Liberal Writer to GOP: Be More Like Us

Catherine Rampell, writing for The Washington Post, is certain that she has the remedy for what ails the Republican Party. In an op-ed on Thursday, Rampell said that the much-ballyhooed “autopsy” report commissioned by the party after Mitt Romney lost in 2012 held all of the answers. It just so happens that the report – or at least the aspects she chose to highlight – encourages the Republican Party…to be more like Democrats.

Among the issues Republicans should be addressing, according to Rampell and the 2012 report:

Communicate “that they understand what a woman who is balancing many responsibilities is going through.”

Embrace gay rights, or at least stop opposing them.

Be “welcoming and inclusive” to minorities

Invest in Hispanic media.

Pass immigration reform, aka, amnesty.

Attack corporate welfare.

Stop insisting on ideological purity.

In Rampell’s opinion, Donald Trump has done everything but set that report ablaze. “He’s done the exact opposite of almost every recommendation Republican analysts said the party needed to adopt if the party wanted to survive,” she wrote before delving into Trump’s well-established remarks on women.

It’s hard to disagree with Rampell when she says that Trump is not following the autopsy playbook; he clearly isn’t. But neither is Ted Cruz. And guess which two candidates just happen to be the two last men standing in the race. In a primary season, mind you, which has seen the Republican voting base electrified in a way we haven’t seen in years. Trump has made being a Republican “cool” again, and that’s a fact that many in his own party would be wise to notice.

Now, you can’t boil Trump’s popularity down to any one specific thing, but part of it is undoubtedly built on the notion that “he tells it like it is.” It has been a long time since we had a major Republican politician who doesn’t cower from the left’s rules of political correctness. Voters are responding to Trump because people – conservatives, liberals, and everyone in between – are naturally drawn to strength. In an era where we are inundated with emasculated, touchy-feely, feminine men in movies, television, and politics, it is an unbelievably refreshing change of pace to watch someone like Trump.

It may be surprising to Rampell, but conservatives don’t want to vote for politicians who sound like Democrats. They want politicians who will stand up against the infection of liberalism that has been eating this country from the inside out. Trump generates excitement. And he does so exactly because he isn’t listening to Democrats try to tell him what a Republican should do to win. Maybe he’s one of the only ones to understand that they just might have an ulterior motive.



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