Liberal Hero Jon Stewart Says Goodbye

In an age where it’s hard to get a significant consensus on just about anything, Jon Stewart managed to become the undisputed champion of the left. Liberals might not be able to agree on Obama, Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton, Paul Krugman, or MSNBC, but they loved The Daily Show. Stewart, who even turned his comedic satire against the Democrats every now and then, became one of the left’s most trusted figureheads.

A few years back, a poll determined that college-aged Americans got the majority of their news from Stewart. He had become more than a comedian; after years of presenting his funny, yet mercilessly critical views of current events, he had convinced his viewers that he – unlike Fox and CNN and the rest of them – was giving it to them straight. And even though he went out of his way to assure critics that he was just trying to make people laugh, he started to attract a new kind of reputation: credibility.

Now, he’s leaving. Stewart announced Tuesday that he would be ending his run on the Daily Show later this year in pursuit of other interests, at least one of which he said, tongue in cheek, would be getting to know his own family. The wags are speculating on what he might do next – some even going as far as to suggest he should take over for the disgraced Brian Williams at NBC – but Stewart is remaining mum on his plans.

Conservatives have plenty of reasons to dislike Stewart. Clearly competent when it comes to putting together a satirical comedy show, his point of view is relentlessly liberal. He’s taken his shots at Obama, CNN, and other liberal icons, but he’s reserved the vast majority of his barbs for the right. For viewers getting their first exposure to any particular issue through his show, it’s little wonder that they found themselves influenced by his politics.

In that way, Stewart has been an enormous tool of power for America’s liberals. Viewers who found Moore disgusting, MSNBC shrill and boring, and Obama less inspiring than he promised were all too happy to hold off forming an opinion until Stewart gave his. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he was singularly responsible for our country’s creep to the left over the last decade. Or at least more responsible than many would like to admit.

In the same way that liberals have failed to generate much interest in a left-wing equivalent to Rush Limbaugh, conservatives have failed to come up with a right-wing alternative to Jon Stewart. Perhaps this, more than anything, demonstrates a key difference between the two philosophies. To conservatives, there isn’t anything funny about Sharpton. There isn’t anything funny about Obama. There isn’t anything funny about watching the country slide towards a multicultural, liberal, free-for-all future. It feels a bit too much like laughing at a funeral.

Stewart will be replaced. The left will find their new figurehead, and they will keep laughing at those wacky conservatives. In the meantime, we can only shake our heads and keep fighting the good fight. Our champions may not have top-rated comedy shows, but they’re out there all the same. They can be found in our history books, our churches, our communities, and our families. They can be found in the truth. And that’s good enough.

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  1. Good by Jon. You will be “missed”, but my aim is getting better.

  2. Good riddance… don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. You are nothing more than a stupid left wingnut comedian with little character or insight. You must have been raised by two bare headed hags!

    • You must have missed his rant on the right-wing media” when he cut loose in defense of Ron Paul. Or did you hate him, too?

  3. must be serious shortage of news.

  4. Stewart is a NATIONAL TREASURE! The right wingers hate him because he so successfully skewers so much of their balderdash! He will be around for several more months to nail their nuttiness.

    • trollhunterforlife45

      PUKE ME A River You , LIARS from the Left field lost in space case idiots. Hope and change yea ? On April 15th Obuma care will Be a Surprise of the century .Nothing is for
      free as Obuma care collapses ,then Uncle the Harry Reid Promise comes to light. Universal Single payers system for Ye all The 4th world Zombies will love to overtake your Home Soon/No Visa Passport need, Or National ID card ,but the Vera Chip Nightmare to Come.

      • Sure, you blithering bozo! Your odious ilk were confidently predicting that if Obama got a second term he would come after your blessed guns. Did NOT happen. Many of you predicted that he would instate martial law and round up thousands for imprisonment in FEMA camps. Did NOT happen.

        There seem to be no limits to the outrageous and improbable paranoid fears of the bozo-bumpkins on the wackadoodle extremist right.

        • I’ve got shotguns, handguns and long guns.
          What’s a “blessed” gun?

          • One that is irrationally and even reverently embraced by its owner as a symbol of his imagined macho persona–a behavior especially common among the swaggering Southern male ignoramus population.

