LGBT Insanity: Christian Teacher Fired, Reported as Terrorism Threat

We don’t normally reach across the Pond for stories, but this sounded way too similar to something we could easily imagine happening on our shores, given the unfriendly climate of the last few years. The LGBT “mafia,” as some like to call it, has run roughshod over constitutional law in America, and court after court has essentially decided that the imaginary “rights” of gay wedding ceremonies are more important than trivial liberties such as those outlined in the First Amendment. So it is not too difficult to think there may come a day when something like this could happen in the U.S.

The story concerns Svetlana Powell, a teacher at T2 Apprenticeship Academy in Bristol. Powell was fired in July of 2016 when students complained of being offended by her comments. What were those comments? Well, apparently one of Powell’s students caught wind of her Christian beliefs and decided to challenge her on them in class.

As LifeSiteNews put it, the student started to quiz her in an “argumentative” way. This student, who was apparently a regular troublemaker, asked Powell her views on homosexuality, to which the teacher responded as diplomatically as possible: She believed it was against God’s will, but she also believed that God loved everyone just the same.

The student, clearly setting a trap, informed Powell that another student in class was a lesbian; the teacher reiterated that God loved her as much as anyone else.

Two days later, she was fired for “gross misconduct.”

For telling a student that God loves gay people!

But wait: Powell wasn’t just fired. Because the safety officer at the school had students complaining to her that they were “brainwashed and preached to,” she went ahead and reported the teacher to the UK’s Prevent program, which is a counter-terrorism operation.

To be sure, Powell’s case is coming to light now because she is filing suit against the school, and we certainly hope for the sake of Christianity, Britain, and freedom throughout the West that she is successful in her litigation. But the fact that this ever happened in the first place is nothing less than chilling.

But again, we ask: Is it that hard to imagine something like this happening over here? Not long ago, we would have laughed at the very prospect. Now we’re not so sure. You’ve got the government actively ruining the lives and careers of business owners because they didn’t bake the right cake for gay people; you’re going to tell us that a teacher couldn’t lose her job for expressing her sincere Christian beliefs?

Now, if you’re talking ISLAMIC beliefs, well that’s another story…


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  1. Coming to a public restroom near you:

    Remember to bring blindfolds for the kids when you go out in public. You never know when you just might need them.

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    • Target Stores and Walgrens Drug Stores are two to avoid. They both have in place a policy of anyone can use either restroom they chose.

      • Perhaps we should simply shit at their doorstep! Sounds as if the “so-called” restrooms could be rather “spooky”.

        • We could dry them up f we cold enlist enough men to form an army to enter these restrooms and plug them up for several hours so straight women would have to go somewhere else to releave themselves. Should create stronger shortage of customers and cause profit losses.

          • OR………… a bobbit on the LG…………..

          • Oh believe me with the Socialist sharia legal system anyone who attempted to physically harm those weirdos would be found guilty and sentenced to prison time, still waiting for someone to knock those far too many rogue judges off their thrones and drag them to prison for defying the law.

          • I thought they killed gays in the Muslim ideology/religion, I’m confused?? Oh wait, Satan, you almost had me you big liar you, Suck Dick Lucifer and all your Mafia Lebanese, Gay-tards, Bicycle upsidedown-seat ridin, Trans-vaginal, Queer-bait mutha’s. Let’s send em all to the Middle of the Middle East & they can ride all the camels they want til they get wacka-moled by Sinbad and all his merry fairy men. I’m so over these liberal, sharia law luvin, illegal alien promoting, Homo worshiping swampy politicians, Hollywood Losers, & Outspoken Vocal minority loud mouth F¥€£$!!!! They need to be locked up for promoting Hate to most of American Citizens and Citizens of any Country that doesn’t believe in their Wacko Satan Luvin God Hating rhetoric. They are the True Racists of the World.!!!!

          • Hey jbird72, why not just tell us how you feel ? ? ? ? LOL! ! Yeah, I’m just upset that you beat me to it …….. Be well.

          • islam is nothing but despicable behavior, using deceit to lull the kafirs into a false sense of security making the kill that much easier, Muhammad/allah is described as being the great deceiver.

          • Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

            Sad to say it will probably come to that.

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          • It’s less straight women who are the problem, than those who aren’t “straight” anythings.

          • That’s his point. They’re also the ones attacked so forcing them elsewhere would be safer for them.

