“Liberal” Pope Not So Liberal On Some Things

Remember the liberal rejoicing that occurred when Pope Francis was announced? The left finally thought they had a religious figure they could get behind. So overblown was the hype around Francis that you got the idea that liberals thought he might actually be a closet atheist, here to dismantle Christianity from the top down.

Which somehow makes it all the sweeter when the pope makes comments like the ones he made on Wednesday. I don’t agree with everything this guy says – by a long shot – but he’s certainly back on firm conservative ground with his stance on feminism and gay marriage. While liberal religious writers in the media have insisted that Christians need to come around on same-sex marriage, Francis isn’t quite ready to throw the Bible in the nearest rainbow-colored trash can.

“Not only the man taken in himself is the image of God,” Francis said. “Not only the woman taken in herself is the image of God, but also man and woman together, as a couple: they are the image of God.”


Perhaps fed up with the entire feminist movement of the 21st century, Francis took aim at questions of oppression (“essential difference between man and woman is for communion and generation”), questions of gay adoption (“to grow harmoniously, the human being needs the reciprocity between man and woman”), and questions of modern liberal scholarship (“I wonder whether the so-called theory of gender is not an expression of frustration and resignation which tries to erase sexual differences because it doesn’t know how to handle them.”)

What Francis is really saying, when it comes down to it, is that the left and the feminists and the LGBT movement are trying their best to redefine humanity itself, an effort that will end in disaster one way or the other. Where the real civil rights movements ended, the modern liberal movements began. Wanting the struggle but lacking a serious cause, they quickly abandoned reason and common sense, to say nothing of Biblical teachings and historical truth.

It wasn’t enough to even out the employment laws – we had to enforce hiring quotas.

It wasn’t enough to tolerate gays – we had to change the entire definition of marriage.

It wasn’t enough to believe that sexuality is a choice – we must also accept that gender is a choice as well.

On and on it goes, straying further and further away from rational thought. It’s gone beyond rights and equality, landing comfortably in the realm of science fiction. These people can tell you how ridiculous it is to believe in a talking snake before turning around, with a straight face, to tell you that if a man tells you he’s a woman, well then, he is one.

The pope has had it, conservatives have had it, and I think the American people in general have just about had it.


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  1. Mike with the Silver Star

    right on point….

  2. I know this American has had enough

  3. In total agreement here also. Enough is enough!!

  4. I am glad to hear this. It is the best news I have heard in sometime. According to the teachings of Jesus we must love one another. We are to pray for forgiveness of sins that we committ against others while asking for the forgiveness of others who sin against us. He ask us to forgive the sinner but he did not say that we are to forgive, tolerate and accept or embrace the sin. They target Christians and try to ruin us. We do not try to force our lifestyle upon them but they wish to shove theirs down our throats. It is not easy to forgive someone who wants to destroy your way and your beliefs and to conform to their lifestyle. To me it is not a lifestyle but a path to an early grave. Jesus did not teach us to roll over and pay dead either. We have all had enough.

  5. The Pope is right. I know I have had it up to here with this LGBT movement. Why would God make someone a homosexual and then condem him for being one. There is no logic to that. God made man and woman to anatomicaly and emotionaly fit together so they could “Become As One Flesh”. They were designed to support and balance each other in procreation, parenting and living out the days of thier lives. Stop flying in the face of God!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      You are soooo right Joyce. And what wears me thin is the use of the word “gay!” That word came alive in the late 1800s, as in the “gay 90s!” Which meant “happy!” Then, along come the world’s QUEERS and stole the word, just to make their fudge packing lifestyle seem less repulsive. Well, they’re STILL QUEERS (meaning odd) no matter what words they attach to their sickening lifestyle!!!

    • Exactly!,and gays do nothing for the reproduction of people

      • What about a heterosexual couple who decide not to have children? I guess they won’t be contributing towards the reproduction of people either. So, your comment is totally idiotic!!

