Liberal Anti-Gun Group Blames NRA for Charlottesville Violence

As you may have heard, things got, um, out of hand at a protest in Charlottesville, VA this weekend. And while we’re sure there’s plenty of blame to go around for all the violence that took place BEFORE the incident that made all the headlines, it seems the media is content to focus all of its attention on white supremacists, Donald Trump, and the supposed intersection between the two.

But there’s at least one group – Moms Demand Action – who saw in Charlottesville the opportunity to get back up on their high horse and put the blame on another group: The National Rifle Association. In a series of tweets on Saturday, MDA founder Shannon Watts blamed the NRA for “the radicalization of America.”

“The radicalization of America has been encouraged by the NRA and open carry laws,” Watts said without providing evidence to support her bizarre contention. She said only that these laws “enable armed intimidation.”

Watts followed this tweet up with some photos of armed men at the rally, who said they were not there to take sides between the white nationalists and the Antifa protesters, but were there to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. Now, they clearly failed in their stated purpose, but for Watts to pretend like these self-professed guardians made things worse is a pretty steep hill to climb. But when all you’ve got is a hammer…

“Dozens are openly carrying semiautomatic rifles at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia,” wrote the official MDA account on Saturday. “Open carry makes the job of law enforcement more difficult by blurring the lines of lawful gun owners and those intent on doing harm.”

We suppose drivers’ licenses make it more difficult to determine who is simply trying to get to their destination and who wants to mow down a crowd of pedestrians. Certainly, that point seems to be more germane to the situation.

“Open carry is nothing more than armed intimidation,” the group insisted.

Well, no, it’s quite a bit more than that. A constitutional right, for one thing.

“Guns and racism are a dangerous combination, as we were reminded when a white supremacist killed 9 at Emanuel AME in Charleston,” they wrote.

Yes, because as we all know, Dylann Roof walked into that church with his rifle slung over his shoulder and then proceeded to sit there menacing the black worshippers for half an hour before opening fire. Oh wait, no, that’s wrong. They didn’t know he was armed. Because, guess what? A person can have a gun on them and…wait for it…it can be hidden from view, thus nullifying whatever “laws” you pass. And thus making it much, MUCH more difficult to tell the “lawful gun owners” from those “intent on doing harm.”

“Open carry is a top legislative priority for the NRA,” the group concluded. “If they get their way, it will become legal in every state in the nation.”

And it won’t make any difference at all in terms of gun violence. But keep beating that horse, anti-gunners. Stoking fear always helps a lot.

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  2. Open carry is a good thing. No one used one a the rally. And if the liberals had stayed away instead of being there causing trouble, nothing would have happened. But then their pampered candy asses wouldn’t have been in the spotlight.

    • Why doesn’t the “Media” call out the Gov. or the Mayor???

      They R the ones that let this happen in their City & State!
      1.The white supremacist group applied for a protest. The removal of R history!
      2.Why was the police pulled away? Who gave the order?
      3.Why did they let the other thugs get so close? Was this all st-up?
      4. Why is the Media going after Trump and not the real issue?

      The President nor the NRA R the problem; its the Liberal Left Loonies.
      America better wake up; they let Obama spend 8 worthless years destroying America; now let President Trump “Make America Great Again”.

      • I agree.  It had to be a set up.  In another city thugs pulled down a monument and no one was arrested at least not according to the article I saw.  The liberals should have been the ones t old to leave town.

        • If you are talking about in Duluth North Carolina, you are exactly right. They even had the streets blocked off for this destruction of history. Where were the police on this one?!?

          • This crap comes from mayors and they are outside the law, they have to be taken out of there office in cuffs. These idiots are getting people killed.

          • The cowardly mayors were paid off by the ultra-leftist George Soros, an economist terrorist. His treasonous butt should be in jail, or six feet under.

          • Police need to start doing there jobs, No mayor can tell law enforcement to stand down when there is criminal activity going on. All police departments should ban together and tell these outside the law mayors and Soros to pack there illegal orders up there ass.

          • Six foot under is better .

        • Hell, I could have told you THAT!

        • Another thing I don’t understand is all the labeling of the “white supremacists ” as “Neo-Nazis.” I saw quite a few videos of the fighting, and I saw quite a few Confederate “Stars and Bars” flags, but I did NOT see one single swastika (or a single iron-eagle “NSDAP” standard, or even any posters of “der Fuhrer”). Nazis (“Neo” or otherwise) were and are obsessed with the swastika. So, where were they? Or, is the term “Neo-Nazi” simply being used by the communist media as an epithet against people who were simply protesting having their history eliminated (by tearing down Civil War memorials, e.g, statues)? Oh, and by the way, what about all the violent looting that “Antifa” did in Baltimore? The mayor told the police to stand down because “its only property…” Well, maybe the woman that got killed was “only” a liberal? Actually, I don’t mean that literally, but I’m just making a point: President Trump was 100% correct in stating that there was clear violence on BOTH sides, and this crap needs to STOP!!!

          • I think they use  that term for everyone that doesn’t agree with them.

          • No. That term would be ignorant.

          • That too

          • “…but I did NOT see one single swastika (or a single iron-eagle “NSDAP” standard, or even any posters of “der Fuhrer”). Nazis (“Neo” or otherwise) were and are obsessed with the swastika. So, where were they?”

            You saw that on the “fake news” The occurence in Charlottesville actually never happened-It was a staged on a Hollywood movie studio by Liberal Nazi’s who are trying to destroy your precious body fluids to breed a super race of conservative idiots who will destroy “amerika”

          • This is what these retarded left winy idiots want Americans to believe, Problem with that is True Americans are to smart to buy there Bullshit.

          • Gullible Liberal nit wits are just as violent as any other group when they are challanged!!

