Liberal Blog: Trump is Turning White Kids Into Racist Bullies

Using “proof” from reliable sources like BuzzFeed and the Southern Poverty Law Center, Kari Holloway published an article at Alternet (and republished at Salon) which made the argument that “white kids are bullying minority students using Trump’s words.” Yes, just when you thought the left in this country had finally run out of things to blame on Donald Trump, they’ve come up with another doozie. Not only is he a Russian spy. Not only is he a danger to press freedom. Not only is he a racist, sexist monster. No, he’s also turning a nation of (privileged, already-racist) white students into bullies. Is there no end to the evil of this president?

We have to give Holloway credit, though; she doesn’t make you wonder about her biases. First paragraph:

Donald Trump’s real campaign promise was that he would give whites back the power they imagined they’d lost. That message was stated not in dog whistles, but loudly enough that the entire country heard him, even children. The trickle-down effect of Trump’s campaign rhetoric and election is now being felt among kids in schools across the country. Bullying, according to a Buzzfeed News report, has taken on an “alarming twist . . . with white students using the president’s words and slogans to bully Latino, Middle Eastern, black, Asian, and Jewish classmates.”

That Buzzfeed report, itself based on something called the Documenting Hate Project, apparently found 50 incidents from October of last year to May of 2017 where a “K-12 student invoked Trump’s name or message in an apparent effort to harass a classmate during the past school year.”

Dear god, what are we going to do? 50 incidents? In eight months? In a country with nearly 400 million people? This is a national crisis if we’ve ever seen one.

Or, you know, kids are mean and they will use whatever is available to pick on their peers and make themselves feel better about the psychosocial hell that is adolescence. It’s worth noting that in the six incidents Holloway chooses to highlight, half of them don’t even mention President Trump. Odd. Could it be that these reports are as phony as 90% of the other insane allegations the left throws against Trump?

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    • Nina, didn’t the bell just ring for you to get back into your kindegarten class, you’ll still have your crayons, stuffed animals and all the other things you snowflakes have come to cherish, but recess is over.

  2. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    The true racist bigots and wholly intolerant kids today are blacks, ask any teacher who has the balls to admit the real ugly truth. More leftist LIES.

  3. Maybe the White kids are just finally fighting back

  4. The people have spoken, they elected Trump. They are sick and tired of being treated like dirt. get over it stupid liberals, you LOST.

    • What a pithy comment – just like your third-grade president. It’s useless arguing with an idiot. I gather you enjoy the orange maggot’s disregard for the environment, his unilateralism, his physical impoliteness, and his pussy-like bullying tactics. So kindly STFU and truly hope you get royally screwed in the new Health Care program.

      • Stephen Southard

        Why don’t you just get off your liberal soapbox and grow up. You are crying like a one year old toddler who misses its bottle. Trump is the best thing going in this country right now. He has accomplished more in 5 months of office than your black homosexual predicessor(Obama) who just bled this whole country dry of all its resources. If you don’t like Trump, then you should hop on the next bus, boat or plane back to the Middle East along with your refugee compadres.

      • We were already getting screwed in a worthless healthcare program . Oh and wtf physical impoliteness the only that stfu is you snowflake

      • Maude we are really getting tired of your liberal left comments, so why don’t you just gather other idiots like yourself and you can all pat each other on the back with your hate of anyone that doesn’t agree with you.

      • The Far Communist Left “DEMOCRATS” Has Plans For All Of Us, Including You Dumb A$$, Right Now You Are Being Used By The Communists And When They Are Done You Are A New Target, And Trust They Will Be Done Using All You Sheeple.. WAKE UP !!!!!

        Long Before Trump, POTUS Is Trying To Save Us, The Communist Far Left Democrats Obama Is Behind The Destruction Of Our Country By The Enemies With In,
        Radicalized Islam is not even trying to hide what their intentions are – straight from the horses mouth.
        More than 178 nations adopted Agenda 21 as official policy during a signing ceremony at the Earth Summit. US president George H.W. Bush signed the Bush 41 document for the US. In signing, each nation pledge to adopt the goals of Agenda 21. In 1995, President Bill Clinton, in compliance with Agenda 21, signed Executive Order #12858 to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Development in order to “harmonize” US environmental policy with UN directives as outlined in Agenda 21. The EO directed all agencies of the Federal Government to work with state and local community governments in a joint effort “reinvent” government using the guidelines outlined in Agenda 21. As a result, with the assistance of groups like ICLEI, Sustainable Development is now emerging as government policy in every town, county and state in the nation.
        “The goal of Islam is to dominate while the non-Muslims live in an underclass” (Quran 9:29), while they are “forced to submit by any means necessary, including death” (Quran 8:39).
        We must rise together and speak up. We must never stop fighting Islam and rejecting it in our country. As history has proven: “If you give Islam an inch, they will take over your nation.”
        FEMA DEATH CAMPS are Activated and they have already done some test areas to kick down doors and grab guns. Our Leaders – are on Target to make this a One World Government.
        Agenda 21

        • Excellent post, thank you ! It’s been over a year, but I watched a convoy of UN trucks of over several miles roll by on one of the highways in Texas, most likely going to set up more FEMA camps. A good friend of mine that works at a National Guard Armory said they can’t fit anymore UN trucks on their property.

        • There has always been crookedness in government, and I’m not ruling out Clinton. But it has never been so blatantly exposed until Trump arrived. I’m anti-government myself, but I thought if Trump DID talk and sway the big pharma companies who are ripping you off with their greed and unbelievable mark-up prices- if he did this ONE thing – then I probably would have commended and applauded his gestures. But he didn’t.

        • Freedom Rules, sadly few of the left or right have knowledge of Agenda 21, or will even educate themselves about it.
          But thanks for putting the info here so it is available to those who aren’t complacent.

      • Sharrell Burcham

        The dumbocrats are turning the children into disrespectful little shits!!! Just like you! You still must be feeling the pain from being screwed by that wonderful obamacare. It should be against the law for liberals to have children because they are too stupid to properly raise them. From birth they are brainwashed.

      • Take your self appointed superior hypocritical attitude and stuff it up your safe place. I would recommend removing your head first then reinsert.

