You bought it. But he’s brought into his administration more billionaires, CEOs, and Wall Street moguls than in any administration in history, to make laws that will enrich their businesses, along with former lobbyists, lawyers and consultants who are crafting new policies for the same industries they recently worked for.

            5. He said he’d use his business experience to whip the White House into shape. You bought it. But he created the most chaotic, dysfunctional, back-stabbing White House in modern history, in which no one is in charge.

            6. He said he’d close “special interest loopholes that have been so good for Wall Street investors but unfair to American workers.“ You bought it. But he picked a Wall Street financier Stephen Schwarzman to run his strategic and policy forum, who compares closing those loopholes to Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

            7. He told you he’d “bring down drug prices” by making deals with drug companies. You bought it. But now the White House says that promise is “inoperative.”

            8. He said that on Day One he’d label China a “currency manipulator.” You bought it. But then he met with China’s president and declared “China is not a currency manipulator.”

            9. He said he wouldn’t bomb Syria. You bought it. But then he bombed Syria.

            10. He called Barack Obama “the vacationer-in-Chief” and accused him of playing more rounds of golf than Tiger Woods. He promised to never be the kind of president who took cushy vacations on the taxpayer’s dime, not when there was so much important work to be done. You bought it. But in his first 6 months he has spent more taxpayer money on vacations than Obama did in the first 3 years of his presidency. Not to mention all the money taxpayers are spending protecting his family, including his two sons who travel all over the world on Trump business.

            11. He said he’d force companies to keep jobs in America. You believed him. But despite their promises, Carrier, Ford, GM, and the rest are shipping jobs to Mexico and China.

            12. He said he’d create coal jobs. You believe him. He hasn’t. But here’s what he has done: Since 1965 a federal program called the Appalachian Regional Commission has spent $23 billion helping communities in coal states fund job retraining, reclaim land, and provide desperately needed social services. A.R.C. helped cut poverty rates almost in half, double the percentage of high-school graduates, and reduce infant mortality by two-thirds. Trump’s first proposed budget eliminates A.R.C.


          • Here’s how they’ll lower healthcare costs. Take away the government mandate and remove all the taxes on medical devices, and the biggest expense of all, tort reform.

            Taxes WILL be cut. Why do you care? Do you pay taxes? Nope. I pay 26%.

            Infrastructure will also be taken care of and not the way obama did it. 5% went to roads and bridges, billions to failed green energy companies, rewards for donors and union payoffs. Then for the next 8 years, the chocolate toilet plunger whined that he need more money for infrastructure. Trump will take care of it and he keeps how promises.

            You’re such a retard because things have to go through congress first, stupid. He wants only a billion? Acid flashback, old guy?

            He is draining the swamp. Hiring freeze and those fired haven’t been replaced. Billionaires in his cabinet? I’d rather have someone who’s successful instead of some liberal ideologue who has no clue. You saw what the ideologies did to our foreign policies and economy. Things take time, stupid.

            Car companies are building in the US, stupid. So is Intel. 😀

            Trump never said he wouldn’t bomb Syria if no red line was crossed, guess what, Princess. Unlike Obama you don’t cross Trump’s red lie. He took out 20% of the Syrian air force.

            Coal jobs are coming back and I already sent you the deregulations that held it back. You also need coal for electricity.

            Trump. MAGA!! 🙂

          • Trump thought we were friendly with Assad. Congress triggered attack, Trump announced it. Wow!

            He’s doing nothing because the President has not the power to do anything – dummy! Congress makes the decisions duh!

          • Trump keeps in touch with his generals and knew ahead of time because they needed Trump’s approval to carry out the attack. Maybe you should look up how government works. You’d be surprised! 🙂 (dumb fuk) It happened on a weekend when the president of China was visiting in Florida and our president had to leave the table to give approval.

          • And piggies fly – any proof? Thought not!

          • Presidents get the final say on anything that big. On 60 Minutes Robert Gates who was the former defense secretary said that Obama called a meeting between himself, his military experts and economic experts and old them that he (Hussein O) could do a better job at their jobs than they could. Ever wonder why the economy never came back under obama? Ever wonder why our foreign policies are so bad and our trade deals as well? Because you had 8 years of a community organizer calling the shots, and a liar to boot.

          • And 60 minutes would never misquote?

            Way blame Obama – not in charge of policy or laws. I don’t blame Bush for Iraq or Afghanistan – why? I’m not a moron!

          • What do you mean misquote, dummy. It was in Gates’ own words.

            I blame Bush, Clinton and all the other morons who voted for the Iraq war.

          • It’s called editing.

          • editing is the word liberal use when they can’t face the truth. Liberal 60 Minutes edits tapes? Nice try.

          • I’m going to have to say “ciao'”. It has been an interesting time on this Alt-right media, call me ignorant but I never realized that folk were really this uneducated and I see now why they are easily manipulated by extremists – left or right.
            I have a report to write and enough information to last me a long time. The report goes to folk who have long arms, tentacles and power. The funny thing is I represent neither side of politics being well known as a fence sitter – which is probably why I got the gig. I only ever posted well-documented facts in essence to gauge people’s neutrality or extremism.
            By informing you of this I have the right to use your “username” and thus quote you. I have a lot of hard-copies. And “the” people have the power to demand Disqus release personal information.
            It’s been interesting! An’ then some!

          • Pence is six of one half a dozen of the other.

          • you mention New Jersey and Florida and I am curious why. Trump is your President.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Come on, you can do better than that, can’t you?

          • Go away, Phyllis, and take your meds!

          • Yeah, just what I say, probably in a 6 ft. cell block.

          • Get on with your gay lover you have no business here Phyllisgarber I suppose you know as much as Mike and Barry..with his 57 states and her ignorant speach ..or did you choose not to listen. Oh Harvard puts out some dummies it appears.

          • OK – your way – IF there was voter fraud on PRESIDENT TRUMP’S behalf you have your golden opportunity to prove it – He has asked for the voter data from all the states which would certainly prove if he is a fraud so why are you left wings loons hiding under cover and refusing to give up that information? Forget that Hillary rigged the nomination as we all already know and that Bernie Sanders supporters are suing the DNC. Forget that Hillary really only won in the states that do not require a photo ID to vote. The only state that does require ID that she won in was Virginia and they are already under investigation.
            As far as Seth Rich goes maybe you can explain how it is that – that investigation comes under the jurisdiction of the Washington D.C. District Attorney’s office – and do you know who just happens to be an assistant D.A. in that very office? Crooked Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s brother – Steven Wasserman. You would be doing cartwheels and having convulsions if it was thought that President Trump had something to do with his murder and had people in place like this – and not the Clintons.

          • Although I agree with verifying the voter data by name Social Security number and address, I really don’t understand why the political party people belong to has any merit. Even red states are refusing to divulge the data. But personally, would like to see the matter put to bed.

          • I can tell you that in our state it was given and it went red of course and 45,000 illegal dead people voted in one community..and guess what; they were all dead people voting for Hitlary!

          • Could Hillary carry California without millions and millions of illegal voters, no, and unless your a moron you common sense shows Trump took the popular vote too.

          • Still doesn’t answer the question of why which party people belong to has any relevance.

          • No answer because your right, it makes no difference, their in it for themselves that is why you will never see term limits, we the people mean nothing to them. I cannot argue with you, however, even I am amazed as how two groups work together to destroy Trump?

          • eligibility to vote can only be confirmed by looking at things like social security number and other identification used to register to vote. Deceased voters and felons should be purged from roles and anyone who has falsified identification should be prosecuted in addition to being removed from voter registration records. Lots of work to verify, but well worth the time and cost.

          • Still didn’t answer the question of why party affiliation has anything to do with it. That should be a private matter. Social Security information is a good way to determine citizenship, not foolproof, but party affiliation has no bearing.

          • There is probably nothing than can be done to prevent all voter fraud. Some voter precincts are rumored to have more people registered to vote than they have residents. When I renewed my drivers license in Florida some 6 years ago, I had to prove residence and provide social security card and birth certificate to renew. Someone with more experience in this than me would have to say what is needed and how effective a thorough review of voter rolls can be. My senses tell me that at best, only some illegally registered will be located and removed. Verifying name on a voters social security card with name for that number with social security will catch some. Immigrants would need to show record of citizenship approval. Most fraud can be stopped but not all. Party affiliation is probably not necessary.

          • What evidence is there that “millions and millions of illegal voters” helped Hillary to carry California? Just the ravings of Donald Trump?

            Remember, for years he said Obama was Kenyan; Then he admitted that was a lie.

            And Trump lied that Trump University was a real school, except Trump had to pay $25 million to stay out of jail.

