Liberal Site Celebrates 25 “Good” Conservatives. Guess What They Have in Common.

Don’t you just love it when liberals decide to tell us about what it means to be a good conservative? We realize that the audience over at is not made up of conservatives by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s still unimaginably ridiculous for them to do what they did this weekend. They made up a list of “25 conservatives actually worth following on Twitter,” and boy, is it a doozy. But what’s really remarkable about this list is not that Salon made it but that they could actually find 25 conservatives who fit their bill. You’ll never guess what they have in common.

In fact, you don’t have to, because the article’s introduction lays out the criteria: The list is limited to those conservatives who “not only dislike President Trump” but are also “ideologically introspective.” That last phrase, of course, means that they spend at least as much time bashing Republicans as they do Democrats. More, preferably.

But by following these conservatives, Salon promises their liberal readership, you’ll be able to get some political balance in your Twitter feed. This must be what The New York Times readers think when they read the musings of Bret Stephens and David Brooks. “Conservatives.” Neat.

One of the recommended conservatives, a guy named “Brandt” on Twitter, “isn’t afraid to call Trump a fascist.” That’s why he’s a “conservative worth following.” Lovely.

Another one – Atticus Goldfinch – spends a lot of his time bashing conservative media. With friends like these…!

Then there are the ones who have made a name for themselves out in the real world, like prominent CNN Never-Trumper Ana Navarro, who is solely on television to bash the president. Then there’s MSNBC frequent guest Richard Painter, the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, John McCain strategist John Weaver, and more, all of whom spend much more time going after Trump and the GOP than they do espousing anything that could be termed “conservatism” in any form or fashion.

We’re hard pressed to figure out how following these conservatives would add any “balance” to a liberal’s social media feed, but we’re beginning to think that maybe that wasn’t really the point of the article in the first place.

We’ll just say this: If you’re a conservative who finds yourself named to a Salon hall-of-fame list, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

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