      • I couldn’t have possibly said the part of your comment any better…..”It’s useless arguing with a naive idiot” ! As that’s exactly what you are.

      • the worthless healthcare? obamacare, is the true worthless healthcare! You have to be a demoRAT and love the rinos. You are only spewing hate, President trump is not responsible for any of this and, for the record, I did not vote for him, I did not vote for “killery”, either. I am a TED CRUZ fan and from TEXAS! Go Konni Burton

      • I really got screwed by the worthless Obamacare !! Having to pay for all of you liberal loser snowflakes that won’t work so STFU about healthcare.. Get a job!!
        And the Paris deal just made the USA pay through their noses while the real environment polluters walked scott free. Trump saved us trillions!! Do some research!!

        • The Obamacare rules and the last 8 years did wonders for my healthcare. The annual deductable was 150 a person 300 per family in 2008. Max out of pocket was 2500. Now it is 350 a parson and 700 per family with a 7000 out of pocket. But hey the premium is only twice as much and at age 64 I can get real low cost birth control and free meds( if I had diabetus). Now if the policy had not frozen dental reimbursements back when Carter was in office?

      • Spoken by a true liberal racist who got her ass kicked in the recent election. You and your party are the real threat to America over ISIS. You and your corrupt party are going down the smarter Dems are bailing upon realizing how far their party has fallen in values yet you are still in denial! Your so far up the corrupt Demonrats parties ass you won’t see the light of day until your leaders are indicted for high crimes- coming sooner than you think. Everything about your party wreaks with anti american
        / constitutional sentiment. Your party has crossed the line of no return with their unamerican actions are the tools that have destroyed you in other people’s eyes. No one with common sense will ever let you morons back in office. Move on Troll!

      • Shirley Rohweller

        Can’t be as bad as Obamacare

      • Maude, or what ever your real name is, take the plastic bag challenge and end your misery.
        Trump won and will be your president for the next 8 years…

      • You are a retarded maggot aren’t you ? Constantly sucking up to piles of shit ! What the hell is physical impoliteness. Let me guess Trumps manly demeanor or alpha male persona is threatening to you. Go crawl in your safe space where your safe from real men who actually stand up to evil and get things done. Then come back out in a couple of years when you have learned to appreciate them.

      • so what country are you from… the soon to be Caliphate that used to be called Great Britain?? why don’t you worry about what is going on in your own country, we broke away from your oppressive rule a couple of centuries ago.. or did you miss that part of history.

    • Tell them again!! They can’t absorb that fact.

  5. You wouldn’t hear anything about this “bullying” if it wasn’t white kids

    • True: the ever-present double standard is alive and well, thanks to the liberals and their ignorance.
      White people have been programmed to feel ashamed of being white, but there’s complete freedom
      of people to chant that “black is beautiful.” Nowhere, ever, will you hear anyone dare to even
      whisper, “White is beautiful.” THAT would be pounced on as racist. It would seem Obama’s main
      goal was to divide and conquer, especially along racial lines. He’s the one who should be ashamed.

      • I would suggest rather than being ashamed, he be outfitted with cement boots and dropped into the Mariana Trench, along with the Clinton’s and most people in the Demoncrap party. They’re all socialist. They never learned squat in history classes. When you’ve got Hillary in her thesis papers while at Wellesley making the claim that the man in history she admires the most is Saul Alinsky. I feels sure they also loved Stalin and Lenin as well.

  6. What has the people upset is they can no longer play their “race” card
    to get away with things. Now they are all being held to the same standard
    regardless of race. After 8 long years of the majority of our Nation being
    told they are not qualified to do any thing because of the “color” of their
    skin the playing field is once again level and you can go as far as your
    own ability will take you regardless of where you are from, that is if you are
    a legal and lawful citizens of the United States.

  7. I don’t know about that, but the Liberals are turning into comedians! But terrible ones at that!

    • Nothing funny about advocating shooting Republican Congressmen.

    • You already have a clown as president who feeds off the ardor of his fans. He brings down the world of shit with his kooky little whacked out thoughts. The cheers are turning into jeers and the pretensions of the peacocking parvenu is one of the sweetest pleasures left to the fallen Con-Knob.

      • You’re a babbling idiot.

        • Maude is partially right.,We have had eight years of a clown–pinned himself-/ awarded himself the Profiles in Courage award. The black gay Muslim was an obstructionist, a liar, a thief, records are sealed to his true identity. We suffer from reprucussions daily from decisions on Obamas watch, making our presidents job so much more challenging. The babbling idiot moron Maude somehow could see OBAMA as the clown and embarrassment for what he is.. Although she is filled with hate. DJT TRUMPS HATERS AND THE BIGOTED President Trump MAGA

  8. if he is GREAT!!! If i had kids i wouldn’t want them to play with nobody else but WHITE KIDS!!!

  9. It’s organizations like BLM that are doing it. If it is really happening.

  10. Donald Trump this and Donald Trump that…Enough, just enough. The Libs use him as an excuse to justify
    their inability to add value to this country. Get in the game or get out of office. Schumer, their is a great retirement home in NJ. We would love to accommodate you. Remember the infamous words of Ms. Pelosi, Maybe we have to pass it to understand what is in it. (ObamaCare). You all haven’t changed except you are getting more senile.

    • They also lack any moral and ethical values along with absolutely no common sense whatsoever. As far as Schumer goes, I think it would be rather fitting for him to be at a high school, college or NFL game, captured and run into the players locker room, and have the smelliest, sweatiest jock strap shoved in his big fat mouth.

  11. Trump needs to make a list of liberal vermin names and turn It over to the Navy Seals for processing and treat them like they treated Scalia.

  12. Wow! Just reading the many bigoted statements in these comments suggests that there is truth to the stories of increased bullying-You are these children’s parents-Shame on you!

    • Your sure right it will always sound that way to a liberal. The only way to convince you is to have the usa be a 3rd world country. Where there are two classes the very rich and the very poor.

      • your comment while directed in response to mine doesn’t seem to be a direct response-did you mean it for someone other than me-please explain

  13. It was obama that made this racial divid. Now that are blaming it on Trump. With out whites to lead this country it will fall. And liberals need to know that. And that is not being racist its just telling the truth.

