Liberal Writer to GOP: Be More Like Us

Catherine Rampell, writing for The Washington Post, is certain that she has the remedy for what ails the Republican Party. In an op-ed on Thursday, Rampell said that the much-ballyhooed “autopsy” report commissioned by the party after Mitt Romney lost in 2012 held all of the answers. It just so happens that the report – or at least the aspects she chose to highlight – encourages the Republican Party…to be more like Democrats.

Among the issues Republicans should be addressing, according to Rampell and the 2012 report:

Communicate “that they understand what a woman who is balancing many responsibilities is going through.”

Embrace gay rights, or at least stop opposing them.

Be “welcoming and inclusive” to minorities

Invest in Hispanic media.

Pass immigration reform, aka, amnesty.

Attack corporate welfare.

Stop insisting on ideological purity.

In Rampell’s opinion, Donald Trump has done everything but set that report ablaze. “He’s done the exact opposite of almost every recommendation Republican analysts said the party needed to adopt if the party wanted to survive,” she wrote before delving into Trump’s well-established remarks on women.

It’s hard to disagree with Rampell when she says that Trump is not following the autopsy playbook; he clearly isn’t. But neither is Ted Cruz. And guess which two candidates just happen to be the two last men standing in the race. In a primary season, mind you, which has seen the Republican voting base electrified in a way we haven’t seen in years. Trump has made being a Republican “cool” again, and that’s a fact that many in his own party would be wise to notice.

Now, you can’t boil Trump’s popularity down to any one specific thing, but part of it is undoubtedly built on the notion that “he tells it like it is.” It has been a long time since we had a major Republican politician who doesn’t cower from the left’s rules of political correctness. Voters are responding to Trump because people – conservatives, liberals, and everyone in between – are naturally drawn to strength. In an era where we are inundated with emasculated, touchy-feely, feminine men in movies, television, and politics, it is an unbelievably refreshing change of pace to watch someone like Trump.

It may be surprising to Rampell, but conservatives don’t want to vote for politicians who sound like Democrats. They want politicians who will stand up against the infection of liberalism that has been eating this country from the inside out. Trump generates excitement. And he does so exactly because he isn’t listening to Democrats try to tell him what a Republican should do to win. Maybe he’s one of the only ones to understand that they just might have an ulterior motive.



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  1. MAYBE IF SHE MOVED TO IRAN, SHE WOULD THINK DIFFERENTLY ABOUT OUR COUNTRY. At this point, she is totally brain dead……………….

    • She can also live in the Muslim immigration populated sections of Germany and feel the rape and robbery of the citizens and their children.

  2. But the RNC IS being more like the DNC. They’ve been bypassing their Congressional Responsibility for over 6 years, voting to approve almost all the DNC wanted, ignoring their Constituents, and even telling their primary voters to make the RNC choice of candidates happen. It is effectively a second democratic party. I thought that’s why the RNC became more democrat-like, unfortunately, their constituents continue to think and say “just follow the Constitution, instead of the DNC.” No wonder the Tea Party & Conservatives are strong, and getting stronger.

    • The same, the same! The leadership of both parties are corrupt. At least the dems declare their evil and do it, but the Repubs say they will do right and do NOTHING. This is been brewing for years, and folk will get enough.
      Demo/Repub are same and are fooling us.

  3. Catherine, if your wish came true, we wouldn’t be a two party system!!! We would have a dictatorship, communism!!! But since many in the Republican Party are becoming either more like the Democrat Party or they don’t have the guts to stand up to the arrogant liberals, your wish may be coming true. However, since that seems to be what is happening, that is why Trump is doing so well – the anger of ‘the other side’, the ones who disagree with all of you liberals, is being voiced by and through him!!! I am not saying that he is the right one to be President but he is bringing that anger to the forefront of American politics!!! Government by the people, for the people – not by the political elite, for the political elite!!!!!

    • and the Republican Party still does not get it! The parties are standing with the UN and against individualism. They are putting out books to control families, land and everything, look what is happening to the ranchers/farmers in the West for the minerals (Russia/China) and we can thank Reid and Clinton for that.. They are selling our country to foreigners-China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc. 10,000 acres of farm land in AZ was sold to the Saudi Arabia government so the can sow alfalfa (which requires a lot of water) )for the cattle because they have no water. They have depleted the aquifer in their country. The neighboring farms are complaining because their farms have had to cut back or go dry.

      • Margaret MacGregor

        Jaybird, people are growing rice and cotton in California’s central valley! Last I checked, we had drought conditions here!

        • Is the rice and cotton being grown by other countries?

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            Yes, they grow it too but ours agriculture products are also being sold to other countries and being sold back to us as cheap clothing, processed food, etc. Just imagine how much those items would cost if foreign nationals made our minimum wage – 3 to 5 to X times as much? (Think about it before blindly emoting.)

