Liberal Rag Accidentally Gets it Right on Ben Carson

If you were to gave the average writer a penny for their thoughts, you’d get back change. But every once in a while, even a hopeless liberal can stumble upon a coherent point. Andrew Prokop managed to do that this week while explaining why Dr. Ben Carson had pulled to within striking distance of Donald Trump in the Republican primary polls. Clearly attempting to say something meaningful about racism in the conservative base, Prokop wound up actually hitting the nail right on the head.

Speaking to Carson’s performance in the first GOP debate, Prokop writes:

Though Carson was vague about just who those “purveyors of hatred” trying “to make a race war” might be, the implication was clear — they’re liberals. Carson is saying that although he’s black, he’s enlightened enough not to focus on unimportant matters of race that “divide us,” and will instead take a race-blind approach to unite Americans.

That’s just what conservatives want to hear.

Now Prokop and the rest of the rest of the Vox staff see this as an example of “white privilege.” Conservatives are sick of talking about race, an annoyance they can afford to enjoy because the problems of the black community aren’t theirs to worry about. But this isn’t about white voters tapping into their inner racism. This is about voters of all races ready to hear a minority message based on something a little more encouraging than victimhood.

The issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement are not based in reality. They simply aren’t. Have there been instances of police brutality? Obviously. Is this a repeating pattern that requires a federal overhaul of the justice system? If it is, the left has not managed to provide any evidence of it. This entire movement is based on one or two inflammatory videos, a 24-hour liberal news cycle that refuses to play fair, and politicians who want their piece of the pie. Does anyone really believe the black community is better off today than it was 12 months ago? If not, then why? How long will it take? What steps do we have to take?

Ben Carson comes on the scene with a conservative message that many young black people have never heard before. Don’t blame the government for your problems. Don’t blame the white man. Don’t blame what happened to your ancestors. Take responsibility for your life, and make every moment count. That’s not just the key to turning around the black community; it’s the key to turning the entire country around.

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  1. Don’t you think that it is the height of hypocrisy when liberals want to use White Privileged as an argument against the Republican Candidates.

    When all they have is old privileged white politicians to choose from, what are they complaining about?

    • politicians will use every dirty low life tool to get votes and money. letting Iranian lobbyist in to buy off for the nuke deal is an example- the last to announce their position held out for the bigger wad of cash and everyone knows it. the citizens have zero faith in the government- and for good reason. the American government has turned on the working class. a pleasant dream is one where the working class turns back on the government. but the marines are everywhere in jade helm training for just that possibility.
      time to split to Australia

    • @ MAHBOOsh!t …… The height of hypocrisy is looking at the leftard candidates for President , who by the way are also predominately White and then listening to some B’tch complain about the Republican Party which has 7 non White candidates compaired to 3 for the Leftards …… It’s hypocrisy , yells the Leftard , they only have old White men ……. don’t ask questions ….. Obey , Obey … how dare you think for yourself ….. you will lose your leftard standing , facts are banned like character and ethics ….. Obey , Obey …… no personal responsibility allowed , victims only ……

  2. good grief- even after 55 years people still line up to listen to stale worn out rhetoric.
    americans are idiots.

    • 50% are, 30% are questionable, and 20% are intelligent enough and informed enough to make the right decisions for America but don’t seem to want to. That’s what happens when we elect horrible leaders. Everything falls flat and the barbarians storm in to grab the spoils.

      • “but don’t seem to want to” very good description of politicians- they must insure re election first- work for the good of the citizens a distant third.

  3. Tired of finger pointing the white and working colored have provided sufficient money and programs over the last 3 or 4 generations to get the people out of the “I can’t ,I won’t, don’t want to get an education”. The non providing class and those who free load need to get a job or get lost take the boat with Obama and leave . the gov’t money spent by dems who created the problem, because they started it, need to listen, you THINK LIKE Obama , WE DON’T NEED A ROBIN HOOD WE NEED WORKERS WHO ARE PRODUCTIVE.

    • You people are nothing but racist oh and by the way I sam a hard working black woman who is sick of that measly mouth WFN Carson.

      • Candice White- Are you on a social support program? Was your mother? Was your father? Were their parents? Or your grand parents?

        This is the issue being discussed, where you are not the issue, but the programming of a ‘Nanny State’ that supplants self reliance.

        So you work.. so what, what does that have to do with a system where dozens of trillions of dollars hasn’t changed the ‘poor’ conditions?

        “measly mouth WFN Carson” is pointing this out, you because you simply work, call Carson ‘measly mouth..’? I guess you haven’t much interest in changing how the ‘poor’ have been misled. I guess you wish for more of the same.

        • Pretty funny the you don’t even know that Ben Carson was raised on welfare and food stamps
          Ben Carson got his education via taxpayer money.
          Ben Carson got his college education using taxpayer money and largess from OTHER PEOPLE.

          Don’t give me this bull shit of self-reliance

          • Reality Check0 So are you ‘Candice;, who cares a twit what a socialist troll such as yourself thinks.

          • Typical conservative.

            I prove you are a low information human being, unaware of Carson’s welfare history,
            but I’m the troll.

            That still makes you the moron, Mike

      • Stop crying bitch!!

      • Ms White… Don’t pick on them too much. You haven’t met a true bigoted racist until you’ve sat down and talked to ME!!

      • You are the voice of the problem………WFN Carson? Do you kiss your kids with that mouth? You ought to have a photo of Dr Carson hanging in your home,something for your kids to see, something to aspire to. His mom was single, poor, illiterate and hard working YET she managed to raise 2 extremely successful sons….So what offends you more, a successful black man or a black conservative? Pick one then think about WHY

        • ps I look forward to your response but I’m not holding my breath.

        • His mom took welfare and food stamps while Ben Carson was growing up.
          Ben Carson also benefited from taxpayer generosity for most of his education.

          You forget that part?

          • His mom worked 2-3 jobs at a time to support the family. You forget that part? They lived in a poor neighborhood rife with drugs, gangs etc. and she directed the boys away from all that…..forget that part? Show me 1 person who is unable to find grants, scholarships and I’ll show you 1 person who is too stupid to be in college. Going to college is one thing, advancing and accomplishing what he has is quite another. What have you accomplished? Didn’t think so.

    • what we need less of is IGNORANT Americans who post LIES on the internet.

      • Then you better run like hell, you IGNORANT little faggot TROLL… Oh, I know… Get ready folks, here comes more bullshit from this little faggot troll’s ass…..

  4. I enjoy listening to what Mr. Carson has to say, and I agree with almost everything. I just find myself snapping my fingers, wishing he would speed up his rhetoric. To those of us who have a brain that works at 90 MPH, and have fingers that slam our computer keyboards at 110 WPM, and have Type A personalities which are never going to change until we cock up our toes, we want and need leaders who are a bit more “snappy!” We also need “Get it done” politicians because our nation has so many problems thanks to 6.75 years of disastrous lack of leadership, we need someone who can juggle 10 problems at once and find solutions which will solve them!