  14. Look no further than our college campuses, or those protesting against pro Trump rallies to see what side of the fence these “white kids” are on. Look no further than the black communities to see what side of the fence their kids are on. Look no further than those who are behind the masks that are destroying property, spraying mace in the faces of those with opposing opinions, and who are trying to shut down free speech. These are the people of the left. This is America’s ISIS, supported by the leftist media and the democratic aka communist party.

  15. This is the new symbolic ICON of the Democrat Party aka…socialist democ-RATS

  16. What bout all the bullying these “adult” liberals are doing every day around the country? Excuse me, they call it freedom of speech. Same thing though only on a bigger scale and much more frequent. Besides, bullying is schools has always been and always will be.

  17. No comment! How could anyone comment about something this stupid.

  18. The whites who are running the party of the left are trying to start their race war again. Soros is funneling his millions into anti Trump causes and the democratic party. They know if they get rid of the conservatives, that the blacks and Hispanics are forever kept on their plantation. Too many are leaving and they are fearful that they won’t be able to control them. Without the blacks and Hispanics to control, the left is powerless and they know it. Why do you think the dems are fighting so hard against Trump trying to create jobs, trying to secure our borders, trying to reign in crime and rebuild the inner cities? The left wants people of color to be kept down, to be dependent on the government.

    • Lindy not dependent on the government, dependent on the democrats.

      • food stamps and welfare come from the government and I will say the demoRATS have pushed the number up with ENTITLEMENTS……get a job!

        • Yes they do need to get a job but since the government is so free with handouts there is no reason for them to get a job. Democrats not only pushed the number up the start of all those government handouts were democratic programs.

  19. What an absolute load of crap. Because Trump isn’t inviting BLM to the WH, is that supposed to make him a racist?

    The real racist is gone, but he’s still causing trouble for Americans by continuing to work to keep America divided.

    • Obama, the ultimate racist, managed in 8 years to undo over a hundred years of racial tolerance.
      Now that Obama is no longer occupying the White House, the “Progressives” have taken up his
      torch of racial divisiveness. Will any part of the Left EVER wake up???

    • Obama put Racism up front every day for 8 years. He called the police Dumb ! Obama said the Black Punk in Florida could have been his son. Obama praised the Black in Ferguson Missouri as a pillar of the city. Obama set Racism back to the 1930s.

  20. Each level headed conservative should go into liberal media postings and start harassing the left with the truth of what is going on. This liberal twerp accused Pres. Trump of turning white youth into bullies? How about us going to their news outlets and not accuse, but state fact pointing out the tremendous bullying of the left at our campuses, k-12 schools and in the streets across this land. Deluge their leftist lying demagoguery with FACT! Saturate their postings!!!

    • BLM look what this has done. They hate our president because of his color! Maude is a moron and an idiot.

    • You must have forgotten, liberals have and never will be interested in facts. They live in their own Utopian world, complete with rainbow colored unicorns, cotton candy, crayons, stuffed teddy bears etc. For once, they should try and learn REAL history, not the versions they’ve been taught. I’ve read numerous 1,000 page biographies on most of our founding fathers, yes, they, just like us had their own individual faults, but they truly set out to create and write the Constitution for the greatest nation on earth, escaping the King and all of his heavy taxations on the mere peasants.

  21. Liberal leftists wouldn’t know a racist if they bit them. Oh they did and they were happy about it! Because the liberals are brain dead idiots and they true bullies!

  22. Uh, no, the progressive fascists are doing a great job of that themselves. They’re just putting conservatives and other Trump supporters in the position where we have no choice but to defend ourselves.

  23. The Left is telling yet another “WHITE” lie.

  24. The problem here is the Conservatives aren’t against immigrants as long as they are LEGAL! That’s what this country is founded on. It’s the illegal immigration and taking our tax dollars in illegal payments and medical care, not paying taxes and not serving in the military, and crimes against the American people is what the PROBLEM is. If they want to come in and live here then do it the right way! Follow the rules and abide by the laws like our relatives did. This snowflake has been lied to so much he’s believes all the lies. Not very smart and can’t think on his own.

  25. You knew it was just more fake news as soon as they cited BuzzFeed and the SPLC as their sources.

  26. This idiot probably equates self-defense with racism. She misquoted Trump (on purpose?) as promising to give white people the power they imagined they lost. He promised to return more power to the forgotten people. He didn’t mention race. She conveniently slipped that word into the sentence.

  27. Blacks overall are racist.
    They hate whites….look at their spokes people and draw your own conclusion.

    • You’d be racist too if what happened to many blacks years and years ago happened to your ancestors. It’s not about race its about being fair because if your kid, husband and those near and dear to you were mistreated by the hands of black cops or slave owners and the shoes were on the other foot the views would be way different.

      • Here’s the problem…I’m not a racist.
        I grew up in the city of Newark new Jersey and had many black friends in school out of school etc.
        The N word was thrown around as well as name calling against whites…you know what we all did ?
        We laughed because it was only a name.
        When do white people have to stop paying the price for what went on 200 years ago?
        I wasn’t part of it, my parents werent part of it.
        Tell me where the line is drawn?
        People make their own choiced, nobody holds blacks down but blacks.
        I’m so privelage as a white man to be driving a bus for a living…lol
        Hell a black man or woman can do the same thing, but they dont.
        Fact…300 murders in Chicago already, you want to blame the white man or the libs who run the city.
        If your going to point fingers point it accurately where it belongs.
        Libs run big cities.
        Can’t fix your own house don’t look to blame someone else for it.

        • I work two jobs everyday so I agree with a lot of the stuff blacks do with 300 plus murders already. I don’t agree with it at all. I’m not blaming whites for that at all, but look at the big picture tho. Just like then and now there are perceptions about blacks still that cause us still 200 years later to be looked at differently. Two white prisoners KILLED two guards were on the run and they come out alive, Dillion KILLS 9 blacks in a church and they put a bullet proof vest around him and he gets out alive.. Philandro Castro told the officer I am getting my d/l as you asked and he shot 5 times for nothing. The perception is not we ourselves not fixing our own houses its an unfairness that not a lot of white people would ever admit until the faces of those done wrong look like you guys kids, moms, sons….its sad

      • Carmen….the pointing the finger game isn’t the answer.
        If I can wave a wand and changed what happened 200 yrs ago I would and you would to, but we cant.
        The way people are going about it now is flat out wrong.

