Liberals Have an Explanation for Hillary’s Critics: Sexism

This week, Hillary Clinton became the first woman to secure a major party’s nomination for the presidency. After the roll call at the Democratic National Convention made it official, Clinton appeared on the Jumbotron to thank her supporters for the historic victory.

“What an incredible honor that you have given me,” she said. “And I can’t believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet.”

The media, for the second time in less than a month, grandly celebrated her achievement and made lots of empty comments about little girls who now know they can grow up to be president. Surely, this will be followed by plenty of superficial think pieces wondering when we’ll have our first gay president, our first Muslim president, our first illegal-immigrant president, and so on. America won’t be complete until every single demographic gets a turn in the White House, don’t you know?

Whether or not it actually means anything to have a female president, Clinton supporters in the media are already reminding us that it will play a big role in the election. Not because it has to, but because they won’t have it any other way. Now we’re going to find out if the Democratic nominee can rely on constant victimhood to put her over the top in November.

Victimhood? The former first lady and secretary of state? Victim of what, exactly?

Sexism, silly. That’s what.

In a long monologue Wednesday, MSNBC host Joy Reid argued that Hillary Clinton would have a tough road to Washington. “Barack Obama made us rediscover that we still have issues with race, and you know what?” she asked. “We still have issues with gender, and Hillary Clinton is going to teach us that issue now as she runs for president.”

So, yeah. Whatever Obama taught us about race, Hillary is going to teach us about gender. This must mean that men and women will be angrily divided in eight years, further than ever from understanding one another. In the short term, though, it means that every bit of criticism thrown at her will be discarded as misogyny by her defenders in the media.

Oh look, we don’t have to wait. Over on CNN, a Trump supporter named Kayleigh McEnany brought up Hillary’s dire poll numbers on trust, only to have those numbers swatted away by Peter Beinart of The Atlantic.

“I don’t think you can explain Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable ratings without understanding the way that men, and some women, who are traditionally-minded respond to women when they start to take traditionally male roles,” he said. “There is an enormous amount of social science.”

Yes, we’ll hear all about that social science in the months to come, especially if Trump continues to crush Hillary in the polls. The narrative is set. Either she will be the first female president…or America is a disgraceful cesspool of sexism and hate.

Guess we’ll settle for the cesspool.

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