Liberal Blog: Trump is Turning White Kids Into Racist Bullies

Using “proof” from reliable sources like BuzzFeed and the Southern Poverty Law Center, Kari Holloway published an article at Alternet (and republished at Salon) which made the argument that “white kids are bullying minority students using Trump’s words.” Yes, just when you thought the left in this country had finally run out of things to blame on Donald Trump, they’ve come up with another doozie. Not only is he a Russian spy. Not only is he a danger to press freedom. Not only is he a racist, sexist monster. No, he’s also turning a nation of (privileged, already-racist) white students into bullies. Is there no end to the evil of this president?

We have to give Holloway credit, though; she doesn’t make you wonder about her biases. First paragraph:

Donald Trump’s real campaign promise was that he would give whites back the power they imagined they’d lost. That message was stated not in dog whistles, but loudly enough that the entire country heard him, even children. The trickle-down effect of Trump’s campaign rhetoric and election is now being felt among kids in schools across the country. Bullying, according to a Buzzfeed News report, has taken on an “alarming twist . . . with white students using the president’s words and slogans to bully Latino, Middle Eastern, black, Asian, and Jewish classmates.”

That Buzzfeed report, itself based on something called the Documenting Hate Project, apparently found 50 incidents from October of last year to May of 2017 where a “K-12 student invoked Trump’s name or message in an apparent effort to harass a classmate during the past school year.”

Dear god, what are we going to do? 50 incidents? In eight months? In a country with nearly 400 million people? This is a national crisis if we’ve ever seen one.

Or, you know, kids are mean and they will use whatever is available to pick on their peers and make themselves feel better about the psychosocial hell that is adolescence. It’s worth noting that in the six incidents Holloway chooses to highlight, half of them don’t even mention President Trump. Odd. Could it be that these reports are as phony as 90% of the other insane allegations the left throws against Trump?

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