Liberals Denounce the “Myth” of War on Cops

According to a writer at the liberal hotspot Think Progress, conservatives are using the tragedy in Dallas to promote the “myth” of a war on cops.

“Right-wing commentators and media organizations are seizing on the tragedy to revive a baseless narrative that the racial justice movement is promoting a ‘war on cops,'” the writer said. “The ‘war on cops’ myth took off last summer after a string of police killings, none of which were linked to Black Lives Matter, and two of which ended up being hoaxes.”

Well. That’s certainly one way to look at what’s going on.

Another way – a way that requires just a smidge of mental effort – is to realize that conservatives are not saying there is a literal war between the Black Lives Matter organization and America’s police officers. It doesn’t matter if any of these killings are specifically linked to the organization. It’s not even about BLM as a group. No one’s suggesting they are the equivalent of ISIS, plotting and planning violent attacks on police officers.

The war on cops, though, is far from a myth. It is a war being waged through deceptive media coverage. A war being waged through violent, unhinged social media rhetoric. A war that has inflamed racial tensions to the point that mentally-unstable individuals have been driven to murder.

To liberals, the tragedy that unfolded in Dallas – like other racially-motivated police assassinations – are just crazy anomalies that say nothing about society at large. Except maybe that we need to do something about gun control.

But any videotape that shows police officers killing black suspects is a symbol of deep, systemic problems that must be immediately addressed by implementing widespread reforms and regulations.

Anyone see the disconnect?

The media is quick to jump all over any violent rhetoric they hear coming from a Trump supporter, but they conveniently ignore the mountains of violent, anti-police rhetoric coming from Black Lives Matter supporters. When any of it accidentally gets through, they brush it aside. Oh, those people don’t speak for the movement. They’re just instigators. Pay them no mind.

Police officers have thousands of encounters with black suspects every day in this country. Very, very few of these encounters lead to a fatality. And of those that do, an extraordinarily tiny sliver of shootings turn out to be unjustified. And out of that tiny sliver, a nearly-invisible fraction occurred due to racism.

But that’s not the story we hear. We hear: American police regularly murder blacks just for the hell of it and white juries don’t care. It’s hard to believe that anyone would actually buy into this nonsense, but they do. Some of them will take to the streets in protest. Some of them will write columns.

And, sadly but surely, some of them will kill police officers.

Now go tell the families of those fallen Dallas police officers about this “myth.”

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