Liberal Vox Editor Suspended for Inciting Violence

If you’ve never had the pleasure of reading, rest assured that it’s one of the most unabashedly liberal websites on the internet. It’s the place to go when you’re having a great day and you want to remind yourself that there are millions of Americans running around with grand ideas that will turn this country into a socialist nightmare. You know, just to keep yourself grounded.

But apparently, even this beehive of liberal insanity has its limits. This week, site chief Ezra Klein suspended editor Emmett Rensin for his reaction to the riotous atmosphere outside a San Jose Trump rally. On Twitter, Rensin defended the “protesters,” saying that it was “never a shame to storm the barricades set up around a fascist.”

Apparently concerned that his followers wouldn’t get the message, Rensin tweeted, “Advice: If Trump comes to your town, start a riot.”

You have to give him this much: he could have left himself some wiggle room, so kudos to him for being the rare liberal willing to fully remove his mask of civility.

But of course, this mask is the only thing that keeps liberalism and the Democratic Party thriving. The vast majority of Americans want nothing to do with the real aims of liberal Democrats. They don’t believe in helping one group of Americans at the expense of another. They don’t believe that people should spend their lives dependent on the federal government. They don’t believe that America should throw open its borders and let any jackass come across. They vote for Democrats because their parents voted for Democrats or their race votes for Democrats or because it’s somehow “cooler” to vote for Democrats. Maybe they don’t like the Republican Party’s social themes. Maybe they buy into the War on Women hype. Whatever.

But people are starting to realize that the Democratic Party is not what they thought it was. The masks are slipping. And every once in a while, some liberal like Rensin accidentally takes it off entirely to expose the nasty face underneath. When that happens, those wayward fools must be punished.

“We welcome a variety of viewpoints, but we do not condone writing that could put others in danger,” said Klein. “Direct encouragement of riots crosses a line between expressing a contrary opinion and directly encouraging dangerous, illegal activity.”

Notice that even in condemning and suspending his editor, Klein can’t bring himself to fully disavow the sentiment behind it. The problem isn’t that Rensin encouraged people to riot – the problem is that he did so “directly.” You can’t just give up the game like that. You have to play coy. You have to drop hints. You have to embrace the sneaky lies upon which liberalism is constructed.

Otherwise, you’re just left with the ugly, naked leftist ideology itself, and very few people like what they see.

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  1. The Real fascist Are The Liberal Left, They All Need To Be In Jail !!!

    • Some need to be laid to rest in a Cuban pig farm feeding trough…..

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        • Michael Dennewitz

          Virginia, your roomie was a bumb lay. Tell her I want my 50cents back!

          • Gee, Michael, sounds like she over charged you !

          • hey mikie boy u are an go f urself next time and leave innosent girls alone.hope her dad or someone beats the f outta u.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Yo momma must have been in great pain when she hung her fat ass over the bathtub and shit you out! ????

          • yo…u mammy just crapped your retard self out on the kitchen floor…looked like just another cantaloupe laying there rotting…

          • Just curious, did you say you’re a Christian ?

    • You jackasses only want freedom for the KKK and the rest of the racist.

      • Go riot, burn down a city or attend a Bernice rally!

      • just remember dems brought about the KKK

        • remembering would require a mental facility, something that candi, hm trolland, billi, and mikey denniwhizzer are lacking…

        • H M, you do know democratic party members started the kkk. Can’t we all just be civil. Our countries going to hell in a handbasket, and all everyone wants to do is play childish schoolyard games. There are plenty of areas that both parties can work things out.

          • Bandara Carlos

            Regardless of your fantasies, fact is your Republican party now owns, the Klu Klux Klan , Nazis, John Birchers etc.n fact most
            present-day to dictators have endorsed most of the presumptive
            Republican candidates. in fact your party is like a pile of
            manure collecting flies. They’ve all endorsed your candidates. You
            can even see your candidates for all the pointed white hats. You
            listen to talk radio too much trying to blame the reasonable people
            for your presumptive candidates. Your old premises is laughable.

    • aho12

  2. Klein doesn’t even know that he is a Fascist.

    • He has lost touch with knowing what the truth is.

    • aho56

      • Do you actually think any rational, intelligent person is going to believe this bullshit? Only weak-minded, lily-livered, easily manipulated liberals fall for this propaganda.

