Liberals Face Tough Sell on Syrians

Around 200 people gathered in Duncan, South Carolina last week to push back against the Obama administration’s refugee resettlement program. Upstate S.C. is one of several small American communities the administration hopes to use as a dumping ground for thousands of Syrian refugees. But if Obama hoped these people would welcome an influx of foreign Muslims with open arms, he is as foolish as he is reckless.

“The UN calls it refugee resettlement. The Muslims call it hijia, migration,” said local businessman Jim McMillan. “They don’t plan to assimilate, they don’t plan to take on our culture. They plan to change the way of American life.”

As correct as McMillan is, he doesn’t realize that pro-refugee Democrats consider that a feature, not a bug. To them, American culture is garbage, especially in the South. The faster they can change it, the better. If that means tearing down flags and shuttling in displaced Muslims, then that’s what it means.

Why, just listen to what 18 American mayors – including New York City’s Bill de Blasio – said in a letter to Obama last week. According to them, Syrian refugees “have helped build our economies, enliven our arts and culture, and enrich our neighborhoods.”

Enliven our arts. Who knew there was a hole in American culture that could only be fixed with Islamic artwork? Move over, Whistler, here comes Achmed. Ah, Portrait of a Burning Infidel, how marvelous!

Naturally, Americans aren’t just concerned about culture; several prominent lawmakers and security experts have cast doubts on the government’s ability to screen these refugees. Those doubts are well-founded. Out domestic background checks can’t even sort out homegrown psychopaths. We’re supposed to believe they can distinguish the dangerous Muslims from the peaceful ones? Is this like the Ebola checks where they simply asked people if they were sick? Sir, do you intend to kill Americans in the name of Islam? No? Enjoy South Carolina!

Those in favor of bringing in more Syrian refugees would win over some of their opponents if they would just be honest. Don’t play this song about how much better American culture will be once the place is overrun with Muslims. No one’s buying that. No one’s looking at the Middle East and saying, Gee, I wish America was more like Iran. Just sell it as a humanitarian necessity and admit that there are some significant drawbacks. And then address those drawbacks instead of pretending they don’t exist.

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  1. If liberals hate America so much, I suggest they improve their situation by moving to Syria, and spread their ideology there….

    • Wonderful idea! Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense for them to just move to countries that already have what they love?

      • Turkey already have a million, Lebanon has few hundred thousand.

        why are cons so ignorant?

        • Ah! RC is back, still hiding behind his moniker, even though there’s not an ml of sense there…

          Again, RC, you don’t read for comprehension. There is no way that there’s 1m plus hate-America liberals in Turkey and DEFINITELY not few hundred thousand in Lebanon!

          They’d be in jail or beheaded or whatever the “torture médiévale de jour” is

    • Time to face reality.
      liberals are so much MORE compassionate than the cons.

      in case the dim con hasn’t heard, there is war in Syria.
      moving there would be silly.

      why do cons say most ignorant things?

      • Liberals know nothing about compassion.

        Liberals actually think forcing others to give up their hard earned money to support socialism is compassionate…

        Talk about ignorant.

        • lets see.
          the Right HATE everyone who is not like them
          and the liberal accepts each individual as they are.

          and the low IQ human wants to pretend the Right are compassionate?

          See, THAT is how I know you are low IQ.

          • I think the right just wants everyone to stand on their own two feet. Liberals want to accept people as they are. Supported by the Govt. Calif. and Ill. are two of the most liberal states. We see what a mess they are in. I guess their intelligence Quotient precludes them from supporting themselves or their State. They are so intelligent that the Govt. should be proud to support them.

          • Ca is running a surplus, disingenuous con.

            You fools persist with the “free stuff” bullshit.

  2. Get the UN out of the US… and vise versa..

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  3. Lets settle them in Martha’s Vineyard and Hainesport and inside the gated communities of the liberal politicians.

  4. them syrian refugees can just stay in the beautiful land of allah

  5. Why resettle Syrians in small conservative communities, many of which are financially struggling? Why not in wealthy liberal areas, where they would be welcomed with open arms? The Hamptons on Long Island, Cambridge Mass., Malibu or Seattle for instance. In such places, the migrants’ hostility towards Christians would be a plus, not a minus.