        • I agree with that totally, but where does the change start if NOBODY is willing to uncover the good bad and ugly and start over…The way EVERYBODY is going about it is awful and its bringing up a whole new generation with the same hate and that is what breaks my heart. Kids are innocent, but they are being programmed to hate and thats def not the answer.

          • Well I think it’s awful the black traders sold humans. Visited the spot last year. They had to drop the slaves off before the rock of Gilbraltor that the Spanish crown wouldn’t know of this lucrative side deal.

          • I don’t know what you mean by start over.
            But I agree whole heartedly about everything you said.
            Kids are being poisoned in this environment.
            Kids are innocent, all colors,creeds etc.
            Think about this.
            The people that are telling us how to behave don’t know how to behave themselves.
            Irrelevant to me who you voted for, but think about this.
            Trump said build a wall the liberals went nuts, Trump said better vetting from overseas liberals went nuts.
            Politicians so things for their own reasons and libs are making everything about race and demogaug talk which simply is not there.
            Trump did not have to run for president, unlike us he’s loaded and could have lived the rest of his life vacationing.
            Is he perfect?
            Absolutely not.
            But he’s the voice that speaks for normal hardworking people like you and me who never gets heard.
            I hate politicians who just worry about lining their pockets with our tax dollsrs.
            No more!!

      • I grew up in the sixties yet I did not become a racist. It’s time for Black people as a whole to grow up. We are not going to get an apology for slavery because the slave owners are all dead, as are the slaves. We are not going to get reparations because the ones owed are dead,as well as the debtors. Just as I am not going to bear the guilt of black criminals, white people are not going to bear the guilt of other white people just because they are of the same race. This is a byproduct of liberal identity politics. This is why I think liberalism is to a nation what cancer is to the human body. I don’t mean this as an insult. It is an analogy. Do research on cancer and also nations that have leaned towards liberalism and you may see a commonality.

      • Our forefathers went to war and gave up their lives to fight for freedom of black slaves. President Lincoln was killed for freeing the slaves. Black people were the first to sell humans into slavery. Go to school and learn some history . You’ll have a broad spectrum of truth opened up to you. President Trump MAGA don’t be a hater!!!

      • Your a nice person Carmen.
        You and I should run the country.
        Could we do any worse.
        One more thing.
        Of we open borders and let people come here from everywhere how do you think that will work out?
        In my lifetime blacks and whites have been trying to solve that dilemma for ever.
        Libs want to open borders to let anyone come here.
        Muslims , mexicans and others.
        Libs answers are to create more havoc.
        Why as a country would we want that?

      • divisive, racist obama destroyed many decades of improving race relations in only 8 years.

        For example, Black Lives Matter did not exist prior to obama’s term.

        • Carmen Triplett

          Racist Obama…this just gets dumb after a while. BLM didnt just come about because of “Obama” it came about because damn a mass amount of blacks are being killed by the hands of White police officers who are all “IN FEAR OF THEIR LIVES” they have white criminals that shoot up a theater full of people and come out alive, that kill 9 people in a church and get a bullet proof vest, that kill two armed guards and escape prison and are taken ALIVE !!!! As soon as a white officer is in the situation with a black man they get afraid and shot first and ask questions later for ROUTINE TRAFFIC stops. So until we address the truth this useless rhetoric is going to continue !!!!!!

          • Yes, divisive and RACIST obama!

            obama never missed an opportunity to talk bad about the police beginning with his “the police acted stupidly” statement before he knew the details of the professor gates incident. (It turns out the police handled the professor gates incident exactly as they should have thus proving RACIST obama himself acted STUPIDLY.)

            Then RACIST obama sent his RACIST Attorney General eric holder to Ferguson, MO to ENCOURAGE and show solidarity with rioters after Officer Darren Wilson was ACQUITTED of the defending himself from neighborhood THUG michael brown. (How many people would neighborhood THUG michael brown have killed if michael brown himself was not killed for assaulting Officer Wilson?)

            PANTS UP. DON’T LOOT!

            Don’t forget the Milwaukee BLM riots that resulted when a BLACK police officer returned fire to defend himself from a BLACK criminal.

          • Carmen Triplett

            LOL !!! black lives do matter to me so at the end of the day when black cops start to take target practice at white kids and men and brothers and dads you would see it differently. White people in general are afraid of black men period. Philando Castile wasnt a thug an thats what racist white folks do. Shot them then hope they can find a bad background on them. He was a good man who knew the names of every student and their allergies at the school he worked at !! Inherently you will never see it that way and I wont either !
            Darren Wilson and the rest of em can kiss my tail !


            Black cops won’t take target practice at white kids anymore than white cops take target practice at black kids.

            FYI, both POLICE OFFICERS wounded while protecting the representatives from the hateful, violent Bernie Sanders fanatic last week in Alexandria, VA were black.

            PANTS UP! DON’T LOOT!

          • right but the choke hold used on Eric Garner was ILLEGAL by the white cop that killed him, but he wasnt charged. You in all of your ignorance with the pants up don’t loot thing is exactly why we will be right here because I don’t see anything through your eyes and you will never see them through mine. You are white and privileged and that’s why I don’t care about any of that because they are reaping what they sowed. Evil white folks that glory in black people being killed and brutalized. You pick and chose what you want to address and Im done talking about it because it will never change. Most of you want us back in separate restaurants and the whole nine and hate to admit that we make as much as you do, are as educated as you are and thus the intimidation…
            pants up dont loot that shit

          • Am I white? Am I privileged? Do you assume so because YOU ARE A RACIST, Carmen?

            Did evil, divisive, RACIST obama tell you white people want black people to eat in separate restaurants? Are you FOOLISH enough to believe his LIES, Carmen?

            Who are the white people who want black people back in separate restaurants? If most white people want black people back in separate restaurants as you claim, surely you must be able to NAME and QUOTE at least one of the those evil white people.