          • Is the rice and cotton in CA on land owned by foreign countries??

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            Good question. I’m certain some of the larger Ag-Corporations have foreign investors. However, wholly owned? “I’m doesn’t know.” (As they say in some parts o’de country.)

        • The GREEN WEENIES in Kalaphornia have shut off the tap to save an inch long Delta Smelt! Once again, animals before humans!

          • Margaret MacGregor

            I know. Crazy, isn’t it. They have to let thousands of gallons of fresh water into the bay to “save” it!

          • Its not about Delta Smelt . Its about land and water. Shut the farmers water off , buy up the land then turn it back on and build . The rich controlling everything water land and people never ends in Calimex .

      • Will anyone in DC come up with a bill to stop selling off our country ? No other country I know of lets this happen . This crap has to stop . U.S. land needs to be owned by Americans . China just bought the oldest landmark hotel in San Diego . I will I never go to Hotel Del Coronado again .

        • Contact your local Congressman. Also, my Governor is starting to let high school students register to vote. I am going to e-mail my Congressman about the selling of land and also I want those students be required to pass the test that immigrants have to take before becoming citizens to graduate. They know nothing about our country, the college students also know nothing.

          • Most of them are absolutely clueless. They want ‘socialism’ and probably lack the skill to research that political system.

          • Civics should be brought back to the classroom and it is in some schools. It should be mandatory for all high school students and the immigration test before they can graduate. It also should be in college’s since they don’t know what our political system is about.

          • I totally agree!

          • Today I am going to send my state representative an e-mail about this.Civics is about taxes, voting, what our country was founded on. Need to make sure they have not changed the text books.

          • You couldn’t be MORE RIGHT !

        • We are on a slow walk to become a globalist nation. Hide and watch.

      • Totaly pissed me off when I heard about that, #1:our Gubment selling our land to foreign assholes,#2 growing it# 2 using OUR LAND feed themselves,#3, Them not following OUR LAWS on water usage! They DRAINED 3 OF THEIR WATER SUPPLIES HERE! & it is affecting USA CITIZENS! ( I/E our citizens doing without or less water ) because the Saudis are tapping into USA citizens water supply & their is being more land sold to them as well as them going after another water supply which has depleted 1/2 already . One good thing is its here in the USA and no Saudi Troops here so we can TAKE IT BACK! We shouldn’t be selling our GD land to the same country the 9/11 as swipes came from! If they want to sell the USA land to foreigners then let it be to a Country that means something like Israel, England, Etc not a F-ING country like Saudi Arabia etc

        • No to selling our land PERIOD! They are all part the the One World Government!

          Thank you for your service to your and my country.

          • Exactly, USA LAND 4 USA CITIZENS ONLY! Period! Makes me sick that were selling our land to people whom want to kill us is retarded!
            And TYVM was & is my pleasure at serving, it just ended to damn soon & almost cost me my life and now I’m 100 % disabled . But ide do it again all over ( just not act invinsable LOL)

          • Couldn’t agree more! TYVM was/is my pleasure to serve my country. Just wished it did not end so soon or as suddenly as it did.

  4. Amnesty, the greatest gift to the DNC since LBJ’s the Great Society, so that it will give them 30 million new voters and a never ending stream of new illegals to add to their roll of voters to then exploit; then turn around bleed what’s left of the middle class to the point of extinction to finance it, another Ponzi scheme. Then we can expect the surge of Muslms and no-go zones.


    • WELL SAID!!

      • Totally falsw.
        But, you Republicans like your lies.

        • Crawl back in your bottle of Ripple.

          • The right-wing answer to everything — the insult.
            So not impressive.

          • When your facts are false what can I say.

          • IGNORE IT!! LOL &;IT WILL GO AWAY!!
            AK LADY is a Professional Paid TROLL!! who uses many names on these sites! Is paid to come onto Conservative sites to rile up Conservatives! Because NO ONE but a PAID TROLL could be this STOOPID! Lol, then again their are alot of Fruits, Nuts n Flake’s out their

            Just Better ignore “IT” because IT is not to intelligent! All IT knows how to do is retardedly call you names or others and if you don’t agree with “IT” , IT JUST RAMBLES ON & INSULTS ANYONE WITH INTELLIGENCE ! or doesn’t agree with IT

    • YOU ARE A STUPID TROLL i challenge you to a game of Duel monsters

      • The only troll appears to be you. It’s time a grown ass woman like you gives up on a child’s game. Or worse yet than a troll, are you a female pedophile?