    Or in large urban spaces where Obama continues to enjoy vast popularity? Detroit has loads of vacant land. South Chicago or Oakland. There are so many better options, that it is clear that the Democrats’ resettlement plans are motivated purely by malice.

  6. As my grandfather used to say this country is going to hell in a hand basket!

  7. How about, NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!

  8. If these refugees have a bad attitude they need to go somewhere else.

    • conservatives Assume thing NOT IN EVIDENCE.
      the “bad attitude” is coming from the right at the moment.

      • Reality,
        What I read above was coming from the locals. I have no idea what their political leanings are.

        • what you rad above is a Right Wing website doing it’s best to incite HATRED AND DIVISION.

          imagine dragging your family a thousand miles across turkey and Europe,
          your entire life destroyed and all your possessions on your back.
          living in mud villages for a year or two..

          the RIGHT are demostrating the UGLY AMERICAN that the world is familiar with.

          • Reality,
            The article did not say who these people were other than they were locals. But I understand where they are coming from. We have the same situation here. We have a large influx of African people here that are taking up a lot of low income housing that locals need and increasing school enrollments for students who cannot speak English. so now bond elections are forthcoming to provide the additional bilingual teachers and extra class space. Meanwhile, local people in need of low income housing are shut out.

          • WHY would they move Africans to Idaho?

            Sudan I assume?

          • Reality,
            The ones here at my apartment place are from Kenya. There are two families on my floor and some more on higher floors. I am not sure how many but I think six apartments are occupied by Kenyans. Other apartment complexes that were white a few years ago are almost all Africans now. I can produce photos of them if you like.

          • Weird.
            I wonder how they ended up there?

            are they refugees or just immigrants.

            apparently an Idaho legacy of refugee settlement.

            “In 2006 and 2007, 1,284 refugees were resettled in Idaho. African refugees from Burundi, Congo, Somalia, Togo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Liberia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan and Cameroon accounted for 40% . The nations of origin for the other top two groups of refugees arriving in Idaho during the last two years include the former Soviet Union (35%) and East Asia (40%). Although not a large refugee population currently, the numbers of refugees from the Near East/South Asia (i.e. Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan) will continue to grow as the recent resettlement efforts sparked by the War in Iraq increase in the United States.”


          • Reality,
            The ones in my apartment facility are from Kenya according to them. I would suppose they are maybe refugees but I do not know if Kenyans are currently in that status.
            Idaho has a very low black population. It is only about 5%. We have no ghettos in the Boise valley so they all seem to be pretty well dressed and healthy. I cannot ask them anything as they cannot speak English.

          • Reality,
            The latest data I have is for 2012. Idaho is 1.4% black and 7.6% Hispanic. There is less than 1% Indian. The rest are white. Democrats are as scarce as whales in Owyhee County(90% desert).

          • “Democrats are as scarce as whales in Owyhee County(90% desert)”

            I know.
            I make sure to put my “endangered species” plates on the car when passing through heading for Canada.

          • Reality,
            I know. I vote Democrat on urban issues but I guess I vote with the GOP often enough that I don’t have to get the plates – yet.

  9. Better yet, why not send them to Mexico? Wonder if the Mex’s would make them learn to speak their language? Wouldn’t that be a hoot! And why not send Obama and his minions down to Mexico to straighten their problems out? He sure ain’t helping the USA. AND leave the plane parked and ride in the front of the bus.

  10. This is nothing more then obummer intentionally destroying our country. And he is doing a bang up job of it.

    • since we MADE these refugees, we need to take some of them.
      and since there are millions of them, 10K is hardly acceptable.

      what happened to the conservative mantra, “Personal Responsibility”?

      tell me how is one in 15 people buying a new vehicle, a “destroyed” country?
      how is the best economy in the G-20 a “destroyed” country?

      • I have no problem with taking these people who are 100% vetted. The problem is this is nearly impossible. These people have zero provable ‘history’. Even our intelligence services admit they can not complete background checks on them because most don’t have traceable backgrounds. So the question is, do you want to place American lives in danger because you think we caused the problem? I think not.

