Liberal Exaggeration Could Put Trump in the White House

Pol Pot. Genghis Khan. Joseph Stalin. Mao. Donald Trump.

By the time we get to November, America’s liberals will have run out of historical monsters. Trump won’t just be on the same level as dictators and mass murderers; he’ll be a unique threat to human civilization and the world as a whole. He’ll be the devil incarnate. Democrats are one step away from linking him to the quatrains of Nostradamus. The third antichrist has arrived! For the love of god, hide the children.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow told Rolling Stone that she’d been doing some reading to prepare for Trump’s potential election.

“Over the past year, I’ve been reading a lot about what it was like when Hitler first became chancellor,” she said. “I am gravitating toward moments in history for subliminal reference in terms of cultures that have unexpectedly veered into dark places, because I think that’s possibly where we are.”

Maddow is not the first commentator to compare Trump to Hitler, and she’s probably not going to be the last.

On a new Facebook page, historians like Ken Burns and Robert McCullough have recorded videos comparing Trump’s rise to things like the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s, the anti-semitic movement of the 1940s, and the immigration quotas of Depression-era America. Presidential biographer Ron Chernow said that Trump’s campaign disturbed him more than “any other presidential campaign in our history.”

And it’s only July.

Granted, conservatives are sometimes also guilty of exaggerating the threat posed by any individual Democrat. Our culture in general has become one where there’s no more room for nuance. Something is either the greatest thing ever or the worst thing ever. No one’s interested in the middle ground anymore.

Even so, there are limits to the public’s tolerance for exaggeration. Donald Trump, just as he is, provides his critics with plenty of ammunition. His willingness to speak extemporaneously is a rarity in American politics for a reason; politicians don’t want to say something they’ll later regret. Trump has said plenty of stuff he probably wishes he could take back.

The problem is that none of those attacks are working. Trump is gaining support by the day. And liberals are getting panicked and frustrated. The polls are tightening, and the only response they have is to accelerate the rhetoric. He’s not just a racist – he’s a genocidal racist! He’s going to kill all Muslims! He’s going to nuke Mexico! There’s no telling what we might hear by the time all of this is in the history books.

It’s not going to work. The Democratic Party’s liberal base might enjoy turning Trump into Darth Vader, but it’s beginning to sound silly to most voters. Worse, people are going to start picking up on the subtext. It’s Hitler-esque to enforce congressional immigration law? Only a monster would consider pausing Muslim immigration? A presidential campaign that encourages patriotism is “disturbing?” Hmm…

Whatever else Donald Trump is, he’s not a menace to the planet. And the more liberals exaggerate his threat, the more people are going to realize that the real problem is not Trump – the real problem is that we’ve veered so far left that “America First” is seen as monstrous.

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  1. Eleanore Whitaker

    Wow! It’s hard to believe just how backward right wing minds can be. Those of us who for nearly 4 decades have lived with daily media accounts of the Great Slime Ball Trump, know the damage he’s done.

    For men and women who purport to be neo conservatives, boy are they stupid. Here’s The Donald back in the early 80s fighting the city of NY because he didn’t want to have to pay taxes on his hotels nor did he feel obligated to produced proper safety and worker safety construction documentation. But what’s a few deaths to the CON Death Squads right?

    Better than that, The Donald and his passion for ripping the tails of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy bunnies at the Playboy Mansion in McAfee NJ is a legend in the Metro area by now.

    This guy is a corporate freeloader. But then, so are most CONs.

    • Grow up!

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        Sorry Prickface, I am as grown up as it gets. Just because you can’t stamp your feet, roll on the floor and pull more of your asshole tantrums, doesn’t mean we, the people of the United States who wish to insure a “more perfect union” won’t punish your asses by demanding OUR state stop funding yours.

        Then, let’s see you CON crook bullies work your lazy asses off like we have to do just to support your CONman states and OURS. Eat your own. That’s all you nut freaks of the right have left.

        All the mass murders are taking place in gun happy states…So..go change your Pampers dickface…they are overloaded with your BS.

        • carlton goodson

          You sound like a lib loon to me get some help for your nasty mouth and help with all that hate.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            You sure you aren’t a Charles Manson follower nutso? You sound like a asshole to me.

          • carlton goodson

            If I were I would talk to you in the same way you did me.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            There is a standard axiom that people who want to play bully best be prepared to take in the same quantity as you give.

            You wussy right wingers are all mouth and then when it comes to someone forcing you to prove what you post, you can’t. That only proves you have no brains.

          • Boy thats the pot calling the kettle black now isnt it?

          • The truth and facts just get in the way of lib thought’s .

        • What perfect Union would that be may I ask? A land where the government controls every aspect of your life and wipes its ass with the bill of rights and the constitution on a daily basis? Is that the perfect union you speak of you fn lazy welfare troll? Oh and by the way the mass murders are taking place in areas that are gun free zones you stupid idiot. Schools( San Bernardino), Military bases (Texas and Tennessee), night club(Orlando) are all gun free zones. And if I might add in you factless libtard whiner California has the most strict gun laws in the country. So dont go all haywire and beserk on us when you cant even get your facts straight about gun control before you run your mouth. Its hard to believe you liberal morons can even function on your own. Thank God half the country still has some common sense because you sure as hell dont.

    • Yes, he did all that and paid the price. What has Hillary paid for all her disgraceful and treasonness actions. She has endangered this country through her phenomenal incompetence and conniving. She has lied more than told the truth, and she has sucked her living from the hardworking taxpayers of this country. She is the most disgusting piece of female flesh I know. She is the ultimate “freeloader”.