      • The immigration bus will be stopping in front of your house to drop off the new guys; the front lawn will be paved over for Low riders, and a priest will be by to bless your property as a place of sanctuary complete with directions to all gun free-zones within 10 miles and the DMV so the darlings can get licenses and voter registration cards on a one stop basis; you know…motor voter. All we need now is for you to install a larger mailbox for your new relatives, as there will be more soon, since the aunts and uncles will soon be arriving there and the sweet sound of reproduction will lull you and mom to sleep every night. Oh and I’d be working on a set of rules in Spanish for that game of DUEL MONSTERS of yours. Farsi version to follow.

        • Amnesty was a gift from Saint Reagan,
          He was a Republican.

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            Ronald Reagan was not the president when Ted Kennedy’s amnesty legislation (” … that will not change the face of America one bit … “) passed in 1965, LBJ was.

          • Huge difference between the Kennedy and Reagan amnesty.

            Reagan amnesty was the action of a single individual, invoking their Presidential authority.

            The Kennedy era amnesty was an act of Congress — 535 voting members,: 435 Representatives and 100 Senators.

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            1965. John Kennedy was dead. Lyndon Bains Johnson was the president who signed Ted Kennedy’s legislation into law in 1965. Regardless of how you wish it were different, my dear, it isn’t. It’s still true that, as our mother’s taught us (or at least yours should of): “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. At least have the honesty to refer to them both in chronological order.

          • No matter how you spell it, the amnesty legislation was put forth by Ted Kennedy.

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            “[Ye] have eyes, but cannot see … “, don’cha? Thank you for making my original point. Kennedy’s amnesty legislation, signed into law by LBJ, preceded Reagan’s amnesty by about twenty years.

        • LOL , funny & TRUE!!

    • You arw a bit confused.
      The Actor in Chief, Ronald Reagan, was a Republican.

      • MyronJPoltroonian

        Renaldus Magnus was not the president when Ted Kennedy’s amnesty legislation (” … that will not change the face of America one bit … “) passed in 1965, LBJ was.

        • The Kennedy era amnesty was an act of Congress — 535 voting members,: 435 Representatives and 100 Senators.

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            Again, sweetie, Lyndon Bains Johnson was the president who signed Ted Kennedy’s legislation into law in 1965. Regardless of how you wish it were different, my dear, it isn’t. It’s still true that, as our mother’s taught us (or at least yours should of): “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. At least have the honesty to refer to them both in chronological order.

          • Regaedless of how you want to lie, it is not going to happen.
            The amnesty during the LBJ Administration was not the act of a single individual.

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            Did I say it was? Damn you’re an argumentative fool. (Hmm, not only a woman, but must be a lawyer too. Oh well, I vote for the “Shakespearian Solution”.)

          • Give up, she’s a party hack. No democrat has ever done anything wrong and everything’s Reagan or Bush’s fault.

      • The actor in chief is much better than the community organizer in chief. Even Bill Clinton said that the last 8 years have been a horrible economic legacy.

        • Horrible …America needs to go back to the one million per months jib losses of 2008.

          • We’re still losing one million a month, in fact Obama is the first president to have a net jobs loss record, more jobs lost than gained. Think Bubba was talking about that? More people have received food stamps than gained jobs the past 8 years. Most of the jobs are part time and it’s one of the reasons for a shrinking middle class. Another indicator is the number of people who have given up looking giving us the lowest workforce participation rate since the 70’s. That’s what Bill Clinton was talking about. Is he lying?

          • Actually, it was Bush who had a net jobs loss.

            Lord only know where you get these ideas of yours,.

          • Obama is the FIRST president to have a net jobs loss record. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. When Hussein Shabazz Obama took office the debt was $8 trillion now it’s $20 trillion. He’s spent more money than all the presidents combined and yet the poverty rate has doubled and the middle class is shrinking. The ACA is also a big failure.

            #1 Worst president in US history! Oh well, he still has Reggie!!

          • National debt is cumulative.
            We are still amassing debt from the Korea War, the Vietnam War, Iraq War I, Iraq War II, Afghanistan War ….
            Congress makes the laws. Congress spends the money. Congress declares war.

            You are also comparing apples to oranges. You cannot compair 1950s dollars to 2015 dollars — they do not have the same “purchase” value.

            It is a little thing called inflation.

            Get back to ne with facts after you have done the nath.

          • Talk about spin! The stimulus went to campaign donors and union payoffs like GM and Solyndra. Obama spent twice as much as Bush and more than all the presidents combined and there was no inflation there .The ACA exchange was suppose to cost $5 million dollars and they’ve already spent $6 billion. Funny money and the most corrupt Chicago politician to ever infest the Oval Office. Bubba Clinton was so correct with his assessment. 😎

          • You need to go back and do some research.

            Solyndra was in the process, and approved before Obama took office.

            Check out the people involved — they were all good buddies of the Bush family.

            Obama has not spent a single dime. Congress spends the money.

            The insurance exchanges are simply the Amazon of the Insurance industry.