    • “thanks to 6.75 years of disastrous lack of leadership”
      but Bush is no longer President.

      Thank God Obama came a long and turned around the DISASTER economy the GOP created.
      NOW we are the only Bright Spot in the global economy.

      “U.S. Economy ‘Lone Bright Spot,’ as Global Outlook Getting ‘Worse’”

      “The World Bank is telling us…. the U.S. economy is the
      only bright spot for global growth”

      now this is where the con tells me that Fox News is now a liberal rag lying for the Obama administration.

      • Liberals practice beliefs and behaviors that are harmful to them and others. They do this knowingly

        but they simply do not care that their actions are harmful as long as they are allowed instant

        gratification of whatever they are feeling at the moment.

        The upper liberal echelon consists of malicious power seekers who prey on the weak and ignorant

        while spreading their destructive filth for the sole purposes of prolonging their pathetic grasp on

        political power.

        Regardless of whether a leftist is driven by ignorance, apathy, or greed, they all have one thing in

        common: they lie. The ignorant liberal lies either out of ignorance or to preserve selfdelusional


        the apathetic leftist lies to excuse his lifestyle; and the malicious progressive leader lies to keep his

        power base apathetic and ignorant.

        • Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla,

          nice copy and paste.
          what does that have to do with the US economy being the BEST economy in the G-20 and the relentless LYING of the right?

          • perhaps you didn’t read this part of the article.
            Note the phrase “so called”

            What is more, the so called bright spot, U.S. economy has been driven in part by energy investment that could soon be drying up.

          • what does THAT have to do with we have the best economy of the G-20?

            are you refuting that?
            or just tap dancing for the Right who like to pretend(lie about) Obama has run the US into a ditch?

          • Hey Chuck, still waiting on that answer. You get lost?

            More like like runaway

          • I got better things to do then try to educate an asshole.


  5. Dr. Carson is right and anyone that has a brain as big as a pea should realize that you yourself are responsible for your own future. You decide if you are a success or failure.The Government is not responsible for anything in your life.The people in the inner city of Detroit as well as the people sitting on a share croppers farm in Alabama are the only ones that can change their future. What you have to do will be hard for most to do because they have spent their lives sleeping until noon then they spend the rest of the day at the Governments give me offices.People you have to change your lives and the lives of your children.Get up and do it.

    • Carson was raised taking taxpayers welfare and taxpayers food stamps, as well as taxpayer supported schools and taxpayer supported college.

      He benefited from grants all the way through his college career to his medical degree.

      Yet he did that by himself?

      MY ASS

  6. “Don’t blame the government for your problems. Don’t blame the white man. Don’t blame what happened to your ancestors. Take responsibility for your life, and make every moment count”
    Iz that Ben Carsonz messaje? Hre must hav red Obamaz book!

  7. Article shows me ProKop hasn’t a clue about White privilege, what makes them think many Republicans and Conservatives haven’t been very poor, what makes them think maybe by having pride and a positive attitude hasn’t provided the where with all to succeed and realize the difference of getting it by yourself gives great satisfaction rather than taking from Liberals who care only for your vote.
    Carson has it right but so many do not, if he can change it all Blacks and Hispanics would be better off. Asians comer here and succeed almost at once we don’t know because they go to work and school and don’t look for handouts immediately after arriving. Vox,Prokop ” Wise up”

  8. Dr. Carson is correct in his analysis.

    • in his analysis of WHAT exactly?

      that you can become gay by going to prison?
      or that climate change is a hoax?
      or that he thinks American society is very much like Nazi Germany?

      • Reality,
        After reading all the info you sent on a previous article, I am surprised you did not read this article. That would have told you what his analysis was. Ewe left out half of the issue. Notice I said, LEFT. To specifically answer your questions:
        1. You might not become gay in prison but you may get treated to gay sex whether you want it or not.
        2. Climate change is obviously real. We have a lot more dirty air than we had in 1776.
        3. Carson did not elaborate on society. But he may think that liberals are leaning in the Nazi direction. Who knows? Of course you could explain all of the questions you raise. But then your response would be longer than mine. But that’s OK, I have all day. (hee hee).

        • Jerry, the bitch still won’t get it. Trolls never get it. Their job is to confuse and insult.. Don’t waste your time.

        • Jerry, you should know by now that I am a male, good grief.

          You seem to be dodging Carson’s archaic views on homosexuality.

          If you haven’t met someone and known instantly they were gay, I think you may be lying.

          I would even wager that as a child there were kids in school that you and other kids thought were “feme”.

          As for the climate change question, you seem to be dodging that as well.

          Does Jerry have children and grandchildren?

          They are are going to be pissed at grandpa.

          As for Carson and Nazi Germany,
          “”I mean, [our society is] very much like Nazi Germany,” the retired neurosurgeon said in an interview with Breitbart News. “And I know you’re not supposed to say ‘Nazi Germany,’ but I don’t care about political correctness. You know, you had a government using its tools to intimidate the population. We now live in a society where people are afraid to say what they actually believe.”

          Ben Carson has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the nomination let alone the presidency

          • explain why he does,nt have a chance if not him who

          • Because he tells the truth in simple terms so even you should be able to comprehend. No PC BS, just the facts, archaic or not are still facts. That’s what you dimlibs don’t understand. Facts don’t change with the latest fads. Just like history and numbers, they are absolute and cannot be changed to suit your fancy, Einstein.

          • Reality,
            I had assumed you were male but someone posted that you were female. I did not want to offend. Thanks for the clarification and your response.
            I have not paid any attention to Carson’s stand on much of anything yet. As for homosexuals, I think you know where I stand on that issue. If not, I can clarify.
            My stand on climate change has not wavered. I know from the past that climate does change on its own over time, often changing in one local from cool/wet to warm/dry. I also know that common sense tells us that when the pollution goes from a few million to 300 million that pollution is occurring. I also know that over time we will be forced to use alternate energy.
            Does that make me a bad person? My kids(5) and grandkids(14) already know that. As the needle said to the nudist, sew what?

          • I think the democratic party is a lot like Isis. And they would be if they could get away with it. But to bad we have the 2nd amendment.

          • you are without a doubt the worst piper ever

        • 1. I agree; 2. LOL…it’s only natural that the air would “dirtier”, we drive motorized vehicles instead of riding horses; and 3. It feels like Nazi Germany when we can’t call a nice woman a lady, or use the pronouns he, she, him, her…which makes me wonder how I would delineate between [his] car and [her] car. It could be that since Liberals rely so heavily on name-calling that they haven’t figured out an alternative.

