Liberal Writers Blatantly Advocate Violence After Scalise Shooting

We won’t say that Huffington Post writer Jesse Benn and liberal freelancer Malcolm Harris represent the mainstream of left-wing thought, but the fact that they have a platform at all in American political punditry shows you that something is deeply wrong. Because both Benn and Harris have openly advocated for violence against Republicans and conservatives in the wake of last Wednesday’s shooting in Alexandria, Virginia. Far from calling for unity and peace, these two morons apparently believe that shooter James T. Hodgkinson was onto something when he put Majority Whip Steve Scalise and three others in the hospital.

On Twitter, Benn, who has previously defended liberal violence in the pages of the Huffington Post, said that the only problem with Hodgkinson’s attack was that it wasn’t likely to get the right kind of results.

“For violent resistance to work it’d need to be organized,” wrote Benn. “Individual acts can be understandable, but likely counterproductive/ineffective.”

Uh-huh. Who wants to bet that Benn has never been within eight city blocks of a gunshot in his life? We’d love for him to tell the friends and family members of Steve Scalise that the only thing wrong with his near-fatal shooting was that it wasn’t “organized” enough. But, other than that, completely “understandable.” Is this idiot serious?

Apparently, because he didn’t just come up with this kind of cold-hearted, monstrous analysis in the heat of the moment. Last summer, when leftist animals were rioting at Trump rallies around the country, Benn decided he needed to be the one to speak out in favor of the chaos.

“In the face of media, politicians, and GOP primary voters normalizing Trump as a presidential candidate–whatever your personal beliefs regarding violent resistance–there’s an inherent value in forestalling Trump’s normalization,” Benn wrote. “Violent resistance accomplishes this. In spite of this, such resistance is apparently more offensive and unacceptable to societal norms and liberal sensibilities than the nastiness being resisted in the first place.”

As you can see, he’s not only making excuses for violence, he is simply baffled that anyone would take exception to it. Because if the alternative is “Trump normalization,” then by god, do whatever it takes!

And then there’s Harris, who apparently has a book about Millennials that was published by Little, Brown of New York. Book publishers couldn’t get away from Milo Yiannopoulos fast enough when he made some unsavory comments about underage relationships, but we wonder if Harris’s publisher will be as quick to drop him after he made these sick comments following the shooting of Steve Scalise.

“If the shooter has a serious health condition then is taking potshots at the GOP house leadership considered self defense?” Harris asked in a dumb reference to Obamacare repeal. “Nope nope nope you can’t use ‘respect for human life’ to defend GOP house leadership. That’s just bad math.”

And then, as if that wasn’t enough, he appeared to blatantly hope for Scalise to die.

“Hearing ‘David Duke without the baggage’ Steve Scalise is stable,” he wrote, “but a lot of Americans die from hospital errors so keep crossing your fingers.”

You know, we use the term “bleeding-hearts” to describe liberals, but these comments just go to show how so many of them don’t actually give a damn about people, no matter how much they claim to. If you disagree with their twisted view of the world, you deserve to die.

And they wonder why we oppose their attempts to take away our guns…


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  1. Jesse Benn and Malcolm Harris are only guilty of Brain Free Thinking! I am guessing that their pictures will soon appear in my dictionary just like the picture of Maxine Waters that appears next to the definition of the word “Ignorant”.

  2. These two liberal morons, are writing and saying what other liberals are thinking..and their lack of intellect and pure hatred is stunning. Now they are changing the new norm..they are advocating intimidating anyone who dares to disagree or consider running for public office..”they are saying dare to oppose us..we will kill you”

    • Some of us will defend ourselves; (2nd Amendment rights). The DemoNazis, the party of violence…follow the party line, or else! The Japanese didn’t invade the United States because they knew ”there would be a gun behind every blade of grass”. These days, it’s most likely there are two guns behind every blade of grass…no wonder the DemoNazis want to disarm us!

    • The Klu Klux Klan, the Soviet Union, and the Islamic terrorist didn’t scare me, so I damn sure is not going to be scared of these candyass fools.

  3. The problem is that these marxist revolutionaries do represent the mainstream thinking of the left and the terrorist organization formerly known as the Democrat party. The party leadership, The Mongrel and The Drunken Lesbian Witch clearly have blood on their hands, and may well be complicit in multiple political killings from Vince Foster to the Hawaiian official who created the “birth certificate”, Justice Scalia and Seth Rich. The delivery this past weekend of anthrax and explosives to the Republican candidate in the Georgia special election is a further indication of the new default strategy of the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder. The yeasty masses of the party have been breaking windows and smashing skulls since the Trump campaign began, and with the attempted mass assassination last week our beleaguered republic has moved considerably closer to the violent revolution and bloody civil war that we know the Obammunists have planned and Nazi kapo Soros has paid for. The regular Americans who built and defended this country from its founding until the arrival of the Trojan Horse in 2009 need to let the coalition of satanists, socialists and sodomites know that we will return fire after the next attack.

    • Miles, you are correct and yesterday on London when a wacko Conservative couldn’t handle anymore Islamic extremist murdering the innocent White people so he did what Alinsjy advocates hooping for an all fight in the streets. Obama of course had and is working on this result, and it will come unless the Democratic/Communist Party in our country are called out by their constituents to stop it. The Democratic leaders in Congress and on the street are the culprits. The only difference between us and England is they started taking in Muslims long before us and the amount melded into a country with 70 million people VS the U.S with 330 million doesn’t give them a fighting chance, but we still have time

    • Great comment!

  4. While it is a vexing annoyance seeing what the Leftist biased media is doing with baseless charges against the POTUS, they can be ignored. What is a larger issue is that the GOP is not unified behind the President in combating these devious pundits. Meanwhile the business of national recovery is being obstructed and delayed creating increased and more serious problems.

    • That is my thought also. Some repubs as guilty as dims.

      • disqus_XiPHq3JlXk

        Please ‘do’ post how the ‘proof’ of that.

        We’re all waiting with bated breath for your credible evidence to prove it.

        Oh wait, you don’t have any.

        • Who is we?

          • disqus_XiPHq3JlXk

            “We” are all the posters here both lib and con. Unlike ‘you’, “We” provide proof of what we say.

            FYI we’re still waiting for your ‘credible evidence’ to prove the accusations you stated.

            But then again, you still haven’t provided anything; but generalizations without one shred of evidence to back it up.

            You do know that “We” are all laughing at ‘you’, right?

        • But we do have PROOF that you are a left wing asshole…

        • It is obvious that you are Communist Chinese. Your English is bad, your gibberish handle is probably your real name.

      • Hopefully, McCain and others will soon be voted out. They think they are protecting their jobs but really are only bringing about their own doom. If we can get them replaced with another republican, maybe things will change a little.

      • Absolutely! Yes right on.

    • I agree…It’s obvious that Republicans eat their own. In my opinion, 95% of the Republican congressional ”leadership” is disgraceful…they’re jealous of President Trump’s victory, the jealousy began the day Trump announced his candidacy; when he won the nomination, the hatred only grew. So, with the scum media and these turncoat Republicans + the DemoNazis rabid taste for President Trump’s destruction, the deck is totally stacked (so unfairly) against him.