        • hm trolland has gone below weak minded…he is down to two brain cells and one is on loan from al sharpless. old al heard that there is a sale on cell phones near his crib and he is pestering hm trolland to return that cell so he can use it as a “trade in”…billi also wants a new cell phone, but he has trouble with technology and would have difficulty in answering a call without help..

          • hm trolland has another thing coming if he/she/it thinks any of us right-minded individuals can be convinced of any of that pure garbage he posts!! BILL3000 is a known libtard troll. Look at his comments — all of them have ONE upvote … from HIMSELF!

          • The truth from Daily Kos? Seriously??? They know one direction only —– LEFT. I’ve read their “information” (cough, choke) many times. No thanks.

          • Here’s the problem . I and many liberals read the right, digest it , consider it but the fear of facts or of expanding your minds or perhaps understand an opposing view you just slam the door and the purpose of your mind.

          • So …. reading material such as Daily Kos is “mind expanding”?? Bahahahahahahahaha! (Try “mind limiting”.)

        • Bandara Carlos

          Regardless of your fantasies, fact is your Republican party now owns, the Klu Klux Klan , Nazis, John Birchers etc.In fact most present-day to dictators have endorsed most of the presumptive Republican candidates.

          • Wow, speaking of fantasies … are you taking hallucinogens by any chance? For one thing, there are no more “presumptive Republican candidates”. Trump is THE Republican nominee. And … Lord Obama has pontificated that “world leaders are ‘rattled’ by Donald Trump”. That only means one thing: That he and Hillary have made under the table deals with all of them, and that will cease when Trump is elected president. No more selling out our country to our enemies. Wake up, Bandara. You’ve been brainwashed.

          • bandara, the Hispanic, said the same thing about my post. I guess he likes repetition and has nothing new or factual to say.

          • He must keep a copy of the Liberal Handbook in his pocket. Chapter 2 is titled “Pat Answers”, and contains a list of repetitious, meaningless phrases that they can copy and use over and over as often as they like …..

          • Hahaha!

          • If you are a woman? You haven’t been listening to the Donald views on
            women? Look over the following quote’s . Should women be punished for
            having an abortion? Donald agreed.

            A person who is flat- chested is very hard to be a 10, said Trump

            Planned Parenthood should be absolutely de-funded, said Trump. Women should go
            to the illegal places, intimated?

            You wouldn’t have your job if you weren’t beautiful, Trump said to women.
            Etc. etc. Etc.

            A Woman Voting for Donald Trump, has got to be some kind of Stupid. LOL

          • Yawn. There’s more to Trump than just those cherry picked words.

          • Have you seen the video? lol, you sound more like a white man all the time, sir.

      • you have no clue what you are talking about! My parents were strong republicans and they grew up during the occupation of Greece of the Facist regime as well as the communist war in Greece after WWII. My father was almost executed by the communists (he was only 19). The stories and atrocities I heard from their experiences makes me just laugh (but really sad that you can be bought so easily) at your posts because you are so freaking ignorant. They knew what it was like and they never forgot. They were proud to be Americans and for the opportunities here but also they never forgot their love for their homeland. They taught us to be patriots and nationalists, to be philanthropic, to stand strong in one’s beliefs (religious, morals, etc), were strong advocates for paideia, to cherish and protect our freedom and our rights, no job is beneath you as long as it is honest, to know our roles as a woman and a man, my mother taught me that being a homemaker was the best job in the world (she was an educated woman), the love for their children and their sacrifices. Go learn some history and go live in a socialist/communist country and then maybe you will see the light instead of this useless propaganda.

        • Bandara Carlos

          Regardless of your fantasies, fact is your Republican party now owns, the Klu Klux Klan , Nazis, John Birchers etc.n fact most
          present-day to dictators have endorsed most of your Party’s presumptive Republican candidates. They’ve all endorsed your candidates. You listen to talk radio too much trying to blame the reasonable people.for your presumptive candidates.

          • are you Hispanic? hmmm…maybe a bit slanted and want the liberal indoctrination and destroy our national sovereignty. I do not listen to talk radio so stop your assumptions. I do agree that most republicans and democrats are part of globalization and the NWO. I do not agree that most dictators have endorsed past repub candidates. The KKK is a democratic group- stop the BS. Owns the Nazis? Seriously, they do not exist anymore but maybe thru an ideology. This is why I am voting for Trump- most politicians of both parties are crooked and for NWO, NAU, globalization and multiculturalism.

