Liberal Response to Defeat? Throw Away the Constitution

No one likes to lose. Even liberals who think that competition should be erased from the school system (if not from life in general) are smarting from the smackdown they got on November 4th. Most men, when beaten fairly, offer a handshake and a congratulations. They go back to the workshop, determined to figure out where they went wrong. Liberals, though, don’t subscribe to this philosophy. No, the problem with their anemic showing in the midterms was not a president in decline but the Constitution itself.

Consider the New York Times, who advocated for getting rid of the midterm elections altogether. Blaming midterm losses on a between-the-big-ones electorate of mostly “whiter, wealthier” voters, they claim that these elections no longer make sense. This is more of the same thing we hear when liberals push against Voter ID laws. As far as I know, there is no particular barrier stopping minorities and poor people from getting an ID. Nor is there any barrier keeping them from voting in the midterms. Nor is there any proof that this electoral makeup automatically proves beneficial to Republicans.

But that’s the state of our politics nowadays. Things have gotten so out of hand that liberal pontificators are ready to change the entire system of democracy after a single letdown. Boy, they must have gotten really comfortable over the last six years. It must stick in their craw like nobody’s business that their charismatic savior turned out to be a false messiah.

One NY Times column is hardly the extent of the whining. CNN wants to force every American to vote or risk some kind of “penalty.” wants to lower the voting age to 16, because that’s what the country needs. Have you talked to a 16-year-old lately? Do you remember being one yourself?

Elitists Lash Out

Suffice to say, we wouldn’t be reading these exhortations for dramatic, unconstitutional changes to America if Democrats had been on course for a dominant election. As much as the left complains about the Koch brothers, corporate donations, and the tea party, they are ready to throw the whole system away at the first sign of trouble. I realize some of these articles were meant merely as thought pieces, but it’s impossible to miss the desultory tone. The defeatism.

A cursory glance at a U.S. electoral map shows enormous swaths of red broken by little blips of blue on the coasts and in major cities. No matter which party controls Washington, the vast majority of the country is firmly conservative. And that’s what these elitist liberals hate more than anything. They want scientists in office. They want professors in the White House. They want scholars in the Senate. If they could just populate the entire government with New Yorkers and UCLA grads, then we could recover from a nation of yokels who are just looking out for themselves. That’s the way they see it. That they’re finally admitting it proves that, contrary to the will of the people, politics are only going to get more divisive in the coming years.


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  1. Rather than throwing away the Constitution, let’s throw away the Democratic Party in favor of the Independent American Patriots Party. The Dems have proven themselves unworthy of the name. Semper Fi.

    • How would that help? They would just relabel themselves under the new party and we would till have the same old dead beats, altho I wish it could happen. That would be a good thing to throw away the democratic party.

    • I’ve got an idea. let’s round them all up, the Communists, the malcontents the illegals aliens, LGBT perverts and send them to their dream utopia………Russia. Then they can feel like they really belong. Russia could use an influx of anti-American lemmings and we could benefit as a nation blessed with a Constitution. One that stresses freedom from government overreach……. a government for the people and by the people in all areas of our lives, to enjoy the blessings of true FREEDOM, LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all. To exercise our Judeo-Chrisitian beliefs free of perverts, subverts and inverts, as our founders, who gave their all, meant for this nation to embrace and endure!

      • Joe McCarthy tried that and was hounded and maligned by MSM and Follywood.

      • Well said ACV, I, too, took that same oath and to this day, 40 years since, am ready and willing to enforce it
        Semper Fi ( I know that’s not lost on you )

        • Enough with the semper fi. It’s really getting old and monotonous and boring.

          • Well how bout an Airborne All The Way for sorry bored ass. And for William Semper Fi!

          • BIG thumbs up to the Corps. I am Airborne back in 1967 will always stand for our country

          • I’ve never served, but something tells me this “person” wouldn’t survive boot camp, regardless of which Branch he joined.

          • Yes Sir, I agree.

          • As an Army Vet This We’ll Defend!!! and for my Marine Brothers Semper Fi! Semper Fi! Semper Fi! No Sweeter words to my ears.

          • Amen, my brother!!

          • Actually it is pronounced Semper Fidelis and I was told using the term Semper Fi is a derogatory term used to demean the Marine Crops

          • Semper Fi is merely a shortened version of Semper Fidelis. It is NOT a derogatory wording.
            S/Sgt. USMC 1954-1960.
            BTW: I also served USN, 1950-1954.

          • catman , Thanks for the update , the Marines I spoke to at the time (1963-1967) told me Sempi Fi was not to be used and that Semper Fidelis was the correct way to use the term . That being said , Thank you for your service and Semper Fi !

          • Oh ! and for those who don’t know , Semper Fidelis is Latin for Always Faithful . Check out Cam Back USMC . He comes from a family were the Corps is a way of life .

          • Yo are so right sir

          • Robert A. Clemons

            SEMPER FI MOT**R F****R

          • Screw you omegaman! You obviously aren’t one that was proud to serve like the rest of us that gave everything to defend our United States of America.

            Never ever berate those that had the stones to serve!

          • Omegaman is probably a Lib and feels entitled to everything America has to offer. Lack of respect for, and taking America’s Warriors for granted is typical of Obama and his groupies.

          • The misguided & mentally challenged simply have no clue what our great country would be like without the sacrifices of veterans. So unfortunate. God Bless The United States of America

          • Well said, azabigail !!!

          • Likewise!–USAF-SAC 56-62

          • It will become “old and monotonous and boring” only for the individuals who’ve done nothing for their country but rather have taken from it everything that they possibly can.

          • What do you expect from a troll? The reality check is coming for him.

          • SEMPER FI SEMPER FI SEMPER FI SEMPER FI Betaman………………………………….

          • Semper Fi brother! Thanks, had to save this one! (USMC 1972-76)

          • From NAVDEEPSEA to you brother…………you are welcome and SEMPER FI.

          • I’m gonna pull a liberal here and say that I am offended by your callous remark omegaman. I served in the Marines in Nam and will always be faithful to God, Corp and the United States of America.

            Semper Fi to all who have faithfully served the Marines especially.

          • I SERVED IN the ARMY in Vietnam 25th INF.Div.1/5th Mech Inf.70/71 Now I’m a disabled Vet and if liberals don’t like the tuff sh!t.HAVE A NICE DAY.

          • Ever been in the MILITARY?IF not than shut the fu*k up azzhole.We Vets have paid a price for keeping jerks like you free and we have paid that price with are blood and lives and so has are family’s so shut your face BOY.LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!

          • Omegaman, your professors have scrambled your worthless brain; get a life!

          • Are you a leg? sure sound like one

          • It or whatever it is has no clue as to what leg refers to. Of course it is a leg……also one with it’s hand out!

