Liberals Face Tough Sell on Syrians

Around 200 people gathered in Duncan, South Carolina last week to push back against the Obama administration’s refugee resettlement program. Upstate S.C. is one of several small American communities the administration hopes to use as a dumping ground for thousands of Syrian refugees. But if Obama hoped these people would welcome an influx of foreign Muslims with open arms, he is as foolish as he is reckless.

“The UN calls it refugee resettlement. The Muslims call it hijia, migration,” said local businessman Jim McMillan. “They don’t plan to assimilate, they don’t plan to take on our culture. They plan to change the way of American life.”

As correct as McMillan is, he doesn’t realize that pro-refugee Democrats consider that a feature, not a bug. To them, American culture is garbage, especially in the South. The faster they can change it, the better. If that means tearing down flags and shuttling in displaced Muslims, then that’s what it means.

Why, just listen to what 18 American mayors – including New York City’s Bill de Blasio – said in a letter to Obama last week. According to them, Syrian refugees “have helped build our economies, enliven our arts and culture, and enrich our neighborhoods.”

Enliven our arts. Who knew there was a hole in American culture that could only be fixed with Islamic artwork? Move over, Whistler, here comes Achmed. Ah, Portrait of a Burning Infidel, how marvelous!

Naturally, Americans aren’t just concerned about culture; several prominent lawmakers and security experts have cast doubts on the government’s ability to screen these refugees. Those doubts are well-founded. Out domestic background checks can’t even sort out homegrown psychopaths. We’re supposed to believe they can distinguish the dangerous Muslims from the peaceful ones? Is this like the Ebola checks where they simply asked people if they were sick? Sir, do you intend to kill Americans in the name of Islam? No? Enjoy South Carolina!

Those in favor of bringing in more Syrian refugees would win over some of their opponents if they would just be honest. Don’t play this song about how much better American culture will be once the place is overrun with Muslims. No one’s buying that. No one’s looking at the Middle East and saying, Gee, I wish America was more like Iran. Just sell it as a humanitarian necessity and admit that there are some significant drawbacks. And then address those drawbacks instead of pretending they don’t exist.

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