          • AKLady,
            Well, the House appropriated the money. They did not spend it.

          • In effect, appropriations are spending. They control what the money can be used for, right down to the penney 😉

          • AKLady,
            I realize it is nitpicking but the House appropriates funding and they do declare what it is to be used for. However, it is the executive branch that actually spends the money.

          • AKLady,
            I see your computer cannot spell any better than mine. But that’s life.

          • My computer and its operator are dyslexic

          • AKLady,
            My computer has a loose screw in the button puncher.

          • Sorry you are DEAD WRONG!! When Bill Clit-on , left office after his pawing over interns he did leave office wit a balanced budget & actualy a+ in Natl dept, meaning we were MAKING MONEY NOT PAYING IT OUT! It was Bush going after & finishing Daddys war that put us in DEPT again , but that’s what wars do. At least (,even though he /we ) were lied to by intelligence agencies who got it wrong we invaded Iraq. Who had nothing to do with 9/11. Obama screwed us with his Pen & Phone!
            Nuf said!

          • “actualy a+ in Natl debt”
            The national debt has not been paid in full since WW II.

          • If so Lady I’ll stand Corrected then! But O could have sworn after Billy left office were were in ( the green) so to say & Bush started adding to the Balanced book? Adding what was it Obozo Inherited?? From Bushy boy? 6:or 7 trillion ? Damn those pallots of Billions of dollars we sent over their were still trying to figure out where millions of dollars wound up from the corruption & greed ! ALOT of contractors & servicemen got greedy and whole millions are missing. Have you seen the photos ?? That’s a Boatload of money they used to get and the supposed over site on the shipments fell apart. We could have used that money to pay on our Natl Debt we have going on now, also all that equipment those 30,000 Iraqis left for the 1,700 ISIS fighters that took it & armed themselves look at the wasted taxpayers money and the blood paid by American lives ! That was totaly wasteful # in my opinion !! All those lives lost for no reason

          • Two wars costing over $1 million/per day, each.

            War is expensive.

            The disabled and maimed that survive are also expensive,
            Then there are the burial expenses.

            On top of that, there are the benefits for the families of those killed.

            Do you realize that we left Iraq littered with radioactive trash? Our forces uses uranium tipped, armor piercing shells. Do you have any thoughts about the cost of the eventual law suit growing from that issue?

          • Kindergarten name calling.
            So not inpressive.

          • By the end of the Bush Administration, America was dropping 1 million jobs per month. Part of the problem is the reporting.

            Unemployment under Regan — 7.54%
            Unemployment under Bush I — 6.30%
            Unemployment under Clinton — 5.2%
            Unemployment under Bush II — 5.27%

            The average amount of private sector jobs created during Democratic Presidential terms is 1,536,560 and the average amount during Republican Presidential terms is 650,330.

            The most jobs created under any Administration, since WW II, was under Bill Clinton.

          • More funny numbers. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics we’re still losing almost a million jobs a month giving us a record low workforce. The unemployment numbers for those presidents are correct, but the current 5% figure is bogus because they don’t count the people who’ve given up looking. Try 15%.

            Bush spent $500 billion a year and Obama’s has spent over $1 trillion a year. Clinton had more jobs because of the dot com bubble and Clinton had nothing to do with that. Kind of like the rooster taking credit for the sunrise. He also inherited Reagan’s good economy. Obama has record low GDP quarters the latest was .4%. A healthy economy grows at least at a 5%+. Obama sure has set a lot of records, all of them bad.

          • By what percentage did the debt increase?
            Under Saint Reagan, the debt was tripled.
            Under King Bush II, the debt was doubled.

            Obama did not start the Afghan War and he did not start the Iraqui War.

            The increase in debt in the early years of the Obama administration was a largely a response to the imploding economy — just as the big bulge at the end of the George W. Bush administration (2008) was.

          • AKLady,
            I don’t have any stats on Bushbaby’s economic record but his little war got all eyes off of the economy. or lack thereof.

          • This uneducated AKLady can’t even get her grammar correct and it makes her comments worth moot. Truth and insults are two different things that she can’t tell the difference between as well as where to get correct information. Just another ranter that can’t think for themselves and needs a handout.

          • Not true.

          • AKLady,
            I have t come to your defense here. Uneducated you are not.

          • Thank you.

  5. Don’t really care about what she says.

  6. I didn’t like the analytical report after Romney’s loss in 2012 because it suggests that we must pander to people to win their votes. Democrats do that. Republicans do not. We have a Constitution that is the Supreme Law of the Land. Democrats don’t believe in it. Republicans do. Democrats have a pander monkey in the name of Hillary Clinton who seeks to divide people according to their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and class.. She believes in nothing except her own power and wealth. The Republicans still hold the Constitution dear to their heart and seek to find a candidate who will carry out the principles and values passed down to us by the Founders of this once great nation.