          • A leg is a wimpy, coward non Airborne personnel

          • That would be me 1962 to 1964 US Army voluntary draftee I would have had to extend for one year besides I just couldn’t see jumping from a perfectly good airplane & have to walk back lol I have in the past sport jumped & flew hang gliders for years to damned old now but am still willing but must have a motor can not pick it up & run with it

          • LOL sorry about that I was 6ft 2in untill I started to jump 1967.for 35yr now 5ft 4in No such thing as a perfectly good airplane. Why do you think they call the guys that fly them pilots Because they pile them here and there, Airborne all the way

          • I hate to say this but it was an aircraft that left me they way I am I also was 6’2″ now am only 5’11 1/2″ not due to old age but compression fractures of 5 vertebrae funny isn’t it? I had to laugh at that one speaking about pilots that leave them here or there I did bring mine home only to end up junking it & giving away some of it also . But kind of hard to believe that you lost 10 inches in height though, what did you do land on your head most of the time lol that was another attempt at humor

          • That part was a joke son. The real part is my knees 214 static lines 355HALO

          • Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet. And here you come saying that ALWAYS FAITHFUL is monotonous. We know where you belong. AT THE END OF THE LINE AND MAYBE NOT EVEN THERE.
            Move out of the USA never to return. We don’t need your kind. I place you in the same rock box with Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Fidel Castro, James Ayers, Eric Holder, Barry Soetoro and his minions. Go join the Muslim maniacs but do leave the United States of America never to return. You are the end of a swine alimentary canal. God Bless America and may He have mercy on your soul. I was USAF.

          • me, too.

          • Ron
            Don’t forget Obama & Company of clowns!

          • It’s not up to you clown. There are 2M buried worldwide who gave their lives so you could flap you big mouth. STFU!

          • Apparently you never had the testicular fortitude to be a part of the brave men & women who have served this nation, in plain language, you are a gutless little coward, punk!! On this day, Veterans Day, you have demonstrated you aren’t worthy of America’s blessings! Your right to regurgitate disrespectful comments were bought & paid for with the blood of patriots & you aren’t wise enough to be grateful for the sacrifices others made in your stead! Have a miserable life, bi itch!!!!

          • Maybe it’s time for you to find a NEW home, ASSWIPE!

          • Semper Fi Semper Fi Semper Fi Semper Fi I just love to pizz off a liberal democrap !!!! Semper Fi

          • Shut the f**k up — if you tried to wear a uniform it wouldn’t fit and you wouldn’t know how act, you worthless piece of bovine excrement.

          • Semper Fidelis always faithful” or “always loyal” has gotten old? Oh My GOD, how far we’ve fallen if anyone believes this.

            What kind of America would we be living in if our troops in WW2 had Lost, and THe United States had been invaded, and taken over.

            Someone needs a cranial rectumdectomy, and soon, or stop posting anything on this and all sites.

          • Obviously you have never served in the United States Military! I gave 20 years of my life to defend the United States Constitution against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic (BHO). After 17 years, from leaving the US Air Force, I will continue to defend the US Constitution (even with my life)! My cousin was a Marine in Jacksonville, NC with service at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and South Vietnam. I greet ALL Marines with “SEMPER FI”, do or die. If you do not like it then by all means leave this site! Thank-you and have a great day!

          • You couldn’t last the first day of boot camp, but you should respect the Military for all the sacrifices they gave to keep your sorry ungrateful A## safe!

          • Probally because you are a leg and not a REAL man. Airborne all the way

          • Whiner.

          • ah, omega man, i love people like you. i spent twenty years in the military a long time ago, when your mommy and daddy were in grade school. back then the military was honored and respected by all, until the assholes in college were taught that we in the military were scum and baby killers. we had to take the abuse and insults, the military has what is called the ucmj. that means if you get in trouble with civilian authorities, after they get though with you, then you go back and face the military justice system. which is easy to understand, your guilty. we were told to ignore the abuse, but if we were in civilian clothes that we were told to wear, a lot of punks like you got a great and a long never to be forgotten ass kicking, by some vets that quickly disappeared. it was even better if the punks friends tried to involve themselves, they were welcomed warmly by the vets. im in my seventies now, remember my oath well, will do my best when it comes to push and shove. the best part will be scum like you screaming for the military that bores you, to saving and protecting your sorry ass.

        • To all of my fellow vets and brothers and sisters in arms, in all branches, thank you for your selfless service! Happy birthday Marine Corps! Semper Fi! Omega, shut your mouth and show some respect for the men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting your freedoms. Since you are an American you have the right to your opinion, not to mention many other liberties and freedoms. You have that right because of the countless number of heroes that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. So, again, show some respect.

          Tyler J. Commander
          Petroleum Landman
          U.S. Army Infantry Vet

          • You think that this pos is an American, I have my doubts about that along with lots of other doubts with this turd, I wish I could just flush him to where he belongs

        • Jan 1966 35 years in Special Forces. Thank you for your service sir.

      • Malcontents? adj. adjective

        Dissatisfied with existing conditions.

        n. noun

        A chronically dissatisfied person.

        One who rebels against the established system.

        Get bent, pal. I’m a “malcontent”. I’m tired of BOTH the LEFT and the RIGHT telling me what I should do, think, and believe. The government needs to get and stay the hell out of my business and my life. What we are living with today IS NOT FREEDOM, it’s a POLICE STATE under soft martial law. Our Founding Fathers were “malcontents” you moron.

        • Oh, the false bravado behind the anonymity of an internet blog! Your entitled to you opinion and me mine. What your not entitled is to call me a moron. Put away your dictionary and put your pencil neck on the line for America! I’m not your pal nor would you ever get the opportunity to get me bent! I’m fully aware of the conditions our nation currently finds itself in and yes malcontents, of which there are both negative and positive connotations for. Those that bitch and moan, abuse the system and those who are ready to take the nation of our founding back. Our founders were dealing with tyranny and there were malcontents back then as well. Those that bitched and moaned like you and those that put it on the line to throw off the chains of tyranny! So keep your little girly

        • William, that is your opinion about both parties My opinion is that we need healthy debates in government in order to discover and (Hopefully!) make the right decision and vote for the good of the people.

      • Only vets should be allowed to vote or run for office

        • And where is that in the Constitution?

          • Not real sure about only vets, but do believe that no one receiving welfare, food stamps or any entitlement you did not pay into ( SS okay ) should not be able to vote. That’s called conflict of interest. The Romans did not allow anyone who did not own property to vote , even though you were a citizen

          • I’m real sure about not having to be a vet to vote. What about “Rosie the Riveter” in WWII? I think the key is to educate the people on the Constitution and why and how it was written. Back in the days of the Founders, even a 7 y.o. knew what a Natural Born Citizen was. Also, make it embarrassing to be on welfare and harder to get on it.