          • And where would that be? This insanity has even invaded our churches. NO; the point is not to punish the innocent; but to stop the guilty!

          • Is that what a church does?

          • Depends on whether you mean those who only wear the label or those that truly ARE the Church.

          • Don’t believe there is any such “those” that ARE~

          • There are some but they’re few and far between relative to the pretenders.

          • I’m sure you’re correct, but I prefer not to involve myself with the rhetoric and hypocrisy of the cult, per se.
            Like prayers are total BS and what will be, will be. RE;
            BILLIONS of people prayed the pope wouldn’t die, and
            poof, he died. Not that I care, just sayin~

          • Prayer works when it’s done properly, but there are rules for effective prayer, and most not only don’t use them, they don’t even know them; that’s 1 of the reasons so few see effective prayer happening, which adds fuel to skeptics like you.

          • Im not a skeptic, Im a realist!
            Ive heard pros and cons thru the years about prayer, but FACTS holds true, “IF” the prayer APPEARS to have been acknowledged, HALLEUJAH, “BUT” if not, OH WELL, just pray for something else.
            AND you know exactly what Im stating and if you dont,
            spend more time with the hypocrites~

          • I try to avoid the hypocrites; they’re a “drag”. As I said, there are specific rules; and when those aren’t followed the prayer is unlikely to be answered.

          • Thats fine I guess.
            You have your beliefs and I dont and thats fine with me.
            So, be happy! Thats all that matters~

          • “Happy” is fleeting; I’d rather stay at peace with my Lord and myself.

          • whatever! ive never used that fleeting BS term, but
            if that what you [revel, bask, appreciate or adore] than go knock yourself out-
            hopefully i wont be responding to this ASSine address~

          • You won’t be; since you can’t respond without name calling, you’re BLOCKED.

          • Alrite!! I’M BLOCKED!!! Praise the lord?!! I will no longer need to reply to this dingbat ‘KNOW IT ALL’~

          • I have avoided Target for some years now since I saw they were onboard with the LGBQT agenda. Not a penny of my money will go to support these friends of perversion. Walgren’s isn’t in my area.

          • So, if there isn’t any you wont be Tempted?

          • Nah. It’s just not an issue for me in this area. If there was a Walgren’s in my area, I would avoid that also. I won’t give a dime to either.

          • Profits are already down at all target stores.

        • Too bad they don’t have HIV bathrooms for the ones that are infected………

        • that’s funny

        • I think women should carry their own tissue and do their “business” in an aisle of the store. Leave the used tissue, of course!

      • have not been in their store since they started that

      • This is also in hospitals and large offices where either sex can use the same rest room which is set up for one occupant at a time.

      • That depends where those stores happen to be, being that I do not have the financial means to have a reliable vehicle I walk to the store and the 2 closest are the 2 you just mentioned, here in the Green Bay, WI area or anywhere in northern WI am I aware of any gender neutral public restrooms.

        • It’s their stated public policy for all their stores; regardless where the stores are. And there have been numerous instances of serious problems resulting from Target’s taking that stance that involve voyeurism and other, worse, crimes against women and children. You may not see as much of it in the mens’ rooms.

          • In FL, the Walgreen’s store in which I pick up a friend’s prescription have clearly labeled men and women’s bathrooms. I don’t shop there because their prices are too high.

          • Go to CVS prescription there won’t ask for an arm or a leg.

          • Thanks!

          • Possibly, but much may have to do with there not nearly as many freaks running around the Green Bay area as there are in morepopulated s cities, besides the doors have signs still reading Men’s and Woman’s.

          • That doesn’t mean you won’t find people of the opposite sex in those rooms. Remember it’s how the individual feels about him/her self, not the dictates of biology.

          • I used to work at a flea market back in the 90’s and I had to use the men’s room jest as I was to go this woman walks in and I told the lady that she was in the wrong rest room this is where all the dicks hang out and every guy in there lost it. and the lady turn a bright red.

          • Good for you. She had no more business in there than a man does in a ladies’ room. That’s WHY they’re so marked! And I’ve never seen 1 of those signs, even in Europe, that said ” feels like”; just “men” or “women/ladies” or some variation thereof.

      • I dont shop at either

      • Good God almighty people! It’s only a toilet. What kinds of crap have people been saying here. Is there some kind of actual proven bad things that happen there? Are people being molested left and right? Tell us some provable facts here, not stuff you might have heard on the internet or among your friends. Facts are what we need … provable facts.

