Liberal Mob Comes After Matt Lauer

America’s liberals live to be outraged, and nothing sparks their fury faster than seeing one of their own wander off the reservation. They tuned into NBC’s Commander-In-Chief Forum on Wednesday to see Matt Lauer make mincemeat out of Donald Trump. Lauer, unforgivably, used the first half-hour of the program to actually throw some tough questions at their darling Hillary. By the time Trump took the stage, angry liberals were already digging through their closets, looking for their sharpest pitchforks.

Someone had forgotten their place.

The New York Times blasted Lauer the next day, characterizing his Trump interview as a “surrender.”

New York magazine columnist Jonathan Chait said Lauer’s performance was “horrifying and shocking.”

At Slate, Siri Hustvedt said that Lauer’s interview with Hillary was filled with “subtle misogyny”:

“I am interested in the…subtle variation of the misogyny illness, the one that lurks behind such phrases as ‘even-handed’ and ‘fair-minded,’ that low-grade fever that caused Matt Lauer to continually interrupt Hillary Clinton’s sharp, specific answers to his questions in the Commander in Chief Forum on NBC, and which also prompted him to allow Donald Trump to ramble on in incoherent sentence fragments about secret plans for defeating ISIS in thirty days, as if such nonsense were serious political discourse. Would our ‘fair-minded’ journalist have treated a male candidate the way he treated Hillary Clinton? I ask you to search your souls, men and women alike. My answer is no.”

Hustvedt’s “sexism” take on the interview was not an uncommon one, but really, any version of the Lauer criticism springs from the same source. If Trump had been the Democrat and Hillary the Republican, none of these media liberals would have said a word about Lauer’s performance, even if everything else had stayed more or less the same.

Or if that’s too hard to imagine, picture something easier: A forum where Lauer spends a half hour chatting with Hillary Clinton about how wonderful she is before blasting Trump with every bizarre left-wing critique in the book. These pundits would be praising him as the only reporter with the courage to treat the Republican nominee as the joke that he is. Hell, he could have punched Trump in the face and secured himself a place on the Pulitzer Prize shortlist.

These people know that they are putting their trust in a deeply-flawed candidate – a candidate whose lies grow more tangled with every passing day. She has moved into the Land of the Indefensible, which is why she’s so eager to avoid the public spotlight. Every time she sits down for an interview, her chances of winning deteriorate. The angry mob can’t do anything about her (awful, brazenly deceptive) answers, so they’re left with only one alternative: Attack the questions.

The only time the media’s Hillary coverage turns negative is when the candidate herself is on TV.

For the undecideds out there, maybe that should be a clue.


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  1. So anytime anyone asks the criminal a tough question they’re committing ‘subtle misogyny’ ? And anytime anyone doesn’t grill Trump mercilessly and sprinkle their grilling with false information and manufactured hate it’s because they’re ‘bowing to the white man’? So basically liberals, and whatever group they currently deem ‘oppressed’ have very casually given themselves a pass to do or say any outrageous, false, racist, sexist, hateful, thing they want because they have arbitrarily appointed themselves ‘the good guys’ and we are what they’ve arbitrarily appointed ‘the bad guys’. And they, these college educated, supposedly intelligent, supposidly tolerant and compassionate ‘pundits’ and ‘journalists’ see no obvious, outrageous, unbelievably ignorant, glaring, blantant hypocrisy in ANY of this??????
    Of course not, like I said. They’re college indoctrinated, I mean educated.
    I’m sure those in Germany writing the ‘news’ about the ‘evil’ Jews saw nothing wrong with it either.

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    • Natalie college educated does not necessarily make you a liberal. The last few years there have been schools for the rich and famous where anything that sounds conservative will be crushed. To say everyone that is college educated fits the liberal mold is not true. When I went to college I learned physics, chemistry and biology. Politics was not an issue like it may be today. While a minority of colleges follow a liberal agenda there are many good schools that don’t. The reason we hear so much about schools that do is because they are not the usual educational facility.

      • Maybe all that needs to be changed in Natalie’s post is the addition of a date. College education after 1964 is pure liberal indoctrination. I too took the same courses you mention and actually learned the subjects. That was also about the time I started to think for myself instead of listening to the crap on TV, the other form a liberal propaganda we have to deal with. Other than that Natalie seems to have her head on very straight.

        • Maxx, I was teaching in a public school during the eighties and early nineties, and even the high school teachers were tending to become liberal.
          And this was in a small town school in a fly-over state!

      • Wrong! It’s not necessarily the colleges but the Liberal Arts instructors that long ago became brain washed to a point to where they believe that it is their duty to flunk a student if he or she doesn’t agree with their political beliefs. Science and math, less economics, instructors are just the opposite in nature and have no time to mix politics into their lectures.

      • Wrong! Some of the most highly regarded schools and universities in the country are the ones that are so liberal that they are violating the students’ right of free speech

      • Today the supposed halls of higher education are in fact communist. They have been promoting a global initiative for years. In fact I am amazed there are in Conservatives left and even most so called Republicans are no longer conservative but are progressives. Not all things need to change, ask Jekyll and Hide.
        I agree with you BTW: however please, outside of Christian schools name 30 really Conservative ones?

        • Any college or university that accepts government funding, or any church that has a 501c3 are “suspect” to me!

        • Thanks for this list, PatriotForever. I learned about Hillsdale College from listening to Rush’s and Hannity’s radio programs. Every year I send them a modest donation, and receive the Imprimus newsletter each month. It is excellent reading. Heck, I don’t even donate to my own alma mater!

      • Unfortunately it’s not just schools for the rich and famous, over the last forty years or so, intensely over the last ten to twenty, and outrageously over the last eight. Many, many private liberal arts colleges and MOST state colleges have become indoctrination centers that turn out angry, militant, entitled, uneducated, weak minded, extreme little Nazi’s who instead of being taught what they will need to know to be successful in life are ‘learning’ an extremely narrow, extremely biased one sided, hateful and false view of the world. Western culture, their OWN culture, has been demonized and replaced with a glowing, fawning endorsement of socialism/communism and a laundry list of other absurd isms meant to mislead and confuse. They leave these ‘higher learning’ institutions ‘offended’ by everything, violently opposed to any other point of view, unable to think or reason or use logic constructively about ANYTHING, hating this country, their OWN country, and unable to write a coherent business letter. But they can write you a poorly spelled, poorly reaserched, poorly thought out 8,000 page love letter to Che Guevara. I wish I was wrong and you were right, I truly do.But that’s just not the case. That is why this election is critical, imperative, in fact possibly the most important one this country has ever held. We are fighting a force bent on ‘fundamentally changing’ this country. What their changing it into is, for anyone who loves this country as it always was and always should be, abhorrent.

        • Natalie, spot on!

        • Natalie, you are correct! I have four son’s all college graduates. 3 with their masters and one still working on his. They went to very liberal colleges. UC Berkeley (Berzerkely,as I call it) UC Davis, and Stanford. My son’s never sold out their conservative views but we had many conversations about having to give those liberal/commie professors what they want in order to keep their GPA’s up. I told them to remember the way they were raised. Give the professors what they want but remember those who died so that you could be free and that means a free thinker. We home schooled our son’s and that made all the difference. They learned the history of their country. They learned to love our military and those who fought for them. We are from a long line of military men and they learned from their father, both Grandfather’s and Uncles from both sides of the family that freedom comes at a very high price so never take it for granted. My son’s wrote letters after graduation to their professors, praising those who taught without bias and to those who wanted to indoctrinate. I was so proud of them and I believe it’s imperative that education starts in the home with good strong values. We as parents have a responsibility to start our children out loving their country! Teach your sons and daughters to talk to you. We started that when they could talk. Ask them about their day. Encourage the conversation for more information. Before you know it they are engaged and want to share what they learned. 2 of my son’s had a rough road at Berkeley but they got a very good education because not all the professors were liberal/ commies. By the way I’m not sure if any of you know this but Berkeley really does have a Communist party that meets and is getting stronger all the time. There is no place in America for that crap in my humble opinion. Great posts Natalie!

          • Btty, as we say here in Kansas … ya’ done good!! You have a lot to be proud of, and your comments are spot on!

          • Oh My Goodness Elaine, thank you for the kind words. But I take no credit for for how my son’s turned out. I give all the credit to God for I put my son’s in his hands to guide them. Afterall, what did I know about raising a child? Believe me I talked to him a lot for guidance.
            Thank you again my Dear.

          • God is great (putting it mildly) … and He certainly had some good material to work with!

          • Yes Elaine God is awesome indeed. I’m so very humbled by your comments. Thank you again and I’m forever grateful to our Dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all he does for all of us.
            Just look at what a beautiful soul he gave you.

          • I suppose you can’t grasp the ability of some of us to respect and even like someone, even though they would be the worst, most horrible choice in the entire world for president of the U.S.

          • Thank you so much Elaine! We must never forget whose in charge and who we are dealing with. Afterall a lot of mysterious deaths on the Clinton’s watch. You’re wonderful Elaine. God Bless you and yours and God Bless America.
            TRUMP/PENCE 2016!

          • Absolutely, Btty! Have you noticed that, ever since I posted this prayer for you and Natalie, that Bob666 suddenly sprang into action and has found bunches of hateful photos to post? (I think they call these things “memes”, but I’m not sure). Wow, it sure seems like these hate-filled demonic types just can’t stand the thought of God or anything Christian being displayed in public. He sure did come back with a vengeance!

          • Yes, I have and his name is appropriate for him. He is Satan’s spawn. He’s just spinning his wheels because he can’t hurt any of us who is strong in the Lord. Satan is using him well and the reason he is so angry is he know he can’t hurt us. Poor creature, he made the wrong choices and his candidate is going down with him. We should all just block him.

          • As tempting as it is to block his filth, it IS kinda fun to watch him spin round and round! He’s making a fool of himself.

          • You got him pegged. He’s so delusional.

