Lester Holt Praised for Biased Performance

In one sense, you have to give NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt some credit. Never let it be said that he didn’t come into Monday night’s debate prepared. Holt watched the mainstream media crucify Matt Lauer after the Commander-In-Chief Forum, and he wasn’t about to make the same mistake. Registered Republican or not, Holt went to Hofstra knowing that to “do a good job” meant to play favorites. And he did so without hesitation.

The gambit worked. Unlike Lauer, Holt is being praised for his performance. While some (perpetually unhappy) liberals wanted him to exert more control over Donald Trump, the majority of media gadflies were excited about Holt’s willingness to play corner man for Hillary Clinton. To them, being anti-Trump is synonymous with being fair.

But again, you have to hand it to him. Unlike many of his colleagues, Holt is actually intelligent. He understands that blatant bias doesn’t help the cause. You have to be subtle about it. You can’t just stumble around like a bull in a china shop, spouting liberal nonsense to anyone who will listen. You have to put on a show of being impartial while gently guiding viewers to a predetermined point of view. And with his questions, his follow-ups, and his “fact checks,” Holt managed this delicate balance quite well. If being an excellent propagandist is a virtue, then Holt deserves all the praise he can get.

No doubt about it, Trump failed to bring his A+ game to the debate. He left easy points on the field, he appeared unprepared for questions you could have seen coming a mile away, and his incoherency on foreign policy was not encouraging. He had a chance to finish this race once and for all, and he did not. After an amazing first 30 minutes, his performance began to slowly decline. Hillary didn’t bring her A+ game, either, but she was far more consistent.

Thanks to Lester Holt and a mainstream media conglomerate that’s in the tank for Hillary, this wasn’t a fair fight. Unfortunately, the next two debates will probably not be much different. If Trump wants to win this thing, he must go beyond “good.” He needs to be invincible.


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  1. Holt deserves no credit for being a bias moderator. It is a moderators job to not show any bias. Period. It is his job to present ideas so that intelligent decisions can be made. This debate was a sham. Hilary Clinton spent much time going after Trumps taxes all the time being the hypocrite that she is with her Foundation.

  2. this wasn’t a debate, this was 2 people attacking Trump for 90 minutes:

    question 1 on economy started with the assumption of growth and income rising, both wrong,
    it ended with attacking Trump trying to create 25M jobs.
    question 2 on taxes started with Trump cutting taxes to the wealthy, wrong again,
    it ended up attacking his taxes and his bankruptcies.
    question 3 on race started with why Trump is protecting biased police shooting blacks, wrong again,
    it wrongly fact checked that stop and frisk is unconstitutional, wrong again,
    it ended up attacking Trump on her birther issue.
    question 4 on security started with cyber attacks,
    but never brought up the FACT that she was not only hacked but is compromised because of it,
    it ended up attacking Trump on her iraq war.
    question 5 on women attacked Trump, but he didn’t fall for the bait.
    question 6 on voter fraud attacked Trump for accepting her winning due to voter fraud.

    • Good synopsis of the event. And in all the exchanges the public was left with the major question: what is your stance on the issues? As for the fact checking, don’t get me started. The only thing I can say is that Holt had the wrong set of facts on both the stop and frisk and Trump’s support of the Iraqi war, and the “bombshell” birther issuer.

  3. de·bate
    noun: debate; plural noun: debates
    a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward.
    synonyms:discussion, discourse, parley, dialogue; More
    argument, counterargument, dispute, wrangle, war of words;
    argumentation, disputation, dissension, disagreement, contention, conflict;
    negotiations, talks;
    informalconfab, powwow
    “a debate on the reforms”

  4. if debates 2 & 3 have the same hillary errors trump needs to attack them. if hillary brings up solar power as the cure all, trump needs to ridicule her for saying this is good for alaska and northern overcast states. bring the government mismanagement of a $535 million grant to Solyndra which declared bankruptcy the day after it got the money. if hillary brings up cybersecurity as a focus for the government ask if she was hacked on her private server with highly secret material. the point is that hillary does not understand this stuff and she is parroting something her aides prepped her with. i do not think her aides understand this either but they have asked around. the problem with GDP, taxable income and employment is JOBS, not job training. Many trained experienced people are taking low income service sector jobs because their job was given away. Ask former IT employees of disney who had to train their H1b replacements.

  5. L Holt was horrible. Proved again how biased media is.

    • L Holt is a Republican . Biased media is found on the radio station you’re listening to.

      • He’s no more a Republican than Obama is!

        • UROK! His questions proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. Amazing how gullible people are.

        • I won’t let myself listen to Obama much less any one else. His daughters? Can you imagine how CONVULUTED they must be? Trump has beautiful children. I’m out for any more the Hillary show debates unless Trump does something drastic to get her on real issues rather Han time wasting boring propaganda she feeds the masses.

          • What Trump has beautiful children. Look at his sons – they are ugly. His daughters are good looking though. But How can you expect proper brains from a polygamist? Trump did not measure up to Clinton who was calm and looking presidential. Trump was clumsy. Repubs and TPs and their racist friends are crying and angry as what happened with Trump during the debate. Trump embarrassed his friend by poor performance. I believe Trump was worrying about his wives at Trump Tower. You know polygamist never trust their wives. That is why Trump lost the debate last night. Vote for Hillary.

          • I wonder if your “queen” will be willing to share the drugs it was taking to it’s loyal sheeple

          • You are certainly a moron. Are you that creepy, little ex Vermont governor?

          • Absolutely right on! Thanks for an intelligent response! Unlike the Trump supporters who think they have to name-call and can’t give a civil response without personal insults! Hillary all the way! #StandingwithHillary

          • All the way where? Jail for mishandling ts docs?

          • We don’t need to name call. The lifeless corpse with no heart that you call Hillary suits you fine. Pmbalele is an internet Hillary troll that has the same lifeless worn out crap that all of you lovely folks love.

          • But does Hillary stand with you or her pocketbook?

          • With me, of course. Actually, when her husband was in office, my pocketbook was a lot better off. As it has been with our current President as well. Not so much during the Bush administration! His policies got us into the biggest recession this country has seen since the Great Depression. A fact, that the economy does much better under Democratic Presidents! Even your anointed one admitted that! But then, he will probably NOW say that he never ever said that! He LIES so much! http://www.alternet.org/economy/bombshell-trump-tells-cnn-economy-does-better-under-democrats

          • I’ve seen your IP address on other sites. You are a Hillary troll. Trump should have stayed on the email scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the Clinton Foundation money laundering scandal along with the entire morass of Clinton poor judgement and criminal activities.
            Personally, I thought the idea that she had any idea at all as to defeating ISIS or stopping cyber spying was hilarious. (Pardon the pun)
            But the thought of thousands of ISIS murderers running to log onto her website was a close second!

          • Go away little Hillary troll. Nothing you say matters. I hear they have free stuff around the corner that you don’t have to work for so run along little troll.

          • I think your parents were brother and sister, that would be the only explanation for such an ignorant comment.

          • He did not lose. His children are to be proud of. Juanita Broderick today tweeted Chelsea her parents are not good people. Hillary was rude obnoxious briefed on irrelevant questions she is a lying boor. You seem to have many deep issues. We do not agree on issues. Your on a different path. Why contact me? Everybody I know is voting Trump! Hillary for prison!

          • Polygamist is a lot better than rapist!

          • You’re a fake Christian. i have lived near polygamists and found them as liars and always fighting with their wives. That is why Trump lost the debate. He was worrying about his wives instead of focusing on the debate issues.

          • You got all that “wisdom” out of my little 7 word comment?
            That must be an extremely liberal interpretation of what I said!

          • The PMIC has no children. He’s a faggot, and moosechel is actually Michael, his husband. Those children were borrowed!! They don’t even look like them or each other!!!

          • He comes alone ever Feb 14 to Palm Spring with other guys at Thunderbird. I know that. Mooshell is just scary.

          • Even though Chelsea is pulling in $600,000 a year, I have always felt sorry for her……a father boffing an intern and lying; her mother a pathological liar. She’ll probably suffer the consequences through her entire life.

          • Juanita Broderick tweeted Chalsea today that her parents are not good people. She describes her being raped by Bill.

          • I just heard that. I didn’t realize that she tweeted Chelsea directly —
            Not nice at all. I still see Chelsea as frail from all of this.
            Yet, if Hillary continually hits Trump on his past with women( all true), I feel that he has the same right to hit her with the way she treated women, and her comment to women where she said that if a woman was raped, she should be believed.(all true)
            It’s a dirty campaign.

          • I read her purpose in doing so that Trump will not be restricted in speaking in front of Clinton family on their dirt. Chalsea not a nice girl I think.

        • He’s a Republican like Comey—fair and respectable nice guy….then a complete change of spots. Two careers down the tubes.

      • You really believe that lie?

      • Biased media is alive and well on all news stations. This trend has become increasingly common since the media took it upon its self to tell us what a President said during the Address to the Nation. Whether or not Holt is a republican is not the point. The point is that he clearly played favorites and let his bias and his inaccurate fact checking lead the debate away from issues and into the realm of rumor, suppositions, and inaccuracies.

      • Just one more denier! Pathetic!

      • Doesn’t matter. media is as dishonest as the politicians. He works for CNN. He knows where his bread is getting buttered…..I hope Trump comes out swinging next time….

      • If he is a Republican, he must be a RINO!!! He was so biased, it was right in front of our eyes!!!

      • Where do you get your totally wrong information?? He’s as liberal a left wing nut as you must be.

        • He’s a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN. Get YOUR information straight! And what a shame that all you Trump supporters know how to do is name-call and insult everyone who doesn’t agree with you. Pretty sad.

          • Wow, what an appropriate name you use! However, your wind does not clear the air. What’s the source of your information that he’s a registered republican? In any case, that’s not the issue. The issue is that he only went after Trump and never the Liar in Chief that was at the other podium. He works for a major media company, which is enough to make it clear that he’s biased. He actually said, in an interview after the debate, that yes, he was protecting Hillary.

            Sorry, it’s you liberal radicals who insult and attack anyone that doesn’t agree with you. You, no doubt, agree with Crooked Hillary that all who don’t support her are in a “basket of deplorables” who are all racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic. Her words, as a lifelong liberal.

            Attendees at Trump rallies are attacked by liberals. Liberals have not been attacked at Clinton’s rallies. It’s the liberals who gladly attack, in words and with fists, those who disagree with them. You are totally backward in saying it’s Trump supporters who attack others when the truth is that it’s liberals who do the attacking.

          • The only ones INSULTING anyone here are you Trump supporters! And sites like this all over the country prove which party members are the most insulting. Research is a wonderful tool. You should attempt to utilize it sometime. 😀 http://www.redstate.com/leon_h_wolf/2016/06/06/trump-supporters-pepper-spray-non-violent-protesters-video/

          • I would point out the Hillary and Obama goons have staged riots against Trump and they’ve injured people whose only “crime” was coming to a Trump rally.
            Where were those riots against Hillary? Oops. Sorry mrsblowhard, it just doesn’t reach the reality tipping point..

          • And I see why you support Hillary. She’s a liar — dozens and dozens of times. As Sec’y of State she had people who wanted to meet with her to forward their causes or wishes, donate money to her foundation to permit them to meet with her. She was a government employee and had no right to require payment to meet with people. When it came clear that her husband had mistreated many women, sometimes even involving rape, she took the lead in attacking the WOMEN and calling them “Bimbos”.

            You are a fool if you think she is worth the support of any voter.

            You are also hugely ignorant if you haven’t noticed that it is very much more common for liberals to attack others and it is for those others to attack them. Liberals attack Trump supporters at rallies and do their best to disrupt the rallies (if you are at all aware of events, you know this), yet none of Hillary’s rallies have been disrupted by conservatives or Republicans and none of her rally attendees have been attacked.

            The liberals are the attackers and your insults are just part of the pattern.

          • If Hillary “lied” non-stop for an entire month, she couldn’t begin to come close to tying the amount of Trump lies! You are entitled to “interpret” whatever you choose to in regards to the claims you are making, however you have provided ZERO evidence PROVING any of it. And I have YET to see any evidence that anyone was EVER “mistreated” by Bill Clinton. And I imagine that Ms. Clinton’s “reaction” to those “other women” was no different than would have been from any other woman whose husband was not faithful. However, her husband’s infidelity is no reflection on her OR her qualifications as President. If you believe they are, then I suggest it is YOU who are promoting your OWN biases and prejudices based on your own issues, not hers. And I don’t “think” s he is worthy of voter’s support, sir, I KNOW she is. Based solely on her record of experience and accomplishments. And again, your behavior of name-calling and personal insults PROVES beyond any doubt, which party members are more predominantly the aggressors. As for your claims regarding HER rallies? Again, RESEARCH is a very helpful tool. You should actually TRY it some time! 😀 #StandingWithHillary http://www.politicususa.com/2016/09/12/deplorables-strike-trump-supporter-hits-slaps-protesters.html

          • So, her saying the female victims of her husband’s sexual assaults were “bimboes”, and her hiring private detectives to quiet what she called a “bimbo eruption”, is just fine with you? And you don’t mind at all that she lied numerous times about her reckless disregard of the security of documents on her unauthorized unofficial computer? And you KNOW she’s entitled to your support. You are incredibly naive and easily fooled.

          • I haven’t stated any “insults”, but YOU certainly have. So, by your OWN claims the ones who actually ARE the attackers and insulters with the pattern are those Trump supporters like yourself. I love it when someone like you provides the evidence themselves of my claims! Thanks! I couldn’t have done a better job proving my point than YOU yourself did FOR ME! 😀

          • You truly are a fool. No further wasting of typing is warranted.

          • He’s a “registered republican” who has said he frequently votes dimmocrat. At best, he’s a rino. At the office, it appears he regularly sides with leftist views.
            But, nice try.

          • RINO ……Windy your full of hot air.

      • I think RINO best describes Holt. He does not know the meaning of fair. Just more Hell-ery lies.

      • You mean a RINO????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • He was very disappointing. I thought candy was bad back in 2012, but lester elapsed her by a mile.

    • He has been through too much gunfire in Bosnia, survived too much sniper fire, too tired. He needs to retire.

  6. How come there was no question about Killary’s action in the Benghazi deaths, her lying to the congress and the American Public on her Secretary of State emails, not to mention setting up China and making millions on it? Why should she get off easy?

    • Secretary Clinton brought up Benghazi(a subject that’s no longer a subject) in her stamina response and Holt directly asked her to respond to Mr. Trumps email question , which she did.

      • It’s no longer a subject because she’s guilty as H for the deaths of those people and she knows and just doesn’t care!! There is a laundry list of her guilt and because she doesn’t want it brought up thinking it will go away. The only reason she isn’t in Prison is because Ovomit is president and has his lying Muslims in place!! He should be in solitary next to Killary’s cell!!

        • if you disagree with soldiers dying then do what I, and many others, do …work for peace and huge cuts in the military budget as well as all contracts to corporate war toy manufacturers, the military industrial complex that supports shareholders with dead bodies. Even better, encourage others to not participate.

          • She supported the IRAQ WAR!

          • Yes, based on the lies of Pence’s testimony to congress that there were weapons of mass destruction. I bet you supported it too; stuck a flag on your truck and yee haawww! Putintrump did as well…what’s your point ?

          • That dictator used gas to kill thousands of his citizens. To me that is a weapon of mass destruction. Sounds like you like that idea of him using gas to kill thousands of innocent human beings?

          • Interestingly, some of those Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction were just uncovered in Syria. Wonder how that happened.

          • “stuck a flag on your truck and yee haawww!” while you burn down stores, loot, shoot cops!

            “Hired protesters with the Black Lives Matter movement have started a #CutTheCheck hashtag and held a sit-in at the offices for the successor group to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) in Missouri after the group allegedly stopped paying them.FrontPage Magazine reports that Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) has been paying protesters $5,000 a month to demonstrate in
            Ferguson. Last week, hired protesters who haven’t been paid held a sit-in at MORE’s offices and posted a demand letter online.”

            From that marxist, libTURD site, snopes…..”WHAT’S TRUE: A grantmaking network
            founded by George Soros provided funding to some groups that engaged in
            Ferguson-related protest activities.”

          • Sorry Barry, I’m a pacifist, non violent. If your suggesting that I’m black, I’m not , although I am very supportive of the community . I’m 62 and have never burned more than wood and weed.

          • You really are brain dead!!

          • That has to be the most convoluted, ignorant and dumb statement on this site! When the “Fit hits the Shan” you will be one of the first to call for our Military to come to your rescue!
            ignorance is no excuse but stupidity, on your part is obvious!

          • Eisenhower warned us of a military industrial complex, but maintaining some form of a military is required to insure the security of the country, and in fact is directed by the Constitution. Remember, it is not the military that is at fault, but a congress that has failed in its job to control the military budget.

          • It’s a volunteer army Bellyboy!