    • You haven’t noticed Hillary’s coziness with the Wall Street bigwigs? They pay her a quarter-million dollars for a 20 minute speech, then she won’t release the details of what she spoke about with them ?? You liberals don’t seem to have a problem with that. Talk about “corporate freeloaders”…

    • Have you forgotten already all the money the Clinton’s have gotten from other countries. It has made them rich.

    • Eleanore,
      You are precisely what this article is about. Nuff said.

    • Remember Bill “Slick Willy” and his girl friends and prostitutes and his infamous World travels with corrupt slime balls that promoted sex trafficking and sex ??? His ‘blue dress’ incident ??? “I didn’t inhale”, “What is ‘IS'” ??? His and HRCs corrupt ‘business’ deals while holding public office ??? Talk about “free loading”. Today they are in the top 1% because of their back room money deals with known international thugs and power brokers from Russia and other forbidden rogue countries. Would you trust either one with your kids in a closed room ???

    • I’ll take Trump over lu=ying crooked Hillary who belongs in jail, along with her rapist husband.

      • Interesting…the Clintons have left a big trail of dead bodies stretching from Arkansas to D C. Just last week, 2 witnesses set to testify against Gitlery mysteriously died–& one, JOHN Ashe, was a longtime buddy with the Clintons. The body count must be 62 now…but MSM wont report it.

    • Get your liberal head out Killery’s ass and start thinking for your self if that is possible(which I doubt)all of you stupid libs have to be led like sheepel or you have no guidince at all .

    • Backwards minds. I guess that depends on your perspective. If you are a leftist Communist Progressive one could expect that to be your perspective. But from my perspective – where Human Nature and the Truth are CONSTANTS – its hard to believe how gullible some people are – like Dung Beetles gobbling up all the LIES of the Leftist Communist Progressive Media! And it is a LIE that your views are truly the concrete opinion of MOST Americans! (If they really were Trump wouldn’t be an issue to you nor would you be freaking out about his popularity!) Just in case you really believe the assumption your comments convey.

      Corporate Freeloader?

      Explain that.

      I’m opposed to TAXES myself as it is legalized THEFT. I despise the welfare state which is epitomized by NYC! To me this is a PLUS for Trump! And personal responsibility is part of SAFETY – why should Trump be required to compensate for stupid people? Just another excuse for GOVERNMENT INTRUSION!!!

      Death Squads? I Guess you need to explain that too, since it sounds very extreme – oh wait! Maybe you mean like BLM’s death squads out killing cops!

      Better than that? You mean you think the most egregious thing Trump did was rip the tails off of Playboy Bunnies? Wow! For a second I though maybe you had some serious arguments but if ripping tails off of dizzy blondes is really that bad in you estimation…lol! It is a part of the psyche of the Driven Male to be sexually motivated. Sex is the primeval purpose of most species on earth after survival!

      Let me explain NeoConservatism – in case you really are as ignorant about that as you appear to be. Neocons are simply leftists, communist, socialists who migrated to the “conservative” side especially when McGovern was running for President. They are bent on World Domination like Leon Trotsky. They pervert true conservative values, appearing to agree with some but subtly trying to change others. They are controlled opposition by the “New World Feudal Estate” crowd (think – Council on Foreign Relations, et al) who never met a war they didn’t like! With the same leftist agenda that drives the Liberals – you for instance? And when the time is right (i.e. Billy Kristol voting for the Criminal-Bitch) they will switch sides with “righteous” indignation! ooOOOOoooooo….

      I’ve watch Trump just as long as you have and I see a Rugged Individual who is smart and self-made! An outsider to the Political Game that has putrified Washington DC! The kind of American who help found this Nation in the first place, with the same intent; making money and creating wealth! THE ORIGINAL bourgeois that Karl Marx HATED!!!

      Interesting that you would call conservatives freeloaders. But this is typical Communist rhetoric – and hypocrisy – because it is they who believe “FROM each according to his abilities TO each according to his needs”. Communism is all about FREELOADING!

      Maybe you should stop gobbling up all the Dung the Media dumps on you. Death Squads? Obligations? WHAT are you talking about?

      NEVER MIND. The open mouth of a Communist is a Lie on the loose!.

    • You are on the mark. No bigger insider than Millertrump. Read Wayne Barrett’s 30 year investigation, formerly titled “Trump”, now an ebook “The Greatest Show”. Barrett is the only Trump writer not sued by Trump, that speaks volumes. What an inept scumbag.

    • I prefer pedophile presidents like Bill. Much more fun.

    • Almost as good as Obama in the 80’s lying about his past smoking reefer and snorting powder at some second rate college in california doing absolutely nothing with his life until he miraculously gets into Colombia and Harvard with crap grades and is now the resident of the white house. At least Donald Trump has a history we can read about and where he actually came from. Regardless of his history at least he has one. Obama pays millions to hide his past from the public and the ahole holds a public office. Obama is puppet that was molded to be where he is today by the people that would love nothing more than to see America fail, and these are the people you defend in your ignorant, obnoxious post? You are completely what is wrong with this country. LIving in pure ignorance with a complete lack of common sense.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        I can’t help but notice that you don’t mention Laura Bush sending Georgie to alcoholic rehab…Trump is a Class “A” Shitbag. I know him better than you EVER will.