        • In most states.the removal of any monument requires approval from the govt. in charge,to allow the “anti southern pride” NIT WITS to tear down a long standing monument,MUST be prosecuted for breaking the law.,Where is the outrage from the LOONEY LEFT???

          • The left doesn’t care what happens as long as they have their way.  God will make them pay for their thoughts and actions.


      • Who told the police to back down? Trump?

        • The governor is one of the left supporters.Soros,Obama, Clinton team.

          • Ditto the mayor, vice mayor and chief of police in Charlottesville.

          • The University is the hub of leftist propaganda and indoctrination. Student loans encouraged by the university place their students in a condition of servitude i.e., slavery. They pay liberal professors far more than their worth as teachers/instructors making it almost impossible for students to put themselves through a University education without those loans. It also ups the salaries of the administrators beyond parity.

          • High school grads might soon begin waking up to the reality that the college degree is not what it was worth 1930 to about 1965. Trade school training is far better now and opens up more job opportunities. I hold two graduate and one professional degree but I encourage young people today to seriously consider a trade. Considering the crap we hear spewed out from professors (?) nowadays young peoples’ minds are kept cleaner staying out of college socialist-oriented classrooms. The classical ACADEMIC FREEDOM [ German Academishe Freiheit ] seems to be dead [gestorben].

          • 2 years as a transfer student at Wharton is enough to invent the wheel

          • Please explain. Did you transfer to Wharton and complete your last two years for a degree? I’m trying to follow your literal statement but I can see it several ways. Do you mean you went two years to Wharton then switched to something else? …a trade school? ???

          • No- you are a bit slow-Donald Trump was a two year transfers student to Wharton,,..

          • You left out information that readers need to make sense out of what you wrote. Don’t leave your readers trying to guess what you stated. Did you ever take English classes that required composition (writing)? My response here is to enlighten you. Hopefully you see it that way.

          • My response was to you personally- Thank you for reminding me that my writing, here ,is for the ages, cough….

          • You are welcome. No problem.

        • They r trying to start a race war to cause Martial Law to make it easier for NWO to take over. The NWO intends to depopulate.theearth by 90 percent.

          • If Earth as we know it lasts. “The sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light.” This refers to an eclipse of the sun. We will experience one August 21, 2017 traversing a path over the whole USA.
            “When you see these things happening your Redemption is near.” Might we be closer to the “End Time” than we think? Sounds great to me. It will be a New World Order but NOT created by humans.

          • good grief…really? What about the thousands of other eclipses that have occurred since creation?

          • Suggestion. Since I don’t know the answer you ask God. He’s running the show.

          • ” Since I don’t know the answer you ask God.”

            um…that does not appear to be a complete sentence or has some punctuation missing-should I call the ” grammar police”?

          • Carry on with your atheist mental masturbation. I have better ways to spend my time with adults who post here.

          • yes…yes…yes…please do go back to the Patriot News Daily right wing nut job racist circle jerk…I misjudged you…I thought you a decent person for a moment…so sad.

          • Congratulations! You just won your own block party. Incivility in language and attitude are the payment-in-full. You anti-God, anti-America leftists take the block party prizes. Your are now blocked from my screen. Bye bye! The gate is closed.

        • Not Hardly!!!

        • wow how stupid can you get

          • Ignorance is only cured by truth.

          • Yes, please get some!

          • Pravda!

          • No, thanks. I don’t read democrat newspapers.

          • Pravda died with the USSR but we have some upstarts today who are convinced they know everything and would enjoy a New Pravda to go along with their new Politburo/Presidium bureaucracy to dictate the lives of people living hundreds or thousands of miles away with whom they can never relate. “Socialism works fine until you run out of other peoples’ money.” –the late Margaret Thatcher, PM of Great Britain before it and Europe fell in love with infidels who like to kill people who don’t join their cult.

          • Don’t look for any of it (truth)here.

          • Correct Girod, in liberals’ posts.

          • Cured by truth by way of an open mind which today is a rarity among liberals. By their fruits we shall know them…corrupt fruits of anti-God first, anti-free enterprise second, anti-American heritage with the Declaration’s philosophy and the Constitution’s outline for government.

        • NO IT WAS O’DUMBSHIT!!! ID TEN T!!!

        • Gotta be soros,he does everything.

        • Soros of course -he’s the money and puppet master behind everything…right?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Everything would have remained peaceful, but soros bussed thugs, just like he always does, and only then did shit get outta hand. Where are all the well trained SNIPERS when we really need them. ? If but one could take out soros, most of this shit would not be happening!😣

      • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

        The Media and the DEM’s are the problem and they are not goingto call out anyone who might help. This problem should have never happened. Now IF we could only get the people to get everyone off of Trumps ass then he just might MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!! 🙂

        • Oh but Frederick this just gives the pea wits another excuse to blame something else on Donald Trump. Liberals and the media have always got to blame somebody for everything going on. I’m waiting on one of them to finally say, “It’s God’s fault because if he had not created all things then this would not have happened. They gotta blame somebody!

        • “In 2009, the progressive left embarked on an ideological agenda evidencing a serious delusion and disconnection with America. Instead of focusing on two simple issues — economic growth and national security — Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and their acolytes plotted a course for America that wasn’t rooted in sound policy, but, rather, their interpretation of “fairness.”

          Somehow the progressive socialist left planned on fixing America by implementing policies built on a foundation of tax and spend socialism. The results of socialism are on display in Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela but apparently Democrat leadership never noticed those countries. What’s really going on simple and you documented it again, liberals are crazy.

          Study the Communist Party USA who admit to using the Democrat party as their own to further their Agenda. .. Liberalism is Communism and they have the same goals and ideologies. .. was founded in Chicago in 1919… read up and then study the “45 Declared Communist Takeover Goals for America ” label The UN has Communist Party Allies several times and to establish the UN as the One World Government. .. then go to the UN website and read the UN’s “Post 2015-2030 Agenda” … it’s all there.. open borders, open migration, wealth distribution, income equality, racial equality, labor distribution, Gender rights, Reproductive Justice (Abortion), control over energy, business, debt, financing, property, population control, depopulation, human free zones, education, access to information, water sanitation, etc… literally control over Everything on the planet by the UN using Climate Change and Open Borders by 2030. All goals are over 60% complete.