          • Where would someone get one of those?
            Does a Priest have to Bless it?
            How does someones”irrationality” change a regular gun to a Blessed gun?
            Does it look different? Is it more accurate?
            Is a Blessed gun protected by the Second Amendment, like a regular gun?
            If a female owns a blessed gun does she get a “macho persona”?
            Do men scare you and you prefer a wimpy persona?

          • Why are sissies so afraid of an inanimate object? Bet your stupid leftist sissy ass has a GUN FREE ZONE sign in front of your hovel.

          • Nah–I am tough enough not to have to go around hugging a firearm like a security blanket. Work hard and you too might get there.

          • Wow! Another keyboard warrior. Sissy is Moore like it.

          • Who is this “Moore” person?

            Oh, I forgot; you pseudo-macho semi-literate types disdain the basic rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. That is what happens when you drop out after the seventh grade.

          • You libTURD, weakling intellectuals (sarcasm) fail at any manly type of endeavor. Moore, as in Michelle Moore, the fat, pig liberal sissy who is also afraid of anything manly, guns, heros, working people. Why don’t you and vaGINA D go fornicate and create another mouth breathing, leftist failure.

          • A tip for you. Check out the self-help product catalogs. There are various devices available for unwadding panties. You could help yourself greatly if you would take advantage of that technology.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Sounds like you hate women. Are you gay, or just into animals?

          • I’m the guy who will pimp slap your leftist, sissy ass.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Maybe because some concealed carry fan with a holster bra just shot herself in the head adjusting the bra. She died. You probably will too. Right wingers are not all that bright. Some of them are cops. There were some recent court decisions (1) Cops don’t have to “protect” anybody and (2) Civil service departments can reject applicants for police jobs if they are intelligent. That will help bring in a lot more donations for the Republicans.

          • Sissies like you shat your pants at the mention of “guns”. “OH, my president and Eric Holder will protect me from thugs, rapists and other leftist vermin.”

          • And the most dangerous places to be for being robbed, shot or mugged are the GUN FREE ZONES. The thugs are safe there because nobody will have a gun to shoot their filthy butts with. Safest places are where guns are welcomed. And how many thugs caught in possession of firearms were members of the NRA? I think news broadcasts should say if a person arrested for any firearms violation or use of the firearm is a member of the NRA. I bet zero NRA members are involved in firearms violations or shootings. Prove me wrong!
            Now tell us on news broadcasts how many arrested for any offense are members of the NRA. Leftists are afraid to broadcast this information.

          • Sissies are afraid of guns. They hope Holder, and their “GUN FREE ZONE” signs will protect them. Oh, they are also afraid of strong conservative men and women.

          • That’s a liberal’s name for his male friends genitalia.

          • Don’t respond to this sissy! We will have to feed him, his kids, and then satisfy his wife.

        • Nice to see someone else on this site who speaks truth to paranoia! I find it sad that no one wants to actually examine issues. All decided: Obama is Satan no question no doubt. If he says the sun rises in the east must be a lie!

          • Go back to the huffington post where your crap will be appreciated.

          • The cretin community is well-represented here, Gina D., those inbred throwbacks who seem to think that crude potty talk makes for persuasive polemics. Do not look for substance from that crowd, but be assured they will predictably get their panties in a wad
            when someone shows up on this forum who does not line up with their extremist wackadoodle nonsense.

          • Sissies are here to begging us “throwbacks” to house them, feed them, protect them and satisfy their women.

          • Well that would be a good indicator, as in “if you like your health care insurance, you can keep it.”

        • Your girl friend Obama is going to outlaw certain bullets. He knows banning guns all together would be a stupid move. Sorry giveinghead on straight, did I scare you with “bullets” and “gun”

    • hey head did you get any from obammy last nigh you freaking idiot!!! Go back down the hole you slithered out of along with with that other piece of sewage hitlery!!

    • LMAO the libTURD spews forth.

  5. Johnny Christensen

    Recently I have noticed Jon has turned his sights more on the left , granted he is still hard on the right whenever possible but so am I ! It may be possible that he is changing his thinking on some issues !