            And Trump said Obama was tapping his phones. That was shown to be a lie.

            And Trump said Russia was not trying to hack the election. Now he says Russia was trying to hack the election — but in favor of Hillary. More lies about this, to come.

            Question: Trump always lies, so what kind of people repeatedly believe the lies Trump tells them?

          • No one on this entire earth lies more than Obama, he is a true pathological liar and cheat. He held at least three known different alias, social security cards, and foreign passports. He sealed his school records at the cost of a million to hide he used foreign student status to get foreign student fellowships. Honesty he is a pathological liar and con- man. Obama allowed Ric to open secret investigations into the Trump teak maybe Trump himself for political reason just like he allowed Leaner to walk after her part in the IRS scandal, which even Congressman Cummings was involved in yet appointed to investigate it.hillary destroyed. 30,000 emails to prevent getting catch in pay to play game to get fire in donation for the foundation which she had Canadian laundries clean their donor sources before sending the slush money to the so called charity. The Russians never wanted Hillary to win and never did Trump say Hillary was working with them. Obama lied about premiums for Obama Care and whom would pay for it, he lied about 5 Iranian prisoners we hold as terrorist to release them for his worthless Iranain agreement saying they were in jail as political prisoners not for acts of terrorism. He lied about the hundreds of millions sent to Iran for the release of Americans being held prisoners, he lied about the inspection schedule and terms of the agreement. He lie about illegal immigration and how many he was secretly admitting into the state and how many ( over one million) were placed on SSI income as refugees. If Trump is a liar what shall we call Obama whom was caught and still is being caught in endless lies? I know a discriminated guy cause he is half black, it does not matter he is a shaky rest that set out to harm this nation on purpose.

          • The estimate was 3 million illegal voters not counting California’s secret goal. Investors Business Daily, nov. 28, 2016 printed an article on fraudulent voters and illegals registered to vote. The state will not release information we are not allowed to know how many illegals voted so folks like you can throw more bullshit at us. We should have to worry about illegal voting because they do not legally belong in this country, what Obama did with immigration was treason, he is a dirt bag,he hurt the natupion for voters .

          • Why do you continue to believe a birther, climate denier, Trump University, groper, serial liar, who repeatedly says things that later are proven to be untrue? At some point one would think you would say, “This guy always lies; why should I believe him now?

            Anyway: California has 2.4 million unauthorized immigrants. About 1.8 million are old enough to vote.

            Of those 1.8 million illegal immigrants in California old enough to vote, how many of them would have voted — assuming they could get away with it?

            Just 28.5% of estimated eligible voters in the United States, voted in the Republican and Democratic presidential primaries last year. If that percentage holds in the undocumented immigrant population, it would mean that only 522,000 illegal immigrants in California would have gone to the polls.

            However, many immigrants living illegally in California might not want to expose themselves by registering to vote in the first place, and that 522,000 number would shrink dramatically.

            But even if all 522,000 illegal immigrants of voting age in California went ahead and voted, that’s still a lot fewer illegal voters in California than the number that would have been needed to throw the popular vote — ILLEGALLY! — to Hillary Clinton.

          • I am not as smart as you are your brilliant indeed? California issued 800000 driver licenses to illegal aliens, there is no verification of citizenship ship on voter application forms in California. Registered new voters are not checked by a data base to see if their illegal residents, or recently deceased before joining the Democratic Party to vote in a primary. Special Agent for homeland Security Claud Arnold had arrested hundreds of illegal aliens for voting or attempting to vote in California. He state rarely are illegal voters in California prosecuted. There are 2.4 million illegal alien resident on the books in California, but no one not even one as brilliant as yourself, knows the actual number, in fact we do not know how many in million + Obama allowed to remain in the states after an illegal crossing. We know of one million central americans he registered as political refugees so they could collect Social Supplement income which is controlled by social security, but by law suppose to be funded by other sources. We know the open border Obama self made decision cost billions in relief payments, public education costs, and medical costs to be paid by the state and local governments. We also know that people like yourself do not give a shit since it does not directly effect you. Unless your an illegal alien with a prior arrest sheet, it is unlikely you will be deported in California. Most deportations actually slowed down when your king and master Obama came to power and fixed immigration.

          • I thought we were talking about 3 million illegal votes for Hillary. Fake News??

          • Experts: California voter registration system highly acceptable to fraud. Article by Malia Zimmermann published February 1, 2017. Two things someone as brilliant as yourself must know your sources are left wing ideology, and my sources conservative outlets which are a few trying to prevent the conspiracy to destroy Trump and make people think Obana is not a sneaky lying con-man.

          • Trump has been President for six months and still, all the conservatives can talk about, are Obama, Hillary, and Bill. It’s time to stop using them as excuses for Trump’s incompetence..

            And oh yes, Jack Posobiec, Alex Jones, Breitbart, Limbaugh, Nugent, Palin, Coulter, Hannity, Beck, Bachmann, et al are very reliable sources of misinformation.

            Anyway, returning to the subject, which you so strenuously avoid, I still see no data showing that Trump won the popular vote.

            Just a lot of general claims about fraud, but still no evidence. Maybe the information comes from the same source that claimed Obama is not a born American, and Trump’s inauguration crowd was the largest ever.

          • Two traditions, one the prior administration does not interfere with the new. Second, new administration does not try to indict the prior in return, check it out, it is a fact. However, Obama is like. Fart in a space suit you cannot get rid of the smell or residue. Your side is Down right evil, you can hold Trump to. Higher standard than you held Obama.

          • What difference does it make whether Trump won the popular vote; the important vote that di d win the White House for Trump is what counts. That vote was made by men and women who are in fact far more in tune with the facts and not swayed by a billion dollar campaign and absurd ” promises for votes”; the campaign was won with reality and up to date information.
            Hillary lost the election for no other reason than Hillary herself. She is known throughout the world as a liar, ineffective, weak in accepting duty, responsibility and obligations. The Electoral college could see this, many of us could see it, many world leaders could see it in her and in Obama.
            Ask yourself who put this nations in the greatest jeopardy – – The Russians with their alleged attempts to influence our elections (even a billion dollar Clinton campaign could not do it) – OR – Hillary Clintons illegal emails sent out to the world and anyone who with the least skills could tap into some of our nations greatest secrets; do you really think she had the skill, personality, honesty and trustworthiness to set in the White House? The electoral college did not think so – I don’t think so; and I don’t believe you do either.
            Your stand is most likely driven more by a dislike for Trump. I do not particularly care for the man but I worked with him at one time and I found him an easy person to do business with; I still don’t really care for him but he was elected to a job and as long as he keeps trying to do the right things, I will continue backing him!
            I accept the fact he did not create our problems – he inherited them from Obama!
            And, that same “six months” you refer to is the same six months that Pelosi and Schumer have spent standing (sorry, Pelosi sits now) in front of TV cameras complaining and accusing; I have yet to hear them (or any of their followers) make ANY suggestions or offer any help is resoling the problems this country has as left to Trump by Obama!
            How much Tax Payers money do you think it costs for Schumer to stand in front of the TV cameras with the squad of head bobbers behind him doing nothing but nodding and bobbing heads from time to time; or are they just trying to stay awake (which is still costing tax payers)?

          • Perfect.

            I wrote, “Trump has been President for six months and still, all the conservatives can talk about, are Obama, Hillary, and Bill. It’s time to stop using them as excuses for Trump’s incompetence.”

            And so what do you write about? Hillary.

            You folks just can’t help yourselves, can you? Of course, the reason is clear. You have nothing positive to say about Trump, other than “he’s and easy person to do business with. (Tell that to all the creditors and employees he’s cheated.)

            Obama had to deal with a right wing Senate, a right wing House, and a right wing Supreme Court. Trump, the Republican, has an even more right-wing Congress, and has accomplished nothing positive.

            The man is pitiful, incompetent and dishonest. Why not admit it? If people defend him, it just encourages his dishonest incompetence.

          • For the first two years that Obama was in office, the House and Senate were controlled by Democrats. for most of second year, he was in office the Democrats had 60 votes. i happen to agree with most of the Trump agenda. We have already seen a huge reduction in illegal immigration. Immigration laws were passed and for a change are now being enforced. The President should enforce all laws, not decide that he does not like one and choose to ignore that law. Now Congress needs to take action on funding the wall, changing tax code and so much more.

          • how would anyone know the number of illegals in any state. the 2.4 million could be close or it could be way high or way low. California is giving drivers licenses to illegals and that could only make registering to vote much easier. Having even one illegal immigrant voting is one too many. California as a whole is a liberal state and for that reason Clinton won by huge margin. trump knew early on that California could not be won by him and did not spend any time or major money in that state. If popular vote had decided the election, he would have worked to decrease the vote difference.