        • You just haven’t been caught yet, but grabbing someones
          junk can be dangerous to your health~

        • A woman was molested at a target store last year she is now suing target for millions of dollars and she will win and I just hope that target goes out of business for there liberal bullshit they are putting on people.

        • ONCE is too often and it is happening often enough to warrant the outrage! You clearly have no idea the damage even a single sexual assault or rape does to the victim. As a survivor, I do; and I can promise you any dud (not a typo) I find in a ladies’ room will NOT find himself welcome regardless what he THINKS he is!

      • Not if I’m in the ladies restroom and a male dressed like a female enters. I wull ask he/she to wait outside or use the bathroom that matches their junk!
        Let’s get one thing straight here. If the lGTB community thinks they are being treated unfairly, they should have stayed in the Cliset where they belong – not out struttin their stuff as a confused gender. Actually there should be Male, Female, and Confused genders. No transgenders becayse there is NO SUCH THING!

        Speaking if the “pseudo transgender” thing. Here is something that NONE OF THE PARENTS DISCUSSED WITH THEIR “CONFUSED” GENDER CHILD: Once that child has a transgender sex organ change, THEY CAN NO LONGER — YES, NO LONGER PRODUCW CHILDREN OF THEIR OWN…END OF STORY.
        So those insane egomaniacal parents who really wanted an opposite sex baby and forced.their perfectly healthy child to withstand several surgeries to change their sexual organs (because that child’s DNA will always show them as the sex they were birn with), just made their once beautiful normal child a Eunich — a person with no sex really because they cannot produce young.
        So how many if these idiot parents even took a moment to tell their kid that “NO, you will NEVER BE ABLE TO CREATE YOUR OWN CHILD BECAUSE YOU HAVE SCRAMBLED EGGS FOR SEX ORGANS?”



      • Hey Duck, haven’t been in a Target since they decided this lunacy was appropriate ,.. Wasn’t aware Walgrens was also doing this . Tomorrow I’ll be changing them out at my source for prescriptions and will no longer pass through their doors. Thanks for the heads up. Be well, God bless .

      • If you are a dude. Dress up in dirty, holy, smelly cloths. Go to a Target or Walgreen. Hang out in the woman’s room. When a woman (employee is choice) enters a “Stall” start some small talk.
        Tell her how you like being able to hang out in the Woman’s room, great company policy. Even ask for sexual favors.
        If you live in a state that has laws on this bathroom confusion, go to the State House, County Court House, and do the same. Those high class state employees will not like it one bit…
        Sometimes the establishment has to taste the Shit they come up with, to see how wrong it is………..

      • I stop shopping target and Walgrens years ago.

    • Thank You!!, You’ve already “Made” my morning with your posting! I’ll be laughing about that shit for the rest of the day, and , I Will SHARE. Have a pleasant day, Justin Seine, for you’ve certainly made mine brighter, and more fun.

    • ONE MORE Business to protest and to NOT shop: WALGREENS! Homosexuals STEAL from themselves, as when their evil deeds are done, so they will have destroyed this nation w/Fire and brimestone! Given the Fact that Jesus Christ is the same, yesteday, to day and forever! Hebrews 13:8 KJV This nation, and any others who espouse this mess, can expect the same! So, goes the nations!

    • Bunch of freaks, if they want to receive Estrogen ejections and think of themselves as women just because they have a bosom then let them hide themselves away in the stalls and sit to urinate just as the mind of a woman would tell them to do and where children cannot see them.

      • That photo says it all! Who would’ve ever thought we’d need a handgun, can of Mace, and a Blackjack to simply take a piss in a public restroom. Makes one stop and ponder “THE REVELATION Of JOHN THE DIVINE”

    • It makes more sense to simply have several restrooms that are single occupancy throughout these stores. That way no one is offended.

  2. Too bad she didn’t say – If you really want to know, I’d be glad to take it up with you after school off the premises. She should be able to answer any question anywhere about her Christian beliefs.

    • And to think this happened in a country that “sunk” the Spanish Armada over CHRISTIAN Beliefs.

      • If you are speaking of the Battle of Trafalgar it was actually an alliance between the French and Spanish and talk about 2 wimpy navies, even having more ships did not save them from Admiral Horatio Nelson’s naval tactics ingeniusness.

