Liberal TV Pundits Compared Child Separation to Nazi Germany More Than 20 Times

We really didn’t need a thorough survey of the mainstream media topography to tell us that Democrats, Republicans, and pundits of all political stripes have milked this “child migrant crisis” for everything that it’s worth, but it’s good to have a site like NewsBusters nonetheless. Sometimes things that sound silly and ridiculous in context appear downright unhinged when you see what the left is really doing to our national consciousness. That’s the benefit of media watchdogs like the MRC and NB. They calculate these things down to the quote, number, and timestamp, leaving even skeptical Americans with NO doubt that they are being indoctrinated when they watch channels like CNN and MSNBC. The only problem is – do those people ever get around to checking out a site like NewsBusters?

We’re guessing maybe they don’t, but if they did, they would recognize just how out of their minds the left’s pundits have gotten about this situation at the border.

From NewsBusters:

Since Friday, the collective breakdown has yielded a total of 22 instances in which cable news commentators compared the separation of parents and children illegally entering the country to World War II-era war crimes and human rights violations.

The Holocaust was invoked 12 times across CNN and MSNBC between June 15 and the 18th, generally in the form of comparisons between DHS detention centers and Nazi concentration camps. There were also six mentions of Japanese-American internment camps, as well as four comparisons to slavery.


So absurd was the media’s melodrama that even CNN’s Brian Stelter felt the need to step in and pump the proverbial brakes. On Sunday’s Reliable Sources, he posed a challenge to his guests: “Doesn’t the tone of this coverage offend a great deal of Americans who feel that the real scandal is that people are entering the country illegally in the first place?”

Damn, when Brian Stelter is the voice of reason, you know things have run off the rails.

The full article does a good job painting a picture with some of the craziest examples of liberals comparing the Trump administration’s lawful immigration policies with the Holocaust. For instance, they cite MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough – a man who has been driven completely out of his mind by the Trump presidency – as being one of the most extreme when it comes to slamming the border situation.

“Children are being marched away to showers,” he said Friday, “just like the Nazis said they were taking people to the showers, and then they never came back. You’d think they would use another trick.”

We would comfort ourselves with the idea that the American people are smarter and better informed about history than to fall for this emotionally-wrought argument…but then again, Hillary Clinton DID win the popular vote.

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