          • The electoral college was established to keep large population states from dominating Presidential elections. Most states lean one way or another, but the margin is not huge either way. California and New york are different. The states are liberal in nature, especially California. If popular vote decided the winner, those two states would swing every election to Democrats and we would never or nearly never elect a Republican. Take the popular vote margin of those two states out of play and Trump would win that as well. He did in fact win the vote that counted. He received 306 electoral votes and the election is history. California gives drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. How many of them are now registered to vote. It is illegal to be here without proper paperwork , so California has pretty much shown, citizenship does not count in that state.

          • Your right Frank, the electoral college did work in Trump’s favor despite illegal voting in California as expected. Trump is half a year into his first term with three and a half to complete. He has unlike Obama broken no laws while President. He does not have to obstruct or destroy evidence like Obama, he has no special over played race card to pull out when he gets caught in a jam. He cannot get rid of Obama care since Republicans are also working against him. He can however bring back jobs, cut taxes,shrink the federal government, find and Fire Obama’s fifth column in his administration cabinet agencies,strengthen the military, and show respect and love for America. Three and a half years, then if he fails elect another Obama clone to destroy the nation for good in sneaky secret deeds. Frank, they cannot allow Trump to be successful, they cannot allow the criminal deeds of Obama to be exposed, they can force the new world order upon us and globalization agenda. Trump is in charge allow him to keep his promises, if the congress wants to get a desk criminal they should go after obama and his cabinet heads. I know how the electoral college works, I was a history teacher prior retirement and an army officer. Trump deserves a chance, no one could be as bad as Obama it is not possible anyone else would of been impeached and arrested.

          • You make a GREAT point, when you mention that Trump won almost every state where photo ID is required! Imagine what the popular vote would have been if every state required photo ID, as it SHOULD be!

          • And we know the reason they don’t want it don’t we. All except the brain deads

          • On purpose as planned countless millions of illegal immigrants did vote in 2016. Obama on purpose illegally brought them in and gave them relief to resettle, he wanted to get votes and change demographics since he hated all white people that much, even himself.

          • The irony about Barry whoever he really is – is his hatred for whites. He is half white and it is his white half that – supposedly makes him a citizen of the U.S. Kind of reminds me of Hitler and his hatred of Jews even though it was suspected that his father was 1/2 Jewish.

          • They won’t give them in those crooked liberal states, can we all guess why? I know that answer.

          • You most likely also think that Hillary was an advocate for women – If that is true why did she pay men in equal positions more than the women on her staff and also at the Clinton Foundation? I see ads all the time telling women that abuse and rape are wrong – the NFL colleges all saying to report it – Hillary your advocate for women did everything in her power to destroy all of the women who had the audacity to stand up for themselves against Bill’s unwanted advances/rapes. Hillary claims to be an advocate for children – even though she is deeply entrenched with Planned Parenthood who performed over 350,000 abortions last year – and profited by selling their body parts. Hillary’s closest friend and advisor Huma Abedin’s husband – Anthony Wiener – is in prison for pedophilia. There are many reports and girls involved in lawsuits regarding Jeffery Epstein’s “Lolita Express” and “Pleasure Island” where under-aged trafficked and run-away girls were used for orgies. Flight logs, phone records and the girls themselves have placed Bill there on many occasions- he’s a pedophile too. A computer seized from Abedin/Wiener’s home by the NYPD during their investigation into Wiener’s pedophilia case has evidence that Hillary made at least 6 trips there too – so it looks like your advocate for children is a pedophile too. If you care to look any of this up it is all available online as is a new report that there was rampant pedophilia in Hillary’s State Department. But you keep right on telling us how bad President Trump is if it makes you feel better.

          • OMG! You really believe that stuff, don’t you. What’s your source? Alex Jones? Really, what’s your source?

            Anyway, I understand. No matter how bad a President Trump is, and no matter what evil he commits, you always will have the “Hillary” excuse..

            It’s like saying Putin really is a good guy, because Stalin killed a lot of people.

          • Yes Phyllis everyone who does not buy CNN’s brand of BS watches Alex Jones. You really need to get over your hatred and start reading – you have absolutely no idea what you are supporting. Like I said before all of this is available online – do you need someone to hold your hand to find the materials too or are you capable of looking something/anything up for yourself? With sources that include NBC. CBS and other mainstream media outlets. You may have to go back a little to find it when they were actually reporting it.

          • sandraleesmith46

            That was before I was born; they were already skewing to the left in the ’50s.

          • The Bible tells us to seek the truth, and the truth will set us free. I truly feel sorry for people like Phyllis, because she has no clue as to what the truth really is! If you are getting your information from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, or MSLSD, you DO NOT know the truth!

          • Hi Mike W…it’s next to impossible to educate the kool-aid soaked lefty. Hit them with the truth & the facts and they spin off to some distant planet.

          • OR implode into an uncontrolled temper tantrum, LOL!!!

          • One trip to AR might help the brain dead democRAT

          • This woman is mixed up in the

          • yes I believe I have seen evidence. you need to get your head out of the sand, and Bill OMG what a sexual maniac

          • Janice Evans Pfeiffer

            You are in need of psychiatric care. Don’t get too close to heat of any kind…you may melt…..poor little snowflake ???

          • I Must have missed something in Phyllisgarber’s post that you all were smart enough to catch, but from MY understanding of her words she backs Trump 100%…but you antagonists do not. Trump not only is doing a GOOD job, but if our “elected” GOPs would do w,hat they were put in office TO DO, he could do GREAT things!

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            I don’t think so George2……..I could find nothing in her posts that gave a hint she supported Trump. All I got was a stupid leftist.

          • You missed it for sure on that comment…scroll back. Was being sarcastic read it good.

          • Thank God the fate of the US does not rest in the hands of your observational abilities , one of these days one of those left wing nut jobs will get so close they will hit you right in the face .

          • All mass media confusion aside, people would rather a little right wing b.s. over a lot of left wing failures.
            Oh and your party promoted the Hillary excuse.
            Big mistake!!

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Call the prison. That’s one good source for some of your people and where they are that you can probably verify.

          • Phyllis, you need to give it up, and go lie down. You must be off your meds, or something, girl, because you have NO CLUE as to reality!

          • Explain how Hillary’s destruction of 30,000 emails was not a method to obstruct evidence knowing they would be requested for review? Explain how the approval of 20% of USA urainium by the state department was not tied to the multiple million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation. Tell the contributors how there was no pay to play in Haiti in the communications industry? Explain how Lynch met or tried to meet secretly on a plane with Bill Clinton to discuss grandchildren for half an hour? Explain how Lous Leaner emails were accidentally destroyed, and how she was not indicted by Lynch? Explain how Holder is still in comp-tempt for fast and Furious yet walking around laughing about it? Explain how the state department is missing 6 billion dollars and social security 600 million dollars during Obama’s watch? You do not preach the truth, but delusion to protect an American criminal Obama.

          • Imagine you are arrested for unwanted sexual advances toward women. You are hauled before a judge. Your defense is: “Bill Clinton had an affair.” What would the judge tell you?

            Imagine you are caught passing secrets to the North Koreans. Your defense: “Hillary Clinton used an unsecured Email server.” Does that excuse you?

            Imagine you are caught running a scam that cheated thousands of people. You tell the judge, “Barack Obama made millions.” Is that a logical defense?

            That is the right wing approach to every Trump misdeed. Rather than worry about what the current President of the United States has done and is doing, the right wing excuses everything by mentioning real or imagined misdeeds by Hillary, Bill, and Barack.

            But Hillary, Bill, and Barack are not President, and what they did, or may have done, has absolutely nothing to do with the lying, cheating, and incompetence being displayed by the current President and his associates.

            So long as the right wing continues to excuse Trump’s lying, cheating, and incompetence, he will continue, and you will have only yourselves to blame for what happens to a nation led by a lying, cheating incompetent.

          • In all due respect, your delusional like most liberals. Trump did not commit any crimes, yet Obama did. He refused to enforce immigration law, illegally granted asylum to millions without the consent of congress. He sent emails to Clinton on her private server then denied doing so, wait, it does not matter you do not give a flying dodo, in your sick mind which is politically twisted Trump is evil and Obama can do no wrong. The only reason Obama was not Impeached is he is half back. He can do anything he wants, no one dare challenge him. Trump will not be impeached, but any president can be brought up in charges. America will not elect another democrat in 2020, because we are still pissed at obama fir screwing us over.

          • Think that one is in a institute and stole someones computer, not worth our time on that case of brain dead, most likely deaf and blind too.

          • Go take your medication the nurse will be their shortly with them. I don’t think the doctors can find the brain so get back in your cage.