          • Thank you, and God bless you for raising your children to be strong enough to resist the kind of indoctrination they face today. We need millions more like you. I have two sons, my oldest is a senior in high school and has already had a few very unpleasant run-ins with liberal extremism. Last year his sociology teacher attempted to explain to his class that all white males, including my son are both racist and sexist. Apparently they just can’t help it. She used a lot of absurd, nonsensical ‘statistics’ she must have gotten from one of those, ‘we’re all victims of oppression, woe is me, America is terrible’ websites that cater to the perpetually offended. When my son patiently pointed out the utterly ridiculous hypocrisy of condemning millions of individuals who happen to be white and male, which amounts to both racism AND sexism, providing his own ACTUAL facts and figures on his laptop to very easily disprove her idiocy, she abruptly ended the ‘lesson’ and didn’t try it again. At least not while he was there. And we live in rural/suburban Pennsylvania! After the class a large, nose ringed, blue haired militant feminist and her equally large, equally ringed friend screamed in his face for daring to contradict the gospel of entitlement and fairy tales. Fortunately he and his friends managed to run them off. But that didn’t stop them from telling anyone who would listen that my son is a racist who hates women. Because of course any white male with the courage to contradict the new Nazi party and point out their blantant hypocrisy is, according to the deluded ones.Just look at what they’re trying to do to Trump. Who was never accused of either until he decided to run as a conservative. This isn’t the only example but it is one of the worst. Berkeley isn’t the only one with a communist party.It’s being spread like a disease. The prominently displayed hammer and sickle at the DNC should tell anyone everything they need to know about what will continue to happen if Democrats continue to ‘lead’ this country. Where they’re leading it no real American would want to go.

          • You Natalie are a wonderful Patriot and your raising your sons to be strong as well as Patriots. Your a wonderful example for them as well as people around you. I’m so sick of these progressives trying to turn our boys into pansies as if there is something wrong with being strong men. They do it because they know they can control weak men as well as weak women. It’s up to us to support our son’s and husbands. It’s up to us to support our military men and women. We cannot let them steal this election and that is the only way they can win. As you know we must stay strong in the Lord for it will be through him that we win. He didn’t raise us to be weaklings, he raised us to fight for what’s right and to fight for the beautiful country he blessed us with. You better than anyone know that we are fighting for future generations! It’s a fight we have no choice but to win. I’m so thankful for fighters like you, Elaine and the rest of these wonderful patriots on the list. We can do this!
            TRUMP/PENCE 2016

          • I agree completely and thank you for the kind words. You know a while back Christian leaders were calling Trump a baby Christian. I think he is a man who has had everything, seen everything, done everything and is searching for meaning in it all. And he’s found it. In fighting to save this country from those who would see it falter. Never in a million years would I have thought God would send Donald Trump as a modern day David against the God less Goliath. But there you have it. He works in mysterious ways and it is not for us to question why, but to fight along with him. And do what God wants us to do.Trump Pence 2016!!!!!!!!!

          • You Natalie are a wonderful Patriot and your raising your sons to be strong as well as Patriots. Your a wonderful example for them as well as people around you. I’m so sick of these progressives trying to turn our boys into pansies as if there is something wrong with being strong men. They do it because they know they can control weak men as well as weak women. It’s up to us to support our son’s and husbands. It’s up to us to support our military men and women. We cannot let them steal this election and that is the only way they can win. As you know we must stay strong in the Lord for it will be through him that we win. He didn’t raise us to be weaklings, he raised us to fight for what’s right and to fight for the beautiful country he blessed us with. You better than anyone know that we are fighting for future generations! It’s a fight we have no choice but to win. I’m so thankful for fighters like you, Elaine and the rest of these wonderful patriots on the list. We can do this!

          • Yes, we definitely can!

          • Oh, come on Bobbykins, find something original. This tired old thing was used on Obama 7 years ago. Some dumbbell that you obviously relate to just switched out the photo. You libs just can’t come up with anything on your own. Pathetic.

        • You write so well, Natalie! Cohesive, informed, and right on the money … every time! Kudos, and more kudos!

        • You are correct, Sir. But do not forget the Supreme Court. The next President will name from three to five Justices to the Court, plus others to lower courts. Mr. Trump has named a list of conservatives who will protect the Constitution many of us have sworn to protect and defend. Ms. Clinton will name liberals whom will reduce the Constitution to waste paper. We dare not let that happen! Please do not stay at home; vote Trump!

      • Most universities teach the Liberal doctrine. More today than don’t. Fortunately you are right that every college educated person is not a Liberal. Some actually become or stay conservative but give liberal answers to pass. I hope it changes and politics is left for what used to be news outlets.

    • Amen, Natalie. Couldn’t agree more.

      • This article reminds of Dick Morris who hates the Clintons. Dick Morris was fired by the Clintons for bringing prostitutes in his office. I cannot believe Morris to be in public denigrating the Clintons. In 2012 Morris lied to FoxNews that Romney would defeat Obama. Morris had been given a big office by FoxNews and had lots of women in his office. When Romney lost, Morris was fired by Ailes. Now Morris should be neighbors with Trump and Roger Ailes. All love to misuse their offices – as women traffickers. But Repubs and TPs love to listen to people like Morris and Trump. I would not. We know Trump hates American women and may take Dick Morris to Europe to hunt for new girls there. We are told their wives are full of wrinkles now. Shame on Dick and Trump. They should know they are getting old for new girls. Let’s vote for Hillary.

        • You are babbling. Lie down and put a cold cloth on your forehead.

        • Great post Babele. None of the Clintons would ever misuse their office – as woman traffickers.

        • ass hole !

        • Morris was canned for not SHARING the prostitutes with Bill and Hillary. Get your facts straight asshole.

          • GODBlessRealAmerica#1


          • SMOKESCREEN COVER UP. “How many angels dance on the head of a pin, huh I don’t know how one responds” Hillary said, after saying she e mails Billy boy, and he told the nation on tv he don’t E mail. At this point what does it matter?

        • Oh my God, I hope you are joking, otherwise you need and operation to extract your head from your rear and the string from your neck as the tape is stuck. If anyone hates women it is HilLARY. Just ask all the women she terrorized for having open sex with her husband. AND: That was no rendition of: Stand by your man. It was a power hungry lesbian who wants to climb to the top of those she has murdered on the way.

        • Did Morris rape or grope (see Bill Clinton) anyone?

        • This post reminds me of why liberalism is a disease that desperately needs to be stamped out everywhere it’s found. Making people unbelievably stupid on purpose is just wrong.

          • Don’t respond to this brain dead troll, one of a number of vermin polluting conservative, patriotic blogs! It needs to be removed from the gene poll! They have their price and will sell out our nation for a nickel! There are millions of warriors like me who are their biggest nightmare! Their day is coming and it won’t be pretty! Thirty million vets, 150 million gun owners and counting! To support an avowed enemy of America, a traitor who has sold out our nation and our security for cash, is responsible along with her rapist husband for around 200 deaths! The death penalty is the only reward they are entitled to!

          • I’m on your side. The Commies have set this country back a hundred years. They’re a scourge on this great Country. Thank you for your service. You’re the cream of the crop in my humble opinion. God Bless You and yours. God Bless the USA.
            TRUMP/PENCE 2016

          • Wow. You covered it pretty well. Ethel Rosenberg finally gets some justice for her little game of treason. HRC rip, had little to pay for her perjury, treason, and espionage. Hope she gets s pretty pink casket, or basket full of poseys. RIP

          • Deplorable she said. RIP not a nice way to have talked about Americans. Poor dear probably had dementia.

        • Can’t understand why anyone would vote for their own demise. It must be the cool aid.

        • Where do you come up with these fantasies? Have you gotten into their heads with a Vulcan mind meld? How does trump hate America? Stop projecting your sexual proclivities on others about going to Europe to find women. Just go back off in your own jack yard.

        • Morris was probably interviewing prostitutes for Bill.

        • ABBA ZABBA! You, of course failed tp mention Ted Kennedy who drunkenly drowned his mistress intern, John and Boobie who diddled and then had killed Marilyn and hillBILLY and his cigars!!!!

        • My God, you pathetic commies will stoop to anything to win won’t you? Your a liar among other titles I could give you. Denigrating the poor Clinton’s? Are you kidding? Billy Bob raped many women and his kying, murdering wife Killary helped him to try and destroy those women’s lives. Billy Bob even had connections to a pedophile who took him to an Island where they enjoyed sexual favors of very young girls. You should sweep the Clinton’s door step before you try sweeping someone else’s. LIAR!

          • Do you really have evidence that Billy Bob raped many women? So you do not see anything wrong with Trump having 3 women in Trump Tower? You make me sick.

          • You make me sick. You can’t stick to defending your candidate so you have to reach back on another party thinking that gets you to be legitimate. Trump has had maNY woman step forward and debunk your statements about him. I don’t see anyone jumping out to defend Willy Boy?

        • Could you explain to me how telling Fox News that Romney would defeat Obama (which didn’t happen) is a “lie”? Since when is an incorrect prediction considered a “lie”? If that’s the case, a lot of people are in heap big trouble during football season for predicting the wrong team to win. Wow.

          • You may be right. But can’t you predict you will die one day? Yes you can even if you pass 130 years old. That was Dick Morris. He was telling us that President Obama would lose in 2012. Dick lost and was fired.

          • Again, NOBODY can predict with 100% accuracy the outcome of an election. If that’s the reason Morris was fired (which I seriously doubt), then you Democrats are even MORE shallow and disingenuous than I thought. Predicting that one will die “someday” is a bogus comparison.

        • Instead you love a felon and a traitor and will vote for her. There are more dead bodies connected to the Clintons than Jack the Ripper. Somehow you have been in Aires, Morrison and now Trumps offices and know what went on there. How easily you indict Patriots and back criminals and traitors. Congrats, you just joined them.

          • I know you were raised as a bad boy. So we cannot change you at this age. God will punish you for hating Blacks and the Clintons. You better change your attitude before the elections.

          • What the he’ll are you talking about. I never said I hated the Clintons. I hate what they have done and stand for. As for blacks, I love all of God’s creations. Who are you to accuse Me? I have never in my life judged a person by their race or religion. If you have proof show it or shut up. I am a Christian patriot who loves this country and all its freedoms. If you can prove anything different do so or shut the he’ll up. The haters of human freedom will pay for it in the end. I have nothing to do with that but I know personally the one that does.

          • Sure, that is what all racists tell me: “We love people of all races.” But behind doors they say: “these Black people.” That is why many racists are losing fortunes. Look at Roger Ailes of FoxNews, Dick Morris, Andrea Tantaros and many Repubs. They are racists and hypocrites. God has cursed them. So be careful what you think and say about Hillary.