        • why are conservatives such cowards?

          • Why are liberals so terribly stupid with not an ounce of common sense?

          • OH,
            would the con like to debate the liberal and prove he is smarter than a 5th grader?

            Now is when you post some lame excuse because your afraid to debate someone not indoctrinated by the Right Wing Propaganda.

          • Yup, you are what I assume are educated, what I call and educated idiot. Any time.

          • OK,
            The US economy is going the right direction.

            I agree.
            we have pulled ourselves out of the mess left by GW Bush and the 10 years of GOP control of congress. (1995-2007)

          • The economy is going in the right direction? What planed are from. The true unemployment rate is at around 23%. The gov’t doesn’t count the under employed or the unemployed no longer collecting benefits. Wages have been stagnant since obummer has been in office. Let’s see, he’s been in office for almost 7 years and you’re still blaming Bush. I was no big Bush fan, he was far from great, but give it a rest. At some time obummer has to own up to being the president, Bush didn’t cause him to violate the laws and the Constitution. Bush didn’t make him do Fast and Furious, illegal recess appointments, wiretapping news media phones, illegal amnesty, bypassing Congress and writing his own laws. Just face it, obummer is the crookedest ever to hold this office. And they impeached Nixon for Watergate?

          • You have recited those talking points perfectly.

            trouble is you are going to have problems proving it.

            AND considering we are debating the economy, odd that you put in the FF, illegal immigration, writhing his own laws, talking points as well.
            wouldn’t something about the crappy economy be better evidence?

            do you understand the concept of “debate”?
            try and keep focused.

            wages have been stagnant for decades. maybe you can cite an article pinning that on Obama (try not to make me laugh)

            of course a global implosion in 08 could be a factor, right disingenuous con?

            now as for the economy,
            the US is currently the best economy in the G-20

            “U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’”
            The World Bank is telling us… the U.S. economy is the
            only bright spot for global growth


          • Only a liberal could say unemployment is not unemployment if the unemployed is no longer collecting benefits. Let me see, Is the person not working? He/she is UNEMPLOYED. Wages stagnant for decades? I retired 10 years ago. I don’t remember making less when I retired then the years previous? You drink entirely way too much cool aide.

          • I actually didn’t say the word unemployment.

            the con tap dances to distract from his SILLY.

            is this you somehow proving the economy sucks?

            “2014 Continues a 35-Year Trend of Broad-Based Wage Stagnation”
            “Of course, as EPI has documented for nearly three decades, this is not a
            new story. Comparing 2014 with 2007 (the last period of reasonable
            labor market health before the Great Recession), hourly wages for the
            vast majority of American workers have been flat or falling. And ever since 1979, the vast majority of American workers have seen their hourly wages stagnate or decline.”

          • Hey genius, both employment and unemployment are a very important part of the economy. You were talking about the economy and I don’t know how employment would not be a part of it. You don’t understand how the folks being taxed extra to pay for all the unemployment or the welfare isn’t a part of the economy? Oh yea, I forgot, you libs don’t care about how much taxes people have to pay.

          • Lets just face it, you are clueless.

            “When the history of the contemporary auto industry is written, 2014 will go
            down as a year of contrasts. Deluged by safety recalls, auto
            manufacturers faced the ire of regulators and consumers. Yet, buyers did
            not stay away and instead gave the American auto industry its best
            sales year in nearly a decade.

            The result, announced on Monday, was a crushing sales success: Nearly one
            million more vehicles were sold in the United States last year than in
            2013. According to the tracking company Autodata, 16.5 million new autos
            hit the streets — the highest number since the record of 16.94 million
            in the prerecession days of 2006.”


          • It seems you proved Martys point. You said the mess of GW Bush and 10 years of GOP control of congress 95 to 07 then go on to say later, a record of 16.94 million in 06 when the GOP was in control. Now after 6 to 7 long years of Obama, finally auto sales are up. However how many people finally had no choice but to buy new to replace long overdue and wore out vehicles? Obama sure did not help with his cash for clunkers which hurt more middle and low income people than it helped by destroying so many used cars that the middle and lower income typically buy.

