Liberals Can’t Figure Baltimore Out

To most sensible Americans, the rioting seen in Baltimore was a perfect reflection of that seen in Ferguson. Angry youths, dissatisfied with their lives, used a movement as an excuse to wreak havoc on their own cities. But to liberals, the anger in Ferguson was driven by a white establishment that had exercised racist rule over the community for one day too long. And that’s what puzzles them about Baltimore; with a black mayor, a largely black police force, and even a black DA, these young men are still rioting. Why?

The answer, of course, is that none of this has anything to do with racism. Instead, it is a direct result of decades of liberal policies that have encouraged welfare, removed personal responsibility, and blamed old white men for all the problems that plague the black community. By stealing from them the only thing they had – a chance – these Democrats have laid the foundation for failure. And fail Baltimore has. Just like Detroit. Just like Ferguson.

To recognize this truth, of course, liberals would have to abandon everything they believe in. They would have to come to terms with the fact that Republicans aren’t just wrapping racism in a glossy package when they preach entitlement cuts. Until they can come up with some way to spin it to make small government look like a progressive principle, they’re going to keep intentionally missing the boat.

That’s not okay.

We have adult problems in this society, and we need to address those problems as adults. That means letting go of this fantasy where things get better as long as we care about them deeply enough. It means accepting that throwing more money at a problem doesn’t necessarily make it go away. It can, but only if the money is being used for the right things. And Democrats haven’t been spending money for the right things in a very long time.

Until we adopt conservative solutions to these problems, they will persist. It’s just that simple. And since Democrats have successfully managed to link conservatism and racism in the minds of minorities, we are facing an uphill battle. But it’s a battle worth fighting, because victory means a better United States. Not just for minorities, but for everyone. Even liberals!

Unfortunately, a great many Republicans have begun to internalize the liberal message. They go to great lengths to distance themselves from the “old ways” of conservatism, hoping to appeal to liberals by becoming liberals. That’s never going to work. Even if it did, what good would it do anyone? Are there voters who call themselves Republicans just because they like elephants? We need conservative leaders who aren’t afraid to espouse conservatism. We have a few of them running for president in 2016, and it would be in our best interests to make sure one of them wins.

If Baltimore is any indication, we may be quickly reaching the point of no return.


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  1. It seems clear that good parenting, based on sound and dependable principle, cannot be replaced by government. Human beings will simply not function correctly, outside of the nurture of love and responsibility in the proper measure. Programs typically miss this reality, arriving way too late, and treating the symptom, rather than the cause.

    • bikerscholar,
      I tend to agree. Programs of “aid” to those in poverty only enflame the desire to accept the gifts of government. They have now become dependent on them. The word has spread south that they can get a good life from the US Government without working for it. Is that false? Of course not. While many in the GOP including myself seek to help the poor, it is not though the present program but a program to get these folks on their feet and become tax payers. It includes penalties for continuing their present life style. That program needs to happen and incoming immigrants need to understand that. In the past and even now some immigrants understand that they have a responsibility to become productive citizens and they have/do.

      • Did you say ’Liberals Can’t Figure Baltimore Out?’ I believe you do not know 911 were enabled by TPs and Repubs. I further think
        the writer meant Repubs and TPs are lost what happened in Baltimore and cannot recall what happened immediately after 911. 911 brought all Americans together as a Nation. In my office Blacks, Latinos, Whites and Asians came together consoling one another. Remember 911 happened in NY and Washington; but its impact
        touched everybody in this Great Nation. We all saw that regardless of our hues, cowards can kill us all-and they do not care. Unfortunately, the 911 impact has faded away. Government and private sector hiring officials are at it again –discriminating against Blacks. Blacks are not being hired; government and some private sector job run buy TPs and Repubs do not want Blacks in their establishments. We do not want another 911 to happen because you and I could be next victims. I hate to see people discriminating against one another because of differences in skin colors. All these ills are caused by TPs and Repubs.

        • It is due to the use of windmills in conjunction with solar panels.

        • whoselineisitanyway


        • pmbalele,
          Your post does not make a lot of sense. I said nothing about Baltimore specifically and never intended to do so. I was saying in general that the problems in the impoverished communities are the result of liberal thinking and the total lack of direction toward what welfare should be doing.

        • Roy Austin Smith

          stupid cannot be fixed pimball.

          • No, it can’t, and neither can a thoroughly embedded drug culture. I wouldn’t doubt that the drug trade in America, and the cash flow which results from it, is probably the only thing bolstering up our economy besides the influx from the Federal Reserve.