            PANTS UP! DON’T LOOT!

          • Norman, I am not racist, but nothing you can say to me in the blog will ever change my mind about the perception of what I believe how white folks are. They are not lies, its ignorance that drives us apart. While white people continue to commit some of the most awful crimes in america. Names and Quotes are not necessary when history has been already written…Are you white I dont know and dont care. Im black and proud to be black

          • You typed that most white people want black people to eat in separate restaurants. How do you know that? That’s right; YOU DON’T KNOW THAT!

            If most white people want black people to eat in separate restaurants, surely you can NAME and QUOTE AT LEAST ONE WHITE PERSON to support YOUR FALSE CLAIM.

            PANTS UP! DON’T LOOT!

          • THAT’S MY OPINION . I don’t have to have a quote for my opinion. Its just like your ass hole EVERYONE has one !!!
            its not false…white people are very intimidated by blacks period. These scary ass cops shoot them then hope there is a really bad criminal record to back up their actions. find something else to do because you only want to address what you think cant be justified. its my opinion and I quoted it and thats enough for me..
            They should have torn up every city where this injustice was performed. Milwaukee and all !!!!

          • So now YOU admit that “most white people want black people to eat in separate restaurants” is ONLY YOUR UNSUBSTANTIATED RACIST OPINION. I already knew that was merely YOU OPINION. Now everyone else knows it was ONLY YOUR OPINION!

            When was the last time, IF EVER, you were PERSONALLY treated poorly by a cop are any white person?

          • IF EVER ? This touches our lives way more than you will ever know. I and my three black children were pulled over and harassed by 3 cops with flash lights because of the car my daughter was driving. Two weeks ago, my black daughter was taken into custody by a white cop and she wasnt driving and treated horribly because of an old speeding ticket!!! You keep bringing that restaurant thing up, but fail to address the other issues ive spoken about. You are ignorant as hell and like most white folks only want to address matters that help keep you just as racially charged as I am…were one in the same…most white people tolerate blacks and vice versa, but dont trust em as far as they can see em.

          • Because of an old speeding ticket!!! If your daughter did NOT appear in court to dispute the old speeding ticket a warrant was issued for her arrest. That is true whether your daughter is black or white.

            Let me guess; your daughter was treated “horribly” NOT because she was black but because she MOUTHED OFF to the cop of any race.

            Perhaps if your daughter treated cops with respect she’d be treated with respect in return.

          • Did I say she MOUTHED OFF FUCK ASS?/ That’s what I am saying you just assumed she mouthed off because she was black ass hole. Let me give you a run down on my black ass daughter…She is an athlete on a FULL RIDE scholarship for athletics and basketball!!! I paid an attorney to fix it for her and it wasnt done, but just like them u ASSUME SHE WAS A MOUTHY BLACK WOMAN JUST BECUASE !!!!


          • Why do I assume your daughter is A MOUTHY BLACK WOMAN? Since I KNOW YOU ARE A MOUTHY BLACK WOMAN I can assume YOUR DAUGHTER IS A MOUTHY BLACK WOMAN? Like mother, like daughter.

            Apparently YOUR DAUGHTER learned her BAD attitude toward cops from YOU, Carmen. Then YOU have the nerve to complain that cops are at fault. That does NOT surprise me

            You daughter is on an athletic scholarship? Couldn’t she get an academic scholarship?

          • I said academic too fuck wad !!! I miss typed and said athletics and basketball the same thing.. no she doesn’t have a bad attitude and neither do I ..Your ignorant just like all other Racist white folks and you bought up Mouthing off dumb ass dude

          • How was I supposed to know that YOU meant to type academic scholarship?

            You don’t have a bad attitude? YOUR angry, vile rants are prove that YOU HAVE A BAD ATTITUDE!

            Did YOU teach your daughter to have A BAD ATTITUDE toward GOOD COPS?

          • Carmen Triplett

            Lol dont worry about what I taught my daughter that’s none of your concern. I dont care about any of it..You can’t change my attitude and I’ve already spent way too much of my day arguing with someone #1 I dont know or give a damn about and #2 that has their own opinions and I cant sway you either way so be well and find something else to do because Im done with this useless converstion

          • Please don’t go away, dear! I am having so much fun proving how vile and hateful you “peace, love, and tolerance” obama and hilLIARy supporters actually are.

          • Carmen Triplett

            I’m not vile or hateful..Obama and Hilary are and were presidents and presidential hopefuls. This is what makes the divide even greater. I will leave you with an apology for all the words I’ve used, but as long as you and I do this and feel this way our country is in way more trouble than we ever realized. There is a just God that someday will return and make the right wrong and uncover the unjust..Until then I pray for our children to see a better day…be well

  28. Total bullshit, Trump is the best President we ever had.

  29. Liberalism & Obozo have been dividing people for the last 8 years, not President Trump.

  30. Don’t back down white America or its over.
    Everytime you hear a lefty saying white priceline etc, they are attacking our race a proud race that they are trying to demnoise to appease 13% of the population blacks.
    Start telling them they are racist these lefty loons, because that’s what they are when you get down to it.
    Think about it.
    if you say black privelage your a racist.
    My whole 60 yrs on this planet that’s all I’ve ever known was black privelage.
    Start calling it for what it is, lefties are the racist, don’t let them put us on our heels, call it out everytime they attack our race.

  31. Maybe the WHITE KIDS are tired of being bullied. It is about time they are not taking SHIT from the NIGGERS and SPICS!!!

  32. That is a lie. It is the democrats that are the problem. They promote racism every chance they get instead of really trying to solve any problems They use it as a way to gain votes.

    • DemonicRATs are afflicted with the psychological disorder known as projection.

      projection: a psychological disorder in which the afflicted person unconsciously ascribes a personal thought, feeling, or impulse, especially one considered undesirable, to somebody else.

  33. Meanwhile, the leftist scum invoke the words and “authority” of their Kenyan muslim/marxist tyrant and we’re supposed to tremble in fear? Lock & load;-)!!

  34. Yes, let’s ignore the riots, the Trump supporters who were routinely accosted and attacked. The intolerant left is the cause of ALL of America’s social angst. I’m amazed that they would actually attempt to turn those tables. The absolute gall of these folks in brazenly apparent.

