“Liberal” Pope Not So Liberal On Some Things

Remember the liberal rejoicing that occurred when Pope Francis was announced? The left finally thought they had a religious figure they could get behind. So overblown was the hype around Francis that you got the idea that liberals thought he might actually be a closet atheist, here to dismantle Christianity from the top down.

Which somehow makes it all the sweeter when the pope makes comments like the ones he made on Wednesday. I don’t agree with everything this guy says – by a long shot – but he’s certainly back on firm conservative ground with his stance on feminism and gay marriage. While liberal religious writers in the media have insisted that Christians need to come around on same-sex marriage, Francis isn’t quite ready to throw the Bible in the nearest rainbow-colored trash can.

“Not only the man taken in himself is the image of God,” Francis said. “Not only the woman taken in herself is the image of God, but also man and woman together, as a couple: they are the image of God.”


Perhaps fed up with the entire feminist movement of the 21st century, Francis took aim at questions of oppression (“essential difference between man and woman is for communion and generation”), questions of gay adoption (“to grow harmoniously, the human being needs the reciprocity between man and woman”), and questions of modern liberal scholarship (“I wonder whether the so-called theory of gender is not an expression of frustration and resignation which tries to erase sexual differences because it doesn’t know how to handle them.”)

What Francis is really saying, when it comes down to it, is that the left and the feminists and the LGBT movement are trying their best to redefine humanity itself, an effort that will end in disaster one way or the other. Where the real civil rights movements ended, the modern liberal movements began. Wanting the struggle but lacking a serious cause, they quickly abandoned reason and common sense, to say nothing of Biblical teachings and historical truth.

It wasn’t enough to even out the employment laws – we had to enforce hiring quotas.

It wasn’t enough to tolerate gays – we had to change the entire definition of marriage.

It wasn’t enough to believe that sexuality is a choice – we must also accept that gender is a choice as well.

On and on it goes, straying further and further away from rational thought. It’s gone beyond rights and equality, landing comfortably in the realm of science fiction. These people can tell you how ridiculous it is to believe in a talking snake before turning around, with a straight face, to tell you that if a man tells you he’s a woman, well then, he is one.

The pope has had it, conservatives have had it, and I think the American people in general have just about had it.


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