  6. Jon Stewart was giving a free pass to a worst demagogue US everr had ina White hosue, Barack Hussein Obama! I used to like Steward, until he gave Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) a prominent place at his march on Washington…that Yusuf Islam said that Salmon Rushdie shoudl be killed for “insulting the prophet” by his book “Satanic Verses”.. That reminds me of Obama encouraging terrorism by defending Mohamed at UN in Septembrer 2012 with “the future does not belong to those who denigrate the prphte.” Clearly the French Muslim terrorists had fulfilled this Obama prophecy for 12 Charlie Hebdo journalists.

    Hon Steward was another fool for Obama’s gift of gab. Like many Jews who voted for Obama who is a true friend of his Muslim Brotherhood and not America, Jon is contibuting to destruction of America and jihad in our midst.

    • Who is this “Hon Steward”?? What is a “White hosue”? a “prphte” ? Get your mama to get you a dictionary and keyboard with extra large keys so you won’t blunder into such casual errors. She could surprise you by leaving it neatly gift-wrapped and waiting for you in your basement room when you get back home from studying for your GED (in hopes of passing it on he sixth try).

      • is this what your life has been reduced to…a grammar nazi and bully. i’m sure 99.9% of people give a rats ass about how they type on social media compared to work or a resume. so take a pill and get a life!

      • Get a job editing term papers if that’s your gig.

      • Maybe he’s using one of those “great” Apple products that complete words for you and even changes things for you. But like most liberals, you can’t find fault with what he says, so you attack the minor faults of the messenger.

        • Oh, I find plenty of fault with what Gea posted, most especially with Gea’s silly-ass claim that the President is a “true friend of his Muslim Brotherhood.” I find, however, that the deluded, disordered, dense-as-depleted-uranium halfwits who continue to claim that the President is a Muslim are so far gone intellectually that no amount of reasoning will penetrate those tiny, gnarled wads of tissue they rely on for brains. I choose, in such instances, not to cast pearls before swine.

          • I’m not saying he is a Muslim, however, he is a Muslim sympathizer. As to Muslim Brotherhood, he had them to the White House, even though they are “related” to Hamas. They were/are a terrorist group and have been named such by the current Egyptian gov’t. He still refuses to use the words “Islamic terrorist”. He is quicker to condemn Christians than he is a Muslim. And it’s so nice to know you have no bigotry toward conservatives, LOL.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            There are plenty of pictures of Obama wearing one of those Jew beanies and praying at the “wailing wall.” We should just relocate the mosque half-a-mile and nuke everything under it.
            Then, in 100,000 years when their Messiah rebuilds the temple in three days, the atheist “Jewish” Zionists can return to Jerusalem without committing a major sin. After all, most of them came from the former Soviet Union, so of course they are atheists, but they still claim that the God who doesn’t exist gave them some real estate. We need to boycott, divest and sanction. BDR for peace.

          • Funny how libTURDS throw around the “racist” word, then rail against the Jews! Can you say HYPOCRITES?

          • Try checking out his ring and see if you don’t change your mind! He is not only a ‘friend’ of MB but he IS ONE OF THEM!

          • Will you Obamaphobic dingbats ever learn? That old Muslim ring garbage has been thoroughly discredited.


          • Jack off Oblame-o leg humper. Bet you think the call to prayer is a beautiful sound too!! Allah snackbar twat!!

          • That is funny! Thanks for the laugh. Careful, you might wind up in the same boat with Salmon Rushdie. The fecaliths are after him big time.
            [BTW, when I typed “fecaliths” above my spell corrector switched it to FACECLOTHS. Ha.] ..and I thought it was “raghead.” [Then raghead was switched to “raged.” This spell correcting thing knows more about Muslims than we do. Har, har, har!

          • Awesome!! I also hope Oblame-o doesn’t have the I.R.S. audit me!

          • But when a person claims to be a Muslim I take his/her word as fact.
            Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama, said he is a Muslim and I twice saw the video clip in which he made the statement. So is Barry S. lying about that?

      • trollhunterforlife45

        Wee Need a Grammar Cop like we need Common Core !!1 Go Back to NYC,NY and Fk脕 Muslim ACLU Lieaw- For Allah Akbar tonight !

      • THAT’S what bothers you???

      • Seems awful petty. If you can’t debate issues nitpick?

      • Lame retort, lame libTURD, lame sissy!