        • James in Texas

          I doubt that you even know a Republican or any member or supporter of the TEA (TaxedEnoughAlready) Party. First things first, the TEA Party is not an political party. They have issues with both of the major political parties. The Republican Party has internal issues, mostly with moderates, RINO’s and former elected members who have become Lobbyists after making themselves a fortune at the peoples expense, and this also goes for the Democrat Party. Too many of our elected rep’s have lost their way and thrown their principles away for personal gain. You need to stop believing all of the “talking points” handed out by the MSM and the DNC. Post your facts about the “enabling” of 911 and let the readers make their own decision.

          • 911 was an inside job! No. The real answer was that GOPers had starved FBI and CIA of funds to monitor the morons that flew the planes. And now we have an idiot federal court of appeals which has clipped CIA and FBI wings to monitor terrorists. I agree with you that Repubs hate Blacks. I believe I told you that I was sued by Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections for passing their exams. Under the direction of Gov Walker, the department sued me. Thank God, the state court judge threw their lawsuit. Now I am suing Gov Walker and his people for suing me. The court hearing will be early August this year. I will keep you posted.

          • pmbalele, you must be from Washington state or Colorado. Getting tthat much pot to smoke is interfering with your brain’s common sense abilities.

          • That is the only habit I missed in my life -smoking and doing drugs. I used to drink 35 years ago until my first child was born-he bothered me whenever I was drunk. So I quit drinking too and I do not miss drinking alcohol.

          • You could shorten your response by just writing “BUSH DID IT”! Seek help for the drugs!

          • Bush was raised right and a good guy than most Repubs and TPs. He went to Iraq under bad advice of Dick Cheney who now has a heart of a Black man. And would you believe Cheney is still a racist. He would not meet with Candice Rice to discuss foreign affairs.

          • James in Texas

            I don’t remember stating anything about “Anyone” hating Blacks, Period! We have a Constitution and those Rights are guaranteed, if we have the courage to stand up for them. You are suing because the Constitution allows you to do so, be thankful for that, if not, then find a place better than here and call it home. Where is your proof, who do you think your are, Obama. Just because you think it is makes it “factual”? If the Liberals are so much for Black Americans, why do their policies fail in every city where the Democrats rule the day???? After more than $15 Trillion has been spent on destroying poverty, explain places like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta to me, Please! By the way, I know nothing about your lawsuit, good luck, and be sure to give you lawyers a big thanks when you pay them, for nothing!

          • Did you say “If the Liberals are so much for Black Americans, why do their policies fail in every city where the Democrats rule the day? I believe your heard Dr. Carson say that without Affirmative Action program he would never have gotten into medical school despite his very high undergraduate grade point. Dr. Carson is now cursing that affirmative action and other program are poisonous to Blacks. This is when he admits that these programs benefited him. May be you too got the job through nepotism which is affirmative action program for TPs and Repubs.

          • James in Texas

            Having a conversation with a Lib is like watching another press meeting with Obama, both of you just make it up on the run! Having been a carpenter and a Contractor, and also having been White, I just don’t ever remember seeing any affirmative action programs. I was paid daily by a system called “piece-work”, or production daily. So do the work or starve, Period! At least you can read, and your response is always the same, use the talking point and blame the “other party” for all evils that have ever existed. Dr. Carson is a man who has shown his “principles” and needs no excuses for his success. Your problem with him is that he has “left the Plantation” and the Lib’s just hate anyone of color who succeeds without them being able to say……..”See, without out programs this could have never happened”! We’re done!!!

          • I have read three of Dr. Carson’s books: 1) “Think Big,” 2) “One Nation,” and 3) “You Have a Brain.” I have also listened to many of his talks, and I have never once heard him attribute his success to Affirmative Action! His main thesis in “You Have a Brain” is that God gave each one of us a brain, SO USE IT! His mother taught him this when he was growing up – his mother never accepted excuses from her kids (Ben and his older brother). Dr. Carson got into Yale, then medical school, and ultimately into a neurosurgery residency based on his skills, and help from God (his testimony about how he passed his first chemistry exam in medical school is amazing). By the way, “THINK BIG” is an acrostic (acronym) for:
            In-depth learning
            You should try it…

          • ” I agree with you that Repubs hate Blacks.” Stupid statement of the century. You can’t be sued for passing an exam,that is idiotic on it’s face. If you are being sued ther’e a lot more to it than passing an exam, it makes no sense.