          • Your a joke. Go watch CNN. No soul what so ever

          • You should probably look up all the racist things both bill and Hillary have said over the years. Oh and Obama, and his ‘advisor’ Mr al, never saw a race I couldn’t bait, sharpton. Democrats are the biggest hypocrites in history. Pretending to care about ‘the people’ while making a career out of screwing them over, over and over with the same empty words they say every time. It’s really amazing how many people continue to buy their garbage. The real racists are the ones ALWAYS pointing out people’s difference’s. Nothing EVER changes under Democrats, except their own bank accounts. The difference between a Democrat and a Republican is that a Republican see’s an individual, not their race,
            who can succeed on their own merits if they want it bad enough and are willing to work for it. We’d rather teach someone to fish, than give them one. A Democrat see’s a demographic they can pander to. Lie to, convince that all others are the enemy and the Democratic party is their salvation. They dangle hand outs and entitlements. They pander dependency, and pocket the difference.There is literally mountains of evidence of this. You need only look. You won’t find it in the bought and paid for media though, they’ve become a propaganda machine for some of the very people they’re supposed to be policing.

          • No Truer words Spoken… sans the “A little is all you need.”
            Exhibit A: ” You’re too white to be a real person. Please get a tan ” pmbalele A Racist…

            I Believe your dealing with a ‘lost cause’ that was most likely as an infant… left in the garage with the car running :/

          • When his parents played airplane with him he frequently hit the
            ceiling fan, bounced off the wall and flew out the window. It’s how they got him to play outside.?

          • . I can tell that’s you Hillary… because Putin hacked your Throat. LOL

          • but Trump is too Conterversial for both sides Democrat and Rebpulican so the only thing remains is this Send the FBI to Investigate Trump and his Tax scandal and how he disquised himself as Hillary to run against himself

          • Wow, what embarrassing stupidity. And now I will take my own advice and stop feeding the trolls.

          • Repeating what I said. How very clever, almost as clever as your picture of a tabloid. Have you ever seen Elvis at a gas station? Does he talk to you?

          • I’m sure you researched this thoroughly, right? And you’re right … it’s none of your business.

          • Call me ‘Baby Cakes’ again, a-hole. Your little photos here are pure BS. When ignorant, idiot liberals design these memes, though, it’s to be expected.

          • “Somebodies” is the plural of “Somebody”. Who taught you grammar? I’d sue them if I were you. What is a “gillie”?

          • I was referring to you in the third person Sweet Cheeks and I’m staring to wonder if there is not a forth & fifth person in that tormented little mind. As far as “gillie” goes, you got me on a typo….

          • What??, do yourself a favor and put the crack pipe down, it’s embarrassing!

          • Natalie, getting into a contest of wits with an unarmed troll is a fools errand! The Demo-communist party is as noted in history the party of slavery, Jim Crow, the Klu Klux Klan, segregation, busing, keeping blacks from voting and denying them all the civil rights provided to all Americans! I have friends of all persuasions, black, latino and white! There are good and bad people across the board! The true enemy of America are the Communists known as democrats who along with their elected felons, violate the Constitution every day they continue to breathe! The true warriors in America are conservative oath keepers, warriors that constitute 150 million gun owners and growing and 30 million veterans whose oath, like mine is not debatable!

          • Did you see the two token paid for blacks at Saddleback church? Destitute out of work folks have gone to attempt to cheer Hillary because they are desperate for money to eat. Their jobs all went overseas. Billy the rapist even quit going to her RALLYS he falls asleep. She is good at name dangerous calling bigot.

          • Sounds as if you do a considerable amount of that talking behind closed doors! It is you stupid Liberals who are the haters. Yep, I am proud to be in Hillary’s basket of deplorables because I certainly do not agree with her policies.

          • God will reward us for fighting evil. You on the other hand should be very worried using God for your evil deeds.

          • Convinced. Can’t fix stupid. This is the living proof.

          • One racist told us that they were taught in school of KKK that Blacks have IQ of 80 which is close to retarded people. But I wonder why African-Americans are now in the WH if their IQ is 80

          • That sounds like Hillary Clinton. Yup the FACIST racist. She calls Latinos “tacos” people with disabilities “retards”. Victims of Bills rapes “bimbos”, and she has gotten rapists acquitted or off free, because even with her failing the bar exam she was able to use the system to practice law in Arkansas with the Rose Law firm. She was fired from the Watergate team, working to indict and convict Richard Nixon. you know. You actually sound very ignorant, and racist. Black people look to Donald Trump for a hope and a future. Jobs and education for the young, as we all do. Black pastors endorse and promote Donald Trump, and they are not paid off, lose your bigotry and biases behind. Remember the riots? They were incited by and paid for by Hillary Clinton. Your remarks are FACIST racist ignorant and hateful . Deplorable.

          • I have already responded to such posting.You don’t have any evidence that Billy raped women. Do you really trust Trump who had 2 divorces and considering a 3rd divorce for his present wife is getting wrinkles? Kids from divorced families end up violent. You see those at Trump rallies. Remember Trump goes abroad for wives. He hates American women and calls them fat and disgusting. Barbara Bush wondered how American women ever think voting for Trump who insults them. Trump wants to sell USA to Russian Putin for women. Make your life easy – Vote for Hillary.

          • Just the law suits Paula Jones Juanita Broderick if you do the research you’ll find it in the mean time it’s a waste of time you repeating propaganda lies. I don’t listen to liars.

          • Here’s our proof Had either of those ladies who stated they were in deed raped by Billy rapist boy .Had they been lying A huge defamation suit would have surely have ensued, proceeded. Where are these defamation suits . No where & we all know very well, Why. For the very simple yet logical reason. The Clinton’s want no part of actual evidence being brought forth in court proceedings where it then becomes public record.
            Sure vote for an evil bitch who has under payed every single female aid she had ever hired up to 25% less then their male counter parts. Vote for a lying bitch who joyfully took money,while fully supporting certain in fact many corrupt governments .While knowing full well those governments treat their women as 3rd class citizens.
            Sure vote for a bitch who abandoned & left to die in Benghazi 4 brave Americans. All be caused she strove for regime change In Libya. While at the very same time was selling arms illegally,
            ” mind you ” to known terrorist groups. Yes that total unnecessary failure of regime change. Where as that government was more of & Allie then enemy of the US. Now that same nation Libya is under the control of ISIS & many other lesser known terrorist groups . Vote for a Treasonous ,deceptive lying bitch who claims she doesn’t like Putin. Yet shewas the major player who perpetuated the very false game of the red reset Button with Russia. Sure vote for a traitor.The one who left unsecured top secret government documents ,information open for our nations enemies to access to gather. Sure vote for a treasonous bitch who drew up ,promulgated the deal to sell off to Russian interest under Putin control 20% of our nations Uranium reserve’s. Sure vote for a treasonous bitch who set up promulgated & promoted the deal to sell to Russian interest under Putin control, our nations top dual use high technologies. These will go directly to the Russia military. While idiots such as you claim Trump is connected to Putin
            Fact is Trump is better at not telegraphing what he will do in response to our nation enemies actions.

          • P-troll,
            It’s been a while, in and out of rehab again?
            While you raise some interesting points, White a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal and take issue with them since they wrote the byline and article.

            BTW: my personal wealth has increased at about 7% a year over the last five years and that’s how I measure the economy.

            And I’m voting for Johnson in 2016 numb-nuts!

          • Why Hello Burnout BOB ! Seems about right. Another Pothead who’s brain is in a state of perpetual fog voting for another Brain fogged pothead. Proves all the previous points have made in the past in regards to you Burn out Bob. Gary stoner Johnson. just another rube who hasn’t a single clue as to Eleppo from Zippo. As for you utilizing your annual 7% per Year welfare benefits Increase as your guide as to how well our nation’s economy is fairing. I guess when you neither work or own anything, an annual welfare benefits increase of 7% is Pretty good right ? Burnout Bob

          • Well P-Troll,
            “As for you utilizing your annual 7% per Year welfare benefits Increase as your guide as to how well our nation’s economy is fairing. I guess when you neither work or own anything, an annual welfare benefits increase of 7% is Pretty good right ? Burnout Bob”

            I’m going our on a limb and betting that my wife an I gave more to charity last year that you have ever earned in a given year of your pathetic life. When it comes to government checks, I have no clue what “annual welfare benefits” pay out or what they increase at, but you obviously do.

            When I have earned six figures a year in returns on my retirement accounts that average out to just over 7% on domestic whitecap funds, then I can say there has been positive growth. BTW, One of my neighbors who owns a Ford dealership (bread & butter brand) says his last four years have been four of his best in the last twenty years.

            The only “government” check that I get is from Social Security P-Troll & since I maxed out most of the years of my working life-I can assure you that I’m one of the few who will receive less that I paid in.

            Congratulations on paying off that tent.

          • “WHITE” a letter? Oh, Bobette you are such a funny little mongo. I’ll bet you kept the second grade in tears of laughter, all those years you spent there.

          • Well “mesamanboy”,
            I did keep those kids in stitches and continued to do so for about twenty-years after two graduate degrees and two under-grad degrees. I’ve been told that I continue to keep them laughing as a part time professor teaching Advanced Quantitative Analytics at one of the top 100 business schools part time in retirement. That was after starting and running one of the top 100 Civil Engineering firms for 40 years.

            What were you accomplishments in life again?


          • Accomplishments in life again? Strange, I don’t recall sharing any with you. Where I grew up I learned much from my elders and one of their sayings was; “gloating and bragging is much like a steer humping a heifer. Nothing happens from it”. So I won’t excite you with my accomplishments, I don’t need to, I know what I did and that’s what counts.

          • Or, I’m guessing it’s because you got “Nothing” but words-lots of worthless words!