          • another silly con who thinks their flapping gums have relevance.

            not surprising that 2006 was a good year for auto’s. the bubble was just starting to unravel.

            I am not surprised you are not familiar with the sequence of events.
            not like you are informed.

            all you have is Talking Points

          • But most of what i wrote are your talking points. Your numbers. As for cash for clunkers more small business took a hit than were helped by the forced retirement of all those cars destroyed thanks to the democrats.

          • “more small business took a hit than were helped by the forced retirement”

            there was NO FORCED RETIREMENT, not very bright human.

            you cons say the most stupid things.

          • The trade in cars had to be completely destroyed so even the parts could not be sold plus the cars had to be usable and drive-able so the cars were forced retirement, scrap. The waste of money was huge. Dimwit lib. subhuman.

          • why is PROVING SOMETHING over your pay grade?

            You may not know that cons are notorious for LYING.

          • “Under the Cash for Clunkers bill passed by Congress in June 2009, the passenger car you trade in must meet two criteria:

            The car has been registered and in use for at least a year (this provision
            prevents people from buying an old beater from a junkyard and trading it
            in for a new car);

            The vehicle must have a combined city and highway fuel-economy rating of 18 mpg or less. The new car you purchase also has two criteria to meet:

            To qualify for the Cash for Clunkers program, the new car must be priced at $45,000 or less;

            The new car must have a federal fuel-economy rating that is at least 4 mpg
            better than the old car you’re trading in to qualify for a $3,500 voucher, or be rated at least 10 mpg better to get the maximum payment of $4,500.


            maybe NOW you can prove your bull poo.

          • What you said has nothing to do with the point i am making which is the program caused a lot of business to absorb a huge hit to their lively hood caused by the sudden loss of those cars before the end of their average lifespan. Plus the trade in cars could only be so old so the older high emission cars were left on the road. The program did not take into account the parts suppliers, installers, repair shops, parts salvage yards used car lots, part manufactures, machine shops and on and on and on.

          • Is this part of your “FORCED RETIREMENT” theory?

          • The point is the program caused all the business i mentioned and more plus the middle and lower income people that are the largest users of the older cars that were destroyed to lose their jobs because of the loss of those cars. A lot of the business either fired the employees or closed completely as their store front was in the area where the cars were used. I was working at a repair shop that almost closed because of the loss of those cars on the road. Forced retirement was not a theory, the cars were gone with nothing to take their place that the people could afford as the remaining cars price jumped.

          • it can’t be FORCED unless there is some force compelling them to turn in the cars.

            Maybe English is not your first language.
            do you know what a link IS?

          • You are not the govt. so you dont get to talk out both sides of your face. Under normal auto transactions the trade in becomes property of car dealer everyone knows that. The car dealer has the right to do whatever it wants with those trade ins.Sell, trade, auction or give away. In this case the govt said the cars it gave money for had to be destroyed. Did the people trading know their trade ins were going to be destroyed? Were they told they could turn down the govt. money? The force was the money.
            Now for the other side of your face you just stated it cant be forced unless there is some force compelling them. Yet in the above comment about the melt down you question me about the banks operating foolishly is the consumers fault. They should have known better than take out a risky loan? Yes if they did their due diligence they would have known the interest rate would more than double after just a few years and the banks would have made better loans. Were the borrowers forced to take the loan? No. Could the borrowers have asked for a fixed rate loan? Yes. Was the low interest rate the force necessary?

          • “In order to receive federal reimbursement for the subsidy consumers get
            for trading in their cars, dealers must first destroy the engine. One
            common method is to drain the car’s oil and flood the engine with sodium
            silicate, or liquid glass. Dealers then turn the car on and rev the
            engine to let the solution harden. In just a few minutes, the car
            becomes inoperable. (Read “How Bad Are Auto Sales? 10 Questions and Answers.”)

            Once the engine is dead, a recycling lot can take possession of the car.
            From that time, it has 180 days to sell the pieces of the car that
            retain some value. Even though the engine’s a lost cause, everything from the scrap metal to the hubcaps is available to buyers. When the resale period is up, any leftover parts must be destroyed, and the government is notified that the car is gone for good.”


            that is how you prove something.