      • Jose Antonio Rodriguez Menende

        Remember…those on the Spanish Armada WERE the Christians. They were battling those who had no use for the Church–Vatican, Protestant or otherwise. The English labeled the Protestant Pilgrims as social malcontents and pronounced a resounding “GOOD RIDDANCE !” when Bradford’s Pilgrims emigrated to New England.

        • And, those in Britannica were Christian’s as well, just because one’s not Catholic, doesn’t mean they’re not CHRISTIAN.They just refused to follow the dictates of the Vatican. At this time, the King of Spain was a cousin to The Queen Of England. The Church Of England was a separation from The Roman Catholic Church. Her cousin took it upon himself to sail; along with any French who felt like participating, to land forces in an invasion of the Britannic Isles to burn her to the sake for being a heretic. I wonder how many heretics GOD found during “The Spanish Inquisition”? While on the subject; imagine how those same Inquisitor’s would’ve treated all these strange Alphabet Soup people who seem to be as confused as a retarded Squirrel basking in the late Autumnal sun. Playing with his nut’s rather than storing them for the winter? {Not responsible for any, and all inaccuracies, I’m a product of our new world “pubic school system”}.

    • A job I had in the late 90s there was a situation like Wil & Grace, 1 heterosexual woman supervisor and 1 gay male supervisor who happened to share an apartment, well any way during the last month I worked there the woman supervisor was telling 1 of my coworkers that her gay man roommate helped her put up the Christmas tree in the department that we worked, he asked if the Christmas tree was straight, you would never say anything of that nature now.

    • She should win as the ‘child’ probably goaded by someone……asked a question . The teacher based on her training and education gave an answer.. Educating the ‘student’ is her job. Where’s the crime ? ? If the ‘board’ is so concerned about her teaching the correct answer . God loves the ‘ imaginary’ girl regardless of her being a lesbian . Biblical scholars ? ? Then obviously they missed a few things, firstly NOT to judge .as that is God’s bailiwick, secondly the teacher is correct in saying even if she’s gay God still loves her . She’s one of his children, He just doesn’t like what she is doing as it is an abomination according to scripture. Thirdly, to ‘witness’ the second point homosexuality isn’t ‘the’ unforgivable sin, but it is an abomination. So, the people who fired her for doing her job are essentially saying they know better than God. Heresy. Yeah, she should win her case but will probably be in a court before a Muslim jury or judge……. If so then it depends on which verdict will support the ultimate goal to better promote the agenda ? ?

  3. Phuck shitslam, the teacher has moxie and was very nice. Personally, I would have slapped that kid and called that moron “so called” (young lesbian) hmmmm, a worthless good for nothing sociatiel waif…

    • I know right, if that snot nose, wet behind the ears had tried that nonsense with any other devout Christian out on the street he would have heard what the bible truly says about homosexuality and it does not mention any tolerance of said sexuality.

    • Niko, is that Greek?, not an accusation, I have nothing but the utmost respect for the Greeks, amazing culture.

      • Craig , thanks fur the text. Yes 100% Greek ,4th generation in America. I was going thru some of your posts. I like the way you think and speak. I also like that you don’t hide behind the curtain they have, so others can’t see your posts. We had an amazing culture. I consider myself like an ancient Greek warrior. The Greeks of today are nothing but socialistic morons and have become very lazy. Sad but true. I personally have no respect for most Greeks nowadays. The culture is still there after 10,000 years but diminishing fast. The last couple of generations proves that. Thank you fur the kind words about Greek culture, much appreciated!!!!!.

        • If my “new world publik school education” is serving me well; I believe Greece IS the Birthplace of Democracy. It was the shithead turks that dampened this shining light. It is amazing to really see how much of Ancient Greece is incorporated in The Constitution Of The United States.
          Along with a lot of the architecture of our most prestigious monuments and public buildings. “STAY TRUE”!

          • Nashville has it’s own Pantheon.

          • William, thank you very much for your text. Greece was the birthplace of Democracy. That is B.C. of course. You are so right about how Ancient Greece is incorporated in the Constitution and many of America’s monuments and government buildings. ” As TRUE as the SKY is BLUE “. Thanks fur your input , much appreciated.

  4. Sorry to say: The Britts. suck now a days. Won’t be long before a “prayer rug” will be standard issue there.

  5. The Democrats in the US is the party to fault for this stupidity.

    • & the Kenyan that started this whole mess because of his Michael………..

