Liberal Activists Launch War on “Fatphobia”

By the time America’s liberals are finished, everyone in the country will be able to claim they are being oppressed. Unsatisfied with merely “protecting” racial minorities, Muslims, illegal immigrants, women, and gays, the social-justice movement now wants to defend obesity as a valid life choice we should all respect.

At the University of Minnesota this week, “fat activist” Virgie Tovar spoke out against the discrimination and bigotry faced by America’s chubbier citizens. Ironically, she gave this speech at the university’s School of Public Health. You would think that such a school would recognize and promote the considerable health risks associated with obesity, but apparently it’s more important to make sure everyone feels “accepted.”

In her speech, Tovar reportedly told students that America’s fatphobia was a symptom of our “white, heteronormative society.” According to her, straight whites are always looking to oppress people with body types that don’t meet their standards. She also said that many Americans were blind to their own “thin privilege.”

Jesus Christ.

Tovar told the students – most of whom are pursuing careers in public health – that they should not advise people to lose weight. “Weight loss is not a realistic goal for most people,” she said. She went on to argue that exercise and diet were nothing more than “social constructs” used to prop up white dominance.

Now listen, because it’s only natural to have a knee-jerk reaction to this kind of nonsense. It’s so far out there that it’s tempting to ignore it or just make fun of it, knowing that the majority of sensible Americans will never buy into something so obviously ridiculous.

That would be a mistake.

The left has proven over and over again that they possess the ability to normalize the outrageous. Ten years ago, it would have been unthinkable that a concept as absurd as “white privilege” could ever break into the mainstream. Today, we have presidential candidates openly paying lip service to this foolishness. It’s only too easy to imagine the same thing happening with “fat acceptance,” especially since Michelle Obama’s war on school lunch has done nothing to turn obesity rates around.

For anyone who wants to make progress in life, there’s no more dangerous sentiment to internalize than: You can’t do anything about it.

And on almost every issue, this is the message the left sends. They are on a mission to create a population crippled with helplessness – a population desperate for Big Government to swoop in and rescue them. And like it or not, they are very good at what they are doing.

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