Liberal Professors Rally Around Suspended “White Genocide” Loony Toon

There were plenty of loony liberal responses to the massacre in Las Vegas last month, but Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher took the cake with his Twitter rant against “whiteness.” This wasn’t Ciccariello’s first time around the block when it comes to these kinds of racial theories – he has been in the spotlight before for tweeting stuff like, “All I want for Christmas is white genocide.” But this time, Ciccariello – who is, of course, white himself – went a little too far for his employers and got himself placed on administrative leave for his social media tomfoolery.

“A white man,” a he tweeted shortly after the shooting. “Yesterday was a morbid symptom of what happens when those who believe they deserve to own the world also think it is being stolen from them.

“It is the spinal column of Trumpism, and most extreme form is the white genocide myth,” he continued. “The narrative of white victimization has been gradually built over the past 40 years. White people and men are told that they are entitled to everything. This is what happens when they don’t get what they want.”

Since we still have no real idea what motivated the Las Vegas shooter at this late date, this walking parody of leftist culture certainly had no clue in early October. But that didn’t stop him from using the 50+ deaths as a way for him to spread his poisonous, racist views all over Twitter. After his rants caused a predictable backlash from people who have their heads screwed on right, he took to the pages of the Washington Post to play victim.

“As a scholar and teacher, giving context and depth to contemporary debates is an important part of what I do, and it’s a calling I take seriously,” he wrote. “But more and more, professors like me are being targeted by a coordinated right-wing campaign to undermine our academic freedom — one that relies on misrepresentation and sometimes outright lying, and often puts us and our students in danger.”

Well, no, it is your radical form of white guilt that is putting your students in danger – danger of getting so confused about the world that they graduate with no clue as to which way is up. But thankfully, Drexel University decided that your brainwashing nonsense was unfit for the classroom and forced you to take a leave of absence.

Naturally, this has brought all the libtard academics out of the woodwork. This week, dozens of Cornell University staffers signed a pledge of support for Ciccariello, saying that Drexel was wrong to keep him out of the classroom.

“Drexel’s failure to protect this freedom sets a dangerous precedent for scholars and students everywhere,” said Alexander Livingston, a professor of government at Cornell.

Drexel does have an obligation to protect free speech, but they also have an obligation to make sure their students are being taught by people who have full control over their mental and psychological faculties. Given Ciccariello-Maher’s bizarre, divisive, and unhinged social media screeds, it’s not at all evident that he fits the bill.

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  1. Having this guy as a professor at any University is a sign of just how sick that institution is.

    Fewer and fewer colleges offer what I would call an education these days, I have just put Cornell and Drexel on the list below not going at all.

  2. Freedom of speech is definitely important and professor George deserves to say what he pleases.
    This guy should be lecturing to an empty classroom.

  3. Anyone that willingly goes to a professor like this’s class needs their head examined.

    Any parent that allows their child to attend his classes also needs the same examination.

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  4. I am wondering if this guy’s mother had any children that lived!

    • Your mother certainly didn’t.

      • And Your Mother gave you up for Adoption because she didn’t know who your Father was!

        • How much does Putin pay you bot/trolls to say such things, or do you just give it up for free?

          • By now you must be aware of two organizations: OFA and CTR. Organizing for America is Obama’s organization that
            pays people to fight online on behalf of his version of the truth. CTR is Hillary and Bills’ organization, paid
            for by the Clinton Foundation, that pays people to “Correct the Record.” However, a more accurate term would be
            “Control the Record.” On some sites when I get these kinds of responses, I ask them, “Who is paying you today
            for your trolling comments? OFA, CTR or Soros?” Personally I think they should be required to disclose that.
            Especially since they are all about regulating everyone else’s lives. Turnabout is fair play.

            “Who is paying you today for your trolling comments? OFA, CTR or Soros?”

        • Naw, in reality, I think the most viable part of him ran down his mom’s leg. That, or they accidentally birthed the placenta instead of the fetus.

          • Better yet!! His father masturbated into a flower pot and then came Sean! “A perfect BLOOMING IDIOT”!!!!!

        • The quality of civil discourse is just mind-boggling. How to respond? Monty Python style??

  5. Like most liberals this idiot has confused freedom of speech with a license to say whatever you want in any setting, no matter how outrageous, clearly false, inflammatory, truly offensive or irresponsible with no repercussions whatsoever. They don’t seem to understand that they are free to say what they like, but others also have the freedom to react to it and point out their idiocy. And institutions are free to suspend them, and perhaps suggest psychiatric intervention, when they make absolute fools of themselves, in order to avoid being associated with such foolishness.
    So instead of attempting to explain their point of view or make a cognizant argument in its favor, because they generally cannot intelligently defend their nonsense they simply accuse anyone who dares question their idiocy of whatever ism or phobia they are currently labeling those who do not grovel to them, assume the argument is over and they’ve ‘won’ and smugly accept the accolades of other liberals who’ve made the same assumption and believe themselves above normal, mature, civil discourse. Their is no such thing in their minds, it’s their way or the highway. These selectively tolerant and inclusive hypocrites who want limits on so many things. But only on a pick and choose basis, that benefits them and no one else.

