LGBT Insanity: Christian Teacher Fired, Reported as Terrorism Threat

We don’t normally reach across the Pond for stories, but this sounded way too similar to something we could easily imagine happening on our shores, given the unfriendly climate of the last few years. The LGBT “mafia,” as some like to call it, has run roughshod over constitutional law in America, and court after court has essentially decided that the imaginary “rights” of gay wedding ceremonies are more important than trivial liberties such as those outlined in the First Amendment. So it is not too difficult to think there may come a day when something like this could happen in the U.S.

The story concerns Svetlana Powell, a teacher at T2 Apprenticeship Academy in Bristol. Powell was fired in July of 2016 when students complained of being offended by her comments. What were those comments? Well, apparently one of Powell’s students caught wind of her Christian beliefs and decided to challenge her on them in class.

As LifeSiteNews put it, the student started to quiz her in an “argumentative” way. This student, who was apparently a regular troublemaker, asked Powell her views on homosexuality, to which the teacher responded as diplomatically as possible: She believed it was against God’s will, but she also believed that God loved everyone just the same.

The student, clearly setting a trap, informed Powell that another student in class was a lesbian; the teacher reiterated that God loved her as much as anyone else.

Two days later, she was fired for “gross misconduct.”

For telling a student that God loves gay people!

But wait: Powell wasn’t just fired. Because the safety officer at the school had students complaining to her that they were “brainwashed and preached to,” she went ahead and reported the teacher to the UK’s Prevent program, which is a counter-terrorism operation.

To be sure, Powell’s case is coming to light now because she is filing suit against the school, and we certainly hope for the sake of Christianity, Britain, and freedom throughout the West that she is successful in her litigation. But the fact that this ever happened in the first place is nothing less than chilling.

But again, we ask: Is it that hard to imagine something like this happening over here? Not long ago, we would have laughed at the very prospect. Now we’re not so sure. You’ve got the government actively ruining the lives and careers of business owners because they didn’t bake the right cake for gay people; you’re going to tell us that a teacher couldn’t lose her job for expressing her sincere Christian beliefs?

Now, if you’re talking ISLAMIC beliefs, well that’s another story…


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