          • However it did not work as advertised as the buyers of the new cars also received the scrap value of their trade in. To receive the scrap value the car needed to cross the scale to be weighed at the scrap yard which had too many cars already which caused the iron prices to crash. Most cars only paid about 50 dollars. With so many cars piled up selling parts was not an option. People that sold scrap iron (scrappers) to the scrap yards lost their butts while the price per ton of iron made it a waste of time to do their jobs. You can show all the links you want, they just do not show what actually happened in real life. The politicians that push these feel good laws only care that they work in theory but not on paper. As i said originally the low and middle income people took the hit in the end.

          • well since you have been inaccurate about the details so far, I am now supposed to believe your flapping gums?
            silly con.

          • Thats fine. Bury your head in the sand if thats what it takes for you to go through life. Cant overload a system with that many cars in a short period of time without overloading the system even someone with your limited brain power should be able to reason that out. Oh yea your right im wrong about you too.

          • You ain’t gonna get through to this guy. Two of the eight businesses I owned in my working years were used car lots. Luckily I sold out before Cash For Clunkers but I still visit with the new owner. One lot was a note lot (cheap carry the note cars) the other an up scale lot. During this period he had to close the note lot because cars were not available. The bad part is the note lot was to most profitable of the two.

          • be nice if you cons tried to prove something instead of relating your Talking Points like they are fact.

            I have already proved you wrong on several point most notably the “scrapping of the car” bull poo you put forward.

            there may indeed have been an effect on used car thieves, but perhaps you would find some reference to cite since your facts have been proven in ERROR.

          • Yea Really a Chick is thick as a board. If it is on a link on the internet and agrees with her it is gospel. However if you do find a link and it disagrees with her she pouts and claims it is a con. site and calls you a stupid human.

          • You can’t get anything through his thick scull. The housing bust was caused by loose lending (liar loans), interest only loans. These were then packaged into derivities by the lenders and wall street. Bankers were told they had to make more loans in the red zones (poor parts of town) by the Clinton Adm. They did and immediately sold them. This was a receipt for disaster. Disaster happened. Easy credit was then shifted to subprime auto loans. Here comes another hit. Then there is the student loans. Over a trillion dollars with 1/3 past due. All taxpayer money which we are borrowing and printing as fast as we can. This train is on a long downhill slope with no brakes and a curve at the bottom. When this wreck happens there is no more money to bail us out. Greece here we come. Problem is no one in the world has enough money to bail us out. First we will have deflation. Then all of a sudden Hyper inflation. $10.00 bread, $20.00 gas. A good time to prepare is yesterday.

          • too bad the GOP sat by and let the toxic loan/derivatives issue build and explode.

            Probably because they are bought and paid for by the Corporations that profited from the toxic loans.

          • Thats bs. The borrowers themselves caused the problem by taking on the loans they would not be able to afford once the low rate arm reset to the higher rate. by then they had taken on more debt. The banks just did like every other business, whatever the market will bare. The borrowers could say no!

          • and you pretend to be in finance?

            so the banks operating FOOLISHLY is all the consumers fault.

            THEY should have known better than to get a risky loan and the banks were chumps putting them into derivatives?

            Is that your moron story?

          • I don’t know about icecube but I have been CEO at three financial institutions and what he said is absolutely right. And yes, the consumer should have known he could not make the payments. It is called a budget.

          • ” I have been CEO at three financial institutions”
            well that is a scary thought, considering the crap you believe.

            so which cam first, the “stated income loan” or the guy asking for one?

            you really think the loan guy who makes a few K for every loan he closes isn’t pushing
            “stated income loans” so he can close more loans?

            Give me break.

            someone had to create “stated income loans”. some regulation had to make them possible in 2001 when they were not possible in 1998.

            can the financial guy tell the answer?