      • Doxie, your right the deck is stacked against President Trump, but you must ask yourself why is MSN attacking him? Why are the republicans not unified behind Trump? Why is Hillary, Obozo, Lynch, Susan rice and numerous others given a free pass for their treasonous acts, felonies and espionage? It appears to me many on both sides are in this game of pay to play and are benefiting financially! There is no way the Clinton foundation could receive 10’s of million $ for giving 20 percent of Americans uranium to Russia in The uranium One deal with out many payoffs and other high officials involved. The swamp is huge and the battle of who wins will determine America’s future!

        • Got that right

        • The election was nationalism vs globalism and the globalists lost. They’re in both parties.

          • Very true Marlene. Just because a politician has an (R) after his name doesn’t automatically make him a conservative. Way too many Republican politicians are neocon phonies who are members of the CFR, meaning that they are globalists who aren’t the least bit interested in protecting this country’s borders. On the other hand every Democrat I’ve come across is a rabid globalist and makes no bones about it. It’s time to start weeding them out.

          • sandraleesmith46

            ALL 535 top members of our gov’t are members of that organization or their names never see ballots.


            ALL 525 Senators and Congress people are selling out the true conservatives? They are not all selling out traditional American values.
            I guess your complaint is that they dont wear nazi armbands and conduct their business accordingly.

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          • William(Bill) Hooper

            Really,Valdschippers?!? So your best friend’s mother is a whore,just like you?

          • Marlene, we only won the battle the war is being waged now. The globalist have not given up and will subvert trump every way they can.

          • bill, i’m well aware of the Agendas. The globalists lost the election. Everything that transpired subsequently is obvious and expected..


            How come none of trump’s clothes are made in America?

        • Very simple, Bill. When you have a media that is probably 99% liberal, not only will they protect their own kind and defame President Trump, but they will RARELY report any of his accomplishments! And unfortunately, they are such good liars that Dumbocrats usually believe them! SAD, isn’t it?

        • I can tell you why the Media is against him, they tried everything to make sure he wasn’t elected and it backfired, and now they are really pissed.!!!!!

          • Blindsided with their fake news polls and ballot box stuffing.

          • Exactly. That truth seems tonpuss off Bill. With Hillary he can’t understand or comprehend why she lost. Run an unqualified unfit compromised inferior candidate and wonder why she lost against a sharp energetic enthusiastic businessman and why could this flawed candidate lose? All the fake news False polls ballot stuffing and voter fraud and Hillary and media is blindsided.

        • DJT illuminates the inept incapable unqualified unfit that are in office, and that their inadequacies have ruined our country. Government work should excel, not be the lowest common denominator. The idiot moron should not be the norm for political office any longer. DJT TRUMPS IGNORANCE HATRED AND BIGOTRY. President Trump MAGA

          • Askjerk, another delusional troll!

          • Whatever this irrational convuluted comment might mean. Ignorance is common in America. President Donald Trump, what a massively huge job you have so many ignorant illiterate obnoxious Americans, and you have do much hard work to do. Week ends holidays, congress five week vacations and you work for us with no pay. You work so hard, the below average American cannot conceive of a billionaire working do hard for Smerica, and you donate your income to charity. No wonder their small minds find this delusional. President Trump MAGA. Thankyou.

        • thomas robinson

          Hillary, and the rest of those putrid damnocrats loaded the deck with so many entrenched damnobuddies, that until they are ALL expunged from their offices and banned from having a say in our government, this will never end ! they spent so many years and so much of our money(not theirs) on degrading our system of government, that they can’t stand having some one coming in with a broom and sweeping all their ill deeds up and pitching them out of our nations justice system. they will fight it til we overcome ALL their illegal acts, and it won’t happen overnight !

        • well I actually agree with you. If you think Im a delusional troll then so be it. I am behind President Donald Trump 1000%, if you don’t like it, so what, actually I don’t care. I will diligently continue to work for him and America and MAGA. If you don’t like it get out of the way. MAGA

          • Askjrsk, my apologies, some how I read your post wrong.

          • Thankyou. I admit I was confused, to your agenda. Likewise, as maybe my rewording of a crooked HILLARY slogan. My slogan is : DJT love Trumps Hillary’s hate. MAGA.

        • Only a moron would not or could not know this truth there Mr. Delusional, troll.

        • Pay-to-play… it’s a nice socialist way of avoiding the term “influence pedaling” which is another term for a serious felony.

          Screw the Republicans who won’t support Trump: we’ll find replacements in the mid-term elections.

          Trump needs to make Hillary accountable for her crimes and Billy for his. Put both in prison, and watch society change when liberals and progressives learn that actions have consequences.

        • William(Bill) Hooper

          I don’t know,Bill…Whyis they?

        • Because almost ALL in Congress are in the same boat as the Democraps!!! They are also part of the bigger problem!!!! Congress is FULL of self serving pieces of CRAP padding THEIR incomes at the expense of those of us who voted for them!!!!!!

      • Agreed. We can change that in 2018 by not re-electing any one of them and giving President Trump an entirely new Congress that will work WITH him and FOR us.

        • You have to primary the Republicans up first


          dont give him anything unless its thorazine

          • because thorazine works for YOU? I doubt anything but a small padded room would work for you!


            if trump jumped off a cliff would you follow him you lemming?

          • SYCOPHANT!

          • Do us a favor and work with your fellow far left progressive-fascist zealots in the media and Dem Party to finally start the long overdue shooting war. Please! Your obvious stupidity and blind obedience to your fascist Dem indoctrination is incurable. My rifles are hungry.


            Teddy Roosevelt was the biggest progressive of that day. Would you shoot him?

          • Have you lost your ever lovin mind? What is wrong with you? Give you a hint…WE THE PEOPLE voted and WON!!!!!!!!!! Your constant pushing of the BS is now going to be shoved right in your face and I promise you and your kind are not prepared by any means. Yeah you may talk the talk but WE THE PEOPLE walk the walk and our time is here. No more going along to get along…be very careful!

          • They can’t figure out why stuffing ballot boxes didn’t work this time.

          • You’re outnumbered….

          • Uh, Compu-tron according to the prog-fascist party, about 20% of their base is “liberal” (code for progressive since 1935). With about 35% of registered voters in the Dem Party, that means only about 7% of the population 18 and up is far left. So perhaps 9 million people. I bet less than half are the insane type as seen in the MSM and the dozens of fascist web sites like HuffPost, Slate, Atlantic, Business Insider, WaPo, Vox, and so forth. So maybe 4.5 million extremists. We (Americans) number at least 20 million (more than half are combat veterans like me) – so how long will your kind last (unless you move to far left regions like the 10 central coastal counties of CA and secede)? Maybe you should watch “The Purge” for a preview of what could happen if the massively insane rhetoric of the MSM and so many Dems doesn’t stop.

          • Oh, so sorry, I didn’t realize there were only 20 million Americans.

          • Arithmetic was a class you skipped, right? There are about 130 million legal voters, so 7% is what? (Hint: .07 x 130m = 9.1m). Hmm, how about this: 130 bottles of bar on the wall… take 121 down and you have 9 bottles of beer on the wall. (There is a tune to go with this).

          • Riggghtt, 130 million illegal voters. Sorry dude.

          • Uh, dude, read carefully. I said 130 m legal voters.

          • Ok, my bad. But only 20 million of the legal voters are Americans?