      • It was definitely a set up. The Charlottesville mayor and the other officials should be the main ones in this blame game because they are the ones that issued the permit and then the counter-protesters came along and ruined it. The idiot in the car should be in jail for vehicular homicide also.

        • They also issued the stand down order on police, until after the car got into it.

          • That car that “got into it”was a liberal fascist for sure.Big time!

          • sandraleesmith46

            The point is that ALL of them were “liberal fascists”, on both “sides” of the fighting; there was a small handful of “redneck” sorts who had been duped by “Unite the Right”, which was actually mostly KKK (Dems) and Nazis (socialists), with an OWS leader, opposing antifa/BLM: where is the “right” in there? The driver was just another of the Nazis. That was a STAGED event, and it went very bad.

          • You just made that up…right-if not where did you get the info?

          • sandraleesmith46

            No, I didn’t make it up; LOOK it up, re the alliances of the 4 groups involved; that’s a matter of record. As for the “rednecks” a small handful of them made and released a video just after the incident, from a motel room; not the brightest bunch around, but very distressed obviously, over having been duped and used, by Jason Kessler, the leader of the “Unite the Right” contingent that was advertising on right leaning sites for people to come protest the destruction of the historic monuments; THAT was what they had gone to do, ONLY, and had no part in the subsequent brawl. WHO the groups involved were is listed in most of the stories about them; it’s a simple matter of knowing their respective roots and philosophies.

          • Where can I find you source? What phrase do I use to look it up?

        • For the maximum time and with NO PAROLE!

        • Who ordered the stand down for the police??

      • great questions I want answered. It’s all set up.

      • Richard you are using common sense. Liberals cannot comprehend that because they block logic from their limited mentalities. There’s always a faction of misfits trying to stir up something either directly or secondarily to another group wanting to do something or to be heard. My assessment is that anyone who goes to any rally nowadays demonstrates she/he is truly a nut case. Just stay away from these gatherings. Their real intent is to provoke controversy. Al Sharpton is a master of this kind of deceit. Intelligent, educated Black people avoid his political grandstanding which has as its purpose the hoodwinking of Black people to send him more money. But then, some people never learn.

      • These stupid Libs just cannot accept the fact that Trump is there president, They are the ones responsible for all the hatred that is going on today, every chance they get they just keep fueling the fire.

        • Yesterday… in his easily most amazing public speaking event… our “president” equated Nazis and the KKK to those Americans with enough patriotism and courage to stand up to these frighteningly enraged… torch wielding… as they marched “wild-eyed” brandishing weapons into the center of their peaceful hometown.

          Were those that fought back really the “far left”? Or “Alt left”? Trump spoke about them as if they were extremists?

          You don’t have to be very “extreme” to want to stand up to Nazis marching on your town. Heather Heyer should become a national heroic icon. And I doubt if before she died her friends would have described her as an “extremist”.

          But perhaps the stupidest part of Trump’s vomit of verbiage was the defending of the Lee statues and his claiming that next we would be taking down George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

          I wondered how our “president” took this strange leap?

          And I now have a theory which is reasonably based on the extreme idiocy of Trump’s knowledge of history (or anything).

          Trump’s exact quote was…

          “This week is Robert E. Lee… I noticed that Stonewall Jackson’s coming down… I’m wonder is it George Washington and Thomas Jefferson the week after?”

          It is true that one of the next monuments to come down will be one for Stonewall Jackson.

          Now… keep in mind that someone early in campaign compared Trump to Andrew Jackson.

          And since it was a president that Trump had actually heard of… he took it as a great compliment… and today… a large portrait of Andrew Jackson hangs in the Oval Office next to Trump’s desk.

          Trump has no idea that Andrew Jackson was such a terrible President.

          So… It is my belief… that Trump believes that Stonewall Jackson and Andrew Jackson are the same person. Either through ignorance or his obviously worsening dementia. Dementia? Consider no real press conference since February and every short public speaking event ends in it being a launch pad for scud missiles of misinformation… lies… and jaw dropping ignorance. Or his simple confusion on the topic. The man is “not there”.

          So if Trump had just learned that “Jackson” was the next man to have his stature pulled down… it’s a much easier leap to Washington and Jefferson. Than the one he appears to be making from two of our flawed but brilliant founding fathers who believed in their constitution that “president” Trump is determined to shred beyond existence.

          Would the Congress and the Cabinet please wake up and smell the coffee.

          Did you catch the look of Chief of Staff John Kelly during Trump’s incendiary remarks about Charlottesville?

          The word “shame” came to mind. I felt horrible for him. What the hell has he gotten into here?

          It is time for the 25th amendment. Or do you want to wait till North Korea gets the missile thing down?

        • Thank you Sandman. Like tantrum-throwing kindergarten brats they are poor losers. They have no interest whatever in preserving the greatest nation ever on the planet Earth. What can we expect of this faction. It grew up with a modern excuse for real education and now they are convinced they know everything. They hate God, free enterprise (they don’t even know what that is), the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. They show disrespect for those who went before them giving up their lives against Adolf Hitler and his “Third Reich”, the Emperor of Japan, Benito Mussolini of Italy to name a few who would have loved to deprive us of our freedoms and rights. Oh but this new bunch knows everything.


          Cut and pasted from reality all are locate news reports-

          Nazi attacks since Charlottesville.