          • Moe, I believe you’ve soared well above the snowflake’s head with this one! You’ll have her stumped for the rest of her life.

          • I have another left wing liberal who requested evidence that millions of illegals voted, really? Investor’s business Daily reported on November 28, 2016 the known estimate to be three million, however more than likely with California probably many millions more. Allen, you got to remember being liberal means you always have to be the victim and the most informed from misleading sources like CNN, CBS, MSNBC, NY Times, NYC Daily News ,Washington Post,ABC, and others. If you believe illegal did not vote by the millions your as stupid as Obaba thinks you are and the left usually is that stupid if it meets their agenda, truth has no place in a liberals mind only personal goals over national security and safety.

          • Oh, I’m NOT a Liberal and do believe that many illegals (as well as deceased, Chicago-style) voted in the 2008, 2012 (how else could Obama win), and the previous election.

          • Dummies like you…where were you from..which country. I think we better start giving a iq test for people like you to open their mouth, a waste of good air.

          • hitlery was for women —– in a special way……

          • raping way spit it out

          • You got it, Mike! Saying that you are an advocate for women, when you’re married to Billy Boy, the rapist, is like Hitler’s wife saying that she is an advocate for the Jews!

          • You tell him Mike, people who have no morals make me furious!

          • Obama – or whoever he really is claimed to be a Kenyan – not a Nigerian. You might have missed it when on the campaign trail he said “I am the son of a Kenyan sheepherder.”
            You might be interested in an interview with Barry’s “brother” Malik in Kenya – the real Obamas would like to see a DNA paternity test to prove relationship. They don’t think they are related now.

          • Trust me, obama is dirty, far more than Trump in sneaky deeds and purpose. The national debt rise from 7.4 to 19 trillion before he left office. There has been refusal for an audit. Read how many billions was given away bu him to foreign nations on his agenda. The Former President’s Act 2912 passed by democrats majority in Congress gave him doe is retirement benefits like 1.5 million a year free vacations. They entered the White House with less than 200,000 in wealth and left with millions and millions. They dirty trust me. Trump was elected because of the sneaky illegal deeds he got away with. I could list them but your in total denial. Climate change is bullshit that Obama agree to pay for with our money without our consent. He is proabaly heavily invested in it like Al Gore is. When this nation goes broke and Obama supporters hit the street to protest the disaster they created. You deny he spend more money in eight years than we did in nearly 200 years, and for you that is acceptable, next you will be telling me it was approved by congress? The guy belongs in a prison cell with most of his cabinet heads and advisors. Your democratic party is dead, he murdered your party’s only chance to hold on to power or regain power. Trump will be re-elected, that is how much America believes he screwed us all.

          • @Phyllis, you need to stop watching MSNBC, CNN, and even FOX NEWS, your brain is at the point of shutting down, cause you clearly don’t have a clue!

          • 306 to 223.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Aaaah……your link for all your info is a CNN link. THAT explains everything. Get gone and get a life. Giving you true facts is a lost cause that we really don’t need to waste our time on. You dimwitcrats are just sore losers………..that’s all it boils down to.

          • sandraleesmith46

            O is KENYAN, not Nigerian. And not all your “facts” are accurate. They’re very left-skewed. And China was going to THINK about adopting some of the Paris accord in SEVERAL YEARS’ time, meanwhile suffering such horrendous air quality that people have to wear masks outdoors in most of their cities at all times; and those with respiratory ailments don’t dare GO out many days. India isn’t better and wasn’t acting on the accord either. It doesn’t matter what the US does; so long as those 2 are spewing crap into the air it affects us ALL!

          • You are a fool, Phyllis. I truly feel sorry for you. You must not have been present when God passed out the brains!

          • Now wasn’t that Al Gore’s baby? Stole more money from that hoax and again a leftist crook!

          • Lets get it right, Barry the fairy Obama is Kenyan, not Nigerian !

          • Yes, Trump lied that Obama is Kenyan. Then, Trump admitted Obama is American. You’re a bit behind when deciding which Trump lies to believe. Stay current.

            Do you remember when Trump lied that the Russians were NOT trying to hack the U.S. election?

            Now, Trump lies that the Russians WERE trying to hack the election, but in favor of Hillary.

            Question: Which Trump lies do you believe, today?

            (Guarantee: If you answer, it will not be to defend Trump’s lies. Your answer will contain the names Hillary, Obama or Bill. Your belief: If the President lies lies to you, it’s O.K., because other Presidents have lied to you. How sad is that?)

          • You expect me to use a CNN site to verify your facts?are you nuts? Yes the nation is in the hole 11 to 12 trillion dollars under his watch, he double the national debt most by secret spending and give always. Yet you deny we are in deep trouble due to Obama debt right? It isn’t his fault right?

          • Climate does change and we have been seeing that for all of my72 years. Paris accord was a joke and pulling out was the right choice. We have been dealing with air pollution and water pollution and have made huge strides. Some things are not correctable withot major changes in how we live. We could stop driving cars or eating beef or drinking milk an quit turning on the AC when it get hot. Is that going to happen. Not likely. Disposal of human waste has improved and many of our lakes and rivers are now fairly clean. Nature can correct most of our mistakes. We should continue on trying to decrease air pollution when we can reasonably do so. Pollution is a problem and creating phrases like global warming and climate change distract from the real problem. twenty years ago, Al Gore predicted we would be beyond recovery now and that certain things would have already happened like ice caps having disappeared and drastic rise in temperature . We survived and we will conquer problems facing us Obama’s mother was an American citizen when he was born and therefore he was as well. I somehow doubt that he was born in Hawaii as claimed, and wonder why that claim was even made. I think Kenya is more likely his birthplace. It really is kind of irrelevant anyway. He was elected by voters and is now a private citizen who continues to meddle in what happens.

          • So, you disagree with Trump who now claims Obama was born in America?

          • I still support Trump. If Obama was not born in hawaii and his mother was not an american citizen, that would have made a difference. His mother was a citizen when he was born, thereby granting him american citizenship. I tend to believe he was born in Kenya, but that has no bearing on his citizenship. A number of things dispute his birth certificate. That includes things in his own book and a professional review of his Hawaiian birth certificate. His social security number is from a state, he never even lived in.
            The climate does change and has been doing so for many years. I do agree that we can and will continue to reduce pollution of the air. We have made great strides already. Climate change is not a problem and I do not agree that it is man made. Natural gas is considered clean fuel, but Methane in atmosphere is increasing and we need to know why and solve that problem. carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced, but more can be done without our making huge changes in our lifestyle.

          • Where he was born does not determine whether he is a citizen or not. his mother was a citizen and that automatically bestows citizen ship on him. We do have problems with pollution. Climate does change but we may or may not

            have any part in that. We have reduced levels of pollution by significant degree and the water and air will be less and less polluted. Nature will do most of that but controlling emissions will help as well. three quit and five joined his agenda. slow progress , but progress.

        • Correct Moe but PHYlisrgarber cannot perceive – brainwashed!! Not worth our time to enlighten the ignorant. Probably one of those masked protesters tearing up property so they can steal and burn but cowards behind masks. If they were proud of their standing why do the cowards hide behind masks?

          • The left must always be the victim, always even if their masked setting fires, and hitting people in the head with 2 by 4 ‘s with nails hanging out. If an person attacked fights back, or the police decide to protect the innocent instead of the left masked anarchst, the so called Obama peaceful protesters are victims. Even the media and newspapers called the people you identified as the victims. Half the nation is nuts and Obama is still their leader. We better believe them or else? Trump will not be allowed to get any legislation passed, the Senate will not stop the democrats from delaying and obstruction to passing anything. The senior GOP in the Senate is working for Obama to keep his legacy and continue the madness and lies. Dirty politicians run congress.

      • Phyllis take another pill. When the Obamas – or whatever the hell his real name is – and Clintons have been completely exposed you and others just like you will never admit to having voted for them.

      • Those are the same polls that said Hellary was a shoe-in! In spite of all the Dimocrap lying, cheating and stealing, the shoe she got was up her a**! The Democraps are not the real Democrats of years past, they now represent the scum of the earth, the takers, not the earners or givers……………they’re FINISHED!!!!

      • USN Vet 31yrs Svc

        Were you in the WH? Is what you are reporting first person recordings or notes? Just what position do you hold in the WH?
        When you read the HC legislation, what specific item like page & paragraph that you are upset with?
        Which approval ratings poll are you referring to? The one that said hitliary was going to win by landslide? Exactly which poll has been consistently correct by the numbers?
        I am curious to the source of your so truthful facts? CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, or NYT.
        If you can’t answer as being sole source, it must be a lie.