          • 1Clara2,
            You have good point about liberals and their name calling. But I notice a lot of conservatives are in the same boat. as an independent who is a conservative minus the name calling and whining, I have learned that people are people and do take sides on many issues. I am more in tune with the GOP but still do not blindly follow ever bit of GOP propaganda. Both sides are good at that. My political tendencies are from my own experiences and not any other person’s opinion.

        • Expanded 43% to 63% in 2 yrs The ice is not melting.

        • did not mention society — of course not–he would have had to touch on 3 out of every 4 black children have no father in the home- the buck pumps out a couple nigglets and moves on to pump with sweeter meat- leaving the children to be raised by welfare- welfare doesn’t teach right from wrong or moral values.
          and they are pumping them out at a record pace.


        • Only one of us sounds like an idiot.

          • And that would be you reality. You really should try to think for yourself, don’t be a conformist just because you think it makes you look cool…………it doesn’t, it makes you look and sound ignorant. Take responsibility for yourself, think for yourself.

      • RC, I don’t know about prison turning a person gay, but I do know that this climate change BS is a big time hoax, the honest folks in the weather predicting business say our climate has been cooling the last 10 yrs. And you will have show me where Carson said our society is like Nazi Germany. I know Obama is acting like Hitler, but I don’t think our society has become like NG.

        • “Ben Carson: No, I’m Not Sorry I Compared U.S. To Nazi Germany”

          and few thousand more sources if you don’t like that one.

          as for the cooling poo, that has been debunked so many times, you are on

          1990 talking points.

          “Scientific consensus: Earth’s climate is warming”


          I await YOUR links of rebuttal.

          I predict you will bail.

          Conservatives never backup their statements.

          • You need to hear Dr Mike Savage’s reply to Climate Change. He would show you, how you are being used. You are just a tool, a “useful idiot” of the left, and you do not even realize it. We have been in a cooling stage for quite a while. If you look back…our planet has had cooling, and warming, stages throughout it’s existence. But the left is USING those changes to make money…money from your pocket. Harvard Business School stated those who are pushing Climate Change…such as Obama, and his ilk, will make over One Trillion dollars, a year, on the Climate Change Exchange. The money will come from tax payers, and corporations. Just what this country needs…more taxes! SARC

          • I think the useful idiot would be the guy perpetuating debunked climate science.

            Your last dude wasn’t even a freaking scientist.
            John Hickenbopper, or whatever, is just another charlatan making a buck.

            Meanwhile we have tens of thousands of the world’s top climatologists screaming at the top of their lungs.
            who were we supposed to believe? the lawyer?

            That’s how dim you are?
            That is how dim the entire conservative population IS in America.

          • I never spoke of that guy. …Hickenbopper. Yet, there are 4 times, as many scientists saying your climate change is false.

            I believe in recycling, and such…but I don’t fall for lies. Try getting away from Progressive media, and finding the truth. And no, I am not talking about Fox News. I don’t watch TV news.

          • “Yet, there are 4 times, as many scientists saying your climate change is false.”

            Only in your tiny imagination.
            You could try and link to that information.

            But of course you and I both know you’re lying so that will never happen.

            ‘The 97 Percent Scientific Consensus on Climate Change Is Wrong—It’s Even Higher”


            And if you don’t like that source here a few thousand more for you to choose from


            AND THAT is how you prove something.

            Keep your flapping gums to yourself

          • I don’t have to do your homework for you. It is called work. A four letter word to you.

          • Dear Keep sounds like RC needs his reality checked, because he seems to be living in a dream world, and does not know what is really going on.

          • Ben was talking about Obama turning the US into NG, and he is right.
            Now to your global warming BS, read below and you will learn why it is BS. 2015 talking points. I never bail when I know I am right, I know Liberals don’t have enough intelligence to figure things out. Now RC read and pay attention. Read it 2 or 3 times maybe it will sink in your thick head why this BS is being spread. This Conservative is smarter than most, and a Helluva lot smarter than any Liberal

            Posted on August 31, 2015 by John Hinderaker in Climate
            NOAA Meteorologist: Politics and Money Drive Global Warming Hysteria
            David Dilley has been a meteorologist for 40 years, 20 of which he spent with NOAA. At NoTricksZone, he writes about how government money and political pressure have distorted climate research:

            For over 15 years an inordinate proportion of government
            and corporate research grants have been awarded to universities for a
            single specific purpose: to prove human activities and the burning of
            fossil fuels are the main driving mechanisms causing global warming.

            Unfortunately, agendas by strong arm politics and the suppression of
            contrary views have become the primary tools used to manipulate the
            media, local and state governments (and in turn the general public) into
            believing what they want us to believe.

            Many former research department heads, such as Dr. Reid Bryson (known
            as the Father of Climatology), openly state that research grants are
            driven by politics, and in order to receive a government grant you have
            to play the game. Topics for grants go with the political wind.

            In the mid 1990s government grants were typically advertised in such a
            way to indicate that conclusions should show a connection to human
            activity as the cause for global warming. The result: most of the
            research published in journals became one-sided and this became the
            primary information tool for media outlets.

            According to some university researchers who were former heads of
            their departments, if a university even mentioned natural cycles, they
            were either denied future grants, or lost grants. And it is common
            knowledge that United States government employees within NOAA were
            cautioned not to talk about natural cycles. It is well known that most
            university research departments live or die via the grant system.

            It is ironic that Democrats like Senator Sheldon Whitehouse protest
            bitterly and demand investigations when tiny amounts of private funding
            support climate research independent of the government, the main party
            in interest. What we need is more independent funding, not less.

            Not only governments manipulate, but so do some
            universities in order to protect their grants. A perfect example
            happened in 2012 when I contacted the Eagle Hill Institute in Steuben
            Maine USA to see if they would be interested in a climate change
            lecture. It should be noted that the institute has very close ties with
            the University of Maine. So I indicted that my lecture would involve
            information on natural climate cycles, and they responded saying, “That
            is fine.” Then In May of 2013 they asked me to speak at their lecture
            series on June 29th – an invitation that I accepted. They even
            consequently advertised the event and posted it on their online

            All seemed well as I prepared for the lecture. But then came the
            manipulation and suppression of views. Just four days prior to the
            lecture, three people from the University of Maine viewed our web site
            ( The next morning, just 3 days prior
            to the June 29th lecture, I received an email from Eagle Hill stating
            that my “lecture is canceled due to a staffing shortage”. Upon checking
            their web site, the calendar did show my lecture as being canceled, but
            carried the notation that “we hope to have a different lecture on the

            So what happened with the staffing shortage? A news service called
            “The Maine Wire“ interviewed the President of Eagle Hill, and he said
            that the University of Maine “felt some people in the audience may be
            uncomfortable hearing Mr. Dilley’s lecture”.

            That’s really funny, if you think about it. Audience members “may be
            uncomfortable” if they learn that human civilization is not doomed after
            all! Maybe liberals are so addicted to predictions of doom that good
            news really would make them uncomfortable, or maybe this is just another
            way of saying that government money won’t continue to flow if we
            acknowledge the blindingly obvious truth of natural cycles.