          • Skipsart, you’re right, education is key. Ever since Jimmy Carter established the Federal Dept. of Education and the teacher’s unions got their fat fingers into the pie (early 60’s)our nation has been going to the dogs. Education should go back to being a local affair with each state in charge and NO wasteful, subversive Fed involved at any level. Those scoundrels have indoctrinated our youth into socialist droids spouting the party line and learning very little to help them do well in life. While we’re at it there are dozens of useless, outrageously expensive, totally unaccountable, over-lapping govt. departments that need to join the Dept. of Ed. on its way out the door. We now have more people collecting govt. $ (our money) than we have working to increase the GDP and support them. It can’t last.

          • That’s a good idea. Education is the key but part of the problem is the schools don’t teach real American History anymore. A specific class on the constitution and the bill of rights and other important documents in history should be required. If you fail, you must take it again.

          • Most cannot spell anything other than ACORN…………………………………

          • Seems a bit non-sequitor.
            Oh, and I took mine in 1974

          • Just because you are receiving food stamps does not mean you are not working. Maybe one fell into hard times and need a little help. Maybe they have been paying taxes as a working adult but due to unwanted circumstances fell on hard times. Dont judge al food stamp recipients as leeches.

          • No one here said they all were; but a healthy % are milking the system for all it’s worth, and bankrupting the nation in the process!

          • That really sounds wonderful.

          • What about the govt they should not be able to vote either.

          • That is exactly how it is in Mexico today. I receive VA disability because of my injuries during the service, but I earned every single penny.

            And even today, people look at me and say, “But, you don’t LOOK disabled.”

            What, exactly, does a disabled person LOOK like?

          • Corky of course!

          • 😉 USAF

          • Navy Deep Sea lol~ I love all my brothers and sisters……….well most of them hahahaha

          • Awwww to be young again………….!!!!

          • ‘twould be nice again, now, wouldn’t it??? Seems to me, and speaking only for myself, that 60 came around awfully fast!!!

            So sorry I didn’t recognize the emblem, but it does beg the question —

            Years ago there was a movie on about a deep sea diver that starred Cuba Gooding. Is that a true story??? Just askin’, have a great day.

            My son is now in the Army and his arrogance amazes me. He thinks only HIS job and only the service of HIM and HIS comrades matters, and I would dearly LOVE to be a fly on the wall when somebody hits him in the mouth (unless, of course, it is ME that does it, LOL). He thinks ol’ Mom wouldn’t do it and he is SADLY mistaken!!

          • Ha Ha Ha this is actually the same school that the movie was based on. It is no longer there and NO!!!!! the movie men of honor is not based on fact, more Hollyweird lies and fiction…………..Facts!!!!He never saved anyone,he never ran afoul of a Russian sub,never found a lost ATOM bomb and it took him three years to complete the program and would have been DOR if it were not for the NAACP and ACLU…………ALSO,HE HURT HIMSELF,HIS FUCK UP NO ONE ELSES……………………………

            As far as your son,HOOYAH for enlisting and doing a tough job,yet if he thinks it all about him,he is in the ARMY for the wrong reasons, he’ll either grow out of it or become a angry person. The emblem is not Deepsea,it is simply a Kraken lol!

          • Thank you for you service Zoomie! ha ha ha!

          • You bet, and the same to you. I am incredibly proud of my son, but he is SO misinformed about WHY we need the military it is ridiculous. He says they taught him in basic that the militia IS the Army, they are “domestic terrorists,” and etc., and that “one day, it will come down to a shooting war — them against the militia.”
            Wonder how they will respond to the OathKeepers?? He will be 33 next week. One of these days, he will grow up —

          • Unfortunately they look like me, due to an accident where I broke a lot of parts, I walk with a severe limp & since I also broke 5 vertabrea I walk with a cane & slightly bent over. The good thing is people do open & hold doors open for me (although I don’t want any special treatment) they do it anyhow. I used to do that for people & still do if I get to the door first

          • They look like ME, too. And, I feel the same way you do. I was injured in the military but was still relatively okay — relatively.

            Then, one day on the way home from the VA following a counseling session for PTSD, I was rear-ended by a drunk driver who hit my stopped car at 60 mph. Trashed my car, troopers called me in as a fatality, and the ONLY part of my car that was not destroyed was the driver seat.

            Since then, I have had 13 corrective surgeries — two on my spine and needing a third very soon. I was blessed to find a wonderful orthopedic spine surgeon who saved my ability to walk and probably saved my life. It is a relatively new procedure, but it is changing the lives of many people, to include Bill Walton and retired MMA fighter Nate “The Rock” Johnson.

            Found out today that my ulnar nerve on my right arm is “completely trashed” and that it is a blessing I even can use my right arm. I’m a walking miracle.

            That said, I still walk with a cane and a walker, and cannot do my shopping without an electric cart. I, too, am bent over and most of my scars are on the inside.

            I asked that question because a guy at my church made the statement that our vets don’t deserve any compensation for PTSD because “They hunt: they fish: work part time: and some run a business.” I didn’t say anything but wanted to ask him if he knows just how hard it is for those guys to even leave their homes.

            I guess serving and sacrificing isn’t or doesn’t mean anything anymore; and if people actually LOOKED at the statistics for disabled veterans they would find out just how much of a drain WE AREN’T on the budget.

          • I stuck it out until I reached full SS retirement, I didn’t want disability as long as I can stand I also continue to work but only part time to supplement my SS check as I live in Ca.& SS does not go any where near enough. Glad to hear you are doing well, keep the faith. I saw a nuero surgeon last week & no way no how are they going to operate on my back even though I have disks that are grinding away on them selves

          • You will be in my prayers, sir. I grew up in So. CA — escaped before they ruined me. No way could I afford to live there today.

          • I know how you feel about disability. I never wanted it either and would much rather be working, believe me. Doc says I can’t and I have been fired from every job I have tried. No, it didn’t used to be that way. I was a great employee, a great instructor, and had no idea this would ever happen to me. It is what it is, you know?

          • Originally, one had to be a property owner to vote right here in our blessed USofA

          • Read the book starship Troopers not the movie maybe than even a leg would undeerstand.

          • Its his opinion. It would help if they served if only to give the president a better understanding of the military and how it works. Until you serve, you have no idea what the life of a soldier is really about

          • I too would like all Presidents to have military experience. But I was just differing with him in having the requirement of having to be a Vet to vote.

          • I don’t agree with that either because it would make a lot of people ineligible. There are many medical reasons that disqualify someone from joining the service. I didn’t mean anything by my statement. I apologize if it sounded negative. That was not my intent.

          • Not a problem Fedup………We all want the same thing.
            I would just need to be worked out to come up with the best solution.

          • I say require an ID and the ability to speak and read English. You don’t go to other countries and demand they speak your language. It should bea requirement to learn Engliss before you can become a citizen.