          • It actually started when Clinton demanded more loans in the red sections of cities (low income areas). Incidentally, I had no other problems with Bill Clinton (Hillary yes) He actually balanced the budget with only minor juggling of the numbers. Actually you did not make a few K only closing costs.
            As far as the way I think, you need to understand us old farts grew up in a different world than you did. In my case my dad died when I was 5 leaving my mother with 4 kids to raise. She worked in a grocery store 7 to7 6days a week. By the time I was 13 in the mid 50s I was pumping gas, fixing flats, and doing wash and grease jobs. I worked my way through college in a meat packing plant. There was no such thing as student loans. When I decided to retire I sold two bars I owned and bought a 26 unit apartment complex. Do I sit on my butt? No. I just finished hand mixing and pouring 75 sacks of concrete (80 lbs.) to replace a section of my driveway. I replaced my roof earlier after a hail storm. I still have to refinish the deck and tile the front porch before the weather gets cold.
            It is best not to criticize anyone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

          • SO NO, the “financial guy can’t even name the “issue” that allowed the crash to happen.

            tell me how a bill from 1977, which Clinton merely “tweaked”, caused the crash, silly con who only knows talking Points.
            you can’t even tell the name, sadly.
            THAT was the community reinvestment act.
            look it up in some REAL news source instead of wackydoodle sources.

            so far that hasn’t worked for you.

            while you are at it ignorant one, look up Glass-Steagull

          • You do realize all avalanches start with a single snowflake. The CRA was that snowflake.

          • you need to get better informed before pretending to be an authority.

            “The law, however, emphasizes that an institution’s CRA activities should
            be undertaken in a safe and sound manner, and does not require
            institutions to make high-risk loans that may bring losses to the
            An institution’s CRA compliance record is taken into account by the
            banking regulatory agencies when the institution seeks to expand through
            merger, acquisition or branching. The law does not mandate any other
            penalties for non-compliance with the CRA”

            so does that first line sound like “stated income loans”

            how about not being a disingenuous con and find the real reason instead of the Right Wing Talking point designed to shift blame for the right.
            I already told you the name to look up.

          • have I criticized your walk?
            I had my first job at 16 (legal age in Canada to work, they have laws about child labor)

            retired at 61, built a 3000 sq ft house last year.
            I am not poor enough to pour my own concrete but I did do my own electric, plumbing and tile work.

            now I just sit back and work in my organic garden and educate dumb cons while my retirement checks roll in.

          • You had me fooled. I had you a twenty-something living at home. These are the ideas they usually have. Luckily I was able to go to work at 13. I bought a 100 yr. old Victorian in 85. I have had plenty of electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc. so I know where you are coming from. I will advise anyone NOT to do their own concrete work. Even though I am in good shape at 72 that is to much. Did I do it because I was poor? No. My apts. net an average of $7000. per month. I leave it in the trust and buy houses with the proceeds as available. Then sell them and carry the mtg. Should I ever need funds on a personal basis I can transfer them as a management fee. My personal retirement funds provides a good income without the Trust income. But I do appreciate the liberal education.

          • Who is clueless? It is called CHEAP MONEY! People who could not afford a new car, suddenly could afford a new car. Why you ask? Because cheap credit was suddenly available to any who could not afford it. The hammer is about to drop…Again. This time it’s not the housing bubble, it will be the auto bubble. Auto repossessions are right around the corner. What the hell does safety recalls have to do with it. They have been happening for 10’s of decades. Come into the 21st century.

          • you don’t seem to get the concept of a debate, do you.

            you are supposed to be proving the economy sucks and we are going the wrong way, like you cons say every friggin day.

            so your comeback is, “oh, it’s the low interest rate”.

            why don’t you link to an authoritative article about how that effects the economy?
            (cause it doesn’t

            “Auto repossessions are right around the corner.”

            says Marty with an authoritative tone.

            Meanwhile we have 10 million jobs created, a decent GDP.

            now if we could only get a congress interested in jobs and the middle class.

          • And you have proved the economy has gotten so much better, How. There are now 94 MILLION Americans out of work. 50 MILLION are on Gov’t welfare of some kind not including Social Security (earned), That’s 20 MILLION more then when obummer took office. The average workers salary has gone DOWN $5000 per year since obummer took office. I know you libs don’t like facts, I hope you choke on these. Thanks to obummer, the vast majority of college grads are either unemployed or under employed and not working in their fields. Thanks to obummer, going to college today is a joke, and with any luck ALL government schools will be put out of business and then all the lib professors can join the unemployment lines. Now lib, you explain your useless ideas about why the economy is doing so much better. You wanted a debate, but you haven’t even started.