        You already have more drunks in the GOP today than there have EVER been in the Dem Party history. Start with Bourbon Boozer McConnell..By the way asshole…marijuana is LEGAL today. Get another bitch story. How about you clean up the meth your Corn Pones and Mutton Chops sons and daughters create in the back seats of Republican State cars?

        You want a real Boozer? Try Palin. That bitch can’t pronounce a single word that makes any sense. Get an education…a real one. Not the shitbag education the south and midwest calls education…It’s so rife with abstinence, medieval BS and lies. It already has reinvented the Civil War. sacks of right wing BS sure do know how to sling it.

  2. Hitler is in there now. First thing Hitler did was nationalize healthcare then took control of police depts. It’s called Freudian reverse projectionism or blame shifting. People who are habitually rude will accuse others of being rude. We’re talking about the demotards here. It’s not their fault they were all begot without a brain. They pout about how bad things are right now, when they’ve been in total control for the past 8 yrs and now their criminal parasite cackling icon wants you to accept the same thing for another 4 years? I’m all for abortion if it rids the planet of the tard cancer.

    • Too bad we can’t make abortion retroactive!

    • Would you believe FoxNews anchors are calling Trump a “Family man?” I almost puked. The guy has three wives and still looking for another woman to stay with him in Trump tower. Now we have Pence a notorious religious freak who would put women who commit abortion in prisons. We are told Pence is a racist, sexist and a bigot. Worst of all people have found he has IQ of 89. Compare that with Hillary who has IQ of 145. Well, I am not surprised with GOP nominee who has an IQ of 90. Both hate smart women. This time around GOPers did not have good candidates. We may as well rally around Clinton. She will be tough on Repubs and TPs in congress.

      • She may have an IQ of 145 but has the morals of Josef Mengele.

        • I have never heard she had an IQ..just a large stolen bank account..She is bought by America’s enemies..

          • Thats why she is so sympathetic to muslimes. She is owned by the countries they come from after taking illegal money into their fraudulent foundation and campaign coffers.

      • Hilary will be Hitler reincarnated..

        • I think you meant Trump. Trump hates Blacks, Mexicans, and American born women. Look he goes to Eastern Europe to get women. We have beautiful women in this Big USA. I wonder why Repubs even dare to call women here ugly. You know what I mean: Arnold, Sanford, Trump, Bush III, Mitch McConnell. We are better off with Hillary – a true American woman. Vote for Hillary on November 8.

          • pmbalele, what does that mean? you dont care much for america , I don,t think you believe what you write

          • I really mean what I write. That is why I am claiming that I am now living in heaven here. Why, Obama has made it possible for everybody to pursue their dreams. I am enjoying life for I have everything I wanted in life.

          • If you are in heaven here under Obama, then you must be one of the many illegal immigrants, refugees, or H-1B workers that Obama so vigorously advocates for. The reason many of Trump supporters are angry white men is because many of them have been paying for you through their tax dollars, and losing their jobs to H-1B workers or having jobs shipped overseas to third world countries, all while American tax payers are footing the bill to the tune of $20 trillion in national debt that Obama will leave us with. So, I’m glad you are one of the few getting the benefit from Obama. Many of us citizens have not been getting the benefit. And, let’s not talk about how Obama and Hillary don’t mind putting the police officers lives on the line, as well as the military, all while they criticize them and praise the thugs in groups like Black Lives Matter and created environments to foster the rise of terrorist organizations like ISIS. This is where the voter anger is coming from. People are tired of the nonsense under Obama, and to watch the corrupt liar Hillary working to fill his shoes and continue the madness is outrageous.

          • Ginger my little girl; I am not on government entitlement like you and many TPs and Repubs. After all Trump’s wives, including Melania are illegals. May be we should ship his wives out first. I am not getting anything monetarily. It is the peace of mind Obama that has given us many racial minorities and women in this Country. Before Obama we were nothing other than post-slaves. Now you and many poor people can be president of USA and the World. You look Black unless you live in Cal or Fl where Whites over-tan. The same was during Bill Clinton. Bill saw people as Americans not as Black or Whites. But you TPs and Repubs are racists and bigots. That is why 88% of Americans are voting for Hillary on November 8 at 8 am. I am. Well, if you want to be under Repubs or TPs or Sharia law with Pence as BP, go ahead. But I am warning you. like I did the people of Wisconsin before they cast their votes for Walker. Now Walker is calling Wisconsin workers as “ISIS.” Look, Walker as TPs or Repubs, is a school-drop-out supervising doctors, professors, lawyers, IT professionals. I have no idea where university graduates in political science were not to compete. And that tells you that many TPs and Repubs are primitive or under-educated to vote for somebody like Walker. Did you hear this today – Melania, Trump’s wife, is an illegal and yesterday she lied had university degree? She further cribbed some pages from Michelle Obama 2008 speech and GOP cheered not knowing she was lying. I believe that ended Trump bid for the WH job. GOPers are upset. So, Ginger, take my word, I am living in heaven here and have been doing so for the last 8 years. Please vote for Hillary so that I can continue enjoying heaven again for the next 8 years.

          • I guess heaven to you is living on welfare and food stamps and spending your whole day on blogs and forums like this allowing shit to flow from your mouth that makes you look like a retarded, mentally unstable idiot with no common sense. People like you make me laugh and this is why our country is headed in the wrong direction with worthless freeloader douchecakes like you voting for a living rather than working for a living. So go collect your welfare check from the mailbox you libtard anti american pos and leave conversations like this to the adults.