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    • He should have been fired. Since he is white, he must be talking about how he feels and then thinks all white people think like that. We wonder why the young people are becoming liberal idiots, this is the perfect example of why. We not only need to clean the swamp in DC but we need the clean the swamp in our schools and colleges.

      • Difficult to do but necessary if the country is to succeed and have a future.

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        • A CIVIL WAR will take care of all liberals and democraps in America.

      • Oh, Moma, you are so correct!

      • He practices self-hate. Sort of like Obama thinking about his white half.

      • It is also absolutely amazing that he COMPLETELY skips over the Civil Rights issues of the 60s, the legislation that MADE Civil Rights the law of the land, and the sheer and outright discrimination against white people since that time.

        People may call me a racist, but when someone tells me that my skin is the wrong color to EVER deserve a discrimination-free life, then something is seriously wrong in this country.

        White people, black people, Asian people, Latino people, American Indian people, etc., have ABSOLUTELY NO CHOICE about what their SKIN COLOR is AT BIRTH.

        That is, the last time I checked, up to God.

        Discrimination and racial hatred are LEARNED BEHAVIORS. Want to stop it?? Teach your children about right vs. wrong, and use the Bible as your textbook!!

    • But the scarier thing is, all the professors that think he is acceptable and shouldn’t have been suspended…AND the parents that send their kids to be inflicted with this kind of indoctrination!

      • YES!! He should be suspended by his male genitalia!!!!! Oh you meant from his position!!!!!!
        ROFLMFAO!! LSHMSH!!!! LMAO!!!!

      • “….AND the parents that send their kids to be inflicted with this kind of indoctrination!” Yes, I keep wondering that myself. But then again, there are a lot of liberal parents. But for Conservative parents, we really have to do our research of colleges and universities before sending our children to these institutions. It shouldn’t be that difficult with all the information on the internet and social media. I know I have been making a list of educational institutions where controversy has occurred, and the list gets longer everyday! I’m glad to see that Drexel has at least taken some sane action, but I agree with one commentor that it didn’t go far enought & that Ciccarielo really needs to be fired!

        • A lot of kids today pick their colleges by themselves. The y may ask for advice but in the long run they make the choice themselves.

        • Yes, there may be a “lot” of liberal parents, but they either didn’t vote in 2016 or their aren’t as many as we’re led to believe. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

        • Trade schools that teach just the knowledge required for the chosen endeavor maybe the better way to go…that would leave out the indoctrination and concentrate on the skill set of what the pupil is trying to learn.

        • yes send them to a christian university so they will never have an opportunity to use reason logic or other points of view –

      • ALL who agree with this scumbag should be strung up..

    • Did he make a cogent argument? The articke didn’t really give enough information one way or the other, so how can you make that assertion? One way to NOT make a cogent argument is just to drop bombs in tweets – that is irresponsible.

      • Since you are such a Mind Numbed Robot to the Libturd cause, when are YOU going to make a cogent, rational argument to support the Insane Political Correctness that is destroying the Culture of America? Unlike the Immigrants of the 1900s, today’s immigrants DO NOT INTEGRATE into American Society, NOR DO THEY WANT TO! The vast majority of Muslim Immigrants WORLDWIDE want to live under Sharia Law in “protected” enclaves until they overpopulate Native populations. Mexican and Central American Immigrants DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH, NOR DO THEY WANT TO! We have to provide every document in THEIR language, because they refuse to learn the language of the Country they profess to want to live in. THAT IS NOT Immigration. In the 1900s, Children of Immigrants were told to go learn English! Integrate into American Society, because THAT IS WHY THEY CAME TO AMERICA – To give their children the benefits of American Life.

        • “…today’s immigrants DO NOT INTEGRATE into American Society, NOR DO THEY WANT TO!”

          Do you speak Wampanoag? Lakota? Dine? Maidu? You did not integrate into America nor did your ancestors. Why expect the recent ones to do so?? Our country would be better/more accurately named The United States of New England. There is very little left of real America these days.

          • Do you? Just curious… Thinking your ancestors probably emigrated as well…

          • When you lose a war, there are consequences. Your culture disappears. It has always been that way, and it will not change.
            Many of our words of profanity were acceptable terms in cultures that we overcame.

          • I may not speak the languages, but I live among some of those peoples and respect their cultures. I also know they embraced American culture as well as their own! There are a LOT of American flags flying in Geronimo’s old stomping grounds. And a lot of their children serving voluntarily in our military too. They’re part of our community. Indeed, one of the people honored just Saturday here, was 1 of the last surviving Code Talker Navajos, and we’re all proud to have him among us. Perhaps you shouldn’t speak of that with which you are unacquainted…

          • Someone call the asylum one of their patients escaped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • The land of morons is missing their king and they want him back….Sean it a true blue blood moron.