          • On Aug. 13, a man made an obscene gesture to a security camera outside a Philadelphia synagogue. He then urinated on the synagogue.
          • On Aug. 13, someone drew a swastika on the door of a woman’s home in Manistee County, Michigan.
          • On Aug. 14, a 17-year-old boy allegedly threw a rock at the New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston, shattering one of the memorial’s glass panels. (In June, a 21-year-old man was arrested for doing the same thing.)
          • On Aug. 15, a 37-year-old man was arrested for damaging flowers that had been left at the memorial.
          • On Aug. 15, the anti-Semitic slur “KIKE” was spray-painted on a building in Washington, D.C.
          • On Aug. 15, a swastika and the words “WAR IS COMING!” were spray-painted on a wooden neighborhood fence in Bakersfield, California.
          • On Aug. 15, a swastika was found painted on a high school in Santa Rosa, California.
          • On Aug. 15 or 16, someone spray-painted swastikas on the driveway of a home in Lakewood, Ohio. Earlier that week, someone smashed in the windows of that family’s car.
          • On Aug. 15, someone shattered the glass doors at a synagogue in Queens.
          • On Aug. 16, a swastika and the initials “SS” were spray-painted on palm trees in Miami.
          • On Aug. 16, a large swastika and the word “Trump” were spray-painted near Goleta, California.
          • On Aug. 16, a swastika was painted on a restaurant in New Milford, Connecticut.
          • On Aug. 17, an unidentified vandal threw rocks at the glass windows of a synagogue in Alameda, California, shattering them.
          • On Aug. 18, a swastika was discovered on a sign in a park in Conejo Valley, California.
          • On Aug. 18, a neo-Nazi hung banners reading “UnJew Humanity” and “Jewish Financing Available” from a highway overpass near Springfield, Oregon.
          • On Aug. 18, 15 swastikas and messages including “Jews die” were found spray-painted at a skate park in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
          • On Aug. 18, swastikas were spray-painted on a sidewalk near a bus stop in Bellevue, Washington.
          • On Aug. 19, swastikas and the word “Trump” were spray-painted on a street in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
          • On Aug. 19 or 20, someone spray-painted a swastika on a sidewalk outside an Orthodox synagogue in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
          • On Aug. 19 or 20, anti-Semitic flyers bearing the name of the white supremacist group American Vanguard were posted at multiple locations in Asbury Park, New Jersey.
          • On Aug. 20, a family in Westerville, Ohio, discovered the word “Jew” written in shaving cream near their driveway. Their neighbors also found Nazi flyers in their front lawns.
          • On Aug. 21, a swastika was found carved into the green at a golf course in Lakeville, Minnesota.
          • On Aug. 21, a swastika was painted on a sidewalk near an elementary school in Las Vegas.
          • On Aug. 21, swastikas and a bomb threat were discovered carved into the walls of a Washington State University dormitory in Pullman, Washington, prompting an evacuation.
          • On Aug. 22, a 24-year-old man was arrested for spray-painting swastikas, “Heil Hitler” and other messages specifically targeting Jews and blacks at multiple locations in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. The man claimed to be associated with white supremacist groups.


      • This is the number one read article on gun contrl on the net: The Truth About Gun Control:

    • Liberals will use any excuse to try to take away our right to own a gun. Any excuse is good enough for them. They just keep throwing anything hoping something will stick.

    • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

      AMEN Estell AMEN.

    • Amen! I was just thinking to myself that had I been there and carrying as usual. I’d have put a mag in that ignorant asshole’s head as he backed up.

    • Not entirely true; the ORGANIZER of the “Unite the Right” protest wasn’t a “right wing” person; he, too, was leftist; he brought along a group of “rednecks” apparently as cover for himself and his KKK and NeoNazi buddies; but the preponderance of those involved in the brouhaha were LEFTISTS all the way around.

      • I stand corrected.  But it doesn’t change the fact that one  group had a permit and the other didn’t.    The opposing side could  have gotten their own permit and held a rally at a different day and time.  It isn’t necessary to interfer with anothers rally.

        • Used to be if groups that were in opposition to each other wanted to rally, protest, whatever, cities kept them separated; in this instance the authorities are as guilty, if not more so, in that they either negligently or intentionally allowed them together, and didn’t intervene until the car came into the picture.

          • That’s true.  It never should have been allowed.  That’s  why I’ve been saying it was a set up.

    • You are so right they had to show up with clubs just hell bent on starting trouble, If these idiots would have just stayed away and ignored the protesters 3 people would still be alive today.

      • That’s right.  But the liberals know they can get away with anything and everything.  They should have been jailed just for showing up.


  3. They came for a confrontation armed with clubs and baseball bats, Helmets and shields they were looking for trouble and a way to push there communist agenda. When they protest conservatives could care less and we are not interested in a confrontation with these idiots.

  4. Is any further proof needed that this riot was organized for the purpose of triggering the revolution that we know the marxist left has planned since the 2016 election, and that Nazi kapo Soros has clearly already paid for? This was a set-up straight out of the Weimar Republic communist playbook, and part of a long string of desperate attempts by would-be disarmers of law-abiding citizens to gin up incidents and outrages. When the mohammedan madman at Ohio State University staged his car and knife attack, the first outcry from Columbus’s unfortunately numerous and vocal left was for gun confiscation and suppression of the NRA. Any time a terrorist wannabe shouts “allah akbar” and cuts loose on an infidel, or an aspiring Mau Mau attempts to start the black militant uprising, it is assumed that some gun-toting Nazi is responsible. In this case, it will likely turn out that the unsavory white nationalists were invited if not paid to come to Charlottesville, the car assailant encouraged if not hired to do what he did, the Charlottesville police ordered by the far-left Soros-supported mayor to do nothing as the melee developed, Antifa and Black Lives Matter transported there from Washington and New York to attack the marchers, veteran communist Cornel West hired to command the “counter-protesters” and Clinton bagman and election-stealer McAuliffe already on the scene with an emergency decree, just as he strangely was when democrat zealot and Bernie Sanders protege Hodgkinson embarked on his murderous spree two months ago.