      • That climate control was utter nonsense. It was just a way to get billions of dollars from us to pay for fixing other countries power grids. If Hillary had been elected we would be 22 trillon in debt by now. She like all democrats can’t do a thing unless they have a trillon added to their spending budget.

      • As far as healthcare he should of just left obamacare alone and by next year it would of been gone on its own. Its all but dead now. Your just a liberal whiner that is on here because you can only see one way its got to be ur way or nothing.

      • How about you GO AWAY you LIBERAL TROLL. (to a communist site where you will be more welcome.) (how’s that for kindergarten “namecalling”?) YES I am INDEED happy with PRESIDENT TRUMP (HE keeps liberals like YOU awake at night worrying about how your party is going to get away with MORE screwing the American people out of their freedoms and MONEY for their personal entertainment and enrichment)

      • Lol. Be careful about believing any polls. I have over 400 business contacts in five states. I did my own polling prior to the election; and my numbers were right on. I was not shocked by Trump’s election. The leftist pollsters were shocked. Trump is bringing America back. 30% support? Don’t believe it.

      • yes very happy with President Trump,/ Clinton. Obama, Soros all want a one world order. so they can be gods

      • And despite your list the Dems are still in trouble. Have you seen their list of potential 2020 candidates. Larry,Moe,Curly & Shemp.

      • Phyllis, 142 trillion dollars in debt, unfunded future entitlements, and federal liabilities tells me you’re paying attention to the political noise rather than the actual issues. Trust me: the politicians like it that way.

      • Phyllisrgarber: Go back to SLEEP, you don’ t know what your talking about. STOP looking at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, all the fake news channels. If you want the truth look at FOX NEWS, TUCKER, HANNITY, WATERS, JUDGE JEANNIE PITRO, GUTFIELD.

      • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

        Are you crazy? America’s image in the world can’t plummet…….Ovomit already had us at the bottom. Other countries will soon realize Trump is their friend and ally. They are just used to having to deal with crooked politicians as presidents and don’t understand someone who does what he says instead of just empty promises. And they certainly don’t understand someone who actually STANDS UP for America and Americans!! If the stupid democrats would spend their time assisting instead of resisting as well as the rinos, then just imagine what could get done. Why do you care how much the other countries think of him? Consider what he is doing for all Americans and the respect and confidence from other countries will return when they see he says what he means and means what he says. President Trump is NOT a politician. He is a Doer and a Leader! And YES! WE ARE BEYOND HAPPY WITH TRUMP because he gets things DONE and is trying to build this country back to greatness IN SPITE of you damn democrats tearing it down and giving it away like the greatest fraud (OVOMIT) EVER perpetuated on the American people was doing.

      • Estatiscally happy!

          • How!?
            Why are you mocking native Americans?

          • Did I say, or imply, anything about native Americans?

            What does “estatiscally” mean?

          • My typo error: Meant ecstatically happy.

            As for “mocking native Americans? Nah, Just messing with you. Thought you was being a smarty-pants.

            Remember, in old westerns movies native Americans were depicted raising their right hand and saying “How” when greeting others, as opposed to shaking hands.

            BTW: I’ll bet I’m a more irredeemable and deplorable basket case than you. But if you’re fortunate to be a basement dweller too, you might have me beat there.

          • Thanks. I am liking Trump more and more, as he manages to maintain some dignity (don’t laugh; imagine how you would react) in the face of the scurrilous Lefty attacks. Putin is also coming off much better than, say, Hildebeest. Erdogan, on the other hand, is pretty hopeless.

            That was quite a tough assignment you gave me (research the etymology of “how” as used by native Americans). Here’s all I found so far:

            how (haʊ)
            sentence substitute
            a greeting supposed to be or have been used by American Indians and often used humorously
            [C19: of Siouan origin; related to Dakota háo]
            Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged

            I don’t know if I qualify as a “basement dweller” — I have a basement, but I only “dwell” there about 1/2 hr a week on average, doing laundry and fetching spare supplies or tools mostly. I guess the laundry makes me a “basket case” somewhat. ;-}

          • Two thumps up!!

      • Yes I am happy with Trump. As far as those accurate labels you call names, you are what you are.

      • I’m THRILLED with Trump, because, in spite of the azzholes in congress, and in the media, who are doing all they can to destroy him, he has already accomplished MORE GOOD for this country than King Odumbo did in his 8 years of dictatorship!

      • YES! I am VERY Happy with President Trump! I am not so happy with many Congressional people or with liberal justices

      • Oh yes we are and you are listening to your media liars just like the polls that told you Hitlary had the polls would be the president…duh wake up dingbat!

    • Johnnie Simpson

      Moe,you are spot on ! It’s sad that so many voters see the problem with the Democratic Party,but the leaders of the party refuse to see it. The biggest problem is that today’s National Democratic Party is full of Communists and Socialists that are nothing more than Communists in disguise.At last count there were close to 75 members of the Socialist Party serving in Congress and some openly Communists. This should scare the day lights out of every American !

    • Amen Moe

    • You are so right….This is not the democratic of JFK……the one I knew growing up.

      • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

        The old democratic party is long gone. It is now a socialist party. The anti-thesis of this country. I used to think JFK was a great president. After him I had hopes for Jimmy Carter but he was AWEFUL. Not so much crooked as weak. Anyway…….I vote for the candidate who is best for this country now, not the party. And these days Trump is the best thing that could have happened for this country. I totally support him and trust what he does. I would be EMBARRASSED to be a democrat these days. I now look at a democrat and think, “STUPID”.

    • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

      You nailed it Moe!

    • The significance of the early worker’s unions was that what they fought for were the basic needs of humans … survival, safety, and security. These are the rights recognized by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

      The new breed demands association, achievement, and power (regardless of reality) as entitlements.

      The need breed purposefully violates natural law.

      • Unions use to represent the workers whom elected them to do so. Now they represent the Democratic Party chiefs. Think about it, illegal aliens drive down wages, they take jobs we cannot tax since millions are getting SSI thanks to Obama, they reward for entering here illegally is free entitlements?Most unions support open borders they claim they support workers and the nation? We have entire police departments supporting democrats when their fellow officers are being murdered in the streets by hate cop ideology of the Obama DOJ and his pals in BLM. The best part, is I expect the Congress to force us to worship Obama the guy whom screwed our nation over. We can recite lies they the democrats dream up about the sneaky guy. I wish no harm to Obama, just wish the FBI was honest enough and would arrest him. Unfortunately, he is above any law or legislative body we elect. This nation is scared of Obama, we do not have the courage to expose him. His supporters want to continue the lie and force it upon the rest of us.

        • Brother Moe — I feel the frustration. The brakes are on for the ship of state. We can hope for a better course.

          I voted for Mr. Trump with reservation. I have been carefully observing him. He is a good American President and I wish him well.

          • sol_of_Texas, I was campaigning for Dr. Carson but after he fell out of the race he asked his supporters to help Trump and explain Trump loved America and would be a good choice. Trump has done well despite the conspiracy to illegally destroy him. I can accept what Obama did as accept it, however, Obama’s involvement in the destroy Trump movement changes the whole game now. We cannot live in fear of the left or radical minorities, they do not hold the nation’s best interest or the people’s. If Trump is driven out by all fairness Obama must be exposed as the real sneak he actually is.

  6. You would think that the far left liberals would learn from their utterly humiliating defeat. I guess they don’t want their blue collar middle class voters back. Thanks Libtards, we’ll gladly keep them. Wow, the stupidity is astounding.

  7. Proof that liberals have clearly joined communist and are firmly dedicated to the destruction of this country.

    • USN Vet 31yrs Svc

      And just what have you done for your country? POTUS had beautiful & comfortable life. He did not need to jump into the cesspool. But, he did as a true American.

      • My service was limited to a term in the Army by draft in Vietnam. I was glad that it was over when it was. I cannot see what that has to do with liberals or the President who I support. What else do you do besides blow hot air?

        • I spent nearly 28 years in the army and deployed to Iraq. I supported Trump because I saw how sneaky and dishonest Obama was. He hurt this nation economically by spending in secret, he divided the races far worst than they were prior his arrival, his foreign policy left the world in turmoil and led to death for hundreds of thousands of foreigners and it caused the refugee problem. After all the lies, destruction, and illegal sneaky deeds, the liberals expect all people to kiss his lying ass. Honestly, unless your a typical liberal moron you can not notice the cover up in the Clinton email and foundation make believe investigation? If Trump should be impeached, then by all fairness Obama ought to be arrested and jailed ASAP.

  8. They love to claim Hillary won the popular vote – without illegal voting 😉 – by 2,000,000 votes. How much would you bet that have driven 10 times more than that away from their party since?