          • How bout some help Sean?

        • And those immigrants did learn English; I had many of their kids in my classes in school; they learned in the same classes I did, played with us on the playground during recess, or after school, etc. It was a mark of honor to their families that they were as AMERICAN as the ones born here.

        • I hear ya!! I agree with ya 100% PLUS but you’d stand a better chance educating a rock or tree than getting Sean to improve his mind!!

        • We are getting nothing more then communist Immigrants in todays America.

      • Hillary needs more like you to keep talking and talking and talking and then talk some more to distract from the insanity.

      • Drop bombs in tweets? Ah? Who would do that Sean?

    • Like Rickey Bobby– I think he said “with all due respect” before the rant which gives cart Blanche to say whatever you are thinking at the time without repercussion. Anyone signing on to support this boob is just as looney. It seems there is no sanity anymore. It just keeps getting worse as there is no logic checking going on anywhere.

    • Natalie, well stated, but yes he should be fired. Many Professor and teachers have lost sight and are confused about their job. They are hired to educate students in their Specialty and not impose a propaganda ideology. When I went to college professors taught subject matter in their specialty with the exception of liberal arts, this was where I became exposed to the philosophy of there is no right answer and the wackier your answer the better the prof liked it. Many courses in liberal arts are philosophy and they are easy. I believe way to many students are graduating with worthless degrees and very few skills to bring to the work force. Our whole educational system needs to address this issue of change from turning out students with no hope degrees.

      • so much for freedom of speech….

        • There is a big difference between freedom of speech and treasonous propaganda being dished out by the looooooooney left. Freedom of speech does not protect traitors! So keep it up as you are braiding your own rope!

      • Adhering to logic requires both knowledge and WISDOM. Liberals are sorely lacking in wisdom. They have often much knowledge but also just as often lack any wisdom in how to appropriately use their acquired knowledge.

    • You just described a conservative.

    • Agree. This fool is NUTS!

    • Liberals say anything they want to say ,but we the people cannot and that is pure bullshit.

  6. John Wesley Bletsch

    Academic freedom is what is held up to validify their ability to spread what ever agenda they champion. Having been a post secondary educator my understanding of academic freedom allows me to present course curriculum in my own fashion as long as the material is covered, taught,and tested. My own personal views on anything else are irrelevant and inappropriate in the classroom.
    Too many schools give cart blanc to instructors thus cheating students out of the education they are paying for. Any instructors who teach anything but curriculum should be terminated w/o warning.
    That is how the foolishness is stopped.

    • validify? cart blanc? how about using English to develop your argument. Most of the world does not speak the Trumpistani language.

      • And most of the USA does NOT speak Progressive Libturd!

        • Actually, most of the USA is taking emergency lessons as we speak. Don’t let the backlash hit you in the mouth.

          • Yes, Almost ALL of America is discovering that Libturd Progressives like yourself talk out of both sides of their mouth, but really only output from their nether region when Proclaiming that Libturds and Dumbocrats “Support and Defend” Women! Yep, let’s see, Virtually ALL of Progressive Hollywood now Found Out, Crazy Joe Biden (one of YOUR Heroes) Fondles little children, Billy Clinton (Sex Pervert Extraordinaire), Al (He was NEVER Funny) Franken! Wonder which Staunch Libturd Politician will be unmasked next? Who knows, maybe even SeanM62??

      • Yet you knew EXACTLY what he meant…

      • nor your smartass know it all puke. how do you talk yourself out of bed in the morning?

      • Has anyone checked your head lately for any brain activity?

  7. He represents all that is wrong with college education in the USA. Not only should he be fired but he should never teach again, anywhere! I was a college professor. I was also a US Army Colonel. I no longer teach. When I was at Cornell University my major professor thought Cornell was becoming stupidly LIBERAL! He was chairman of the Dept. Unfortunately his ideals are being replaced by dangerous idiots who seem to hate America!

  8. This type of Professor needs to be eradicated from all campuses as harmful to society and young minds in particular.

  9. Okay let me get this straight: you say the Las Vegas shooter was not white, nor possessed more guns and ammunition than he needed to feed himself with wild game? There is nothing to see here. It is perfectly normal behavior to bunker in hotel rooms, breakout the windows and shoot into unsuspecting crowds with automatic weapons. Is that your position? Really? Well damn them liberal professors for not seeing it the way you do.

    • Thank you. Some measure of sanity here among all the looney paranoids.

    • “Well damn them liberal professors for not seeing it the way you do.” OK, Let me get this straight: This prof isn’t nuts. His opinion calling for white genocide is ok for young minds depending on his grade for their education progress is protected speech, and the university should continue his tenure. Would you send your kids or grandkids there?

    • Gee — It seems that when all the dust has settled, these Monster Shooters are neither Republicans or Conservatives. They have all been Liberals, Dumbocrats, Progressives, or people with prior histories of violence who either were not reportable due to living in Liberal enclaves or were missed by the system due to human error.