          • Are you attempting to silence debate. By means of utilizing the terms such as racist ,bigots, sexist ,homo-phoebe or Islam- phoebe. Hint it isn’t going to work against the open minded, intelligent, enlightened Conservative. Yes : In deed it works well against the progressive,& liberal left. ” For good reason “. Racism come’s directly out of and is certainly connected & is tied directly to the left as evidenced by. Every single policy to have come from the left. Those policies can only be interpreted as Racist ,bigoted , sexist . Why and how might I declare, state that opinion as fact . Rather easy question to answer . Just take a stroll down histories lane of the last 240 years .K.K.K., Skin heads, White Aryan nation, They are each derivatives of the racist demo-rat party. Those lunatic progressive liberal plantation masters . They who have advanced public policies which have destroyed the family unit. Keeping the urban youth in unadulterated failing schools, where they the children and their families are left either uneducated, ill-educated ,unemployed,underemployed. Yet they the lunatic left has protected,defended and covered for the dead wood,yes the dead from the neck up unionized teachers an bureaucrat rats Urban areas where the poor are packed ,housed in less the deplorable conditions. Yes tax upon tax levied against the property owner’s. with absolutely zero improvement gained By those dollars poured in to demo rat controlled cities. Where there the only ones to have benefited, enriched are the political scum, the useless worthless bureaucrats & of course the unionized teachers ,Yes the dead would. Now lets review assassinations of political figures in this nation. Each and everyone of them can be linked, directly tied to a deranged, disgruntled lunatic of the demo-rat left. Now on to mass shooting.With the exception of 4 ISIS inspired shooting every single mass shooting has been preformed by again a delusional ,deranged, disgruntled demo-rat . These are the facts. Further more in each of the above occasions those murders were committed in gun free zone.Where by the honest lawful American citizen was literally left defense less Directly do to the controlling interest of the far left lunatic fringe they who aspire to control ever aspect of everyone else’s life by refuse to control themselves.

          • You know nothing of God you baby killer

          • I doubt if you’re a real person or scare-crow. You’re too white to be a real person. Please get a tan and then vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          • She will not be among us by then.

          • From your lips to God’s ears.


          • This is so racist sexist and hateful. It is one thing to disagree but this is attacking a person who may not agree. This is so Hillary Clinton. Her manipulating hateful racist name calling because her lies are found out and she cannot debate like a mature educated adult. This woman who failed the bar exam, and went on to defend typists; this woman fired from Watergate team is a deplorable example. Now we have people like this following this coarse, rude, intimidation tactics thinking it is acceptable behavior. It is abominable. POLITICANS see this and are convinced that all Americans are dumbed down, and can talk down to us. “Pass it then read it” and “Americans are too dumb to figure out what’s good for them”. This behavior is immature childish and not ok. Hillary Clinton has set an example and this low life chooses to follow and all are an EMBARASSMENT to a civilized society.

          • I cannot take it anymore for people to call Billy a rapist when they do not have evidence. Do you really trust Trump who had 2 divorces and considering a 3rd divorce for his present wife is getting wrinkles? Kids from divorced families end up violent. You see those at Trump rallies. Remember Trump goes abroad for wives. He hates American women and calls them fat and disgusting. Barbara Bush wondered how American women ever think voting for Trump who insults them. Make your life easy – Vote for Hillary.

          • Calling yourself bob666 and trolling websites makes you look stupid.

          • “Calling yourself bob666 and trolling websites makes you look stupid”

            I’ve read your many post-you have no room to call anyone stupid-trust me on that!

            And that’s Mr. Bob666 to you!

          • Sadly your not even interesting enough to be annoying. I should have taken my own advice with you too, and not wasted my time on a troll

          • Poor Natalie,
            “Sadly your not even interesting enough to be annoying”?

            You need a purpose in life and I suspect that Jesus for you is nothing more than a crutch for an empty soul.

          • Deplorable comment. Nice selfie however.

          • GFY

          • U.S. Household Incomes Surged 5.2% in 2015, Ending Long Slide; Poverty Rate Drops

            Incomes in the U.S. surged in 2015, delivering the first increase for family households in eight years.

            The median annual household income–the level at which half are above and half are below–rose 5.2%, after adjusting for inflation, or $2,800, to $56,500, the Census Bureau said. The boost leaves household incomes about 1.6% below the 2007 level, before the last recession began.

            Wall Street Journal 9/13/2016.


          • We already know we are more broke than we were 8 years ago.

          • Bobbette, you are one insidious, insipid mound of dog scat. You select what you want to support your gimby, half-witted arguments and ignore the most salient parts of your search, then play like a little school girl since you figured out cut and paste. Wow what genius, what integrity, what prize example of Hildybeest,s dung beetles.

          • Hate to provide the bad news mesaman-I’m not a Hillary Supporter!
            You seem to be a very poor judge of character and just maybe that’s why you’re a Trump supporter?

          • You mean all this time you’ve been a communist party supporter? I should have seen it coming.

          • Wow, what a brilliant reply, does your head hurt from all that mental effort-is there smoke coming out of your ears?

          • Nah. But Obama keeps trying to put us in one.

          • U.S. Household Incomes Surged 5.2% in 2015, Ending Long Slide; Poverty Rate Drops

            Incomes in the U.S. surged in 2015, delivering the first increase for family households in eight years.

            The median annual household income–the level at which half are above and half are below–rose 5.2%, after adjusting for inflation, or $2,800, to $56,500, the Census Bureau said. The boost leaves household incomes about 1.6% below the 2007 level, before the last recession began.

            Wall Street Journal 9/13/2016.

            Oh yes, Gas cost half of what it did in 20018? why do you supose that is crack -baby?

          • WHEE!! Bobette, you seem to get off on making up figures, pretending to understand them, and then giggling and wetting yourself as you imagine how upset you make those of the “True” party A hint, you are a sit down comedian with no audience but this blogsite.

          • Mesaman,
            Was there a lucid thought in that post or were you slipping off of your medications?

            It’s called the Wall Street Journal-You probably would not like as there are no comic strips & they use multi-syllable words!

          • You finished your See Dick, See Jane primer already? I wanted to place my correspondence at the level of mental functioning I saw you at, Bobette, How long did it take you to find multi-syllable in the dick-tionary? Oh, you had your mommy help you. Is she a lot like your virgin mother Hildy, Wicked Witch of DC? Broad Winnebago-style hips, shrouded in a polyester pantsuit, eyes crossed from her recent mental breakdown, feigned pneumonia and a fake second to take the heat off her broad beam. Bobette, you are a winner, for sure, that is if you think being a douchebag is a winner.

          • We are still on the backside of the curve no matter how you cut it dipshit. We, and I mean the average American family, is sliding backwards. Your alleged “surge” has done nothing for: Inner City blacks, American Indians, Hispanics, Cookers, Bakers and Candlestick makers. In other words,,,,nobody but Obama and Clinton peeps. And BTW, thought you were a Johnson boy? What’s up with that?
            Oh, and do not worry about me. I am a retired GS-15. Also made some very wise investments in my youth. I’m OK.
            One more thing. How do you know what gas is going to cost in the year 20018? Amazing!!!
            You’re amazingly stupid is what it is. GO AWAY!! You are dumb.

          • Well Crackhead,
            “We are still on the backside of the curve no matter how you cut it dipshit”
            Utterly Brilliant!

            .”We, and I mean the average American family, is sliding backwards.”
            From what point? from 2005 when people were treating their over -valued homes as ATM machines or the late 1990’s before a whole lot of over-valuation took place?

            “Your alleged “surge” has done nothing for: Inner City blacks, American Indians, Hispanics, Cookers, Bakers and Candlestick makers”.

            You mean people who did not adequately prepare themselves to earn a living?

            ” In other words,,,,nobody but Obama and Clinton peeps. And BTW, thought you were a Johnson boy? What’s up with that?”

            The law of free-market economics!

            Retired GS-15? Government dole-it figures!

          • You’re jealous, I know. So sorry you could not cut the mustard. Now, you must lick jar, LOSER!!! You are a loser and now you must own that. Sucks being you!!!! HAHAHAHAAA

          • Well Crack -Boy,
            Let’s examine this sad cry for help shall we?
            “You’re jealous, I know. So sorry you could not cut the mustard”.
            Jealous of what? You? a government check cashing dependent parasite that never contributed to the free market? Yea, let’s run with that numb-nuts, ROTFLMAO!

            “Now, you must lick jar, LOSER!!!”
            Sorry, not sure about the comment and and up on getto slang -but I’ll ask my gardner, maybe he wil know-I’ll get back to you with the approiate insult.

            “You are a loser and now you must own that. Sucks being you!!!!”

            Twice you have called me a loser-must really be threatened by me to do so. Enjoy sucking the life out of the government parasite!

            A Nice photo of you Crack-head!

          • Where have you been for two days? Jail? A booze bender? A NAMBLA meeting with a young boy? What a sad pathetic loser you are. Spreading these pornographic pictures of your family all over the internet.

          • Some of us have a life and work for a living crack head! I get a social security check from maxing out my contributions for fifty-years. unlike you, I’m not a tit-sucking government check cashing parasite.

          • LOL! What do you think SS is moron? Try to pull your goat smelling head out of Bernie Sanders ass and disengage your mouth from his erection. How can you live so long yet be so colossally stupid?

          • Well Crack baby,
            “What do you think SS is moron”?
            Social Security is a fund that I paid into at the current rate of 6.2%. Now, Because I Owned the company, I also paid the match on myself as well as every other employee at 6.2% and because you’re slow, that equals 12.4% of MY money that was sent to Social Security on MY behalf. The net present value of what I receive is a small fraction of the 12.4% of what I paid in for 52 years.

            Unlike you, who paid noting into the retirement that you started collection long before a real retirement age and contributed absolutely nothing to it, you tit sucking parasite?

            How can you live, yet be so colossally stupid?

          • What a dumb fuktard you are!!!! I paid about 8% into my own retirement for almost 40 years dumchit.
            What did your company make? Sock puppets? Who did you employ? A half-wit otherwise useless brother-in-law? You’re as much of a joke as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid!!

          • Well Crack Head,
            ” I paid about 8% into my own retirement for almost 40 years” Really?
            How old were you when you stated collecting it? 58-60? And what percentage of your last five year average do you get out of it now, 50-80% ?

            If you had any math skills, you would find that you’re a taker-not a giver!

            “What did your company make? Sock puppets? Who did you employ? A half-wit otherwise useless brother-in-law?

            One of the top 100 Civil Engineering firms in the United States (2002 Engineering News Record) with over 800 employees earning an average of $73K/year (2002 dollars) until merging with one of the top 25 Civil Engineering firms in the United States (2013 Engineering News Record). Now on the BOD and a top stock holder.

