Liberalism and Today’s Soft Men

According to a new article out of the UK, today’s men are less skilled in DIY projects than men of earlier generations. The news comes as a UK store called Homebase – think Home Depot or Lowe’s in the U.S. – is announcing that they will be closing a quarter of their stores. Though the store’s misfortunes are probably not entirely due to a change in men – home ownership is down as well – it hasn’t stopped some from speculating on the increased feminization of the rougher sex.

As the article says:

[T]oday’s 20- and 30-somethings don’t seem to possess your traditional “dad skills”. The dismal fact that a mere five per cent of 18-24s would attempt to unblock a sink doesn’t bode well for humanity – unless you’re a plumber.

If there’s any truth to the article’s contention that today’s men are more “feminine” that yesterday’s, the blame for that should be placed squarely at the feet of liberalism. I don’t know how entrenched liberalism is in the UK – though their tax situation offers some clues – but it has had a devastating effect on America. This isn’t about pining away for the days of John Wayne and oppressed women. It’s about what we’ve lost in the wake of the feminist revolution.

Consider our media. Look at the male role models we’re given on TV. Men like Ray Romano, Kevin James, and just about every actor in every commercial portray the male role as one of subservience, dim-wittedness, and general cluelessness. This is all played for laughs, but don’t think for a minute that it doesn’t have an effect.

Today’s boys are discouraged from playing games that include pretend gun violence, they’re discouraged from straying too far from the yard, and they’re taught that their heroes from U.S. history were actually rapists, murderers, slave owners, and all-around horrible people. This is all feminism. This is all liberalism.

The drawbacks to all this feminization go well beyond the inability to fix a leaky faucet. Feminized men feel rather than think, they look to others for approval, and they put women on a pedestal where they don’t belong.

C.S. Lewis once said, “We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”

Would 47% of the nation’s citizens be content to live off the government dole if there was still any honor left in being a man? Would marriage rates be plummeting?

Feminizing men was only the first step for liberals, of course. Now we realize they want to do away with the concept of gender altogether. They want to teach young boys and girls that you can simply choose your own gender, regardless of whatever body parts you happened to be born with. They see this as progress.

Men aren’t “better” than women, but women aren’t better than men, either. Ostensibly, this equality is what feminists have been fighting for. Even a cursory look beneath the surface, though, shows this for the lie that it is. Until the country wakes up to the grave mistakes we’re making, though, the diminishing population of conservative men will just have to take up the slack. According to studies that show that women vastly prefer men who display “old-fashioned” traits like backbone, power, and a refusal to cry at the drop of a hat, we might be able to turn this around.

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  1. Put ’em in prison where they can enjoy being submissive.

    • What? put today’s ‘men’ in prison, where they’d get the chance to be somebody’s bitch? They might decide they don’t like women after all.

  2. Also inclusive of the last line, despite what feminists say about women wanting to ‘be the boss’ and take charge, I’ve personally found that REAL women (those that wouldn’t hyphenate their last names) WANT a man to be in charge, WANT a man to take responsibility.

    As an aside, I absolutely HATE when women use the hateful and ugly term ‘ms'(hate the term, NOT the woman, LOVE women) but there are better options listed here: copied and pasted from this website:
    What do you think of when you hear the word Mrs. ? Do you think of a crotchety old third grade teacher? Maybe you think about your friends’ mothers, or the older ladies who feed pigeons in the park.
    But what about Mrs. Megan Fox? How about Mrs. Raquel Welch? Mrs. can, and should, be very sexy indeed.
    Women should be proud to address themselves as Mrs. It should be used with honor because it represents a mature, sexual woman. Only a grown woman capable of a sexual relationship with a man willing to spend his life with her can use the title Mrs.. Being married, being a Mrs., tells the world that she is mature enough, intelligent enough, sexual enough, to interest another adult in an exclusive lifetime commitment to her and to embark on one herself. She is quite obviously no longer a little girl.
    The Navajo people celebrate a girl’s first menstruation as a symbol of her transformation from girl to woman. While this celebration of adulthood is admirable, it nonetheless celebrates something that is merely physiological, something that happens to all girls at puberty, regardless of their choices or values in life.
    Marriage, on the other hand, is not a physiological function, and requires a lot more than a shifting of your hormonal balance. A woman marries by choice, when she herself has determined herself to be fully adult, fully sexual, and fully capable of a long term commitment to the values she has chosen to bring into her life. She should be proud of reaching such a stage in her life, and change her title to Mrs. in order to reflect this.
    When used with her husband’s name, it can be a very symbolic gesture, a gift she gives her husband, an acknowledgment that she is proud to be his wife. It does not mean that she is inferior, subjugated, or the disrespected chattel of some man. It is, after all, just a name.
    Some women, usually from a different generation, prefer to use their husband’s full name, as in Mrs. John Smith. This has fallen out of favor due to the assertion, mostly by feminists, that this eclipses a woman’s identity completely, that when she relinquishes the use of her first name she loses herself completely. I disagree. It may not suit everyone, but there is nothing wrong with addressing yourself by your husband’s full name if that’s the way you choose to honor him.
    By the same token, unmarried women, of any age, should be proud to call themselves Miss. There is nothing wrong with being single, and with identifying yourself as such. Even if you are married and eventually divorce, it is reasonable to revert to your maiden name, and to being a Miss again.
    But the trouble is, no one knows what to call themselves anymore, or how to address anyone else either. No one knows if addressing a woman as Mrs. is offensive, or if not addressing her as such is offensive, whether Miss is a derogatory term for a grown woman, or whether a woman’s marital status is simply none of anyone’s business and shouldn’t even be brought up. That kind of confusion has led to the widespread use of Ms., an ugly word that connotes something even uglier; a disdain for the married and the unmarried alike.
    Use Ms. if you must, but realize that there are two very real alternatives here, titles that let you celebrate your womanhood, married or not. Marital status is nothing to be ashamed of. Enjoy the coquettish, flirtatious tone of Miss if you haven’t found the man you want to marry yet, or if you thought you had found him but have to start your search again. Revel in being a married woman if you have found the man of your dreams, and show everyone, especially him, how proud you are to be his wife.