      • Don’t forget that they are either too medded up or should have been on something… Mental health issues either way…

  10. I’m pretty sure in the halls of higher education it is okay to call for white genocide…just saying that is what the professor’s are selling…and the damndest thing is, the parent continue to inflict this kind of indoctrination on to their children by sending them to these loony-bin colleges…???

    • No rational person is calling for white genocide inside of academia or out. But whites have practiced genocide in the past – against real Americans. And ther are reports of cries among whites for a “new genocide” against minorities to help whites. If there were a white genocide, how would it feel like to be on the other end of the gun or rope?

      • Not to many rational people left in academia then is there?
        Most professors are teaching that the very act of having white skin is racism…Well ones does NOT get to chose his/her skin color!
        Then there is the matter of academia claim that Antifa is pure as the driven snow, a terrorist organization that absolutely will not allow the use of the first amendment in the hall of academia?
        And then their is the matter of BLM that academia claims is pure as the driven snow, and their call for the death of white people & the police….and it goes on & on…
        I have never heard of White people calling for genocide of anyone in present day America…Well other then when Black & Muslim getting caught making false police reports of hate crimes…like the latest one at a Air Force academy?
        Their is a great delusion & deception trying to destroy this great nation…wouldn’t you agree?

        • When was the lasdt time you took a college/university course? Do you have first-hand knowledge of this horrible irrationality you complain of? There IS great delusion and deception trying to destroy this great country, centered at Fox News.

          You complain of BLM. How about the century+ old KKK? Other neo-Nazi and/or White Nationalist organizations that want the US to be a white-only country?? Not even Native Americans – the real Americans to be allowed!!

          • I went to college in the later seventies…and I would say even back then 30% of the professors were loons. The KKK is a democrat party invention, and it is a fact that most black Americans still vote for the democrats…strange when it has been the republicans all the way back to Lincoln that has stood for equality and equal rights for all!

  11. This is just one reason why our education system is so bad. This Professor should be fired and banned from ever teaching his “HATE” to young people. This kind of behavior needs to stop and it needs to stop NOW. Whites have bend over backwards in the last 4, 5 decades giving fair and equal treatments and opportunities to Minorities and women. In that same time period White Males have been the ones who have been discriminated against only because of their gender and color, I know, because it has happened too me within the Military and outside the Military. Look at the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) that went into effect in 1975. Then Affirmative Action that kept ME from going to College in 1982 and 1983 because of my gender/skin color. In the Military I saw woman and Minorities get promoted and jobs only because of gender and color. SO, the last thing I want to say is that this Professor and AL Liberals can KISSMYASS

    • You still have a long way to go in “bending over backwards” to reach the lofty goals of the founding fathers. Don’t pat yourself on the back just yet. For over 200 years it was minorities and women who were sometimes NEVER allowed to even consider being accepted in many positions.

      • Don’t know that your rambling ever makes much sense and especially comparing Mikes comments to our founding fathers. We have as a white society bent over backwards towards blacks especially and spent a fortune only to see almost total failure of them making much of themselves.

        • Open your eyes. Minorities have made great strides despite strong resistance from many members of the white community. Would that include you?

          And it also looks like many members of the white community have not gotten very far, either, if you want to get persnickity. Most of the nation’s poor are white.

          The founding fathers had ideas about all men are created equal – referring to the law, of course. We are still not there yet. Women often get a raw deal as well.

          • Yet Strangely, it is Libturds like yourself who DEMAND that Color co-opt EVERYTHING! That is NOT Equality. It IS preferential treatment to correct the wrongs of society from way long ago. Plus there are Laws to protect minorities from discrimination. Unfortunately, people like you want to DIVIDE the Country into separate and UNEQUAL groupings! And this Insanity of Gender Fluidity only proves you people are INSANE and not capable of rational thought!

          • Blacks sure have, 75% single family households, largest percentage of prison population, largest percentage on welfare, huge ghetto’s and continue to grow, riots over every little issue, huge crime problem in black areas, getting jobs over whites they don’t qualify for or deserve. Can see why there is a lot of poor whites paying for the destruction and welfare blacks produce. No created equal in the eyes of God not man so don’t try and change what they meant.

          • There are reasons for the problems in the black community-Your ignorance doesn’t permit you to have empathy or understanding .Turn of right wing radio and FOX SNUZZZ. Read a book.

          • Yes there are just like no where in the whole world where blacks are in charge is there anything but total disaster including offices they hold here in the U.S. Since there was civilization in Africa long before there was a Europe or U.S. they should have been the leaders of the world. What are they today, nothing.

          • What we have today is an incompatible cultural divide in this country. It is human nature to want to be with people who think like you do and look like you do. From my perspective as long as people of different races are not openly hostile to each other because of their physical differences, then they are not racist.

            However, I know from other posts that is no longer the definition of racism. It appears that today if you don’t want your daughter to date someone of another race, then you are racist. Discriminating used to be a word that described a person who was thoughtful about whom he associated with. Now it’s a bad word.