          • “And you have proved the economy has gotten so much better, How”
            I linked to the FOX business site article about the US having the best economy in the G-20.

            you have been trying to rebut that with a word salad and voo doo economics, via YOUR flapping gums.

          • I don’t give a crap about the G-20. I care about Americans, period. They say the poorest Americans are richer then a huge percentage of the rest of the world. Does that mean that poor Americans don’t need better paying jobs to help them move up? I don’t care about the rest of the world. I want to see our poor paying taxes (to the brain dead, that means helping out themselves and their fellow Americans). Now take you’re global mindset globally. Goodbye.

          • Don’t bother to argue with “reality check” who’s anything but. He’s a troll & is probably Redman or kin to him. Just an unemployed bum sitting in Mom’s basement sucking the government (read taxpayers) for all he can get.

          • Marty got his butt handed to him.

            maybe you would like to prove your not a low functioning con?

          • Yes, I know and have debated him many times before. I don’t mind. He thinks he is smart. He has zero common sense, a problem with many of the folks today. They think because they are educated, they know more then all others. Education means nothing without common sense and the ability to put it into use. Oh well, it’s still fun to try and make them think but it’s not likely to happen.

          • your still trying to prove the economy is crappy.
            “going the wrong way”

            lots of tap dancing, absolutely nothing about the economy.

          • You’re the typical lib without a clue, goodbye.

          • like I am surprised.
            you are VACANT when it comes to our country.

            a walking talking Propaganda machine is all you are.
            stop LYING on the internet

          • Dipshit comes to mind.

          • Yea, and that’s an understatement.

          • You forgot to mention that the national debt under Bush climbed to 8 trillion and is now over 18 trillion and going for more. I learned long ago you cannot borrow your way to prosperity. It will bite you in the butt. I saw this over and over when I was managing 3 financial institutions. They wound up in bankruptcy court. Which, without major changes is where the USA is headed.

          • the debt under Bush got to 11.5 Trillion.

            try again.

          • Thanks littlebit. Yes I left out a lot including all the other scandals. With obbumer, there is an unlimited amount of ammo out there. My guess our debt will eclipse 20 trillion before he’s out of here, of course with the RINO’s help.

  11. The Paranoid Right show their true racists/bigoted/intollerant colors.

    send them to Ca, we need some good Hummus and Tabbouleh.

    • Great idea — send them to California. They don’t want white Americans there anyway.

      • we have plenty of Whites already, ignorant human.
        and finding good hummus is really hard

      • The problem with that is so many from Calif. are bolting to Texas and screwing up our state.

        • that’s because Texas is a Socialist State that takes money from oil companies and supports the citizens.
          much like Socialist Alaska.

          • No it is because the taxes in Calif. are to high and Texas is one of the lowest tax states. We have no state income tax, 8.25 sales tax, and property taxes are some of the lowest in the country. As far as taking the oil money, thats BS. I just filled up my truck for 1.87 per gal. What did you pay. Fuel costs in Cal. is the highest in the nation because of the additives required and can only be refined in Cal. because no other state will do it. And i just read yesterday that they are going to require another 20% carbon cut which will add even more to fuel costs. The most expensive property in the states is in San Francisco.

  12. This appears to be more payback for Obama’s enemies — Republicans.

  13. settle them in their own countries by having the un declare and protect Safe zones….problem solved!

  14. one can t help but notice how many of these so called refugees are young males who should stay and fight for their countries and their way of life but instead they all want to go to places like Germany where they can do nothing and get the most freebies! These are not refugees…they are an invasion of free loaders!!!

  15. When one of these, just one, kills an American, attacks an Service member… Arrest, Sentence and Imprison EVERY DEMOCRAT, Local, State and National who thought bringing the Muslim NAZI’S into America. It will be time for the American PEOPLE to act against the Muslim Clown Obama and make him pay for his “CHANGES”.

  16. It is coming: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

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