          • If 1/3 of voters are Repub and another 1/3 are Indies, that is 2/3 of 130m or 86M (possible) voting for American principles. Those who vote for the Dems (in most cases, there are some good ones) are voting for the anti-American platform. Of the 1/3 who register s Dem, many (maybe 3-4 million) are dead or illegal (ah, yes, I know that is technically redundant).

          • So they ARE Americans, they just don’t agree with your political point of view? Just making sure.

          • All the Rooseveldts were WRONG!

          • He did not do the kind of damage that progressive Abraham Lincoln (his war against the foreign country of the Confederacy was 100% illegal) or all the Dems after Woodrow Wilson did. TR was pretty much a normal person with a lot of American attributes. Unlike WW, FDR, LBJ, JC, BC, and BO. I would call him a borderline prog who was highly likeable and entertaining. He put himself directly into the forefront of actions (like the Rough Riders) and did not hide behind fake news rhetoric.

          • How many people have you murdered already?

          • When the prog-fascist crowd starts shooting at us on a larger scale, it won’t be “murder” to shoot back. How many times did you vote for Hildebeast?

          • Zero, actually. But interesting that you equate a vote for a Democrat to be equivalent to a murder.

          • Amazing how poor your comprehension level is – have you gotten past high school yet? A vote for hard core fascist Hillary was a bullet into American ideals (which the Dems oppose 100%). So, yeah, people like you who know nothing of political systems or history were trying to murder the Constitution.

          • Nice string of baseless insults. Have you considered running for office?

          • The facts speak for themselves. Hardly baseless. If you feel you can be open minded and want to know the truth no matter how it affects your media and school indoctrination, I highly recommend “Liberal Fascism” for a very detailed facts based study of the progressives since the late 1800s.

            Here is an excellent, concise comparison of the far left progressive ideas versus we “classical liberals”:
            “Progressivism was and is a reaction to liberalism. A liberal society is one based on the natural right to liberty where people are free to do what they wish with what they own, their bodies and justly acquired property. What then is a progressive society? It is one that finds the liberal society inadequate and which therefore devises an endless list of ways to force individuals to do things they do not want to do with their bodies and their property. In a liberal society, the individual is guided by his or her own mind. In a progressive society, the individual mind and will is gradually replaced as the guiding force by the mind and will of various government officials, politicians, bureaucrats, and police officers. If social interactions in liberalism are governed by choice or voluntarism, force is the methodology of progressivism.”

            Ostrowski, James. Progressivism: A Primer on the Idea Destroying America (p. 51). Cazenovia Books. Kindle Edition.

          • Yes, you’ve copied and pasted that several times. I sincerely mean it, you should run for office.

          • What as a Dem? That is their style.

          • He doesn’t want to know. Any exercise involving thinking will shatter his compromised emotions. He doesn’t want to look at truth, because it upsets him and threatens the liberal ideas and rhetoric.

          • So true! In the Army, I had to attend some intelligence classes (in Germany) where they taught you to recognize brainwashing and the futility of arguing with such people. But, one never knows who else will read the comments and finally see the light.

          • How did you extrapolate that from my asking if ProgHunter equates a vote to a murder? Hey Whaledriver, how many people have you killed?

          • Does that mean you aren’t 18, or you voted for communist Sanders and his lunatic ideas?

          • Neither, actually. And I’m 36. So… Dem vote = murder?

          • The Dem Party has been trying to murder all American ideals since Woodrow Wilson and FDR. We stand for the Founder’s ideas of a Constitution permitting limited government, with individual liberty, and free market capitalism. The far left wants to end these “outdated ideas” (one can find such statements repeatedly from WW, FDR, Sanders, and Hillary).
            So you supported Trump? Or didn’t like either choice (which was an implicit vote for the progressive fascist party)?
            Or you could ask the ghosts of over 110 people murdered by Dems (mostly Hillary’s thugs in AR and later in D.C.) about murder by Dems.

          • No sir, I am asking you directly about your thoughts. Does a vote for a Democrat equal a murder?

          • OK, one more time. If you want to kill Americanism and switch to a form of fascism, then a vote for Dems IS a vote for murder – of the country. Period. You can’t comprehend that?

          • Right. Well, I suppose you ought to arrest tens of millions of American citizens for murder then. A sound and realistic plan. Hey, can I ask you why you think killing Americans is the best solution for every problem?

          • Stop it. ProgHunter thinks Dem thinking leans towards fascism, not Americanism and voting for a form of fascism could eventually lead to a Nazi Germany type country where government is BOSS. He doesn’t want to kill anyone. Stop trying to push him into saying he does so that you can broadcast how vicious conservatives are. You know, we are not the ones out in the streets using violence and using the f-word ad infinitum.

          • He literally threatened to murder me and claims its a good idea to kill millions of people because of their political beliefs. Please mind your own business.

          • No, in a civil war state (where we are today) you first ask all of them to move to high density socialist zones first (like the 10 central coastal counties of CA, Cook County in IL, Maryland, Boston, etc) and secede. Let them freely live in the totalitarian utopia (all decisions and opinions are made for them) if they think that is the best way. But the thugs of the BLM core, Occupy, and Antifa should be dealt with head on when they are out rioting. They need to discover that their is a cost to being anarchist thugs hired by Soros and company.

          • This. Is. Not. A. Civil. War. You disrespect the war dead and the scars our nation bears by claiming it’s so. I understand you are a bloodthirsty separatist, and fine, that’s your thing. I’m not stopping you from having an opinion, no matter how misguided. Just trying to get you to take a step back and look at your rhetoric, and maybe see if it’s *just* a little over the top.

          • Close your eyes to reality. The far left is trying hard to overthrow the new government, and they opine about killing those who oppose their tyranny on a daily basis. The first phase of a civil war. The second American civil war (the Revolutionary War is considered to be 50% revolution and 50% civil war) actually began in the early 1850s.
            I am fine with the leftist minority getting out of the US – no shots fired, fine outcome.
            You have no history (as I do) of watching the Dems try and eat away at our freedoms over the decades, especially in the 1980’s when they began the next energetic push to resume what Wilson and FDR and LBJ tried to establish.

          • Or you could say it was the 1830’s. But you cannot say with any credibility this is a similar situation, because your central thesis that there is some some vast conspiracy theory to overthrow the government is imaginary.

          • So the concerted effort by the far left owned and staffed MSM to defame and shut down the new government (and that of Reagan’s and Bush I and II as well) is not somehow a “conspiracy” of common goals (the alternate legal definition of conspiracy)? If you cannot see the viciousness of the efforts by the MSM and Dem organizations to force a collapse of the government, then you must not live here. Soros and several other leftist billionaires have been funding anarchist groups and fake news operations for a long time, but their efforts have tripled since around June 2016.
            There was a saying I saw 30+ years ago about socialists that still applies. Imagine a fish tank with water and fish. Ask a fish “how’s the water” and they will reply “what is water?”. Since that is their only environment they have no concept of what it is like outside of the tank. This perfectly describes left wing indoctrinated people – especially the current crop of snowflakes. They have no clue (since they don’t live around anti-socialists or read anything not approved by the left) they are swimming in totalitarian water.

          • NO, DUMMY

          • I didn’t ask you. Why so angry?

          • You still haven’t answered.

          • I have several times – you just don’t like the answer. If you didn’t vote for the fascist Dem candidate or the American candidate, what did you do in Nov 2016?

          • You didn’t answer the question I asked. Murder of an ideal (an absolute hypothetical) is not the same thing as murder of a human being. So, do you think a vote for a Democrat equals killing a human being?