    • Jackalyn Morrison

      Oooh yeah and that is exactly why they are screaming against voter ID laws

      • You noticed how they screamed and screamed about firing Comey – because he caused Hillary to lose – then when President Trump fired Comey – they screamed and screamed about how unfair it was. Then they screamed and screamed about the Russians and President Trump tampering with the elections. President Trump has asked all states to report their voter data and they are all running for cover – they don’t want to cooperate. It would seem to me this would be their golden opportunity to prove what they have been claiming. But they know the truth will hurt them and not President Trump. They are a confused bunch of hypocritical whiners.

  9. Dear Democrats– Please stay as kooky as you are! It will be so much easier to clean your clocks in 2018!!! Signed– A Centrist who will never vote Democrat again!

  10. As a senior, a Christian, a veteran and a 42+ year registered Democrat, I concluded that the party first “left me” back when the arrogant, narcissistic liar Obama got elected. I was convinced back in 2008 that he was a fraud, which was eventually proven to be the case. Then, the “crowning blow” for the party losing my support, both financially and in volunteering, was when the corrupt lying lawyer, Hillary Clinton, became the party’s candidate. Finally, there is no way that the party will ever get me back if it adopts the extreme-left, liberal-progressive-socialist agenda. These left-wing liberals are in my opinion pure socialists and they could care less about small business entrepreneurs like me. I suggest that the current party leaders all resign so that the party can get some real forward-thinking leadership put into place in order for the Democrats will be meaningful again on “main street” America!


    There is a article on YouTube about Erie Pa and all the manufacturing plants that are closed. This is a real news report. At the end of the report the woman says “ITS ALL WHITE MEN WHO LOST THEIR JOBS”. This is the target ANTI AMERICAN Jews want to destroy. There are many reasons we should kill all “ANTI AMERICA” Jews in America. THESE PEOPLE ARE A BIGGER THREAT TO AMERICA THEN RUSSIA CHINA AND NORTH KOREA PUT TOGETHER.


    Disney and the Jews: Eisner and His Kind Must Stop Harming Our Children And Country.

    by Dr. William L. Pierce

    WE’VE SPOKEN about the Jewish control of the news and entertainment media before, but it’s a matter of such urgency that we need to talk about it again and again. It is absolutely essential for us to understand who controls our mass media and how they use their control to undermine America.

    Very recently a major rearrangement in the media world took place when the Walt Disney company paid $19 billion to take control of Capital Cities/ABC, the company that owns the ABC television network. That makes the Disney company the biggest of the media conglomerates. And it makes the man who controls Disney, Michael Eisner, the most powerful media boss in the world.

    What does this mean for the future of our people? Should we be concerned that the company which brought us Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Snow White will in the future be playing a much bigger role in forming the opinions of American television viewers and setting the moral and cultural standards of our nation?

    I’ll answer that question: Yes, we certainly should be concerned, because the Walt Disney company is not what it used to be. It has been transformed from a wholesome producer of children’s entertainment into a malign instrument of subversion, whose purpose is to weaken and destroy our people.

    We all know that America has lost its sense of purpose and is drifting. We all know that American society is coming apart. We all know that our traditional values, our traditional life-style, our traditional heroes and role models have been disparaged and ridiculed by the controlled media. We all know that the idea of White racial guilt, the idea of deferring to minorities, the idea that we should tolerate perversion and accept it as “normal” — all of these ideas have been pushed by the mass media. Alienation and delinquency among our young people are increasing. The traditional American family is in serious decline. Racial intermarriage is on the rise. Non-White immigrants are pouring across our borders, and no serious effort is being made to stop them. Our political system has become hopelessly corrupt.

    The only way that we can even begin to cure this illness is to regain complete control of our mass media. Our media must be used to give our people a sense of identity; a sense of racial community; a sense of kinship, of belonging; a sense of racial and national purpose. We must take control away from the people who are using the media now to confuse and alienate and mislead us. Only when our own people are setting the standards for the media, only when our own people are deciding what attitudes and values should be taught to our children, can we become strong and healthy again — and that means breaking the Jewish control of the media. Let me hear from you on this most important of all the issues facing our people.

  12. Michael Dennewitz

    I actually pray for the day that the demoncrap party becomes extinct and a GOOD SNIPER takes out ovomit and the benghazi bitch!! ☹??

    • MyRoseHasTHORNS

      I’d rather they were felons than made into martyrs. I want their names to forever represent the absolute skanks they are.

  13. Obama Care is disaster ! Why can neither party make health care an option like buying car insurance, across state lines like home and car insurance, where you can choose liability and procedure coverage and stop the wasted fraud in Medicaid. There you have a choice to buy limited coverage for what you need, and there you can assume to be adult and responcible for coverage you choose. AMERICA, AMERICA, wake up, this is what you should demand for medical insurance. Also change legal procedures to eliminate frivolous law suites that only lawyers get rich from. Trouble is that Americans that get all the free service never will give up what is given free and then all the tax payers, middle class must pay for it. America is broke, time to wake up America, we can no longer give America away free to rest of the world.

    • MyRoseHasTHORNS

      Why insist on health ‘insurance’ instead of health care? Many people can’t afford premiums and co-pays and would love to just spend $50 -$100 to see a doctor at a clinic. Why force these families into bankruptcy or take away from their quality life needs. Build more medical universities, run more clinics, open the current ones with round the clock staffing. Leave insurance for the catastrophic care situations.

      Hell I’d rather die or be treated by a veterinarian than an Obamacare supporting doctor!

      • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

        Hey, there’s nothing wrong with veterinarians, LOL! I trust them more than the doctors nowadays who treat everyone the same and run people through their clinics like a herd of cattle. Where I live there aren’t any good doctors and if you have a serious problem you better drive to Atlanta to get a decent doc. Good veterinarians here but no good MD’s.

  14. Oops. “itsfun” believes the polls. “BigC” doesn’t. You two fight it out. Or ask Kellyanne. She never lies.

  15. Obama for Gitmo. Son of a whore. It’s true. That’s why he’s a punk and the lover of boys and men. Can’t you smell that smell around him.

  16. I was a democrat until they changed and started acting like republicans. But when they elected that boob obama that was the last straw. No one would speak out against him. His mother was with the communist party. She jumped from one bed to the next. Doing what ever she could to put shame on her own race. A daughter of satan who born a bastard child who would become president nothing could stop what satan had done to take power over the greatest country in the world. It was a test to see if America was worthy of saving and the lord stepped in and got Trump elected against all odds so America could be saved.

  17. The Democrats are to far gone even for this.

  18. the wierd left has control of the dimocrats and will fight like hell to keep control. i love snowflakes, they are so good for republicans.

  19. Apparently a large percentage of the respondents here are illiterate, on drugs, stupid, and/or plain out insane.

  20. Please, please stop writing headlines saying that liberals or democrats are “outraged ” or other such words. They are AWAYS outraged. That’s their mode of operation, their identity; the reason they are liberals.

  21. This article is really good news. Thank you!

  22. I really wish that people would quit telling the dims what they are doing wrong. They might start to listen.

  23. Sounds like a cop out to me, I want what I was promised, round them up and ship them out, ALL of them.

  24. I hope they continue those leftist policies! That’s why Trump won. Americans are fair, common sense folks, but Obama went WAY overboard in his liberal policies to the detriment of the Democrat Party and America. Hope they stay the course.

  25. The GOP should be aware of 2 key dangers to keeping their do-nothing majority in the mid-term elections! 1st is the continuing lack of support in their own party with rogue Republicans not accepting their party’s platform. 2d is the cute, devious movement in the Democrap party towards the “center” or appearing to be more conservative and acceptable to middle America who is fed up with the Socialist Left, the “fake news” media, the whining “snowflakes”, and the anti-Trump elitists pushing for impeachment! The bottom line is that America’s recovery is at stake for everyone along with global instability.

  26. The Left has been working to get this far since the 1950’s. Their hearts must be broken. You will have people jumping out of windows.

  27. Well the war aint won yet! It has just begun. But if this article is correct (and I hope it is) then we will see the Marxists and Socialists moved further to the back burner. the problem is however they will still be there like a cancer in remission but not cured. For the Sanders, Clinton, Warren crowd history is nonconsequential and meaningless. That is why we must get control of our schools systems driving out the leftys from teaching our young Americans who are our immortality.

    • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

      Absolutely!! Get rid of the political professors in college and all schools. Teachers of any kind have no business pressing their own political views on students.

  28. I WISH THEY (LEFTIST) WOULD GO BY WHAT THEY EARLLY ARE — COMMUNISTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CALLED PRESIDENT TRUMP A NAZI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Correct the language, do not allow these obstructionist communists hijack all liberals or all dems.