          • I am back now after 9 hours.

          • explain how obama who is really a foreigner has made life better for any american
            his aim is to make america a third world country, by the way if Trump is elected because
            Hillary the amoral, immoral crook may be in jail , are you going to, leave the country
            by the the way you are not american born are you

          • A true Americsn opportunist you mean. Using her positions to sell Americsn uranium mines to Putin, military secrets to China and selling favors to Saudi Arabia. Hmmm, I wonder what they expect for their donation to the Clinton foundation? Leaving people unprotected in Benghazi Libya (of all places) while she lies about being under sniper fire herself, Ooooh, a paragon of virtue is Hillary.

          • Natalie Williams

            More embarrassing ignorance. Are you iin the third grade?

          • Hey idiot, a true American woman ? why are you insulting women ? you a queer ? and hate women ?

          • It is so hard to even no where to start when dealing with ignorant, misinformed liberal morons like you. No wonder our country is going down the crapper. The only one that has an IQ below 80 here is you my friend. By supporting a hypocritical, power hungry, habitual liar and lawless crook like HIllary you just showed all of us how truly ridiculous your statements are. People like you will believe anything you read rather than actually putting the time in to research it yourself. Common sense is dead in this country, and you my friend are firm proof of that.

          • You Hillary supporters are so ridiculous. Before, Trump was anti-immigrant. Now that he highlights his immigrant wife, he hates American women. Is that what you’re trying to say? Silly. You all need to find more to talk about. Why don’t you talk about what your candidate Hillary can offer the country rather than trying to find something silly to say about Trump. Like the article says, it’s getting old. As you all get more desperate, you start to just say things that sound plain stupid and people just start to tune you out. I know I have. I would not fit what you “profile” as your typical Trump supporter. It amazes me how all of Hillary’s supporters do the opposite of what they claim they represent. They profile people, like all Trump supporters are angry, white men with no education. Not true. They are very politically incorrect by saying discriminatory things about Trump and his family members, just like trying to insult his wife because she is an immigrant, yet the Democrats are suppose to be the party of immigrants remember. Trump is suppose to be anti-immigrant. Keep your story straight. And, though Hillary is suppose to be the pro-female candidate, the Hillary people could not wait to try to pain Melania Trump as some kind of bimbo because she was a model and did not an MBA, JD or doctorate. Wow, sounds like you might be one of those racist, sexist, xenophobes you Hillary folks like to always claim Trump and his supporters are. Time to find new talking points because these are getting very old.

          • Trump dumped you and all American women models and went all the way to Eastern Europe. And here you’re wanting to vote for Trump who dumped you. You’re crazy and may be primitive too. Vote for Hillary and you will feel good.

      • where do all these “facts” come from to say that Pence has an IQ of 89 is a real stretch

        • It was all over the internet yesterday. Do I have to e-mail you every time news come out. We are also told he is religious guru who would vote to have women who commit abortions jailed. Trump is done as WH candidate.

          • Do you really believe anyone would have anyone’s actual IQ score and be able to place it on the internet? I would recommend you get your own IQ checked if you believe that. IQ scores are very private, protected by HIPAA, and you must complete a battery of tests to even come up with an accurate IQ score, and even then there is a range of error, so no score is completely accurate. I know because I’m trained as a psychologist and trained in testing. Mike Pence is way to bright to have an IQ at 89. Those of us who have done testing can almost predict which range a person will score just based on how they talk and answer questions. People who can make it to Mike Pence’s level of having served in Congress and served as Governor can be assumed to have a fairly high IQ just to manage an election and manage all that is required to serve in office. Hillary does not strike me as someone with an IQ of 145. And, if I were to guess, I would say I think Bill Clinton’s IQ is higher than Hillary’s. However, in general, all of these politicians likely are at minimum in the average range of IQ or above. So, stop trying to insult people with information you do not know.

          • Ginger, with your Ph.D. in whatever, you ‘re missing something like many over-educated people such Dr. Carson. I did not start the IQ stuff. Conservative researchers, like those at WND, FoxNews started comparing IQ of prominent people. Trump IQ was 99 while Pence was 89. Hillary is 148. So Hillary is smarter than Trump. But Repubs and TPs are mostly primitive. That is why they vote for primitive people. I gave you an example of Wisconsin governor. The guy is a school-drop out; but Repubs voted for him anyway. Now Walker is calling the same people who voted for him as “ISIS’ and they love it. Walker is now making Wisconsin as Sharia state; and thank God he bailed out in his quest for President. You all women would wearing the burka next year. So please vote for Hillary. She will make sure you a free person – woman or man. I am in heaven because President Obama made me feel free. Hillary will continue to make me feel free.

      • Hilary’s a genius?? ha!

      • Natalie Williams

        Your post is embarrassing. You sound like a third grader who reads the moon is made of cheese and believes it. Very sad.

      • It must irritate you that Donald is able to hold his family together and cherish each one’s abilities to succeed in business. I believe his ex’s are still friends and speak highly of him. I live in Indiana and your assessment of Mike Pence is so far off base that it doesn’t deserve discussion.

      • I knew God made idiot’s but never thought he would make them as much of an idiot as you, go crawl back under your bed and suck your thumb.

      • Almost as good as Bill Clinton and his who knows how many mistresses during his tenure as President. He gets busted getting his chrome polished by an intern but I am sure you have conveniently forgotten about that mishap because that is what you libtards do. Conveniently forget the truth and point the finger at others when you get busted.