      • Started being set up long before that ‘tool’ ( take that anyway you’d care to ) was put in power . Trump is a chance IF we support him in draining the swamp . Not an easy thing and not sure if it can even be done as the swamp is deep and dark. Already the Kenyan and a potential presidential hopeful of ‘theirs’ have raised 11 million dollars to redistribute the electorate as they say it benefits the conservatives the way the maps are now…… Odd as it wasn’t a concern prior to killaries loss……. They need to ‘fix’ the electoral college’s system as the illegal votes, fixed ballots, dead voting, on and on would have supposedly won killary the elections popular vote. That never would have been discovered as being illegitimate as it never would have been investigated. Even now though as the invasion force has how many million in place ( Democrats fighting to make it legal for illegals to vote, felons Also ) The Liberals/Democrats are leaving these Democratic voting States and moving to Conservative States……. How do you think they’ll vote ? Do you not think this hasn’t been the idea all along ? It’s a proven historical move of communistic conquest. IF President Trump is really about MAGA he’s gonna have to take the gloves off. We the people need to see arrests not special councils ‘investigating’ without results. Example: ( warning, eye opener alert ! !) Whitewater almost ALL involved then are the same people who are now involved in this attempted coup of the legally elected sitting President Donald Truimp ! ! Check it out ! ! Oh, something else to ponder…..the VERY SAME TACTICS used to impeach Nixon are now used to bring about the impeachment of ( an innocent of the fabricated accusations ILLEGALLY obtained ) President Trump ! ! Best part is teven with the illegal actions of the FBI,CIA,DOJ and a biased/ collusive ‘special council’ and team of hand picked opposition supporters they haven’t found anything YET . I put it that way as we’ve all seen how good they are at creating an event or events to further their agenda or remove obstacles….oh sorry those were suicides…….weren’t they ? Have you looked at the actual expertise of the ‘investigative’ team ? False ‘facts’ corrupt individuals running investigations, both prosecutions side and the defence. Funny thing (not really), there were a lot of those surrounding Whitewater also. Similarities……..not as bad as Whitewater back then children found dead by train etc. Sleeping on the tracks later found they were dead prior to falling asleep….. Just another oddness….couldn’t get away with that today ,bad press. Well perhaps they could still we do have mass slaughter of çhildren and pedophilia and trafficking ,… But if you check it out all that KNOWN criminal activity, ( like today)all those deaths related to it (Whitewater), all those suicides, all that missing money, all those SAME people related to it and hrc then . They are STILL connected to her today ……….. Many even worked at the same law firm together ……. But, then like today….NO ARRESTS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! What are the odds ? ? ? Baffling isn’t it ? Another little tidbit to ponder. There is a death watch list attached to the Clinton’s. Goes way back to the affore mentioned dead children on the train tracks. Consists of friends,secret service personnel,business partners, business associates, mechanics well you get the idea. Pretty much anyone who had access or potential access to evidence or possibly witnessed something potentially damaging to the Clinton’s . Some for nothing more than like myself pointing out the ‘connection’ or involvement of the Clinton’s in something …..’shady buisness’ guess the term would be ? OK, back in the late eighties it was, I had a running compilation of said…… to put it…… Loss of life with connection to the Clinton’s or their business interests ? Close enough, again back in the eighties I had a list at the time as did the internet of approximately 130 people listed. Mine was closer to 150 ( Not including the Branch Dividians incinerated on hrc order . I consider it her first mass suiciding ) . Today the internet sourced list with obviously connected individuals should be approx 150. But only is it not that high but has degraded even with searching of alternative sources it references at best only 35-57 depending on the lists sourced………. To the victors goes the history it would appear. Be well…..Oh, just as a precaution…. I have no suicidal thoughts or have I ever had any inclination that way . Besides being just a stable person my whole life I’m a devoted Christian and am aware it’s not my choice to make that judgement. So knowing this …. If like David Karesh the coroner determines I have ever commited suicide ? ? He is lying, I have been suicided . Seriously. Be well.

  6. As a scientist of Human Physiology and physician I could safely state that this “community “ represents a psycho-social issue.
    The fact of the matter from a human physiologal stand point all mammals (including humans) are genetically determined to be male or female. If each cell in ones body contains two X chromosomes(XX) you are female, if you are a male they contain XY and considered a male. Now hormones play a part in behavior and physical attributes. Hormones estrogen and testosterone are secreted by overies and testes respectively. Now the Adrenal glands also secrete minute amounts of both in everyone, so ones behavior and physical appearance could swing toward eather sex BUT does not change ones sex.