          • Computron, I am an 86 year old woman, whose father served in North Africa during WW11. I am so thankful that Hitler was defeated. In a war men on both sides get killed, so soldiers are not murderers. Stop trying to incite people into saying violent things.

          • He had already threatened to murder me three times before I said that. Please mind your own business.

          • Dem = pig shit. Same as you..

          • Classy!

          • 100% agree.

          • You can be the first if you post your profile and address……… oh, wait, there are a number of communists (your ideological cousins) who DID try and kill me on the DMZ in Vietnam, but they seemed to all have died suddenly. Canister shells from a 90mm tank gun at 200 yards usually does that to extremists…….

          • So, how many?

          • We could never sort out (in 1968) how many bodies in many cases. Bits and pieces of raw NVA meat scattered over two football fields. But you know, they were far more honorable than your kind, who hide behind trash talk via the fascist MSM and on the moronic social media. BTW: We respected the NVA as fellow soldiers. That won’t happen in your case once your kind unleashes a hell (for you) called civil war. It won’t be civil.

          • Wow, I seem to have triggered you! So, you’re not aware of how many people you’ve killed. How many Americans would you LIKE to murder?

          • Hah! No trigger. Just some history and straight talk for you and expectations of history repeating itself. BTW, progressives are not Americans. They hate all ideas central to Americanism. Especially the Soros funded thugs of Antifa, Occupy, and BLM. How many Republicans do you secretly want to kill (and please the MSM)?

          • I have never expressed any desire to kill, nor do I secretly wish to kill. Ever. I have never killed. You however, are expressing subtextual and extremely textual desires, or should I say hunger, to kill. I wish our country took better care of our veterans.

          • You have no idea what a veteran is, so leave it out of your trash talk.

          • A veteran is someone who served in the military, no? I’m not clear how expressing a desire for our country to take better care of our veterans is trash talk.

          • Ah, so there is nothing which you would stand up for and defend, including killing anarchists? Yes, the federal system has been horrid at taking care of veterans ever since the Revolution. I have a different perspective on warfare than you since I was immersed in it for a year. I know that discussion with an enemy rarely is profitable – they are stuck on their intent to destroy what you have (like a Constitution).

          • Which anarchists were those again? As for defending, can you explain how that is equivalent to actively seeking out and murdering people, which you are constantly espousing?

          • He doesn’t (or can’t) understand straight talk. He lost his ability to think for himself rationally, using fact and logic, long ago. Now it’s all emotion, hence “being triggered…”

          • Hey, sounds like you want to kill a bunch of Americans too! Please tell us all about it.

          • Yep. To real people like us, triggered means sending a well made high BC hollow point boat tail on its way.

          • You are rapidly shooting up my list. But I do not think you are an American. Most likely an illegal alien..

          • No sir, born in Pennsylvania. So you’re going to murder me?

          • Murder, no. Just want to put your sorry leftist ass out of its misery.

          • But you are going to kill me? Please confirm.

          • When can we meet buttercup..?

          • First I want you to confirm you are going to murder me and many other people.

          • Shut up with the obvious goading, Comp! Question: What is your opinion of Abortion – especially late term abortion?

          • Shut up, period. No one asked your opinion. Question: what does that have to do with him threatening to murder me several times?

          • Computron is trying to get you to say you would love to murder someone so he can “prove” how awful Conservatives are as opposed to how “pure” Democrats are.

          • Absolutely false. I am asking Jim and the others to confirm their threats to murder me.

          • computron is just a punk ass bitch. Needs to be “dirt napping”.

          • So you ARE going to murder me????

          • Sleep with 1 eye open, you punk ass bitch..

          • 5th time now, you’re going to murder me, yes or no?

          • Where you hiding, bitch ?

          • Now now, name calling doesn’t help.

          • But it suits you to a t.

          • You’re going to have to do a lot better than that, kid.

          • You seem awfully proud of turning people you respected into hunks of meat. Why is that?

          • You do not even deserve to be called a piece of meat. But a pile of pig shit, sounds right…

          • And you have killed how many?

          • Who keeps count ?

          • So you’re admitting you’ve murdered so many people you can’t count them?

          • No murder. Just a lot of trash that had to be taken out..

          • But you did kill them?

          • I can tell you cannot discern between doing a job and ‘proud”. Is a fireman proud of fires? Or of his work in stopping them? Stopping a further fascist takeover of America is of the same nature.

          • OK, just to clarify, you don’t enjoy killing but constantly promote it? Interesting. You’re very keen on killing human beings.

          • OK, by now I know you have a single threaded thought process and are oblivious to the causes of civil war. When an enemy (progressive-fascists and progressive-communists) are openly trying to overthrow your country (American ideals) and force their own totalitarian “social justice warrior” totalitarianism on it, and you fight back, you are appalled I take it. Fascists and communists are barely in the category of human beings. They slaughtered over 140 million people in the 1900s’. So you re very keen on ignoring history and the true nature of the far left Dems.

          • Here’s the problem with your argument – you have no actual facts about the “overthrow” and “forcing of totalitarianism” to back your paranoid rambling.

          • Actually I have dozen books that recount the agenda and actions of progressives in the USA and their programs to do just that. Much of this is discussed in “Liberal Fascism” – why not review the beliefs and actions of Wilson and FDR before you pretend their is no evidence? Or for a much more difficult read, try the 1930’s works of von Mises who saw here these people were (around the world, not just here) and their ugly goals.
            Are you unaware the Dem Party is 100% run by progressives, as is the MSM media and most of the “education system”? Are you unaware that all of the slogans ands terminology the left uses are pure communist (and fascist – no difference there)? Are you blind to the hatred of capitalism by the left? It would seem so, but there is still a chance that if you read books – not put out by leftists (they use emotion and not rational thoughts as their “arguments”) – you might see the light.
            What happened in Poland and Romania when the people threw off the progressive-communist governments and media? A messy civil war that ended up being mostly one sided (the freedom agenda won).

          • JO!!!

          • BOB!!!

          • It won’t be much of a war, either.

          • Hillary has a list. Just like the D.C. Shooter that planned a massacre.

          • You need to be added..

          • So you’re going to murder me for asking a question?

          • Why not. That seems to be how you lefty scum roll. What is good for goose….

          • No sir, I am a Quaker and pacifist. I have never killed. Just confirming, you’re going to murder anyone who asks a question?

          • You’re full of shit.

          • Why do you say that? Because I don’t think murdering everyone is productive?

          • If they were democommunists….Not enough of them!!

          • The recess bell is ready to ring for ‘inventor.’ He’ll go away soon.

          • No, but you feel free to do that if you want.

          • Do you remember Phoenix, AZ? When armed to the teeth, ultra-leftist calling themselves the John Browns Shooting Club or facsimile thereof, brazenly walked down the street, openly mocking, threatening and assaulted a journalist video-tapping them?

            Or the video later posted on YouTube showing them target-practicing with their assault rifles.

            Do you remember AG Lynch, Senator Schumer, former president His Disgrace, former SoS Clinton and other democrats, encouraging and calling for “resistance” even in the streets to President Trump?

            Probably not. Your lights are on, but nobody’s home.

          • Follow THIS PFAGG!