            I would put you in the same class as bozo the clown and Homer Simpson.

          • What I collect and when I started collecting it is really none of your concern. Civil Engineering huh? The guys I see on the side of the road where 1 guy out of a crew of 8 is working? Ripping off taxpayers? Building roads and bridges that crumble in a couple of years.

          • Well Crack-Head,
            “What I collect and when I started collecting it is really none of your concern” So, I’m correct! Sucking at the government tit like a parasite!

            You clearly have no idea what a Civil Engineer does. All structural engineering falls under Civil Engineering disciplines. The bridges you drive on, the buildings you work in (Forgot-you’re a parasite-what was I thinking), the power plants that supply electric power and drinking water, even the water treatment plants that treat human and industrial waste are designed by Civil Engineers,

            Thanks you proving that you provide noting of value to the human race.

          • Bobbette, a civil engineer (Usually more uncivilized than civil.) doesn’t belong in an academic university it belong in an advanced trade school. I recall from my university days the slogan in civil engineering; I went skool to be engineer, now I are one. You epitomize the restricted mentality of a dung beetle and, in fact, you are nothing but a realtor with a degree.

          • Usababyboy,
            Kind of funny reading your post. Exactly what do you do usababyboy? I’m not going to defend an occupation that has one of the highest beginning wages in the engineering professions and the highest acceptance requirements in the education field to someone who clearly lacks the ability to form a cohesive sentence.

            I’ll compare my net worth to yours any day of the week.

            Mesaman in mommies basement.

          • Don’t bother, Bobette, I moved past the compulsive, frustrated mathematicians, who became enguneers 50 years ago. Clever, “of all the engineering professions”, but what happened to architects, biomedical engineers, and on and on. I know you like to brag, but I’m not on your “wow, isn’t he/she/it great” list.

          • You left out what your occupation, Sanitary Engineer?
            Since you claim to such an expert on engineers and other high tech occupations!

          • What is up with your boy, Gary Johnson? He is batting .000 ! I’m paraphrasing, “No one was hurt in the latest bombing in NYC”. Huh?? 29 people were wounded!! What is your attraction to this guy? Must be the same level of intelligence. Both of you are borderline retarded.

          • I’ll take borderline over full retard like you any day of the week tit sucking parasite!

          • You keep telling me I’m living off of your dime and I’m the one who’s retarded? Not only are you a hypocrite, you’re a dumb hypocrite.

          • How do you figure retard? I earned my fortune, you sucked yours out of the tax payers.

          • They’re retarded too. They fell for Obamacare didn’t they? Even the author of Obamacare said so. Cute picture. Even I had to laugh.

          • Burnout Bod when Hillaryoncrack was stating Border line retarded,This person was referring to the margin between absolutely brain dead,and drooling retarded. Hillaryocrack was giving you the benefit of the doubt. I on the other hand have no doubt ! In your case utterly Brain dead.

          • P-Troll,
            Come back when you sober-up, The sad thing is; you’ll still be stupid, but sober and stupid.

          • I mean bums dipshit.

          • Don’t tease little Bobette, he is easily offended and he might have a seizure if you tighten him up too much.

          • He and Hillary can both have one together and die.

          • WRONG, wrong ,wrong an you could not be more wrong. House hold incomes with in certain regions an certain sectors rose . A 5.2 percent increase in over all household income has not happened. Like the national governments unemployment rates at 5. Percent . The Obama administration declines to include with those statistics Corperate payroll numbers . Which by the way yell the true story. 94 million Americans out of work. Our nation GDP another huge indicated of the facts. Now seat at either point 9 or 1 percent. So exsplain to us other readers how it is that you have allowed yourself to be decieved by incomplete or parcel data. After all there are now 47 million or more Americans on Tax payer subsidies. Still over 30 million uninsured an more each day losing their health care for the picture is rather clear prgressive policies do not work. 17 out of the 25 nation health care co- ups now defunct bankrupt, the remaining 8 are soon to follow.
            Home ownership below the levels of the 1930 depression. So you say the Census Bureau claims household incomes are only marginal 1.5% below the last ressesionary period of 2007. Well facts are facts our nations economy has remained stagnate since 2007 having never left the ressesionary period in fact our nation GDP has actually dropped well below the growth rate of January 1 2008. Which then was atc1.8 % supposedly right in the heart of the ressession. Do yourself a huge gave seas acting the fool. You know the old saying which goes like this better to let people think your the fool. Then it is to open your mouth an prove your the fool. So your sources are the Wall street journal which gather all its info from the K street bunch an the US census Bureau under the Obama regime which we all know for 100 % certainty hasn’t never ,ever spoken truth on any issue.

          • Hello once again Burnout bob Actually Bob I own my home free and clear . But thank you for asking.
            It must be God all fully difficult for you to clear that pot fogged brain of yours Burn out Bob . Why I can imagine its rather difficult for you to see the light of day .while awakening in your poor moms and pops basement after spending the weee hours of the morning sucking on Bongs or tooting blunts. While laughing uncontrollably at the dumb as copy paste routine you have down pat . Needles to say Burnout Bob You left the world of reality Years ago immediately after smoking a joint stoked, laced with Angel dust. Which accounts for your ill-informed nature.

          • I have no doubt that you own that tent next to the interstate P-Troll and still use the old Galaxy to post?

            Never used any drugs other than a mild blood pressure medication and I really don’t need that any more, so one again P-Troll-you’re wrong!

            As far as your economic knowledge-go back and take econ 101, you might get a C if you work extra hard.

          • I believe God has you in his sights to punish. You stupid, ignorant Morons who want to destroy the very country that he blessed us with. You’ll know what Satan has in store for you soon enough. Hope you like heat!

          • What – You Hope I like heat? Yes, in winter I would like a heat. Avoid voting for Trump – the polygamist. You know polygamists cannot think properly. They are worried their other wives may be cheating on them. You know Gadhafi have several wives. He had to use Viagra three times a day. We cannot have Trump in the WH – the guy will have office women at his disposal.

          • Your a Moron! You commies have such a short memory. Pretty sure it was the Clinton’s who turned our White House into the Whore House.

          • Trump will do so. He has now 3 wives, 4 grown-up with their wives and grand-children. You as taxpayer will be feeding 20 people in the WH. We cannot let that happen. Vote for Hillary,

          • You Morons already have to worry about keeping your candidate propped up. You better start planning her funeral or planning how to explain her PARKINSONS!

        • What’s wrong? Are you jealous or are you an old ugly woman that HATES STRONG MEN? That’s it isn’t it? Either way you lose, you broken record.
          Go get laid by an ugly man and you’ll feel better Demon lover!


        • I dont see the need for fat Morris when Trump steps out for anything? You know truth is a 5 letter word in the english language? I think we all should be a little more economical with it!

        • Yes lets vote for person that has endangered all of our lives in america by letting world know our top secret info ,, Not

        • You sound like Chelsea calling someone a misogynist. Please take a look at Hillary’s old man before you start calling names again! Get real!

        • Vote for TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!

        • I like listening to Trump and Morris. I don’t like propaganda. Hillary RIP was good with it. She followed Hitlers playbook right down to the stand ins. Hitler did the same thing in his last days. Tsunami coming TRUMP WINS BY A LANDSLIDE. TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

        • pambale My friend if only you had your facts correct. First of all Dick Morris was fired yes because he was bring in throufh his office Whore for the pleasures of Billy boy. Dick like a good soldier took the hit. When it was time for the clintons to Repay Dick They basically told him to F off. Not on to the Fox news & Dick Morris . Dick was fired not because of his belief that Romney would win . But rather because he was utilizing other net works polling statistics. Instead of developing his own.
          Yes Dick Morris does indeed hate the Clintons. He isn’t alone in that respect. But Dick as much if not more has dam good reason, Just like the reasons those honest women who came forward stating Billy boy raped them assulted them . Only to be Parcells destroyed by Hitlery. Make America Great once again, Make America Free once again ,make America prosperous once again, Make America Sovereign oncemail again.
          ( Vote Trump ) Or remain the indentured Servant Fool. Your choice.

          • It is a shame Dick Morris still writes on internet when he knows he wants only fame among women. Some people in this world grow so thick-skinned they don’t care about their past dirty life to improve. That is Dick. But also do you know Trump rallies is full of racists, bigots, sexists and primitive people living in a developed country? These think this country should go back to the 50s when only White males were the only people. That is Blacks and white women were 3rd class people. That is why you see violence at Trump rallies. Most of people at Trump rallies are from divorced homes. Trump is their leader for divorcing 2 wives. Divorced put stress in kids’ lives. Why can’t make your life easier by joining Hillary rallies. Hillary will make sure you have a highway construction job. Trump supporters are after government hand-outs. They are unhappy President Obama forced them to work for the last 7 years. Please vote for Hillary. Thanks.

    • Very well said!

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      • Like their namesakes, the vultures, buzzards, and carrion eating vermin, the liberals mob anything they choose to think challenges their belief system. Kinda reminds one of the war in Heaven when Lucifer challenged Jesus, he with mandatory support and He with freedom to choose. Guess who follows the works of the devil?

    • Amen, Natalie you’re on point with what you wrote!! Yes, college indoctrinated to think that they are smarter than the average person!! And they, these college educated, supposedly intelligent, supposedly tolerant and compassionate ‘pundits’ and ‘journalists’ see no obvious, outrageous, unbelievably ignorant, glaring, blatant hypocrisy in ANY of this?????? I agree totally!!