          • I know it made no sense. Even the state judge wondered what the charge was about. He threw out the case. The state attorney testified, although illegally, that Blacks could not qualified for jobs at Department of Correction Headquarters. This was at the same she was holding documents showing I was certified as qualified. As I told you, I am suing all parties involved including Scott Walker, the Wis governor. Some of those involved, including the attorney, have quit. I will keep
            you posted.

        • 911 was an inside job. Tea Party had nothing to do with it YOU IDIOT!!!!
          Bush had it done to get his war in the middle east. The democrats and the republicans are BOTH controlled by the world government. There is no left and right in this country anymore. All that exists is groups of people that all hate each other because of the news media and government manipulation.
          People like you will never figure it out. You won’t even realize what’s happening when you see Russian tanks roll through your neighborhood.

          • And you are full of schitt as a Christmas turkey.

          • 911 was an inside job! No. The real
            answer was that GOPers had starved FBI and CIA of funds to monitor the morons
            that flew the planes. And now we have an idiot federal court of appeals which
            has clipped CIA and FBI wings to monitor terrorists. I agree with you that Repubs hate Blacks. I
            believe I told you that I was sued by Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections for passing
            their exams. Under the direction of Gov Walker, the department sued me. Thank
            God, the state court judge threw their lawsuit. Now I am suing Gov Walker and
            his people for suing me. I will keep you posted.

          • Tips? You mean like these?

          • You keep talking about “all the people in your office”. Well guess what none of them are on welfare are they. Working people have always stood together when this country needed them. So just take a look at what you are saying and stand up and be counted as an American.

          • Wow! you’r kidding, right?

          • But, being wired backwards, my neurological brain seems to be attached to my sphincter musles in my lower colon.

          • Oh you poor misled bastard,how can anyone be this stupid.

          • I have to agree with that because there is a great deal of bad on both sides and corruption does run rampant all throughout the whole world!

          • How would that benefit the “world government?”

        • pmbalele – you really need to get back to the asylum and get back on your meds. You’ve been drinking the Kool Aid again and think you know what is going on. Wait until obama gets finished with our country and then you tell me who caused what.

          • A cement block cannot think or hear, you are wasting you breath.

          • How true!!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Well….. ROFL.. I said it all along, and all the asswipe could do was team up with UnReality and degrade by slandering. I got a kick out of him rambling about his history and all his medals and bullshit. But it didn’t take long for the rest of you to figure him out, and that’s what I was counting on.. Good luck with all the trolls.. ROFLMFAO

        • pmbalele — The problem is know-nothing Liberals like you! Get a clue.

        • I think you may wish to consult a mental health professional. You present with symptoms very similar to those engaged in treatment. If I insult you, I apologize. I would like to see you deal with your behavior.

          • You did not insult me. You’re entitled to your opinion. I encourage you to read USCA 7th Circuit decisions related to race appeals. The Repub appointed judges think the ‘N” word is okay if used by employers.

          • I think it’s okay in every day language. The african thugs are the ones that get upset with it and with Bammie Bojangles granting empowerment and entitlement to the black community the one’s who really suffer are the hard working, socially contributing black people. All Bammie has done is create a whirlpool of racism in a divide and conquer strategy. Solution? Dump Bammie and his dung beetle entourage in 2016 and begin the process of pulling the US out of his socialistic, muslim influenced quagmire. And that’s my opinion.

        • The economy’s bad you fool! Affirmative action gives minorities the advantage getting hired but you probably don’t even know about that!the reason why there are so many unemployed blacks is because of all the illegal aliens taking yours and our jobs you fool!

          • I did not get my job through AA -dummy. I scored the highest score or No. 1. Actually I found found we need to erase corruption in state and lower governments.

        • TPs did not exist in 2001. That movement made up of Taxpaying Dems, Repubs and independents started with Obama’s tax increases. if you are going to be a moronic hater, learn about what you hate.

        • I heard Rush Limbaugh say many years ago, “The next time you want to find a job, go and ask somebody living in a dumpster and see how far you get!” The point is that jobs are provided by people who own businesses, as a contract for payment in return for services, depending on what services the business needs. If the job requires certain skills to accomplish the service (such as just about anything above the job of sweeping a floor), you have to have/use those skills. In other words, you have to be QUALIFIED. By the way, any business that refused to hire someone just because they have darker skin is shortchanging themselves. This isn’t the 1930s deep south any more. Here’s another “By the way,” government jobs are only paid for by the taxes paid into the government by the private sector. Any discrepancy between what the government spends and what it takes in (from taxes) is called the “deficit,” and the accumulated deficit is called the “national debt,” currently around $18 Trillion dollars, if you imagine what a huge number that is. The fact that that is such a large number compared with the size of our economy is why our national credit rating was reduced from “AAA” to “AA” a few years ago, for the first time in our nation’s history. That accomplishes one thing – it increases interest we have to pay on our national debt, and if you know anything about mathematics, you know how an exponentially behaving system behaves. It’s not just theoretical when the dollar collapses.
          So, if you want jobs in “The Hood” don’t go burning down the businesses that provide the jobs!!! To do so is the ultimate in stupidity! Those businesses will just leave the area, and you will be even worse off. And, don’t try to evacuate the city into the country. There are already people there, and they have a lot of guns and ammo, and no sympathy for your cause.