  30. Establishment dems plain do not care about their base who apparently have had enough of their BS. So stay your course and hopefully as more of your base votes with us we can get back to making our country and her citizens the top priority. dems, msm and rino’s need to get the message.

    • They vilify legal gun owners and members of the NRA – they obviously have no concept of how many Democrats are legal gun owners and members of the NRA.
      They say they have no room at their table for people who are not pro-abortion. Again they have absolutely no idea how many Democrats – Black, White, Hispanic, who are Christians and might find that statement offensive.
      The DNC came right out and said that they have no obligation to produce any candidate other than one of their choosing (chosen ones). Basically telling Democrats that they are too stupid to pick a candidate so the DNC will do it for you – so much for every vote counting huh?
      I know a lot of former Democrats – who voted for President Trump – not so much because they liked him as it was how much they disliked the Democrat Candidate that was forced upon them.
      It is almost like the should take the Donkey down as their mascot and put up a rainbow flag. Even then the people who complain the most about being discriminated against discriminate against others. You can’t be gay or at least participate in the parades if you are other than a Democrat. They are shooting themselves in the foot. Pretty soon no one will be able to tolerate their unhinged opinions – they won’t even be able to tolerate each other.

  31. Since when do progressives listen to reason?

  32. I see two possible election outcomes happening in the 2018 election. One is the Republicans will narrowly beat their Democratic opponent or two, the Dembots will win enough seats to possibly tilt the scale of power back in their favor. The reason why I say that the Republicans may narrowly win is because there are still enough of these idiot fence sitters in Washington DC that refuse to work with the President to get the important things done for the benefit of the American people. They are literally Democrats in sheeps clothing. John McCain is a perfect example of one of them. The Dembots will not have a prayer at winning at all if they continue with the complete and asinine nonsense they have been doing ever since Trump became President. A lot of people are so sick and tired of hearing Russia this or Russia that from the Democrats and the media, that they are turning off their TVs and radios so they do not have to listen to it anymore. But if certain Republicans continue being obstructionist and downright stupid, the voters may take it out on them by voting in psychopathic and lunatic Democrats to take their place. God help us if that ever happens. The choices are ours, folks. Do you really want the Sodom and Gamorrah Dembots to rule over us again so they can spread their filthy agenda onto us like they were doing when Obama was President? I for one most certainly do not.

  33. I agree I do hope the democrats stay the course…their party is becoming irrelevant and then it will be the republicans turn…they have whined and whined about obamacare for years and now that they have the majority they are unable to do anything…both parties are absolutely worthless to the AMERICAN PEOPLE…and Trump was the fly in the ointment…like him or hate him he was and is the change agent…so I say DRAIN THE SWAMP the republican and democratic parties BOTH

  34. The so-called “Democrat Party” is a run-away downhill train that knows what the end will be. Their requirement is the same as was Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler and many more tyrants of history. That being having absolute power and complete control of the peoples, forcing them to live “low and contained”, while they and their close friends and thugs live “large” keeping the people on the “plantation” doing what they are told!

  35. Time for professional politicians and their flying monkeys to go and be extinct…..

  36. sandraleesmith46

    The Dems simply refuse to grasp that their anti-American policies won’t win them points with Americans.

  37. Stephen Griffith

    Know how to get the Dumb Donkey’s attention, Smack between their Dumb Donkey Eyes< KAPOW<BOOM<BANG<SLAP!!!! But if that does not work, just know they will not likely change. I am Ole Red-Neck Trump Supporter. They are also like lemmings, they'll keep going Left, onward over the cliff into abyss of the bottomless of insanity!!!!!!! It's just their Nature, just saying!!!!

  38. The suggestion that Democrats should “return to the political center” is based purely on their inability to win by legitimate means at the ballot box. They are NOT making this suggestion as a matter of principle (they have none), but simply because they are losing (in spite of their efforts to defraud the system). If they are ever successful in gaining power again, you can bet they will govern as the Leftists (Leninists/Stalinists) they are. The Democrat party is NOT a political party; it is The World’s Largest Organized Criminal Enterprise.

  39. Democrats will never deviate from the extreme liberal whacko beliefs they have. They are a threat to this country and any democrat to claims to be moderate is a liar until proven otherwise. They would only say that to fool voters.

  40. billy mack emmons billy mack e

    If the left wing people had any since they lost it our spent it.people on the left always saying we are for the people of this country .they are for them self and there king oboma and queen Clinton .they don’t know the truth are can take the truth . Obama and his people won’t to make this a third world country and government here all these people on the left goats I call them . won’t to have there way are no way at all .look at what has happened this is true facts .one Obama and queen Clinton has the blood of our people on there lie but truth .too. both have broke the laws of this country .three after looking into things we see they have put money into the fake news Network .for there gain .to put more lies out there against Mr Trump and real Amricans who are over the lies and being walk on all the time .the people they sent to the house and to congress has shutdown and not voting our working with anyone just watched C-SPAN you will see .that one Network that shows it live like it is .no fake news there .but a lots of hot air from the left and some Rino’s .and they love too put people like me and my brother’s and sisters in Christ Jesus down looking to take us out at any cost .they working around the clock to do this. In 2018 we need too send these people a message .and get all of them out of Washington DC with the Rino’s right behind them and put real Amricans with a backbone in office that will work for we the people.

  41. Let them stay the course on their communist anti-American platform. It’s working so good for us conservatives. If God allows a 2018 election, the democratic party will be in total ruins. A by-word,

  42. How about the liberals of America just coming to a 6th grade level of common sense?! That would be a big step forward for them!

  43. The cool part is that had the “strategists” had their fingers on the pulse of America they would have realized the lines had already been drawn — for the past 10 or 14 years.

    I’ll check with my bookies in Vegas for the odds on a “civil” war in 5 to 10 years.

    Some people (I fear) are too stupid or ignorant to match thoughts, speech, and reality (physical action).

  44. The Democrat Party hasn’t been center or moderate since the early ’60s when Lyndon Johnson backstabbed white southerners and bought the black vote with his so called ‘Great Society’ welfare garbage. They’ve been a front for the Communist Party since those days. I don’t see them ever moving to the right. They’re too hardheaded.

  45. The Democratic Party use to have the Blue Dog Democrats who were more centrist, and Bill Clinton told the Democrats back during the 1990’s that they could not win if they kept pushing that far left agenda. After Bill Clinton won, instead of the Democratic Party sticking with more centrist views, they took that sharp turn to the left, using Nancy Pelosi as their leader and money magnet for every fringe cause imaginable, and the DNC was bought out by a group of investment bankers who call themselves the Third Way. Just because Obama won as part of this leftist combination does not mean the Democrats will win with the same message, but a different candidate. People don’t like the message, and the only reason Obama won is because many blacks showed up at the polls to support him, in additional to many middle class whites who did not like John McCain or Mitt Romney. However, people are tired of the old rhetoric on the left, and if Trump is successful getting his agenda passed and the country gets going on the right track again, the Democrats will remain losers.

  46. Keep the SOB’s where they are and let them destroy the Democrats. Those folks should create their own party of loonies and leave the country.

  47. Those calling to stay far left, had better be aware you are not immortal! You can be reached and replaced! Your lives mean nothing anymore to restoring the Republic to it’s purpose and role. You are but parasites feeding off it to corrupt it and destroy it. Our Founding Fathers would have you searched out and shot or hung!

  48. I think Democrats have pandered to the lowest common denominator for so long they’ve become the lowest common denominator. They no longer care for or even hear law abiding, taxpaying citizen’s. Only the looniest, most bugeyed fringe gets their attention now. Lie down with dogs, get up with flea’s.

  49. Boy, I agree with Huffpo, Vox and Salon-I think the Democrat Party should continue its leftward push. It is really important for them to try to make the country socialist. We need more men in the lady’s room. Keep trying to get everybody’s guns-no one needs them anyway. The country wants more immigrants, both legal and illegal-hopefully some of them know how to finish a satisfactory rape and we need more murder specialists. Hopefully, the Democrats can also get more jobs transferred to other countries-we don’t need jobs, we need more food stamps. I think if the leftists stick to their guns (in a manner of speaking) it won’t be long until we will be rid of them for all of eternity. When that happens we will finally have a wonderful country to work and raise a family. Go idiots.