        • You are obviously a lesbian! Doesn’t surprise me one bit your stupid comment Obama lover too probably! Go to hell ass!

          • First of all, I am not a lesbian. You’re just angry because I made you look like a freaking idiot. YOU made a complete fool out of yourself. I’m pretty sure you will come to realize that sooner than later.

          • I agree you are not a lesbian; they are smarter than you; so I guess you think God did not mean to start the world with two who can make children; under your rules you would start with Joan and Josephine (just as good) and you may not know it but you would not be here today

    • Most do not understand Catholic teaching–“Being” gay” is not sinful–it is the “behavior” that is sinful’ but it is no different for “heterosexuals”–the behavior that is “sinful” – sex “outside” of the Sacrament of Marriage…

    • This LGBT stuff is being taught in our public schools with 11 and 12-year-olds. They have ‘best friends’ and then they have classes in sex education, which today borders on pornography so being young kids they start to experiment with both boys and girls and soon they can’t really tell the difference. Abnormal sexual sex with multiple partners are setting these kids up for an abhorrent lifestyle and it is also resulting in young girls getting abortions.

      Unfortunately and tragically, God has been removed from every public institution in the U.S. and immorality at every stage of life has disappeared. We have set our society up for the gross sexuality and this will end tragically for many. They will never have a normal life and they will do great harm to the children involved in these relationships.

      I am appalled at the Episcopal and Methodist churches that are embracing these sins as normal. If they cared about lasting happiness, peace and heath for their congregates they would be rejecting these practices. but it seems it’s more important to fill the pews and the collection baskets.

      This Country has become so screwed up and it will take a tragedy for people to shed their liberal skins and regain some rational thinking and morality.

  6. At last the voice of reason. Thank you for such well placed thoughts.

    The putsch for same sex and the gay agenda is just part of the breakdown of society the New World Order people are after to remake it. it is what control people always do. Create confusion in the subject, disorient everything and then offer an agenda to remake the world the way you want it!

  7. Yes, no doubt this pope is slick. A liberal pope on some issues and a CONservative (i.e., a con-man) on other issues. Still a bad pope as “Modernism” is the synthesis of all heresies. There is a great little “Liberalism is a Sin”, which exposes modern Catholics as Catholics in Name Only (CINO).

    Prediction: Someday — in God’s time, probably not ours — the Church will declare many of the men claiming to be pope to have been anti-popes.

  8. Thank you Pope Francis for speaking clearly for our teachings.

    • The liberal press has been misinterpreting the Pope’s remarks since he was elected; all Popes have some good points and some bad points…they are human

      • ‘human’–except when they speak ex cathedra and arrogantly call it “infallibility.”

        • Nothing arrogant about Jesus “Whatsoever you BIND on earth I Will BIND in Heaven; whatsoevet you LOOSE on earth I will LOOSF in Heaven . Full Authority for His One Holy Catholic AND Apostolic Church — Thank You, Jesus

    • Sadly the Pope made a big mistake right off the bat when he made the comment when asked about gays he replied “Who am I to judge”. I would hope he is able to judge between good and evil. If he can’t judge if something is sin then the should do away with the Sacrament of Confession because, according to the Pope, a mere priest certainly can’t judge and if they can’t judge they cannot tell someone to repent and they have no right to impose any sentence.

  9. Thank you Patriot News for once not slamming Catholics. God will indeed sort us all out. Those who waste their time to convert Christians to their own sect are doing just that. Wasting their time. I have seen from the beginning how media is twisting this one’s words to fit their agenda. Knew they were stretching. Yes, there are bad strings of Catholics just as their are bad strings of Lutherans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians etc. Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus and not the faults of others……the mote and the log ya know.

  10. Would be nice if Francis “called” laughing boy Timmy Dolan to the Vatican and publicly ream him out for his scandalous behavior, especially this past March during the parade in NYC.