  7. Good bye John, you won’t be missed!!

  8. What a sad day for Obama, now he will have to do his lying all by himself; but he will still have his Press Sectary’s that swear his every lie is the whole truth. Shalom!

  9. Good riddance. You’ve done more than enough damage. Our idiot 30 somethings have become more dumbed down from regarding your “comedic” news rants as absolute truth, than the schools have made them. You are almost as bad as Rachel Maddow and Jeanine Garofalo.

    • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

      It sounds like you never watched any of those shows. Don’t you have room in the trailer for a TV?

      • I love how libTURDS always spew :trailer park, momma’s basement etc. The elitist, leftist sissies have nothing else to spew.

      • Another brain dead reply from a brain dead Dumbocrap.

        • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

          Well, gentlemen, some of us can carry on a conversation without necessarily resorting to obscenity. It isn’t even good obscenity. It is just scatological. O.K. You mamas done be so ugily they make both of YOU look good. Back to you.

  10. who cares, one liberal gone big deal

  11. Oh my God! What will the Left-Wing morons do for “news” now?

  12. Like they say “just don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out”.

  13. ‘Liberal Hero’….now there’s an oxymoron if ever I’ve heard one.

  14. He is just another stupid Asshole like his buddy obuma & will only be missed by his stupid democrat buddies.

  15. Don’t worry libTURDS, they replace him with another leftist, inane, vapid pig.

  16. Here’s my favorite Jon Stewart program and wa sit ever on target!!! And I AM conservative!!

  17. Good another liberal moron gone. His show was a real pice of shit that the left praised. Good bye you feakin liberal moron . Another one bites the dust.

  18. I don’t believe I’m saying this! I’m a Conservative Republican (until we get a third party [The Patriots]); but I LOVE Jon Stewart!!! I wish Fox would get him. He’s a darling treasure! I can’t believe I’m saying this!

  19. Don’t worry Obama will still have his progressive loons protecting him, Valerie, Soros, Biden, Reid, Holder and Pelosi. Time to clean house of these radicals trying to destroy our country.

  20. Dos Vedanya, comrade Stewart, don’t let the door hit you in the back

    • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

      袛袥携 Noah Rosenblum: 袠袛孝袠 K 效袝袪孝校, 小校袣袠袧 小蝎袧.
      小孝校袝袪孝 校袦袧蝎袡 效袝袥袨袙袝袣,
      袗 孝蝎 袚袥校袩蝎袡 小校袣.
      And, just for you, Noah, and all your far right buddies, Sieg heil!

      • And you libTURD muSLIME lovers, allah snackbar!

        • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

          There have been a few very cool Muslims.
          Shams Tabrizi was one and Rumi was another.
          Algebra was invented by an Arabic mathematician:
          Mohammed ibn-Musa-al-Khowarizmi
          Logarithms were invented by a religious fanatic
          in Scotland by the name of John Napier. He was
          a militant Protestant.

          • WOW!!! Compare that to what your Jackboy Oblame-o said, to the multitude of achievements made by Jews, Christians, Hindus, blacks etc. LMAO!!

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Sorry, 褔褍写邪泻, but I don’t have time to pay attention to Obama’s exact words. I am a retired single dad raising three very special children all by myself. What is your point? Muslims gave us our number system. It’s a lot easier than trying to figure out your income tax using Roman Numerals.
            FYI, Protestants are Christians. I just don’t know about Catholics.
            O.K. You have my permission to stop using algebra and Arabic numerals. It takes some real intelligence to study Shams Tabrizi, even though some regular Muslims think that he is somewhat heretical. My pastor likes one of his ideas.
            Jews, and Hindus are pretty irrelevant to the U.S. domestic situation, although the Hindus are less parasitical than Jews. They have their own country now and they should all go there and build some very tall apartment buildings so they can stop stealing real estate from their neighbors. They want us to think that we need them, but we are such a large, populous country that we don’t. If you have a Jew doing any particular job here, there is an unemployed Christian somewhere who could do it better.
            We just need to follow through on JFK’s agenda: No nukes for Israel, no more Fed, no more IRS or CIA. We need to dismantle TSA and most of the rest of Homeland Security and get a few better laws.
            We get rid of “law enforcement” and go back to “peace officers.” They all wear tan uniforms and campaign hats. We get rid of their assault rifles and black bullet proof ninja suits. We reject the dumb candidates instead of the smart ones, and we execute any cop who kills someone’s harmless puppies.