      • You are really an idiot. Do you even know what an IQ of 89 would indicate? That’s not even in the Average range of IQ which runs from 90 to 110, and I seriously doubt Hillary has an IQ of 145. She doesn’t even know how to use an e-mail system. And, just because Donald Trump has had 3 wives does not make him “anti-family”. His whole family is there with him, and work in his business and speak highly of him. Family values has to do with how you treat your family members, and how he raises his children, and by all accounts, Trump appears to have done a very good job. This is the kind of nonsense so many of the low information Hillary supporters like to focus on rather than any real issues. Hillary is a corrupt liar who should have been indicted, and Hillary has taken in untold sums of money from millionaires and billionaires who are expecting much in return. All of you dumb Hillary supporters who are not millionaires or billionaires will be left in the dust if she gets elected. And, criminals will run amok if Hillary is elected, because she is a criminal herself and is now pandering to Black Lives Matter, who will also be expecting something if she is elected. Remember, BLM believe that the solution to the police shootings is to just get rid of the police departments. Wow! Vote for Hillary if you want this country to become a banana republic where we will all need our own guns to protect ourselves. Trump/Pence 2016!

  3. The only place that depiction of Hitler belongs is along side the socialist democ-RAT Hillary Clinton and the socialist democ-RATS

    • Notice how these lying jackals always accuse someone of the very things they are doing .
      Their sit around the campfire scary stories are now the news from Rachel Maddow .

    • When it comes to occupying the WH it must be anyone but the hildabeast. She is so so dangerous.

      • Plus she likes to throw vases & Bibles at people who piss her off

        • To say she has a temper is seriously downplaying it. She has a serious anger problem. She lives in a constant PMS mode. She is totally out of control and can not be allowed in the WH. It scares me to death that she would have the launch codes.

    • some of these links and posts are so silly I can,t believe normal people , with normal thinking ability are writing them

  4. Does anybody really care what the miss drama Rachel Maddow thinks. Pllleeeese!!! If it weren’t for Keith Obermann she would not even be on MSNBC and therefore there is a possibility that more people would be watching them. Let her have the no good democrat Hillary Clinton. I’ll keep watching FOX.

  5. The only connection I can see is the far left progressives ‘agenda’ (socialism/ communism) comes much closer to the likes of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler (the National Socialist Party, NAZI), Mao, Ho, Pol Pot, Castro and other murderous bastards. The demowit party is being led by the UN and EUs elite socialist Puppet Masters.

  6. They forget to add the monster Clinton.

  7. This country needs to be divided up, there’s just no other way around it. I don’t know how it would happen legally, but we can’t go on living with violent leftists, refugees, criminal illegal aliens, radical Muslims, the black panthers, black lives matters, and Democrats in general. Liberals need to be labeled officially as a terrorist group, they’ve gone too far.

    • Texas and several other states had the right idea …. succession from the union. After all, at one time we were a separate Republic. We control our Southwestern international border with DPS, Texas Rangers, DHS, Coast Guard, Customs and Border Patrol and private contractors. They have, active radar, drones, gun boats on the Rio Grande and the Gulf Coast. We don’t need a wall, it’s already there. Remember Goliad, the Alamo and San Jacinto. We know where Obummer and his minions are putting the illegals and are watching them closely.

    • I thought of that, too, but for radicals (muslims, blacks, socialists, et al), enough is NEVER enough. Fifty years of Democrat radicalism has eaten America ftom the inside out.

  8. FYI: Most of the Germans living under Hitler’s rule HAD NO IDEA OF WHAT HE WAS DOING TO THEIR COUNTRY/PEOPLE. They listened to his speeches and thought he was doing good things, not horrendously bad things. The people that knew differently were the Jews, the Journalists who opposed Hitler and any other dissident in the country. He removed every opposing reactionary from public view and protected his reign.
    Those Germans living close to the “Ovens” were told they were factories, so they believed him, even when the trains started bringing mass amounts of people. They were told those people were to work the factories…and the German people believed him again. Lie upon lie was his reign as he cleaned the Arian race.

    My dear friend was but a tiny child in Germany but her mother described what was happening during that time as my friend grew up. Hitler was a monster now everyone knows including those Germans living during that horrible time. He was a manipulator of truths and colored his actions as benefiting the German people. He was an excellent liar. He bent the truth so the people would believe in him. He was the ultimate Politician and would fit in the Liberal Party perfectly.

    Trump is not a great orator. He gets angry when put in a corner and made to look stupid by some unknown media personality. Wouldn’t you do the same thing? He is not “slick willy” the corner politician with the silver tongue, he does not lie, and is not afraid to put ALL THE ISSUES (including the uncomfortable liberal issues being forced on Americans) on the table for everyone to see and acknowledge. He wants those issues fixed and will do everything in his power to do that as our U.S. President.

    So, yes, liberals will call him names, try to tarnish his business successes, cause him to become flustered because they are good at throwing the blame off themselves and making others responsible for their misdeeds.

    Trump is NOT another Hitler but if obama could have achieved everything he tried (and was blocked by Congress), bho could definitely have been called the Black Hitler. However, bho isn’t smart enough or evil enough to actually earn that titled. Only an AntiChrist gets that title and that was Hitler.

