Liberal Hysterically Calls for Bernie to Get Out

Now it’s getting fun.

After months of repeating the same refrain – The Republican Party establishment is panicking! – we finally get to sing a new song. Because guess what? Liberals are beginning to panic about Bernie Sanders and how he’s hurting Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning in November. Ain’t karma a bitch.

Check out the hysterical pleas of Ross Rosenfeld, a contributor to

Sanders is an honorable man. He has consistently dedicated himself to helping and protecting the American people. But, in case you missed it, Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee. This makes a major American political party one of the greatest threats to our security and the security of the world. The Republicans have chosen to nominate an anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican, anti-Chinese misogynist as their candidate for the highest office in the land and one of the most powerful positions on planet Earth.

Ah, this gives you a little bit of insight into the wacky world of liberal pundits. We get so used to the subtle sort of biases found in the mainstream media that we sometimes forget just how loony these people really are. It’s good once in a while to go straight to the source for some unfettered, unabashed insanity.

Because it’s important to see it for what it is. To these people, Trump isn’t just an unlikable Republican. They have built him up into something Biblical in nature – a wrathful monster who could bring about the American apocalypse. They aren’t exaggerating when they compare him to people like Hitler; this is really how they think! This is how skewed and twisted their worldview is – that they would rather hand this country to a self-proclaimed socialist than to a guy who sometimes makes crude remarks.

“If there’s only a 10 or 15 percent chance of Trump winning, that’s too great a risk to take,” cries Chicken Little. “The words of a president matter, and Trump is entirely capable of engulfing us in a trade war, alienating our allies and destroying the multiethnic fabric that is the very essence of our nation.

“It’s time for [Sanders] to be bold once again and to honorably and courageously bow out.”

Well, maybe Sanders will and maybe he won’t. The pressure has to be extraordinary.

But here’s the thing: it isn’t going to matter.

In fact, you could even argue that Hillary is benefiting from Bernie’s stubborn defiance. The moment she’s the undisputed nominee and the primaries are over, Trump is going to turn all of his attention to destroying her. This election is going to trip over to hyperspeed, and there’s no telling where we will go. Is Hillary really ready for that? Are Bernie’s fans going to jump on board?

Keep on keeping on, Mr. Sanders. Whatever you choose to do, liberals can’t avoid their electoral fate this November.


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