    • “Civil rights” is nothing more than a declaration of war upon white people it came from the World Communist Convention in Moscow in 1928, it was presided overy by Stalin. ….the plan was to use their ownership of the American media to vilify whites relentlessly as racists, attack every facet of white society, and not just in this country but around the world. They would establish a Black Soviet State in the Southeast region of this country, Atlanta is the black supremacist capital. They accomplished all of this through MLK who was not only violently racist, but was heavily involved with the gay and lesbian alliance and Nambla, he was involved in bisexual orgies as was malcom x . The next phase calls for the state sponsored genocide of white people, Blacks are to rise up and start killing white people raping white women and and taking over their lands….they are very close to doing this right now, if Obama conducts another 9/11 and /or a major economic collapse, if under these conditions he declares a national emergency , he will become a Hitler or Stalin and this genocide will begin virtually overnight….Pesidential Decision Directive 13603 gave him this power to declare National Emergency of his own volition, without approval of either Houses of Congress , he is already a de-facto dictator…..It is my personal belief this will happen before the election, …I do not wish it….I can only hope Jesus really does put Trump in office , it may be we will be blessed with a few years of comfort and blessing, because what Obama has done has provoked Jesus to fury , such that, there is nothing anyone can do to avert the destruction that is coming, Jesus has sworn in His wrath, at best it may be such as it was in the days of Josiah, Trump is not as righteous as Josiah , but in principle Jesus may grant us space for penatence and salvation, to those that will but as I said , it is too late already, Jesus showed in a series of dreams before the 2008 election that He was going to install Obama because this nation has forsaken Him and chosen Lucifer, therefore He gave this nation a devil for a leader, the next dream was terrible, the Angels that destroyed Sodom ,Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboim and Zoar were sent down to this nation from March of 2009 , the beginning of Obama’s term….I had no idea that Obama was gay or that his “wife”was a transsexual, nonetheless, they are destroying Angels and their mandate to execute destruction will by means be rescinded, it is too late..”..Jesus swore in His wrath…”

    • Will she be in a basket, or a casket? Just asking.

    • Wow, I liked it. You should be writing professionally.

    • Just a friendly FYI; their commander in chief recently changed our name from ‘the bad guys’ to “the deplorable’s’. 🙂

    • The phrase “…college indoctrinated…” is SO true!
      Much of the higher education institutions have long had a Liberal bias. By the nineties, Liberalism was rearing its ugly face in the high schools teachers of our public school system. I bailed out of teaching in two thousand, so don’t know how deeply the rot has taken over the public school system.

    • Amen !

  2. Preface- Trump says he ‘knows more about Isis(Isil in actuality)’ then tells us that he will ‘order HIS generals’ to come up with a plan to defeat Isis(Isil)…ok.
    Lauer: “Do you have a plan to defeat Isis(Isil)? You talk about a secret plan.
    Trump: “When I do come up with a plan that I like and that perhaps agrees with mine, or maybe doesn’t—I may love what the generals come back with … I have a plan. But I want to be —I don’t want to — look . I have a very substantial chance of winning. Make America great again. We’re gonna make America great again . I have a substantial chance of winning . if I win, I don’t want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is…and let me tell you , if I like maybe a combination of my plan and the general’s plan or the general’s plan, if I like their plan, Matt , I’m not gonna call you up and say, “Matt, we have a great plan .” ”
    Jazzbelly: WTF ? Commander(5 draft dodges) & (incoherent) Chief.

  3. Sounds to me like Matt Lauer peed all over Hillary R. Clinton’s leg. Yep, ole Matt, committed the ultimate in left wing, radical extremist, mindless, slobbering Troll reality. He actually stood up and required a leftist demagogue, Hillary R. Clinton to be held to account. Now he is being skinned alive by the far left wing, radical extremist, Mindless Slobbering Troll groups. I bet they won’t allow him to any more of their cock-tail parties, black tie dinners or even Holly Wood’s Political events like>>>>>>>>>The emmies or the Golden global events. He dared to question the great liar an con artist Hillary Clinton like she was a normal, American. He was seen as holding her to account. For the left wing Trolls, that is a crime they shall not let slide. Matt Lauer, you are in deep, deep do, do

  4. Matt, you didn’t tow the party line. Marxist don’t like that!!!

    • Now on film; stumbling and falling at world Trade ceremony, Oh! she got overheated, yet there is a breeze blowing, Temp is in mid 70’s, humidity 50%, really a almost perfect Sept. day.

      • Just like the day 15 years ago. She is feeling the Benghazi heat today, that is what that is. Remember, it is that anniversary also. Karma is a bitch.

        • Correct, guilty conscious, She’s already lying her way out of this episode, film showed he being supported on both sides, she also lost a shoe, guess Chelsea has epi pens in her penthouse. This next week is going to be fun, truths vs. lies.

          • Chelsea???? That little slut? Married to a Jew Hedge Fummer.??? Kill all Kikes, kill all hedgers, kill Chelsea Clinton.

          • Ms. Clinton is a lying, hateful, whore that needs a sound bashing. She is nothing but a slut, and a cunt. I want to dispose of her forthwith. She is scum, a whore, a trollop.

          • Epi pen? Maybe… but I’d be more inclined to believe she had a couple shots of whiskey. That would light her back up in a hurry.

          • Considering that now it’s been said she was taken to her house and a Doctor called, I’d bet on an Epi=pen, The Md. says she has Pneaumonia which I think is BS after seeing footage of her outside the Bldg. Chelsea lives in and she had rapid recovery. As a Nurse I’d like to see some patient go down and then up that quick w/o some form od medication.

          • You’re probably right, and I was somewhat joking about the whiskey. Years ago when I was in college, I had walking pneumonia and didn’t even know it for several weeks. I did have a cough, but dismissed it because I smoked at the time. One thing for sure, I never felt over-heated or faint while I had the pneumonia. But then, I was only 20 years old at the time. Still … something doesn’t seem right about this whole episode with Hillary today.

          • I am a bronchial asthmatic and have had pneumonia more then once, never passed out, I watched the footage,she was being held up, another footage showed 2 aides, one appears to be carrying a medical bag, they are on either side, and supporting her, this does appear to be something more serious than is being let on. One sure thing is time will prove it out.ezj

          • True. I just hope we have ENOUGH time before the election! If she wins the election, and then her health fails dramatically before inauguration …. Obama is still in charge. Yikes.

          • Not sure, could be Kaine, and he’s a disaster, he played Havoc on this state as Gov., either way bad.

    • I am really, really looking forward to those WikiLeaks also!

  5. Hillary was stumbling not because of the moderator, but because whoever was feeding her information via her earpiece was slow. As usual, the left claims unfair practices when they fail. Hillary is just not presidential material. Own it. (Trump is not that great, either, but he is far better than Hillary.)

  6. I have no sympathy for the liberal left. They can whine all they like. But they shine as the worst thing that can happen to this nation since it first came into being.

    • It seems liberals are constantly looking to be offended by the most trivial things and always inventing new victims to take under their perverted view of life and new words to describe it. Like “micro aggression”.

      • I was reading, on another blog, about some NFL players not standing for the Anthem…the liberals were calling everyone fascists and saying… if you don’t like it don’t watch! To bad these fruitcakes don’t take their own advice! When we are outraged over something it’s…get over it! Move on! Don’t like it, don’t use it. When those commie-liberal-freaks don’t like something they get a damn law passed to “fix it” for them.
        The longer this crap goes on.. the more I dislike anything liberal.

      • maxx,
        Yup, us conservatives are either fascist, racist, sexist or bigots. We don’t even get credit for being “wrong”.

        • We are never “wrong”. We may be mistaken, but wrong? Never.

        • We’re not wrong, we just have a different version of the truth.

          • Cig,
            Current evens are sometimes hard to find the truth immediately. Sometimes it takes sorting out fact from fiction. I wish liberals would do that more often, not that conservatives always do. Too often he liberal press jumps to conclusions before they have all the facts. Of course, they do that on purpose.

    • I believe the Liberals/Progressives are the first group in the history of our nation that fully intends to rob the youth of this nation of opportunities to make themselves a good future!

      • Yes, our “leaders” have created quite the dynasties for themselves, they get richer, less interested in Americans and will kill to keep the gravy train running!

      • Mary,
        That can’t be. The “government” is there to provide food stamps and housing at tax payer expense. The government wants to hand them a free education at tax payer expense. They don’t have to work for it. How nice. No learning about personal responsibility.

        • Have you heard what happened earlier?

        • I do know what you mean! I see it often. And those, if they vote, will vote for the Hill.
          But there are still many of our youth now that were taught personal responsibility. I invited a thirty-year-old to use my spare bedroom to live when he decided he had to leave his dead-end job that paid ten dollars per hour. He has completed barber school recently and is now starting a career.
          Even so, it is easily seen that he doesn’t have a clue what is really happening to our nation. If he voted, it might well be for the Hill. It is doubtful to me that he will even vote!

          • Mary,
            I hope he does not vote. Should Hillary win, she might bring back the old Roman “Bread and Circuses” failure.

          • I hope he doesn’t vote either. I certainly don’t delve into his political stance, nor do I encourage him to vote. He does hear the frequent words, “If DT gets in, but can’t or won’t try to make a difference, this nation is toast!”
            For I don’t really “trust” DT. Still, I will vote for him and “hope” for now!

          • Unfortunately most voters are uninformed. They vote for the political party their father and grandparents did. What is it that you don’t trust about Trump? He was my 10th pick but has impressed me how he has grown as a candidate. Yes he is a successful businessman but that should be impressive not a worry. When I listen to his speeches lately I can tell he sincerely believes what he says. He also listens to those around him. When I first learned about Ronald Reagan I had mixed feelings about his true beliefs. After all he was a Democrat. Once again he impressed me as I listened to him. I was honored to serve in the USA during his terms. He was the one that to this day made me salute whenever I saw our flag or heard the anthem. Give him a chance. He may surprise you and everyone else. God bless and God bless America. Prey for her.

          • First, Joseph Vanchieri, I want to thank you for serving our nation! Where or what would this nation be now without our soldiers? Soldiers are more important than politicians!!!
            Oh, I will certainly vote for Donald Trump! It is just that during this election cycle, I think I have seen much corruption in the leadership of both major parties and the elite! It is difficult for me to trust anyone! I feel that I have awakened to a nation that is much different than I thought it was.
            I will do what I can to elect D. Trump. I just joined the local Republicans that are “stumping for Trump”!

          • Thank you for the reply. My next worry is a fraudulent election. The Democrats are worried and will do anything, legal or not,to win the election. Please have your friends and family be vigilant while at the polls. If you or one of them see anything suspicious, report it and find the media and tell them too. We need to save the integrity of our elections. Beating Felonious Hillary is a good start.

          • Mary,
            I am sure Trump will make a difference. I am beginning to see another side to him. He is making more sense now. But it all may be moot. Hillary is quite ill and may not be able to fill any office.

          • But the Democratic party would have to run another candidate if she were totally disabled or dead before the election wouldn’t they?

          • Mary,
            I do not know for sure. No such provision is in the Constitution.