          • That’s your intelligent comment typical Republican reasoning. Do I think
            you’re a Nazi no, I do thank you using Nazi tactics to push your
            right-wing corporate profit agenda. Determine who is really
            controlling your party. I can give you hint follow the money

          • I AM Native American. ALL THE GROUPS They’ve all endorsed your candidate. The worst thing is watching someone drowning and not being able to convince them that they can save themselves by just standing up.

            Do I think you’re a Nazi no, I do thank your Republican party is using Nazi tactics to push right-wing corporate profit agenda.
            The ultimate reformer was Adolf Hitler. Donald Trump is playing Republicans like a piano.

  3. If you want to burn our Flag ,go Find another nation to live in , Some of us have fought and some have died for a Great Nation , Lets vote for the best man , Donald Trump

    • Absolutely agree. Only Trump can make America great again! Go Trump 2016!

      • bcmota,
        Only IF, and that is a BIG if…We can have someone re- program the Soros company Hacked Voting machines to actually FAIRLY record and tally the votes, STOP illegals voting, STOP “dead people” voting, STOP multiple voting,. and have our votes COUNTED in the U.S. and we can then have a FAIR election for once. TRUMP 2016!

        • and educate the parasites and estrogen voters to the truth about the ho clintoney and the clintoney crime family…well that probably will not work, most voted twice for the african pretender..

          • Very hard to educate SHEEPLE that are so enthralled with the possibility of a WOMAN in the White House!!! (the same way they were so excited with the first BLACK)
            I guess the “low information ” voters just don’t care as long as the “freebies” keep flowing. BUT there will come a day when these parasites run out of “other people’s money” THEN you will hear the squealing begin.

          • I hope that day happens before the real “demonstrations” begin…the clowns with their pants down around their knees with their panties in the breeze are going to be dead real quick and the cops will still be there in their riot gear with unfired weapons and an amused look on their faces as the real riot begins…what a shame, all because of an illegal alien darkie getting “elected” to the oral office…

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Very hard to educate SHEEPLE that are so enthralled with the possibility of an IGNORAMOUS in the White House!!! (the same way they were so excited with the first time they masturbated to pictures of Ronald Reagan giving the King of Saudi Arabia’s puckered bung hole a good rimming…while Nancy took pics).

          • Excuse me about the estrogen…not all of us are stupid and vote only for estrogen! Some estrogen is just not good for our country and world. I am embarrassed that Shillary is representing the estrogen side..she is a ridicule and disgrace to womanhood. I heard her brag that she never stayed home and baked cookies…such a shame that she didn’t enjoy motherhood which is such a blessing and joy. I heard that she was itching to go back to work after having Chelsea but was forced to stay home for 3 months just to save face. After that Bill took over and he was thrilled and enjoyed to be with and raise his daughter. She probably didn’t breastfeed…another beautiful aspect of motherhood.

          • I heard Mark Steyn on the radio today say “Hillary is the first presidential candidate in our history who identifies as a woman.” Zing!

            (BTW, rumor has it that Chelsea is Web Hubbell’s daughter …. )

          • unfortunately there are millions of women and idiot men that will decide to vote for the “first woman” to be nominated for prez. We watched that same insanity when black voters and many idiots that are not black voted for kenyan boyo just due to the pigmentation of his skin…We are confident that they did not vote for him as a result of a long and successful career in anything of substance….most of his background was hidden, much the same as the ho clintoney being given a pass for all of the crap that she has been involved in. A Republican with the identical background would be crucified by the twits in the media and, as you see now on TV, more parasites would be bused in to “demonstrate” at the Republican’s speeches…the indoctrination and infection of our society by the communists since the 1920s has been very thorough and we are now enjoying the success of many comrades….joey stalin would be very not only are the universities full to overflowing with stalinists, the media is almost completely neutralized by clowns, but worse yet the parasites, idiots, fools, twits, brain dead dolts, and the coffee shop socialists have voted an illegal alien that has professed a communist ideology and intent into the oral office twice and they are out in the streets in hoards of mental incapacity shouting the praises of berni and the ho….I am very concerned that a true revolution is brewing beneath the surface of our society and it will be tragic if it is not thwarted…Thanks for using your intellect to decide rather than your biologic orientation…have a sensational day Vassiliki.