          • Add that to the growing list

          • In the not too distant past…there were many…many in Congress that served proudly. Those were the years when Wash made a commitment to care for us veterans. Today we have a president & staff that care less. Just look at the recent debocal re: medical treatment for veterans. Obama made every attempt to ignore this critical problem.
            God Bless America & all that served.

          • Greg, it’s the GI medical care DEBACLE (and must be fixed!).

          • What Constitution.

          • Noone said it was in the constitution Libtard! Pay attention to detail Obama.

          • Why and who are you calling a “Libtard”? We were all having a decent discourse here until you started calling names.

        • Hear, hear, burt! I know regular citizens and liberals would fight it, but it might be worth it!

        • None Of Yourbusiness

          That’s as fucking stupid a statement as the liberals are coming out with … stupidity is as rife in your ranks as the libs fucktard!!

        • Agreed; that should be enacted into law, or as an Amendment to the Constitution!

      • You bet. I took that oath on January 30, 1980, and again on January 31, 1983. That oath is for LIFE, and it doesn’t matter how long you served, where you served, or what you did — ALL who served (except for one traitor whose name I refuse to mention) are worthy of recognition and remembrance.

        And it is those very same veterans who will be on the front lines voluntarily if it ever comes down to a shooting war.

      • Let’s round em up and put um on the boat. Good idea.

      • GREAT SPEECH….( Bravo…clapping…)

        • Thanks brother, enough of these pencil necked geeks who never walked a day in their useless lives in the boots of those who served and put it all on the line for GOD and country!

      • I don’t think the Russians would want the LGBTs,,,LOL !!!

      • A really great commentary ArmyCombatVet !!! I spent 28 years of my early life in uniform living and defending the oath, and will continue to do so until I depart on my final PCS !!!

      • Although I am a 2nd ammendmend and faithfull Constitution defender, and I hate what demotards have done to this country, you should get acquainted with some more information before posting derogatory comments toward the Russian people. If you would just check history books you would find that Russian religious Christian and catholic roots goes back a few hundred years and before communism. You can not blame a whole nation for whatever corrupt government they get specially since right now we are heading in that direction with Obama and the leftards. And right now all those things that are corroding this country thanks to the leftards are prohibited in Russia. In many aspects Russia have become what we should still be, and that is a nation with pride about their history and with Christian values as a background. Dont let the propaganda of our leftist media brainwash your mind into thinking that the Russian people as a whole are evil , atheist , etc, becuase that is not true. The thruth is that all this media facade about Russia and the new cold world is being created by the leftard movement to put the people eyes away for what they are doing undergorund, and because they would not allow any other country that is powerful enough to be independent of the petro-dollar false economy that is going to fade in the not so distant future when this new brics alliances grow stronger. The very same way our media brainwash us about the “evil Russia and China” is the same way those countries propaganda in the past put our image as the “imperialist pigs” that want to rule the world. The only difference is that in Russia no one has the means or is dreaming of conquering us, but the USA through their financial backup of the NATO puppets and their failed economies is buying their way up with the petro dollar for a total domination. The new world order necessary for the return of the anticrist is not going to be by Russia or China , but by Nato and their allies. Read well your Bible before pointing fingers as this is all happening and it have to happen this way. That is why the atheist and homosexual agenda are growing stronger in this country. You have to think that when that times comes, the safer place might actually be a country which do not support the Nato and Euro atheism as it is today.

        • I didn’t mean to come off as insensitive, my grandmother was born in Russia in the late 1800’s and came to America because of our Constitution. I guess what I was eluding to was Russia upon receipt of these perverts and anti-Americans would give them what they deserve and not let them do to Russia what they are doing to America and our criminal government! Russia was a strong ally of America during WW2 and unfortunately that relationship faded with time and differences of opinions after the war regarding the Marshall plan! I appreciate your loyalty to our Constitution, something so many of our ignorant citizens have no interest in. America has abandoned God for the most part and the current state of our nation reflects that. My oath of office ended with “So Help Me God.” The oath is forever!

    • Interesting Idea, and It might work.

      P.S. To the author of this article: “They want scientists in office. They want Professors in the White House. they want scholars in the Senate.”

      FYI, friend. SO DO WE! But WE want Conservative leadership from all walks of life. Possibly having a President who is a Nobel Laureate Chemist, or a Composer, or an Oceanographer isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good thing.

      But, once again, WE want Conservatives who are,the BEST America has to Officer, and have experienced the BEST America has to offer.

      want scientists in office. They want professors in the White House.
      They want scholars in the Senate. I – See more at:
      want scientists in office. They want professors in the White House.
      They want scholars in the Senate. I – See more at:
      want scientists in office. They want professors in the White House.
      They want scholars in the Senate. I – See more at:
      So please don’t knock Highly-educated candidates, simply because they’re the “types of people” the “liberals” want in office.

      The framers wanted normal, everyday people to be Representatives and Senators. That’s why they crated the electoral system, so citizens from all walks of life would have a chance to be elected, (or appointed), serve for a LIMITED time, and then go home, making room for more CITIZEN LEGISLATORS.

      What we want is to eliminate the career politicos, and reinvigorate the system, in order to Restore the Framer’s vision of what Our Country can be.

      After all, “This land was made for You and me.” And that means that everyone, regardless of their background or education has an equal chance to an Extraordinary individual, and a leader ,if he or she wants to be.

    • I agree….the whole of the Democratic party does not represent what the old party was about. Instead it has been infiltrated by Communist for whom are the GREATEST THREAT to American and our Constitution EVER! Therefore….I would if I were President my first act would use the executive order to decide these Communist need to be arrested as subverts to the Laws of the Constitution and therefore should be immediately thrown in jail. NOO TRIAL! You never give them one Ever! You never give freedom of speech nor rights to Communist. EVER! And by the Way, newspapers like the NY Times and TV CNN are exactly FRONTS for Communist.

    • I agree with most of what you say Devildog, except the new party is already in the making and is called the Constitution Party.Check out the website and find their platform and charter principles (hint: they are based on an old document called the U.S. Constitution.)
      I know this is so because I am a county Chairman for the party in my home state. I had to change voter registration after 50yrs, that’s how seriously I take this.

    • You said it brother how about just putting them all up against a wall and just shoot them.

    • I fully agree.

    • ANY Third party will be marginalized, demonized, and subject to every dirty political trick in the books, by the Left Stream Media and controllers of both parties. Because as the Tea Party would have done, a third party would be somewhere in the middle and draw from BOTH parties.
      That is why I am in favor of calling the next third party, the Moderate Middle Party.
      At least I would get a chuckle out of the talking heads on the left screaming something like, ” The Radicals in the Moderate Middle Party…..”

    • You are right. Time to round the communist and their dictator leader up and hold a trial. Of course Hollywood would be out of business for a while and most of the major new medial. We can ship them to Russia and they can work in Siberia or Russia can execute them if they get out of line there. Oh! Don’t forget the illegals also. Run our boarder and to work you go in Siberia.