          • What a long winded spew to say NOTHING!! As I said, compare what the muSLIMES have provided to the world besides killing, be-headings, wife beatings, children raping. I suppose an obsolete, archaic number system is a great comparison. LMAO! Say “hi!” to IMAM Hussein and Ms. Jarret.

      • Go collect your usual social security, and well fare. You鈥檙e a parasite.

        • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

          I paid cash for every cent of my retirement income, Noah, by working in an appropriate occupation.
          写芯 褋胁懈写邪薪懈褟

      • Clever retort condom boy!

      • Hey Wild Bill (Leftist Bolshevik Obama Ass licker)
        I’ll refer to you as Toilet Paper and wife my A– with you .
        You’re a parasite.

  21. i’ll miss stewart as much as i miss that zit on my a**!

  22. head on– it is useless to try and educate the ignorant as their smartest fellow said ” YOU CANT FIX STUPID” what little they think they know they got from faux noise or the backyard bbq at their local klan rally- the number one saying for the Gop and their consevative butt kissers is – “TRUTH – WE CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH “

  23. Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

    I am going to stop posting here. The left-wingers already know everything I am going to say, but I make long posts and the right wingers can’t handle a three word sentence. Bye. The cops smashed the unlocked door in with a battering ram, so it won’t hit anything, thanks.

    • All libTURDS understand is “Hope and Change”, “you can keep your doctor”, ” the call to prayer is the most……” Vapid pukewads!!

  24. Trust a liberal to quit. He WAS beginning to denouncie the barbarism of Islam and many other taboo “nontraditional” liberal subjects. He was the ONE LIBERAL that was starting to take a stand on what was right, and now he’s taking a powder. Great, Stewart.

  25. How about word wizards stop stigmatizing Republicans as one narrow entity, and realize many people of various persuasions exists in this feigned check and balance Government.

  26. Not a funny matter=============People, this is very serious, and we the people better get serious about it and clean washington out, because they will not clean up their act. We the people are the only ones that can do that——–Wake up America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Is there an exterminating company that can remove a Kenyan roosting in the white house? Then spray to rid the place of all the lice accompanying it.

  27. You and every other law abiding citizen better start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSooooooooooooooooo many gooffy humans. Notice i did not say humans. Islam will take over this country if we don’t rise up and get the one we have in the white house NOWWWWWWWWWWW OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!

  29. os hole 0 oshole you are right the liberals are always falling back onto facts while your uneducated trailer park butt falls back on gutter talk and falsehoods.

    • James, James, James What the H are you trying to say? Poor slob, can’t put a thought out there.

      • lol if you cant understand get a 3rd grader to interpret for you . i realize someone that speaks in complete sentnaces without a cuss word is beyond you but try to concentrate and you will get it.

        • Your libTURD ass can’t spell, punctuate or think! You have the audacity to call me trailer???? Now, go and give your boyfriend Obama a great big kiss.

          • i will go slow for you so maybe you will follow- the topic was john stewart – i loved his show he was funny and brought out many great points about “ALL” the idiot politicians.
            his show was voted by “TIME ” magazine as the most truthful news program even though it was a comedy show 7 years in a row.
            there did you remember the topic yet.
            it still is not how many cuss words you can cram in a sentence
            it is still not how obnoxious you can be in 10 misspellled words or less
            try to stay on subject if you want to reply

          • GFY Jackoff.

          • ok now i understand were your coming from –any news -magazine -editorials – books or tv – that doesnt come with crayons and pictures to fill in is a communist liberal rag- good thing you have the comedy channel staring bill oreilly or you would make comments even dumber than the last one

          • Rainbows and unicorns huh stooge?. Do you really think our revered (that means respected) news agencies aren’t biased? I’m sorry, but I WILL equate your poor attempt at writing as a sign of ignorance. Your leftist leanings confirms it. I will no longer respond to illiteracy.

          • Any Shit pile that makes Bill, “boff anything that walks by the Oval Office” CLITon” man of the year, has no credibility. Understand now “spell check impaired”?

  30. Now it is time to move on to NBC good luck JON

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