Liberals Don’t Want to Talk About Their “Mob” Problem

On a recent CNN segment, host Brooke Baldwin actually cut one of her guests off when he referred to the liberal mobs that have been assailing conservative politicians in D.C. and elsewhere in the country. “We’re not going to use the M-word on this show,” she said, casting aside any notion that she might be an objective journalist and not just a paid talking head for the Democratic Party. Because anyone with even a smidgen of objectivity can see for themselves that the left is growing increasingly unhinged, increasingly dangerous, and increasingly willing to use force to get their point across.

Over the past year, there have been dozens of examples of the left flirting with political violence. Last summer, a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter tried to kill several Republican lawmakers at a baseball field in Maryland. Last year, a socialist neighbor of Sen. Rand Paul attacked him in his yard and put him in the hospital with several broken ribs. Far-left groups have harassed Republicans and Trump administration officials like Ted Cruz, Sarah Sanders, Mitch McConnell, and Stephen Mitchell when they’re out and about in their private lives. And of course, we’ve seen Democrats like Cory Booker and Maxine Waters egg all of this on from their ivory tower.

But the left’s apologists don’t want to talk about it. Elsewhere on CNN, host Don Lemon (the “dumbest man on television”) said, “No, it’s not mob behavior. It’s people who are upset and they’re angry with the way the country is going.”

Well, okay, call it what you will, but we’re not talking about voters. We’re not even talking about legitimate protesters. We’re talking about people with a tenuous grip on reality going up to politicians and conservative pundits in public spaces to scream at them in front of their families. That’s not normal, that’s not acceptable, and there is no other word for these groups others than “mobs.”

Oh, but Republicans do the same thing. That’s their other line of defense. Republicans chant “lock her up” at Trump rallies, so who are you to criticize?

Come on. Isn’t “whataboutism” one of those Russian tactics we’re supposed to be wary of? Under no circumstances is a chant at a Trump rally going to hurt Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat. Also, that is what we do with people who break the law: We lock them up. Unless, of course, their last name is Clinton.

Alas, even in the wake of that congressional baseball game shooting last year, the media didn’t want to talk about the left’s nuttiness. They wanted to talk about “both sides.” At best. Because to address the insanity of today’s Democrats would be to ultimately acknowledge that they’ve been driven to the brink by the 90+% negative coverage of this president, both before and after the election. Give these leftists three solid years of brainwashing, and it’s no surprise that we start to see civil unrest.

To tamp down this fire, the liberal media and the Democrats would have to admit to their subjects that they’ve been spinning tales of hyperbole. That, in the end, Trump hasn’t been “that bad.” He’s not American Hitler. The Republicans have not executed a “judicial coup” of the Supreme Court. Brett Kavanaugh will not cause “millions of people to die.”

Think they’re ready to make that admission?

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