  35. Typical Liberal & Democrat ,they stole & hide their hand same time ask who steal ,that attitude applies for every thing in their way of life ,sick people

  36. She has obviously never been our public schools. Just when I think the left can’t say anything more ridiculous, they do. I would be embarrassed to admit I wrote this drivel, if I were her, but I guess nothing embarrasses a liberal, because they don’t have enough sense to know when they have said something stupid.

  37. Liberals teach kids to invoke unrest with protests, supporting racists groups, holding black kids back in education and opportunities in life. They want to kill them in the womb and let the human parts be sold. Go Trump Go.

  38. I believe when a racist call you a racist you are probably OK.

  39. Wrong. BKM has made racism an issue. Whites are discriminated against BIG TIME. Look at the detractors of our president. It’s all about color. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Never though Obamas incompetence was his color. Black gay Muslim only became an issue after that becoming a requirement to work in the OBAMA administration. Obama has set us back to pre Civil War Days.

  40. Looks like Kari Holloway has taken up obamba’s banner by continuing to cause Racial Strife with her written words.

    The Dems have been the engine of Racial Bigotry since the mid 1800’s and probably much before that. It’s only getting worse, thanks to obamba and ex-President Jarrett fomenting Racial Hatred for 8 years.

  41. Black kids have been violent since 1968. The lack of fathers is the pre-cursor. Poverty feeds it. Thug culture music and the worship of black celebrities exhibiting angry, violent behavior clinches it. White kids of today are the least racist people in my lifetime. They don’t see color as a barrier to friendship. Most white kids live in two-parent homes and are raised by fathers, who disciple them.

  42. Socialist and obama have done everything they could in 8 years to set race relations back 75 years. Socialist, liberals are the most racist, bigoted people I have ever seen. Totally just a hate group!

  43. Ms. Holloway, stupid must run in your family genes? There is absolutely no factual reason to support your position against Mr.Trump! You should become a writer of fiction, because that is what you do!

  44. Stupid must run in all the genes of the poor abject suckers who voted for a Moron. Good factual writing, Ms. Holloway. Now fly away you gullible guy thing.

  45. One time, someone called me a racist, and my thought is…

    If a racist is a person that wants to preserve their civilized culture, their heredity, their language, their FAITH, then you may call me a racist….so be it.

    The serpent seed/satan wants, creates turmoil and how do you think the serpent seed are accomplishing it? Diversity, multiculturalism and more. Multiculturalism is the work of the communists.

    The good white man/woman has the right to save their home, to save their future, to have a place of their own..

    Keep the faith!

  46. OKAY, OKAY! KIDS CAN BE EXTREMELY CRUEL TO OTHER KIDS — that’s just NORMAL folks. Any teacher can attest to that FACT! Any teacher!

    Here’s the reason: children are learning every day of their lives. They consistently emulate the actions of their parents. If the parents have race issues, then so do the kids.

    PARENTS: please know your children are little clones of “YOU”! What you say and do IS REPEATED AT SCHOOL. If you cuss like a sailor, so will your child. If you beat ypur kids, your kids will start fights and/or be disruptive. They are your parental minions.

    So for any journalist to even “go there” shows you how uneducated that journalist really is. Perhaps you should vacate that uninformed media website and go elsewhere for your info?

    The Left is screaming louder and harder about everything and anything – including our children’s behaviors – to try to discredit the one person GREATER THAN THEY ARE, WHO WILL TAKE THE LEFTIST’S AGENDA DOWN AND RESTORE “SANITY” TO OUR GREAT NATION!

    ★★★Do not let them win.★★★

    Fight the Left’s IRRATIONAL MINDSET and help President Trump restore the Glory of America! Keep the Left away from our children.

    The Left be damned!

  47. Parents are responsible-not the POTUS!!

  48. Could it be because their parents teach them to Stand for the Flag and Kneel for the Cross?
    While Democrat parents order them to be operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization, or else.

  49. Pres. Trump doesn’t have to turn White kids into so called “racist bullies”. Blacks themselves are doing it for him with their racist views, words and actions. i just hope they keep offing each other in higher numbers in Chicago, Detroit ,etc.

  50. Phyllis Handkins

    Total idiocy. The result of indoctrination.

  51. The only real bullies are obvious here. Who’s attacking republicans and who is attacking Trump followers. The left liberal truly racist animals are the ones that need dealt with. The left has become more like the living dead in the movies, devouring anyone different than themselves. Sick, sick.

  52. The left and the d-RAT party are turning USA into anti-white hate filled nation of racist scumbags like BLM.

  53. I think this lady “Left Her Brain in San Francisco, High on a Hill…”. She needs to go back there and try to locate it because that’s where her common sense lives.

  54. Liberals will stop at nothing – even making up “safe space” stories like this to rile up their troops! SICKENING LEFT!

  55. What utter bullshit.Actually it is the hypocritical liberal’s kids that are picking on conservative kids, as well as the damned liberal teachers.

    • You’re absolutely right about that, my sons are unashamed conservatives, my oldest had trouble with his dim bulb sociology teacher all year. This raging moron tried to push every single idiotic, hair brained liberal talking point she could one after the other. From the wage gap that doesn’t exist to ‘white privilege’ that doesn’t exist either. She tried to tell them their first week there that all white men are both racist and sexist. He very easily set her straight using inarguable facts, as opposed to her babbling nonsense and made a fool out of her using her own words more than once. Needless to say made an enemy, and almost failed the class. She probably would have failed him if she thought she could get away with it. She had a herd of fat, angry, blue haired feminists in the class who swallowed her crap whole, and they frequently screamed incoherently, and in my sons face, when forced to acknowledge reality, but lots of the kids thanked my son for being brave enough to challenge liberal indoctrination. It’s why I didn’t yank him out of there right away. He stuck it out, fought her on her own turf, and won.

  56. Affirmative action started racism AGAINST the whites and it still prevails.

  57. Ridiculous as usual!

  58. What Bull Cr-p has Kari Holloway been eating? Trump never used the word “whites’, never promised to give whites their power back. Never said anything even close to that. He did promise to make America great again and drain the political swamp. Liberals are not only liars, but they are also the real bigots. They are the race baiters, they are the hate mongers. They are the violent ones in/on the streets. Even the liberal news media can’t cover up those facts.