  7. Britain is now under God’s judgment with an apostate Archbishop of Canterbury who is Tweedle Dum to Justin Trudeau as Tweedke Dee.
    Ghastly bloody Alphabet People. Like fleas on a dog.

  8. It is obvious to all hands at this point.
    We can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsucking compost heaps.
    We can no longer coexist with these life forms. We are approaching the, out of options. place
    We must physically separate ourselves from these life forms or prepare for civil war

  9. You can damn sure bet your last dollar that a Muslim Islamic teacher would NOT have been fired…! This bending over backwards for the aberrant is gone entirely to far…time for the bull-crap to stop!

    • Don’t Muslims kill homosexuals?
      The teacher should of informed little Johnny Rotten. Mohammed wants his lesbian friend dead!!

      • Not only do they kill homosexuals but also ‘still’ are slavers. It’s their manuals instruction do what needs to be done until in a position to assume power. Lie, terrorize, move silently into political office, buy those who can be bought to support your goal, ( May think it is their goal too, but in reality is just to disrupt or deprecate), create havoc by discrediting the hosts laws. I use ‘ Hosts’ as these are parasitic peoples . Like your last sentence says but you won’t hear until until they are your masters. Already hiding and twisting the truth with babel/confusion and Lie’s. Or with control of the media just complete control of the ‘programmed’ information you ‘need’ to hear …….. I know, I’m just writing what you already understand as your posting/comment reflects. But there are those who still have their eyes shut to this and are following along like sheep . Or the frogs in the heating water on the way to a boil . Need to understand when the water boils it’s waaaay to late.

        • It must be in our genetics.
          White people do dumb stuff at times……
          Remember the 1960s? Black Power? Real Black Oppression in the South East. After the shit hit the fan in Selma Alabama every decent person was outraged at how the Alabama police escalated the situation (a peaceful black rights march)
          What do white people do?
          Find a random black friend, so they can tell others
          “I’m not prejudice, I have black friends”
          Well I think this dynamic was taking hold, until Sodom Hussein declared a Jihad. Then the “True Believers” showed the world they are the same sons of bitches that the English Crusaders tried to kill like 500-600 years ago. All I can say
          “Once a SandNigger always a SandNigger”
          Here’s a note:
          The freed southern blacks really did try to assimilate from the 1900s to the 1960s. Then the white hippie movement brought it all down.
          These Arabs have never really changed. We just took our eyes off the middle east for about a decade 70s-80s. Look at the mayhem they bring with them.
          They are still upset with King Richards Crusade. Its like the Hatfield’s and Maccoys. Sometimes you have to bury the grudge with your loved ones to truly move on………..

          • Yeah, I hear you and I agree. Hard to disagree with facts. Like most don’t know, you probably do though I suspect. Sodom Hussien wasn’t the fist Muslim to call Jihad on the US . That was enacted while Jefferson was President . Why we have the Marines and they have the Marines Hyme. “From the hall’s of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.” It was in reference to the Ottoman Empire. Jihad was called by the Muslims when we went to war ( They called Jihad/War ) with the Ottoman Empire to stop the extortion on our shipping trade. Also why Jefferson had two copies of the Koran not because he was a believer as that loon of a politician said to get elected . But it was so he could better understand them as a people and their motivations. For negotiations, which he’d attempted twice to no avail . That’s when he realised just what they were and are…….. Jefferson was no fool and recognised the Muslim’s as an enemy of everything we as a free people stand for. I’m sure this experience helped shape the Bill of Rights. Like you said we can do some dumb stuff at times . I find NOT doing some stuff just as dumb at times. Thanks for the shout back. Be well

  10. WAIT til their funding is CUT OFF
    and they cease to function!!

  11. Sodom and Gomorrah all over again! Wonder what these folks will do when they stand before the Lord ant the Great White Throne Judgment and the books are opened?! Their names will not be in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and they will be sent into eternal damnation. They will shake their fist at God and blame everyone else! So sad!

    • “Duaghieg-naubit”, if that doesn’t sound similar to many of the poontaign brained politician’s we’ve misguidedly elected into office, both male and female.

    • Too bad they don’t have a 2nd Amendment in that God Forsaken Place………..

    • Blame someone else, of course, as they always do.