            People haven’t changed as much as the meanings of words.

          • Drink some more democrat cool aid!

        • Whites enslaved Africans for 600 years in the Americas and now expect them to have 100% equal cultural an economic equivalence after 50 years of partial civil rights?

          Give me a break…

      • Gee SeanM62, seems as if no one agrees with you. Let me add this, when I got out of the Marines in 1975 after serving 7 years, in which 14 months in Vietnam as a Tunnel Rat, I went to the Federal Building in Los Angeles to apply for Federal, State any Government jobs because my 7 years would had count for retirement. I went up to the desk to get some applications and this large Black lady ask if she could help me and I told her I wanted to fill out applications for jobs, WELL, she told me “I am sorry, but the only people who can apply for these jobs for the rest of the year can only be women and minorities” That was the ERA at work. As I stated above, College was out of the question because of Affirmative Action. I don’t care what happened 200 years ago.

      • Hey sean….I just picked up my new Bergara Premier LRP Bolt Action Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor 22″ Barrel….a few weeks ago and have been doing testing on new loads to bring it in at 3/4” MOA at 1000 yards. Speaking of positions…lol. I came out of the Marines on a medical discharge after having my shoulder rearranged during a little excursion to Grenada. I rehabbed after they put me back together and was actually in the top 5% of 7 different Fire Dept testing classes here in So Cal. Funny how being white and “Privileged” didn’t get me into the 20% that were hired….huh? Yep, if you weren’t black, brown or female you didn’t get hired….whether you were better than them in the testing or not. You and your ilk need to find a new response….people like me couldn’t give a GGRA what your teachers taught you.

  12. These Professors Are Communist, Obama And Most In The Democrat Party Are Communist He Is Responsible For For All Of The Left’s Hatred Toward White People, The Communist In Our Country Right Is Real Bad, I Don’t Think POTUS Trump Can Bring Our Freedoms Back, A Recent Survey Of Millennials Have Nearly Half Thinking Communism Is Great.. Look It Up !!
    This explains a lot about today’s Democratic Party.
    In an article published in late June, anti-communist analyst Trevor Loudon, author of the book The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress, shined the spotlight on the multiple communists and “radical anti-American socialists” serving on the platform committee. Among the figures cited in the report are a number who have been involved in the “Democratic Socialists of America,” which Loudon described as “a communist group based on the theories of Italian Communist party theoretician Antonio Gramsci — an advocate of revolution through infiltration.” Other platform members were from what he referred to as “more traditionally communist groups.”

    “Most of these individuals could not pass an FBI background security check to sell you stamps at the Post Office,” Loudon argued in his June 26 article. “They would not be allowed to clean the toilets on any military base in this country. Yet they are drafting policies that will shape the lives of more than 300 million Americans. It is time for loyal Democrats to realize that their party is no longer the party of Harry Truman, or JFK. It has been hijacked at the highest levels by enemies of the U.S. Constitution and American freedom.”

    And indeed, there can be little doubt that some of the extremists identified by Loudon are hostile to the U.S. Constitution and the liberties of the American people. In fact, they say so themselves throughout the Democrat Party platform they drafted — a document that includes brazen attacks even on constitutionally protected liberties such as free speech, and of course flagrantly denies even the right to life by promoting taxpayer-funded killing of unborn children across America and worldwide. The fact that the extremists were appointed with the support or at least tacit approval of leading Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and DNC boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz, also speaks volumes.

    Several of the socialists identified by Loudon are affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America, the nation’s largest and most prominent socialist organization. Aside from promoting dangerous tyranny and constitutional subversion in the United States, the DSA is also an affiliate of the totalitarian global alliance of communists and socialists known as the Socialist International. The SI, of course, is a world socialist government-promoting outfit that includes numerous murderous political parties from around the globe. So extreme is the global outfit that its 24th Congress in 2012 was hosted by a Marxist political party whose president was at the time busy advocating genocide of minorities on national television.

    Another dangerous outfit well-represented on the Democrat Party’s platform committee is the Communist Party USA, once a tentacle of the mass-murdering Soviet regime in the United States. However, the presence of CPUSA friends and activists on the Democrat Party’s key committee guiding the party’s positions is hardly a surprise. Last year, the CPUSA’s boss, John Bachtell, even boasted openly that his Marxist-Leninist organization “utilizes” the increasingly radical Democratic Party to advance its totalitarian objectives in the United States. “At this stage we are about building the broad people’s movement led by labor that utilizes the vehicle of the Democratic Party to advance its agenda,” Bachtell wrote to his supporters.

    The first anti-American socialist highlighted by Loudon is Dr. Cornel West, a supporter of socialist Bernie Sanders and a supposed “theologian” who does not even bother to conceal his radical socialist views and extreme agenda. In fact, after decades of membership, West also became Honorary Chair of the Democratic Socialists of America. West also founded the socialist New Party in the 1990s and has produced a great deal of Marxist propaganda, including, among other resources, the book The Ethical Dimensions of Marxist Thought. He has been a pioneer in exploring how race-mongering and fanning race hatred can be exploited by socialists to advance their totalitarian agenda.

