Liberal Rag Accidentally Gets it Right on Ben Carson

If you were to gave the average writer a penny for their thoughts, you’d get back change. But every once in a while, even a hopeless liberal can stumble upon a coherent point. Andrew Prokop managed to do that this week while explaining why Dr. Ben Carson had pulled to within striking distance of Donald Trump in the Republican primary polls. Clearly attempting to say something meaningful about racism in the conservative base, Prokop wound up actually hitting the nail right on the head.

Speaking to Carson’s performance in the first GOP debate, Prokop writes:

Though Carson was vague about just who those “purveyors of hatred” trying “to make a race war” might be, the implication was clear — they’re liberals. Carson is saying that although he’s black, he’s enlightened enough not to focus on unimportant matters of race that “divide us,” and will instead take a race-blind approach to unite Americans.

That’s just what conservatives want to hear.

Now Prokop and the rest of the rest of the Vox staff see this as an example of “white privilege.” Conservatives are sick of talking about race, an annoyance they can afford to enjoy because the problems of the black community aren’t theirs to worry about. But this isn’t about white voters tapping into their inner racism. This is about voters of all races ready to hear a minority message based on something a little more encouraging than victimhood.

The issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement are not based in reality. They simply aren’t. Have there been instances of police brutality? Obviously. Is this a repeating pattern that requires a federal overhaul of the justice system? If it is, the left has not managed to provide any evidence of it. This entire movement is based on one or two inflammatory videos, a 24-hour liberal news cycle that refuses to play fair, and politicians who want their piece of the pie. Does anyone really believe the black community is better off today than it was 12 months ago? If not, then why? How long will it take? What steps do we have to take?

Ben Carson comes on the scene with a conservative message that many young black people have never heard before. Don’t blame the government for your problems. Don’t blame the white man. Don’t blame what happened to your ancestors. Take responsibility for your life, and make every moment count. That’s not just the key to turning around the black community; it’s the key to turning the entire country around.

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