          • If Trump turned water into wine, you’d accuse him of being an alcoholic. The lemming were the morons who voted in 2008 for a guy who said he’d lower the oceans and cleanse the Earth. Who’s the lemming here, Chief?


            If wishes were horses we’d all be wealthy. His environmental policies will turn water back into poison, undoing years of progress.

          • the EPA has become politicized by liberals pushing the global warming scam. They went threw all the regulations and got rid of some of the ridiculous and expensive ones. Your water will be clean and your air will still be fresh. Don’t panic, Chief!

            You voted for a guy whose only plan was “Hope and Change.” Feel foolish?


            Its not a scam. It hit 124 degrees in Palm Springs yesterday. I’m a scientist. I know the greenhouse effect is the real cause of the changes in the weather. Its the fossil fuel industry that’s scamming everybody else. There’s a profit motive. Of course there are plenty of profits to be made building solar and wind farms. They are like oil wells that never run dry.

          • It’s summer and it’s hot in the desert. It’s called the weather. When you b[can control the Sun you can control the climate, and raising taxes and having more expensive regulations will solve nothing.

            When Trump pulled out of the Paris deal hew saved taxpayers a fortune. It called for the US to send $100 billion a year too poor countries to help them with their green energy project which will add up to trillions.

            I like solar but those hideous looking windmills kill hawks and eagles. I haven’t heard of any booming green energy companies.

          • But I KNOW you would dive off if crazy burny, hitlery, or obola did. Right? no-nuts..just nuts.

          • The state hospital called their missing one that calls itself an inventor. They took away its matches and plastic knives.


            I’m going to report you for conspiracy to imprison an innocent person you liar! My county executive knows me personally. He will put you in prison.
            And dont call me an object. I’m a well known inventor. What the hell are you jerk?

          • Your last post tells me you are a jerkoff of the first water. You made a statement that sounds like a 4th grader would say in an argument with another 4th grader. “is not-is to, is not, is to, etc.,etc.,etc.!! Go back to your “county executive” and cry…

          • He does not use alcohol or drugs. Do you have a point.

          • Are you sure you can spare your stash?

          • sandraleesmith46

            Haldol is the drug of choice for psychotics these days; thorazine and stelazine are so passe.

        • Unfortunately, a third of the House is eleted every 2 years and about the same in the Senate. But the Dumborats have backers that are anti-American with LOTS of money. The elitist in the Republican party including the supposed leadership as well as the RINOs and libetard media are out to destroy the current administration. Frankly, I am sick of all the negativity against this administration and the threats of impeachment and subversion by Obozo leftovers, I can TOTALLY understand why We, the people, have no faith in Washington. We may have faith in the current administration but the others in Congress and the Supreme Court, none. I wish everyone would suck it up and do what is good for We, the people, and America!!!!

        • sandraleesmith46

          Sorry, no, you can’t do that; the House are all up for re-election, but only 1/3 of the Senate are.


        You think you are confusing people calling Democrats nazis? You are implying that nazis are undesirables. A lot of us are not confused.

    • Both political parties are as broken as can be, and both should be abandoned by everyone. They WILL NOT FIX THEMSELVES. I think both know they SHOULD, but cannot bring themselves to possibly lose their cushy jobs. Since elected politicians refuse to address the very problems THEY THEMSELVES CaUSED, I see the only true solution is for good citizens to take over the reins.

    • They are not unified because they (GOP) have something to hide or lose. There are payoffs and who paid it, not just clinton’s problem, ALL of Washington can’t even remember how many or how much let alone for what. The change has begun and it will not stop. Sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

    • Our reps in DC are in it for themselves. The system breeds them like that. Imagine if they were willing to go all out, counterattacking the leftists by creating investigations of, say, Clinton’s crooked uranium deal! But too many of them, probably, could face similar investigations.

    • Non-Trump, GOP’ers are wimps. They ride along when it works for them, but are ready, and are constantly positioning themselves, to avoid a potential downfall. They aren’t stand-up individuals, lack the willpower to stand in the face of adversity, and will flee at the least sign of destruction of their base. Like it or not, we now have a rising militant left growing in our beloved U.S. We either stand strong, and root-out the weak, self-interested politicians, or we will suffer the fall into socialism, and have these weak politicians blaming everyone else…like Hillary.

    • Please do not blame Democrats in these latest episodes. Blame the Repubs and TPs. I believe you heard about a Christian ramming a vehicle killing Muslims in London? In DC another Christian or right-winger sympathizer opened fire in a Repubs and TPs game killing people. We are in trouble at any gathering. Christians are now copying Jihads to kill Muslims and regular people. What are we going to do if Christians whom we thought had right mind are copying Jihads? This world is now in trouble.

      • The shooter at the game practice was a Bernie Sanders supporter not a republican.

        • You heard from fake site with fake news.

          • Don’t get frustrated by anything pmbalele says in his posts. He has been brainwashed to accept as gospel the entire “progressive”, socialist, liberal, democrat mantra, without exception, and is lost to any possibility for having reasonable discussion! He, and those who think like him (meaning, they don’t think), are what’s wrong in this country, not Donald Trump! Mr. Trump is not perfect, in any sense, but he is refreshing as a populist, and has shown that he can change his mind when reason and discussion prompts him to do so – and is not like so many phony party politicians who stick to hard line positions without regard to the will of the people who elected them! So evidently, those hard liners are for themselves, or special interests (usually bankers), and couldn’t care less for their constituents!

      • Amazing how much you twist and distort the news. We know for certain that the Virginia shooter was a deranged Sanders supporter who (like much of the Dem Party officials and politicians) hates Trump and American ideals. Tell us how you managed to flip the identity of the shooter upside down? Your hatred of Americans? Your regular use of cocaine (like Bill and Hillary)? Your leftist teachers in school?

    • sandraleesmith46

      My loyalty is NEVER to a person, but to the Constitution, and when Trump acts within it and for it, I support him; when he DOESN’T, I won’t! It’s that simple!

    • The President is fighting two groups of powerful, anti nationalist, adversaries. The democrats and the less obvious deep state, which is more difficult to identify. Of the two, the deep state operatives, without regard to political persuasion, is the most sinister and dangerous! Be it for money, power, or entertainment, they are backed by a NWO group of extremely powerful people, who at the present time seem to have all things going in their favor? No longer can we expect to engage in fair discussion, or fight, as civility, morality, truth and reason, have gone out of vogue, and all that matters now is to win at any cost! To those who are being sucked in to believing all the garbage rhetoric, I say – do not be fooled! Freedom, not riches, is at stake! Everyone, on both sides of the issue, stands to lose if Donald Trump loses!

    • You are spot-on! The conservative people, regardless of whether they are GOP, T-Party or any conservative blend should be supporting Trump. We can clearly see through the Liberal blue haze.

  5. Ironic, isn’t it, that most of these liberal, progressive writers are pansy-asses themselves who wouldn’t have the stones to defend themselves if attacked, but they encourage others to engage in violence against those with whom they disagree politically. They’re loathsome little snowflakes who should be kicked to the curb when serious political discussions are afoot.

  6. We all know that we can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.These scum are the only known parasites that feeds on it’s own species.
    We must separate ourselves from them, it is that or civil war
    These 2 clowns, just post their name and address , then forget about them

    • Its, stupid. No apostrophe. It should not even be possible for an adult to be unaware that the common word it’s is a contraction of the words it and is.