    • I’m proud of being Mrs. E*****. Have been for 45 years.

      • I do like John Hillerman playing ms Romano’s boss did on “One Day at a Time”, he called her AND other ‘women’ that use the term ms, M S, as in M S Romano.
        Who here doesn’t remember that?

    • Excellent article. I , too, am proud to be Mrs. M***…. I would rather my man be like the Marlboro man rather than a sissy with a perfect manicure. I like feeling safe, like he would be able to take on a charging lion to save me. My husband can fix most things, takes care of the cars, and while we both hunt and fish, I feel safer with him by my side and he’s taught me everything I know. It’s that feeling of being cherished and protected that you can’t get from a sissy boy.

  3. You ain’t seen nuttin yet. Wait until Common Core kicks in. Our kids will learn to hate this country and despise Capitalism. Call your Congressman and Govenor and get rid of Common Core.

  4. Its our culture. drink a few beers chance of going to jail. punch somebody in the mouth go to jail.. Botox and waxing is cool. women are more manly now a days then men..took paddles out of the schools. men are afraid of pain.. legalized gay marriages traded in hand tools for P’s man reminds me of a blister they show up when the work is done..

  5. The population of lazy “girlie” men is increasing in every liberal society today. Boys are being taught at home, in schools and, of course in the media, that any masculine feelings are neanderthal and are not acceptable in today’s society. “Let somebody else do it” (like the government) – another form of liberal mental disability.

  6. These metro sexual sissie boys are a disgrace to humanity I am retired and still do 90% of the work on my home and cars. Not only saving money but getting satisfaction of a job well done. These wimps that know a keyboard and that’s all need to make good money to pay others to do simple jobs they can’t figure out.

    • Well said! We’ve sissified American men. Thank goodness my husband was born in the 40’s!

    • this is true, but this is what the black females want of males throughout the obama administration. they want you to act like a child with them listening to what your told, and then act like a gorilla (their version of man), and then be metro with dressing like a pretty boy with face lotion and self grooming to boot. I think this is called a complete loss of identity and codependancy in the world of psychology…


    NO DEMS!
    NO RINO’s !!
    and…NO Pantsuits !!!

    and— in California –
    “If it’s BROWN..

    Flush Him Down !”

  8. if they have any interest at all in learning and doing mentors would be a fantastic way to do it. We older guys can still drive a nail, do some plumbing or wiring. Vehicles have really gotten much more complex than the 327 Chevy’s we worked on. However, we can still change oil and filter, lube and diagnose some problems and change engine parts out.

    • Yeah, insofaras fixing my truck, ’bout the ONLY thing I can do is change oil and filter. Not at all like it was with my first car, a ’70 Chevelle, changed out the original 307 for a 350, swapped the original powerglide trans for a Turbo 400 and the 10 bolt rear for a 12 bolt.

      • Nice! Did about the same with my ’77 Nova, but got rid of the electronic ignition and went back to points,,etc. If we ever get hit with a HEMP I’ll still be driving while everybody else walks.

      • My husband would like you. He wants another Chevelle SS but he wants a ’64. The old muscle cars are a lot easier to work on than these new computer driven rolling fiberglass on wheels machines. It’s a shame that most young kids today can’t find the dipstick to check the oil!