            “China is aggressively building up military forces capable of striking U.S. forces in the western Pacific and elsewhere as part of what the Pentagon calls an array of high-tech “anti-access” missiles, submarines and warplanes in its latest annual report.””According to a report by RIA Novosti,
            Moscow may be developing a heavy-liquid-fuel, non-nuclear, precision-guided payload capability for a new class of ICBMs, which would give Russia near-global coverage.”
            “(Reuters) – President Barack Obama was caught on camera on Monday assuring outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he will have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election.”

            Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Monday proposed shrinking the Army to its smallest size in 74 years, closing bases and reshaping forces to confront a “more volatile, more unpredictable” world with a more nimble military.

          • Chuck Hagel is a moron will be glad when he is gone.

          • You really think cutting the military budget is safe for America? Russia and China are vastly expanding their military with modern weapons, lots of them. China is building islands, secret underground submarine shelters, stealing our plans and building matching jets. Remember recently when Russia was able to somehow render a US Navy ship dead in the water?
            We need to cut waste and the under the table deals and overpaying for everything so some individuals become millionaires with each contract.
            Obama has reduced our military to the smallest size since WW2, we risk our lives and others worldwide by becoming weaker.

          • I understand your thinking Chad, nothing I or other citizens could do would literally reduce the monsters budget but the request let’s some staffer know that I’m not in favor of war anywhere. I often ponder what the world might be like if we spent an equal amount to actively create peace. If our government produced its own war toys with no profit I would feel a little better about things, so we agree . Rich people getting richer because of body counts is my real issue, they function under supply and demand -a sick concept when applied to human life.

      • She is guilty of much more than Benghazi! She should be in Leavenworth, Kansas prison!

        • Any proof other than the fabrications of right wing biased radio and spin pros? Mr. Trump’s background is certainly ugly and sordid, and the fascism he proposes.

          • Mrs. Clinton and her crime machine is more unworthy and when, not if, Trump gets in she and Ovomit should be headed for jail Bill can’t keep it in his pants Clinton will have an adjoining cell!

          • Oh, I dunno. Bill may not have much left to keep in his pants. Those days, his best ones, are seriously behind him. Thank god!!

          • There’s plenty of proof she destroyed 1500 emails and had her workers hammering to break Blackberries and IPads! Even a fact checker on her bought and paid for network CNN said that was true. If you have nothing to hide then why do that! Because she’s guilty , guilty, guilty!!

          • Can you even define fascism? You throw that word around like candy.

          • A government who’s economy is based on going to war. Citizens oppressed, ruled and manipulated by corporations. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/552bda981c1bfb60355f621b801d175c2457136e572d9843346e3cf075444615.jpg

          • Supremacy of the Military: A strong military is a deterrent. We were attacked in WWII because the Japanese felt we had no defenses, little realizing that the vast majority of the American public came together and built up our lack of military.
            Corporate Power Protected: Many of the “protection” of corporate power has been the results of democrats.
            Labor Power Suppressed: Forced membership into labor unions is the democratic stance. They have gone to extreme methods to protect the unions and in many cases the unions are their main contributors.
            Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts: Now who is it that considers any one not supporting them as Low Intellects, a basket of deplorables, often uses the reference of “college educated” as a means of demeaning the population; none other than your precious democrats.
            Manipulate & Control elections: Gerrymandering, a innovative invention of the democratic party to insure their future political careers. Get out the Vote, the modern day method of recruiting voters, an instrument of the Organization for America (Obama’s) to register voters under his ACORN affiliates; often using fictional names.
            Religion and Government are Intertwined: So far the only intertwined religion present in our government is the Muslim religion of Islam. While our schools, judicial system, and government offices are prohibited from the practice of or use of any religious material or iconology, the tenets of Islam is allowed in our schools, workplaces and government offices.

          • Fascism” A system of government characterized by rigid one-party dictatorship, forcible suppression of the opposition, retention of private ownership of the means of production under centralized government control.
            Henry Wallace aside, there is currently one candidate that exhibits the characteristics of his definition, and that candidate is unfortunately your candidate Hillary. In her lust for power and wealth she will ruthlessly use any means to achieve that end.
            While you would like for Wallace’s comment to define Trump, you overlook one important fact. Regardless of how he phrases his message, he is pointing out just what is wrong with our country today. We do have a problem with intolerance toward other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions, or nations many of these can be directly laid at the feet of our present president. A stance that Hillary has often used in her “Obama did not go far enough” statement.

          • I agree. I wasn’t pointing Wallace’s words at any one person but if the stiletto fits. You, and many mistake for and respond to me as a Clinton supporter, i’m not.

          • Pardon my mistake, I should have known better than accuse you since many likewise accuse me of favoring Trump.

          • Its cool, its not republicans who are fascist, its fascists. I deleted that meme. The powers behind the throne have us all fighting each other. Until we realize manipulation and find a way to stand for each other no matter color, religion or ethnicity nothing will change. We are all played as puppet sheep. Our anger is truly not with each other but with the puppet masters . If we stand for our neighbor and for the justice they deserve, replace selfishness with empathy we as a society may survive . But how do we get all to disregard spin propaganda and seek truth and to drop indoctrinated political, religious, and educational partisanship? If we continue to face each other blindly, with torches and pitch forks instead of the monster, I don’t have much hope for civil-ization.

          • So true. But one way is to watch for the buzz words: inclusiveness, racial harmony or racial dissent, the often used rights argument, the common use of phobia association. There are clues out there and people need to learn how to recognize the manipulative precursors.

      • Well, do you think that was sufficient to explain away the loss of four lives? Just curious.

      • Boy, you have the wool pulled over your eyes. She wants him to show his tax returns but she will not allow her 30,000 emails to be shown. And what about all those e-mails that were erased the day after Congress requested them.

        • I’m with you!! The person is brainless!! They’ve been brain washed!

        • You mistake me as a Clinton supporter.

          • That’s because you sound like one.

          • Sorry, sounds like you are.

          • its ok, I can see where folks would, can misconstrue my comments in this setting. I attempt to stay objective however I don’t like Mr. Trump, he scares me, causes me bad dreams. I can understand others who support him and respect it but i’m not sure he will bring the type of change hoped for. I just offer opinion for debate. Speaking with only like minded people is like talking to the mirror. I learn much from bloggers here; and get called a lot of names. Cynics are an important in any society. Peace

          • Not liking Trump is fine, but many people only hear what the detractors say. They say he is racist and many accept that premise because they do not bother to check the man out. Is he pure as the new fallen snow, of course not. But neither is he the demon Clinton would make him out to be. Is he a ruthless business man, yes, but no more or less ruthless than any other successful business man.
            Many people have let the illegal actions of Obama color their idea of exactly what powers a President holds. But in the final analysis it is the Congress and not the President that create the changes.

          • Trump can say dumb things but advisors would help keep him in check as president.

          • Let’s hope. Pence was my congressman, he is a terrible human being , he was going to loose his governorship here in November .

          • People have told me that they don’t like TRUMP. They have told me that he scares them. I have asked on simple question of them, but they never comment to me after I ask them. Why does he scare you? And I will ask you 2 questions, because you seem to be intelligent. With all the scandals that is smoking around hillary, doesn’t she scare you more,,,because she sure scares the hell out of me.

          • I can’t tell you how much i appreciate you asking questions, I seek rational dialogue but rarely get it. I ask questions and receive tongue lashings in return, talking to each, no, with each other and listening is the key, as you know, to resolve and a solution that satisfies the parties involved. I want to apologize for my ‘truck’ crack, it was unfair and uncalled for, more on that later.

            I decided to sleep on this response, and yet, don’t know where to begin. I think the ‘scare’ is actually an unnerving; is actually about 30% of my fellow citizens and not the man. I’m a Scorpio so i am a natural manipulator and I’m wise about his calculated steps, i offer that as a compliment, he’s a master. However supergun, there are those who manipulate for a higher good and there are those who use it for personal gain and/or power/control; use trickery as sport. I believe and see Mr. Trump in the latter category. I don’t agree with those who say Mr. Trump has created hate; hate is something that we personally choose to feel or express and if we are conscious, is in our control. I do know that Trump, in a conscious planned effort has/is playing on those who are not acting from consciousness; in other words acting from emotion rather than mind, knee jerkers. (Wow, what a big question you ask, its better suited for my front porch over hours than here. I am typing with an on screen keyboard, so…click a letter move the cursor , click move, I’m 2 hours in at this point. LOL) I’m going to give you a broad answer , if you want to continue further then I’ll be more specific . In my mind this answer starts with JFK, makes a stop with Jerry Falwell and a side trip through the CIA.

            I see the great divide in or country to be an educational one. A divide perpetrated by a desire of Republicans to broaden their base . I first caught on in 1999. Today the party is seeing the effects of that manipulation and as we see most party office holders remain silent about the current election, absent statesman . I recommend you read a recent book by Republican strategist Matt Lewis : https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d457b3b2836936c5c63cdb4032f0fb58858d9a971c039b595ac2ed85cf7385a4.png He describes the plan created in 2012 to bring “the dumb uneducated into the base…manipulation. Playing to a certain segment of people they considered “esay to herd”.

            Not meaning to sound ‘elite’, I listen to Trump/Clinton speeches, read their websites, watch c-SPAN, PBS, BBC, Democracy Now, ABC,CBS. I read several papers. I listen daily to the right wing radio propaganda and spin, I read current books …I study. I am involved at least 12 hours a day for every other 2 year period. The ‘scare’ for me? Trump supporters who listen to the scripted, coordinated efforts of right wing radio as their primary source, fear mongering , hate stirring, fabricating spin. How many even know how or why Trump came into the race? We have a third of the country who ONLY believe what the talking radio head says, its a very dangerous climate . People say there are no ‘Hillary’ signs -her supporters fear retribution from ignorant, hating gun totters; its suppression of free speech self imposed . That’s scary supergun.

            There’s 3 hours worth. So many more reasons . Here is a sample of what I mean, this threatens civil-ization. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNZ3rNZvRU4

            What are your fears?

          • Excellent commentary. Thank you for the thought out reply. We all are only human. We have our faults, sins, and crimes. None of us are perfect. I only know of one that is. He finished the battle at the CROSS over 2,000 years. I enjoy watching the politics, the different responses and views of many people. I have learned not to trust anyone, but we still have to incorporate trust in our daily lives and work. I travel the land in my work and have met highly intelligent people in all fields of work that will vote for TRUMP over the other. They are very successful and I would not classify them or stereotype them. We will always have loonies on both sides of the fence. I feel TRUMP really wants to help the Country. He has taken a big gamble with the potential to lose a lot of his hard earn money if he is not elected. He has no clinton foundation where the money has accumulated and possibly laundered in to elect her. He has to not only battle hillary, but also the mainstream media owned by liberals who I fear have no love for this Great Nation. It seems like they are bought and paid for by the foundation. Look at all the scandals and investigations the last 8 years, all the foot dragging, all the emails erased after Congress ask for them to be presented, the witnesses being being granted immunity, all the taking of the 5ths, ones no showing up to testify, ones being killed, the agencies being told to target different companies and people, all the “I DON’T RECALL” all the “I didn’t know about the emails until I read about them in the newspapers” yet he is exposed using incognito names. TRUMP has his faults, he may well be a Great Leader like President Reagan or he could turn out different. We don’t know all the answers at this time. We can not go through life with that particular fear, but I know one thing. If I am outside the forest and I think there are dangerous animals in the forest,,,do you think I am going in there? If something is bad and make you gag and want to puke; the best thing is to stay away from it. When the “Walking Dead” outnumber the Americans in this Country, then the very foundation of this Great Nation will crumble. The sum of all my FEARS? You ask? hillary.

    • Or the clinton foundation, or the people who destroyed her e-mails the day after Congress ordered them not too, or obama communicating with her on her private e-mail server which classified info was passed? And he stated he did not know about the server until he read about it in the news.

      • It’s always surprising to me how often the president of this nation has to get his own facts from the newspapers. He has used this excuse before, several times, and I, for one, am tired of reading how he didn’t know the facts we all knew — until we knew it, too. If I were president, I would know. And he knew it too.

        • The newspaper excuse is the common excuse. But even a 5th grader does not believe those lies. And another one; “I don’t recall”. How convenient.

      • “Roughly half of the $1.14 billion that the U.S. government allocated to help Haiti recover from the 2010 earthquake has gone to wasteful projects with the single largest chunk—$170.3 million—going to a failed port and power plant adventure heavily promoted by Bill Clinton and the State Department under the leadership of his beloved wife, Hillary. “We believe that our work here in Haiti and here in the north is beginning to show results.”
        The former president, who has been heavily involved in distributing Haiti earthquake reconstruction funds, pushed hard for the power plant and port for an industrial park in northern Haiti. The Clinton-backed power and port venture is the biggest and most expensive failure mentioned in the report. An astounding $170.3 million later, it is years behind schedule, and lacks a qualified engineer. Hundreds of millions have been spent in Haiti with virtually no accountability. Yet three years later, news report after news report reveals that a large number of Haitians still live in deplorable, shanty town tent cities and an ongoing epidemic of cholera has claimed thousands of lives.”

        • THANK YOU BARRY for sharing that information with us. That kind of mess can make anyone cry. You want to know what is worse than this mess you share with us. The “Walking Dead Followers” who are allowed to vote, plus the criminals elected to office,,,,especially the ones who took an oath to uphold the CONSTITUTION.

      • Let’s not forget selling 20% of our uranium to Russia or the bullets that were whizzing towards the chopper she was on.

        • Oh yeah baby,,,,,forgot about that stinking scandal. What really gets me is obama communicating with her many times on her private server with classified info, and telling the Nation that he did not know about that until he read it in the newspapers.

    • “As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
      Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.
      The pathological liar even lied to her stoogeboy Oblame-o! LMAO!! sooooooo! You SISSIES in the Democratic Party sold uranium to Russia How PROGRESSIVE!!

    • There are 2 more debates, it will come out, Every poll had Trump the clear winner !

  7. Holt was following orders from the Clinton camp. If he didn’t, he would end up another suicide victim.

  8. Trump held back probably on someones advice. The next two debates Mr. trump ought to just be his normal natural self. Then listen to the alphabet stations howl.

  9. No matter who the moderator might be and no matter how much he attains impartiality, the right wing media will fault him if their blithering candidate looks incompetent, which Trump most assuredly did.

  10. Holt was horrible. I was thinking he was coached by HRC before the debate. Maybe he is a republican only in name. I do not listen to liberals. I come from a communist country and for me democrats equal communists.

    • Looks like he was paid off or threatened.

      • Probably afraid of the Clinton Mafia, didn’t want to become another mysterious death associated with the Clintons.

        • Where did lester go? Looks like he disappeared.

        • He took the money!

        • Holt is just another Megan Kelly. Everybody thought she was a conservative just because she was on Fox. She even admitted she was surprised Fox hired her because of her liberal views. There are NO conservatives or even moderates on any MSM network.

          • Lots of non conservatives on fox. Megan, Juan , Wallace , Shepard Smith to name 4 progressives. There’s more I’m sure. Help me out people. How many conservatives work at CNN. You know so people can get a different perspective . Zero I bet.

          • Notice how quickly he got out of Dodge.

          • WHO got out of Dodge?

          • Lester Holt. Exited that place so fast, after his biased moderating . He almost like slithered his way out of there like the snake he is.

          • You are right. Could never understand why Juan Williams is there except for maybe the fact that “he is the token”. I used to respect George Will until l really paid close attention to what he says. He has a great way with words which is why he is so dangerous. He may have been somewhat conservative many years ago but even then I would say a “moderate” republican. Journalists always sway with the wind because that is how they think thy remain relevant. In Wills case he should stick to writing fiction. Krauthammer is another one like that.

          • I thought that of O’reilly. But I think he would be a RINO if he ran for office.,I like Neil Cavuto. I watch him instead of O’reilly.

          • You are a dumb fucking person

          • The biggest fraud on Fox News is Bill ( the blow hard ) O’Reilly . He is a liberal in conservative cloths who defends the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama every chance he gets . Bill O’Reilly even lied about why the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama was using social security number 042-68-4425 . With the lie barack hussein obama’s father lived in Connecticut for a wile as the reason why the fraud was using that social security number . A Flat out LIE that was taken down from the Fox News website a day later .

          • You are a dumb fucking person.

          • Most conservatives work public bathroom stalls giving blowjobs and anal tongue darts.

          • What do you gain by telling lies?

          • Oh no it’s back again with the same old line not enough intelligence to say anything else.

          • You approve of lying?

          • Stop telling people that they’re liars, dim wit.

          • What do you gain by this insult?

          • When you post all I can hear is the teacher from the Peanuts cartoons….you know…whaa wha whaa whaa..lol. Kinda like Hillary or even obeyme

          • Thank you,
            Your compliments say so much about who your are.

          • Liberal comeback
            “I know you…but what am I?”
            Yours do too…lol

          • Thank you,
            Your compliments say so much about who your are.

