Liberals Attempt To Frame Trump

During a campaign rally in Florida, Donald Trump admitted that he took presidential documents after leaving the White House. According to legal experts, this admission could damage his case in a criminal trial.

Lawyer George Conway, the husband of former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, was one of the first to point out the former President’s remarks during the campaign rally for Florida Senator Marco Rubio in Miami on Sunday. While at the event, Trump said that the Department of Justice and FBI had been “weaponized”. As an example of this weaponization, he noted the Mar-a-Lago raid and the “document hoax case.” He added that this violated his rights under the Fourth Amendment and was something that no other former President would have to endure. He also added that when Presidents leave office, they tend to take things, including documents.

Conway describes this instance as “admissible evidence.”

However, Trump has denied mishandling any sensitive or classified documents, including the ones removed from his Mar-a-Lago home by FBI agents this past August. Since the documents were seized, Trump has repeatedly tried to dispute the claim that he had classified information, saying that all of the documents had been declassified. He has also alleged, without any evidence, that the FBI “planted” the evidence.

Neither of these claims has been used by him or his legal team in any official court filings.

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  1. He needs to follow his lawyers advice and BE QUIET

  2. George Conway is a fat little bitter man.

  3. Democrats just need to worry about the storm fixing to hit the Biden corruption along with the DOJ & FBI. Justice will be served!!!!

  4. Democrats – we’ve got him this time and will prevent him from running in 2024.

  5. Biden’s comments that he never met ,talked to or knew nothing about Hunters business partners or his business will be admissible evidence during the Hunter Biden hearings proving Biden new of and was a part of Hunters business and met with his business partner many times. It’s on video with Joe saying it . Just the uncovered Whitehouse logs showing Joe met with Hunters business partners 27 time in the Whitehouse while he was the VP The lap top and the documents and email Hunters partner Bobulinski has will prove every word Joe said is a big lie. Joe asking the Saudi’s not to cut oil production and if they did not to announce it until after the midterms was also a crime asking another country to do something to affect the election . No other reason other than affecting the election . Joe’s quid pro quo on tape in Ukraine telling them to fire the prosecutor investigating his sons business before he leaves in 6 hours or they don’t get the US aid money . Then he brags well SOB they fired him . So maybe George should clue old Joe in about admissible evidence because Biden will be investigated for all of the crimes he has committed . Never heard George say one bad thing about Biden even though he and everyone else knows of his crimes. So glad we at least we got the house and can investigate crooked democrats and control the purse strings keeping the democrats from making our great great great great great great grandkids paying off what the squandered .

  6. The spineless pathetic cowards in the Republican Party will not bring any investigation of anyone who is a Democrat. The republicans are afraid of their own shadows. Mark meadows is already mentioning not doing it.

  7. The answer to this redundant question is yes if one isn’t very intelligent, thinks themselves as intelligent in their own mind. Have allowed themselves to be brainwashed. As a result, they’re against our country as a Constitutional Republic with freedom and liberty. PS They know very little about American history and how or why our founding fathers designed and wrote the Constitution and sacrificed their lives, families lives and fortunes to build a better country against the strong grips of not only the British empire, but any other countries invading forces foreign amd domestic. One has to read HISTORY to really understand the truth. Respectfully yours, Gary G, Cramer, Tmc., Marketing & Sales Consutant

  8. There was an article in a newspaper, that then President Trump did not clean his office out. I guess, they were planning something then again. So, if he took some documents and he would not be the first President, the FBI and whoever showed up with the warrant , would have been knocking on his door and arrested him. Actually, they came twice and advised him to change the lock, which they destroyed. When will this madness stop? Hillary and Joe done more and destroyed “classified “ documents. We, the people of the USA want our problems fixed and getting tired watching this endless wild goose chase!

  9. Republicans are scared of their own shadows. SPINELESS COWARDS. The DEMONCRAPS are destroying our country & ya’ll don’t give a DAMN. NEED TO REMOVE ALL THESE SORRY ASS ILLEGALS THAT ARE NOTHING BUT FREE LOADERS. OUR TAXPAYERS MONEY SHOULD GO TO AMERICANS NOT ILLEGALS.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

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