  50. Malcolm Davidson

    This is a great article. I remember studying in Gt. Britain in the early 1980’s when Maggie Thatcher was running things. She was unpopular, but not as unpopular as the Labour Party, which veered hard left, and subsequently lost 2 general elections to Thatcher later on in the decade. Most liberals are not hard core leftists. They tend to be center left, but certainly not Marxist in their outlook. If the Democratic Party decides to go more mainstream they may pick up some seats, or win outright the whole enchilada. If they stay far left, they will clean up in Berkeley, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and very left wing enclaves, but lose the country. Even though I am not a Democrat,(not a Republican either), I think it would be better for them to move to the center, and if they actually win, govern from the center.

  51. Jr. didn’t do chit – He was set up – The woman was running around DC meeting with a load of dems before and after the meeting with Jr. Now a man named smith who was researching and getting those missing E-mails was conveniently suicide…..

    LMFAO – sorry folks – They never had ANY INTENTION of repealing chit —- it was a talking point to gather votes and send them to DC….Disgustocrats and RINOS….they aim to stay in power and money at peoples expense and that’s the jest of it…….

  52. Please keep your outrageous agenda going. Ask for all Christian to leave America, try to pass laws that only trannies can hold office and laws that all white people have to give half their salaries to the closest living black person. I love seeing you freaks lose elections. And then the stupid look on your faces as you ask yourselves “what did we do wrong?” or “voter fraud”.

  53. SORRY FOR THE long submission following BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT! I have already submitted it to my senators and congressman. I would hope EVERYONE reads and submits similar correspondence to their representatives BEFORE this has a chance to become law!

    . ——————————————————-

    Today, 7/11/2017, I received an email saying the House Committee received an amendment from Representatives Frelinghuysen and Graves that has by vote been approved for inclusion into the DACA- spending bill which will allow illegal aliens to compete with Americans for Federal jobs. – – – – This is outrageous and MUST BE stopped.

    These illegals, good or bad, have already demonstrated a lack of respect or intent to comply with our national laws. As with almost anyone, allowing them to get by with violating laws only encourages them to commit
    additional illegal acts.

    The moment they illegally entered this nation or remained beyond their legal stay in this country they turned their backs on the nations laws. They can, by any standard, be considered as “habitual criminals;” they elected to ignore and violated our laws day in and day out. The mere fact they are here and have managed to get by with it encourages them to push for more and more. Allowing similar things to happen in the past is what has brought so much of the problems onto our streets, into our schools and the workplace. Ignoring laws leads to

    We expect, and we demand, Americans obey our laws, we demand the legal immigrants obey our laws! In spite though of the long time success in our enforcing laws and policies enumerated in our immigration laws and our immigration program, the past administration chose to appease the illegal immigrants and did nothing to stop or defend the nation against the greatest invasion of illegals into this country in our entire history.

    The Obama agenda resulted in a continued mass invasion of illegals which had a terrible and direct effect on the jobs this country needed for American men and women. The invasion had a negative effect on our quality of life as our economy, already burdened as it was, was then forced to support illegals who had no legal business being here and the American people were forced to accept their illegal presence.

    We are coming closer and closer to becoming a lawless nation when laws are ignored by those who are expected to obey them and by those who are mandated to enforce them.

    Our immigration laws and immigration program served several previous presidents; it failed us when the Obama Administration chose appeasement and support for the illegals rather than standing up for our laws and the American people.

    We cannot ignore our laws, we cannot ignore the best interests of the American people or the nation. We cannot allow illegals too ignore our laws day-in and day-out by coming here illegally and remaining here illegally. Obama chose to ignore the importance of the immigration laws and program; we cannot allow congress to now reinforce Obama’s agenda by passing legislation inconsistent with our long standing laws, the best interest of the nation, the American people and legal immigrants.

    With full knowledge of the impact the greatest invasion of illegals into our country has done to us as a society, our economy, overcrowding in schools, playgrounds, housing, stores and medical facilities, much of which the American Tax Payers have had to support, we cannot and we must not allow the efforts of Reps. Frelinghuysen and Graves to go forward.

    DACA is in need of being deleted, OR, a hard look at the merits of the program with an American First approach.

    American law and the rights of American citizens and Legal immigrants to expect the protection of our nation by enforcement of our federal, state and local laws IS A MUST and should never be handed off as a trading tool to appease anyone.

    It is astonishing Frelinghuysen and Graves would even suggest such a thing.
    – – – – – – – Even MORE AMAZING is the fact before voting to add this to the funding bill representatives were told they could vote without having their names revealed as to how they voted – – what kind of loyalty to constituents does that represent? America is faced with far too many residual problems left by weak and failed leadership over the past 10-12 years; we need to be working to fix these problems, not trying to continue appeasing those who choose to ignore our laws and rights and trying t keep it a secret – we have had eight years of secrets, half-truths and lies; we deserve to know what are representatives are doing, not doing, saying and how they vote BEFORE THEY VOTE! !

    The American people elected representatives to go to Washington to manage the nation’s best interests. In the past eight years that duty, responsibility, obligation and mandate from the people of America has been ignored! What Representatives. Frelinghuysen and Graves is suggesting is a continuation of the illegal and unconstitutional duties we expect our elected representatives to continue protecting us and the nation from.

    We have a Legal and long standing “pathway to citizenship” that has served several presidents in the past, has served our nation relatively well, and has managed the impact of immigration into our country. Ignoring those laws, ignoring the ill effects the American people have been burdened with in the past years, and allowing
    this absurd effort to become acceptable cannot be allowed. The thought that so many elected representatives in congress have chosen not to be identified in their support for the suggestion should be a HIGH SIGN to everyone that the amendment is not good for America and is not good for the American people.

    The gutless act of not making the identity of an elected representative who drafts, presents or backs ANY BILL in Congress is what allows bad management in government to happen; it is why our nation is in the mess we are in! If these elected representatives cannot stand up and be recognized, counted and openly, with honesty, identify their actions and intent, they have no business being in ANY TAX PAYERS SUPPORTED POSITIONS!

    — – – – – – – – – – -These provision from the Financial Services Appropriations bill must be stopped! – – – – – – – – — – –

    EVERY AMERICAN REGARDLESS OF PARTY AFFILIATION needs to stand up for America! Everyone needs to contact their respective representatives in Washington and within their states to insist that America remains the nation we have always respected. We cannot allow illegals to come here ignoring our laws and being allowed to take our jobs. Write and call your elected representatives before this is passed! It Can Not – MUST NOT – become part of ANY bills passed in congress!

    Call House Leadership NOW, BEFORE this bill is passed!

    Speaker Paul Ryan — (202) 225-0600

    Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy — (202)

    Majority Whip Steve Scalise — (202) 225-0197

    Chief Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry — (202)

    GOP Conference Chair Cathy McMorris-Rodgers —
    (202) 225-5107
    Thank you for your time and effort – – we must KEPP AMERIANC AMERINCA: This is our country and we have eentrusted it’s management to our elected represnttaives _ MAKE THEM AWARE OF WHERE YOU STAND; They are supposed to be representing all of us; Whay Do They ELect To Hide Their True Feelings and VOTES?

  54. The Democrats have a choice, and only they can make it. Either they return to their base which permitted John F. Kennedy to win in 1960 (minus the voter fraud), and start representing generational working Americans rather than every other group EXCEPT that demographic, and cease pushing gun control for the benefit of the Demonic globalist forces of evil trying to destroy our sovereignty, or they will lose again in 2018 and 2020! As long as Trump doesn’t get stupid and decides to grant amnesty to tens of millions of illegals occupying the US illegally, the political future of the Republicans will be brighter because the Democrats are now too set on a destructive Socialist course.

  55. The democrats with thier far left socialist thinking will go down in history as the party who disappeared from government while spending all thier effort in accusing republicans of something, anything , instead of working for the American citizens.

  56. Michael Dennewitz

    Soooo sad.. You dumbasscraps are on your way out. You’ve alienated your own party by the jealousy and BS you stand on EVERY day..???


  58. and this common sense approach is outrageous to the liberals???
    what a bunch of walking talking sacks of excrement these clowns are

  59. Remember that Moochelle Obummer stated that her Husband would NEVER let us go back to the days before his corrupted Presidency. That is why I know and expect them to continue their Destructive Behavior. Obummer is not done trying to destroy us all. Liberals took way to long in their opinion, to be able to come out in the daylight just to be told “Sorry we don’t want your way.”
    It took them years to take over enough in our educational system to brainwash our children that Socialism and communism is great. The left put all their right players into position to teach our children a different History that fits their lies.
    This is why they will fight to the death to keep everyone stupid to their deception and lies. Their belief in One World Order should not be ignored. They have proven they will even get behind criminals just for their vote. They will turn their eyes away as our FAKE Corrupt EX-President Obummer makes drug deals with Hezballa
    How much more Corruption are the American People going to except from these traitors and start protecting us from all of their lies, Corruption, and Scandals.?

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