    Also cited by Loudon is Representative Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), another Sanders supporter who, among other controversies, has been a supporter of the radical Nation of Islam. Despite his open advocacy for homosexuality, Ellison is the first “Muslim” elected to the U.S. Congress. He is also “a longtime associate of the Minnesota Communist Party,” according to Loudon. “Keith Ellison has held several meetings in the home of recently deceased Minnesota Communist Party leader Erwin Marquit, was elected with the help of teams of communist phone bankers and has contributed an article to the Communist Party USA‘s People’s World website,” Loudon explained. Indeed, the CPUSA’s propaganda mouthpiece even promoted Ellison’s campaign for Congress, calling him a “fresh progressive” and “established progressive leader.”

    Another socialist helping to write the Democrat platform is Obama’s former “climate czar” Carol Browner. Plenty of the “qualifications” on her résumé ought to raise eyebrows for Americans concerned about freedom and sovereignty. Perhaps most alarming, though, is Browner’s leadership seat on the Socialist International’s “Commission for a Sustainable World Society,” which openly sought to impose “global governance” on humanity and “promote socialist ideas and work towards this objective at international level” under the guise of dealing with supposed man-man global warming. Browner also has a long history of working with extremist groups, including an outfit known as “Citizen Action” founded by former Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) radicals.

    Numerous other extremists with troubling track records of totalitarian, anti-constitutional extremism are also listed among the platform committee’s members. Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), for example, is “a former member of the pro-Cuba, Marxist-Leninist Puerto Rican Socialist Party,” Loudon explained, adding that Gutierrez, an open-borders activist, was also involved with a Maoist group and the socialist New Party. Gutierrez is currently in hot water for showering hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds on his wife and daughters.

    Also listed is Paul Booth, a Big Labor organizer for government workers and a DSA leader whose group has helped train “thousands of community organizers in Saul Alinsky tactics.” Alinsky dedicated his book on how to seize power to Lucifer. Representative Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), described by Loudon as “a longtime associate of Democratic Socialists of America and the Communist Party USA,” is also on the platform committee. Lee, who has been to Communist Party-ruled Cuba more than 20 times, was also a secret member of the Communist Party breakaway group Committees of Correspondence.

    Of course, none of this is a new phenomenon. In a March 1999 exposé of socialists and communists in Congress by The New American, Robert W. Lee showed how the “House Progressive Caucus,” founded by avowed socialists and communists, was becoming increasingly influential while attempting to conceal its extremism behind lofty rhetoric. Indeed, many of those identified had a long and dangerous history of working with America’s sworn communist enemies to subvert the U.S. Constitution and promote tyranny worldwide. Today, the extremists are more powerful than ever, and, along with their globalist comrades, practically run the Democrat Party.

    Unsurprisingly, the Democrat Party’s draft platform reflects the dangerous extremism of the committee that wrote it. That is bad news for America. Indeed, if it were to be implemented, what remains of the Judeo-Christian foundations of America, the U.S. Constitution, and the liberties it protects would all be obliterated, along with America’s remaining prosperity. Americans who value the U.S. Constitution and the liberties it protects should educate others about the dangerous cast of characters that helped write the Democrat Party’s agenda.

    The Communist Left >>>>>> Transforming USA into a COMMUNIST country (FULL video)

    • If you use a public sidewalk, street, road, highway or park you are practicing socialism. If you use the VA you are practicing communism. Also, please understand the difference between socialism and communism.

      • It is OBVIOUS that you DO NOT understand ANY of the terms you throw about carelessly. Public works IS NOT Socialism, nor is Healthcare for Veterans Communism! You need to go back to school if your 1 working brain cell is capable of rational thought! According to the VAST majority of your posts, I truly believe YOU ARE NOT!

        • Technically SeanM62 has a point in his definitions. We have come to take certain public works for granted as just part of our world, but we did pay our taxes into a common pot (local government) and those common funds were invested in infrastructure for everyone to use. A private company was not formed that you paid to put a road only in front of your house and nowhere else. Without our local government using the tax dollars to build roads, we would have fewer conveniences.

          I think it is the expansion of socialism most of us conservatives recoil from. We don’t want socialized medicine because that means we lose control over our own health. That’s very different from having roads that connect various parts of our cities and towns or airports that allow planes from all over the world to land near us.

          I disagree with SeanM62 in that communism is a lifestyle as much as it is an ideology. Communism is a threat to the American way of life. The professor quoted in this article appears to be mentally ill and possibly dangerous. His comments indicate he wants all white people to die just because they are white.