  5. The Libs aren’t known for their intelligence. LOL!

    • But they surely are know for hate. Not that I support the Nazis ect, but the antifa and BLM protestors they did go there with the intent to cause trouble. And it was the antifa and BLM groups who started throwing and beating. Why weren’t they arrested when they started throwing bottles filled with cement and urine? Police were told to stand down, and they can’t back track anything now as questions have now been asked and their answers make no sense.

  6. I thought it was Bush’s fault.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Noooo… It was Kennedy’s fault!

      • Ooop!! Both you and the GrizzMann are both wrong!! It was LBJ, keep giving the N—–s free
        S H I T and they’ll vote DemoCRAPZ for the next 200 years!!

        • Until obamA came along, I thought that johnsoN (known to the Mexican community as “El Bee-Jay” [or might that have been bilL klintoN?]) was the most corrupt President EVER, but since obamA, El Bee-Jay (johnsoN, that is!) isn’t even a BLIP on the RADAR anymore!

  7. The NRA is a pro-violence organization seeking to intimidate anyone that disagrees with them on a wide range of issues Bush 41 had that figure out a long time ago. We all need to recognize that the NRA is anti-American and should be considered traitorous.

  8. Liberals are totally out of their minds and will do anything to make the idiots who support them believe in their insane policies. They have nothing to give to this country except destruction to all who oppose them.

    • The problem: The far left political group/leaders ONLY benefit themselves, by encouraging DEPENDENCY and preaching “victimhood”, which in reality, TAKES the power of self-responsibility for ones own life to improve it or fail, OUT OF THEIR HANDS. As the evidence of more and more far left taking over places like CA and IL; their cities and states ARE failing in every respect. The ONLY ones who benefit, are the politicians and wealthy, who always stay in power, get richer LIE to their followers.

      These idiots should NEVER be in power.

  9. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    No gun violence happened, but automobile violence did. Why aren’t they blaming Triple A?

    If the anti-gun crowd was honest about their intentions the battle would be over in one minute and the last fifty seconds would be just the dust settling.


    • Good One!!!

    • Ah yes, but duly consider that the Globalist CABAL (which uses all means at its disposal to dissolve our sovereignty so as to engulf and annex us into its planned one-world government) hates our CARS as much as it hates our GUNS. Do we really want to go there?

  10. YEP —– The car he used was “Locked and Loaded”….
    DISGUSTING —- The MSM – Politicians – Lawyers – Activists – MORONS in general coming out with their remarks and opinions because some NUT committed a terrorist act……The same suits and skirts that FUND – TRAIN – RECRUIT them – I don’t know where the alt-right gets it’s money but ANTIFA – Move On – Fusion – Invisible Guide and a slew of others gets their funding from bilderberg – soros – obozo – liberals and techies….BOTH side came to fight – Both sides carried signs that were TAPED to clubs – BOTH sides USED THOSE CLUBS AND ONE NUT USED A CAR….

  11. Moms Demand action, and indeed any politician, jurist, law enforcement, or group supporting anti-gun laws, should immediately lose all rights to own, possess,or carry guns and ammunition! Plus they should be barred from hiring, being assigned or otherwise having armed security! Eliminate the capitol police! these IDIOTS refuse to recognize that anti-gun laws only disarm law abiding citizens. The criminals will have guns, Chicago has the highest violent crime rate and the strictest laws. England several years ago registered all privately owned firearms, then confiscated and destroyed them!!!!! Result violent crime up 400%! Now Parliament is considering banning pointed knives! As one wag remarked “what’s next rocks?” My relatives in Norway all had rifles and shotguns, crime in Norway was very low! Check it out if a government has strict gun control they have high violent crime rate, if they have their citizens able to own guns, and protect themselves, violent crime goes way down!

    • like they say gun control is being able to hit their target that’s the only gun control needed

      • Right On! Gun control is hitting what you aim at. If DIFI, Bloomburg, and all anti gun politicians, judges, law enforcement, and organizations were prohibited from owning, possessing, carrying guns or ammunition. Prohibited from having a CCW Permit, or hiring or being assigned armed security. They would rapidly change their tune!

    • Excellent post I agree 150% . Gun control laws are a joke to criminals . I have a suggestion for the Govt. if they take the guns away from the law abiding citizens of our country then take away the body guards they have .

  12. Funny I didn’t hear of any gun shots in Charlottesville. The killing was done with a car. These liberals just can’t help themselves. They have to put blame everywhere but where it should be. The white supremacists are disgusting as are many of the other groups that were there. So why blame the NRA? It’s a sickness these mentally ill leftist can’t help themselves. The blame lies with the groups that were there and no one else. And I wish the media and the left would realize that NAZIs are NOT right wing they are very left wing. It’s something the left didn’t want on their side years ago so they made the right wing stuff up (like so many other things they do) This is a tactic of the left including Adolph Hitler a very left wing radical.

  13. How, of all the convoluted “logic”, can liberals or anyone else claim that the NRA or gun rights had anything to do with what happened at the rally? NO GUN WAS USED. If said libs had two or more functionally interconnected brain cells, they would realize that the most politically beneficial thing they can do now for their OWN CAUSE is TO BACK OFF ENTIRELY AND TO REMAIN SILENT, in view of the fact that the ONE GUY responsible for ALL the injuries, and for the DEATH was one of THEIR OWN ILK. With every single word they utter, they expose their own involvement in the casualties.

  14. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    Gee you know they had to blame someone else so theyd id not want to leave out the NRA. Total jackasses they are and that does not surprise me or other NRA members. We just do not listen to ANYTHING they say. Problem solved.