          • He raised a “bastard daughter “for a “Lezzie “wife !!

          • Well said, like that district in Ohio in the 2012 election where Obama got 108% of the vote.

        • I think we need to set up 100% exit polls at strategic poling places and compare the results to the “official count” lies. Anytime there is a significant difference, get the polling machines impounded and investigated by computer experts. Unfortunately, that’s a big job because it could be only some of the machines at any particular voting place that are rigged. Once the virus is found, it should be fairly easy to detect elsewhere though.
          I don’t know just what the laws are, but interfering with a public election should carry a very very high penalty – like life in prison, loss of citizenship or similar very heavy penalties and they should not be able to be pardoned by governors nor presidents.
          With the current organized crime syndicate that controls so much of government, such laws could never get passed because too many of those in power got there by those dishonest manipulated voting means.

    • Voted today for Trump in NJ!

      • Trumtard.the Frauding pathological lying insane John Miller ? Why?

        • Calling names is immature. Why vote to make America great again? I am a patriot and nationalist, a gun owner, a supporter of protecting our borders and upholding and implementing our immigration laws, a daughter of legal immigrants, a heterosexual, a woman, an educator that wants education back to state controls and without the liberal agenda, I am against common core, I am for getting rid of NAFTA, I am for bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA, I am for English first and only language (I am trilingual), I am against socialist and communist regimes, I support capitalism. I will never vote for a criminal or a communist!

          • hm trolland and billi.3 are probably proud gay supporters of the ho clintoney….

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yea, fuckin’ faggots! You tell ’em Kunt2012

          • I would write ” up yours”, but there is no room…your head is so far up your azz now that when you cough it sounds like a fart in an auditorium…..

          • Kent, Elaine, and Vassiliki, since SCV has decided it is his sovereign right to dictate to us what rights we have or don’t have, then as a group our collective rights to express our thoughts and opinions override his individual rights, as so eloquently stated by his heroine, Hillary Rodham Clinton. It is interesting to be called an idiot by someone who has such a limited vocabulary.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Go shoot ’em up Kent.

          • Vassiliki ….. Right on!!! 100% agreed.

          • 🙂

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Shut the fuck up. Idiots like you have no rights under the real constitution.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Shut up Elaine! You have no rights because you’re a woman. Besides, women are not as bright as men…right? That’s why we have to strip away all the amendments to the constitution and re-enslave the blackies. Ohhhh, I hope you’re not a female niggra, otherwise your life is ‘gonna be really fucked when Amurika is Great Again!

      • TRUE,There is no known cure for Stupidity.

    • We should take anyone flying another nations flag in disrespect back to the soil they so strongly desire


    • Bandara Carlos

      You always know the mark of a coward, a coward hands behind freedom and
      brave person stands in front of freedom and defends it for all
      others. The Donald is a crazy!
      Grandpa used to say,” That light at the end of the tunnel is really a

    • Actually, it is the Mexican flag they should be burning. Don’t they realize that they left Mexico?
      If they love it more than the US, maybe they should return to that wonderful place.

  4. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    There are some who are trying their level best to take TRUMP down but that’s not going to happen. You burn our flag and let that Mexican flag be but when these people take our country over its to DAMN LATE TO CRY WOLF.

  5. Suspension is the democrap word for extended vacation Fire this reprobate That is how you punish bad behavior

  6. This country used to use force against communists.

  7. Well another jewel in the nut house of liberalism. The biggest nut is still in the white house. But I do believe their actions are awakening more of the silent majority. Go Trump! And in AZ do not forget to vote for Kelli Ward against our aging rino, McCain. She is his replacement. Vote the rinos and dem lemmings out of office at every opportunity. Pelosi and Rat Ryan are running too. Rat has a great opponent too. Vote the dem wit and the Rat out of office in their states too.

  8. Vote left for life so you too can enjoy the comforts of a project home and get a government check and the excite ment of entering either bathroom you wish depending what sex you are that day.Yes vote left for the good life.

    • Michael Dennewitz


    • HaHaHa!good one.

    • Vote left so your children will have the quality of education that will teach them to spell excitement and to not accept what they’re told without research so they won’t go out in public and open their lips and embarrass themselves .

