Liberals and Islam – The Twin Threats to America and the World

In Iraq and Syria, ISIS has made their intentions known. They want to take over Iraq and the Levant, turning the Middle East into their sick vision of an Islamic caliphate, leaving behind a twisted trail and blood and gore. Yet it seems that politicians both at home and abroad still don’t recognize this threat for what it is. They continue to tell us that Islam is a religion of peace, and that these extremists don’t represent their religion anymore than the Westboro Baptist Church represents modern Christianity. The difference, as any rational American can see, is that the WBC consists of one kooky family and a handful of zealous nuts. Their disruptions are limited to (admittedly distasteful) exercises of free speech. As of September 2014, they have yet to behead anyone who disagrees with them.

Another difference – a much more important one – is the separation between religious fundamentalists like the Westboro fanatics and mainstream Christianity. While none of the major polling agencies have bothered to poll Christians about whether or not they support Westboro’s aims, you would be hard pressed to find many sympathizers. On the other hand, worldwide polls suggest that at least 25% of Muslims support the use of suicide bombings and other violent means to defend and spread Islam.

President Obama has stated many times that ISIS does not represent any religion, somehow keeping a straight face while denying the facts. On the left, there is an increasingly powerful movement that says we must allow people to make their own identifications. If a man insists that he’s a woman, we must afford him all the rights that come with that identification. We must use the proper pronouns, give him…her…access to the women’s fitting rooms, and respect his…her…right to be whatever he…she…wants to be. Yet somehow when it comes to self-identified Islamic terrorists, we get to decide for ourselves whether or not they are really Muslims.

The fact is that Islamic fundamentalism – and that includes the suicide bombers as well as those who eschew violence – is incompatible with the Western world. Ask a Muslim; they’ll tell you. It’s been that way throughout history. The concept of the American melting pot is not, as the left would have you believe, a segregated society where every little group just keeps to themselves while demanding equal representation. It’s in the phrase. Melting pot. That means coming together, something the vast majority of American Muslims are unwilling to do. They want the rest of us to bend over backwards to respect their religion while affording their adopted country none of the same respect.

Just as dangerous as Islam, though, are the leftist politicians who fight for their ability to thrive in America. In February of 2012, California Democrat Representative Maxine Waters stunned the country by sharply criticizing American lawmakers who wanted to ban Sharia law in the United States. When Americans point to the way people live in places like Taliban-ruled Afghanistan – we are again assured that these are merely perversions of Islam. Not the real thing.

Liberals and Muslims will stop at nothing – literally – to exploit America’s tolerance until there’s nothing left to exploit. At what point does a country bend so far that it no longer represents the values upon which it was built? These enemies of America are desperate to find out.


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