        • Why do you need to tell this lie?
          Why do you embarrass America this way?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • You are living in a fantasy. There are many suspicious deaths associated with the Clintons, suicides, car crashes, armed robbery /manslaughter, etc. I think it’s close to 50 people now.
            Even if the Clintons had absolutely no involvement they are corrupt to the core and will open the borders, destroying America.

          • Stop reading the grocery checkout lane rags.

          • HOW about DOCUMENTARIES ?????? FACTS FACTS FACTS………….DEAL WITH IT you idiot…….

          • Are you stamping your foot to go with the screaming tantrum?

          • Patricia Anderson

            2015 fits you to a tee. AKLady It seems you were born practically yesterday.

          • Thank you.
            Your inults say so much about you.

          • Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?
            AKLady2015 GFY.

          • Are you going to teach that baby to be a sewer mouth?

            Are you going to teach her to be a habitual liar?

          • No if he wants his child to learn the art of lying he will hire Hillary. Leave his child out of it. AK your not being a lady .

          • Save your insults for someone who respects your opinion.

          • Why do you need to tell his lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?
            AKLady2015 GFY

          • Are you going to teach that baby to be a sewer mouth?

          • DITTO~~~~~~~~

        • America does not want chicken~sh*t questions asked. We are in deep trouble as a Nation, and we get a moron asking these questions?

          • You will not see one difficult question for Hillary from Anderson Cooper. More of the same. What Trump needs to do is pivot from those stupid questions about taxes and birtherism and say to the American people , not even look at Hillary or Anderson and have a conversation with the Anerican people explaining what he will not do . That’s pointing to Benghazi, the private server, 30000 emails erased for good , take money from the very people who kill lesbians gays Jews and Christians . Who treat women in humanely . Will not lie to the face of the American people like she did when 4 Americans were left to die while she and Obama went to bed.He needs to do it because this second hack will not bring it up. He needs to be forceful and not let Hillary take the shots. He needs to put Hillary in the defensive and have her answer tough questions . Coopers mouth would be locked open and Trumps supporters and those who are still undecided should really take notice to how evil this woman is. Hilary is a human robot . She says many words but most of them are mindless and canned. Listen to how she talks . It’s about sticking it to the rich, being fir the working man , and belittling the police (white) and encouraging blacks to violence. She is straight out of Alinskys rules for radicals . Her idea of replacing the constitution would be the communist manifesto . Her talking points are no different from what Karl Marx would use. How can anyone with half a brain vote for her and then admit it???? She supports BLM and that alone should send up red flags . A hate group which should be shut down by the Feds . But then what use are the Feds ? They are given orders by thus administration . Remember the transparent administration . NOT!!

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Why do You?

          • You just lied.
            Your accusation is false.

          • I don’t need to lie–You already do enough of that for Everyone!!

          • You just lied, again.
            Your accusation is false.

          • Said the lying, liar I would tell you to FOAD, but you old folks don’t know what that means

          • You need to practice more, you have not yet gotten the adult part down.
            If you want to pass yourself off as an American, yu might want to master the language
            “:Lying, Liar” Dounble negative, improper punctuation.l.

          • And You have? What a presumptive cun t you are–I don’t know how you can even look at yourself in a mirror

          • Sewer mouth.
            How childish.

          • Whore–Oops I can’t call You a whore, whore’s actually have a purpose
            and a reason

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • Speaking of nausea

          • You seem to be quite the expert. How ling have you been one?

          • I’m not sure what you mean, check you’re spelling and get back with me

          • I am dyslexic. Feel free to insult. I have been putting up with people like you for my entire life.

          • I didn’t insult your spelling disability ya daft bitch of a dyslexic witch

          • Thank you.

          • You should thank me, anyone else woulda been all over that

          • Oops. You spelled long as ling. Surely you can spell a four letter word correctly . Don’t be nasty now .

          • I am dyslexic. Feel free to insult. I have been putting up with people like you for my entire life.

          • See you said dounble negative. Also spelled you incorrectly if I may point it out. It happens. I won’t count it against you .

          • Thank you for pointng out the typo.

          • If you mean because you lie sooo much that you are actually telling the truth, I’m afraid that only counts in hillary & obama’s minds

          • If you are going to insult America’s government, please learn how to write our langiage correctly.

          • Go on your search engine and type ~obama lied~ So much there, even a most ‘useful idiot’ like yourself can’t help but see some trouble there??

          • Thank you.
            Your compliments mean so much to me.

          • Learn how to spell language you cretin and FOAD

          • Thank you.
            Sewer mouth is so childish.

          • Right back atcha granny, ya poor sick bastard

          • Thank you.
            Sewer mouth is so childish

          • Damn, you are one demented old bitch, ain’tcha

          • Sewer mouth must be learned. Did your Momma teach you?

          • OK I’ll tell you what FOAD stands for, but only because I know you’ve seen it before, and never did figure it out for yourself
            F uck
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            no need to thank me for explaning–posting this is it’s own thank you

          • Sewer mouth must be learned. Did your Momma teach you?

          • I think I already seen that one, buy yourself a new brain

          • ..Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • Patricia Anderson

            I think AKLady is nuts however, you do have a potty typing style. You are not helping the cause by being filthy even in writing. It brings you down to the Dems. level. For this reason I am signing off I don’t want to watch the idiocy any more. There are better ways to make your point.

          • Perhaps you are right, I’m not the only person AK Lady does tend to piss off, but I do tend to try and really let her have it

          • My Momma told me you are a
            C an’t
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            What’s that spell? C UNT

          • You mother must be very proud.

            She did a very good job of teachin you sewer mouth.

          • That’s nice to hear, I will let her know

          • Now you are lying about lying, satan’s daughter

          • You just lied, again.
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          • Said the Liar!!

            Two lies ain’t the truth, but mebbe 3 are….

          • Your mother dresses you funny

          • Patricia Anderson


          • your accusation is a ass-umption
            your falsehood is a fakery

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            Has all day miraculous holding power

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          • You’re diaper is smelly, time for a change??

          • Another childish insult from the sewer mouth.

          • Patricia Anderson

            I agree she is and idiot however not all women are that stupid. I am one and I vote TRUMP!

          • You should be a hypnotist, you’re making me sleepy with all you’re boring drivel

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • Patricia Anderson

            ; – ) LOL

          • Why do you continue with the same old babble? You’re worthless and boring.

          • Let’s not forget stupid and ugly

          • The truth shall set you free.

          • The only truth that will set AK Lady free is Death

          • LMAO…………….hhhahaha

          • Patricia Anderson

            What are you a robot. you print same old same old same old BS

          • Why do you insult me rather than the liar?

            Do you approve of lying?

            You also seem to think that lies deserve originality.

          • EXCELLENT ARTICLE! I could not say this better. You have hit the nail on the head. I was thinking along the same lines. If TRUMP did these things as you write HE would set the debate on fire. Now that would be some debate. They might have to send in Security to restore order. hillary scares the hell out of me, but the voters that flock after her scare me more.

          • ME TOO…..She will send us (U.S) to hell……..

          • U right.

          • HE needs to listen to NEWT GINGRICH and Hannity……..

          • Well, yoi had a Republican moron who had trouble ansering them.
            Was that not enough embarassment?

          • Ohhhh Noooo! They let her out again. Quick,,,,everyone lock your doors. ak is wondering around again.

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • Tough to answer when interrupted 41 times by the moderator . Hillary interrupted 4 times. Trump fact checked at least 5 or 6 times Hillary 0. Hillary never had to answer about all her scandals . Benghazi, the private server and destroying over 30,000 emails which she was given a summons to deliver. How about the Corrupt Clinton Foundation with its pay to play with despicable people. She never had to answer for her lies. She can’t give the American people a credible answer. She would be treed with no way out but more lies . It would be all she wrote. What would be the odds that Anderson Cooper would ask these questions of her. I think maybe Hell would freeze over before the left wing media would even try. The American people should demand fairness in a debate. Taxes and birther questions taking up 20 minutes of a debate when we have the world on fire, terrorists hitting us and millions and millions of people without jobs , especially in the black communities , is totally unacceptable . Let’s get to the heart of our problems. Barrack Obama’s last 8 years and Hillarys sins against America when Secretary of State. Sins being crimes. Lester Holt and Anderson Cooper are lame street media hacks but then AK you see them as fair and balanced . Not sure if you are not sicker than Hillary???? I pray you might get some help. Denial is the enemy of honesty. Be well.

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • yoi ? ansering? AK, needs to learn to spell

          • I am Dyslexic. I will never learn to spell. Please feel free to insult. I have dealt with ignorant people like you all of my life.

            Oh, and while you are handing out insults, give a few to these individuals who could not spell: Benjamin Franklin, Alfred Mosher Butts,William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Keats, John Irving, Jane Austen, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill ,John F. Kennedy Jr

          • There is a such thing as typos. I do it. Everyone does . You have done it. I really see why you have been married 3 times. You are very bossy and rude. So perfect . To call some one ignorant that you don’t agree with is not becoming of a lady. Have I ever called you ignorant. I don’t recall that. I think once we start using words like ignorant, idiot or spout out obscenities we all lose. Many of us on here agree with each other and a very few like yourself do not. Personally I don’t know why you are on here, but since you are, be nice .

          • Please do not insult my husbands’ sacrifice for your freedom.

            The first two were KIA in the Vietnam War.

          • If I was insensitive to your husband, I apologize . I served also and respect his service. I have told you that before and I to lost loved ones and friends in Nam. I do wish however insulting words not be used no matter where we stand politically. Ignorant and idiot really do not pertain to another. Other terms to use to make our point. If I use them call me out. I try my best not to.

          • I think you could spell if you wanted to spell. Show some determination and just do it. I have always wondered why you like hillary so much. She will be enjoying her new house in NY paid for by her many donors.

          • Oh, I also admit to being a bad typist. If you look at your jeyboard, you will note that the “i” key and the “u” key are next to each other.

          • No excuses. You allow none, you get none.

          • Now you’re name calling, old lady? KMA

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • You spelled answering incorrectly. It happens.

          • Moron. Really? What’s the IQ of a moron? I’m sure his is considerably higher. Be nice AK

      • Nothing could have improved the fascist’s performance.
        The man is a documented bigot.
        He is named in over 3,500 law suits; 70 new ones just this year.
        Name just one other individual who has been sued that many times.

        • Oh sh**, someone must have knocked over the trash can.

        • Anyone before Hillary Hussein, even Ronald McDonald.

        • Trump is a large corporation and people always sue large corporations. He also employs 35,000 people and old silver crotch Hillary employs no one, and she also has no understanding of how to fix the economy. Trump is the solution.

          • Inform yourself before it is too late.

            Trump is a glorified real-estate salesman.

            Save the sewer mouth for one of your dropout buddies.

            Trump does not employ 35,000 people. He sold hid name.

            Trump has zero economic knowledge. He has filed bankruptsy six times.

            Every time he did that, he took $millions out of the taxpayer’s pocket.

        • Name one individual who has lied as much as Hillary. Who is as corrupt as Hillary. Who let 4 Americans die in Benghazi them said what difference does it make. Who took money from Middle East leaders who kill lesbians and gays, Jews and Christians and abuse and use women. What a hypocrit this evil woman is. What’s worse are those who will support the worst canidate in history. Oh well, I guess a murderess, pathological liar, corrupt and physical and demented canidate is right up your alley. As a Christian I am supposed to pray for you and Hillary . I find times like these are really testing. It doesn’t mean I have to capitulate. God does give us all a choice. Choose wisely .

          • Donald Trump does nothing but lie.

            He is also a documented bigot — charged and fined by the DOJ multipke times..

            No one let people die in Benghazi:

            If you do not like the theocracies in the Middle East, I suggest you do not move there.

            Christian killing is no less disgusting:

            The Crusades, The Inquisition, The witch hunts, The Peasants War, French Wars of rebellion, Massacre at Vassy, The Thirty Years War, Pope Sixtus V, Irish Rebellion, Democide in the Americas, Democide in Africa, Democide in Australia, The papal bull Romanus Pontifex – 1455, Slavery in the Americas, Leopold II, King of the Belgians – butcher of the Congo Free State 1885-1908, The Holocaust, Catholic Nazi State in Croatia, Lebanon War, Sabta and Shatila Massacre, Serb Orthodox genocide, Protestant death squads in Ireland, The Rwandan genocide, Zimbabwe — Catholic protection of Mugabe, Lord’s Resistance Army, Central African Republic Catholic murdering of those who won’t convert …, Americans killing physicians and bombing medical clinics, American killing church congregations, America – the KKK murders (they are now international terrorists).

        • What’s your point. People sue at the drop of a hat today. Don’t like what someone said : Sue . Don’t like how someone looked: Sue. Didn’t get the promotion I was entitled to because I am a woman or African American or Hispanic or undeserving white :Sue. People today are Sue happy. This is a me me society . A progressive and secular society we live. Throw responsibility and character out the window . I am a victim. I am owed. I have a right. Problem is we are a country where everyone invents rights which do not exist in the constitution. or freedom to do what ever you want regardless of its adverse affect on others. Welfare is not a right. Food stamps are not a right. Doesn’t say anything in the constitution about our right to social security . What about our right to a free education. Not there. You see the constitution was there for a right to speak freely and prevent the state from trampling on our right to worship among others. Now people are all victims. I am owed everything because it is my right. No it isn’t. Everyone is a victim today . Hail to the victims. I wouldn’t doubt that under progressive rule we will replace the monuments of national importance with monuments dedicated to all the victims we have in America. If your a victim we can build you a monument . If your a productive and responsible citizen, what does it matter. Just give me what’s owed me or I will probably Sue.

      • Or whipped by his ‘massa.

    • It may have been the other way around! He may have sent information to the Wicked Witch of the EAST!

    • I find this comment hilarious. If Trump was lucky enough to win the presidency. All you Trump supporters will find out you have been supporting a Democrat. He will then come out of the closet and show how good he was at fooling the lot of you. Do you think you will be able to laugh at yourselves?

      • I find this comment hilarious. If Trump is a Democrap, why aren’t you TWITS voting for him instead of the morally bankrupt Ohillary? Do you think you will be able to laugh at yourselves when she proves just how inept, evil, and incompetent she is?

        • To answer your first question I could never vote for a person that has never done anything for anyone but himself. It is up to you weak minded Republicans to prove that she is even guilty of doing even 10 per cent of what you accuse her of. Good luck.

          • Yet you would consider voting for Clinton!!!!!
            Getting proof against the Clintons is like catching rain drops. But the questions remain. What happened to the monies donated during the Haiti disaster? What happened to the monies missing from the Sec of State budget? Where was she and why did she refuse to send a rescue unit into Benghazi despite the request? Why perpetrate the false narrative of it being a protest against a video and then state “what difference does it make”? Why did she employ Uma in her capacity in the state department while on the foundation payroll?
            She has never and will never answer those questions, but she will find some low dedicated member of her circle to take the fall.
            The Clintons have a history of questionable activities and their refusal to clarify or in some cases find a scapegoat to satisfy the masses.

          • I have read so many accusations like yours but I have never seen any proof. If there was any out there the Clintons would have been in jail a long time ago. Yes that would make a big difference.

          • Denying the facts because you find no hard conclusive evidence is like sticking your head in the sand and hoping no one notices.
            People are now serving time in jail based on far less “circumstantial” evidence than the Clinton history. Also, there is currently members of the military serving time in jail for their mishandling of classified material, a charge Clinton no only perpetrated, but was able to avoid prosecution on because of political connections.

          • Well I hope if I am ever accused of a crime that you or someone like is not in the jury box. Nothing worse than putting an innocent person in jail.

          • Innocence is in the eye of the beholder and Hillary is guilty as sin whether you wish to acknowledge it or not.

          • I would just have to repeat myself. I wouldn’t want you on any jury.

          • Troll alert.

          • The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides, “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

          • Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat (the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies),

          • Your just here trolling and probably living off our tax money like most killary supporters are because you lost your job to a mex or muslim yet you support the party that caused it, Your laughable Wayne. Hillary should be in prison along with obama

          • “Our tax money”. Whine to Trump about your taxes since he doesn’t pay any. Takes a special kind of stup–.

          • What innocent person? How about we have charges and a trial to decide, just as would happen to you in her situation. But….your legacy boy isn’t ordering the AG and FBI, is he? So YOU would go to jail.

          • “Nothing worse than putting an innocent person in jail.”
            I totally agree but putting you in jail does not mean that you are innocent!

          • Putting you in jail does not mean that you are guilty!

          • Innocent?????? I’m in hysterics laughing….but then amazed how anyone who listened to Comey’s comments ( even if he didn’t indict), where every answer in his lead up confirmed that she lied about everything she told US.

          • ??
            The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides, “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

          • Your goal is to deprive all that don’t agree with your views in the poor house and take away their safety, and savings. I will not wish you luck. Obviously you intend to steal and cheat your way in this world as you bow down to greed and deceit. Our founding fathers knew where this would lead. Today decent Americans are surrounded by panty waists like yourself! I do wish you had to work for a living!