  7. disqus_e1rjNMkUay

    Hillary, AND the Rino’s, are Desperate, with a Capital D, to establish, a platform, for the One World Socialist Government. Plain, to be seen, with their vicious attacks on Trump, day in and day out. “they” show, and are more concerns for all others, except their own. Who, would be so opposed, to a Candidate, funding His own campaign, and says, that He wants, to “Make America Great Again”, except the enemy, of Americas Cherished Values. Trump blunders, sometimes, but, but by golly, Rest Assured, His, “vested interests, are all in America” only. Vote Trump.

  8. I am a 69 yr old USMC veteran of 2 tours in VN. Although that war was not fought to preserve the world from tyranny I am proud to have “answered the call”. Whether it’s the DNC’s pandering and misguided beliefs or the RNC’s apparent complicity doesn’t matter to me. Both seems to have formed a conspiracy to ensure their own survival with no caring for the Constitution or the people it is there to protect. King George V and this conspiracy seem to be one and the same. Although my time is well past the enlistment oath I took to protect against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC has not expired. I have never voted for a dem, but if the repubs don’t start acting like they believe in what they speak I will be among the first to join an effort to return this govt to “We the People”.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      Er, “George the V”, or did you mean, “George the III”? Regardless: “The only way our ‘God Given, Constitutionally Protected Rights’ are going to be protected is if we who ‘Formerly Served In The Armed Forces’, along with stalwart, Constitutional County Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police and Military Commanders, become this, or any regime’s worst nightmare. Which is exactly why they’re coming after us. When this speech becomes illegal, I’ll become a criminal: ‘I may become an enemy of the state, but never of the people’. Remember this: ‘Always aim just below the blue helmet. No matter what color it is.’ ‘μολὼν λαβέ'”. Just an Ex-GI, 06/’59-06/’62.

      • That’s exactly why Obozo & his Goons want our gun,! Billary will continue to chip away at our rights and try and restrict them because they are AFRAID OF THE VETERANS! Because of all the young veterans now who are trained in combat that are now civilians. We could have a “We the People’s professional Army at this point. They want to take them because of that exact reason. Because when the Govt “FEARS the PEOPLE ! they BEHAVE! Other than that it’s a Dick- Tatership!;which we do now and it’s time to stop
        We need more Sheriff’s like Clarke! Who’s willing & has upheld his Constitutional duty


  10. Lieral dem bloodsuckers are despise in this country with adepth and intensity that hasn’t een see since Hitler.

    • Your abuse of the English language reaches a depth and intensity rarely seen outside the throwback inbred domain of backwater Appalachia or Dogpatch, Arkansas.

      • Say, that wasn’t bad, for the result of an incestuous one night stand between a liberal dem bloodsucker and a giant river leech.
        This month is national , “Get the mud out of the gene pool”, month.
        As the result of above union, which could fairly be described as an abomination, your life is obviously too painful for continuance, save your self much misery and help us clean out the gene pool, kill yourself.
        Should, you do it expeditiously, you may be able it to effect it, prior, to your children finding out that they are related to you and causing them a lifetime of mental anguish.

        • Well, gerald, in that failed attempt at cleverness, your sloppiness with the Mother Tongue continues. Below, as generous assistance toward your rehabilitation, I have copied your last little feckless diatribe and indicated the errors there:

          This month is national , [A COMMA HERE IS ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY AND INCORRECT] “Get the mud out of the gene pool”, month.

          As the result of [“THE” NEEDED HERE] above union, which could fairly be described as an abomination, your life is obviously too painful for continuance, [THE CORRECT PUNCTUATION HERE IS A SEMICOLON, NOT A COMMA] save your self [“YOURSELF” IS THE CORRECT FORM–ONE WORD NOT TWO] much misery and help us clean out the gene pool, [SEMICOLON IS THE CORRECT PUNCTUATION HERE, NOT A COMMA] kill yourself.

          Should,[A COMMA HERE IS ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY AND INCORRECT] you do it expeditiously, you may be able it to effect it, [A COMMA HERE IS ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY AND INCORRECT] prior, [A COMMA HERE IS ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY AND INCORRECT] to your children finding out that they are related to you and causing them a lifetime of mental anguish.

          Work on that comma usage, gerald. Your continued abuse of the Mother Tongue is regrettable, but with some diligent remedial work, you might be able to make at least a little improvement.

          • Well, I see that, you are still alive, so I have to assume that you have no concern for the mental anguish of your children.
            Possibly they were all born challenged and you have them in institutions for that type of person.
            I will extend my sympathy, life is very difficult for the challenged thinker, the conservatves have been very unkind to you, they have laughed at you loudly and at length for your over use of, “you’re a racist’ and “Bush did it”.
            Considering your pronounce lack of ability to think, you have fallen back on the the theme of the Grammar Police.
            i admire the distance that you have come from, considering your humble beginnings, but unfortunately you still lack thinking ability.
            be kind to yourself, suicide is the only answer

          • Congratulations! With that blithering drivel, you have achieved a new zenith of worthlessness!