          • Thank you for replying.
            I just Googled this briefly and there are “opinions,” but basically I found it would be “a head-scratching” issue for the party involved and the Congress depending on the actual time one candidate was totally disabled or died.
            I just hope the present standing POTUS would have NO input!!!!!

          • Mary,
            I would be horrified if Obama did anything to try to extend his say in office if one candidate left the race. But I would guess that the number two candidate in the Democratic party would become the candidate as a replacement.

          • That makes sense to me! But I wouldn’t put any action past Obama!

          • Mary,
            I would not put it past him either.

          • Jerry B., have you researched much about the “derivatives’ market? I see that as a possible coming bubble. Just asking because I am concerned.

          • Mary,
            I have not researched that area. Tell me more.

          • I really don’t understand this market, or the stock market at all. Supposed ‘experts’ are saying the banks are in so deep that there could be no possible hope of bailing them out and stopping this bubble. They are warning the dollar could bite the dust.
            I am trying to make sense of this because I wonder if I should pull out my 401c and invest in something more safe than the value of the dollar.
            I am getting up in age and do not want to end my life being taken care of by the “government”!

          • Mary,
            OK now I am with you. I am retired with a pension to augment my Social Security. I am doing fine. I did roll over my 401K to a retirement account. I would talk to a professional investor as I am no authority.

          • Thanks for replying! I meant to say 401K!

        • Austinniceguy,I have watched the videos you have presented and many that followed those. This election cycle has revealed so much corruption about our government leaders. But, I have also noticed the leaders that do care about truth.
          I think my fuses have been blown and I seem to make up my own conspiracy theories! LOL I even wondered if at the very present time that they could be doing surgery to another female to fashion a Hillary look-alike! Oh boy!!!!!???

          • That I haven’t ended up in a straight jacket is testament to fortitude as I spend countless hours posting informative videos to help my fellow voters make educated decisions. Thanks for watching. As for your theory, NOTHING is out of the realm of possibilities anymore, LOL. I think they’ll try anything including putting Bill in a dress and trying to pass him off on us. Keep the home fires burning and have a great evening!!!

          • “countless hours posting informative videos to help my fellow voters confirm they I’m an Idiot”

            I can buy into that!

          • ROTFFLMFAO!!! While you’re busy posting your meaningless, moronic crap, OUR videos have gotten over ONE HUNDRED MILLION VIEWS!!! We even have a network posting the videos on well over 200 different websites and THIS is the best a moron like you can do? Perfectly predictable. I’ll post your responses to our “Morons of The Left” website where you’re sure to be a real prize winner. LOL!!!


          • LOL, once again you’ve shown what a narrow minded moron you are. We are a group who posts our videos to hundreds of sites, including your libtard rags for hours a day. I guess a moron like you hasn’t heard of social media AND Youtube? Both sources have been tremendous in helping us get the message out there. I’m especially fond of Twitter and Facebook. What is a moron like YOU doing other than posting your useless crap? You should go to Youtube and search Shitlery, there are 100’s of thousands of videos about that filthy gash. I LOVE going there when I need or want new material. The great news is that she has ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL over what we put on there OR take from there. ROTFFLMFAO!!!!

          • Austinfatboy,
            “We are a group who posts our videos to hundreds of sites, including your libtard rags for hours a day”

            Your problems are too multiple to go into, but the Number one is; everyone who you perceive to disagree with you is wrong!

            Not now and have never been a democrat fatboy. Where were you on July 17, 1980 -running down you mom’s leg?


          • More moronic thumbnails from the delusional moron Bob666 because you have NOTHING better to post. Perfectly predictable. Yes, we are posting ALL DAY LONG and out message is spreading far and wide while morons like you do nothing to help your candidate but post your useless crap. Great going, Johnson would be so proud of you!!! ROTFFLMFAO!!!!

          • Oh poor Austinfatboy babbling from his mommies basement!

            Where were you on July 17, 1980? You were not born yet -were you??

    • I have nothing for the liberal left except for hatred and contempt. If I could, I would execute every last one of them.

    • Check this out, in case you haven’t heard…

  7. LOL Jonathan Chit is a turd. I couldn’t care less about this interview because I am FAR MORE interested in what all those degenerates are going to do when the next batch of emails is released and they can do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop it. For all of history they’ve been able to control the flow of information because THEY were the gate keepers and the public would be spoon fed what was agreeable to them and the administration. Now, with the advent of the internet and social media, they have COMPLETELY lost control of the flow and risk getting left behind so they’ll HAVE to report on it. They will be complicit in ending her campaign and there’s nothing they will be able to do about it. That makes me feel GRRRRRRREAT!!!!

  8. The Left which always hates bullies and always accuses the Right of being the fascists are the guilty party! They hate The Truth and that is why they never tell the truth and use the Lie as their truth! Are the sheeple that support these Godless, Satan worshippers that stupid – YOU BET!

  9. Matt Lauer = “white trash”. Same goes for George Snuffelupagus, the paid democrat activist. Journalists? Not any more.

  10. Libs cannot face the truth – and Matt did nothing – Clinton did all this by herself and her past actions. Put the blame on who deserves it. She is a lying crook period.

  11. Oh my, the sky is falling, the sky is falling clucked the Main Stream News Media and their equally corrupt talking heads. Matt Lauer’s foray into realistic journalism regarding topics that are everyday news items was as it should be. Heaven forbid! The questions, by process of elimination, must first be edited by Hiliary and her cadre of lying disinformation experts. A journalistic adventure into showing a new low in competency by Hillary can not be tolerated. Congrats to Matt Lauer for exposing to the American people what real journalism is suppose to be.

  12. There will be a zombie apocalypse, and they are Liberals.

  13. Liberals are brain dead most of them, some have realized what the Democrat party really is, and are voting for Trump. However most remain brain locked to globalist communists and that psychopath Hillary Clinton.

  14. Liberals & truth = Vinegar and water.

  15. Always remember that these are the little boys who never competed at anything. If they ever played a competitive sport they received a trophy just for standing on the sideline looking like pee was running down their legs. Competing to win, in their world, is vile and disgusting. Being successful is vile and disgusting. If confronted by one of these little sissy men just remember that it takes 23 mussels to form a frown on your face; but, it only take three mussels to reach across the table and slap the shit out of It.

  16. Lauer did not let Clinton finish sentences, yet he never interrupted Trump. I’d say that was a bias right there.

  17. Maybe Lauer just wised up and realized he was talking to a liar and a criminal. Never to late to realize you’re wrong about somebody. Or a group.

  18. Finally someone asked Hillary tough questions which sh e did not like. Too Bad! For too long everyone has been treating her as if she were made of glass. Will she break down and cry during the debates? She has an impressive background but what has she accomplished. Just the liar we need as president.

  19. Most assuredly we are witnessing The very down fall of higher learning. Clearly the majority of colleges , Universities over the last 3 decades, ceased to teach by means of integrity ,honestly intellectually forth right. Lecturea , discussions, lessons are tough from a not row short sighted single deminsional mindset. Leaving set aside objective ,rational well reasoned logic . But rather they subject ,train ,the gullible, the naive ,the intellectual inferior as to how to avoid truth , gather in safe spaces , avoid being offended by rejecting free speech , speech our nation 1st amendment was designed to protect. Now these so called places of higher learning are releasing out into our society ,immature, emotionally maljusted ,irrational, illogical. Utterly ignorant, malcontents. They who would rather be lied to, told the world is their Oyster. Having recieved zero useful intellectilual tools in order that they may gather togather the pearls from the Oyster of a rewarding life. A life of hard work with just rewards. No these twits ,spoiled beyond reason, ill-eduacated ,ill-informed, Monads who coware in the caverns of Troglodyte’s thrivING off the Troglodyte’s escrement think everyone else owes them . Then when one of their own becomes self aware ,setting aside the lies ,munipulations of the lunatic left having now joined the truly enlightened ones. Those who remain stagnate deep in the bowels of ignorance bring out their sharpened knives. An the back stabbing begins.

  20. Lauer interrupted Trump 14 times. The liberal media should pull their pants up and stop screwing the American public. Today, she was overheated and had to leave the 9/11 memorial and they blocked the media from following her out where she had another health episode. The report was they took her to her daughter’s place to rest or did they take her to the hospital. She has to release her real health records–the hell with tax records because we know their biggest deduction under charitable donations was to themselves in the fraudulent Clinton foundation…..that’s taking money out or one pocket and putting it in the other. But the liberal media has their hands tied by intermarriage with the crooked administration. Plus, the reporters are afraid of being on the Clinton’s accidental suicide list.

  21. Finally someone asked some relevant questions to the liar and the liberals are fighting mad, too bad we are celebrating. It’s about time.

  22. George and Lauer are both disgusting progressive pied pipers and are only interested in leading the lemmings off the cliff:

  23. The new Natzi buzzwords for white..Judeo/Christian, hard working AMERICANS are “deplorable” and the
    warm and fuzzy, “irredeemable” for Trump supporters. The MSM has attacked Mr. Trump from day one.
    Now is the time to start asking hard hitting questions of Mrs. Clinton. She is so “healthy” and yet fainted at
    the 911 memorial ceremony. How dare the media ask about her many health crises. She actually means
    how dare ANYONE question her highly questionable life!!! Quick, get the pickle jar ready so she can scam
    her way out of any health concerns. She can get a fake Dr. with a fake report to go on camera next week.
    I hope she will have her Dr/Handler on stage at the debates, at the ready, with the epi pen to bring her back
    from la la land. Perhaps, he can answer for her, in case of another “short circuit”, seizure, coughing fit, or
    any other inopportune crisis. Maybe Putin can be on one side, and Assange, on the other side to prop her
    up, and disclose for her, what was on her emails. I am sure the deplorable, irredeemables will be all ears.

  24. she is unfit to be president..medically and mentally

  25. For those who missed it, looks like she’s not going to be able to open that jar of pickles today…


  27. michael schimanski

    Back to the same old thing , ” do or say ANYTHING long enough , hard enough , and loud enough to get elected ” , they are hoping it will come true .

  28. Execute Lauder today!!! One less liberal swine.

  29. Matt asked Ms. Clinton repeatedly not about what she had done but conspiracy theories about what she had done and then interrupted her responses.