          • Obviously you think your talking to a Republican.

          • No I thought I was replying to a non working Democrat who has his mind made up that Hillary is OK to destroy America. You think your job and property and savings are safe. Go fix a broken down auto or excavator to use your mechanical fixing skills….no? I thought so…..fixing broken stuff is not your thing, just trying to fix political outcomes is your contribution? If you were just malpractice with yours that would be OK, but this country needs better than continuing the downhill slide.

          • Do you mean the country’s downfall like when George W. Bush was president? This country was losing 185,000 jobs a month when he left office. Since Obama has been president this country has averaged over 200,000 jobs created per month in the last 72 months. The stock market has almost tripled. What downfall are you talking about?

          • Fed Up With Politicians

            You need to talk to the Benghazi victims families

          • Another one with the Benghazi lies.
            Stevens was offered additional military security — not once, but twice.
            He refused it.

          • Fed Up With Politicians

            You were there?

          • She shouldn’t be able to serve because under the circumstances she should not get a security clearance. She also had another assistant that took one of the computers and had it in her apartment in New York. Also this same assistant when in Russia left a secret manual in her hotel room, If she is cleared for security, I want every soldier or civilian who is in the brig or in jail for security reasons released.

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • I would do it just to f uck with You, ya c unt

          • More flawed logic and verse from the “Lady” replace AK with aka get it right!

          • No logic whatsoever.
            What are you snorting?

          • Stow it. I don’t play your dumb games.

          • You haven’t posted any “facts”. Just your own biased and prejudiced opinions based on right wing propaganda. Eight bipartisan investigations and 21 congressional hearings and not a single ONE found ANY wrong-doing on the part of either Hillary Clinton OR the Obama Administration concerning Benghazi! Sad that you people simply believe whatever it is you WANT to believe instead of what the facts clearly show! Hillary is the only qualified, experienced, and accomplished candidate! And she proved during the debates that SHE is the one ready to BE President! I think we need to have some medical experts review the debate tapes and give us their opinions on what medical condition Trump is obviously trying to hide from us! His constant sniffling, snorting, twitching, and excessive drinking water is a sure sign of some fatal illness he’s trying to keep covered up! The guy was a MESS during the debate! I think it’s only FAIR that we have multiple physicians weighing in on all the media as to what medical malady Trump is attempting to hide from us! We should not be electing a man who is obviously on his DEATH BED!

          • I noticed her catheter leaking a bit. No worries. Just pneumonia. Move along. Using rat poison to stop coagulation in the brain? No worries! Nothing to see!

          • I think you were seeing the droll from Trump’s side of the room leaking to hers. I would love to see some medical professionals review the debate tapes and tell us what underlying medical condition Trump is trying to hide. His sniffling, snorting, twitching, and water guzzling certainly means he has some fatal medical condition he is trying to keep from everyone. But apparently YOU have some evidence that the rest of us don’t have in regards to Hillary’s condition? Mind sharing it with us? Or are we just to take your “word” for it? 😀 LMBO!

          • You haven’t posted any “facts”. Just your own biased and prejudiced opinions!!

          • Did you note her “lizard eye” return?
            Check the videos.
            Btw, I think you meant “drool”. “Droll” would refer to comments regarding her keeping a straight face while wonking away on cyber security!
            Je suis un déplorable!

          • I was referring to Trump’s drool. And yes, typos happen, Mr. Alverez. She kept a straight face much like El Chumpo Trumpo did when he stated that it made him “smart” to stiff the United States government out of paying taxes! Imagine having not paid a single DIME for our veterans, our police, our fire fighters, etc. etc, etc. And he said it ALL with a straight face! Deplorable is RIGHT!

          • I doubt anyone pays more than legally required. I don’t. And, other than the usual groups, I doubt anyone cares about his taxes. When it’s required for Hillary to reveal her connections to a foreign money laundering foundation, get back to me. Oh. Wait.

            Je suis un déplorable!

          • Symptoms of cocaine use include runny noses and after long use, nosebleeds and damage to the inside of the nose. Agitation is another obvious symptom. His agitation and nervousness are clasical signs of long-term cocaine use.

          • Talk about childish lies.

          • Actually, her use of a derivative of rat poison is medical record. Are you still trolling for the Hildabeast, Ak? The crack about the catheter is called “humor” which is unknown to the rabid socialists like yourself.
            Je suis un déplorable!

          • Name one good thing Hillary has accomplished in the Middle East if you can!

          • Sec. Clinton helped avert an all-out war in Gaza by negotiating a cease-fire between Israelis and Palestinians.

          • The cease-fire was negotiated to protect the Palestinian terrorists. Had they been wiped out then there would have been a lot less terrorists to worry about.
            Was that really a good thing?

          • So you are now a foreign policy expert? You asked a question, and I supplied an answer. I know you didn’t think I would have one, but I did. So now you want to attempt to discredit it by making claims you can’t support? Why am I not surprised. It’s the same game folks like you always play! You have NOTHING but your own BIASED and PREJUDICED opinion. Of course, you ARE entitled to that. But don’t think for one moment that it makes it a fact. It doesn’t.

          • Did it overt all out war?
            Simple answer — YES.

          • Hillary is going to move to a 10 million dollar house made possible by al those who believe her lies

          • And what do you think Trump’s Penthouse in New York costs? Try 100 million dollars. I guess HIS lies buys a lot more, ‘eh?

          • The entire building might cost 100 million but Trump lives in a small part of it.
            You are misrepresenting the situation. You are almost as good a liar as Hillary.

          • I haven’t lied about anything. And no, his apartment is that much. Fact-check and RESEARCH. It’s a wonderful tool. Try it some time! And your personal insults only reflect on YOU. Or were you not aware of that? 😀

          • I followed your advice and I fact checked. The conclusion: you lied!
            Trump Tower is a 58-story mixed-use skyscraper located on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Designed by Der Scutt of Poor, Swanke, Hayden & Connell and developed by Donald Trump and the Equitable Life Assurance Company (renamed the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company in 2004), Trump Tower serves as the headquarters for The Trump Organization and houses the primary penthouse condominium residence of Donald Trump. The building broke ground in 1979, with the
            atrium, apartments, offices, and stores opening at a staggered schedule
            from February to November 1983.

          • We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            We the People cannot elect President — the Constitution does not permit us to do so.
            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

          • Fact: Clinton acknowledged that she through that little c was an alphabetic reference. The woman served on the Armed Forces Committee and read many classified documents and should have been aware of what a classified document entailed.. Members of her staff admitted to destroying documents that should, by law, have been archived. Evidence of her having staff destroy her devices. She turned over her computer to her Attorney, who did not have clearance, that contained classified information. All committed hearings have been stymied by refusals to submit requested. She illegally installed a server in her home that contained classified information.
            Have you ever wondered where that “right wing propaganda” originated from? A rather recent phenomenon that seems to be centered around conflicting opinions. Just like the “liberal left” and many other labels that are applied when there is a point of contention.
            Because I do not agree with you does not make me a part of the “right wing” and the use of propaganda is common by politicians on both sides. Both dems and reps are fast to lay blame at the feet of the opposing parties.
            Trump was a hot mess during the debate. As for all the symptoms you named that is nothing more than speculation. Do you also demand the medical records of Hillary, who seems to have a problem walking, has moments when she seems to get lost in her thoughts, has had to help doing simple things like climbing stairs? Should we elect a woman that is obviously displaying medical problems. Or is your call only limited to Trump?

          • Did you actually READ the report from the FBI director? Or do you feel your own assumptions and speculation qualifies you to over ride any conclusions that were made by the experts? Your claims are nothing more than propaganda. NO committee hearings have been stymied. The FBI did a very THOROUGH investigation and determined that NO CHARGES were recommended. NONE. The right wing propaganda began LONG BEFORE Ms. Clinton became Secretary of State. She has been facing this type of BS for decades. And in all that time NOTHING has EVER been shown that proves she has EVER done anything illegal or corrupt! EVER. And right wing propaganda is no “recent phenomenon” dear. If you think it is, then were you just born yesterday? And all the “symptoms” I mentioned were not speculation, dear. They were factual. Everyone who WATCHED the debate witnessed them. Trump himself, attempted to “dismiss them”, per his USUAL manner of lying about them. And I have never demanded Trump’s “medical records”. I just think since the right wing has made it a point to promote the OPINIONS of medical experts who have done nothing but reviewed taped footage of Hillary during a very hot and muggy ceremony when her physician has stated that she was suffering from pneumonia ( and who have decided, from nothing more than that glimpse of footage that she suffers from everything from parkinsons’ decease to MS! ), then it only fitting and FAIR that we allow medical experts to do the SAME in regards to “the Donald”! From his behavior during the debates, he is OBVIOUSLY hiding some major health issue! The same way he and his supporters claimed Hillary “must be”! And we should not elect a man that is “obviously displaying health problems”! THAT is my point. What is good for the goose, ( in Trump’s supporters’ opinions ) is ALSO good for the gander ( in Hillary’s supporters’ opinions ). So let’s put HIM up to the same standard as all of you have Hillary! Or is your call only limited to Hillary?

          • You haven’t posted any “facts”. Just your own biased and prejudiced opinions!

          • Actually I have provided facts. I have provided links that prove my claims. I don’t see any from you. 😀

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.


          • Well, one thing is certain, you are not a Child of God.

          • Look in the mirror daughter of Satan!

          • You pompous ass.

          • Not with the crooked attorney general blocking everything. I want to see TRUMP clean house including the FBI. And there are no men in the FBI anymore–it seems like none of them have any balls.

          • Supply YOUR proof of YOUR claims. Let’s see what YOU have proving that the attorney general blocked ANYTHING. Last I checked, not finding actual evidence proving what you want proven doesn’t mean anyone is crooked. In fact, it usually means they are NOT! You don’t GET to make anything UP just because you want it to be true.

          • Mrs. windy I can smell you from here you’re blowing it out your arse but that’s the same AS KILLARY’S MOUTH.

          • A fox smells his own hole first. I suggest that is what it is you are “smelling”. And again, your personal insults says far more about YOU than you suggest they do about me. But thanks for sharing such an insightful comment! 😀

          • Thank you, too! You must be used to that then. e are getting the drift of you political views, and your long epistles are proof of how windy you are. But then you ARE BLIND TO HONEST FACTS. iT MUST BE FROM THE SEAM CLOUDING YOUR VISION.

          • More personal attacks against ME merely prove that you have nothing of value to provide as proof of your own claims. Again, I am not surprised. You obviously wouldn’t recognize an honest fact if it walked up and introduced itself to you! But you go ahead and believe your propaganda. You can continue to practice your whining and hate-spewing when Hillary wins the election! 😉 #StandingwithHillary

          • Not when the FBI and the AG is corrupt.

          • So, you obviously have compiled quite a list of evidence proving all that corruption involving the FBI and the AG in regards to the Clintons, right? Care to share it? Or are we just supposed to take you at your word that it is fact?

          • Seriously?

            Je suis un déplorable!

          • Absolutely seriously. YOU made the claims. Back it up with some actual proof. Or do you admit you are just flapping your gums and really have no proof? Just seems like something to say? And yes, I have no doubt that you ARE.

          • You haven’t been keeping up on the Friday doc dumps, have you?

            Je suis un déplorable!

          • Did you forget her present FBI investigation? Or her Benghazi investigation? Or the Foundation “Charity?” The Clinton’s have ALWAYS gotten a pass with the exception of the blue dress…..just hoping there’s an opening for this present corruption.

          • I find it ironic that after the Republicans impeached Bill that a poll was taken and the American people voted Bill to be more popular than Reagan.

          • You have to know who was polled for those results.

          • It was the American people. That means both Republicans and Democrats. It Bill could run for president again there is no one that could beat him. He will be Hillary’s number one advisor. We can’t go wrong voting for her. Trump says he is going to make America great again. Who doesn’t think it is great now? Nobody that I know. There are people risking their life to get here. So stop and smell the roses.

          • No “pass” dear. All thoroughly INVESTIGATED and not a single THING found that proves ANY corruption or illegal activities! I know it SUCKS when you can’t FORCE someone to find evidence of “wrongdoing” just because you WANT THEM to!

          • The FBI proved her guilty of many crimes but refused to indict her.
            The right political connections overcome a lot of justice!

          • You should stop wasting your time commenting to me. You should be getting after the FBI to turn all their proof over to the prosecutors. You are holding up justice if you don’t. It’s called obstructing justice. You have some proof then send it to the right people. You could end up in jail if you don’t.

          • No, they did not. They suggested that she was “negligent”. That is not the same as “guilty of many crimes”. In fact, they clearly stated that NO PROSECUTER would ever indict her on anything that they found. Because there were no actual “crimes” committed! Get the facts straight if you are going to tell a story!

          • Not true. There are many prosecutors who wanted to prosecute her.
            The unprecedented move by the FBI to recommend not to prosecute because there was no precedent set with prior cases (nobody as crooked as Hillary has been investigated before).
            Base on that argument by Comey , nobody should ever be prosecuted since there is never a precedent for the first case.

          • So, provide us with the names of all these prosecutors who think they have sufficient evidence to prosecute her. And who says the FBI’s move was “unprecedented”? You? Who are YOU to decide that? And Comey didn’t say that. But that’s the way most of you Hillary-haters “argue”, isn’t it? Never actually PROVE any of your claims. Just “saying so” is all you need! What a hoot! 😀

          • Wayne, you can’t find the proof if you don’t look,. How about Vince Foster’s murder?

          • Thank you David. That is a good example of what I have been talking about. It’s only some weak minded Republicans that believe Bill had anything to do with his death. It was investigated thoroughly and the only conclusion was he committed suicide.

          • How about it, Mr. Hansen? There is ZERO evidence that proves the Clinton’s had ANYTHING to do with Vince Foster’s DEATH. It was not a “murder”! FIVE separate investigations and NONE of them showed there to be ANY evidence proving it was a MURDER. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/05/25/no-donald-trump-theres-nothing-fishy-about-vince-fosters-suicide/

          • Ever heard of “unsolved crimes”?

          • Ever heard of investigative findings? Try researching. It’s a wonderful tool. Again, FIVE investigations and NONE have suggested murder as the cause of Vince Foster’s death! FACT.

          • The suicide note was found to be a forgery. 48 hours before Fosters death the director of the FBI was fired by way of a phone call. The investigation was done by the park police and not done well. How about hillary’s defense of the repeat sex offender, age 43 who attacked a 12 YEAR OLD GIRL? hillary got him a not guilty verdict. This is one very nasty lady

          • See, there is where your claims go awry Mr. Hansen. There was no “suicide note”. It was a letter of resignation. And your other claims are erroneous as well. Again, try some actual REAL RESEARCH instead of just reading conspiracy site propaganda. Yes, Hillary did exactly as her JOB called for her to do in regards to her defending a sex offender! And the FACTS relating to that case clearly shows that she asked to be relieved of the case initially, but the judge refused. So, she did what she was SUPPOSED to do. And for that, she is criticized? Wow! I guess we will soon see whether or not TRUMP actually RAPED a 13-year old girl HIMSELF, won’t we? His court case is coming up very soon! They dropped the initial case because they found an actual WITNESS to the crime, I hear! So, how “nasty” will you suggest Trump is when they find HIM guilty of child rape? I wonder?

          • Michelle Minze-Bryant

            They buy and kill the truth, duh.

          • Again, let’s see PROOF of your claims. So far, in ALL the responses suggesting the same thing ( crooked Attorney General, etc. ) not a SINGLE ONE OF YOU has any evidence to back it up. It’s nothing more than what it is you WANT to believe. So, in place of evidence, you just “say so”! Imagine that!

          • What PROOF have you provided?

          • You haven’t been paying attention. Go back and read my comments. I have provided many informational links with facts and proof.

          • Michelle Minze-Bryant

            I guess there will never be proof because everyone is either paid off or dead. Would you like to be next? Nope, you probably are already. 😛

          • And your proof that everyone has been “paid off” or “dead” is what, again? Oh, that’s right! You have NONE! Nada. Zilch. Just your own biased OPINIONS based on propaganda that has been PROVEN time and time again as non-credible! You folks REALLY are a hoot, you know it? If it weren’t so truly sad and pathetic, it would honestly be laughable! You have NOTHING but your own assumptions and speculations! And yet, you ramble on and make claims as though they were a foregone conclusion!

          • Here is what is stated in the link:

            This has also become known as “Clinton’s Body Count.” We’ll go through the entire list and evaluate each one, but it is true that some of them had some connection with Bill Clinton, or with someone who was in Clinton’s sphere, and that many of them died violently or by suicide. That raises the question of whether their deaths were related and whether any of the deaths can be linked in any way to Bill Clinton.
            The Truth:
            There is no credible evidence that any of the deaths is related or can be attributed to Bill Clinton. Some of the descriptions of the deaths are not accurate.” ALL the fact-checking sites reveal the same thing. That there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE supporting these bogus claims! Yet people like YOU, simply WANT to believe them, so you CHOOSE to ignore the “facts” and continue to promote the propaganda and rhetoric! And THAT dear, is what is truly very sad and pathetic!