      • quality? Are you freaking kidding me?! When is the last time you were in school and not as a student? It is so full of propaganda and leftist ideas it makes me sick. You can’t bring in research unless it is part of the agenda. If you question something you are put down. Grammar is out the window and so is spelling, very little cursive writing, real math has been replaced with common core which is almost impossible to understand and the kids are frustrated, history is changed and slanted, nationalism has become a bad word, morality is gone and the list goes on. This is due to the leftist agenda – most NEA members are democrats and they have destroyed our education- we rank pretty low in the industrialized world. Ever since secular humanism became part of the educational system we have gone downhill – thanks to the democrats.

        • Yes you made my point, the reich wing attacks on education has rendered public schools useless . The other point was that you misspelled ‘exciement’ and that you might be considered a parrot rather than a knower.

          • you are obviously clueless about the educational system and do not work in it. As far as me misspelling ‘exciement’ , I never wrote that word. You must be high tonight

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Hey that’s exactly what I’m doing now and why I’m voting for Hillary! This real weird meeting you here on an ignorant website! What the fuck are the chances, eh? So anyway, I’m really looking forward to the Medicaid expansion (re: Obamacare) and I heard Obama is giving out laptops before he leave office. You know, kind of like those Obama Phones you can get. This is fucking awesome. And….my husband and I are trying to get pregnant again so we can get MORE FREE STUFF! I also head that if a baby is born with deformities, you can get a whole bunch of free money from the government. So…with the Zika virus, we’ve made contact with some illegal who’ll bring up an infected illegal I can get a baby with one of them small heads. MORE $$$$$$!

  9. I have read several articles from vox. Unbelievable trash.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      That’s because trash attracts trash. You are the greatest example in the world. In the whole world!
      “This is great! I’ve got people looking into it, but I not going to share all the great ideas I have right now, let’s wait until after the election and Hillary has already kicked me to the curb in Harlem. I’m gonna’ divorce my illegal foreign wife and marry me some good ole house niggra. It’s gonna be YUUUGE! TRUST ME! ”
      Donald J. Trump June 10, 2016

  10. lets look at the actual facts of the primary process. On the republican side, at one point there were 18, repeat 18 candidates for the nomination. Admittedly, a number of them had no chance of winning, but as a party the GOP offered their membership a number of choices from which to study, analyze and choose. Compare that to the actions of the DNC who trotted out a despicable excuse of a human being who has nothing but contempt for 99.9% of the people in our country, and thinks her body waste does not exude any odor. The message from the DNC chair, hyphenated Debbie, to people like you was, here is who we want to be president, we don’t care what you think of her, just get out there and support her, and like the brain dead lemmings that your are, you did just that, at least until Senator Sanders ignored the wishes of the DNC elites and jumped in the race. So, based on the above, which party is being open, honest, and transparent with its membership?

    • good for sanders hope he causes her to stroke out.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Your writing is utter bullshit. Speaking of utter, don’t utter any more here or out in the barn. No go away American Nazi…you don’t belong on my soon to be liberal website.

      • I must have missed the press conference where hyphenated Debbie resigned and made you head of the DNC and also “Lord of the Internet”. This is still a free country where people are allowed to express their opinions and thoughts even if others like you don’t agree with them.

  11. Go Trump! Vote the “RINOS” and “DEMO” fascists/liberal “low info bandidos” out of office at every
    opportunity if you still feel real AMERICAN LOVING THIS COUNTRY. Vote the demo and the Rat out of office in their states it is time to clean out the trash-DEPENDANTS in government at all levels, federal, state and local.
    I am a Latino and a DEMO but AMERICAN FIRST!!….no….PC B….S for ME!!

  12. Inciting a riot is a crime he should be fired and prosecuted.

  13. Any question now about the libTURD agenda?

    • I don’t condone violence and there is a non violent protest option to stop/end the growth of fascism. People are sick of the oppression and supremacy of the Reich wing.

