Liberal Response to Defeat? Throw Away the Constitution

No one likes to lose. Even liberals who think that competition should be erased from the school system (if not from life in general) are smarting from the smackdown they got on November 4th. Most men, when beaten fairly, offer a handshake and a congratulations. They go back to the workshop, determined to figure out where they went wrong. Liberals, though, don’t subscribe to this philosophy. No, the problem with their anemic showing in the midterms was not a president in decline but the Constitution itself.

Consider the New York Times, who advocated for getting rid of the midterm elections altogether. Blaming midterm losses on a between-the-big-ones electorate of mostly “whiter, wealthier” voters, they claim that these elections no longer make sense. This is more of the same thing we hear when liberals push against Voter ID laws. As far as I know, there is no particular barrier stopping minorities and poor people from getting an ID. Nor is there any barrier keeping them from voting in the midterms. Nor is there any proof that this electoral makeup automatically proves beneficial to Republicans.

But that’s the state of our politics nowadays. Things have gotten so out of hand that liberal pontificators are ready to change the entire system of democracy after a single letdown. Boy, they must have gotten really comfortable over the last six years. It must stick in their craw like nobody’s business that their charismatic savior turned out to be a false messiah.

One NY Times column is hardly the extent of the whining. CNN wants to force every American to vote or risk some kind of “penalty.” wants to lower the voting age to 16, because that’s what the country needs. Have you talked to a 16-year-old lately? Do you remember being one yourself?

Elitists Lash Out

Suffice to say, we wouldn’t be reading these exhortations for dramatic, unconstitutional changes to America if Democrats had been on course for a dominant election. As much as the left complains about the Koch brothers, corporate donations, and the tea party, they are ready to throw the whole system away at the first sign of trouble. I realize some of these articles were meant merely as thought pieces, but it’s impossible to miss the desultory tone. The defeatism.

A cursory glance at a U.S. electoral map shows enormous swaths of red broken by little blips of blue on the coasts and in major cities. No matter which party controls Washington, the vast majority of the country is firmly conservative. And that’s what these elitist liberals hate more than anything. They want scientists in office. They want professors in the White House. They want scholars in the Senate. If they could just populate the entire government with New Yorkers and UCLA grads, then we could recover from a nation of yokels who are just looking out for themselves. That’s the way they see it. That they’re finally admitting it proves that, contrary to the will of the people, politics are only going to get more divisive in the coming years.


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