          • So, because YOU support the Donald, that must certainly mean that YOU have been “paid off” by him and/or his campaign? Because that is what you are suggesting with me, in regards to my support of Hillary, is it not? If that seems absurd to suggest that you would be “paid” to support Trump, then you should consider how utterly absurd YOU just seemed by suggesting what YOU did in regards to me being paid to support Hillary! I support Hillary for many reasons. One being that she is the most qualified, experienced, and accomplished candidate running. She has earned her spot at the Presidency. Trump has not. But, why should I be surprised by your personal insults? Seems that’s all you Hillary critics know how to do. Insult anyone who dares have a different opinion than you! Imagine that!

          • Exactly.

          • Thanks for agreeing that if the Clintons were guilty of 10% of the accusations out there they would have been put in jail a long time ago. Can you help me straighten out some of these weak minds on this blog?

          • Ever find out how broke hillary wound up with hundreds of millions of dollars?? What do you think she was selling to get all that money???

          • It was called capitalism.

          • Actually it is called ‘selling out’ and the only thing hillary has to sell out is Our Country. You democrats don’t seem to mind having hillary sell out your country, but I assure you that I do care, and so do the rest of the conservative people.

          • If she was selling out Our Country then when I open my eyes and look around it looks like it is still here. Why? Would you call George W. Bush one of your real conservative people?

          • Maybe because our country is so large that there is still quite a lot of it left for hillary to continue selling?? Could that be the real reason that C unt wants to be president??

          • No the American people want her to be president. The other choice is Trump who has never done anything for anyone but himself.

          • Right, because hillary & co do soooo much for everyone–Why it’s diificult to even pay her, because she keeps trying to give her salary back to the american people, and all the while she protests that she does everything for the good of humanity and doesn’t want any money.

          • Hillary has been working for families and children ever since she was in high school. She is the one that brought attention to how the insurance companies were over charging the American people and got something done with it.

          • Right, because now those insurance companies wouldn’t think of overcharging, huh??

          • If those pesky Republicans quit fighting all the solutions to the problems we will get it worked out.

          • By my way of thinking, there seems to be plenty enough treasonous acts to go around

          • No the american democrats and lots of recently released felons and bunches of illegal aliens just given an emergency right to vote think they want hillary to be prez–A bunch of poor saps who haven’t learned anything about the last 8 years under obama. I haven’t seen republicans turning ex-felons into voters before Wayne–Could it be that there exist things too devious for even (gasp) republicans to stand behind?

          • Well Wayne, it’s like this, our country is too heavy for folks to actually cart big pieces off, I mean like the little pieces of uranium being mined by russians over in that Bundy area–Remember those Bundys? Turns out there is a lot of radioactive materials out that way, and hillary helped foreign powers get their hands on some.

          • I see you danced around my question. Would you call George W. Bush one of your real conservative people?

          • Wayne, We haven’t had a real conservative people in office for many, many years–Even Reagan did things that make conservatives twitch

          • Dance dance dance. Not going to answer the question are you?

          • Maybe in some ways he was conservative, but he didn’t fix this country, he added to it’s demise–I remember 9/11–Not much we can do in the past Wayne, I’d like to see less of the last 8 years though, not more of the same

          • Capitalism is when you have a marketable product or idea–Not selling russia and china US materials that are not hers to sell

          • Hillary sold her advise and solutions to problems. That’s all she got paid for in her speech’s.

          • If that is all she sold, just her advice–Then how come she also recommended special favors for these same contributors? Favors like military weapons buying, even though many of her contributors were actually listed as ‘enemies of the US’??

          • You obviously get your information off some Republican blog. If she was guilty of that she would be in jail. Stop believing everything those pesky Republicans say.

          • You are definately right about her and should be in jail, too many other people approved those sales with hillary. The treason runs from the top on down, Wayne

          • Capitalism requires having a service or item of your own to market Wayne–Selling a favor has another name, and selling someone else’s favors also has a very different name, Wayne

          • The Clinton’s are more popular to the American people than Reagan is to the Republicans. They get paid just to come and make a speech. And they aren’t cheap.

          • Please Wayne, those ‘speaking fees’ are largely just bribe money, most of the people & governments the clintons give these speeches for soon receive the item they paid the bribes to get.

          • It was called capitalism. What was the Cardashians selling?

          • Unfortunately for hillary & america, hillary doesn’t have what anyone would call ‘a sellable caboose’

          • Fortunately the majority of the American people don’t think like you.

          • Actually they do, and you’ll get to see that for yourself shortly

          • Can you mention one thing Trump has done for anybody. Every thing he has done has been for Trump.

          • Wayne, since you are such an ardent supporter of helping others just for the pure pleasure of helping, why not name some stuff you do simply for the thrill of helping someone else??

          • I pay my taxes.

          • I’m self-employed, I like to charge folks on a fixed income less money for my services & I also give religious organizations a break too. I don’t generally advertise that, but you are a special case, Wayne

          • Aren’t you concerned about Trump paying his taxes?

          • Trump is the lesser of two evils Wayne, I don’t even know you, but you could be a better pick, far as I know

          • Too bad GE doesn’t. I suppose if GE could run for prez, then you might care that they maybe didn’t pay up their ‘fair share’

          • Want proof? Ask Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick and Kathleen Willey. Bubba should be in jail.

          • They have an old saying, ‘where there is smoke there is fire’, I’m surprised you never heard it before.

          • Yes and I have also heard that if an accusation keeps getting repeated enough times. that a weak minded person will soon believe it is true. The Republicans know this and they have sure got you hooked.

          • Sure, it’s not a crime if the director of the FBI says “she didn’t mean to do it”, huh?

          • You finally got something right.

          • Turns out history has shown that where there is smoke, there’s fire–Lots of smoke been coming from the Clintons and for much too long, Wayne, for any sane americans to think that they have no guilt for any of their many, many ‘instances of guilt’

            It’s in the past now Wayne, but I want to assure You and all other democratically insane folks, that caring conservatives will always be happy to welcome you from your confusion, anytime you wish to switch sides

            Just take the first step & look around–After almost 8 years of someone hillary claims to adore and plans to follow, can’t you see this gov’t has never been worse off? Our budget deficit is at 20 Trillion and rising–Isn’t that a good enough sign that we are on the wrong track Wayne? 4 more years of this isn’t gonna help Our country, we can already see how things have gotten worse in the last 8 years, why would You wish 4 more years of that upon this country Wayne??

          • Obama has put up with the most unproductive congress this country has ever had. They shut this country down and threatened to do it several times. It is no wonder the Republican voters want a non politician for president. Look what you got.

          • How can you say that Wayne, congress has given obama almost everything he wants?

          • Wayne I don’t necessarily want Trump, but I can’t take anymore clintons–And she hasn’t even got started emulating obama yet

          • You should take some time off and go see your shrink. She might be able to straighten you out.

          • You must be talking to yourself again, Wayne–I don’t have a shrink, because I only rarely speak with folks like yourself

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Why do You do it??

          • You are the one repeating lies. Just realize there are readers who can see your repeated posts…..it looks like you a guilty of littering the information highway, the Internet.

          • Fed Up With Politicians

            Get your head out of your rear end and pay attention to what happens to people who oppose the Clintons!

          • All of these questionable activities are only in far right Republican minds. People with common sense realize this. Stop and smell the roses. Trump says he is going to make America great again. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think it is great now. People are risking their lives to get here. Why?

          • Guess u haven’t heard of the lowest economic growth since records were kept?
            Many flock here for the free health care, food stamps, rent assistance, minority college grants, tax free business grants, cash, etc.

          • Heyn pea brain, but you will vote for someone that wants to destroy American and has had 47 people killed and lies about everything, Your a sicko

          • The count is over fifty with the last three that committed suicide. One was strangled himself to death, but he wasn’t hanging from anything.

          • ??
            Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Why do You?

          • Funny how libtards ignore these deaths.

          • If you want the whole story listen to the statement made by Nichols who worked for and with them in Arkansas and what a foul mouth this nominee has. He gives a running account of every deceased person in their lives.

          • Why do you need to tell these lies?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Why do You lie all the time??

          • Fed Up With Politicians

            YOU’RE repeating your lies!!!

          • How can you vote for Hill-liar-y Rotten-ham Clinging-dung then?

          • Blah, blah, blah, insult …repeat ad nauseam.

          • OK, but if I had handled classified documents like Hillary when I was in the Army, I would probably still be in Leavenworth. There has always been one law for us “little people” and another law for the privileged class. But this incident with the e-males is such a slap in the face.
            If Hillary is elected she will bring thousands of those migrants into America. When Merkel brought the migrants into Germany the rapes went through the roof. Rape is just one of the ways that they assert their dominance over the infidel. Why should we believe that their behavior will be any different when they come to America?
            So if Hillary is elected I suggest that you get yourself a 9mm pistol and at least two 33 round clips.

          • What has Hillary done that wasn’t for herself? Trump employs 35,000 people and Clinton grifts. She also has no successes as secretary of state and committed the biggest security breach in US history. #Trump2016

          • What has Hillary done that wasn’t for herself? Here you go. After law school, Hillary could have gone to work for a prestigious law firm, but took a job at the Children’s Defense Fund instead. She worked with teenagers incarcerated in adult prisons in South Carolina and families with disabled children in Massachusetts. It sparked a lifelong passion for helping children live up to their potential. And since then much of her efforts in Congress has been in the form of helping children. When first lady of the United States, she fought to help pass health care reform. When that effort failed, she didn’t give up. She worked with both Republicans and Democrats to help create the Children’s Health Insurance Program. CHIP cut the uninsured rate of American children by half, and today it provides health care to more than 8 million kids. When terrorists attacked just months after Hillary became U.S. senator from New York, she worked to make sure the 9/11 first responders who suffered lasting health effects from their time at Ground Zero got the care they needed. She stood in front of a U.N. conference and declaring that “women’s rights are human rights” Many within the U.S. government didn’t want Hillary to go to Beijing. Others wanted her to pick a less polarizing topic, but she was determined to speak out about human rights abuses, and her message became a rallying cry for a generation. As secretary of state, she made LGBT rights a focus of U.S. foreign policy. She lobbied for the first-ever U.N. Human Rights Council resolution on human rights and declared that “gay rights are human rights.” And here at home, she made the State Department a better, fairer place for LGBT employees to work. She worked across the aisle to expand health care access for members of the National Guard and reservists—making sure those who served and their families had access to health care when they returned home. And she worked to expand the Family Medical Leave Act, allowing families of those wounded in service to their country to take leave in order to care for their loved ones. As our nation’s chief diplomat, Hillary didn’t back down when the stakes were high. As Hamas rockets rained down on Israel, Hillary went to the region immediately. Twenty-four hours after she landed, a ceasefire went into effect—and that year became Israel’s quietest in a decade.

          • Hillary couldn’t even pass the DC bar exam and had to go to Arkansas to pass it, she’s not exactly brilliant.

            Because of her policies, the Middle East is in Chaos, and she’s also responsible for the millions of refugees invading Europe. Look at all the terrorism there is in Europe! She also wants to increase the refugees in the US by 550%. What could go wrong?

            She has zero accomplishments as Secretary of State and no accomplishments as a senator. She just rode in on the coattails of her pervert husband.

            Hillary’s a liar as well, she said she ducked sniper fire in Bosnia, she lied about Her daughter jogging around the WTC when the planes hit. She also lied about her e-mails and private server. Lying incompetent and corrupt, Hillary. #Trump2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Here’s another paid typist for the Klan.

          • “I could never vote for a person that has never done anything for anyone but himself.”
            That means you could never vote for the Clinton’s. They are the only people who attempted to steal from the white house.

          • They didn’t “steal” from the White House. They took things that they thought were theirs to take. As did every OTHER first family before them! And they only took what they thought had been given to “them” specifically. http://www.factcheck.org/2016/05/the-clinton-furniture-flap/

          • Where did you get your degree in mind reading in order to come up with that stupid defense?

          • It’s in reports submitted by the White House. AGAIN, and REPEATED for clarity. RESEARCH. It’s a wonderful tool. What a shame that you obviously don’t utilize it!

          • Even only 1% deserves life in prison without parole.

          • So untrue she would be in prison if not for Obamas intervention of FBI

          • That may be your OPINION, but it has nothing to do with any “facts”. Hillary has never been shown to have done anything corrupt OR illegal. Usually, at least ONE of those two things is required to justify “prison” time!

          • We don’t have to prove anything to you. All of her record IS public record. Look her up. You will be amazed at her crooked background.

          • All this proof you talk about is just in your head. If there was any proof out there those pesky Republican politicians would be giving all that information to the prosecutors. It is so obvious they have brainwashed your head into believing all those fallacies. You actually have to have a weak mind to vote for Trump.

          • Prosecutors won’t touch Hillery. They don’t want to end of dead or ruined and cleaned out. You know how the clintons work.

          • They have no “proof” to back up their claims, Wayne. They just flap their gums and say whatever propaganda they read that fits their narratives. They wouldn’t recognize real “facts” if they walked up and introduced themselves! Read all the combined Hillary-hate posts on this thread and you come up with ONE THING in common. NONE of them provide ANY proof of their claims. They just repeat propaganda and rhetoric! And the vast majority of it, ALL able to be debunked if one takes the time to actually research and fact-check. The problem is? They won’t. Because they don’t WANT to know the truth. They prefer to live in their own little worlds of “hating on the Clintons’! Sadly, it’s what the right wing has promoted and their “followers” just tag along, never bothering to actually THINK or research for themselves. 🙁 Sad.

          • You have no “proof” to back up your claims. You just flap your gums and say whatever propaganda you read that fits your

          • So name-calling and parroting is all you have? How mature. I have supplied proof of my claims. If you failed to either read it or understand it, that’s on you. I couldn’t care LESS what you “think”. So far you haven’t proven anything you’ve claimed. So you are batting “zero”! 😀

          • Yup, you sure got that right. I sure wish I had said that.

          • Actually, I HAVE researched her record. And NONE of the things being claimed are factual. So, if YOU make a claim, then YES you should PROVE IT. Or else don’t complain when you are NOT BELIEVED! I can and DO supply proof of the claims I MAKE. If YOU can’t, then that is on YOU.

          • lady. i didn’t make those claims. I didn’t write those claims. I just read them. you want proof of them, you go to the people that wrote those claims. Just because i believe they are true, does not mean i can prove they are, no more than you can prove they are not true. We neither one run in her circle to know just what all took place. But the media can get sued by hillery if she can prove they are lies against her. She must not can prove they are lies or she would have done so. She just laughs it off, as if saying, ha ha, but you can’t touch me. And she will just deny, deny, deny, because it’s safer that way because she has followers that will take her word over the media that tracked down the story. As long as hillery doesn’t take the media to court over it, then the stories will stay stories until one side or the other takes it to court for the truth to fully come out. Hillery don’t want to take it that far. She has too much to lose. She knows what she is doing. But so do we. Most normal people would set the facts straight. i would if i was accused of those things. Wouldn’t you? Sometimes it’s best, as the old saying goes, “let a sleeping dog lay”. So she just smiles and denies and it stays sleeping. She can’t sue them for defaming her, cause then it would go to court and ‘bam’ everything would come out. I don’t believe the ones that printed these claims would take the chance of being sued for printing lies. So now you know why i have the opinion i have.

          • Lady, you are promoting them! And that requires PROOF. And I HAVE proven that there is NO PROOF that they are true. Which means that they are NOT. So, are you NOW a lawyer claiming to know all the laws regarding FALSE claims? Do you HONESTLY believe that ANY person has the time to SUE every single media source who reports an untruth about them? We have court cases piled up awaiting court time from months and months ago! Our court system would be bogged down for years if everyone sued everyone who LIED about them! To suggest that a LIE is TRUE merely because someone has not SUED that person for stating it is truly ignorant thinking. And most people who are LIED about WOULD DENY the lie, don’t you think? Wouldn’t YOU if YOU were lied about? Hillary HAS set the fact straight. Repeatedly! And the EVIDENCE out there supports her. But fools like YOU continue to want to believe it based on your OWN bias and prejudice and so you continue to PROMOTE the lies. And believe me, dear, I DO know why you have the opinion you do. And I feel so very SORRY for you!

          • I’m not promoting the claims. Or saying they aren’t true, because i wasn’t there and neither were you. You have not gave any facts to PROVE the claims were not true. No more than i could give you facts to prove the claims were true. As far as it taking so long to get to a court,,,well that just gives her plenty of time to continue on for right now. And there are several of her issues that are going to court, it just takes time for them to make it there. Most likely will be years. I know our courts are full and backed up, but that doesn’t mean people won’t file law suits. And there are several law suits on the media, but those will most likely, not ever see a court room. They will (several years from now) settle those,, out of court. That’s my guess.