    Matt did not ask Mr. Trump about the multitude of conspiracy theories surrounding him, only actual news items, heard him directly lie about his original support for the Iraq war (recorded in both in the video and print at the time) and did not interrupt him because “it is not my job to error check”.

    Mr. Trump could, if he wanted to take the effort, weave a convincing story around his recorded actions. He does not take that effort because he believes not just Matt, and not just his trolls but all of the other voters think it is not their job to error check.

    It is exactly the job of every patriotic voter to error check.

  30. Doncha just love the liberal media…

    They won’t blame Hillary for her filibustering the questions while Trump was Presidential and gave plausible answers.

    So, they blame Lauer…who I don’t care for, but was reasonable in trying to get crooked Hillary to answer.

  31. ConservativeSenior

    Liberals are like cannibals. They eat their own.

  32. “Hillary Clinton’s sharp, specific answers to his questions”… during the Benghazi hearings, “I don’t remember”

    If liberals didn’t have “racist”, “misogynist”, “fascist”, “sexist” etc. they would have ABSOLUTELY NO ARGUMENT!!

  33. It’s unbelievable how biased the so-called “journalist” are. They don’t even try to hide it any more. Journalism is dead in America.

  34. I love watching liberals eat one of their own. These bigots are no more a journalist than I am an astronaut. They wear their bias on their face and don’t even care they are so visibly one sided. For journalists of old this would be their worst nightmare. As for Matt I believe he may have seen the light or maybe the dark side of his liberal exfriends. With Ovomit as Darthe Vader and Felonious Hillary the witch in Hansell and Grettal. I wonder what Matt Lauer thinks of liberalism now? The main point I guess is if you plan on crossing your liberal family, do it all the way and leave liberalism a thing of the past. I doubt that will happen. Matt will probably be forced to do a couple of scathing reports on Trump and a pleasant fairytale about Felonious Hillary.

  35. So, what you’re saying is that Liberals hate the truth! Their news media people may NOT seek the truth if it casts any kind of doubt on their liberal agenda! Their news media is expected to mercilessly attack anyone who even casts a hint of conservatism! Guess what! You lose . . . everything! Your foolishness will come back and utterly destroy you!

  36. It’s always fun to watch the Demo eat their own.

  37. Wonder if he likes being subjected to the type of BS that we the American citizenry have been enduring at the hands of his so called colleagues. It is nice to see him catch hell as I am not that much of a Lauer fan to start with. If this doesn’t wake up the electorate to the biased news sources nothing ever will. We are witnessing a resurgence of the 1930s Nazi propagandizing of main stream media allover again. The Democrats need to add National Socialist to the beginning of there party title.

  38. Well now isn’t this interesting? Donors of the Clinton Foundation. You should all take the time to read it. It was to much to post. This evil spawn of Satan is bought and paid for. Get out and vote. If you know someone elderly or handicapped offer them a ride to vote. This will be the life or death of our Great God given Country. GOD HELP US ALL. You can Google Donors of the Clinton Foundation.

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  41. Of course the liberal audience is going after Lauer. He broke the liberal rule of the even playing field. If he had played the Megyn Kelly game he would have been their hero. But to ask Hillary straight forward questions?? OUTRAGEOUS !!!! NBC is a liberal media and the liberal nation was expecting a Bryan Gumbal moderator from that media. I’m no fan of NBC nor Lauer. But he played it straight and the DNC don’t like it one bit.

  42. USEFUL IDIOTS: I’m not a morning person. I used to be a morning person, but after years of early morning shifts at the White House, something changed and I became much more efficient in the evening hours. My wife knows this about me and I recently remarked to her that with all the lying and deception going on in politics, some entrepreneurial politician should run on a platform to “ban mornings.”
    We laughed about it, but it sparked a thought. What’s the difference between the stupidity of claiming to have the ability to “ban mornings” versus the equally outrageous claim that socialist and far-left politicians make when they claim that they are going to make things “free”? Nothing is “free.” Even young children understand that everything has a cost and the only real question is “who is going to pay it?”

    The corrupting nature of absolute power is inherent in a world full of fallible men and women.

    But the lie about making things “free” is only one in a series of lies told to impressionable men and women eager to be manipulated by disingenuous politicians desperately craving power over their lives. Lenin and Stalin are alleged to have used the descriptor “useful idiots” to describe people like this who are lied to, and then become willing accomplices in the destruction of their own freedom.

    • AGREED! People who think things come free are those under the control of the government slavery Lords and little do they know it cost them their souls, their character and integrity to procure.
      God called it like it is: Sluggards

      Proverbs 21:25 The desire of the sluggard kills him, for his hands refuse to labor.
      2 Thessalonians 3:10 For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.

  43. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Hillary and you liberals are nothing but CRY BABIES and if Hillary can’t take a little heat she needs to resign PERIOD.

  44. If anyone was treated unfairly it was Trump. Lauer asking questions of Hillary but when it came to Trump he demanded answers.

  45. So sick of Hillary bullshit

  46. What is a women doing running for president.Don’t they know this is a mam’s world.

  47. Her disease is progressing to acute stage , I do not think she is going to be around much longer….the media knows this and are desperate, the “crowds” at her meetings simply aren’t there !! …what maybe 100 people ?!! Trump speaks the truth that has been in the hearts of far too many good people for too long, if the rank and file in the military were allowed to speak freely , it would be deafening ….I worked on military bases for years, and have spoken with many of the soldiers of various ranks…suffice it to say they are not allowed to speak their minds regarding Obama…..his corruption and treasonous dictates directly affect them in ways Obama doesn’t want the public to know about. Their vicious hatred of Trump , which borders on outright murder, really isn’t against Trump , it is in truth their hatred of Jesus. The Democratic party, the hypocritical Republican party, the vicious propaganda machine that is the media, and these apostate churches which are far and away the worst of all , these modern day scribes and pharisees who have abdicated their responsibility before their Creator , whom they claim to represent , yet in their souls bow before Lucifer the enemy of God, these compose nothing more than the church of Lucifer, the congregation of the damned whose disease of hypocrisy is spreading throughout the earth, …..”….shall not my soul be avenged upon such a nation as this…”
    Jeremiah 5 :9 read Jeremiah 4 :9,10 all of these entire chapters are written to this nation right now in the end of the world…they are all talking about the great and dreadful day…the day of the Lord … which is nigh at hand ..!

  48. So let me get it right. She’s still alive, why does she have a stand in. Her picture at the Memorial, she looks dead and the stand in that comes out of Bills alleged illegitimate daughter Chalseas apartment looks pretty good, in comparison. Suddenly, Gone are the thunder thighs, the extra industrial strength “Depends”, and the hair is combed she has make up and excellent cover up with sunglasses. She almost looks like HRC! Good job. Will the memorial be private? Or will they keep it secret? Will she have a pretty pink casket?

    • Kinda reminds me of the jokes surrounding General Franco of Spain who had been dead for a decade before anyone had the good sense to check his pulse

  49. Matt Lauer the only honest interviewer in the whole thing.

  50. What a good idea! Check her pulse if you can find the body.

  51. Who does the NYTimes think he surrendered to, Trump. The media is supposed to be ‘neutral’. Benjamin Franklin once sad “You can’t have a democracy unless you have an HONEST Media.” I guess the NYTimes missed that memo. Boycott the Communist NYTimes!!!

  52. AS we have said previously, many times, the media is a joke! They lie more than Hillary does and expects the masses to pay for their BS. The New York Times is quickly becoming the Clinton’s Crow and their journalism sucks!

  53. Liberals are some sick puppies, most hate America and most need to leave it. This is our country America, if you hate how it is then feel free to slip your ass out the door. We will not change it for a bunch of left wing morons who hate everything about our country.

  54. He is the cautionary tale, to control any other free thinking journalist. They know Dems can’t answer hard questions.

  55. Got this rambling reply from pm. Is this incohesivness incoherent post for real? Is it Hillary with one of her attempted “call ins” to late night tv entertainment/ news that she grants to her bated breath audience, breathlessly calling
    to the Vanderbilt/ Anderson/ Cooper guy? Wow no wonder the masses bought “pass it then read it”, P M says in her post that Bill Clinton cannot be proven as a RAPIST! Is that incredible. Guess all those women were “bimbos”just like Hillary said. Those court records, cases and indictments followed by settlements that financially broke the Clintons leaving them destitute on leaving the White House never really happened. It’s all a conspiracy by mean people. Don’t know nothin’ ’bout no body bags. Never saw who was inside them.

  56. “America’s liberals live to be outraged, and nothing sparks their fury faster than seeing one of their own wander off the reservation.”

    The premise of the article is flawed to begin with. Why even bother writing more? Ah yes, all the rednecks, white supremacists, knuckle dragging goobers with no teeth coming down from the hills! Gotta keep the dumb shit deplorables fooled.

    It’s so much fun to laugh at you idiots!

  57. there is no wrath or fury like that of a liberal being ‘betrayed’ by one of their own! Unless Matt makes a forceful ‘mea cupa……..mea maci cupa, he might as well clear out his desk and head for Fox Network!

  58. Matt Lauer you did a terrible job. Hillary got to ramble on and Trump got interrupted. It seems someone wrote that backwards hoping that no one would bother watching the actual tape. How about Jeannine Pirro or Ann Coulter asking the questions? Then Hillary would crumble like a soggy cracker

  59. It’s against the law to ask tough questions of ANY LIBERAL don’t ya know. The COMMUNISTS can’t stand to have to defend their actions because they are indefensible and it exposes them for what they really are. LIERS and DECEIVERS. We are seeing COMMUNISM on FULL display folks. If TRUMP does not win, we will give TOTAL CONTROL to these ANTI-AMERICAN COMMUNIST BASTARDS and our kids and grandkids will have no future or FREEDOM. This is WAY MORE than just an election. It’s GOOD VS. EVIL and EVIL has almost total control of the MEDIA. Mr. Lauer might as well join Fox News because he is done with the COMMUNIST CONTROLED MEDIA. Don’t worry Mr. Lauer, we will except you with OPEN ARMS.

  60. Speaking of mobs, has anyone ever noticed that protesters of Trump have resorted to violence while no such behavior has occurred by conservatives? I have no desire to be a party to violence and destruction of property concerning any candidate for office. Most of us are that way. But the opposite is true only for the liberals to engage in harmful behavior. I find that appalling.

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