  9. This is exactly what the “progressives” want. Girlie men who will run and hide when the SHTF instead of standing up for ones family and the future of our country. Just look at what “we” elect to our local governments. Book educated “males” who can’t pound a nail straight and can only talk, talk, talk and won’t walk the walk !!! Thank GOD there are still real men out here that will do what the girlie men won’t do.
    Nothing makes me want to puke than watching the 6:00 O’clock news and seeing two “men” marry each other and suck face to celebrate. Then you have all the liberal assed watchers smiling and applauding as if this the normal thing for men to do. HORSE CRAP SAY I !!!

  10. It could be limited to England. Google “Rotherham” for an example.

  11. What we need here is to vote the democommunist out of office
    and the American people back in. Redistribution of Wealth is a communist
    doctrine. So remember people VOTE REPUBLICAN and tell all of your friends
    to do the same. The democommunist do it all of the time with the UNIONS.

  12. I can see it everyday in our society. It makes me physically ill to look at most of the so called men of today. I bet God is happy with this generation… But who is to blame? I think we all know who that is…SATAN!!!

    • I agree. A lot of women seem satanic in their hatred of society that has been built and are clawing their way to a women-centered society. Some of these men running around with their women and their antiaging creams, and moisturizing lotions, it seems to me that the women are lesbians and are trying to change their men to be more like women so they don’t have to use a strap on to have sex.

  13. This is predictable from the official congressional records concerning the goals of the American Communist Party. I am quite certain these goals also apply to Europe as well.

    Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35

    January 10, 1963

    Current Communist Goals



    Thursday, January 10, 1963

  14. I don’t know who this author is, but he hit it square on the head. The only thing he left out was the famous childs book “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” I wanted to put that damn thing where my son in law sits. Man this article hit it out of the park. For those progressive parents who don’t understand, here it is. If your raising a boy he needs to know what his role in life is. He is a breadwinner, a protector (that is someone who doesn’t put up with shit from his teachers and others who would dumb the kid down.) If he acts like a man in school he should be rewarded, he needs to know his girlfriends and eventually his wife are physically weaker. Not mentally weaker. They are to be respected as equal partners. They are not to be hit. Any Pussy of a man that hits a woman needs the kind of ass kicking that leaves him crippled. That is what our sons need to know to be men.

    Back when the Flower Children were all the thing their big expression was Make Love Not War. Well there are two women on the other side of the world. Mrs Hussein and Mrs Mikimoto. They aren’t raising their sons to make love. Their raising their sons to kick your sons ass and take everything he, his girlfriend, wife, mother and father have. Woman like Nancy Pelosi, Diane Fienburg and Michael Bloomberg, a pussy with money, are working overtime to create a society of wimps that they can fleece. All these people care about is more money for them and they are willing to sell out our nation and it’s childrens futures to get it. They are scum.
    Thank you for this article.
    P>S> The kid also needs to know that what hangs between his legs is his dik. It’s only his penis when he’s in polite company. Then if he slips up once in a while the polite company will know who he is. A man who made a mistake and said he was sorry.

  15. MrPissonyourgrave .

    Well said. When men don’t have backbones the wolves come out and play with little fear of punishment.


  17. Soft men? No there fudge packers and packages, whispers, light in the loafers, limp twisted, tinker bells, hotel motel, queens, gay, and queer. They have no ideal what it means to man up, or cowboy up. There just tuff riders and good buddies.

  18. The article was written about the men in the UK. Not the men in USA…
    The only thing I see in the younger generation is the lack of proper gentlemanly skills, such as opening doors, or standing up when a lady leaves the room, etc. I’m not seeing the lack of real men, being real men…but I live in Texas…

  19. Two distinct reasons why younger males tend to be girllie boys: 1> The role model presented in most movies and TV shows as well as many of the current politicians. 2> Public education; when I was in school boys were taught to be “manly”, and it was expected that they act that way. Now the school curriculum is governed by ‘generics’. And when Common Core kicks in, look for it to only get worse!

  20. We don’t need Alan Alda. We need John Wayne.

  21. These LIBERAL HOMOSEXUALS can’t break a nail [hands] more or less SWEAT [perspire] being that it would be Unmanly or MANLY? these two groups TOGEATHER are a threat to America, the Catholic church and the MILITARY as WE KNOW THEM TO BE.

  22. women i’ve found are treating their men like children and men think this is being “adult.” since when is it being an adult male to listen to what your told to do by your wife. This is called babysitting. Men changing their personality on the whim of what women want who might change their hair color one week, and buy another outfit the next is ridiculous. If you can’t be yourself, you are not a man and you are not in a relationship where one party dictates the rules of the relationship…

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