          • Don’t play stupid. You WERE promoting them by repeating them. And one doesn’t have to “be there” to find factual evidence of whether something is or is not true. Hillary gets to decide for HERSELF whether or not she wants to go to court over someone stating a LIE. If you think that is what our court system should be spending it’s time and our tax-payer dollars on, then I am not the least bit surprised by who it is you support! http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2016/06/01/donald-trump-lawsuits-legal-battles/84995854/

          • And just for the record? Just because you WANT to believe that some of the claims you have been repeating concerning Hillary are “true”, doesn’t MAKE them true. Anyone can make a claim. And if they DO, then YES, they should provide actual proof of that claim. The media is pretty protected in that regard. And it’s hard to actually PROVE liabel against media sources. And I’m quite sure that Hillary feels her time is better spent in the service of the American people, rather than spending all her time suing the media, and people who “repeat” the slander. She has been working FOR Americans her entire adult life! Unlike Trump, who has only one concern his entire life! Helping HIMSELF. https://www.ohiobar.org/forpublic/resources/lawyoucanuse/pages/lawyoucanuse-171.aspx

          • She has been stealing from her own contributors by over charging their credit cards. The Clinton Foundation honored the wife of a convicted terrorist. You may care about her but she doesn’t give a D about you.

          • We know she is guilty, unfortunately the fools in this country, like you, keep supporting the idiots of this country.

          • I don’t know where you get that. I haven’t been notified to serve on any jury that is prosecuting Hillary. Do you know something I don’t?

          • Where there is smoke, there is fire.

          • It’s my guess that’s where Trump and all his supporters are headed.

          • Don’t worry Wayne, according to you killary is already elected. Now I think I will talk to someone with some else but have enjoyed our conversation.

          • Her name is Hillary, but that is yet one MORE example of the hateful rhetoric and propaganda and name-calling and insulting comments indicative of the right wing in this country. Just like the hateful names they use to refer to our current President, as well. The ones who LOVE to claim themselves so “Christian”. The first ones to name-call and show the ugliness that lies beneath their own “smoke and mirrors”! As a true Christian myself, I was raised to believe that we should live our lives as Jesus Lived His. And I don’t recall Jesus EVER behaving that way!

          • Hillary really? I would doubt she knows much more than the religion of money. As a true Christian yourself, does it bother you to vote for a member of the party that advocates infanticide? As a true Christian such as yourself, does it bother you the Mrs. Clinton aided and abetted Mr. Clintons abuse of Monica Lewinsky and many other women?

          • It’s obvious that you don’t know what “facts” actually are, sir. My “party” doesn’t advocate “infanticide”. One does not have to be pro-abortion to support pro-choice. The difference is when one believes that they personally have the right to decide for someone ELSE. I do not support abortion. But I do not feel I have the right to make that choice for anyone ELSE. And if YOU believe that makes me someone who supports infanticide, then I guess you truly are confused. And I do not believe that Ms. Clinton in any way, shape, or form “aided and abeited” Mr. Clinton’s abuse of anyone. She simple chose to forgive her husband. The same way Jesus tells us we should forgive sinners. So, you can attempt to “twist words” all you want, if that is what you feel you need to do in an attempt to validate your own opinion. But, doing so doesn’t reflect on me, sir. It reflects on YOU.

          • I feel that we all will answer to God for what we have done in our life, you can call it what you want. Have a wonderful night but I still can not support the demos.

          • We certainly WILL answer to God. And for what we do and say about our brothers and sisters that is not truthful! And I don’t have to “call it” anything, sir. The Bible has done that for me. It’s called “bearing false witness against thy neighbor” and is itself, a sin. And for that reason, I cannot support Trump or Republicans. They bear false witness at every turn! And do so “knowingly” and with great zealous! Truly sad.

          • Not when the smoke is nothing more than “smoke and mirrors”. And THAT is what the right wing have always promoted. Nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

          • Well Hillary, after being instructed how to handle classified information, did not even know what the “C” in a document meant. So much for the smartest woman on earth. This same woman who had her aids destroy 30 thousand emails using a program designed to permanently erase the information advocated Mr. Nixon to lose Constitutional protections for erasing 18 minutes of tape in 1972. Her left wing boss fired her by the way.

          • I don’t recall anyone claiming her to be “the smartest woman on earth”. And just to be clear, how did you feel about the 22 MILLION emails that Bush had Cheney and Rove erase? And all of the emails that Hillary’s aides erased were done legally. Not so, with those from the Bush administration. And Hillary was never “fired”. Once again, RESEARCH! It’s pretty obvious that you have no clue how to accomplish that. What a shame! http://urbanmyths.com/urban-myths/politics/fact-or-fiction-was-hillary-clinton-fired-from-watergate-investigation/

          • Imagine THAT! Not even a blimp in the “media” concerning this! And who says the right wing aren’t a bunch of HYPOCRITES??? 😀 http://www.pensitoreview.com/2015/03/18/flashback-rove-erases-22-million-white-house-emails-on-private-server-at-height-of-u-s-attorney-scandal-media-yawns/

          • So you gave me a web site, maybe you should follow your own advice. Please do not reply because your opinion interests me none at all.

          • It’s a fact-checking site. And I don’t give out any “advice” that I do NOT follow myself. And I will respond if I choose to. Not my OPINION, sir, but “facts”. Whether you choose to acknowledge them or NOT! No matter to me. But you don’t control me or what I do. So, if you don’t wish to “respond”, that is your choice to make. You don’t make my choice for me.

          • What a moron. Like the Clinton Foundation benefits anyone but the Clintons. It’s really too bad your brain has turned to mush. Looks like your cowboy hat is way too tight on your dome. Fool, loser, idiot.

          • What a name caller. Do you know anything else?

          • Not for ignorant traitors like you!

          • Wrong.

          • The Clinton Foundation benefits many people around the WORLD. They have received an “A” for how much their charity helps those intended. But of course, I’m sure YOU know more than the numerous charity WATCH sites that have verified that? LMBO! https://www.charitywatch.org/ratings-and-metrics/bill-hillary-chelsea-clinton-foundation/478

          • The president of Haiti recently announced that the Clinton’s and their pals screwed the earthquake victims and walked away with the billion intended/donated to help the victims.

            The victims are pretty much in the same situation as right after the earthquake before any help was provided and affter the Clinton’s and their pals provided their help!

          • Yes, that has been claimed. Not PROVEN, but claimed. Again, the FACTS don’t support YOUR claims. I know that doesn’t SIT well with you, but tough. Your BIASED opinion is not fact. It’s just your biased OPINION! And real evidence does not support it!

          • The FBI said she was guilty but because obummer is still in office she wasn’t prosecuted. What about the lie about bullets flying when her helicopter was landing? Or selling 20% of our uranium to Russia?
            I could never vote for anyone who will open up our borders.

          • If you are trying to show me that you have been brainwashed by those pesky Republicans then your mission is accomplished.

      • Of course Trump is a democrat, always has been! No matter which party he was registered under at the time! This is at least the fifth time he has switched parties, and did so this time in a big hurry. So much so that some of his kids didnt have time to follow suit, and were unable to vote for him in the primary!

        Always before, when he switched, there was something in it for him. This time it seemed a bit different. Just before he switched, he and Bill Clinton had a late night telephone chat. Bill convinced him to run on the republican ticket, thereby protecting Hillary during her primary.

        I believe that there was even more to it than that, that Trump was “supposed to” come in second in the long run, and am not real sure if he has now branched out completely on his own, or whether all or part of that agreement still stands.

        The main truth is, that it was a BRILLIANT move by Slick Willie! It effectively blocked ALL republicans AND conservatives out of this election, and possibly even the next one!

        • Ya, we don’t have to worry about Trump. He will be entertaining the American people for some time to come. He knows how to entertain. Anyone who get a show about firing people has to be good.

      • Get over the party affiliation nonsense. There has been and currently are members of congress that have run under on party to gain the win then changed back to their original party once in office. Johnson is running under a party ticket not because he suddenly converted, but it was an opportunity for him to enter the race.

        • Anyone with common sense would never vote Republican.

          • Anyone with common sense that loves the America before Democrats have tried to destroy it would only vote Republican

          • Thankfully, we are even seeing many REPUBLICANS who are voting for Hillary! Had one stop by the other day, looking for a neighbor who had moved away. Said he was a long-time Republican who had worked in D.C. under George W. Bush and been there when 9/11 hit! Saw all the Democratic signs in our yard and told my husband that he was a Republican but he certainly wasn’t going to be voting for Trump! Said he was a lose cannon! And that he would be supporting and voting for Hillary this election! I’ve seen quite a FEW Republicans who have actually admitted that there is NO WAY they would EVER vote for Trump! I guess it just goes to prove that there ARE “good intelligent people” even in the Republican Party!

          • Where have you been the last eight years? Anyone with common sense will vote republican.

          • I completely disagree. Anyone with common sense will vote Democrat. For many reasons. The least of them being, Donald Trump as the Republican nominee!

          • Hillary wants to raise taxes and Trump wants to lower taxes as well as getting rid of all the stupid and expensive regulations. Hillary also wants to raise the business and corporate tax rate. Do you know who pays for those taxes and regulations? You, the consumer pays those taxes. #Trump2016

          • That simple statement proves that you have no common sense.
            You know, common sense is uncommonly rare and you don’t have any!

      • Wayne your an idiot

      • He would still be better than Hillary.

      • His policies will be right wing, not left wing.

      • No, but will be laughing at you!

      • Wishful thinking of the loosers!

      • We all know Trump has always been a democrat. It’s no secret. We republicans are going to vote for him anyway because unlike most democrats, we republicans make our choice by choosing the better person for our country. And for your information, alot of democrats are voting for Trump, instead of hillery. Trump is our middleman. He’ll work out just great for us.

        • No people like you prove my point. There are people out there that would vote for a pig if they would put a Republican sign in front of it. Trump is a good example.

          • lol, i like how you said that. When people like me don’t have but one choice, democrat or democrat, we have to vote for one or the other. So since i’m sure as he!! not voting for the ‘pig’ –I’m voting for the other democrat, Trump.

        • More Republicans are voting for Hillary than Dems are voting for Republicans. I guess then, you could say that THOSE Republicans ARE choosing to vote for the better person for our country. And again, NO, Trump has NOT always been a Democrat. He changes his party affiliation like some change their underwear. But he has NOT always been a Democrat. Again, RESEARCH is a wonderful tool. Too bad some of you don’t utilize it more. http://www.politifact.com/florida/statements/2015/aug/24/jeb-bush/bush-says-trump-was-democrat-longer-republican-las/

      • Trump is not A DEMOCRAT? Wayne, Did you get kicked in the head by one of your horses?

      • I think your post is totally disgraceful! Obviously you have no clue where this is taking Americans. You think your job is safe. You think supporting a. known Criminal is cool. This is no laughing matter. It is the safety of our country at stake. Obviously your horse in this race is HRC. If you think she does anything for others, and you obviously do, you wouldn’t know selfish if it bite you in the butt! As to guilt…..your assessment of that is dictated by your goal. Bias, greed, and personal interest is your driver.
        It is to bad when so many lives will be harmed by you and your type.

        • Well said.

        • Donald Trump is the known criminal. How many criminal court hearings does he have currently against him? How many does Hillary have? NONE. She has NEVER been charged with a crime. Trump has and currently is. I don’t THINK Hillary has done things for others, sir. I KNOW she has. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence who KNOWS how to actually research can validate that. And you seem to be speaking to your OWN reflection in the mirror when it comes to what you are saying. Sounds very much like just about every Republican I have ever met!

          • A court hearing is the same as a conviction?

          • Where did I say that? Do you have the results of the numerous court cases that have been filed against Trump in the past? Although Trump has said that he “never” settles legal claims, Trump and his businesses have settled with plaintiffs in at least 100 cases with settlements ranging as high as the hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars. So, if he was not “guilty” of anything ( and since he can OBVIOUSLY buy the best defenders in the world to represent him ) why would he have paid out if he knew himself NOT to be guilty and would not be FOUND so? He is currently involved in at least 169 FEDERAL lawsuits! How many is Hillary involved in? Oh, that’s right! NONE! 😀

      • Your hatband is still too tight comrade.

      • He’ll be better than the POS that is the demoncratic nomineeeeeeeeee.

      • Trump is a proven Fascist. He is not a Democrat.by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Trump is no democrat. Democrats don’t lower taxes or talk about illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism. After the debate, Trump is winning in the national polls as well as in the swing states. He’s also leading in some blue states, embrace the suck.

    • Exactly Lucy!
      They are communists!

      You see, the American communist party used to field candidates for the presidential elections.
      As in Gus Hall, if you want to look it up for yourself.

      But quite a few years ago, they decided it wasnt even necessary any longer, since the democrats had essentialy joined them and the platforms matched so well. I have been simply been calling them “commiecrats” ever since!

      Today, the actual communist party’s advice is simply to “vote democrat”!

    • Lester Holt was a big disappointment.We all know the main stream media is all in for Hillary,but Holt has been known as a straight shooter until now.You could see the bias if you watched the debate.Why can’t we get some honest person to moderate our debates.There must be someone out there who could be fair.No matter what she says or how many bad things she says about Trump,She can’t stop us from voting for Trump on Nov 8th.We must stop Hillary and Make America Great Again.

      • Yes. I am skeptical about next debates too. Martha R. & A. Cooper are very biased too, and the whole ABC is not better. G Stephano… is good friend of clintons. Next debate will be rigged too.
        Media is only for Hillary. I was skeptical of Holt before debate. He was horrible… Now you see a lot of it

      • I was extremely disappointed in Lester Holt and loss respect for him. I agree with you, we must stand up for Trump and get her out of there. I still believe they will buy the election.

        • There is no standin up for a documehted bigot.
          DOJ charged and fined him repeatedly for housing discrimination.
          DOJ charged and fined him repeatedly for employment discrimination.
          Trump and his Daddy overcharged the government on many contracts. Who do you think built all that low quality public housing in NYC?

      • Your guy made a terrible showing, so what do you do?
        You blame the moderator.

    • So it seems. Gives the word enemy a whole new meaning. Our enemy from within is called democrat. And believe I do not say that lightly as I was one for many years before the heavy handed corruption…

    • Did you notice every time she scratched her nose with her left hand it was a signal to holt to interrupt TRUMP.

    • Maybw you should go back where you came from. You certainly do not understand democracy in this Republic.

    • Anyone seen Debbie Wazerman Shultz around ! Where is she slumming these days. Sure did a job on Bernie. Surprised he is out supporting HRC after that shaft job she did on him.

    • hmmmmmmm interesting….nice to kno that, THANX

  11. Yhat’s the way I saw it.

    The witch got the first shot a a question, then trump has 2 minutes, and then the HilRat got another shot and then it was on to another question. strictly BS all the way.

    • That’s the format, always has been; question: answer, rebuttal, response. (Holt: Trump, Clinton, Trump/Holt: Clinton, Trump, Clinton).

      • Then the moderator should have adhered to the “format”. What you described is the process of a normal debate. We got treated to the question, answer, rebuttal, response and the editorial opinion of the moderator, often neglecting the candidate altogether.

  12. thanks lestor by your bias you make Trump look good going up against the odds.When you never rebutted hillary we all knew the fix was in and you were the liberal stooge.hillary’s lies and your lies about stop and frisk were so out of touch with what really happened was for all to see.Crime really did go down but that does not work in liberal utopia were your head is in the air.You and hillary think if you lie enough people will believe it’s true.Nothing could be farther from the truth.hillary lies got people killed just to cover her and obama running guns and weapons to terrorists.You traitors.hillary and obama needs shot for treason to the United States of America.God help us all.

  13. Gee, do you think this so-called ‘debate’ was just a tad slanted (aka RIGGED)?
    Debate FAILED TO COVER: Benghazi, deleted emails, Clinton Foundation, Iraq War Vote, Hillary’s crimes, Hillary’s health, 500% increase in Syrian refugees, and
    MUCH, MUCH more (like “Clinton Body Bags” and “Arkancide”)!!! If anyone fell
    short, it was Lester Holt! BTW, what was that think sticking in the middle of
    Hillary’s back? https://scontent-mia1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14449813_1778071542434196_2167368679492181495_n.jpg?oh=39d7e8a7a82b7a13f1b4435ebbfeb61c&oe=5883278C
    Google this: “What’s on Hillary’s back? Microphone? Coughing Prevention Machine? Earpiece?” for more speculation on whatever device was on Killary’s back. PERHAPS THEY SHOULD BODY SCAN BOTH OF THEM (especially Hillary) FOR HIDDEN DEVICES IMMEDIATELY BEFORE THEY GO ONSTAGE AT THE NEXT DEBATE. Hmmm

    • SNIFF…What was that up Orange Hitler’s nose? Sniffing, dry mouth, fidget, mouth pucker…hmmm. Time to release medical and tax $0 re$0tu$0ns.