        • I believe it is sir, here’s an analogy of Sean: You’d stand a better chance of breaking through a closed/ locked bank vault door than impose one iota of intelligence to Sean!! I’ve been toe to toe MANY times with it! Like the adage “You can’t fix “STUPID”” , I’ve tried and tried to fix him and here he goes again……………………………I gave up wasting my time replying to it, it’s a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND EFFORT! This is how I see Sean:

        • We live in different worlds. Obviously you will not accept the obvious.

          • Ah Yes — The oblivious world of the Libtard! A world view that has absolutely no basis in reality! So Sad to see so many living in their own minds with no concept of the Real World.

      • According to the dictionary , “Socialism is the mid-step between capitalism and communism”.

  13. Look (in disgust) at Professor Maher think of a Communist agenda “Divide” Because the Communist have been filling our schools with Communist leanings the 30 and under group today are Socialist and if we activated a Socialist policy they would be first to start crying which they seem to do very well. So if I correct our Republic is headed down the Appian Way.

    • You love? Show some of it.

      • So attacking the name is your comeback? Focus on the argument.

        • She is so delusional concerning communism and or socialism and seems to conflate the two. They are different. People who use public sidewalks, streets, highways, parks, etc., are practicing socialism in sensu stricto. People who use the VA are practicing communism. She doesn’t separate the two – she just blathers on about how they pervade the schools and that they are horrible. I agree that communism is not to be tolerated – it is a stupid system, but pure capitalism leads to some form of monarchy because all wealth eventually and inevitably accumulates at the top, as is happening now in the US..

  14. This jackass and all the buddy professors that annoint him are the rectum of liberalism! Don’t forget to bend over to make sure you hit the ground as you exit!

  15. Post his address, then forget about it.

  16. Is George Ciccariello-Maher wrong? He does have an interesting perspective that could be tested empirically rather than summarily dismissed. And the characterization of “looney” could just as easily apply to our present POTUS.

    • Do you not understand how Affirmative Action works?
      There is no element of qualification other than race, color, gender and a couple of other factors.
      Well qualified people have been ignored because they weren’t one of those categories.
      Affirmative Action does not work!
      Libtard looneys think that is a hand up but in actuality is a hand out for no good reason. Recipients don’t have to earn it and most never complete the benefit they were given.
      Our tax dollars have been wasted for nearly five decades!

      • Actually that’s the way it worked in favor of whites for over 200 years. No qualifications necessary, just not be “one of those.” dark people or women. What is happening now is a touch of equalization. Both qualified whites and minorities are still not being accepted, or whatever, because there are just so many slots available in many cases. It was a good reason when it was white males only. Why your change of heart? No longer in a privileged class anymore?? How does it feel to have to compete with others now??? I thought you liked capitalist-style competition.

        And, yes, I know how affirmative action works. It works just fine, just no longer to your complete advantage.

        • You’re assuming I’m a white male. Typical of you libtards looneys!
          I am not white but I have seen many of my people get things they were not entitled to and squandered it. They don’t care because they didn’t have to earn it. It is free and they don’t give a damn.
          Now the reverse discrimination is rampant. The white male will be the minority in just 20 more years. What then?
          My children are mixed and because they have a white name and look more white, they are being discriminated against at every level, but mostly by those of color.
          So what is your excuse? Are you one of those looney libtard professors who teach because they can’t make it in the real world?

      • $20 trillion!

  17. Self-hating white POS. Why don’t you lead by example and kill yourself.

  18. I am sooo glad that my 3 children are already out of college so that idiots like this won’t be teaching them. They need to be fired too. Didn’t pay money to learn their liberal views, paid for a legitimate education.

  19. I believe that the term “liberal” does not accurately describe these “professors”. The term “anti-conservative ” would suit them better.

  20. Enough of liberal professors teaching SNOWFLAKE’s Multi-Culturism, Identity Politics and Political Correctness, and back to e pluribus unum!

  21. Freedom of speech means that you have to listen to the other side of the argument even if you think it’s stupid. Give both sides a change to make their case before drawing your conclusions. Sometimes we hear something we don’t agree with. That’s the price of freedom in our country. Name calling is one thing, hearing and understanding the other’s position is quite another matter. You don’t have to agree, just hear and understand.

  22. This idiot should have been suspended without pay and the school should investigate if he is mentally capable of teaching young people right from wrong. These are the teachers who are turning our young people into liberal zombies!

  23. Might we consider a new designation for these so-called “liberals”? Far more accurate terms are mentalists, elitist snobs; anything other than the misnomer “liberal”. Having caught a whiff of such self-deluded miscreants (it’s a putrid stench), I can assure most anyone that they’re the most illiberal people to be found. After all, there is nothing liberal about a “liberal”. Liberalism is an utterly reactionary philosophy.

    • To characterize them as “liberals” is a misuse of language. There is nothing liberal about them. They are statists and totalitarians. “Effete snobs” is more appropriate.