          • John Hinderaker Is No Scientist

            April 2, 2012
            He is a lawyer who knows very little about economics
            or science. What he does know is how to spread misinformation. In his
            latest attempt at misinforming his readers, he repeats one of the
            favorite myths of climate change denial.
            This myth states that the earth is not warming. Instead, the
            temperature data itself is bad because of temperature monitoring
            stations located in urban zones – which are warmer than non-urban areas.
            They claim that once you remove these data points, it shows no real
            warming in the earth’s temperature.

            However, that myth has already been dispelled by a study which had the full endorsement of Power Line and Anthony Watts –
            The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) study.

            The reason for
            their support of this project was simple.

            The study’s leader, Dr Richard Muller, was a skeptic and the study’s biggest donor was The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation.

          • You just proved me right again, you got the brains of an 8 yr old. This article was posted by Hinderaker, but was written by David Dilley a Meteorologist for over 40 yrs. Read the entire article as many times as it takes for it to sink in your Liberal brain.

          • You can’t prove a moronn correct, silly conservative.

            Basing climate science on one person is the height of stupidity.

            I’ll stick with the thousands of climate scientists from all over the globe.
            As will a next president of the United States.

            No fool who doesn’t believe in climate science is winning the White House

          • You are right if a person believes the BS about GW I don’t want them in the White House. We got one Muslim in there now trying to push this crap so he can get more control of our lives, but you Libs believe his crap, and he ain’t no climate scientist, he doesn’t even understand the Constitution so how can you expect him to understand the weather.

          • ” We got one Muslim in there now trying to push this crap so he can get more control of our lives”

            Oh well that proves your not to bright.
            I hate to break it to you not too bright conservative,
            the large majority of the country believe Obama.

            You idiots are a minority would go down the Muslim road.

          • I enjoy reading blogs from you Idiots like you who are dumb enough to believe what you wrote. You must not be paying any attention to what is really going on in this country. You probably think Obama is a black man, (Muslim dad and white mother) so i guess that should make him an almost white Muslim. RC why do you think Obama is doing all the things he is doing? DUH, Obamacare, gun control, deal with Iran, (that most Americans do not want), not sticking to the Constitution, the most non-transparent President ever,
            telling Congress to go to Hell he will do what ever he wants to, trying his damest to bankrupt America, not willing to protect our borders, I could go on and on but i know you brain can not handle the truth. When you stop smoking your Pot and start paying attention to what is really happening in the USA you will be an informed citizen that can talk with some sense. And one really important thing Obama is also the lying-est President to ever serve. The only majority of folks that believe Obama are the ones on the free ride (welfare & food stamps) which Obama has increased 32% since he took over.
            Obama won’t even call Terrorist Terrorist because of his Muslim background, and most Terrorist are Muslims.

          • Instead of going on and on, why not post a link and prove your bull shit?

            I’ll tell you why.

            Because you conservatives are low functioning humans who’s knowledge base goes no further than the TV or radio that just put this shit in your head

          • You need to work on your vocabulary………….and stop getting your info from bumper stickers and comedy shows………….And get one of those reality checks while you’re at it.

          • So as opposed to posting a link and prove me wrong, you feel it was better to demonstrate your silliness?

            con logic.
            But what else could you do?

            It’s not like cons “know anything”

          • “Obama won’t even call Terrorist Terrorist ”

            So this would be the liberal proving the conservative is a LOW FUNCTIONING MORON.

            “Obama: ISIS ‘aren’t religious leaders, they’re terrorists'”

            Note the word terrorist, idiot.


            Would you like some more examples mindless piece of crap?

          • LEMMINGS, LOOK IT UP.

          • Are you checking in for Vern?

            Are you his mommy perhaps?

            I did look it up and found that Vern is a lying piece of crap.

          • what a dip wad – Obama is a Harvard grad lawyer in constitutional law but I am sure your trailer park drinking buddys all know much more than him. and you are right he is not a scientist but many thousands that are from prestigious universities world wide believe in global warming but because orielly says it is not real you take his o so scientific word for it . your a joke


          • You moron, we will not elect another fascist fool and liar like Obama, No matter how badly you fools want the NWO it isn’t going to happen fool.

          • Only a complete moron believes in the New World order.

            With sharon care to prove her vomit|?

            Or is she going to continue to be a terrorist?

          • PS
            A meteorologists is also not qualified to talk about climate change.
            You have ONE meteorologists, I raise you NASA and Caltech along with NOAA who fired his ass for incompetence.

          • You, reality check, are the one not qualified to talk about climate change………………your name is perfect……..try it sometime

          • LOL meteorologist is your go to expert -LOL – anyone can be a meteorologist if your able to point. we used to have one in Detroit that wore a different funny hat each day .weather man being a scientist is like saying honey boo boo is a doctor

          • Your ignorant clown, Obama bot moron, I could go on and on, but trolls only understand one thing, how to be stupid.

          • I understand links, proof, evidence, you know things that work in the real world.

            Here in wacky conservative land, flapping gums seem to be the normal form of evidence.

            Sharon is a very unpatriotic un-American terrorist, who lies constantly on the Internet.

            Constantly belittling, berating and putting down her country.

            More like a member of ISIL than an American citizen.

          • Your still a stupid idiot and that will never change, a fascist loving worm not even American

          • LOL your rants get crazier each time whats the matter did you dribble on your best dress like monica lewinsky


          • That was your girl friend fool, or your boyfriend you mixing up with others.

          • pay no attention to Sharon in reality it is a 60 y/o man who only dresses like a woman to type his rants and frequent his glory hole at the truck stop

          • “you are” going on and on but you have said nothing of consequence- nothing to back up your lies—not one shred of proof- no facts sites to prove your accusations. you have childish hate filled ranting like a 3rd grader whos mommas not looking so you use all the cuss words you can. say one thing that is your idea and show some proof of what you speak if you can

          • Obama plan to finish off America using climate change to do it, claiming people are the cause of it. The fascist fool wants to destroy what is left of business in America and tax them do death for a fake cause. That scum needs to be impeached for treason. If American had a real Congress or Senate that scum would already be jail and impeached.

          • “Obama plan to finish off America using climate change to do it”

            Just when I thought a conservative couldn’t see anything more ignorant

          • he is the winner this week

          • sharon when people like Reality Check blog we can understand how Obama got elected.
            They are so gullible they believe the BS he puts out, and they do not seek out the truth. If a Republican President did half of the crap that Obama has done they would be long gone. Nixon told a lie and they got rid of him, Clinton lied, and they tried to get rid of him, but the Dems saved his lying ass. Obama’s nose should be dragging the ground after all of his lying. I would laugh at RC’s blogs if it wasn’t so sad that there folks that believe what Obama says.