    • You could be right. I lived for a year with a family in Germany & the Frau kept saying, “We had no idea!” Hitler took the guns & knew propaganda techniques which liberals use today. The Nazis seized control if the media–just like America today. The Big Lie. Demonizing dissidents. Stifling contrary views. We are or will be the Fourth Reich.

  9. Well there you have it; Rachel Maddow the top thinker of the American LEFT. In her vastly superior thinking, Trump is equal to Hitler.

    Rachy-baby, you have your cock-eye head up your own skirt!

    Trump has not been pushing a radical socialist agenda for over a decade – or even a few hours. Trump is not advocating that an entire race is tearing down Nationalism. Trump has never hosted a rebellion in the Streets. Trump is not a criminal who spent time in jail. Trump doesn’t cry-baby about how much his life has been tramatized by an entire race. Trump has not the inclination to take over the would on behalf of the Master Race. Trump is not in the occult in any form. Trump has been married Three times because he doesn’t, nor will he ever, consider himself to be Married to the State. Trump has never had his enemies murdered. Trump has never gassed milions of that “notorious” race. Trump has actually made something of himself other than the Villain of all times.

    The reason you, Rachy-Baby, are so freaked out about Trump is because you fear he will do the very things YOU would do if given the chance. Its called projection. It never occurs to any of you Globalist One-Worlders that Maybe Trumpt wants America to be great again by simple Laissez Faire – like in the good ol days before massive government!

  10. michael schimanski

    We have Hitler in the W.H. now , stop and look at everything he has done , and is doing secretly behind our backs that most of us don’t know about . Lying croket hillary wants to do more then he has . She has lied so much you don’t know what to believe with her , so believe nothing . hillary , obama and the democrats are pushing and paying for riots and unrest in America at the republican rallies . No one in the republican party or Trump campain are unruly , they are the one’s being attacked by these paid democratic disrupters . The democrats want to cause fear in the hopes of stealing the election so they can continue there goal of government control and globalization . Not only a lier , but hillary is pure evil and obama is no better . obama is pushing racism in America through the new black panthers and black lives don’t matter parties . Don’t fall for there deception , stay the course and elect Donald Trump in November 2016 .

  11. William McNamara

    Shows just how scared and desperate the insane regressive socialists are. Chairman Obama is acting more like Hitler than Trump ever will. Chairman Obama instituted an old Hitler idea: Obamacare! Chairman Obama is trying to take over police and nationalize them just like Hitler! Chairman Obama is persecuting a religion(Christianity) similar to Hitler’s persecution of Jews. If anything, Chairman Barack Hussain Obama is more like Adolph Hitler than Donald J. Trump will ever be! Trump means a strong America. Trump means a safe America. Trump means America first and foremost. Chairman Obama has disarmed, castrated and almost completely demoralized our military with his social experimenting, Chairman Obama has literally imported millions of disease-ridden people from around the world along with hundreds of thousands of terrorists, Chairman Obama has continually denounced America and promoted foreign culture. This country needs Donald Trump. What we don’t need is another 4 years of insane regressive socialist propaganda.

    • Trump is what America stands for. Opportunity. What the f has Obama ever done to benefit this country before or during his so called presidency?

  12. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow must be confused, she probably thought she was talking about Obama or Hillary Clinton.

  13. Exaggeration? You mean liberal lies and deceit!

  14. Beginning to sound silly ? THAT is an understatement . These fear mongering corrupt globalist jackals should be tried for treason . Darth Vader would be a breath of fresh air compared to Hillary the Corrupt .
    Trump has my vote !

  15. Imagine if you’re a 2 yr old child, nestled in your mother’s arms and you’re clinically brain dead, and your mother tells you “Little baby…I’m afraid, for the rest of your life, you’ll be a democrat.”
    So the baby pukes and craps all over mama, who says, while cleaning up the stinky mess, “Little baby, you’re off to a great start. You can be a demotard president one day”

  16. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    Yes Hillary is a War Monger and will get us Nuked ! She has said recently that if she was President now she would shoot down the Russian fighter planes attacking the pro or anti the President of ( I Can’t keep up without a score card) Syria ! Which would start a World wide Nuclear War that is if Obama circling Russia with missiles does Not do it first ? There is No reason for Obama a Communist himself for circling Russia with so called anti-missile missiles ? After all President Kennedy said No to nuclear missiles in Cuba and he was right, Putin is also right that the US should not circle Russia with missiles ! You do not know how close we came to a nuclear war in the 1960 Cuban missile crisis ! There was a miss communication and a Russian submarine Commander was ready to use nuclear torpedoes on American ships which required the approval of the Captain and the next highest officer on the sub, But just by coincidence there was another high ranking Officer on that submarine who disagreed and caused them to wait for more information, The misinformation they had received was that the conflict had reached an all out battle condition and it actually hd not, We just got lucky or most of us would not be here now !!

  17. This person has no talent of her own, other than a big, loose liberal mouth, which she often manages to put her foot into. Keep going, the hole is getting deeper with every utterance you make!

  18. Once Trump gets into the WH it is a great possibility that Hillary will be prosecuted for her crimes and later Bill will be prosecuted for his for raping so many young ladies. This is why he wants to get back into the WH so he has the availibity of young ladies there for him. Where also Hillary can finish Obama’s goals of reducing America to a 3rd world country. This is her agenda as she doesn’t have the brain power to think up something on her own.

    • Bill will skate on rape. The two biggest things to watch are “Pay for Play” national security/emails & the totally corrupt Clinton Foundation. They learned their Mob lessons well. BTW, apparently the “unbiased” FBI Director has had ties to the Clintons going back to HSBC & Whitewater.