      There is something very wrong about you. Are you drug addict, or a filthy alcoholic?

      • C’mon be brave, kill yourself, you don’t want your family to go through life, bearing that cross, do you, ersatz life form?

  7. What I don`t understand is that many years ago the then Chairman of Communist Party U.S.A. said that they have tried very hard to get away from the word ( Liberal ) why are these Savages and Barbarians not calling themselves Progressives ?? I thought that Socialists , Communists and Fascists decided to re-invent themselves once again , Did their Useful Idiots the disease brained Liberals not get the Memo ??

    • Francisco Machado

      “Liberal” isn’t meaningful. It is a name, like “Mr. Carpenter” may have nothing to do with woodworking. Obviously it is not a description of those calling themselves that. “Progressive” is also a name. It is a philosophy of government, that Big Brother government, centralized control of everything, of every function of society, is the path to Utopia. It’s the government of Orwell’s 1984, complete with government monitoring of every citizen. For obvious reasons, Socialism can’t be implemented without a Progressive government, but Progressivism isn’t socialist, it’s just totalitarian government. Teddy Roosevelt was a Progressive, named his third party “the Progressive Party” in the 1912 election, where you had your choice of three Progressives since Taft and Wilson were also Progressives. Most politicians are, it’s just a matter of degree. Most of the Republicans in Congress are Progressives, which makes “draining the swamp” a very intimidating task given that Trump doesn’t have a convenient River Styx to divert through the halls of Congress – and it remains to be seen how “progressive” Trump himself will turn out to be.

    • Because no matter what they call themselves, it takes on a deservedly dirty meaning.

  8. luvsgunsandamerica

    These traitorous cretins need swift justice ASAP.First Amendment speech is one thing,advocating terrorist acts should gain them a quick trial and an even quicker hanging

  9. Open advocation of violence against the government or it’s membership is sedition, and should be met with immediate and serious response by our leadership! There is no time to waste, and small, seemingly minor, trash talk can and does occasionally get way out of hand!

  10. I guess these so called “liberal” candy asses never heard the old expression “Be careful what you ask for – because you just might get it.”

  11. As David Horowitz clearly has pointed out, it’s the COMMUNISTS WHO ARE BEHIND ALL OF THIS. They are anti-God, anti-America, anti sovereign nation. They want and demand communist rule at all costs. We are dealing with the greatest evil this nation has ever fought against. Communists who are disguised as Liberals. They are called the Liberal elites. Which is a joke.


    Those two liberals are echoing violent talk from the breitbart crowd where they talk about democrats that way. They are as wrong to incite violence as the right wing nuts they are reacting to.

  13. All politicians need to go. Conservatives and the President need to work together to make our country great again. We need to put an end to liberals.

    • I suspect if you ever read the dictionary definition of liberal you may change your mind about that. The context in which it is used these days is not correct at all according to the dictionary. I further suspect what you really are referring to is progressives. There you are absolutely correct.

      Both major parties have been infiltrated by communists the (now) so called democrat party over 90% it seems the republican party not at all to the same extent. However, both have been infiltrated to some extent. That is why we have RINO’s within the republican party now. Not only have they infiltrated the political parties they have also made their way into our education systems and media. What we are witnessing is an attempted take over of the United States of American government by communists. A revolution without firing a shot. This is exactly what Lincoln warned about when he said America would never be defeated from without because of our strong military position but only ever from within. He certainly was correct about the outside part. It is our duty, the patriotic citizens of this great nation, to see to it we remain a free and sovereign nation for all posterity. Just as our forefathers secured these freedoms for us.

      • Mostly true, fellow patriot. But when progressive-fascist FDR wanted to hide his progressive credentials for the 1936 election (European progressives Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini were already being exposed as thugs) he ordered the already far left media here to steal the label “liberal” from us. So now it is proper to refer to us as “classical liberal” and them as “modern liberal”. Or simply progressive-fascists, the factual label.

        Here is the best, most concise explanation of progs versus us:

        “Progressivism was and is a reaction to liberalism. A liberal society is one based on the natural right to liberty where people are free to do what they wish with what they own, their bodies and justly acquired property. What then is a progressive society? It is one that finds the liberal society inadequate and which therefore devises an endless list of ways to force individuals to do things they do not want to do with their bodies and their property. In a liberal society, the individual is guided by his or her own mind. In a progressive society, the individual mind and will is gradually replaced as the guiding force by the mind and will of various government officials, politicians, bureaucrats, and police officers. If social interactions in liberalism are governed by choice or voluntarism, force is the methodology of progressivism.”

        Ostrowski, James. Progressivism: A Primer on the Idea Destroying America (p. 51). Cazenovia Books. Kindle Edition.

        • For the most part I can agree. However, to some degree what you describe here is a libertarian. I’m not certain I completely understand the association you state regarding the connection (reaction) to liberal. The dictionary definition of libertarian; a person who advocates civil liberty. As a noun among other things; to think or feel or do just as one pleases.

          Pretty much describes the thinking of many if not most libertarians I know.

          However, on the other hand liberal among other things (1) willing to respect and accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own. I know of no progressive who has any of those traits or attributes. But they sure do have tendencies leaning toward communism. Or is it just plane control?

          • Hi Don – keep in mind who controls the dictionary – the far left. Especially once Merriam took over from Webster. Their definition of “liberal” is from pre-1935 (in the USA only – most other countries still use the proper, older definition). This is deliberate.

            Progressives are totalitarian socialists (statists). They always have been. They are about massive control and uniformity of thought (whatever they deem best at the moment for fomenting internal divisiveness). The 1935 media endlessly celebrated the four leading progressive leaders of their time as the anointed ones who would bring global utopia to the world. These four, often called “The Mighty Four”, were (in order of reverence) Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and FDR. The first three held Woodrow Wilson in high regard as he was one of the club.

          • There is little doubt in anyone’s (even most progressive so called democrats) mind progressives are totalitarian. However, I still think they are communists in disguise. But there is no argument there because communists are totalitarian.

            Furthermore, I actually always considered Wilson the first president to wish to fundamentally transform America. He just did not come out and say it like obama did. As a matter of fact in my mind he may have been more successful at it then obama. The fed and the income taxes are just two of his nefarious accomplishments. The difference is, I think, obama was out to destroy America completely and Wilson just wanted to transform it keeping much of the old America intact. I also think WWII in a manner saved the US from FDR or otherwise he may have gotten more done or accomplished in “his” transformation. The war effort kept him busy until his death.

            Have a nice day.

          • Are you roasting down there these days? I used to think I wanted to retire in Tucson, but not anymore!
            Actually (as quoted in Liberal Fascism, in the Wilson chapter) WW DID specifically state he wanted to overthrow the “obsolete ideas of a Constitution and limited government, individual liberty, and capitalism”. Same quote from FDR and many of today’s Dems, including Judge Ginsburg.
            “Progressive” includes both communism and fascism, two nearly identical flavors of the total state.

          • Well you know it is not really to bad anymore, I’m retired now. When I was still working and out in it everyday summers were a little hot. But not really that bad. Now when I was still instructing and had a student in the pattern pre solo that was bad. Otherwise I really never minded the heat much. Just the opposite of what the northern folks have to face. Only not so long. About eight months out of the year here it is really nice. Hard to beat that. I shovel sunshine here. Not so hard on your back.