  15. Why blame the NRA….nobody got shot…….Blame the auto industry b/c a vehicle caused all the collateral damage.
    Now that suggestion is just as dumb as tho one put out there by the idiots in the “Moms Demand Action” group. Are there really more and more idiots out there or are we just hearing about them more often?

  16. Something that really puzzles me about liberals is their way of simultaneously harboring two diametrically opposite beliefs:
    1) that they are being oppressed by the wealthy
    2) and that their “savior” is soro$$$$$$, a MULTI-BILLIONAIRE
    COULD THIS BE the FINAL EVIDENCE that liberalism is a mental disorder?

    • of coarse !!! look who is their savior one of the worst war crime person still walking on earth

    • if your assertion were correct.Which it isn’t…it would show how little it takes to “puzzles” you-Have trouble winning a game of tick tack tow..?


    • most of the mob should go fight in the middle east , if they want a fight , and don’t give them that bad gun. they might hurt themselves. all these young punks need to be drafted instead of school give them military training to knock that chip off their block also put the voteing age back to 21 we never had any trouble back then all they know is soros pays these idiots to start trouble


  19. Based upon what happened at Charlottesville, this moron wants to outlaw guns. No guns were used in that incident but a car was. Maybe we should consider outlawing cars. We may also have to outlaw trucks, knives, ball bats, clubs, rocks, bricks and bottles of urine. Wait, maybe we could just outlaw leftists.

  20. billy mack emmons billy mack e

    I say this if you like it our don’t like it I don’t give a shirt .the dam left wing nuts need to be put in there place.put Clinton Obama many more people like them in a cage. Take this fake ass news off of tv. Get these Rino’s out of Washington wicker from my state who more worred about a pace of cotton flag .and not helping the people of his state . yes I called him out we have tried to get him to help my wife and I with getting some help with food.over three years now .no help I am on disability not proud of it a bit .I work all my life welding. Then this man won’t me to give money to him for his campaign he nuts .YES this was a set up from go.if Clinton can kill our Ambassador stand down three times the bitch said can beat they had a hand in this.i said this a million times in not afraid of nothing .but the left wing nuts . killing our on people off . How much longer do we half to put up with these people. How much longer are we going to see Rino’s put down our president. WAKE Up AMRICANS

  21. Out of all the guns present, how many people were shot? None? That is impossible because guns kill people, not people kill people. I cant believe not a single gun lost it and went on a murderous rampage. Now do you people see, it is not the guns that are the problem. It is the person holding the gun. In this case, no blm people had a gun obviously. Think what you want. That is the truth of it.

  22. If local, county, or state law enforcement agencies cannot or will not quell rebellious protestors or prevent violence at these rallies, then the National Guard must be called in protect the public and property. The Guard should go in with water cannons, rubber bullets, tear gas, tasers, batons and shields and if necessary guns to protect themselves from these criminals! Arrests would be minimal and collateral casualties high. End of violence!

  23. How much does it really matter. Did you know that 6,841 people died in America yesterday, do you really think they cared about what a few idiots were doing in Charlottesville, VA. The anit-gun retoric is always by idiots who don’t know one end of a gun from another. The question of pulling down civil war statutes is ridiculous, some PC at work. If this PC was carried to the infinite we would have to require that Italy tear down the Colliseum in Rome because of all the murder, slaughter, savagery and human sacrifice that was conducted there. Any other place in the world that has relics (history of our past) would have to be destroyed. Wake up!

  24. Slow news day, no riot to cover? These “White Supremacists” might have burnt Charlottesville down, had there been no “Antifa” outfit to ‘vent’ on. After all, isn’t that what has been going on in many cities – the Antifa ‘terrorists’ without the mayoral objections, or ‘White Supremacists” to fight simply burned and trashed private property! No?

  25. These poor, sick Elitist Snobs are desperately grasping at straws. They will say most anything to get the last kick, get in some kind of word edgewise, to promote their fraudulent and meaningless non-agenda. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe doesn’t really stand for anything, to begin with. He’s your typical, current brand of Wall Street Democrat who would make Woodrow Wilson proud.

  26. Liberals act like mental midgets Blame America for their stupidity

  27. Come on, liberal nation … you can’t blame everybody. Bush no longer seems to be a target but blame Trump, conservatives, Republicans, global warming or the NRA, but pick one and stick with it. It makes libs look indecisive jumping all over.

  28. Yes, and the NRA is also responsible for “black holes” in outer space!

  29. When did the NRA start controlling automobile ownership???

  30. There Is nothing wrong in this Country that arresting and deporting soros and
    arresting, convicting and placing hilary, bill, barack, nancy, reid and other traitors
    too many to mention in Maximum Prisons for life. The Once great American Hero
    and Patriot and now Traitor, John McCain should be at leased impeached.

    God Bless “The NRA” and our Savior, Donald J Trump, without them we would all be living as Slaves in our own Country

  31. The NRA is a violence prone hate group and their propaganda shows it.

    • Sorry but you are wrong on that one. They don’t condone protests like this. You need to study up on them before you talk down about them.

      • Good post but he doesn`t have a brain to study up with.

        • Thank you and God bless you. One question Hawk, Why is it that when violence is around that people always want to place blame where it doesn’t belong? Sad.

          • Unfortunately we have a lot of evil people in the country who would place the blame on anyone who doesn`t agree with them. But sooner or later what goes around comes around. These people ARE A DISCUSTING WASTE OF LIFE AND REALLY NOT WORTH YOUR TIME.

          • That’s for sure. Thank God there are still some good around. I hate to say it but my sisters and brothers are to me just like the media is to President Trump; always looking for the bad and not wanting to face the good. lol


          • So they are like the Brothers Osborne song “It Ain’t My Fault” lol



  32. Isn’t this the one where the kid ran over people with a CAR??!!!! How does that involve the NRA? Just wondering.

  33. The blame for all of this goes onto the left wing radicals who keep agitating and causing trouble because of their hatred for conservative white southerners and those heroes who fought to defend the South during the War for Southern Independence!!!