    • Judgement towards transgressions against those who did no wrong should not be handed down after death they need to judged by those who sympathise with those who are wronged for all the living to see, if more of such ethics were utilized nonsense such as this would not exist.

      • We are being tested, not a difficult test really just a lot of confusion and temptation . What each person does is an individual choice . As a previous post made reference to, the great white throne and the book of your life ‘deeds’. There is only one unforgivable sin, the rest forgiven IF one repents in earnest . Your opinion doesn’t count although I see and understand it’s merits. As the Word says; God is a respect or of no man. Manuscript’s recital of God’s Word not mine. God wrote laws to be followed by man, the Constitution mimicked a lot of them but has been watered down and no laws are laws of precedent …….popular law. Have you read it ? ? We wouldn’t be where we are if the Law was followed written in the Bible . It’s to harsh………..but closer to what you say than not.

    • Perhaps, perhaps not, should they repent .

  12. It’s already happening, isn’t it? Schools across country implementing policies regarding preaching or discussing Christian Faith by teachers or instituting policies on the spot without due process, Prayer in most schools have been restricted, reciting Pledge of Allegiance under God is restricted, making any kind of Christianity comment or display is questioned or scoffed at as being offensive to non-believers such as Liberals, Left wing nut cases, Atheist, School Boards, Principals. Coaches on sport teams slammed, fired for mentioning God and prayer before, during, after a game, to motivate players, Some schools and teachers restricted to discuss Religion of Christianity, but other Religions can be discussed such a Islam. I’m sure there are a few more examples I may have missed!!

  13. WELL: when this perverse matter is done, and complete, then we will see what happens to all nations that espouse this matter(s) and all involved! Ehgland was used to bring THAT King James Bible to the world and was, w/out a doubt, the greatest nation on earth! The most powerful Navy and military and England, to this date was the ONLY nation to Rule over and control 1/3 rd of the worlds nations! There will never again be a nation, EXCEPT one, that will RULE over this world in it’s entirety, and NO Islam will not be THAT one! The point here is: when a nation espouses GODLY and GOD honoring events and has the same people as England did, that nation(s) is propsperous and when it does such as England, and the U.S.A etc is or are doing, that nation can NOT stand! So goes the matter, and so goes the nation(s) For this, I am ashamed of England and MY own Nation! That would be Germany as well, LOOK what Martin Luther did in the 1500’s at Wiitenburg and look at the results! Now look at Germany! TWO WW’s lost and now a Nation overrun by Muslims! SPIRITUAL DARKNESS and IGNORANCE!

  14. In whom “the god” (Allah=the god) of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorous gospel of Christ, should shine unto them. 2 Corinthians 4:4 KJV (ONLY) This is why people are blinded and SEE not the TRUTH, they rejct TRUTH, and rejecting the same will beget BLINDNESS!

  15. FGBT is a danger to America and American values…Time to jail or deport these animals…..

    • Too bad gays started opening their (censored) mouths………They were better off 2 decades ago then they are now…………Who gives a rat’s rump if they want to be gay………..

      • Two decades ago they’d tried to deny their homosexuality and tried to keep their disgusting gay lifestyle secret. Now they try to shove their homosexuality and gay lifestyles in our faces any time and every way they can.

  16. I’m assuming this wasn’t in one of the UK’s many Muslim enclaves. Wonder how many deviants can be found in those?

  17. Knowledge Transfer

    God can never be for and against the same thing at the same time. His perfection binds him. To suggest that God love evil is to suggest that God isn’t God. “The Lord loves those who hate evil”. God hates sodomy because it is always lifeless and often lethal; always fruitless and often fatal. God loves those who turn away from sodomy not those who turn into it as evidenced by the incineration of Sodom and Gomorrah. Where God ceases to exist all things are permitted. Mankind never learns.

  18. Seems the UK have already had their minds corrupted by their muslim buddies, and the students they allow in schools…..Too bad their government is so tainted with muslim politicians……..

  19. Are you kidding me? That student needs to be suspended who started all this hullabaloo. When did the CHILDREN take charge? Need to notify Betsy DeVos. This is what happens when we move away from Yahweh.

  20. Let me guess: that argumentative SJW student was one of the recent muslim INVADERS of the UK who claims to be a VICTIM of Christianity.

  21. It’s not at all hard to imagine that happening here. And it’s just disgusting; the teacher did NOTHING WRONG; she simply answered her students’ questions HONESTLY and with TRUTH. When that becomes “terrorism” the whole of society is in a very sick and sad state, indeed.