          • Reading your posts have caused me to think about aprogram, just announced, by Nancy Pelosi.
            You will recall, that when you elected to join the Democratic Parasitical Party, you were required to surrender 50% of your ability to think.
            Nancy has just announced a new program, she will sell back to you, a half of what you surrendered, for a nominal amount.
            You appear to be a life form, that, would benefit from this program, more than most.
            There is no meed to thank me, I enjoy helping my challenged brethern, where I can.

          • You, appear, to, have, been, infected, by, some, sort of pathogenic, acute, disease organism, that, causes, you to uncontrollably place, commas, where they don’t, belong.

          • Lol, Actually, at this point, I do have sympathy and commiserate, with you,
            it appears that your entire life is tied up in your position as Chief of the Grammar Police.
            While, i am sure that, your miserable little life is such that, you have to take satisfaction, where you can, no matter how tiny, it may be, you eagerly grasp at any straw.
            be kind to yourself, commit suicide

          • Keep on proliferating those unnecessary commas, gerald. I have given you all the advice you need to get you on the right track, but you continue to be a grammar/punctuation train wreck! Like many other desperate airheads, you offer inane speculation about my “life,” about which you know almost nothing.That is a common refuge of the polemically incompetent.

          • Sooo, did you get a promotion, liberal dem bloodsucking parasite?
            Are you now the MFIC,of all of the liberal dem bloodsucking Grammar Police?
            Do you liberal garbage ever get tired of people laughing at you?
            You remind me of a one legged kangaroo, I had.
            He would start for the food dish and eventually died of starvation, before he got there.
            You have suffered enough, you fought the good fight, but, it’s over, be kind to yourself, commit suicide

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            LOL!!! I think both of you girls are headed for a “Comma Coma”!

          • MyronJPoltroonian

            LOL!!!! I think both of you girls are headed for a “Comma Coma”!

  11. Well,.. if conservatives need to be more like liberals, good thing obamacare is available to help pay the Dr.s bill for having 75% of our conservative brains removed, so we can fit in. Do not forget to shuffle around with your hand out.

  12. And just how popular is The Donald among the single largest voting group in America, namely WOMEN VOTERS?
    Answer: Not very. Recent polls show that about 70% of American women voters DISAPPROVE of the bombastic, egotistical billionaire. Trump is popular, but his popularity is limited to the angry, desperate, misinformed, naive dupes who believe he can actually do all the “tremendous,” “fantastic, ” “amazing.” things he says he will accomplish. In the general election, assuming Trump makes it that far, these hopeful Trumpites will be HUGELY disappointed! You can’t win a national election in the United States of America without the support of female voters!

    • When it come downs to a lying thief female or ancient socialist against a rough businessman, many smart women will make the right choice. Don’t underestimate our intelligence.

      • If the polls mean anything, it seems that your so-called “many smart women” will be far too few to put the blithering bombastic billionaire bozo in the White House! Face it, the same Trump who so often proclaims his great respect for women, has uttered so many disrespectful things about them that he has alienated–probably permanently–the great majority of female voters, the largest sector of the electorate.

        • Possibly, over the next 8 months, the people (women) will stop buying the media’s sound bites they cull from Trump’s whole speech or conversation. He does not disparage women in particular. That is as insane as many not hearing the word illegal when he talks about immigration. The establishment and special interests are running scared that he will kill their cash cow, so they will railroad him just like they’ve done to many over the decades. Kennedy said he would tell the American people the truth and they killed him. We need to be smart and pay attention. With social media, they will have a harder time pushing their agenda down our throats. If we let all this PC BS control us we are lost. If we allow our feelings to be hurt, because “they” are telling us we should be hurt, we lose. It is a game they have been playing and we need to get tough and smart.

  13. I don’t know how much more the GOP could look and act like the socialist democ-RATS. Lie, intimidate, dis-honor, contempt, bully ostracize. Yep, just like the socialist democ-RATS. The GOP is fix’in to get a true dose of reality

  14. Dear Catherine,

    Go eff yourself!

  15. Morons like Catherine Rempell are the fuel that delusional loons like Shitlery and Burnout Panders use to sell their crap to the idiots who believe them and will therefore vote for them.

  16. There is enough communist in the media we don’t need any more.

  17. PC is a bunch of crap that I ignore as much as possible. I do not oppose immigration but we have to get control of the border and sort out the mess that has been created.
    Once we have a new policy in place the border an be reopened.