  14. The libtards aren’t interested in truth unless it’s their truth, like the Algoar’s “Inconvenient Truth.” The FACT of tardism is showing itself well right now in Venezuela. Now…go eat your carrots. The Messiah and I will be munching out on some fried butter

    • huh

    • Reality check -–The-Science-Of-Fox-News-Why-Its-Viewers-Are-The-Most-Misinformed?detail=emailclassic&link_id=3&can_id=5bda890a2ae254453e7ce8ba3d30c035&source=email-a-map-of-the-most-racist-areas-in-the-united-states&email_referrer=a-map-of-the-most-racist-areas-in-the-united-states&email_subject=a-map-of-the-most-racist-areas-in-the-united-states

  15. hang him

  16. Getting fired is way to generous…he should be put in jail for causing an assault, if in fact, it wasn’t him controlling and pushing the violence. Makes you wonder what Hiltler-y is going to give him AND what he is afraid of from Trump.????

  17. More lunacy from the insane ledt wing extremists.

  18. maybe Soros will get him a new job….Salon maybe?

  19. Fed Up With Politicians

    He needs to go to prison for inciting riots!!

  20. Why isn’t our judicial system arresting and punishing this Rensin guy for issuing a cry to start a riot. Isn’t this the kind of “hate” activity that Teddy Kennedy’s hate law was meant to stem?

  21. Madame President .

  22. He should have been arrested and charged for trying to start a riot.

  23. Yes , surprising , truthful statement from the party of deception and cowardice. Maybe he’s at the turning point to clarity

  24. Purse SHIT,as Always from the American Fascist FILTH at “Patriot” News Daily: Shit will be Shit.

  25. Hillaryoncrack

    Mr. Klein should be jailed for inciting riots and reckless endangerment.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Clamp it!

      • Struck a nerve did I?

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Ohhhhh, yeaaa master. You hit my nipple nerves with those gorgeous nipple clams in your sex dungeon.

          • I have whips and ball gags too.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I found your bench sketch you fucking per.

          • Does that make my little girl wet?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            You tell me, she’s your little half aborted girl.

          • Ahhh, half aborted children, a subject you evil Demonrat liberals are familiar with. Tell me, why do you people (and I use the term loosely) feel that it is OK to kill a baby in the delivery room, but let a black thug drug dealer kill himself in the back of a police van and you want to crucify all cops? Explain that because frankly, I don’t understand.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Personally, I’m against abortion, but for the death penalty. So, I am Pro-Life. What about you? Are you Pro-Life too? You know, against abortions and the death penalty?

          • Actually, I am pro-choice as far as abortion is concerned. I think it’s sad that in this day and age abortion is used to the extent that it is. I do realize that sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we can get carried away. I also understand that not all forms of prevention are 100% effective. Sometimes one of those little buggers gets through. Up to like say, 20 weeks.
            I’m all for the death penalty. I also think that if a person is guilty without a shadow of a doubt, there should be no lengthy appeals process.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Maybe sterilization would be the answer. If the mud doesn’t breed anymore!

          • You’re probably going to call me a NAZI but here goes. I can think of certain scenarios where sterilization would be warranted. For example, a 22 year old woman that has 6 children with 5 different men. If you want to be treated like a human being act like one, not a farm animal. Also, parents who have a defective gene that causes severe birth defects.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Totally agree.

          • Well, I must say I’m somewhat surprised. Maybe there is hope for our nation.

  26. We definitely need ‘change’. We do NOT know exactly what Trump will do BUT we know The Wicked Witch and her incompetence in Benghazi as Sec. of State and the many other scandals she was involved in like her e-mails right now. She is a danger. Her as president would mean still bigger and costlier government. $19+ trillion debt.

  27. Oh no another libtard inciting violence? But I thought you tards all loved one another and wanted everything to be *fair* and you’re open to free speech So sorry I’m not interested in YOUR free speech because it’s utopian babble. Shame they’ll circle the wagons to protect their own fascist goons

  28. Only suspended! He should have been fired .These reporters think they will never have to answer for their bad judgement . A liberal believes what he or she is saying as long as they grow beat their opponent into submission These hoodlums need to run into the right person. . Hillary needs to get out of this country and the rest of the stupid Democrats and the so call Republicans

  29. Suspend the SOB? He should be fired then prosecuted by someone. Inciting others to riot IS A CRIME even if a riot does not take place. It’s like yelling “fire” in a theater.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Donald Trump is an utter fool. That he is the Republican nominee for POTUS is a testament to the repellent nature of the GOP, and their cancerous effect on our nation and the world. May they all go down in ignominious defeat in November.

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