    • Liberals are not majority and need throw or terminate plus loose all political representation. Dems prove what real are, we enemy communist, destroy all.

    • An interesting suggestion, OldPatriot !!!

  2. when one party starts to think they know more about how to handle our daily lives than we do that is where they are WRONG! wE don’t NEED NOR WANT A LARGER GOVERNMENT to control us but rather the opposite

  3. Throw away Harry Reid & Holder !!

  4. The liberals have a problem with word definition. They call themselves”Progressives”. That should mean “to move to something better”, and not a lawless pursuit into a much worse situation. We do not want or need to “change” what is already working properly!

  5. Meanwhile, after 6 years of bullying the Republicans, the emperor and Harry Reid now want to cooperate with them. Ha! The emperor has all but defined cooperation as agreeing to do things his way. And in his ridiculous press conference on November 5th he tried to sell us on the idea that his policies are popular and that they’re working. Double Ha! He’s so in love with himself that even when he’s the cause of his party getting mauled at the polls he still wants to call it a victory for himself.

    • Let us also recall that Obola himself defined the contest. He stated that he was not on the ballot, but his policies were, and that the Democrats running for reelection supported him. You can call that throwing them under the bus if you wish. I see it as Obozo being truthful for once. The problem is while he correctly defined the election, he didn’t like the results. Apparently his ego thought that if he decreed it he would win. NOT! As for Congress, and Reid in particular, let us use the reverse Golden Rule. Do unto others AS THEY HAVE done unto you. Give Reid and the Dems a taste of their own medicine, using their rules, until they have learned the lesson, then change them back to status quo ante.

      • “Obozo being truthful for once”

        Ouch! How that must have hurt!

      • When Obummer said his policies were in the election, he did it actually thinking in his super-ego that his statement would have an enormous effect on the election. He refused even to acknowledge that the people were not happy with him, but hopefully he will see the light. the real light, not his own fading little bulb. I think Obama’s declaration have an effect, but not to his way of thinking! His policies were so twisted and . anti-American that even a boy scout could have been better for the U.S. than he is.

    • ‘THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES”-and the public now know it! LOL

  6. From this article and its sources like the NYT, it is clear that since liberals didn’t win with the Constitutional system they want to change the rules to benefit them. IMO, this proves to me that their values are bankrupt. The rank and file of the party need to rise up and reclaim the party from the Socialist wing. But as long as they push a Socialist ideal, we will have trouble.

  7. This election indicates to the Nation what The Tax Paying Americans Want! It is to stop what might be called the Satanic Sympathy! That is feeding parasites at both ends. At the one end they feed The Government and its forever increasing Bureaucracy. At the other end is the endless Entitlements! They both are parasites! What can parasites do? They consume the host! Look where we are now ECONOMICALLY and our National standing on this planet since 2008? the host is weakening and the economy is 17 Trillion debts and growing…….

    • The book “Gulliver’s Travels” shows the giant lying on his back, tied down with multiple strings and unable to get off the ground. That’s what’s happening to the US; death by a thousand wounds. Oust all incumbents running again in 2016, 2018, and 2020. Term limits for all, including POTUS most of all.

  8. This is to be expected. Liberals cannot believe that We,the People are stupid enough to vote for anyone except for them. They believe that only they can make decisions that affect our lives,livelihoods,children,dogs,and anything else that we want to do.For this reason,they believe that elections are obsolete,and they should be in power forever,thus having a Dictatorship.

  9. I have a better Idea! Let’s BURY Obama and his Obamacare, THE ENTIRE IRS, with Lois Lerner at the bottom of the hole, Eric the (With) Holder with Fast and Furious, the Benghazi cover up and Hillary R Clinton & Susan Rice, The entire Veterans Administration and all the murdering bastards that were involved, all the Liberal (Godless, Heartless, Thieving, Communist) Democrats along with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, all the Race Card players Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson. But before we do that, let’s give them a fair trial, before we bury them all, pour a cement slab over the top, post 4 armed guards 24/7/365 in case we have those that want to dig them up. Put underground speakers that play the National Anthem and America the Beautiful throughout eternity.

    • I think they should be wrapped in epoxy, and sent to the Smithsonian for future generations to see the fools who tried to destroy their nation in the early 21st century!

  10. My only concern is that the Republicans are going to stand around with their thumbs in their rectum and do absolutely nothing.

  11. Now, more than ever, is the time for TERM LIMITS across the board for congress, courts, ANY elected position!
    Career politicians have been the true bane of the country, let’s change that!

  12. how about we take the liberals, the whinners, the aclu, peta, the free loaders
    and use them for target practice…. bet they leave and quick


    The sad part is both parties have become so elite they view themselves as godlike china dictator gangsters that is their party only. They forgot they work for the little specks they see as they fly around. It is not about which party. it is about the country. Perhaps a few public hearings and executions might get their attention. Both parties have held power and abused it. Crimes by gov can be listed. As well as immoral behavior. Details upon request.

    • Fema camps are available for the patriotism-challenged idiots, rather than those who love and want to preserve the US Republic given to us by the Founders.

  14. Liberalism is the single worst thing that our country has accepted in recent years! That and the election of Obama. They go hand in hand intent on destroying this country.

  15. There is an elite ruling class within the Republican ranks. One that should not be there. One that no longer has the peoples best interest in mind, but their own best interests in mind. Their votes are more about CONTROL
    and furthering their careers than what is best for their people.

    That elite ruling class has been corrupted by power. The power in DC Politics is so corrosive that no matter how good you are when you go in, it is only a matter of time before you will be corrupted. Some are corrupted
    before they enter office, others over time.

    That elite ruling class with their power grabs is what insulted and turned away the Ron Paulers in 2012, which in turn cost Romney and the Republicans the election. Or who could forget what the elite ruling class did to McDaniel in Mississippi. The elite used money and tricks to force their choice over the peoples choice.
    You can call them RINO’s you can call them the Good Ol Boy Network. What every you call them, I say term limits for the whole lot, if they are not corrupt now, it is only a matter of time before they will be…

    • Agreed; RINOS should be ousted (and some outed) in the next 3 elections, or the US will be toast, and enter the 3rd World of corruption, crime, poverty, unemployment, sickness, and hopelessness. We owe it to future generations to destroy this cancer on both sides of the aisle; TERM LIMITS!


    Liberals don’t get it. The Constitution of The United States states throw them out. Hay liberals try reading 1 The Constitution of The United States of America. 2 read the Federalist papers you remember they taught it in high school.

  17. When the SHTF dems will be among the first to be targeted, they, along with muslimes, &communists ( am I being redundant ? )To make things abundantly clear, this NOT a threat, nothing but a simple promise.

  18. If anything, we need to raise the voting age to 30 and add a mandatory third choice, NO CONFIDENCE vote to every ballot for every list of candidates, for every election, then back to the drawing board if enough people don’t like their choices at the voting booth.