  18. Many repubs are now emulating dems by embracing cranial rectal impaction. It is easy to swallow the cr_p that liberals push when you cannot see. The smell also covers up the stench of the cesspool being created

    • Our fire department rescue division has brought out the “jaws of life” to help remove several of these impactions…. unfortunately, our Liberals and RINO’s are still cartwheeling around town with their heads firmly imbedded in their rectums. Oh the tragedy of it all……. 🙁

  19. Stupid Democrat! Why do you think Trump is SO popular???? Why don’t DEMOCRAPS become more like T-Partyers Maybe we wouldn’t be 20 trillion dollars in debt, have corporations leaving the U.S., be overrun with illiterate refugees…………………………………………………..

  20. Communicate “that they understand what a woman who is balancing many responsibilities is going through.”
    Instead of teaching that woman that life can be a lot easier if they’d do things conservatively/Biblically such as find a good man first? Traditional Marriage with your eyes open is far superior to raising kids alone – period.

    Embrace gay rights, or at least stop opposing them.
    So that they can continue trampling on MY God-given rights of freedom of religion, free speech, free association while they force all to kowtow to their “idiotiology”? that’s not even biologically feasible without contorting the facts?

    Be “welcoming and inclusive” to minorities
    We are the MOST welcoming & inclusive! We wish to give everybody that’s here LEGALLY the exact same freedoms as we. We only ask that they become part of the American fabric – not eliminate their heritage, but it becomes secondary to being American. Otherwise, WHY would you come here? You can be Mexican in Mexico, Chinese in China, you don’t need to come here!

    Invest in Hispanic media.
    Why? They have chosen to come to America, they need to assimilate to USA. My grandparents left their languages & heritages in Europe, anxious to be Americans. Again, if they’re here legally, they’re more than welcome, but to assimilate to USA, not to form “little Mexicos” all over the place. Hey, if they want to still listen to their music styles & people conversing in their languages, radio & TV are fine, but not out of MY pocket or gov’t sponsored, If it’s wanted, then they support it. When I was stationed in Europe, I listened to American radio frequently, but also took advantage of German radio & TV, too. `

    Pass immigration reform, aka, amnesty.
    FINALLY a spot of agreement! Yes, we need massive reform, strengthening our resolve to continue being America, Land of the Free. Our immigration should be welcoming & open to “friendly” countries & neighbors, with firm vetting guidelines of what is expected, what is tolerated. Student & work visas are presently a joke as we have no way of tracking them. Finally, those from nations, ideologies, groups that are anti-American, INDIVIDUALS desiring to share in our Freedoms must be carefully vetted.

    Attack corporate welfare.

    Stop insisting on ideological purity.
    Who’s seeking this?!? Look in that “inclusive” mirror! LBGT, BLM and other alphabets call for US to tow the line to their ideologies, we seek 1st Amendment Rights, not ideologies

  21. Why would anyone want to be liberal, that is a scary thought.

  22. Liberals are not even Americans anymore, progressive communists is more like it.

  23. No body really knows who can do what as president until they really are. And there is no argument that can contest that Obama did nothing but undo “anything” that makes America great.. I was really disappointed with him because I believed that he would at the least bring blacks and whites to common ground. Also, believed he would bring racial tensions to a minimal and it was so disheartening to see him race baiting at every chance he could get. What I really came to know for sure and for a fact about Obama during his time in office, is that he hates whites and he hates America. Also my family runs two businesses and he has really hurt our ability to operate. I had to let help go and I cannot hire anyone so I can no longer grow my business. The tax rates he has imposed on business owners does not allow them to flourish. The estate tax that he imposed proves he hates America and the entrepreneurs who make things happen and serves the community. There is no way that a President that loves America would put an estate tax on its citizens and this proves he is an anti-colonist bigot.. I work for what I have and I didn’t steal it nor did my ancestors have slaves.. Obama makes actions and decisions based on the past that has nothing to do with justice for anyone. My thoughts are that the next president will have his work cut out for them if they want to make america great again and respected once again.

    • Awesome post Jamie!!….“We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to
      change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a
      different place as a nation.” — Michelle Obama, May 14, 2008″…….Mission accomplished! Go take another vacation at our expense MOCHELLE!!

  24. Why would any Conservative want to be like a democrat? They could just “register” to be demonrats if they wanted a life of moral decay, lack of faith in anything larger than life, supporting the killing of tiny fully formed healthy infants, having twisted sexual encounters with their own sex, and bringing in millions of foreignors to our country under the guise of “helping” them when everyone knows the libheads are just building a voter database. WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD WOULD ANY CONSERVATIVE CHOOSE A LIFE OF DESTRUCTION OVER THEIR OWN BELIEF SYSTEM? Ask Trump Ms.Rampell. He’ll be glad to set you straight fast!