  24. Your view of God has a lot to do with your political beliefs.

  25. luvsgunsandamerica

    What is so interesting is why institutions of higher learning even hire these cretins.But then I remember a cousin my age who went on to get a phd in library science so he could be a professor at a PA college.After pushing his radical books off on the poor snowflakes he expounds that as a demencrap he believes that the government should take care of all of us poor pilgrims from cradle to grave. I then asked where or who is supposed to pay for all this care and he replies the middle class in the USA,not counting illegals as we’re to take care of them too.With free education,housing, medical care,internet,phones,everything they didn’t have where they came from.My reply to him is it’s your idea you pay for all of it out of your pocket!

  26. I would love to see this guys college records. Probably played tight end to
    the Profs sohe could graduate. And now he is a total embarrassment to all but the extreme liberal morons

  27. Is not he “white”. thaan for what reason does he not start with his own life, by committing suicide?

  28. Scholar??? I think not!! MORON!!!! I think so. God for bid I had a child at Drexel and he/she was being taught by this LOON,Geeze how do these FOOLS get jobs in our supposed upstanding institutions. Who hires these sickos???

  29. Professors today are All LOONS,brainwashed Communists totally void of decency,morals and ethics

  30. These, so called, “professors” are not only idiots, they are downright CRIMINALS. Should be incarcerated and isolated from the society of normals. And, of course, in no way should be allowed to teach at any institution, state or private. The question here is not the “freedom of speech”. The question is: pseudo-academic left-fascist idiocy, racist ideology and mass indoctrination of the young generation! This should be equal to crimes against humanity!

  31. Oh! So he’s still receiving his paychecks.

  32. Free speech rights do NOT extend to sedition and treason.

  33. Man – and they’ll scream when the purge comes…..

  34. Students have “freedom oc speech” Rights as captive audience. They should hear facts not ideology, certaiy not one sided diatribes presented as “the way it should be”. This guy is crazy, and has mo idea,what either Scholarship or Professing actually are. I’ll wager that were he to respond to my remarks, that he would tell us about how it Should be,…. according to his exclusive perspective of course.
    Professor C is,a fool among fools.

  35. “…right-wing campaign to undermine our academic freedom..” – I can recall frequently reported instances of mobs and riots to suppress Conservative speakers, to prevent their appearance or the attendance at their talks. I don’t remember any such demonstrations suppressing Liberal speakers. Unsupported by any documentation, Ciccariello-Maher’s statement does not stand scrutiny.

  36. The “professor” should be hanged or shot. . Which is a matter of total indiffeence.

  37. Since this Ciccarello creep hates his own race so much, and wants all white people murdered, I’m sure there must be some black gangbanger hood rat out there who’d be willing to kill him for being white.

  38. It is a shams he was not there and took a bullet then he could not teach his filth to those Brainwashed students of his Period !!!!

  39. They are all part of the anti-American movement that will do anything to weaken or destroy our country. The fact that these traitors have so much sway over our youth is truly frightening. A recent article that reports the snowflakes would prefer socialism or even Communism to capitalism indicates the traitors are winning.

  40. If he’s so for genocide, let him do his part, he can go first.

  41. Philadelphia (Now known as Africa,PA, formerly called the city of brotherly love. hasn’t taught this brain dead professor a thing. He must put on his blind fold and ear plugs and blinders and travel from inside Drexel straight home. He needs to go into real neighborhoods and get the snot kicked out of him so he can see how white poor and all poor live . It is hard to believe that Drexel would allow an idiot like that to teach humans. If that’s the best Drexel can do, I wouldn’t send even a deaf person to listen to that hate monger. His course should be called anarchism /race baiting 101. However, I have to give Drexel some credit for taking the meager action they did.

  42. All I want for Christmas is Ciccariello genocide!

  43. Communism has been rampant in our colleges for years and now they are using force. Yes hired thugs who are organized and funded by you know who. I vicious foreigner who sold out his own people.

  44. And, now you finally know why that college education you paid Thousands of Dollars for your child to graduate with a lack of learning, common sense and skills to help them to finally move out and pay their own way! And this dummy is laughing his head off and still being paid more than he is worth!

  45. Mr. Manfredgensenden

    I really wonder if the gunman was SANER than our college professors!

  46. Shoot this scumbag in both eyes with a .45

  47. None of those Cornell professors have uttered a peep when the communist revolutionaries at other campuses have burned businesses and destroyed property while taking away the academic freedom and freedom of speech of conservative professors and invited guest speakers. Their hypocrisy is hanging out so far that they may trip over it and break their necks.

  48. All of these professor want white genocide well let them be the first too step up to the plate and die for the cause. Liberals most stupid idiots in America.

  49. With a teacher no wonder college student is liberal with no knowledge of the constitution only socialist learning how could he teach he is a socialist liberal we are losing our young having liberal dark minded teachers this university is liberal socialist who teach to hate Americia this is not a learning institute

  50. This makes me wonder how somebody like that could ever be objective in passing out grades to his victims – er – students. If their politics and fantasies don’t agree with his, does he fail them?

  51. All I want for Christmas is this whacko for 10 minutes!!

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