      • I know they are all in bed together scratching each others backs. This is why Convention of The States is so important moving forward. Take the power away form a run away federal government and put it back in the hands of the people and the states.

    • He has so many mistresses Hillary has lost count. THe Clintons would sell off their grand kids if it meant remaining politically relevant.

  19. Rachel?Ralph?Maddow is still on the air?I see she/he is still at it.What in the world happened to these people’s brains that makes them so unable to know right from wrong? So many questions,so little time for America.

    • The hippy dippy socialist Weather Underground became teachers & college professors & ruined our children’s minds. They also took over politics & media.


    • Everything they touch turns to merde. Take a look at the desperate people in socialist paradise Venezuela.

    • That would be every large inner city in the country. Bankrupt or on the way to being bankrupt. Starting with Detroit. And those stupid liberals had the sack to ask the feds to help bail them out with our tax money. Liberalism is the true definition of stupidity……..When policy fails time and time again keep doing the same thing over and over again hoping it will change.

  21. Phyllis Schultz

    There have already been several stories, comparing Hitler and Obama. In each if you aren’t told at the beginning Which of the two is being talked about, you would have no idea which one is which. Their actions are and have been exactly the same. I don’t think Obama and Trump are anything alike so apparently the people saying Trump is like Hitler must be mistaken.

  22. Trump 2016.

  23. Hey Rachel, we’re already in a “Dark Place” thanks to the liberals. Say what you want about Trump but right now at this time, he is what America needs.He might be a colossal failure, but he just might be one of the most successful presidents we’ve ever had.

  24. Really? What about the readers here who *routinely* post Hillary with Hitler. But… that’s apparently OK.

  25. The liberals love name calling they just haven’t figured out yet that no one cares what they say. Most everyone knows them as being way less than truthful about most everything. They are running scared and the more garbage they spew the more ridiculous they look. Trump is this country around and making it great and again

  26. Yes Rachel be afraid…….Be very afraid!!! Lol!!!! ?

  27. Hillary is the Hitler clone starting by disarming the country as Hitler did. Trump is the one we need to turn America great and prosperous again. His pick for VP could not have been better. Not only is the Pence pick for VP a perfect choice for America it is making the Republican party whole and strong again. Most Americans realized 8 years ago that you can’t believe a word the Liberal community says and the more lies they tell the more foolish they look. No one is buying anything they are selling. Trump and Pence are probably giving the Dems ulcers or at least I hope so.

    • Indiana ulcers are now healed, there is literally celebration in the streets of Indy and we have one less fascist t deal with. The Governor was about to have his political career ended here, he decided to end it on a bigger stage. We’re not ulcerating but praying there is more intelligence and heart than ignorance and bigotry in the country. You seem to think foolish is not and that clear unselfish ideas are.

      • You surely have the right to your opinion I even fought for your right to have it, I have mine and I don’t buy into liberal socialism. I will stick to my opinion I have seen what Obama has done to this country and I am for sure not going to vote for some one who should be spending her life in prison for leaving American heros to be tortured to death without lifting a finger. If Hillary is elected this country is finished.

      • Aren’t you just so smart & self-righteous. You sound just like a white libtard college professor.

      • At least Pence and Trump were actually born on American soil.

        • WOW you found a time machine ! Ancient history . At least their both neo fascists and your in line to get ya some. Enjoy!

          • What do you exactly teach again? Based on your comments in this forum I feel really bad for your students that have to listen to this scatter brained dribble. Sounds like alot of hate built up inside. I thought I could expect more from someone who is supposed to set an example as a higher educator in this country. You just gave me and everyone else in this forum another reason to make sure we all know exactly what our kids are learning in school because I certainly would not allow them in your classroom professor.

          • I don’t teach opinion, I don’t know a teacher who does . That is obviously grounds for dismissal .

  28. Trump’s popularity could have a major downside. If Obama is convinced that Trump will win, he may act to impose martial law even before the proposed election. It’s beginning to look that way, what with U.N. troops in our country and a proposal to Federalize our police forces.

    • Tea baggers and Millertrump have created the hate and bigotry in our environment that will call for, demand full martial law. Take responsibility for what ignorance is creating.

      • You are sadly sadly 1000% wrong. See you at FEMA camp.

        • there millions of americans that would revolt before they would let that happen to them common sense dictates fema camps will never happen

      • Ignorance is you actually believing the s h i t that flows from your mouth. My god you dumb liberal lemming douche cake. THe KKK and segregation were formed and upheld by the democrats through the 70s. Go do some research on which party voted which direction when it came to segregation. Oh, thats right you are a liberal so facts dont factor in to your irrational, lopsided ideologies and thought processing capabilities. Right up there with neanderthals and apes.

        • Yes I know about the dems and kkk, I know too that when the party took their legs off they offered their special brand of hate and ignorance to the Republicans and helped structure the regressiv tea people where they now live. Two problems with your thinking ; one, I’m not a Democrat; two, I teach college, undergraduate and graduate Modern American History .

    • Obammy already has it planned. Google Obama Executive Order 13603, BDAA. It’s the Patriot Act on steroids. He signed it right after his re-election. I got a copy but Ill bet some members of Congress never heard of it. Ask your Congressperson to send you a copy. First few pages are boring but about page 4 you will feel the hair rising on the back of your neck. Main Stream Media didnt report it, probably don’t know & dont care.

