Liberals Can’t Figure Baltimore Out

To most sensible Americans, the rioting seen in Baltimore was a perfect reflection of that seen in Ferguson. Angry youths, dissatisfied with their lives, used a movement as an excuse to wreak havoc on their own cities. But to liberals, the anger in Ferguson was driven by a white establishment that had exercised racist rule over the community for one day too long. And that’s what puzzles them about Baltimore; with a black mayor, a largely black police force, and even a black DA, these young men are still rioting. Why?

The answer, of course, is that none of this has anything to do with racism. Instead, it is a direct result of decades of liberal policies that have encouraged welfare, removed personal responsibility, and blamed old white men for all the problems that plague the black community. By stealing from them the only thing they had – a chance – these Democrats have laid the foundation for failure. And fail Baltimore has. Just like Detroit. Just like Ferguson.

To recognize this truth, of course, liberals would have to abandon everything they believe in. They would have to come to terms with the fact that Republicans aren’t just wrapping racism in a glossy package when they preach entitlement cuts. Until they can come up with some way to spin it to make small government look like a progressive principle, they’re going to keep intentionally missing the boat.

That’s not okay.

We have adult problems in this society, and we need to address those problems as adults. That means letting go of this fantasy where things get better as long as we care about them deeply enough. It means accepting that throwing more money at a problem doesn’t necessarily make it go away. It can, but only if the money is being used for the right things. And Democrats haven’t been spending money for the right things in a very long time.

Until we adopt conservative solutions to these problems, they will persist. It’s just that simple. And since Democrats have successfully managed to link conservatism and racism in the minds of minorities, we are facing an uphill battle. But it’s a battle worth fighting, because victory means a better United States. Not just for minorities, but for everyone. Even liberals!

Unfortunately, a great many Republicans have begun to internalize the liberal message. They go to great lengths to distance themselves from the “old ways” of conservatism, hoping to appeal to liberals by becoming liberals. That’s never going to work. Even if it did, what good would it do anyone? Are there voters who call themselves Republicans just because they like elephants? We need conservative leaders who aren’t afraid to espouse conservatism. We have a few of them running for president in 2016, and it would be in our best interests to make sure one of them wins.

If Baltimore is any indication, we may be quickly reaching the point of no return.


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