  59. Ha, that’s a laugh. How many white kids belong to MS-13, BLM and New Black Panthers?

  60. The REAL racists in the country vote democrat…period.

  61. What utter nonsense. If something like this did happen it would be front page news for weeks, the liberal media would lose what little mind it has and liberals themselves would be even more foaming at the mouth rabid than they are now.
    The reason no one’s heard about this imaginary epidemic of white kids bullying minorities is because it isn’t happening, except in the otherwise empty minds of liberals determined to have victims to ‘protect’ from the wholly imaginary evil of their very favorite boogyman, conservatives. But not real conservatives, only the one’s they’ve made up to scare themselves and their easily led sheep into hyperventilating hysteria.

  62. Your racist bullies are my proud patriots.

  63. Any white kid in a majority black school is treated like garbage and the school board, principals and teachers refuse to do anything about it. Until whites start sticking together the way blacks do, things are going to be bad for white kids in black schools.

  64. [Liberal Blog: Trump is Turning White Kids Into Racist Bullies] I highly double this could be possible but even if it were true it would be much better then the liberals parents turning their sons into freaks and their daughters into even bigger freaks…

  65. sandraleesmith46

    At MOST, he’s turning white kids into those reclaiming their own RIGHTS as human beings, and those who FIGHT BACK against the bullying that has been heaped on them for most of the past decade by blacks, leftists, and western Asians for being WHITE!

  66. are these fools trying to take the heat off of their own paid rabble rousers? look at the rioters in the streets and in the college properties where masked, black robed armed maniacs are setting fires to police cars, school buildings and property. All in the name of stomping out everyone else’s right to free speech.

  67. The Communist Party always likes to hide behind racism when the communist party is the biggest racist on the planet. Besides that the communist party or the ones you have statistics out there for being actively aggressive against conservatives and Christians and whites. The same ones using the colleges as they’re brainwashed center to turn these young minds into their zombie army is like a scene in the California schools that are under siege. It is the left that is the problem and we are on the right will not relent to bring you to like you demonically evil pieces of The same ones using the colleges as they’re brainwashed center to turn these young minds into their zombie army is like a scene in the California schools that are under siege. It is the left that is the problem and we on the right will not relent to bring you to life you demonically evil pieces of DUNG!

  68. Kari and all are blithering idiots. ( Is blithering a word?) If not, just go with Idiots. Black kids have been messing with White kids since Oblaba was elected. You think whites are now getting even? Are you black or white? How many black kids live with you, If you are white. Only thing I can tell about you is your brain misfires.,

  69. More racist rhetoric. Trump hasn’t made a racist statement in his life. All he’s EVER tried to do is defend this nation against terrorism. GET OVER YOURSELVES!

  70. Dexter L. Wilson

    It is has been the practice of the Democrat Party to call Republicans anything and everything. They have been able to get by with this for over 100 years saying that the Republican Party is now what the Democrat Party used to be and yet, if this be so, why were the Democrats unable to pass the Civil And Voting Rights Acts of the 60’s without Republican Help. They have always been the party of Slavery, enslaving single parents more and more to Government by helping reduce the number of two parent households with Welfare laws that punished such homes. They are the Globalists seeking a one world government that the media has been helping to do so for over 60 years. When these bills were passed, only 1% of elected democrats changed parties and the rest remained Democrats. So will every Christian and every Republican study our true history, get a copy of the American Heritage Series through and find out how many lies this democrat party has been spreading since its inception through the time of Andrew Jackson its founder.

  71. This was the plan of Obama to tear the races apart through bringing back to life racial hatred. That way the democrats can win elections.

  72. What they (liberals) really want to do is turn white kids into whining, groveling, guilty apologists for being white. “If you don’t feel “guilty” about being white, then something must be wrong with you.”

  73. The Black & other minority have been Racist against White kids for years. During Obama’s 8 years it got much worse. I say you have to fight Fire with Fire. The Black kids gang up on White kid’s all over the United States. Now it is payback time.


  75. Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the most racist organizations in America. Has been.

    If you are white, your bad by default.

  76. TRUTH is the new ‘HATE SPEECH’ for schools, universities, snowflakes, the lib’s Democratic Party and it’s media.

  77. A bedtime story for you hate-filled liberals.

    A Police Officer walking a beat notices a little boy sitting on the curb crying his eyes out.

    Concerned, the officer walked over and asked what happened…why was he crying so hard?

    The little boy, looked with a tear-streaked face, answered in a quivering, angry voice, a drunk throw up down the street.

    The officer told him that was no reason for him to cry.

    The little boy angrily responded saying: “Yes it is! My brother’s eating all the big pieces!”

  78. If you believe that story, I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

  79. Maudlean Spires

    The ones that are abused the most are the white kids for President Trump. Even the teachers are guilty of abusing the ones that are brave enough to voice their approval. I wonder what a study would show the numbers are about that?

  80. Keep up the good work. Put the black racists in their place

  81. William(Bill) Hooper

    Whether or not reported by S.P.L,C.,Alternet,Salon,or any Other reliable Source,the Hideous Dramatic Increase in physical and verbal hate crimes:Bullying Beating,Persecution of Ethnic,Sexual,Racial,and,on occasion,Religious Minorities during the Presidential campaign and increased .Markedly since Trump’s inauguration has been both Observable and widely Reported. Has Trump deliberately “turned” people into Bigots/Bullies? It would be accurate to say that he has facilitated these behaviors .
    During his campaign,Trump both Countenanced and Manipulated some of his supporters Worst Natures,thereby giving his tacit permission for them to be implemented. As Bad,or Worse,Donald Trump was an Egregious Demagogue.He RELENTLESSLY Defamed ,Criminalized,Lied about,and Scapegoated groups,Illegal Latino aliens and Muslims,most infamously,portraying them as ENEMIES of patriotic Americans

  82. Dennis Anderson

    I grew up in LA California. I would get my ass beat by the niggers on my way to school and get my ass beat on the way home by mexicans. Nobody paid any attention to my daily plight until I started ripping heads apart. The principal was going to give me a paddling with his board. I took it away from him and broke it. What ever I had to say to him he didnt expell me. Growing up in a enviroment like this I learned one thing. I dont go through the pushing, and verbal abuse I will knock you on your @$$. Why prolong the obvious !!