  14. I couldn’t care less one way or the other, I knew it would be this way, so why bother.
    As to the debate itself, they’ve already been over all this nonsense before, why beat that dead horse?
    For heavens sake, if you’re an adult and you haven’t figured out where YOU stand on this election by now, what the hell is going on inside your head?????

  15. Lester “Dolt” is a complicit corrupted criminal. This stupid Debate Commission should engage professionals rather than media hacks. There are hundred if not thousands of debate coaches in this country who should moderate every debate.

  16. Holt is an a**”. He was blatantly biased…..Clinton was far too confidant…..maybe she had her goons had a “discussion” with him before debate…Clinton was her same lying, ignorant self…as much as Obammy makes me nauseous looking and hearing his lying, ignorant self I think Killdabeast is hand and hand with the jerk…..you all claim Trump isn’t qualified or knows how to be a presidents……neither has Dumbama…..he hasn’t done a damn thing for us…..he has sold us out…..8 years of BS……AND another 4 if Killary gets elected….you better keep your loved ones close….especially your females……because Killary and Ovomit will be bringing more Muslims and refugees here to rape your loved ones…..you will see how much she is for the women…..just look at ALL the women that her pos husband groped and raped that she has shown no respect for and what about the poor 12 year who was raped….and the monster got her rapist off (knowing) he did it and said the child wanted older men….that is the woman who claims to be for woman…. .i call bull****. She is vile and a snake……you elect her you may as well keep Dumbama in office cuz he has her in his back pocket


  17. Whoa this is a shocker Someone blaming Trump’s Terrible Performance on someone besides Trump. Go back in watch it Holt let Trump get away with way to much stuff as it was. In the first 26 minutes he interrupted Hillary’s Statements 25 Times. Then he ran out of Stamina. But you know it could have been Trump’s Microphone. They aren’t designed to work that close to a pile of horse Crap.

  18. Of course he was biassed! Damn RINO!
    And NBC delivered the complete set of questions to Hillary a full week before the debate!

    Delivered by an NBC associate in a FEDEX uniform, directly to her campaign manager, by passing the regular secretarys!

    Sneaky, cheating commiecrats!

  19. What else would you expect from these liberals

  20. Lester needs a different job. He doesn’t realize to be an honest moderator you do not take sides and leverage one over the other. You are a despicable moderator and should be fired for your antics!

  21. Immigration and many other important topics left out…Why?

  22. It was reported by a Baltimore newspaper that Hillary received the debate questions a week in advance and, if true, those involved need to be prosecuted IMMEDIATELY! This is the Hillary method, as was done to Bernie (but he likely was bought). Re: his new vacation house. All CROOKS. Wake up Americans. Damn it.

  23. One Question: Where did the democrats hide lester after the debate?

  24. I have always admired Holt until the debate. I expected more from him. I was flabbergasted at his performance which I’m sure would get multiple awards from the left. I don’t believe he could have been more blatant in showing his bias. What a major disappointment.

  25. Read somewhere that killary had the questions a week ahead of the debate, if true, then we REALLY have to take on the lame stream media ALSO!

  26. T Rump walked off the stage and was asked how Lester Holt did and his response was “Lester did a fine job”

    Then his handlers get a hold of him and tell him what a disaster his performance was and all of a sudden Lester is bias, and his microphone made him sniff and snort 300 times during the debate. What a fucking pussy You got your ass kicked. Stop making excuses

    • Get off here you left wing hypocrite! You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you!

    • Gee, how annoying to watch a garbage mouthed troll try to talk about things he doesn’t understand. A half-wit gave you a piece of his mind, and you held on to it. A person with your IQ should have a low voice too!

      • I understand trump caught a beating and is now making excuses. But the uneducated that follow him will never understand

        • It appears you don’t or won’t understand, if you can’t envision that poll numbers, even post debate numbers are a reflection of the American people, not the corrupt MSM that is carrying water for Hiliary Clinton. Looks like it is more than the uneducated that is boarding the Trump train. But of course you can’t fathom the knowledge of that because the deceitful Clinton campaign rely on the uneducated to pull her through. Guess that’s what makes you one of those Clinturd parasitic drones..

          • If you put any stock in online polls you don’t understand polling. And if you don’t understand polling, I don’t have the time, nor do I care to, to educate you. Remain ignorant. Remain a trumpette Vote for Trumpochio

          • One more time sluggo…”poll numbers, even post debate numbers are a reflection of the American people” Key phrase is “American people” that care to participate. As far as education goes, your sophomoric posts indicate that you could only educate flies being that you have the talent to draw them. Proof of that is your omission of the Lying Queen of Benghazi shows you lack the mental capacity to assimilate fact and fiction. You obviously show that you’re the kind of person that one would use as a blueprint to build an idiot.

          • Again, you;re far too stupid to understand polling

          • Stop me if you’ve heard this before…”You obviously show that you’re the kind of person that one would use as a blueprint to build an idiot.
            I rest my case for the American people. Something you apparently don’t consider yourself a part of. Meaning… I’ve forgotten more about polling than you’ll ever know youngster. Keep talking troll, someday you’ll say something intelligent!

          • I’m sure at your age you’ve forgotten a great many things. But your understanding of polling is a show of hands of all of your buddies in the rec room after the nurse-aid has changed their depends and emptied their drool buckets. Put your teeth back in and try and understand the difference between online polls/reader polls and scientific polls. It’s ok if you need to nap between paragraphs. I understand your limitation

            By a 27-point margin, 49 percent to 22 percent, Americans who had heard at least something about Monday’s presidential debate said that Clinton did a better job than Trump. Twenty-two percent said neither had done a better job, while 8 percent were unsure.

            Those results are broadly in line with other scientific post-debate polls, which also found a sizable advantage for Clinton. (A spate of online reader “polls,” which Trump has touted as showing him ahead, have no scientific grounding whatsoever.)

            Seventy-seven percent of those polled, including a majority in both parties, said that Clinton prepared well enough for the debate, compared to just 27 percent who said the same for Trump. Even 43 percent of Republicans said that Trump should have done more preparation.

          • Blah …Blah…Blah…You win hands down the diarrhea of the mouth coupled with constipation of the ideas prize…Congrats.
            Your cherry picking of certain polls that were slanted to massage a dolt like yourself whose limited narrative is specious at best. Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you’d had enough oxygen at birth? In your case, it’s hard to determine where your artificial intelligence and your natural stupidity begins and ends.
            Once more with feeling…”Keep talking troll, someday you’ll say something intelligent.”

          • Look gramps, I know its hard for you to watch your last chance to see another republican presidency slip away but hang in there. Its sad that you’ll be dead by the time Hillary’s 2 terms are over, but try not to let it cause you to shit your depends any more than you already do

          • Well I guess that’s about all one can expect from a babbling troll of infantile proportions like you’ve chosen to be. The mental hospital evidently tested too many drugs on you today. I bet they don’t know you are using their computer either.But don’t worry, no one will ever know that you’ve had a lobotomy, if you wear a wig to hide to the scars and learn to control the slobbering.

  27. Well I am certainly glad that the author of this tripe is such a Holt fan. Being such a “smart” man, Holt’s first mistake was his error in thinking he had to “play favorites. It was not Holt’s job to “gently guide” anyone into a predetermined point of view and his fact check data was wrong.
    The appearance of impartiality Holt stove to achieve was a complete failure. The moderator should be impartial. Facts, not words matter. And by not letting the candidates present their agenda the media did a disservice to those Americans that truly wanted to know where a candidate stood on the issues. Not the yellow rag version where truth and facts become blurred and riddled with suppositions. But, the news media feels it necessary to impose their bias and opinions into the mix.
    The media thinks that they are the arbiters of our thought processes, that basically we are to stupid and naïve to make clear choices.

  28. Uniquely, most of the viewers saw through the “assist” from what was supposed to be a Moderator and turned out to be a Participant!
    Lester Holt lost all of his credibility along with his Character, Integrity and Honor!

  29. For Sale:
    Lester Holt…
    pack and parcel…
    complete with morally bankrupt credentials…
    must show establishment Democrat credentials to purchase.

  30. Anyone knowing who pays his salary would know his leanings and I believe he or the network provided Hellary with his script! In his defense he did try to let the two have their way with scant attention to the clock, but it was clear he avoided any “dangerous points” going her way and he constantly told Trump to answer the ? Proves you can’t put the fox (no pun) in charge of the hen coup!!!

  31. I say round 2 going be 100% better for Trump, They have very short dirty laundry list on Trump and they used all ammo up in first debate,Hillary has dump trucks full dirty laundry

  32. Lester showed himself to be a court jester. Not only did crooked Hillary have the questions two weeks in advance (thanks to Lester) but she was wired as well and that’s why she should have been stopped and frisked. Why are all the debates moderated by liberals? Does Hillary refuse to debate with a conservative moderator?

    • She plays with a stacked deck only…. She needs to keep the ignorant people ignorant, otherwise, her house of lies comes falling down.

      • Assange has his October surprise coming up for her. She won’t be able to hide from it and the media won’t be able to cover it up.

  33. Trump screwed up by “not wanting to embarrass” Hitlery or hurt Chelsea. The little Clinton is as corrupt as the parents and neither of the Clinton females is worth letting the country sink.

  34. Lester Holt—–Another black person living on the democratic party plantation—what else do you expect?

  35. Terrible, terrible, terrible, and yet the Donald praised him. What gives?

  36. L. Holt was horrible. Biased!!!

  37. I agree Holt was horribly biased & intended to be so because he is for Hillary & not Trump. I think that Trump did the best he could under the circumstances that Holt was so terribly biased…duh…he missed a couple opportunities to comment on Hillary’s lying & inconsistencies…which I hope he doesn’t do in subsequent debates..we’ll see…he will face even more biased questions from the following questioners because it’s all bent to be that way…I think Trump will be judged by his followers & those on the fence by the way he handles his extreme questioning. GO TRUMP GO

  38. His balls are in Hillarys purse!!! Unfair treatment of Trump, and major questions, instead of birth and taxes, which is of no importance to America, should have been about emails, Foundation, immigration, etc, these are what Americans are wanting to hear about. Hey, maybe Anderson Cooper will ask Hillary about what kind of make-up she wears, also something Americans don’t care about!!! You can’t expect anything out of mainstream idiots!!

  39. Nothing wrong with Lester, he just behaved like any other criminal supporter. He can’t help being an imbecil.

  40. There have only been a couple of polls declaring the lying, cheating gash as the winner of the debate. That majority of polls named Trump as the victor. That’s important to state because he did so with Lester A. Hole AND the gash fighting against him.

  41. This is true. TO WIN, Trump has to out maneuver Clinton and not let her or the host corner him. This time, Trump must go for the jugular.

    NO MORE MR. NICE GUY! Wipe that smirking grin right off her face with FACTS abt her failures and lies! Then add just a “hint” of his own “plans” to fix our country. Remove the subject matter of his Income taxes so there is nothing to discredit him. Lastly, present his comments in a Presidential manner making her panic and lose her composure — the rest will be history.

    • Totally agree GuardianFlame! He should have gone on the offense from the get go-and shot her down with facts instead defending himself against her lame attacks. The birther issue should have been dismissed with an asked and answered attitude and then an in-your-face attack about her emails and Benghazi, and the Clinton foundation Pay for Play deal. Next time he will be himself-crude at times, but refreshingly honest.

  42. Trump 2016! He’s a business man who is campaigning not some slezball politician who has the whole Democratic Party campaigning while she practices. And what was that bulge inher back was that the transmitter for her earpiece. That little shake and shimmy did she almost lose it?

  43. Praise for what, he was bias and cheating for Hillary, only the left wing think anything that moron did was right.

  44. Did you notice Clinton”s strange blinking and unattentiveness during the debate? I was watching her and it was as though she was having a mini seizure. She kept her head in one direction, not moving it while repetitive blinking all spaced the same exact seconds apart. This lasted for about a minute — and fits the description of a petite mal seizure.
    My 4th grade teacher has the same affliction and would stop teaching, look to her right side and do the repetitive eye blinking. When I asked my mother why she did that, my mother contacted the Principal after attending back to school night when my teacher did it in front of the parents. We learned my teacher had Petite Mal Seizures which is okay if you are teaching children — BUT NOT OKAY WHEN YOU ARE CONDUCTING CRITICAL BUSINESS FOR THE LARGEST, MOST POWERFUL NATION IN THE WORLD!!

    Hillary’s health IS NOT STABLE enough to withstand the rigors of the U.S. Presidency…period! If you don’t remember her “strange” behavior, find a copy of the debate on line and watch her behavior…it happens abt mid debate and is unmistakable. Then make up your own mind — but pass this along because we can’t have a President with any kind of seizures that can affect the running of our Nation.

    • When she was doing that, it was because she was listening to instructions through her earpiece.

      • I din’t think so. For one thing, there was no obvious ear piece and the srvind intervals were exact. She never turnrd her head nor eyes and was rigid in one.position — all depicting the actions of someone having a petite mal seizure. You forget, I sat in the front row of my class and.watched my teacher have these same actions, evety day furing the school year. I KNOW what a petite mal seizure exhibits — and thsy was exactly what clinton”s actions were. SHE WAS HAVING A.PETITE MAL SEIZURE occuring from an already brain impacted blood clot. Any Medical physician could diagnose this behavior. She is still ill and NOT FIT FOR PRESIDENTIAL DUTY.

  45. Holt is nothing more than a Killary pawn just like all the media

  46. I watched[briefly] an interview Holt did with Ohomo,and he was acting like he was in the presence Of God! I almost threw up.and had to change channels. His “questions” were similar to”just how great are you,my hero?” Such sycophantic hosts should not be in charge of any debate. Why don’t they have someone like Sean Hannity for a change?

  47. It was wrong although Trump should have been able to handle it…He will face worse then that if the people elect him. I can’t stand Hilary and he cracked in the last half

  48. Lester Candy Holt showed his BIAS toward Trump. Sure he please the Left Wingers. Holt should have asked Clinton what was the real story about Benghazi and who made up the video lie. What was the real reason Mr. Clinton met with Attorney. General Loretta Lynch, surely they don’t expect us to believe they talked about golf and grand-children.

  49. It’s obvious that the debate was nothing more than an anti-Trump bashing session. It was also obvious that Hillary thinks only of herself and Mr. Trump cares about America. I’m going to vote for Donald Trump and put America and Americans first.

  50. I’m still trying to figure out why he was even chosen, NBC is the worst of all the networks for being pro Hillary and lying about her greatness and attacking Trump at every chance real or imagined. This was set and stacked against Trump before he even got on stage. Trump will never receive a fair and unbiased report from the media. They are the closest to the propagandist machines of Joseph Gobbles and TASS that I have seen in my 70 plus years.

  51. Since Obama is no longer, I thought it was a dumb issue. We have a country filled with could be-would be terrorist. Businesses being burned and looted, education at an all time low, race relations the worst since the marches and bombings in the 50’s. And we’re still talking about the birth certificate?? Let’s face it the insider politicians are full the same old BS. You vote for me and I’ll do as I please if I elected is the mantra. Time for Trump. Time for someone to put Americans first!

  52. As one who watched the entire debate, I do think Holt was harsher on Trump than Hillary. But many of Hillary’s remarks did take time to clarify. I thought Trump should have made short replies and went after her on issues more than he did. We need to see the lack of federal effort on a large front.

  53. news that Hilloryhad the questions before debate 1 week may account for her smug arragent look at the debate having the host in her pocket didn’t hurt

  54. Lester Holt was a biased disgrace and should be fired from NBC. If not, I will be sure to boycott the channel.

  55. lester proved he is a registered house negro for clinton

  56. Never stopped killary from babbling—-by the way there is a report that she was wearing a wire and they were feeding her info. And if you watched the TV After the Debates Bill helped her down the steps and was supporting her as they walked away. And supposedly Lester is a registered Republican. I finds that hard to believe but then some people will do anything for a job. Has anyone checked out Chelsea’s address 126 W. 23rd Street in the Flatiron Section – Only one condo to a floor and her unit number is registered as a medical facility and qualified to receive drugs and medical supplies. Also, the reason she picked Kaine is his close association of The Muslim Brotherhood of America. He was one of the senators that walked out when Netanyahu spoke. He attended at least four of their dinners of the Muslim Brotherhood and was honored at their last dinner. Do you think Obama had anything to do with killary’s choice for VP?

  57. Poor performance lack of professionalism and credibility. BORING AS HILLARY THE NAZI

  58. It is the same old liberal bull shit I didn’t expect it go any other other way, hell Killery,and Omuslime know what is going to be asked long before any debate starts and every body knows it is expected. They have used the same play book for years, if you want to change how blacks and all minorities are treated by Demonrats you are a racist,a bigot and what every other term they can dream up and if you call them out on their illegal dealings they will go back a 100 yrs to find your great grampa was given a speeding ticket when he rode through town on his daddy’s mule. The Muslime communist half breed bastard will use his office to try to steal every vote he can for Killery he has used his power to stop any jail time for the damned thieving murdering Clintons and the idea of an audit of of their foundation for illegal contributions from countries wanting access to our country. I want to see every damn one of the Omuslime Clinton administration hung or shot for their crimes against the American people

  59. Another biased left-wing nut who is willing to watch this country become a socialist nightmare with greatly reduced freedoms — the shared value of all liberals in the US.