            I actually would not suggest Tucson. But different strokes for different folks. However, there are a lot of very nice smaller towns. Some in the high country and some like Prescott not so high. I lived in Douglas for many years. But Sierra Vista is a really nice small town and not far from Tombstone, AZ. Never to hot and never to cold right now it is 92 and feels like 88, severe clear. Sierra Vista is not far from the Mexican border. There is an Army base there. But most importantly nice people. I know a lot of jokes are made heat out here it but here in Arizona it is a dry heat. And it doesn’t seem like it is so hot if you’re not in the direct sun.

            I guess I missed that part on Wilson. I do know that was the FDR attitude. And I am way to aware about Ginsberg. I have no time for her. You are right however, there is very little difference between communism and fascism. Seems to me it is property ownership. Some is allowed (selective in fascism) and none in communism. There may be other differences as well. In any case free enterprise is the only way to go for those not to lazy to want to get ahead.

            Nice talking with you!

          • I have been intrigued by the Lost Dutchman Mine and the lost Pegleg Pete mine since the 60’s. Always wanted to go investigate (like hundreds of others). It is 101d here on the Oregon coast today – can’t even go outside.

  14. These liberal writers along with Warren, Soros, the Clintons, Pelosi and the DNC are biased haters. They do not care what really happens to America, they only care about their power and source of money



  17. Anyone declaring violence against anyone and it happens should be held responsible and go to prison

  18. Someone needs to “cap” this asshole at least twice in the head. And ALL like him who agree with this dirtball..

  19. I agree,impeach Schumer and Polosi Galore for Obstructing justice and delaying tactics.Paul Ryan and sing along with Mitch should be demoted or put out of congress for not helping our pres.He has done more for our country and its people in the first 4 months than Obama did it 8 long yrs.Get some Republicans in there who have gonads and stand of to these vermin in the democratic Senate and the slime bags in the mainstream media.All three are enemies to our president and part of the swamp that needs draining.

  20. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: These leftists do not have a valid intellectual argument to substantiate their position so they resort to intellect free actions that involve violence without thought as did their ancestral relatives – the cavemen!

  21. AND these two guys can’t be put in prison ??????????????????????????

    • They – and hundreds more like them – need to be put in the ground. They have an incurable disease – progressive-fascism.

  22. Liberals want a civil war because they’re too stupid to know who their real enemies are!

  23. They have been begging for people to do this. NO WAY are they going to slow the momentum. We are in a civil war, but the Reps have not recognized it. Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Lynch, Soros and Hillary should be arrested for sedition.

  24. So it should come as no surprise to those liberal faggots when a bullet finds them! Call it just rewards well earned!

  25. We’ve got to start shutting down these Obama-Soros ‘HATE’ networks..Boycott-Boycott-Boycott.
    Remember: Washington Post owns Amazon
    Time Warner owns CNN
    Disney owns ABC
    and Hawaii hates (LEGAL) Pro-American Republicans

  26. Let’s get one thing clear. There is a maligned ideology running through most Leftist’s heads and the two writers here show just how twisted and evil that ideology is.

    After P.T. canning the corruption enabler for the Clintons/Obamas, James Comey, and securing ALL of Comey’s Files, computers and videos from Comey’s office (Comey’s recorded attempts to remove President Trump from office as well as Comey’s running interference for Killary’s investigations), the whiney immature and now desperate Left is trying to do anything they can to destroy the person who NOW is in position to rain destruction on ALL of them.

    Unfortunately Scalese was a victim of this insanity breeding from the Left and because America has “many” loose canyons walking around not in Mental facilities, we will see more violence against Conservatives.

    Liberals incite those of little intelligence to do the unthinkable. For instance, if you will research all the mass shootings in America, you will see that every one of the shooters is a Democrat incited by some leftist rhetoric…everyone of them! No Conservatives whatsoever. What does that say about the Left? Yes, they are one step away from the Funny Farm and violence is the only way to solve issues.


    FYI: The Russian/Trump crap was proven to be Comey’s attempt to create FAKE NEWS to remove P.T. from office. President Trump now has enough evidence collected from Comey’s office when he was canned, to remove, investigate and prosecute ALL the Clinton/Obama vermin in the D.C. swamp.
    ★★ This is going to be one explosive 4Th of July! It’s about damn time!★★

  27. They should all be imprisoned including Soros. These acts of violence are illegal despite what the claim. They have the right to peaceful assembly but when it becomes unpeaceful it becomes illegal. When the bullets start flying in their direction they have no one to blame except themselves.

  28. Regarding Benn and Harris’s advocacy for violence against republicans, it is not a problem until it lands on their doorstep and affects and/or destroys them or their families. Be careful what you pray for……………

  29. All this is the fault of REPUBLICANS. They do not support President Trump and will not help him in any way. They will lose in the med-terms and they will blame Trump. There are old timers in the party who are either not running in 2018 or they feel secure. These people are worse than DEMOCRATS. I don’t know what to do yet … but I have switched my registration to IND, I Am not donating to Republicans and am not voting for ANY Republican.

    • The GOP is definitely on equal footing for blame in America’s decline. They have blown every opportunity, when given the POWER reins of government, over at least the past fifty-odd years – I know, I’ve watched it all. The other blame rests with those whose image is reflected in their mirrors every day. Too busy, in their day to day struggle, to pay closer attention to the “Culture War” America has been in, and losing!

  30. Waiting for McConnell and Ryan to start standing up to the BS Schumer and Pelosi put out the minute the fake news is put out. How about supporting your president or get out. You have both earned your extraordinary pensions and benefits for the rest of your life. We have a country to save.

    • Ryan, McConnell “standing up?” These two are part of the out of control PC whacks in the Greatly Outdated Party. As David Horowitz notes in his new book “Big Agenda,” the Sal Alinskyites, a.k.a. Democrats, a.k.a. progressives, a.k.a. Socialists, are always in “lock step,” while the Republicans waver and acquiesce to Democrat demands – rarely UNITED behind anything, except possibly getting reelected! He further points out that this ‘incremental,’ bit by bit dismantling of America’s culture, and replacing it with this ‘deadly socialist,’ secular culture, has been ongoing since the Woodrow Wilson presidency!

  31. You are very right Jackhy. I have gone back to being Independent as I am very disappointed in the Republicans as well. We need to help President Trump as much as possible. The democrats are doing nothing but hate. Ignore them.

  32. The democrats, the left wing media and their supporters, America’s ISIS. Calls to resist, calls to fight, support for violence to stop Trump from creating jobs for Americans. To stop Trump from securing our borders. To stop Trump from withholding funding to foreign nations even though our own are going without, going hungry, homeless, and jobless. The democrats and their supporters, radicals who have worked behind closed doors for years came out when Obama won the election. They grew braver as they watched the GOP stand by and do nothing as Obama violated our laws, his oath and our Constitution. They continue to push their radical agenda, to push Americans back knowing that they are risking the security of the United States. They want us vulnerable. They want us weak and Trump is working to stop them in their tracks. Our only recourse is to vote every dem out of office. To encourage conservatives to run against the GOP establishment. We must bring back the voice of law abiding Americans.

  33. Sounds like terrorists to me…now these are men that needs to be investigated.

  34. These people obviously never learned the lessons of history, Violence begets further violence against you. They probably never heard of the lessons of Mohatma Ghandi or Martin Luther King.