    Ms. Rampell is, as usual, walking around in the clouds listening to that tiny delusional voice in her own head telling her she has all the answers to every human issue. Isn’t that what every Liberal does/think? It’s amazing that they don’t collide with each other in that fog…they must have “bumper brains” like the old time rides at Amusement Parks…they just bump into each other and glide on to another subject thinking they have control of their lives and solved that issue. Unfortunately for most of them, they didn’t!

    GO TRUMP! Time to educate those lib’s “bumper brains” and turn them into intelligent Conservatives! Let’s get this done!

  25. i am so sick and tired of hearing how hard women have it trying to balance different responsibilities. like they are the only ones that have to do this. men have been doing it for years.

  26. This liberal hack needs to realize that I (and most of us on this site) want to be as little like liberals as possible. We respect God, respect life, stand up for American citizens, and hate terrorism…all things most liberals don’t do.

  27. Joseph L. Light

    Sorry lady “or is that what you call yourself” and that crap you are quoting, is why I got out of your party 2-years ago. You are about as full of it as a Christmas turkey.

  28. She fails to realize that even if Republicans were more like Democrats, Democrats would still refuse to cross party lines. They would think Republicans haven’t really changed and were simply trying to get votes.

  29. Be more like Lĭb•ә•rŭlz? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . We conservatives aren’t experts in lying, cheating, stealing and killing (see benghazi).

  30. yes. infectious, actually more like a cancerous tumor, these perverse thinking ,sin thirsty leftists

  31. Illegal immigration has gone on since this land becamw a nation.

    Canada – US border 1,538 miles
    Canada – Alaska border 3,987 miles
    Mexico – US border 1,933 miles
    US Coastline 95,471 miles
    Alaska Coastline 6,640 miles

    Total exposure 109, 569 miles
    It is simply not possible to seal America’s borders.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      Impossible? Not really. Remember the temp agency ad of a few years ago that had as its tag line: “Don’t worry, Bob’e here!”? Well, what if B.O.B. stood for: “Bag limit, Or Bounty?” (“If Bounty, Dead or Alive?”). I think that, what with the “Robust Economic Recovery”, we’d have more than enough “Volunteers” to um, “Get ‘er done”.

      • Not in America, not while our Constitution remains the law.
        I fyou wish to live in a nation without rule of law, please move — today if possible.

  32. “Yes, be like us so we can make fun of you for folding” What utter Clap trap. The RNC establishment already took that advice and we’re in the process of a “mutiny” from our own party because of it.

  33. To Catherine Rampell, In regards to your writing in the Washington Post, are you delusional ? You stand for everything that the majority of the americans are against. What have you done in school, only learn liberalist from the professors, because that is what you seem to be all about! You and Berni and Hillary holding hands and skipping down the road on crutches! What a nice site that is! Only the insane are buying what you are trying to sell!

  34. GO TRUMP GO!!!

  35. GO TRUMP GO!!!!!

  36. only 7 more month for the Bummer and his reign of terror!

    • Oh yeaaah… its just been terror getting our economy back, having full employment, gaining health care and marriage equality, regaining respect around the world community and just a terror having a good and kind, intelligent, poetic orator lead this country with grace and dignity after 8 years of cowboys, monkeys and loss of personal freedoms, lies and blowing up our buildings to get nimrods to agree with the war on Iraq to line the pockets of right wing fascist war toy makers/sellers and to create Isis. Oh yeah …those were the good old days .

  37. As if Liberals have any of the answers….

    The elections were fixed, the elites never would have given it to Romney… Hell, 0bama could have lied about health care, he could have lied about Benghazi, he could have lied about the IRS, and even zer0 could have lied about his birth cert…..

    the MEDIA elites along with the elites in both political parties would have put the zer0 in office anyway…….

    hey….. wait a minute……

  38. WHY IN THE NAME OF GOD ALMIGHTY would we WANT to be more like the ENEMY?! Are you fucking insane? (Oh yeah,..being liberal IS insanity)

    • In one sentence, you envoke God.
      In the next you use sexualized foul language.
      It appears that it is those claiming to be conservatiive you are actually suffering from not only insanity, but arrested mental/emotional development.

      • Lady I have NEWS for you: I LOVE JESUS and as an AMERICAN that was brought up to believe in GOD I also swear. It MIGHT offend a few people but that’s THEIR problem, NOT MINE.

        • Wrong, it is your problem.
          Profanity is a sin. Do you ask Jesus for forgiveness?

          Profanity used over the telephone that fits the elements of harassment would not be protected speech under the First Amendment.

          It is a violation of federal law to air obscene programming at any time or indecent programming or profane language from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

          Suggest you look at some of the legal case law.

  39. The only ones who want to emulate your ways are the criminally insane, the dead from the neck up scum and the current GOP which is made up of closet democrats.

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