  34. The looooooney left are the problem. Who told the police to stand down? Had to be the mayor or governor. What a disgrace to America and American history removing symbols of the past. Just yesterday in North Carolina the looney left destroyed a confederate statue all recorded on video, but so far NO arrest. How sad these wackos get away with this crap! Where is respect and law and order? Why I don’t live in the south, I have always been fascinated with the civil war history and find this behavior absolutely disgusting! You wacky left are the bigots, racist and a pathetic bunch.

  35. They should not be blaming the NRA, Perhaps the NHRA instead.

  36. Leave the history alone..

  37. I don’t believe were looking for open carry it’s nationwide carry and they weren’t the ones with hoods on!

  38. blm never caused any problems , do they

  39. If NRA had sponsored this, there would have been more dead, they are people with guns, and someone coming at them with a bat, would have been dead. How stupid do these people get!

  40. A platform to arrogantly lecture and fake moral superiority are a dangerous combination in liberals, as we have learned over this past year or so since they’ve dropped the absurdly hypocritical tolerant and compassionate act and are finally showing the world their true colors. 99.9% of the vitriolic hatred and acts of increasing violence are coming from them. They’re constantly attempting to drive a wedge between Americans using race, class, religion, gender and anything else they can come up with. They lie just about every time they open their mouths and the hysterical doomsday propaganda has become a staple of their bought and paid for ‘news’. They casually call for the murder of the President of the United States. They were calling us ‘white supremists’ long before this latest incident which stinks of exactly the kind of staged event that’s becoming predictable. This is sick. These people are sick and I for one am thoroughly tired of them and their disgusting ideology. Funny how Obama and all his black supporters were not condemned for the actions of blm although he actually had them at the Whitehouse. But Trump and all his white supporters are condemned for the actions of a few white people we have nothing to do with.

  41. go f yourself you liberal traitors’

  42. So, if I’m following the logic of the illogical left, it’s OK for counter-protesters to pepper-spray and physically attack a group who had a legal permit to march. And, if any violence that ensues, it’s always the fault of the alt-right. But, if a liberal group ,such as BLM assemble, chant threatening rhetoric, intimidate and block conservative speakers, and destroy property, then that’s merely an example of a group expressing their 1st Amendment rights. Now I get it!!

    • you “get” nothing…

      • Actually, I do get it! The bed-wetting, whiny, wienie, wimpy Libs hold to a double standard. Violence is OK if it furthers their cause. Antifa actually stands for “anti-facts”. They are the cowardly fascists. Nothing but low-life POS. Now maybe You get it!!

        • Good grief that was a lame response-zero factual content…sad

          • No, what’s sad is dumb-assess who actually believe that the alt-left cowards who hide behind black masks, use pepper spray on marchers w/legal permit,& destroy property are merely for free speech & abhore violence. That is what is lame & absurd.


  43. AGAIN, THE RADICAL LIBERAL LOSERS CREATE THEIR DISASTERS ALL BY THEMSELVES!! They are incapable of rational thought because they react via an emotional outcry, starting fights, then running away with their tails between their legs.
    The Mom’s group is only doing what Mom’s do best…try to protect their kids. However in this case, they have lost control of what they are saying and are looking like foolish children themselves. Embarrassing Ladies!!

    It has been proven that at most of the mass shootings in this country — all done by looney Registered Democrats – if there had been just one person with a gun there to protect the innocents, less people would have died. Here are two FACTS that all looney Libs deny: that all the shooters were registered Democrats AND if there was one armed person at the events where many were killed, the shooter would be dead instead of the innocent people.

    It sounds like to me that ALL LIBERAL DEMOCRATS SHOULD BE DENIED GUNS…PERIOD. They can’t seem to control what they do and giving them a gun just kills more innocent people. CRAZIES CAN’T HAVE GUNS. THAT MEANS EVERY FRIGGIN DEMOCRAT IN THE UNITED STATES IS LABELED — AND SUBSEQUENTLY DENIED OWNING ANY FIREARM. AMEN. Maybe they should use their heads and beat people to death? Maybe they would beat some sense into their own brains.

  44. The liberal news is not talking about the groups that are bashing in gun stores and stealing guns, and ammo. This is the liberal mob, and these worthless fucks want to blame everything on the NRA. All of the anger, and hate are all coming from the liberals. They really do expect us to give up our arms, and allow these mobs to take over, no thank you.

  45. Lot of the blame belongs on the idiot governor of Virginia and the deputy mayor…both liberal trouble makers!

  46. These groups are just liberal fools tossing everything at the right to see what might stick so they can raise hell in the headlines..They don’t really have a decent cause they just want to screw up society so they can profit in some way!

  47. SIN was showcased by everyone involved at the melea. It should be no surprise that when your heart is to do war, you find IT over and over. Your righteousness seems to be an offense to others and you MUST defend your honor.

    When authorities stand down, police trying to find their equipment, anarchy prevails.

    SIN AND EVIL prevailed and all who showed up and those who directed the stand-down, demonstrated it very well.

  48. the COMMUNIST LEFT STARTED THE WAR ,,,if they would have stayed away {like we do when they protest } nothing would have happened,,,,and im SICK AND TIRED OF THE MEDIA SAYING WE ARE ALL WHITE SUPPREMISTS F–CK THE MEDIA…….AND COMMY LEFT LIBERAL LOSERS

  49. A concealed carry person is a Liberal ant-gun person that has been robbed at gunpoint. Then he realizes that when seconds count, the Police are just minutes away.

  50. Michael Dennewitz

    And with the ONE person that perished because of that automobile, are they also going to blame the car manufacturer? I mean, cars kill, right? 😂🙁☹😢🤣😃😄😅

  51. Surprise, surprise.

  52. Miss Watts, if you arrange for a tyrannical withdrawal of open carry, millions of good guys, among us armed citizens, will be in your public space with concealed carry. Mind that you don’t get in the way.