    • agree on the ‘none of the above’. would also like to see a cap on spending. term limits are desired by the vast majority of American’s and believe it or not our government knows this but we just can’t seem to make it happen.

  19. The only way to get rid of midterms is to make all congressional terms four years. If they were to amend the Constitution to do that, I would want to see term limits added.

  20. Getting rid of the Constitution and having an oligarchical dictatorship with occasional one-party elections for show has been the agenda of the American left since they first fell in love with Lenin. The whole point of “executive amnesty” is to replace the current electorate with the inhabitants of central american jungles who are used to banana republics and sham elections. We have for the moment forestalled any radical change by political means, but the danger of a coup by the Obola inner circle, fomentation of race riots which will spread from Missouri to other parts of the nation or a further pandemic caused by the intentional importation of central american enterovirus or african ebola as pretexts for a state of emergency is quite real. If and when Obola makes his move for dictatorial power, the people must be planned to send him and Michelle Antoinette running to their helicopter like the Batistas, the Duvaliers and the Ceaucescus before them.

  21. We really need a party in this country that truly believes the Constitution is NOT an evolving document. Our uneducated populace (including some of our “so-called” brightest academics) are woefully ignorant of the magnitude of the Constitution. One of the reasons is because the Federalist papers is not required reading as part of our history. When things are taught out of context, we do not fully understand them. Also, we do not enforce the laws currently on the books, nor do we prosecute those who violate those laws. There should be no excuse for Congress funding laws or regulations made by unelected beaurocrats that violate our Constitution. There should be no excuse for anyone being forced to follow an unconstitutional law. There should be no excuse for allowing a judge, an unelected beaurocrat, or elected official to enact an unconstitutional law, or usrping the power of the Congress by judicial activism. If the Republicans or Democrats have evolved to the point of government overreach, they must be stopped. Our Founding Fathers built all sorts of protections into the Constitution because they knew it was human nature for government to grow. They knew unchecked government growth could lead to a loss of freedom and tyranny. They also knew it was important for the populace to remain educated to protect their freedom. It is time for a new party that holds our founding values in high enough esteem to want to fight for them and to educate our citizenry to want to do the same.

  22. The Democrats are pretending they are democratic again. The majority voted with its feet anchored at home instead of in voting booths. The Democrats assume those voting with their feet would have voted for Democrats if they hadn’t found their own feet more interesting.
    Changing Constitutional law, by any means possible, to increase Party strength is as old hat to the Democratic Party as tombstones voting in Chicago.
    I hope a few of them do a Pogo act, look up from the DNC and proclaim, “We have seen the enemy and it is us.” Some Democrats might discover the freedom and morality in the republicanism of our Founders.
    Marvin Fox

  23. The Sick Liberals can shove their policies and Views up their Hole.

  24. Vernon Cunningham

    over 73 years I have seen this same scenerio play out. usually in the mid terms, which ever party has the leadership, the people put in a strong congress. That is a balancing act in and of itself.

  25. Try them and hang them all for treasonous acts against the Constitution of The United States of America.

  26. Vote at 16? Yes!! I remember being 16 in 1976. I knew more about the candidates and the issues than most adults and most of my teachers. I would have cast my first vote for president in the primaries for Alabama Governor George C. Wallace. (Granted upon reading that, many liberals would change their minds on letting 16 year olds vote!)

  27. After reading a great many of these posts, I have to wonder just who believes in the Constitution and the values our Founders left us. I applaud those who recognize that, as McCarthy claimed, there are communists amongst us. Few people realize that the ACLU was founded by an avowed communist to defend communists from McCarthy. They have continued since then to erode our way of life from within.
    Obama admitted that, “in order not to stand out in college, “I hung out with radical Blacks, poets, and Marxist professors.” He has befriended those who, historically, have been enemies of America, and insulted those who have been our allies.
    The only way for America to be great again, is to return to the Constitution as it was written and intended. Thomas Jefferson said that the people have the right to replace the government, and that the people have the right to alter the Constitution. Only the People have that right; not the politicians, and that any change must come from the entirety of the People through revolution or through the amendment process or holding a Constitutional Convention. Jefferson continued that he hoped the people would consider the context of the times when the Constitution was written, and not be so hasty as to make changes not easily reversed which have unforeseen consequences.
    We have the words of our Founders as to the letter and intent of what they authored. Those words were retained in the minutes of their meetings, in news accounts, and in the minutes of the individual state legislatures they appeared before during the ratification process. Then end result of their words was the Constitution which is the law of the land.
    The three branches of government have usurped the rights of the people, and the duties of each other, exceeding their constitutionally determined duties, thus circumventing the checks and balances created by the Founders to prevent abuse of the people by government. For the first 200 years (approx.) of our nation’s existence, the rights of the people were recognized by the government and guaranteed by the same. For example, the people freely adopted every new firearms technology, including full auto weapons, with no governmental interference because both the government and the people understood the language and intent of the 2nd Amendment in the same way. The power of the people was usurped when Congress passed the National Firearms Act in the 1930s, by-passing the participation of the people to make any alteration to the Constitution, and the Judiciary allowed it. It’s been down hill since then.
    In 1967, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and to obey the lawful orders of those appointed over me. I live that oath still, 47 years after I took that oath. Meanwhile, our politicians take essentially the same oath whether at the federal, state, or local levels. All too many of them seem to forget those words before they have finished repeating the last word of the oath.
    The president, and his entourage, are NOT elected to “fundamentally transform America”. They are elected to govern within the limits of the Constitution. It’s OK to lift up the disenfranchised, but it is not OK to bring down the enfranchised in order to accomplish such a goal.
    My thanks to my Brothers and Sisters in arms for their service, for responding to a higher calling, of service to ALL American citizens, not any portion thereof. Would that our leaders were so dedicated.
    DEW, Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.)

  28. CNN wants to force people to vote. No, people need to be educated before they vote. CNN & the rest of the MSM need to do their jobs, find and report the FACTS. Not take sides or suppress information. Of course, if liberals were to tell people what their real agenda was, they’d never be elected again.

    • Enemies of the State: NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and a list of smaller liberal networks. Also: NY Times, Chicago Sun-Times, LA Times, and a long list of lesser papers around the nation. Thanks to them, 53% of Americans have been brainwashed into liberalism/progressivism; hence the traitors now in power.

  29. Myself and all who served in the military swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and “DOMISTIC”. To all the Liberals who say “throw away the Constitution” can say that all they want since it is their right as protected by the first amendment but to illegally attempt to remove it thoes Liberals become enemies of the US and will be dealt with accordingly.

  30. Did you know that the history lesson in Common Core states that the 2nd amendment says “the people have the right to bear arms in a state militia”? This is the twisted education that the next generation will get if we don’t end Common Core! Please get involved in your local board of education and STOP Common Core, even if you don’t have kids in school.