    • SPOT ON……….a total lack of civility was apparent in Baltimore & Ferguson as well.

      • Now the liberals will want to throw more money into these dysfunctional cities. This creates generational poverty and people who would rather whine than improve their lives will keep this going until we get rid of the liberals in Governments who prosper by keeping people poor and living on their plantations.

        • here is the answer:

          to police brutality

        • According to Ayn Rand, the progressive march towards ever more government control will eventually result in the collapse of everything. In my opinion, the one thing she neglected was the part the Second Amendment will/may play in the rebellion of The People against the ever-growing socialist machine. In “Atlas Shrugged,” the general population just obeyed orders and went along with whatever the government ordered, except for a few industrialists who simply evaded the system by disappearing. “Who is John Galt?”

    • It happened in Cuba when communism took over and the children were taken away from their parents and the girls and boys were put in dormitories to be taught the government way. Each child had one toy; a doll for the girls and I can’t remember what the boys got and they were not allowed to go home except on week-ends. They were indoctrinated and the same thing is happening in our country in our schools right under the parents daily lives.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      And during that entire riot, I saw ONLY ONE responsible mother, slapping the snot out of her teenage son for throwing rocks at police. And even one black officer threw his hands up and said, “I pray that boy don’t have an emergency and expect ME to respond!” The two gangs, the”blood” and the “crypts” are the ones that kept the rioting alive. Gangs that have no fathers, no education and no purpose in life, save making life miserable for even their own race!!

      • Yes and obama has just stated that he will arm the gangs WHEN the racial wars begin. Time to lock and load.

    • It is obvious the rioting masses of hoodlums did not develop so much hatred because a black kid got killed. Those kids have been hearing racism, hatred, bitterness, victimhood from the adults in their homes, schools and communities from the time they were born. All it took for this venom to explode all over the Country was rabble rousers, black panthers and then, at last, President Obama, who is a bitter racist himself, to light the fire to ignite the flame to start another civil war. Unfortunately, we have just seen the beginning of another war within the U.S.

  2. Dittos bikerscholar,

  3. None of this would be going on if we did not ALLOW this racist BLACK President to continue as our President. No way no how. He is playing the race card more and more everyday . Slavery is OVER OBAMA as are the 60’s this ALL falls on YOU. This country is as racially divided as it has been in my lifetime (50 now) The conservatives have ALLOWED Obama a pass to do whatever he wants to out of SOME ridiculous fear. They are adding to this race problem by allowing this crap to go on and NOT standing up for what the truth is and Govern with NO FEAR.

    They should have kicked him OUT of office years ago, but since they never had the ______ to do what is best for the people we will suffer in a grave, grave way. NOTHING will come of this that is ANY GOOD. In 2016 a Republican probably will get in (I hope TEA PARTY more) and the blacks will still be causing massive problems. A. Cut out welfare after 1 kid they will think twice about having 15 kids that is for sure. Or no free money till you hold down a decent job. Time to say enough is enough . Someone needs to come in and make EVERYONE accountable for their unlawful actions. That includes white people as well. Our stupid Government is allowing all of this to go on. Shameful.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      He’s NOT our president! He’s only an occupier of space. Never has this country had such an evil, USELESS piece of meat occupying OUR white house!!!

  4. TeaParty Patriot

    The liberal/regressives have figured out what the problem is in Ferguson Baltimore Chicago and all the other cities that are going bankrupt. They just refuse to admit it is liberal/socialist policies and they cannot figure how to reverse the process and save face. If they rescind their socialist programs it is tantamount to admitting they are wrong and they cannot do that and keep their sheeple in line. Socialism has NEVER WORKED ANYWHERE IT HAS BEEN TRIED. It collapses when they run out of other peoples money. examples CHicago, Detroit, E StLouis, oakland, stockton, san bernardino, Berkley, all run by deocrats and all going bankrupt,

  5. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

    liberals can not figure how to put on their pants right, why would anyone let them run our country damn sewage feces!!