          • Well Vern, so far you have offered nothing but you’re flapping gums to prove anything.

            And then you say stupid shit like this:
            “If a Republican President did half of the crap that Obama has done they would be long gone.”

            Like lying a country and war and causing the deaths of 4500 serviceman, and 1 million Iraqis?

            That president is a war criminal would be arrested the second the step foot in Europe.

            As for Obama, I’m betting you can’t post “any crap” that Obama has done that would warrant a timeout let alone impeachment.

            Of course we all know Vern will never post examples, BECAUSE HE’S LYING and a vacant human.

          • now reality your asking him to think on his own- fox does not have a help line were he can “phone a friend” to get an answer when you ask him a question. cursing – and catch phrases from orielly is all he knows

          • if a republican had won he would have sold the country to the highest bidder and we would be involved in WWIII by now

          • Well at least a Republican would not have given it to the Terrorist like Obama is doing. This time there ain’t going to be a war, we are just going to get blown out of the water by Iran and ISIS, but I guess you think that is better than war.

          • have you read the treaty or just mouthing off like the republican representatives that are to busy to actually read it before going on the news to quote the party line. there are limits in place that will more tightly monitored than ever before. any violation will result in instant and worse sanctions being reapplied. this is the agreement of 6 leaders of 6 major power countrys and only denied by the morons like Lindsey grahm and Huckabee -cheney who profit from their ownership of war machine companys. when bush /cheney started the war Iraq only had 1 reactor yet they let them develop over a 1000 that they have today. were was the outrage then ???? Obama and the treaty has stopped the damage that the bush/ cheney war criminals began

          • Well James I went and read the entire treaty, and also the side agreements that Obama did not want folks to know about, and you know what, Obama and the Dems are crazier than I thought, And now we know why most Americans were against the treaty, but Obama does not give a Damn about America, he just wants to have things his way or the highway. And you run your mouth about the damage that Bush/Cheney caused, well Obama has caused more because he has got ISIS and Iran after our ass and they will cause more damage to our people than Bush did.

          • yoy really are stupid or totally blind bush started tese wars just like he crashed the economy you people only look at things with 1/2 a brain working

          • And jamie along comes our Muslim President and withdraws the troops from Iraq, and presto we have ISIS who is more of a Threat and will kill more of us than Bin Laden did. As far as the economy under Bush goes you better check the facts and you will find that the Congress was controlled by the Dems the last two yrs of Bush’s term, and they are the ones that started the down turn of the US economy. Plus your buddy Barney Frank screwed up the housing market which also help the economy to take a nose dive. So Jimmy you better do your homework before you show just how ignorant you are. Plus I think if you check the facts most of the Democrats voted for the Iraq war. If I post all the crap Obama has done to be Impeached he would come after me, so you get off your lazy ass and do some research on your own, if you are capable. Maybe they will give you an extra amount of food stamps, and double your welfare check.

          • Vern, you’re too darn dumb to even deserve a retort other than this one.

          • you sir qualify as “TO STUPID TO ARGUE WITH” you have swallowed every lie and repeat it as if off of a script. do you ever read a book or check your facts. your lies are straight off of any and every faux noise show and they get paid a lot of money to read those lies to the uneducated . so which are you –getting paid to repeat the lies – or- to stupid to check the facts and realize your being fed lies.

          • Another stupid remark from “Sharon the terrorist”.

            I wonder why China and India are actively engaged in climate science, and the reversal of CO2 emissions?

            I wonder why 80 countries have cabinet level agencies, specifically to deal with climate change and carbon reduction?

            Are they all listening to Obama as well, silly human?

          • Sharon makes no other kind

          • your a moron- business has been growing in America since Obama instituted his policys. there are 50 xs more business created by Americans and they are NOT being sent overseas as the 1% corporations are so they do not have to pay their share of tax- if you would spend your time discovering the truth and a few facts instead of running from the fox news to spout your latest catch line on here you would be better off

          • Your full of crap up to your eyeballs, Obama had nothing to do with that, he don’t hire anyone, or run those business’s. Obama is a fascist liar.

          • pity you- nothing but hate . that’s what happens when you feed on lies and distrust you have a heart full of hate . I do not blame you ignorance a crime but uneducated is not . study learn educated yourself and you will be smarter and like yourself better.

          • You left wing nuts are the haters, you hate anyone that loves America, why your worthless butt is still in America is beyond understanding, go live in Iran, sounds like your kind of place to me.

          • if you have that much pent up rage you should really just put on your best drag queen gown and go dance the night away . you cant spent your entire life on your knees at the glory hole at the truck stop john

          • I would have to borrow yours scum


          • You have been a rude child for over a year. Congratulations?


          • Your mother must have spoiled you and your father must have smacked you in the head numerous times.


          • Why did your idiot parents teach you that it is okay to yell, be rude and avoid the actual issue?

          • You’re entirely stupid.
            You have no idea what a fascist is, but parrot the talk you’ve heard.
            Taxes are lower.
            American businesses are booming.

          • You stupid poor fool, who are you listening to the NWO, I have no doubt. I will ignore you stupidity because your an old ,man who listens to fascists and thugs like Obama.

          • You are wasting your time on reality check……he/she is too ideological to understand…..if it ain’t on a bumper sticker…………………

          • I have yet to see you prove anything.

            Why do conservatives think their flapping gums have meaning?

          • All the proof I need is to read your blogs RC. You are so dense that even if I sent you a hundred different proofs you wouldn’t believe them. Liberals are just like that and they can’t help themselves.

          • Because it riles the liberals so well.

          • I have a feeling that is not the case.

            cons tend to be vacant humans full of talking points.
            take you for example.
            a vacant shell void of fact.

          • Yes, you do seem to be able to repeat the required propoganda points, names and descriptions very well.

          • I know faturism, but it is so much fun blogging with an Idiot like RC. He is getting all of those Gov. goodies so he will never believe the real truth. I have found that a Liberal is not capable of seeing what is really going on, and RC seem like a really really hard headed Democrat.

          • Vern, keep on writing, I like what you have to say. Keep it up!

          • You can’t argue with a fool like Check, he is so brainwashed by Obama and his regime he don’t his left from his right.

          • Well especially not a conservative like yourself, Sharon.
            Sharon has not backed up any the vomit she posts

          • I don’t need to fool, anybody with a brain can see what that fascist dog Obama is doing, except a moron like you who loves fascists and communists.

          • Who in their right mind would love a fascist or communist?

            That alone is evidence of your complete lack of intellect

          • Your stupid trick,to twist my words won’t work, I know what you really are, and Obama bot who loves fascists and worse.

          • Expanded 43% to 63%

      • Climate change is a hoax and there is a petition with close to 40,000 scientists who have signed on to say that it is. It is also a means of globalists controlling economic and environmental. policies since the 1920’s Maybe you should do some unbiased research on the matter and quite believing everything that you liberal overlords program you with robot. oh and dirty air is not climate change as the genius below suggests. Also check out the article which was recently written which states that there are 7x’s more tree than previously thought and their numbers are in the trillions. I will find the source and provide you with it if you are unable to see past your liberal brainwashing!!!