  83. Trump turning white kids into racists, bull-shit, just spent day in two different hospitals, blacks and whites getting along great, in my city I hang out in our south side, blacks whites Asians Mexicans all get a long, sure you have your normal fights, but everthing is good.

  84. Buzzfeed is one more Fake News all Propaganda from the Dems. You can ask any teacher in CA and they will tell you the most racist in school is the blacks

  85. Would you expect anything less from these left wing whack jobs ?

  86. jew=antichrist ../.. REVELATION 2.9…/.. i$rael did 911.. on baby george$ $hift.. 9 years 11 months BEFORE ..father GEORGE.. get$ hi$ PENI$ $YMBOL the Wa$hington monument ..NUKED by the DUMB$ under him.. 66 years 16 days after harry did ..HIRO$HIMA.. for the $cum of the earth jew/JUDE 6-16.. u$aCORP..fedre$erve BANKER$ that *OWN* your dumb a$$es..

  87. Paulene Perry Dougherty

    50 incidents? More people die from bee stings

    • That’s 50 incidents of merely invoking President Trump’s name and message. Some how they forgot the 50+ riots by radical leftists invoking hilLIARy’s name and message.

  88. Wow, can the left get any more insane? What about are the leftist students who are rioting and attacking people across college campuses just because they are white or conservative? There are a lot more of these instances than 50 – way more. No Trump supporter that I know of have set fire and broken windows because of liberal guest speakers.

  89. HOW about – kids tired of the BS piled on them are defending themselves —- Not being allowed to be kids and drug into the adult world of stupidity and lack of reality are DEFENDING THEMSELVES AGAINST LIBERAL ONSLAUGHT…..

  90. The S.P.L.C. are operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

  91. and what about the progressive snowfake anfas living in their parents basements

  92. Somehow leftist radicals believe they have the right to violently riot but no one else has the right to peacefully express opposing opinions.

    Should we blame hilLIARY for turning black kids into racist bullies? Remember these black racists beating a Trump voter?:

  93. Kari Holloway is so far off-base on this she is in another galaxy. Pure quill leftist BS.

  94. Just post the names and addresses of these scumbags, then forget about it.

  95. The Muslim FRAUD incited the Black gangsters and criminals.Eye for an eye in that case.Democrats are turning into CRIMINALS

  96. Once again the left wing loons are trying to blame someone else for what they are doing. I didn’t see conservative kids rioting in the streets destroying other peoples property, Beating up people who do not support their beliefs. I did not see conservative kids trying to intimidate other students. But you know what – it’s not too late to start. Of course the first left wing loon who gets his ass whipped will be a “victim”.

  97. And what did NObummer Killary, and Soros do, BLM, Black Panter, and all the Dumbocrappers has turned in to Crazies. People can not mention that they support TRUMP without being beaten up

  98. Conservatives are the racist bigots??? Then who is it in places like California (and on and on) who are marching and rioting against free speech or someone else’s opinion……and all wearing masks. If they are so proud of what they do and stand for why are they hiding?? Cause they are COWARDS!!

  99. The ONLY iones that are turning kids into anything is the constant assault by liberals on them and their double standards in practice….ANYBODY that knows mueller and the beltway boys the answer is simple – they intend to get rich on taxpayer money – overthrow trump and his MAGA agenda – and let the NWO take over the US……YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED AND RESISTANCE IS FUTILE……

  100. The one single worst group of racists in this entire United States is the black race. It began many years ago with ” The united negro fund” followed by federal laws sheltering “black only” colleges, then “black onlytelevision programs, “ad naseum, ad naseum, until black students think they and they only control educational facilities etc, etc. Recent years sees criminal Al Sharpton, “Slick, rev??? Jessie Jackson and STUPID SEN. JOHNSON FROM Georgia who thinks that Guam Island will tip over if too many people get onto that mountain top

  101. Liberal’s are turning their minions into leeches on the butt of society. They have a 13 step program to enjoying financial well-being without ever working a minute. Do you think these followers will ever vote anything but democrat???

    1. Don’t marry your girlfriend

    2. Use your mom’s address as your legal address.

    3. Guy buys a house

    4. Guy rents out house to his
    girlfriend who has two of his kids

    5. Section 8 will pay $900 a month toward her rental of his three-bedroom home

    6. Girlfriend signs up for Obamacare for $14 / month so guy doesn’t have to pay out the butt for family insurance

    7. Girlfriend gets to go to college free for being a single mother

    8. Girlfriend gets $600 a month for food stamps

    9. Girlfriend gets free cellphone

    10. Girlfriend gets free utilities

    11. Guy moves into home but has his mail sent to his mother’s house.

    12. Girlfriend claims one kid and guy claims one kid on taxes… now you both get to claim head of
    household at $1,800 credit

    13. Girlfriend gets disability for being “bipolar” or having a “bad back,” at $1,800 a month and
    never has to work again

    This plan is perfectly legal and is being executed now by millions of people.

    A married couple with a stay-at-home mom yields $0.00 dollars.

    An unmarried couple with a stay-at-home mom nets:

    $21,600 disability +

    $10,800 free housing +

    $6,000 free Obamacare +

    $6,000 free food +

    $4,800 free utilities +

    $6,000 Pell grant money to spend +

    $12,000 a year in college tuition
    free from Pell grant +

    $8,800 tax benefit for being a single

    = $75,000 a year in benefits

  102. You definition of reliable sources doesn’t fit ours

  103. Trump making children racists? I think not! Parents are making their kids racists as are other kids. I don’t know why they are complaining and blaming Trump. Don’t they believe what Hillary Clinton said in her book “It Takes a Village”? Oh, I forgot. She says the Government can do a better job of training children than parents can. I guess you have to discount the influence parents have on children

  104. I would like to say that makes us even with the liberals except they turned blacks into racist cop killers. They will start on the Hispanics next.

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