  6. Admin? I would like to know who wrote this, so I can congratulate them for getting to the very heart of “what is wrong”. This is a very outspoken, to the point, explanation of the problem, with the solution supplied.

  7. How can we Expect LIBERALS to figure anything out when they are UNABLE TO FIND THEIR AZZ WITH A GPS???A

  8. Liberals aren’t sensible … they are gleeful about these riots….it’s Cloward-Pivens strategy. Their only regret that it has taken so long.

  9. Francisco Machado

    Shel Silverstein wrote a poem which I read some time ago and remember rather dimly – the gist of it was that the Devil, who had been unable to sleep forever, promised his victim that, in exchange for his sleep, the Devil would relieve him of the need ever to sleep again. The man, thinking of how this would give him one third more time in his life for everything he wanted to do, readily agreed to the bargain – only to soon realize he had sold the Devil his dreams. By taking from people what they have made, the government takes a part of their dreams. By relieving the others of the motivation to make the ladder to improve their circumstances, the government prevents them from having dreams. Socialism is a dream of government, intolerant of the self improvement dreams of what were citizens but have become subjects.

  10. Fairly easy, Democrats. Democrat policy at it’s best. Stupid Racist cops (from Democrat President) And admiration of drug pushers (Choom Gang). Mostly Republicans are evil. The TEA Part is a Terrorist group. Laws and the Constitution are only for the little people (voters) to follow. Etc..

  11. Gregg the voice of reason

    Liberals “Can’t see the forest for the Trees “

  12. Most “LIBS” can’t wipe their own butts ———

  13. Black Americans ARE ANGRY – and not without SOME justification! The “slavery” excuse is long past it’s “Best if used by____” date, and the Civil Rights issue has worn threadbare in the last few decades. Yes, there
    have been occasional civil rights abuses by police – but NOT EXCLUSIVELY against blacks. Believe it or not, civil rights apply to ALL Americans, regardless of any identifiable physical attributes.

    Will the murders of police officers make them less aggressive toward the people they serve? Apparently, SOMEBODY believes that, and maybe it does work that way – in some parallel, upside-down universe. Here, where human beings are involved? Not so much. The police now have justification to become a bit paranoid, and even more suspicious of the black population. How does that help the black communities throughout
    the USA?

    Improvements in race relations have been given a setback 3 or 4 DECADES, by the actions of law enforcement AND the black activist community! Rodney King’s words, “Can’t we all just get along?” are almost as well-remembered as were Martin Luther King’s words, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their
    character.” Both sides need to take a good look at their actions in the harsh, objective light of reality, so they can each appreciate their OWN role in the destructive polarizing of the races! Just my 2¢ worth.

  14. Liberal dump-o-craps will just throw more money at the problem and in the process they will just increase the problem. The broken home and government assistance has made this epidemic worse thevever.but that’s how they control the ghettos and the people who live there.

  15. Tiredofsocializm

    Billions of dollars has been spend on LBJ,s great society and nothing has changed for those who do not want to change. Maybe it’s time to stop all assistance since as our President claims that doing the same thing over and over with no results is stupid. How about this Americans, stop all welfare, aid to dependent children, food stamps, housing assistance and any other welfare and make these lazy takers from society figure it out ? If they riot then they get their butts thrown in jail! In addition fire any government employee caught watching porn of his work computer because he does not have enough work! Takeaway any perks , retirement benefits from any government employee including state representatives, senators etc, abusing the system! Make all government employees go on Obama care. Ha think we might be able to balance the budget ?

    • And you can bet they receive faster, better, & free health care that the VA does not/ cannot provide to our Wounded Warriors. Plus all those illegal aliens, convicted criminals, disease carrying free-loaders and the rabid MU-slime terrorists also receive priority health care denied our disabled veterans.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        I AM a vet, a Vietnam vet, and yes, their service at the clinics SUCKS! But what makes me feel even worse is to see veterans living on the streets.. “THIS” is what we’ve become??????

  16. racial relations has been pushed back at lease 30 or more years. Thank you Obama and company.

  17. Pamela Sue Therrien

    In every place, liberal policies has held a stronghold of power it brought total ruin to every city in this nation where Libreal policies have had a long term, even decades of establishment. All suffer more.

  18. Not surprised……brain-washing, brain-injuries, drug addiction, lack of common sense, hated for Christians/Jews, want to destroy America, lack civility – – – select any three for cause of liberal ignorance and traitorous/insane actions/words.