  29. All the bad things, groups, and people they compare Mr. Trump to, are all leftist and left ideals. Leftist are scumbags that need to be exterminated for the good of humanity.

    • LMFAO ! Ridiculous, the right created Hitler who was funded by Prescott Bush, not exactly a leftist.

      • Left/right/schmight. The Nazis were the National SOCIALIST Party. Fascism is fascism. Dead Jews dont care what label their killers had. It was EVIL.

        • Correct. Hence the path Obama and Hillary want us to be on. If the support Bernie Sanders mustered up isnt enough to tell us how stupid the lemmings of this country are then we have no business being the USA any longer. Might as well be the USSA for all intensive purposes.

      • He was a socialist. Too bad you are a programmed tool who laps up the revisionist history. You are a total uneducated fvcktard. Prescott bush just supported hs ideology like all elites, leftists, and globalists at the time. LOL! You must have recently graduated from the liberal college system you retarded SJW!!! Go back to your pokeman go game or your BLM protest or celebrating cops being killed you anti American, brainwashed zombie!!!!

  30. a few of hitler’s favorite choices for creating and advancing his agenda were; media manipulation and control, creation of division among the people, fostering hate of one group of people against another, Surrounding himself with like minded people in positions of power and influence. Sound familiar. It should. It exemplifies the administration of the foreign exchange student. The killary said I will continue the course of the current administration. Wake up America. These rats are not democrats or republicans or progressives they are pure evil.

  31. Rachel Maddow is another yellow livered liberal who lives in an utopian world that does not exist! She has no idea what Trump thinks as he is keeping you all locked up in your stupidity!!!

  32. Michael Dennewitz

    Most liberals are scared shitless of him because they know, once he’s officially elected, free rides are over folks. Hope he makes it, but knowing how the PMIC stold the last election…………..???

  33. <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!ja442s:….,…….

  34. Hitler’s regime was MUCH, MUCH more like the Democraps’ schemes then anyone else’s ideas.

    • You have that 100% correct, Mark. Jut look at all of the takeovers going on: healthcare; restrictions on industry; working to kill the coal industry and any others that Libs are not in bed with; and so on. We cannot rid this country of the scourge quickly enough!!

  35. Just shows you how deranged and bias these assholes are, WE GOT THE NEW HILTLER in the “Outhouse” now trampling on the constitution with his illegal EO’s and these bastards say that Trump is the evil one – WAKE THE FUK UP! tHIS Muslim-Marxist JIHADIST HAS BEEN RULING AS THE NEW Hitler SINC HE WAS IMPLANTED back in 2008 to do what he is doing, DESTROY AMERICA!

  36. Liberal democrats are fools…

  37. Hillary Clinton is a great example of the left wing Progressive Socialist Democrat Party. They actually believe they are smarter than the American citizen and yet this movement bases everything on an ideology that has failed everywhere and every time it has been implemented. Socialism always fails because working people ultimately get fed up taking care of people who are lazy, are never held accountable and who don’t appreciate what they are given enough to make any effort at self sufficiency. Democrats want to control every aspect of peoples lives because we are too stupid to handle that responsibility on our own. Democrats love to compare anyone who disagrees with them to Hitler but notice they never invoke the Castro’s Stalin or other mass murderers because they actually believe these people are different from Hitler. Comparing any American politician to these mass murderers is beyond silly and stupid but most Democrats seem to suffer from delusions. These people actually believe Obama has been a great President and that Hillary Clinton is an intelligent and honest person. Amazing how stupid and silly people can be.

  38. Looking back in history every country or world rulers that killed many people, FIRST took the guns away from the public to make them defenceless. Who is doing that today? Guess? NOT TRUMP!!!

  39. The Democrats are attempting to equate Donald with these Tyrants but it’s not Donald that’s trying to outlaw guns as Hitler did before he began the rounding up of the Jews. The most irritating thing about these socialist is their attempt to rewrite history to mold the minds of our youth. Take a look at the text books of your children.

  40. If Trump is considered the devil than what are Hillary and Obama considered. Liberals haven’t realized it yet that most people are sick of the establishment running our lives.

  41. The fact that you are a professor and teaching and indoctrinating our kids with this foolishness is even more disturbing to me. Let me know where you teach and I will make sure my children never apply to that institution.

  42. The radical left is so ridiculous. No one is suppose to be patriotic, or you are considered a racist, sexist, xenophobe. Soon, waving the American flag will be considered offensive to the illegal immigrants, refugees, and H-1B workers that Hillary and Obama so love. In fact, it is now considered shameful by Obama and Hillary to be an American citizen. Obama bends over backwards, literally, for illegal immigrants, refugees, and H-1B workers that he tried to sign an executive order to make millions of illegal immigrants legal, wants to increase the number of H-1B workers coming over to take jobs away from American citizens, and wants to bring over more refugees without properly vetting them. Why? Who knows what his real agenda is, but it is definitely anti-American. And to top it off, Obama and Hillary think they are so slick by promising the Asian countries that they will get the TPP bill passed so that American companies can send more jobs to Asia, all while trying to appease most of the Democrats by acting like they are not in favor of the TPP. Like Hillary promised, she wants to put the coal workers out of work. Obama and Hillary don’t care about the middle class American citizen worker. That’s why American citizens should not care about them. Vote for a real American citizen who is proud to be an American, and wants to look out for American citizens. Trump/Pence 2016!

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