        • ” I will find the source and provide you with it if you are unable to see past your liberal brainwashing!!!”
          prove ALL of your crap.

        • “Maybe you should do some unbiased research on the matter and quite
          believing everything that you liberal overlords program you with robot.”

          this is pretty funny from the guy who is brainwashed by right wing propaganda and believes every conspiracy theory told to him.

          “Also check out the article which was recently written which states that
          there are 7x’s more tree than previously thought and their numbers are
          in the trillions.”

          Well it seems that YOU are the one who has been DECEIVED as to the significance of your tree story.

          “More than 3 trillion trees now grow on Earth, seven times more than
          scientists previously thought. But it’s also trillions fewer than there
          used to be, a new study concludes.

          notice how one proves something in the real world, right wing robot.

          • More carbon dioxide means more flora! Period. We learned that in elementary school. But then, lately, public schools leave out the truth.

          • Well, as long as you want to keep this discussion at kindergarten level.

            More CO2 in the atmosphere is good for plants, there is no question about that.

            The more CO2 the atmosphere also traps more heat.

            THAT would be the issue not well informed conservative.

            Ice cores tell us that once the carbon dioxide reaches a high enough level, we are going to cook.

            That will make the money we need to spend to fix this, a drop in the bucket compared to what it will cost us when all the weather patterns change, forest become deserts and coastlines are underwater.

            Why are you sentencing your children to a horrible future?

          • Nothing like a nice warm day. But..most of us are going to die, when Iran, or North Korea, blast an EMP over our country …long before your faux Climate Change takes effect.

          • More proof of your low intellectual level.

            An EMP doesn’t kill people, it kills electronics not very well informed conservative.

            North Korea can barely feed themselves let alone building ICBM the can reach America.

            As for Iran, 24 seven monitoring by the IAEA would make that much impossible.

            I don’t think anyone this ignorant should really be discussing climate change

          • No you just jump to conclusions. I never said that an EMP attack will directly kill millions…But millions will die, because of an EMP attack, due to no electricity, nothing working that has electrical parts in it, food will be off the shelves within hours, water too. There will be riots, murders, gang wars, and more…people will die. Sick and elderly will die, without the electricity. It will be hell on Earth.

            Obviously, you do not keep up with the news…North Korea has been sending up rockets, for some time now.
            And Iran, your messiah’s Iran deal, will take all IAEA away. They demand to monitor themselves..and your messiah went for it. He is a Muslim who is bringing on chaos, and the Islamic Caliphate as fast as he can.

            You have no idea of my intellect, but from your words…you have a lot of maturing to do!

          • It has also recently been proved, PROVED, that the ice caps are growing. A fact buck ofama ignored in Alaska recently.

          • NO IT HASN’T low info human.

            You can try and PROVE that to me.

            but I am doubting that will happen.

          • I did I posted a link an another reply. There is plenty of proof out there for this brainwashed follower, swimming the flow, devoid of individuality….

          • I guess reality missed school the day they taught photosynthesis…What was that, 2nd or 3rd grade?

          • If this moron could read.
            we covered the carbon dioxide two posts down.

            Nothing like demonstrating to the casual viewer, that you’re too stupid to read the posts before posting something, proving your an idiot

          • Guess you’re too stupid to realize that I was responding to keepourpower , proving you an idiot…..

          • no fool, I CAN read.

          • He does not realize those trees that used to be…were before man.

          • Yep, the eco-Nazis want to make the Earth like the land before time but, they “forget” that the dinosaurs disappeared and the humans appeared. ….morons

          • I am by no means a right wing robot, but you do sound like a brainwashed Stalinist. My guess is that some smelly exhippy college professor got to you, or maybe one of the celebrity bandwagons you jump on. Is it miley cyrus or some other celebrity which you follow around like a puppy? Your arguments are regurgitations of a popular narrative which is being disproved every day. Besides, If you and your ilk were right, then you would not be losing this next election, you would not have lost the house and the senate, and there would not be such fierce resistance to the ideals your ignorant overlords have put forth. One only has to research the whole climate change THEORY, before they find out rather quickly that it is a fraudulent THEORY. Why you malleable and gullible leftist always believe THEORIES to be truth is beyond me. Why you people take everything you are told by slightly smarter leftist mind handlers at face value is also a mystery and quite scary for the human race. All kanye or miley or hillary or obama or any of the other leaders of your ill-fated movement have to do is get on TV and make some stuff up and you people follow them right off the cliff. It is really sad. Try some free thinking and individuality for once. Look into what you are being sold, I mean, are you trully that scared to swim against the flow?

          • So much bloviating, so few links.

            Surely through so much information out there, even someone as low functioning as yourself should be able to post a few links.

            “are you truly that scared to swim against the flow?”
            Says the guy fighting tooth and nail to keep the status quo

            Actually silly conservative, liberals by definition are prone to change.

            Conservatives by definition, RESIST ALL CHANGE.

      • If you think that climate change is a hoax why don’t you give up your car and ride the bus.

        • I drive about a 100 miles a month, you?

          • Maybe a little more than that, but not much. But I don’t claim to believe in climate change. Air Force One probably kicks out more carbon dioxide in one day that I do in my entire lifetime. But then Obama isn’t just one of the masses like we are. They steal your identity as a human being and make you one of the masses.

      • No he thinks liberals are idiots and his is totally right, they are not even Americans anymore.

      • You’re paying attention, good, you might learn something. Anyone who does not appreciate Dr Carson for his genius, honesty and humanity is just ignorant and probably a loser. You only relate to the liars, criminals, victims and the morals-free. Good luck with that

        • Was that you proving Carson isn’t lying about pulling himself up by his bootstraps?

          Or that he doesn’t think America is like Nazi Germany?

          Or that he thinks going to prison will make you gay?

      • I agree with Dr. Carson on all 3 of those points. We, in this house, will write him in if not on the ballot.

        By the way, global warming, is a hoax. Climate change is the normal cycle that we always have all the way around the world, check history, check weather patterns.

        Yes, this country IS becoming very much like Nazi Germany because our federal government is watching every move that YOU make, checking on your bank accounts, taxing YOU out of existence, telling YOU how to speak and how to think. Orwell was right! It is 1984!

      • Climate is a hoax

    • Dr. Benjamin Carson is the only one of the candidates, who truly fits the bill, to be President.IMHO. And his voter numbers are growing exponentially!

      • keepyourpower,
        I have made no decisions yet. Carson has some explaining to do about his past stances but I have not seen it. I do like what he has said lately. Meanwhile I have made no decisions.

        • If you watch his youtube videos, and read his stances on his sites… AND read his books, you will get your answers.