  31. We need to quit referring those people who attended Harvard and Yale as elite. They could be elite, but going to one of these schools doesn’t guarantee it. In fact, it is starting to look like a big red flag. I have nothing against prosperous, bright people, but they have assumed that they know more than other people and want to control our lives. Some of their ideals are at odds with nature and natural systems. They don’t think they have to do research or do their due diligence because they are elite or experts. They have corrupted our science substituting ideology for research.

    • ConsultantInAction

      The so called Elite’s they’ve come to realize through the Nonsense put forth in Global Warming, when in fact the Planet is Cooling, just what buzz words seem to have meaning and will collect Millions from the Sheep. Take for example, the most Corrupt Governmental Agencies, Environmental Protection Agency, IRS, HHS, GSA….they are bulging at the seems with Liberals. EPA; Control the Water, you control the people.. IRS; They have the best of all worlds, they get to know all about every American, how they spend their money, Save, Donate, all of which will give them a look into the daily political leanings of each and every one….
      Oh, they think they’re Elite, after all, how else does one get to thumb their nose at Congress when called to Testify….Eric Holder, Lois Lerner…Do they all think America is Naïve? Not at all, just Apathetic… If we don’t select the ones to govern, those governing will be telling us….
      Sounds like the USSR? It’s getting there..

    • Too many of them have been educated beyond the level of their IQ; therein lies the problem. It’s called “brainwashing.”

  32. ConsultantInAction

    Pretty interesting reading, but no one has brought to the surface, just when the D’s lost their way. I’ll tell you, it was at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. Presiding over the convention, Mayor Richard J. Daley. He literally was a Hard Ass, he ran a tight ship…
    The Anti-War Protester’s were out in force.. This was the first time America saw anything like it, Rioting, Bags filled with Human Feces being thrown at the Police…Chicago was in absolute caos. Mayor Daley, he stood firm, the convention was on edge, Mayor Daley stood firm, it was the day the World saw the demise of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY as America knew it.
    When the new Socialist Democratic party emerged, OMG was it cast differently.. Oh, sure the Liberal Democrats clamored to get on board, after all, what with Bobby Kennedy running for President and McGovern Running, the Left of Center party was emerging….However, the party still had not taken on its real face, oh no, it was just the beginning. The likes of the Southern Democrats, by todays standards would be considered Right Wing Zealots. What was happening; The Democratic Party was about to take a trouncing by Richard Nixon…
    Remember Water Gate? Watergate was the revenge of the Democrats, after all, Vietnam, run by a Con Man, Robert McNamara, Johnson trying to be the best man he could be, after being thrust into office after the death of JFK, hell, he could hardly spell Vietnam. One has to think, had JFK lived, would he have conducted that theatre as it played out? Doubtful, after all, JFK was a Veteran, he knew the perils of a conflict with out an end game. He knew the evils of War, and he knew what it was like to sacrifice for his comrades. Johnson, he simply played the game as the script was presented to him. The Democrats were in caos, anarchist were fighting to take over the helm. Bobby Kennedy, he despised Johnson, now remember, he was a confidant of JFK, his brother and none the less responsible for the mess Vietnam was about to enter…All the while the D’s were falling further and further into the grasp of the Left… That is not to say they were leaning left of center during Roosevelt, but today, OMG…..If the D’s go any further to the Left, they will have gone over the Edge.Well, now you have it, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Holder, are a direct result of those ambitious Leftist that maneuvered the Democratic Party to where it’s at today.
    A new dawn has risen, perhaps, just perhaps, the Republican’s will be able to Govern this time… McConnell, Boehner, need to sit down with Obama, tell him precisely how the new Congress is going to work and how his Presidency is going to be able to work with them…If he fails to cooperate, they will need to give him the Budget Axe….Compromise, sure, by telling him just how all this works…. Then, tell him we all hope he can improve his Handicap…..Good Luck on the Course B.H. O. You’ll need it

    • While sitting down with Obozo the Clown, they need to inform him that impeachment is in the wings, and that the FBI has been alerted to his possible arrest for treason and aiding the enemy. If that doesn’t get his attention, then there is a room being held for him at a psychiatric asylum.

  33. Christopher Huffman

    We now have a party of the Left and a party of the Right, and they agree on very little. The Left wants equal outcome for everyone. The Right wants equal opportunity for everyone. The Left will get everyone equality in Poverty.The Right wants Prosperity for as many as possible. You can rise as far as your God given talent and ability will take you. That is what the Constitution was meant to produce.

    • the socialism makes everyone equal in misery … reminds me of a Winston Churchill or someone..even if the only thing we have to fear is fear itself as someone famous said once

  34. false messiah, fu*k he’s acting like the anti-christ with all his muslim and futard buddies, how many times do we have to get thrown under the bus, till we get rid of this traitor.

  35. T he democrats want to change the electoral college. Actually, they want to throw it away saying that it doesn’t make sense. I suppose that to a liberal democrat who wants to control the presidency by the masses of popular votes they acquire in the big cities that this is true, the electoral college just gets in their way. So, I propose that we change the electoral college such that instead of winner take all for each state, the electors are split in accordance with the popular vote of that state. What that would do would be to diminish the importance of the big cities and demand that presidencial candidates develope a political agenda that appeals to suburban and rural voters along with big city voters. In short, the proposed change would empower conservatives.

    What do you think?

  36. BTW, I’m on facebook, so you can leave your answer there, if you wish.

  37. throw the anticonstitution scumsucking doghumping catslapping godmocking homoworshiping draftdodgeing airsucking crackheadsmoking lunitics out in other words beat it bitches

  38. We can only hope that this is the beginning of the end for the ultra liberal Democrat Party. A Party that does nothing for its people, games the system so they and their friends get rich, and exploit the welfare recipient is no longer a major political party. They need to be replaced by people with real American values.

  39. The Liberal Progressive of this country have been trying to
    do away with the Constitution for years now. I am just
    wondering why more people have not seen that happening
    until now.

    • Apathy is the last stage before a dictator takes over; the US narrowly avoided it Nov. 4, but the danger is still there, and 2016 will be the big test.

  40. Here is an Idea instead of throwing the Constitution out. All liberals pack Your
    trash and hop a plane or a boat to the Socialist country of Your choosing and
    don’t come back. Make sure You take Nasty Nancy and Dingy Harry with You.
    And Obola and his Wookies.

  41. why not get rid of liberals and the democrats? life would be much better and much more prosperous without them.

  42. Response to the liberals (commies). keep the Constitution and get rid of the liberals. (commies.)

  43. Obama’s America!

  44. Over my dead body. The Constitution will stand along with the Bill of Rights.

  45. Little suggestion for those who do not love our Constitution and the freedom it
    provides for our citizens, leave now and no one will miss you. I’m sure that Iraq,
    Iran, Syria, Russia, China and other despots of Hades will be glade to have you.