  19. Don’t kid yourselves, folks. The liberals know exactly what the problem in Baltimore is, and they have no intention of instigating solutions to that problem because the violence and unrest in Baltimore suits them just fine! You see, folks, Obama wants to establish a Federal Police Force, led by his hand-picked, race-baiting stooges. In order to justify taking over local police forces, such as the one in Baltimore, Obama needs plenty of civil disobedience, plenty of rioting, and as much looting and burning of small businesses and residences as his evil doers can drum up on short notice. I truly hope the six police officers prevail in their case against the City of Baltimore, and I also hope every police officer in America wakes up and opposes Obama’s evil plans! If the public outcry is loud enough, even leftists as intractable and vindictive as Obama, Reid and Pelosi will back down!

  20. I am an 88 year old male and with all that is going on in our society I am getting more and more confused every day. Up is down down is up right is wrong wrong is right, left is right right is left, we should not judge, we should be patient and understanding. We should believe our government while they lie through their teeth and steal and cater to their special interests. And we expect the younger generation to obey the law and act as civil individuals without ground rules in an anything goes society. When politicians are caught in an obvious scandal, we change the rules so that the scandal is no longer a scandal and that seems to be OK with far too many people. Traditions are sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. The bull shit is blindingly obvious but rationalized to the point of absurdity. America is on a train wreck course of self destruction by a system of self serving politics. Fuck the public it’s the party that counts, and those in the party who are obsessed with power, authority and money. God bless America, and screw the people.

  21. How about that !!! The Democrats who had all those slaves down south way back changed the way they did things and made it look like they were for the blacks !!! They put them in a SELF INDUCED SLAVERY got their votes and this is what they got !!! Now they don’t need them and are going after the illegal Latino votes !!! Now the blacks are left to wither on the government tit !!! They asked for it and got it !!!!! They believed all those Democratic lies !!!!! It’s amazing how they just followed like sheep to the slaughter !!!!!!!!!

  22. Victimhood is self-perpetuating.

  23. A simple answer to the problem:
    See and hear Chris Rock explain to blacks how to avoid police brutality.

  24. what amazes me is blacks cry about not having jobs,etc, well they have affirmative action that gives them a job qualified or not over a white. they can go to school, to college with help from govt, they can keep their neighborhoods clean of debris, get rid of drug dealers with help of the hated police, they can get off welfare and act like humans. i was raised in a poor section of town lived on an alley but people took pride in themselves and their homes. they worked hard and raised families and neighborhood was safe and clean, got education. no one sat around and cried and whined. these people choose to live like pigs, to kill each other and make excuses. i for one am sick of listening to them blame whites for them not trying

  25. no it is about racism black on white racism .if the victims were white there would have never had any riots in Ferguson or Baltimore,Los Angeles etc. etc. its always about race with the blacks.and they are the most racist group of people ive ever run into in my 60 years of being in the usa they attack whites on a daily basis and get away with it. they make the the kkk look like child’s play.and because they know they are protected by our goverments from the fed down to the local goverments .the rioters are a bunch of racist,facist,black supremecist,& anarchist .lets call a spade a spade.

  26. The name of Baltimore should be changed to Zimbabwe-West; it is the true picture of what B. Hussein Obama promised us – Fundamental Transformation.

  27. Albert L Biele

    Free food, free medical and just enough fee money to pay the rent and bills are the cruelest form of enslavement ever devised by liberals. It diminishes self-esteem, destroys self-worth, promotes anger, disassembles family unity, develops defensive attitudes, emanates hopelessness; is self-inflicted, hypnotic in nature, and habit forming. Liberals feed their enslaved people crumbs, in exchange for votes, when, what they really need are jobs. Why the unemployment rate for young black men 18% in Detroit, when at the same time 5 million jobs are being created for illegal immigrants, and why is it that this problem are prevailing in liberally controlled states? Maybe it’s time to change parties.

  28. great minds know the next generation runs the show. How about starting with training youth when they are young to think, act, and react with sensibility, common sense, and positive thinking. Start at the age of 3 when the mind is open and receptive and can learn any new language. Schools are in a attitude vacuum. My coach said it is all about attitude. Money cant change attitude. Stop throwing money at the problem. first except there is a problem. it is attitude. Blacks think they have been held down purposefully by the white man. That is the problem. until the attitude is changed and we build a team effort to solve problems it will only spiral further out of control, race lines will be drawn darker, and separation of our nation is imminent. Hitler took the children and put them in his indoctrination schools. That is extreme, but shows my point that a lot of the worlds leaders understood this fact. In America children grow up with the indoctrination of the gang in the inner city. Mother is single and working. No one is there to teach positive values. the result Ferguson, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, and a president and first lady who still have the attitude vacuum disease.