          • keepyourpower,
            I am confident that inconsistencies will be cleared up during he campaign. I m not worried about it in the short term.

          • just like michelle- he hates whitey and blames crackas for everything wrong with the world.

          • Are you speaking of Obama? You are not speaking about Carson. HE is the opposite of Obama.

            with absolutely no experience related to being the president of the united states carson is little more than a buffoon hopeing to get a free ride from the mountain of black voters (many of whom vote repeatedly until the polls close)
            the talent carson has is playing a smoke and mirrors game.
            carny workers learn that the first week on the job. might as well vote for Bozo the clown.

          • You just proved yourself to be a racist, ignorant, and probably haven’t read a book in years! You DO represent your photo.

          • your photo too is representative of your disgusting breed. 3 out of every 4 nigglets has no father in the home. the bcuk pumps out a couple nigglets and moves on to pump with sweeter meat and make more skid marks. leaving the 90 million black children to be raised by welfare- welfare ( doubt if you know this, but) welfare doesn’t do a good job teaching right from wrong( as seen in the media lately when shown “gatherings of black youth playing knockout games, smash and grab and running over old men with the old man’s car they stole. )
            or didn’t you catch that part? Bet not- or won’t admit it!
            Welfare doesn’t make black kids intelligent or instill moral values.
            it only makes them lazy and obese and sociopathic murderers.
            So, Mr. Carson wannabe- what’s the plan to make good fathers out of the bucks?
            aint gotta clue? because you know that NO PLAN will make black men stay with, nurture and generally pay for their nigglets.

          • Listen Mr. Righteous Racist! I am a White Female Conservative. I am, also, intelligent enough, to understand the man..and his ideals.
            You ….are just like the people who voted for Obama…many times. Good luck with that!

          • and I’m Gumby. as it was written: no retort to how a leader would get black men in America to take responsibility for their children.

          • Give him time…or JUST go to his sites and READ…I know…a 4 letter word to you…Read his books..and you will find out.

          • done it. nothing about black men taking responsibility for what comes out of their stiff one eye was clearly defined. skirted the issue with talent yes but sounded more like stale worn out rhetoric from mkl and Jackson. poppycock designed to sell books rake in the contributions is all it amounted to.

          • I don’t believe, since yesterday, you read all of his books.

          • correct, only what is available on the web

          • That IS a pic of paleolithic man..isn’t it?

          • me when it was 19


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    • it’s a smoke and mirrors game like all the other politicians can’t you see that, jack?

      • Bo,
        Sho nuff I do see that. That is why I am making no decisions on who I will vote for in the upcoming election. There is way too much time left.

        • j.b.! what do you think? do you think Obama is some kind of saint? the president of the united states has several reasons to call off the presidential election and stay in office- civil unrest — get it? promoting the murder of police is working well- blacks calling for random murder of white men and their families– working to Obama’s plan- a war- phoney war called on isis or Syria would do nicely- the opposing candidate drops out shortly before the election– trump fakes a heart attack or carson is assassinated-
          the maggot loves those 12 million dollar vacations to hawaii
          and he isn’t going anywhere pal.

          • Bo,
            Thanks for your concern about me. I have not made up my mind over which GOP candidate to vote for. I do not have any other choice. Does that clear up what I am saying? I am voting GOP. I just think it is too early to decide on anyone yet due to so many choices presently.

  9. Lincoln made the fatal error of not repatriating all american negroes back to Africa and “emancipating” the slaves over 150 years ago; now if their pathetic descendants have not figured out that to become sucessful americans it is all up to them! Education, personal discipline, morality, despising a life of crime, rejecting welfare, government/democRAT dependancy,social programs etc!
    Americans especially white America does not owe them a damned thing nor any apology!

    • Then ALL WHITE Americans need to do likewise and give ALL North America land back to the Indians. World Whites (British) and the Spaniards have been the most destructive, racist and ruthless nations in the world.

      • and all in the name of God and Country no less.

      • The ignorance of history is astounding.
        The only people who owned slaves in US were the wealthy plantation owners AND….HERE’S A NEWS FLASH ……not all were white, quite a few were black, Einstein

  10. Liberals are a bunch of pussyfied crybabies… They must all be QUEER because of the way the HTNIC is shoving it up their asses and they seem to like it!! Ooowelll…

  11. I think that all we would need would be one expert sniper right now and that would fix 98% of this country’s problems!! 🙂

    • how dim are cons to think that the death of One man would change liberals in America?

      Oh wait, It’s Mikey the Dim

      • This dumbass, socialist always comes up with the most dumbass comments. His IQ shows every time by his making fun of someone’s name.. Haha, we’re all laughing at your idiotic comments little girl.

  12. the kahonees of youth- good for you. Bo can barely walk. bought a ranch in austrailia. got a couple rentals to sell yet and it’s bye dee bye to the rat farm.
    go het ’em kid!

  13. We need a independents! What we have now isn’t cutting it!
    “We at are collecting signatures to put INDEPENDENCE on the voting ballots in over 20 states and to pressure another 11 state legislatures to vote to put independence on the ballot!

    So join us now and help collect signatures

    • So you are trying to elect the Word “Independence”?

      even the web site makes this NO clearer.

      what the hell are you trying to achieve.

      it certainly isn’t clear.

      maybe I need to be a religious enthusiast to understand.

      • Naaaa dumbass, you just need to grab another brain from your cracker jax box..

        • Hey Michael, Did you notice when nobody is paying any attention to that, (guy?) he sticks his nose into others discussions to get an argument from anybody? He’s been bouncing all over this board since the guys further up quit responding to him. I’ve been reading this stuff he’s trying to prove for a while now and getting quite a good laugh from him. It’s hilarious! Try it, stop replying to him and watch him panic and go after somebody else trying to get an argument, if it wasn’t so funny it would be pathetic. Poor soul, I guess an argument is better than no contact at all.

  14. So WHY does a conservative NEED justification from a LIBERAL rag?

    Do conservatives have such low self esteem that they require validation from a liberal?

  15. Even a blind gigolo occasionally finds a hooker.

  16. All you white bigots don’t worry, there will NEVER be another black American citizen elected to become president of the USA. The level of WHITE Hatred is so strong to allow it. A Latino US citizen will become the next non-white president. And I predict by 2024 or 2030. And because they have both economic, political power and a strong people unity they will be the new USA Power. Sadly Black Americans will be at the bottom. White racism and greed, and the reduce levels of Christianity will be one of the things that will destroy the USA. Foreign nations already see the discord among the races and the BS divisions by so called Democrats, Republicans, the liberals, Socialist, conservatives, the left, the right and some ignorant Whites are also claiming communism exists.

  17. He’s not going to change 60 plus years of government conditioning. It’s to easy to follow blindly with hands out for the government freebies. Blacks need to ask the Indian nation how well that works.