    • I agree, in a perfect world, which we all can contribute through, non-violent means, however, it’s uncorrupted law and order, via self defense that can directly save lives.

  35. Excellent expose! “You know, we use the term “bleeding-hearts” to describe liberals, but these comments just go to show how so many of them don’t actually give a damn about people, no matter how much they claim to. If you disagree with their twisted view of the world, you deserve to die.

    And they wonder why we oppose their attempts to take away our guns…”

  36. Good idea to call for violence there liberals. Be sure that you respect all gun free zones. Please block major freeways and traffic arteries. Gather together with Madonna and granny Cher and Joan Baez and Seifield. Please bring your rocking chairs to fight like the Brittans did !!! Patriots come locked loaded and tankers to now down those in the freeways. MAGA

  37. Craig Vandertie

    Take that Socialist Moonie Muslime bitch Ariana Huffington and toss her in a prison cell, strip her of her freedom to spread propaganda creating chaos.

    Have you recently reviewed the complete gibberish posted from the weak minded Deep State deeply intranced Looney Libtard members of her anarchist propaganda tabloid?, completely pathetic.

  38. I’m a conservative, please try that bullshit with me….please

  39. What I don’t understand is why these two writers have not been fired! We need to boycott both of these publications until they are! How disgusting and I believe it constitutes inciting violence what they have said regarding the shooting of a good decent man Congressman Scalise. I pray he makes a full recovery — and as for these two sleaze bags I pray they rot in hell someday!

  40. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    There is ‘freedom’ of the press, but are there not also laws against treason and sedition?

  41. sandraleesmith46

    So, y’all will be understanding and quiet when someone calls open season on y’all and the real shooting starts? Is that what we should understand from this? Because a lot of us feel we have the RIGHT to shoot back when shot at!

    ANSWER: BECAUSE THEY ARE SOCIALIST COMMUNIST (SEE ABOVE) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I guess these pussy types have no balls. Go ahead and try it because our side is losing patience with you scum and you have to know you have no chance and just talking don’t do it.

  44. I thought it was against the law to publicly threaten a public official, where is the secret service or the FBI. If some one threatens me or my family because I am conservative and a Christian I will Defend myself or family at all cost.
    These liberals think they can get away with violence with no consequence, but someday they are going to be in for a rude awakening.

  45. Can they be held liable for such speech, akin to yelling FIRE in that crowded theatre?

  46. The new ICON/SYMBOL of the democrat party aka: socialist democ-RATS SWATZTIKA

  47. anthony j. manzo

    Be careful of what you wish or preach for, it could come back and bite YOU. In this crazy world where people spew HATE they should remember those who live by the sword can also die by the sword. No one is exempt or safe. Sleep well ???

  48. How can leftist pieces of shit like Huffington Post writer Jesse Benn and liberal freelancer Malcolm Harris even get any of their garbage get published??????

  49. You know what the worst part of this outrageous nonsense is? It’s that they’re ‘resisting’ an enemy they made up themselves. An enemy that does not exist in the real world. A scary, snarling, conservative bogeyman they’ve drawn and redrawn until they got him just right, adding imaginary hate here, imaginary supremacy there, an imaginary wish to control the universe and steal away the rights of the poor, imaginarily victimized liberal . And that’s really what’s wrong with these deliberately, aggressively ignorant people, they’ve been blinded by rage they generate themselves, like an angry toddler who whips himself into hyperventilating hysteria over the monster under the bed. Meanwhile the model they used to draw their bogeyman appears to be themselves. Their own real hatred, their own real smug superiority, their own real wish to control the universe and steal away the rights of everyone so they can they can sit safely in their little make believe ivory towers arrogantly telling everyone else what to do. These people are their own worst enemy, and ours. Because like toddlers they are solely focused on one goal, getting their way, and like spoiled, entitled children they will stop at nothing until they do.


      There a lot of sick people with chips on their shoulders and maybe Hodkinsoin was mentally ill but the leaders of the democratic and other nonrepublican parties are right to call trump a a fascist and an unprecedented threat to democracy. Its not our imagination.

      I dont condone the violence that took place on the congressional ball-field. Nor do I associate with violent people. None of the people I have encountered at town hall meetings or political action meetings has advocated violence.

      • Like I said, deliberate, aggressive ignorance. How exactly is Trump a fascist? Or a threat to democracy? Simply stating silly buzzwords based on no reality whatsoever will not make them true, no matter how much you want it to. The only fascist threat to democracy are violent, misguided, mislead liberals determined to create and then defeat a monster of their own making. It’s embarrassing, watching so many supposedly intelligent people acting so incredibly stupid, acting like Nazi’s while falsely accusing those who have never acted like Nazi’s of that very thing. Wake up. Your allowing yourself to be led by those who clearly do not have your, or this nations best interest at heart.

  50. These HuffPo writers need to be arrested for inciting violence. Another term is “sedition.” By the way, anybody who tries to carry out this BS (shooting conservatives) are going to find out that a lot of us are ARMED (get the message?) Want WAR? That CAN happen!!!

  51. Why has this idiot not been arrested?

  52. I hope they both are successful in creating large-scale violence against Republicans and conservatives. That way, when more Democrats begin purchasing firearms and violence begins to break out, those of us who haven’t wanted trouble won’t need an excuse to lethally defend ourselves.

    The Left hopes that conservatives will react like they do, running for a safe space while crying our eyes out, wondering how we ever went wrong, and willing to do anything to stop the violence. We’ll stop it, without a doubt — just not the way they want us to.

  53. William(Bill) Hooper

    Like Everything “reported”in “Patriot” News Daily : Utter Lies and Horse Shit.

  54. There can be little doubt that this attempted mass assassination, unprecedented in our history and in fact since Guy Fawkes tried to take out Parliament in 1605, was the first shot of the Second Civil War. The Obammunists are increasingly desperate as scheme after scheme, gambit after gambit and canard after canard fails to reverse the outcome of the election they lost, and would-be mass murderer Hodgkinson and the other wierdos and beardos are nearly down to their last throw. Since yesterday’s election in Georgia was not a “win for the ages” but rather yet another defeat for the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder, it is increasingly likely that the “resistance summer” planned to begin in July will ignite a violent revolution and quite possibly a bloody civil war. We must stand behind President Trump and let the satanists, socialists and sodomites know that if they try something like this again the regular people who built and defended this country from its founding until the arrival of the Trojan Horse in 2009 will fight back.

  55. If these media loons even hint at ‘someone should shoot’ so’n’so for their politics they must also realize that payback’s a bitch and you don’t usually see it comin! Better start wear’n yer hoody.

  56. Just post the names and addresses of these 2 pieces of garbage,then forget abut it.

  57. Who turned all those privileged Antifa kids into destructive, violent Rep. haters? Hate spewers ARE to be looked down on. They act like evolution backpedaled on them

  58. If you cannot win the argument with facts and data, well just shut down the argument, by any means available. What a lovely mind set.

  59. Gotta luv it —– Yeah – Until it’s their face in the crosshairs……

  60. shoot the messengers

  61. The day that the Left, in a pre-planned political assassination attempt, opened fire on Republican Congressmen, all pretense of working together to solve the problems of this nation in a non-partisan manner has forever evaporated. The Left declared war on conservatives in this nation.

    Once again, there were shots heard around the world.

  62. David VanBockel

    Lefties keep begging for a violent civil war. It would be an honor to count the casualties.

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