  29. They can’t figure it out? They created all of it. They know not what they do? But they know it all.

  30. Liberals would never learn real facts and common sense. I was discussing the subject with one of them in FB and even when the wall of facts hit them in the face, they still keep believing and supporting misconceptions and stupid ideas that just keep revolving the same shit until it stinks too much. No money , opportunities, welfare, benefits or excess of rights in their favor would ever help the black community. Because their problem is a cultural/ideological/mental problem and until they face it and fix it they would not advance even one step forward. Their own “leaders” are the one’s that continiuosly keep segregating them and keep them ignorant and hateful. Even if we would give them everything in excess they would always find something to blame others and not themselves, and they will keep destroying what is given to them. In Africa , when they were first sold as slaves, they were sold by their own black people. DIfferent tribes will enslave one another and sell one another. That is their mentallity. Even some of them gained freedom from slavery and then became slave owners themselves. It seems they completely ignore this side of history but is there.

  31. I am just a working stiff in this country. I work over time in order to pay the new taxes that are going to the people on welfare. I am working over time and missing out on the greater side of life in order to keep pulling the dam wagon that everyone has decided to sit in. Here is what I think big government has caused the rift in this country. It isn’t just Obama although I would love to lay it at his feet. Him and his people just fuel the fire. The young men you see rioting in Baltimore are the ones I work with everyday. They are not taught anything about this country and how it works. They were raised on hand outs of Welfare and when you question them about life they shrug their shoulders and say “I was raised on welfare so will my kids.” Why is that? It is because we are on our third generation gang member on welfare. We make no requirements of them except “vote for me” Same thing with the immigrants here is your hand out please vote for me. It use to be the immigrants coming legally into this country became good citizens. They were looking for a life better then what they have. People need to wake up and look around. I am not a liberal, I am not a Republican or a Democrat what I am is a working class American citizen and I am tired of the BS.

  32. it is about race if the victims were white there would not have been any riots

  33. How do we get the Republicrats to have the courage to speak this kind of truth?

  34. Alleged Comment

    Demoncraps take advantage of low IQ Negroes. Look at obama. Now look at Baltimore. See, no difference.

  35. The media has made the woman who chastised her son a hero. The problem with her son is her having six illegitimate children by six different men. The Lyndon Johnson great society has destroyed the black community.

  36. I agree with bikerscholar about the govt. The real problem is that there is little or no supervision of the young people in the inner cities. I could go down the “racist” list, baby mommas, guns, gangs and on, but you have to remember that the blacks have been nearly completely in charge of their community for quite some time, and please tell me, How is that working out?? In Baltimore for instance, you have a black Mayor, a black prosecutor, black representatives and lots if not the majority of black police officers. It seems to me that they are as close to self governed as possible, but, How is that working out?? Just what have all those black representatives done to actually help their community, other than to blame it all on the Whites! At some point folks, you have to stand up and help your community instead of yourselves. Perfect examples, Al and Jessee, and Obama for that matter, just what have they actually done for the black community??. I can see how well their approach is working.

  37. Hey, libtards. You cannot, I repeat cannot, solve a problem by throwing money at it. It is amazing that the town is run by demonrats and blacks, but Baltimore is still a cesspool and will remain so until the demonrat culture is gone! One more town I will NOT visit! You couldn’t pay me enough to go to this place and, unfortunately, my Mom was born there. Would have liked to have seen it, but it is way too lawless for me to go there with tourist monies. They should build a big wall around it and shoot the inhabitants as they try to take their racist politics “over the wall” to some decent city!

  38. The Great Society, War on Poverty, etc have failed. Yet liberals continue thinking throwing more money, which only increases taxes, will solve the problem…it will not. Common sense programs such as school vouchers or grants that worked so well in Washington, DC, were canceled as pay-back by that Empty Suit currently occupying the Oval Office to the teachers union for supporting him are a prime example of liberal politics gone a muck. Today taxpayers are paying into the Washington, DC, school system, more than $12,000 (according to Google) per student…more than the cost of sending a student to most good, private, accredited schools.