  18. I believe reality check has missed the punctuation mark in her handle.
    It should be Reality? check

  19. Bull! Ben Carson is again trying to prove his superiority by trying to say that he is ” more enlightened” than the average person . That he is able to do what no other candidate can do because of his race and his enlightened superior brain. Ben Carson on another speech tried to sell us that his “soft spoken manner” is a way of proving his superior strength and should not be misread as weakness . I never have considered soft spoken speech a sign of weakness . It is simply very annoying when I am trying to hear a man say something that might or might not be of value. When Mr. Carson added with that statement that his mother was strong but had been soft spoken, We all have Mothers and unless we are heartless we all respect and love ours. But references to being raised by a single parent in a one parent household is not gaining my respect when there are literally millions upon million of those households now and have been functioning well for many years while Mr. Carson was being raised in one. Ben Carson used his reference to that surgery with the twins Again as if it shows him to be more than capable of employing people….. Give us a break Mr. Carson…the unemployment now is at record level. The news lies. There are now at this point in time more than 93 MILLION people not employed in America. Ben Carson can not fix that. Jeb Bush’s tax cuts can not fix that.- America is in debt for more than 17 TRILLION dollars and rising. Wake up and face facts for a change. Intellectuals we have tried all ready. Politicians with agendas we have had for a few hundred years. Neither are working for America We need good business people. As for Teaching black kids today, they hear what they choose to hear. Unfortunately that statement holds true for too many people now, white or black or whatever race creed or color -or age. Many won’t listen even if truth comes from All Mighty GOD.

    • ” Intellectuals we have tried all ready.”
      ya that is not really true.
      Half of congress is not listening to the intellectuals and they control both houses of congress.

      there would be no debate about climate change.

      your 93 million unemployed seems a bit out there as well.

      as for Carson, he has no chance in Hell.

      • Barack Obama is called an intellectual . Bill Clinton was a Rhodes scholar and we heard about that every day. He follows Obama like a trained puppy. Every damned one of the people that are fawned over for their so called high intelligence end up screwing this nation more because of their ideology. As for Congress, they are no where near intellectuals. They are just hired hands. Doing what they were told by their employers. The folks that gave to their campaigns and those that give them money now. Climate change is pure bull. The weather changes and will continue to do so. That isn’t debatable but intellectuals will find a way to debate the smell of crap.
        The 93 million isn’t “my “93 million. I quote from the folks at the gold standard. They seem to have information that we don’t have and they say that media lies. We all do know that! I would hope you know that ………

        • ” They seem to have information that we don’t have and they say that media lies.”

          Yeah that’s what you conservatives say all the time when you’re caught lying.

          Obviously you’re confused conservative and don’t understand the proper use of the word intellectuals, and intellectuals themselves.

          You don’t ask a constitutional lawyer about plumbing.
          You don’t ask a plumber about climate change,
          you don’t have to climatologists the best way to keep the electric grid working.

          Are you getting the point?

          If you really think that the president controls every aspect of the US government your even more deluded than you appear with your silly post.

          • You live in your own little world don’t you … Am I” getting the point?” – You appear to think that you have some sort of uncommon knowledge and from all of your post on Discus , you prove yourself to be a very small minded liberal with a very bad attitude and an over inflated ego. It is you that needs a reality check!
            (I personally do know a constitutional lawyer that can do plumbing.)
            Many plumbers understand the concept of climate change, pollution and all of its ills, and the difference between man made conditions and natural weather patterns.
            As for the rest of your rant, see if you can understand that true intellectuals aren’t simply those that are supposed to be something or other. They are not even those that have degree in a variety of fields. True intellectualism is being able to converse with knowledge on many subjects and maintain an open mind without emotions getting in the way of reason.The intellectual is able to understand a lot about one thing or many things- but isn’t such a narrow minded snob as to shut him/herself off from reason or objective logic.
            I have never said that the president controls every aspect of of the US Government. Those words come from your mind and key board. I said and continue to say that the current president ( is called an intellectual.) He does think that he has complete control over every part of Government . In fact from his own mouth he has promised to change the course of the world, and to make the oceans change, as well as literally making the world like America better. He has proven himself in this Nation as well as in other countries to be an egotistical man with no sense of protocol or simple manners. He has proven to be the absolute worse president this country has ever had to endure. If you can not understand that and admit it then you are a complete moron!

  20. So far I agree with the man and his prospective of the situation

  21. Trump says the Bible is his favorite book when asked about his favorite verse he says that is private?


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  23. Dominic Roy Accampo

    A race blind, or unimportant, approach was the dream of The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.
    I am starting to pray that Dr. Ben Carson will be elected for I am beginning to really believe, not that he is a good man, but that he is The Best Man for the job today!

  24. even if he doesnt make pres. he would would make a good vp. with trump.

  25. None of you white bigots will do whatever you can to keep a Black Man out of the highest office in the USA. You’ll have spent SEVEN years spewing your vile hatred, lies, name calling and just plain disrespect to the President of the USA. Boehner & McConnell call a group together TWO hours after Obama was sworn in office, their goal to make him a one time president, which said publicly. But that failed, so the same racist GOP crew in DC said that they will vote NO against any Bills sent from the White House, publicly. So all you Tea Party & Republicans tolerated a “do nothing” GOP congress for SEVEN YEARS to do NOTHING to improve your livelihood. You’ll were somewhat quiet when the Canadian immigrant shut DOWN the government, and cost the taxpayers at least $24 million. And this same immigrant talked about doing it again if he cannot stop funding for Planned Parenthood (PP). Also, you allow your high paid representatives to do nothing but hold hearings, file lawsuits to stop the ACA, and their three pet projects, trash Hillary, PP and the Iranian Deal. I somewhat support the Iranian deal, but I hope the GOP somehow stop it. I just want MY God to let me live long enough to see the fallout of the ignorance and racism action of the GOP. Racism, stupidity, ignorance and greed will destroy the USA from within, and the radical nations will then step in and take control. White America students should learn Spanish, by 2024. However, I have to applaud to all you racist Whites, you didn’t attack the Obama’s children.

  26. In many ways I admire Trump. His business sense, his work ethic and his ability to cut through a lot of the BS. But I also think Trump is self-serving and bombastic. He gives good show, but he comes across as petulant child who really doesn’t play well with others. He is not a man of faith. To me that’s very important. Dr. Carson shows that he is. He comes across as an intelligent, thoughtful and strong person. He also has a great work ethic. He would be much better at dealing with our enemies as well as our allies than Trump. He wouldn’t come across as half-cocked as Trump does. I think he and Cruz would be a very formidable team!

  27. yep! i haft to agree ..even though i hate to agree with a polition

  28. racism no- just fact- this guy is a moron when it comes to the needs of the American civilian.

  29. the ONLY way to make America better is to do this- before a person gets the first welfare benefit they must be sterilized.

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