  11. I would hope that you are right. But, the majority of people I meet say they don’t have a problem with these things as long as they keep it to themselves. They don’t realize that they are way beyond keeping it to themselves already. The public schools are rife with the homosexual agenda and women’s rights studies. And Pope Francis has made comments equally friendly to those he seemingly is reproving with his statements you covered here.

  12. You Republicans that have your nose so high better stop and think a bit. If you make it to the here after you will have to rub elbows with the humblest people, the have not’s, the people that accepted everyone as their equal and didn’t try and tell everyone else how to live their lives. You would think that it’s only Republicans that go to church. Did you ever wander where the other half go. You possibly believe that when you get up their it’ll be all Republicans. Aren’t you in for a rude awakening?

  13. Ask the Pope about closing our borders and see what he says, you might have a whole different opinion. When Religious leaders stick their nose in other peoples politics nothing good happens.

  14. This American has had MORE than enough. If you think you do not have enough freedom in the U.S. then moved to France!

  15. that’s the way God planned it.

  16. Thge Pope continues to embrace numerous heresies, but he hit the nail squarely on those subjects.

  17. technically marriage is a states rights issue and gays are a class in the broader scheme of class warfare that promotes federal supremacy – i am not against their preference in partners only against the unavoidable support of federalism in dividing the church that libs call a wedge.
    when we say that we must learn to accept a greater freedom in our day to day choices we specifically mean: the states, not the government have the right to decide for themselves – it must be this way in order for the states to establish the states supremacy of a nation with a government rather than the other way around and as such you are supportive of humanism in the right of the people to choose for themselves; in this way one state or another denying gay marriage can never be indifferent to humanism because it has to embrace the collective.
    when we start talking about other rights in the generalities of a greater collective freedom -the states must be able to sustain its economic independence where federalism prefers credit to establish dependence and thus collective leverage.
    this administrations list of perceived opposition reads:conservatives,capitalists, christians,tea party, constitutionalists, anti-federalists, libertarians and many more but, its hard to operate in class warfare when you dont even realize you are one.
    the natural progression of society recognizes the intellect in working together by combining these classes to defeat a common enemy of liberty and thus, resources,economics and votes.
    theres more but,we the people, standing with the states must tell this administration and all that are in it – that there is a price we are not willing to pay and a line that must not be crossed.

  18. Sharon Jeanguenat

    Well, I know I have had enough of it! IF the Supreme Court decides that is a Constitutional right, then, God help America. And, REAL Christians will take the route of civil disobedience, if the government tries to FORCE us to accept it.

  19. I have nothing against gay people I feel they can do what they want but it should have stayed in the closet! Why does my 5yr old kid have to see 2 girls or guys kissing or making out in public places? I don’t want my kids seeing that stuff !we have rights too, they don’t respect our rights,but they expect us to bow to them!

  20. Shofar threading

    Nothing difficult about this:
    “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:27

  21. And gay couples are an image of???? Hey, what you people do in your bedrooms is your business, but quit trying to make it OK with everyone else. To us, it is NOT! I know one thing. The longer this gay fascism goes on, the more likely it is to blow up in your faces. More and more Christians are pushing back and it won’t be long until we push back intensely! How about we outlaw the gay lifestyle totally?

    • Move to or visit the Arab countries and compare their treatment of gays with Christians; it is gays who are making a mistake for when the Arabs attack it will be only the Christians who stick up for them. What one does in their bedrooms is God’s business…and He has been quite clear about that. It is the gays who are putting people with faith out off business; and the response has been tremendous in support the business’s. (which has backfired on them)

  22. Conservitive, You are right. If the Church (which is ALL Christians) does not stand firm, then all is lost. God said “You are either for me or against me” So many people do not understand the concept of hating the sin, but loving the sinner. That means we do not approve of thier sin, but we love them enough to pray for thier souls. They must turn from thier evil practices and become a new creature in Christ Jesus. Christians must pray for our political leaders, so they will make the right decisions. God Bless America

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