  22. Those gender neutral bathrooms are created by those in municipal or in the case of CaliMexifornia state politicians if such sick concepts were not approved by the politicians they would not exist, it is all about the vote whether those casting those votes are legally eligible to do so or not.

  23. Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

    The LGBT bunch don’t want equal rights, they demand special treatment. They have the right to live their lives as they choose but they do NOT have the right to harass and force others to cater to them. STFD and STFU.

  24. Why should this story surprise anyone, it’s happening all over, much too frequently!

  25. Christian and terrorism don’t even belong in the same sentence. Don’t know who is the author is but also, Gay and Pride also don’t belong together, nor do Trans and pride, lesbian and proud, bi and proud …….. it’s time to end political correctness!

    • You are so right! However, nothing surprises me the way things are going not just in Europe which has virtually lost its identity through the migrant invasion there, but this is a perfect example of the tail wagging the dog.

      This whole idea of LGBT-Q is an absolute travesty foisted on the God-fearing people who made this country great and Europe as well over the centuries.

      The LGBT-Q community represents maybe 1% of the population, but to here them speak, it is everyone and everywhere you look and therefore needs to be acknowledged and respected. Any group that has to advocate for that publicly is not legitimate in my view and is not worthy of resprect.

      • You’re right on the mark Terry! By the way, what is the Q? 🙂

      • The LGBTQOUNA community used to be less than 1/2 of 1% of the population. As radical leftism is taking over society, more people are claiming to be LGBTQOUNA to take advantage of special privileges and treatment.

        • DAMN THE BAD LUCK! Reminds me of an old saying a Supervisor I had when I worked construction in South Texas and Louisiana. He was a full blooded American-Native, (do take note of the positions of terminology in his heritage). His people Damn sure knew what happens when you don’t “control immigration”!





  27. The teacher could have told her, Mohammad wants her thrown off a tall building.

  28. If you support the right of a Christian teacher to proselytize, you have to allow a Muslim teacher to do the same, since in the US, the state (in the person of a public school teacher) cannot favor one religion over another. Sort of looks different with the shoe on the other foot, dunnit?

  29. Romans 1:32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things
    deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also
    approve of those who practice them.

    They will not be happy until homosexuality is openly celebrated and normalized in EVERY town and EVERY home in this country and ANYONE who disagrees will lose their job, lose their children, be incarcerated and probably killed. Christians are in for some VERY DEADLY persecution for their faith. And the brain washed left will cheer.

  30. I am sick and tired of the LGBT “community” that keep the BS up to eliminate Christians and any decent person. You are turning people against you at a rapid rate. I for one am now a total homophobe and will stay that way as long as you continue the crazy way you are going. Go back to the damned closet we would all be better off.

  31. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I was at the Dr’s office yesterday and I had to fill out a gender identification paper.
    They wanted to know what gender I wished to be known as.
    What personal pronoun best described me.
    Does it differ from the sexual identification on my birth certificate.
    Yikes! When I asked the Dr about it, he jokingly said I should check all
    of the boxes and let them wonder.
    I could pick any combo that I wanted to.
    How empowering is that? LOL

    • There was an article on Yahoo about how people are tired and turning away from this nonsense. In CALIFORNIA a JUDGE exonerated a baker from the usual “bake us a cake or we will sue” rhetoric I think he KNEW that allowing the law suit would take the bakers rights away something I have wondered about for ages.


  33. More pathetic behavior for the left. Those who did it need a serious comeuppance.

  34. Until the communist left is pushed back into the sewer from whence they came, the situation will continue to get worse as the commie left will continue to hide behind humanism as the continue to destroy the constitution and bill of rights to continue to take this country in to Communist oppression. The constitution says their shall be NO SPECIAL laws created for any groups, races,religions ,etc.

  35. First, god is a myth and the bible is babble written by a bunch of liberals
    thousands of years past. The world goes on where there never was a bible.
    Science Proves being a homo is a mental illness spreading hate and disease
    around the world[AIDS]. Homos must be eradicated or put on an island to enjoy
    their love~

  36. Just goes to show the aberrant in society have taken over full control of the halls of academia in our county…now it is a race to see who is the biggest victim….which will be crowned King of our nation…And you can thank the courts & the ACLU for this pitiful display of nation suicide…wow!

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