  53. These people are complete idiots. Open carry might save her worthless ass some day., just like liberal who wanted to let men come into restrooms with little girls ,until one big big guy scared the shit out of her then she was willing to re-think things.

  54. Open carry or conceal carry are second amendment rights and background checks should be mandatory to keep guns out of unstable or criminal hands. The NRA supports this but the liberal wacko left still blames guns for violence and fails to deal with the one true causal element, PEOPLE! It is truly hard for rational people to understand how the progressive left can support groups like C.A.I.R. and the Muslim Brotherhood when these cult indoctrinated people support Sharia Law and the violence it perpetrates on young girls (FGM) and women in general.

  55. Join the NRA and send donations make them the strongest organization in the US. Preserve our 2nd ammendment and all of our Constitution, anyone who opposes it is a communist or anti American.

  56. One would think that judges would chastise those who file frivolous lawsuits. I expect to see someone bringing up our President received a C- in a college course some 50 years ago or that he appeared in court without a shoeshine or the top button on his shirt not buttoned. Don’t repeat hearsay and ask those who do, where and when they received adverse information. Also, on serious issues, refrain from profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk. There are hired professionals who spread that very contagious game of “mental masturbation” and worse yet, many well meaning people feel they must respond in kind. If you would not “say it” to your mother, children or a judge, have the good sense not to place “it” on the internet for the whole world to see how low class you are. It has become the norm for people to take a serious issue and quickly revert it to off-subject, one on one gutter talk. Don’t let those paid “trolls” insult you into replying to their game

  57. Typical Libertard reaction. If they were sincere with their reaction they would be blaming the auto industry.

  58. There are plenty of poofs planning an anti-Trump revolution, but right now I am concerned about communists and black militants. The parade permit (which the ragtag and disreputable band of white nationalists had and the communists did not) was issued to Jason Kessler. Prior to election day 2016 Kessler was a socialist activist, head of Occupy Wall Street and on the payroll of Nazi kapo Soros’s Open Society Foundation. The Charlottesville police were ordered to make no arrests regardless of what happened by far-left mayor Michael Signer, whose chief donor was Soros. Attempts to move the march to another location were blocked by vice mayor Wes Bradley, an outspoken black nationalist and Trump resister who was today fired from his teaching job for racial abuse and sexual harassment of students. Charlottesville police state that Bradley ordered them not to intervene, whatever happened. Governor McAuliffe was on the scene with an emergency declaration before the march began, and his assertion that white nationalists had stashed weapons and ammunition around Virginia has today been refuted by his own State Police. There is abundant video and even a later-censored dispatch from a “New York Times” reporter that Soros storm troopers beat white nationalists as they were being held by Signer’s police and McAuliffe’s troopers. There is a report today that the deceased young lady may have been thrown in front of the Ohio fellow’s car by other rioters. It is certain that this was a setup, designed to replace the collapsed “Russian collusion” canard with the new narrative of a Nazi and racist Trump, and thereby to resuscitate the moribund “resistance” and provoke a revolution. This was also intended to be bagman McAuliffe’s audition for the role of puppet president of the Soros-controlled peoples republic that is to follow the overthrow of President Trump. Most ominously, this was intended to normalize left-wing violence and from now on any appearance by President Trump, any Republican rally and any conservative gathering is likely to be disrupted by Soros storm troopers until we give them Kent States up their patulous anuses.

  59. Juanita Elrod Reed


  60. Has anyone noticed that Mr. Kessler, the organizer of the Charlottesville event was an Occupy Wall St. member and an Obama supporter?

  61. Shannon Watts only says what George Soros pays her to say. She is a puppet without the brains to have an original thought. Only a brain dead idiot would try to connect the NRA to the problems that occurred in Charlottesville. But that is what most Progressives are.

  62. The anti-gun people are communist first.

  63. Mike from Burnsville

    NRA wrong initials folks. NEA is more like it. They are responsible for the idiocy of the left. They taught them that they have to hate white people including themselves if they are white. They taught these cretins that if you are a lefty and you punch someone that you need to scream racism, fascism and other isms if the person you punch has the temerity to punch you back. How many recent stories have we heard about the poor burglar armed with a knife, brass knuckles that gets shot by the mean nasty gun owner for no reason after they break into the gun owners home. Personally I could care less if a Nazi, Klan member, Black Lives Matter “Fry em like bacon” moron or an Antifa terrorist gets shot. They are all from the same hateful dark place and we would all be better off without any of them.

  64. Stephen Griffith

    Just another example of the Liberal Blame Game. Blame everyone else instead of looking at all the facts. The Mad Mad Media stirs up hate with their lies & spin. People listen to the lies & act on them. The NRA & President Trump not the problem. Enforce the Laws on the books & punish the people that break the Laws.

  65. Pretty Bizarre thinking.

  66. I did notice NO ONE was shot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. This “lady” has lost all connection with reality and only cares about following the liberal agenda. Of course, liberals don’t care about REAL facts, as they tend to make up their own “facts” that support their agenda with the help of the main-stream media.

  68. Boston seemed to have went without a hitch. They have a govenor mayor and cops with balls. If the ANTIFA dorks would not have shown up last week in their dork body armor dork helmets and dork bats nothing would have happened.ANTIFA is dorks on steroids hiding behind their faggot masks. They will regret this soon. Carry laws have dropped violent crime in every single place they’ve been enacted. WATTS IS THE DORK MOM FROM HELL. LIVES ON EMOTION INSTEAD OF FACTS LIKE ALL DEMOCRAT COMMUNISTS. FEELINGS. DON’T HURT THEIR FEELINGS AND START DESTROYING THE DEMOCRAT COMMUNISTS WITH FACTS.

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