  46. Hey Liberals, you want to get rid of the US Constitution? How about We get rid of YOU!!!!!!

  47. This once wonderful country of ours did pretty good by adhering to the Constitution.
    Now that the younger generation thinks it’s outdated and needs change, just look at the mess this country is in. Obama doesn’t respect our Constitution and has gone about trying to change it but we’ve all seen the effects of the changes he’s made. Wake up Americans and protect our Constitution. It was written by brilliant men with vision and forthought and it’s served us well.

  48. Amazing. Wait til you see what happens if The Republican Senate Majority imposes the procedural rules Harry Reid created. Remember when the Republican’s took control of the House during the Clinton Administration and the democrats became enraged because they were forced to accept the rules they created as the majority. Only they were the minority. They were calling the republicans Nazis, storming out of meetings and throwing child like temper tantrums. What the liberals need is a trip to the woodshed and some sense hammered into their defective brains.

  49. The problem we have is a political structure that no longer upholds their Constitutional oath

  50. Barring lawyers, professors, and bankers from serving in Congress would be a big step toward restoring the Republic, but that can’t happen, they’re locked in and would never consider it. Farmers and carpenters could do a better job of running the nation, and not into the ground, either.

  51. On this Veterans Day, thanks to all who served, as I have. Thanks for those of you that have not served for remembering those that have. I ask all the millions of civilians who wonder how to show your gratitude for your veteran’s service to this country to consider this. Keep close watch on the Legislative branch, both the Congress and the Senate. Become informed on what is going on with our representatives. If they are not demonstrating a posture of conservatism, if they are bowing to special interests, if they are compromising the Constitution, let them hear from you in a BIG way. Take an active role in returning this nation to the one I, and every other veteran, served to preserve. As it is now, it is NOT the same country as when I took my oath. Return it to ‘One Nation Under God’ as it is meant to be. God Bless America!


  53. im sick of this administration and the minions of freaks that go along to get along bashing shameing despiseing our country that countless americans lost there lives to defending for theyre right to openly covertly condemn the very nation they so freely stroll around spewing hate deception deceit distrust sound off america take back your country every count every state till the hate mongers are out for good

  54. From one vet (USAF Res.) to all who served, THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!

  55. Like the constitution or get the HELL out of our country…. coming soon…….one party rule….Have a cup of tea then leave……..

  56. Until the gop takes over in the senate it will be a very dangerous time for Americans the libs do not take an ass whooping very well & will do many things to try & make our lives more miserable than they have been. I do see Obama making the 12 + million illegals here legal with a stroke of his pen that is how he will pay us back for not supporting any more of his BS

  57. Screw those elected who do not believe in our constitution. Everyone, contact your representatives and tell them you want a law that all those in congress and the senate must take a week long course in the US Constitution and at the end, take a 200 question test to show their knowledge. The results must be published and sent to all those they represent. If they put up a law which does not pass the Constitution, it will be held against them

  58. I just watched Firewall with Bill Whittle. He narrated the building in the Middle of Moscow but you don’t come out and the curved floor in the basement where the blood and gore can go out to the back drain and you are never heard of again. He tells of the lineage of men who ran the Russian Terror Organization before it was named the KGB and today’s name and the men who ran it. All were killed by their own Leaders in the building. Mass Murderers, rapists, homosexual orgy party’s after all the murdering and decapitating were completed, and all the way up to today. The least of the murderers killed a total of the entire city of Baltimore! Those men cried like the cowards they were when they were each one lead to their own deaths. And the last one, that man is known today throughout the world as Vladamir Putin. Never forget he is a cold blooded butcher who has murdered so many, it doesn’t even matter the count. And, if history shows anything, he will go down as his murdering cohorts did. But never, never forget that is the man we are dealing with. A mass murderer perhaps even worse than Stalin or Hitler ever thought to be, after looking at the men who ran it and the history of that place that is still operating today as it did then, he will go down just as each one of them did, but who knows what mayhem he will commit in the meantime. Live Love from the great Republic(ans) of Texas!

  59. These liberals will cry about anything, and demand everything for free, because it’s not coming out of their pockets, they are very fast with spending someone else’s money not their own, as far as ID laws and the poor not being able to afford a ID card I bet you any money if us taxpayers through the government were giving out free stuff but they had to show their ID’s they would go through hell and high water and swim the
    ocean blue to get a ID card. What a joke!

  60. yes….lets utterly destroy the democratic party. They are worthless in our eyes on our beliefs. Their beliefs are nothing but communist and anti Constitutional all along. Therefore only a civil war will clear the air of these parasites.

  61. Get Rid Of All the LIBERALS! They are the polluters of the world, the source of global warming. Duct Tape their mouths and rectums.

  62. The democrats have already throw away the constitution. Each time a minority is given rights that out weigh those of the majority they have violated the constitution. The courts , judges nor the President can rewrite to constitution. Only the congress can. All men are created equal and equal protection under the law have been stripped away from the majority.

  63. NOW, we know how Democrats feel about America. Why would they want to continue to Destroy America? WE, Americans VOTED against the Democrats because of the WAY they were allowing America to become a Lawless 3rd World Country and seeing they did Nothing to change it back to OUR AMERICA. This Idiot President most likely will try to even make it worse. Maybe he even gave America away to China? He has to be someway put under control. Maybe lock him up in a Prison for NOT OBEYING THE OATH HE SWORE TO ENFORCE, THE CONSTITUTION?

  64. Arrest his ass right now!

  65. How about we throw away the hard core libtards that don’t appreciate the constitution and what it stands for…As a matter of fact. lets just ship them to another country and let them see how good they had it here…sick of these people.

  66. UCLA? No, they want Cal-Berkely, the community college just NE of Stanford.

  67. Throw away Dem Party and all liberals out USA. prove are enemy terrorist criminal group.

  68. There is one thing that I have picked up on in much liberal pontification, and alarmingly, it is touched upon in the article. It is that liberals are considered to be the “educated” class. I really do take exception to that. Look for instance in the last paragraph, I do realize that many scientists, professors, UCLA grads, etc are liberal. But there are many conservatives who share those credentials. When did conservatives come to be known as the “dumbed down” segment of the population? I refuse to accept that swipe of a broad brush.

  69. They’ve already been doing this, and theres more to come if we don’t put a stop to their runing of families. Now we can’t have Christmas on our calendars…what a FUCKING SHAME!!!

  70. This country needs a third-party so badly it hurts, the Republican Party is the right cheek of the rectum, the Democratic Party is left cheek of the rectum and the hole in the middle is Obola and his cabinet are the unwashed dingle berries.
    America needs to wake up and wipe this giant rectum we call Washington clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. I am proud to say I have NEVER missed voting, even when I had pneumonia. I just wrapped up and just did it. Bring on the fines. We only had 3800 vote in our precinct this last election.

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