  39. break it down blacks are the new terrorists of America- spurred on by the encouragement of the president, they play knockout games on whites, random murders of whites, shoot up and rob in public places like shopping centers, scope cars that stop for convienient store needs and car jack when the when driver gets back in the car,- and it has worked very well- white people are concerned if not afraid to go out- terrorism in the united states promoted by it’s president.

    decent people have lost the battle- but when they look in the mirror they see good right and true. whites will win the war. intelligence and self worth is all they need.

  40. Once the rioting starts, then everyone within the violent mob becomes a part of the deadly threat that the mob represents.

    At that point, no one gives a rat’s hindquarters what their excuse might have been for starting a riot. It simply no longer matters what their “reasons” might have been for rioting. All that matters is how quickly the rest of us can put the rioters’ dinguses in the dirt.

    There are no “innocents” within a violent mob, only targets that deserve to be sent to their Eternal Celestial Dirt Nap.

    The use of social media to coordinate violent mobs of degenerate barbarian savages is exactly what Matt Bracken predicted in his 2012 article, “When The Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence”:

    “The enraged mobs in urban America will soon recognize that their spontaneous street riots cannot be stopped by the police, and then they will grow truly fearsome. For the police, it will be a losing game of Whack-a-Mole, with riots breaking out and dispersing at a speed they cannot hope to match.”

    Which sounds like what happened in Baltimore. Bracken also predicted that the cops would eventually obey an illegal order to pull back, leaving the Citizens defenseless against the violent mob. Which is exactly what happened in Baltimore.

    In the complete absence of police protection, there is little that the average Citizen can do against a violent mob except to deliver disproportionate deadly force against the deadly threat that the mob represents. Armed with the correct
    semi-automatic weapons, a disciplined team of four or five well-trained shooters can disperse a much larger crowd with well-directed rifle fire in a matter of seconds. But they must strike the crowd without warning from a sufficient distance
    away, and depart without having ever having been observed.

    It is bloody, it is brutal, and it is indiscriminate, but no more so than the mob itself. And it works.

    Matt Bracken covers this tactic, called the “Sniper Ambush” in the above article. With the cops being unable or unwilling to defend ordinary Citizens, it falls to those Citizens to organize themselves into Fire Teams that will deliver deadly force
    to the degenerate barbarian hordes, sending the unmistakable message that assembling for mob violence will always bring with it a very good chance of being killed or maimed, from any direction and without warning.

    No, it is not pretty, but war never is.

    If you object my post, that is your prerogative. If you want to complain, please write a letter to your Congressman so that it won’t be just me completely ignoring you.

    In the meantime, I will continue to Aim Small and Miss Small.

    Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, America.

  41. “Progressivism,” “socialism,” “collectivism,” whatever you want to call it, is a failure. For an analytical description of why this is so, read “The Road to Serfdom,” by F. A. Hayek. If you enjoy novels, there is “Atlas Shrugged,” by Ayn Rand, and for a shorter story, there is always “1984,” by George Orwell. They all fit together.

  42. Beautiful article, on point with what is happening. The blame must stop, and common sense policy must be put into place. For to long politics and politicians have brought this nation to a point of no return.

  43. Expecting a liberal to understand is like expecting obama to tell the truth, it ain’t gonna happen.

  44. Liberals if they can’t control it then they want to ban it or take it away from us. We must take America back from these brain dead morons

  45. It no longer matters, the liberals have won, in the name of “caring”, and catering for votes, and creating a society that has become dependent on those that work to support them, it will in short time collapse, and those that will not work will die out, because they have no one to support them, they will rape pillage and loot until there is nothing left to steal, and no one left to kill except each other. We are looking at two hundred years of human misery, and the system will repeat itself. This is mandated by the greed of people and the siren call of power mankind cannot rise above those traits, some can and will so do, but they will be eliminated by those that crave power.

  46. What’s to figure out? Liberal mayor, liberal police chief, liberal, liberal, liberal, what’s to figure out? As to police brutality against blacks, see the solution below under here is the answer. A culture gets what a culture asks for.

  47. (To most sensible Americans, the rioting seen in Baltimore was a perfect reflection of that seen in Ferguson. Angry youths, dissatisfied with their lives, used a movement as an excuse to wreak havoc on their own cities.)
    Why is it when blacks show their frustration and act out, whites don’t understand what is going on. Police murdering black men, almost everyday, don’t you think that is a problem?

  48. White communities, you tolerate inappropriate behavior by adults. child porn, children being murdered by their young parents, teachers taking advantage of their students, having sex with them. And you quietly show your discuss. Why aren’t You outraged? why blacks riot in the streets when young black men are murdered every second in this country by police, it is because they are frustrated.

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