  60. Holt was the usual leader of the propaganda party. He softserves Hell-ery then tried his best tounnerve Trump. It showed a mile away. Hell-ery has had 30 years of her lies and BS and still has nothing new to say. Same old Democrap BS. The propaganda machine is in full swing, but We The People see right through it. Just more of the Democrap BS.

  61. Yes, Lester has finally “made it.” Despite all of the other Republican haters in CNN, Lester has finally topped them all. He shares his “lousy creep” title with no one, Wolf Blitzer has been blitzed, he’s now a has-been. Holt is going to be far more vilified than Blitzer was, and he deserves it. Lester was so eager to please Hillary and her commies that his eagerness to ambush Trump while “moderating” could not be denied. Every bum has his day, Holt will regret his back-stabbing. You know, he lives by dishonorable intentions and they will be his fate too.

  62. Holt was such an ignorant fool and proved it big time. How sad he could not be less biased. But that is CNN for you. He does need to retire! He can kiss his career goodbye. Mr. Trump WILL be our next President. Hillary is so untrustworthy and is so obviously kissing butts everywhere, No doubt Lester Holt wanted to give her another chance to prove it!

  63. These debates mean nothing. If they change the mind of anyone, that person has not taken the time to research either candidate. Trump should skip the debates, who needs it?

  64. Gee, I thought I was in Cuba or some Left-wing nation! This was not even close to a Junior school debate piece.

    I thought the man, Holt, was rude, intolerant and someone very much like the “author ” that wrote this article. I wonder how much the Clinton’ paid them both to put on this childish, playground specticle called a fair debate and objective writing?

  65. I will never watch Lester Holt again…..or any other channel but Fox!! I am so sick of all the liberal idiots that couldn’t find their ass with both hands,let alone make an educated decision based on fact and reason.If this is the direction the USA is taking,we conservatives and the entire country are in BIG trouble. GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. and how MONEY AFFECTS POLITICS? at least the CORRUPT ones like HOLT ? was it enough to retire on ? cause WE THE PEOPLE are going to say WHO WE WANT FOR OUR NEXT PRESIDENT! and we want hillery in JAIL for crimes against AMERICA

    • But the fact of the matter is :: There isn’t going to be any election! The PMIC is going to cause the biggest race riot in history. He’s then going to declare martial law. And all those so-called refugees? ? Ha! Those are the PMIC’s private army, ALL TERRORIST MOOSESLIMES. And if that’s not enuf, he’ll call on the UN troops. HE IS GOING TO DECLARE HIMSELF A DICK TASTER, I MEAN DICTATOR!!!

  67. You mean to tell be that holt was shililn for her thighness? That’s so hard to believe him being a fair and honorable black man.

  68. The Commission on Presidential Debates co-chair and former Bill Clinton White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry was pressuring last night’s debate moderator, NBC’s Lester Holt, to go after Trump.

    Lester Holt is reported to be a registered Republican…but, in fact, if so…Lester is a RINO (Republican in name only)…by deeds and actions. We’ll see since his job at NBC could be at stake if he doesn’t toe the line.

    The Democrats and liberal media have been in an uproar since Today Show’s Matt Lauer, “failed”, according to them, as moderator at the Commander-in-Chief Forum. Rather than going after Trump (Never mind that Trump answered the questions in a straight forward manner), Lauer pressed Hillary about the emails and server….THAT WAS A NO, NO!

    SO…Clinton, the Dems and liberal media wanted Holt to make up for what Lauer failed to do in their eyes.

  69. lester holt was so far up hillay’s butt he could hear her bowels move. That debate was so rigged it’s pathetic, and Trump is right on target, she crooked and so is lester holts.

  70. Fact check?

    We dun’t need no stinkin’ fact checks! Lester Holt now holds the record for the most incorrect ‘facts’ ever included in questions during a Presidential debate.

    Looks as if Lester keeps his job.

  71. I don’t know if you noticed, but the very first question was based on false data that Lester spouted…and he went after Trump on that after Hillary blathered.

    Fact is, Trump missed several opportunities by NOT disputing Holt’s incorrect assertions.

    Trump needs to be better prepared for these baseless questions. He should have prepared more but not memorizing blather as Hillary spouted.


    Signaled and Triggered #RiggedDebate ????

  73. What a hoot! Had Holt done what the right wing wanted and relentlessly gone after Hillary Clinton, you would have been singing his praises, because that is the BIAS you approve of! However, when a moderator FINALLY calls Trump out for his lies and his hypocrisy when it comes to his taxes, then he is automatically considered to be “in the tank” for Hillary! Holt did an excellent job! FINALLY someone who wasn’t afraid to call TRUMP out for a change! Thanks for FINALLY having the BALLS to be FAIR and give Trump a taste of what Hillary has been eating for decades!

    • Regardless, Lester or Hillary or whatever,…Trump will be elected!

      Why? Coz whether he ‘won’ the debate, most everyday Americans feel he did anyway.

      That’s the key point! They don’t care if he won. They just want want him to be our next President!

    • I am too the point who gives a shit about his taxes. Did you ask how the Clinton foundation has millions of $$. When they left the W H They were broke. Ask the people of Haiti how much money the Clintons gave from the foundation if should we say how much did they keep. How much money did the Saudis give. She us the protector if women but take millions from the Saudis who beat them. tell them how to dress their horses are treated better than women

    • Have you ever had a big fuckin nigger pound yer pussy?

  74. Lester Holt proved to be the scab, the liberal whore he really is. He is one of these cretins that have registered as republicans but is really a liberal democrat. There is nothing that these democrat socialists won’t do to win this election. NOTHING. And if they win this election, socialism is America at hand. I am scared to death what is happening to my great country which every American is losing.

  75. Of course it was rigged, her and him should be in jail. Holt couldn’t give Trump a break, hope the next debate is for Trump sick of the democraps lying to get elected. They must be scared, they dragged Bernie with her today, bet he couldn’t get out of it.

  76. Because that’s what POS criminal idiot oxygen thieving libturds love…one view…their own…bunch of BS with libturds!!!!

  77. Was it biased to mention that there were recordings and videos of statements that Mr. Trump denied having made? Certainly, it was Ms. Clinton’s job to catch him but she had already done that. Wouldn’t it have been biased to allow repetition of a lie, not mere repetition but interrupting and attacking the moderator? How can the press that gave Mr. Trump so much free advertising be against him?

    That makes as much sense as multiple judges nominated by multiple Presidents of both parties ruling against him over multiple decades just to manipulate the 2016 election. The latest judgement is that there is evidence that he directly participated in fraud through Trump University and culpable for felonies under RICO.

    The way that one improves the world is to change one’s position when confronted by evidence and judgments by legally qualified individuals. The way to make it worse is to whine that everyone else is lying and unfair. That only works in preschool.

  78. Not only did he leave the best questions on the field he appeared to deliberately do what his liberal buddies wanted him to do- not really give Trump an honest fight to fight. He sure fell several notches in my opinion.

  79. People are trying to say Lester Holt is a Republican? What a joke. It is like calling Mitt Romney, Or Jeb Bush a Republican. I suppose if you wanted to stretch it, you could call them RINO’s.

  80. PRAISED?? Holt,you need to bolt!! NEVER COME BACK!! Bring on Chris Wallace!! He will be openly tough on both!!! Count on it!!! that is all

  81. Holt was so obviously totally biased! Soviet Army Officers told me the big difference between the people in the Soviet Union KNOW their media is total propaganda. In the US they said the public seems to have NO CLUE how distorted our media is. This farce of a debate with Hillary knowing in advance every question and wrinkle of the debate and Trump not knowing what was coming is a crystal clear example. This was a fix, through and through! This was not a debate it was a sell job for the American public to elect a CRIMINAL as our president! Distortion, manipulation, and favoritism is the current USA way. It is the Road to Ruin….and if we keep rushing down it our children will be invaded, our jobs and savings lost, and our safety nonexistent. As a former US Army Colonel this subterfuge is bluntly obvious. Many fail to see how slippery a slope this is!
    Can we make America Great Again? Hillary says “That’s not your right!” If these dishonest debates with Hillary being given all the topics and questions far in advance and Trump being purposely blindsided continue, and in all likely hood it will…..kiss goodbye to your safety, your sacred fortunes, your property, and your families! What a sad state of affairs we are in. But after all our Criminal Queen was the State Department Queen and now is headed to being your high executioner!

  82. Holt put it to Trump while letting Hillary blow and go. Debate was a sham. She is NOT presidential….just a laughing cow hag.

  83. My curiosity has peaked. With a large majority of those who control the main stream media being morons (fools is what God calls them; “The heart of a wise man leans to his right, but the heart of the fool leans to his left.” Eccl 10:2 This certainly makes it as crystal clear that these men and women are morons, perhaps some would call them insane. i CERTAINLY DO.)

  84. Holt is just another “Left Wing Media Hack” whose only objective during the Monday’s Presidential debate was to help “Slick Hilly” and discredit Trump. He wasn’t even subtle about it. No wonder only 6% of the American people have any faith in the media.

  85. As president, the first thing Hillary would do would be to re-write history, removing every trace of her sordid record. Secondly, she would ban every conservative news outlet, including Fox.Third, she would fill the government with radical Alinsky-ites who care only about two things: money and power for themselves. Holt, a man of small moral conviction, and a strong sense of self-preservation, is hedging his fences as they say. If we are reminded of one thing by this ridiculous so-called debate, it should be that without the MSM propping her up, Hillary would dissolve like the wicked witch of the North. In a strange way, this election is also about freedom of conservative speech, in other words liberty. The only word that describes Hillary accurately is that she is RUTHLESS and that makes her extremely dangerous even to the Lester Holts of the world. Hillary was fired from the Watergate Committee by her Democrat supervisor when she was 27 for LYING. She hasn’t stopped since. For her, lying is an art form.

    • She is not very good at it, if its an art form. Perhaps you meant amateur art? Biblically speeaking, we all live in the early moments of the age of REVELATION. Yes, we live in the age of grievous deceptions by wicked and lawless rulers. But, as history has always shown, the wicked always perish in the end!

      • No, I meant what I said. If she were not able to lie so expertly she would not be where she is. Indeed, the wicked always perish, but meanwhile they take down a lot of innocent people.

  86. I understand Hillary practiced for the debate. I wonder if the moderator was Lester Holt with the questions he was going to ask during the real debate?. I also saw her looking down as if she was reading something from below the podium. After the debate was over one of her people came to her podium and rempoved a stack of papers.?

  87. What did the White House and Clinton offer you Mr. Lester…are you on the presidents pseudonym email/buddy list. You know that same president that said he didn’t know Hillary had a private email server and that he once again found out like the rest of us from the media…well this weeks email release shows the truth. He had emailed her approx. a dozen times. Liars the lot of you.

  88. Watching the debates on any MSM network is a waste of time. There isn’t a single news script reader that is trustworthy, including Chris Wallace whom everybody believes IS fair. It’s kind of like how wrong the public was about Walter Cronkite. He was a closet liberal and only PLAYED a conservative on TV. And listening to the pollsters is as about as useless. We have a big name college in my area that has this “supposedly great” pollster. The problem is they don’t tell us that the people he polls are the students and that is probably the most ridiculous group to use as a cross section of the public. These people have no concept of real life whatsoever.

  89. Yes, hitlery was swell, she came either with her med pack on her back, and a new earbud, had the answers to all the questions, she was TOO cocky and TOO confident, you could see it in her eyes, that right eye turned in a couple of time and med pack gave another dose, too keep her from freezing and seizing up.

  90. Fed Up With Politicians

    Holt and those praising him need to be fired!

  91. the term ” House Negro” would be an accutate designation for him. A liberal rino cannot make a fool out of himself as he already is one

  92. Holt is a Clinton stooge.

  93. Well of course the liberals Democrats praise a cheat and liar, it’s all that any of them are.

  94. If he attacked, they’d call him a bully; if he was restrained (he was) they call him weak. Given those circumstances I think he did just fine!

  95. Missing from the state dept. two million dollars. Anyone see it? Or knows where it went. Is it just a mistake? Along with over 33,000 other mistakes? Somebody isn’t qualified!

  96. F*ck the dems, progressives and communists that make up the MSM management.

  97. As with the IRS, EPA, FBI, CIA, ETC ETC. and all liberal news outlets are owned and operated by Hillary , Obama and the liberals, what do you expect but lies and corruption! True freedom loving Americans know their owned by corrupt lyin Hillary and company!

  98. Comely made the statement to clear the FBI of this claim and he said it weas the Department of Justice that did it.

  99. Fed Up With Politicians

    I’ve seen more negative comments about lester’s handling of the debate!!!

  100. The Hillary Clinton Debate Gate Scandal Starring Hillary Clinton & Lester Holt:
    The Monday Night, 09/26/2016 Debate:
    The Video title says it all. Watch the video:

    This revelation was leaked from inside Hillary’s Camp. You can only be around Evil so much before you allow it to consume you or you reject it.

    Lester Holt’s opening remarks included saying he created the questions and no one had seen the questions in advance.

    Hillary Clinton can be seen wearing a large “Earring”. Considering Hillary’s reputation for dishonesty & duplicity, Earrings should not be allowed.

    “Hillary Clinton was wearing a mysterious box with wires during TV debate with Trump”
    “eagle-eyed viewers also noticed a see-through ear piece planted in Clinton’s ear”

    “Lester Holt wore an earpiece during Presidential debate”
    Lester Holt can be seen and heard doing an Ear Piece sound check. Ear pieces were deemed to be disallowed so why was Lester Holt and possibly Hillary using Ear Pieces?

    The “Silent” Truth?
    “The Audience in the room has agreed to remain silent so we can focus on what the Candidates are saying”
    -Lester Holt, Debate Moderator.

    Is that the Truth or is this the Truth?

    “The Audience in the room has agreed to remain silent so both Hillary Clinton & I, Lester Holt can hear the lines being fed to us”

    Hillary’s Secret Hand Gestures To Lester Holt
    Watch this next video & see Hillary communicating with Lester Holt during the Debate using hand gestures.
    Then immediately after the Debate, a white haired man collects Hillary’s paperwork from Hillary’s Podium, puts the paperwork under his arm, makes his way towards Lester Holt then surreptitiously hands the paperwork off to Holt.
    Why would Lester Holt need to collect Hillary’s paperwork? Was the paperwork collected the actual Debate questions Hillary had secretly been given the week before?

    Note: Lester Holt did not collect Donald Trump’s paperwork.
    – Both NBC & Lester Holt need to be investigated for Fraud, Collusion & Racketeering as does Hillary Clinton & her Campaign Team.

    Hillary’s Electronically Souped Up Podium?
    What was inside Hillary’s Podium?
    Hillary Clinton did not bring anything with her to the Podium that wasn’t already attached to her ear or attached to her back and hidden under her clothing.
    Hillary’s hands were also empty.
    Yet 10 minutes after the debate ended, a group of Hillary operatives including Bill Clinton mingle around Hillary’s Podium while one Operative can be seen doing what looks like disconnecting wires inside Hillary’s Podium. The same Operative tried to return but was scared off by the camera person filming nearby. Then the Operative does successfully return and removes something from inside the podium using 2 hands to hold the item and carry it away.
    There was a Button looking item on top of Hillary’s podium that seemed to have a wire attached and leading inside the Podium.
    Bill Clinton can be seen acting suspiciously around the Podium (see video) and then can be seen bending down and reaching inside Hillary’s Podium to do something. Bill’s hand was inside but near the top of the podium. Bill Clinton did not remove anything. I believe Bill disconnected the wire from the Button looking item that was on top of the Podium. That button then was stealthily removed by another Operative.
    While Hillary’s crew was milling around the Podium, Bill Clinton reaches for Hillary’s hand to help her onto the stage. This activity, along with the other Hillary staff milling around, blocked the view of the Podium as another man with white hair, not Bill, reaches inside the Podium and removes something brown colored from inside the Podium.

    Next time there has to be a Podium check where each Candidate has their person examine the other Candidate’s Podium. Neither the Moderator nor anyone else can be trusted to do this.
    Watch the video for yourself and see Team Hillary’s Duplicity.
    “Proof Hillary Clinton’s Corrupt, crookedness @ debate stage, worse than “Watergate”

    There also has to be an Ear Check of both Candidates & The Debate Moderator.

    A TSA type body pat down should also be required considering Hillary Clinton and her Team’s duplicity.

    Boxers have their gloves checked for contraband before a fight.
    Hillary’s duplicity necessitates a likewise pre-debate check of EVERYTHING.

    #CrookedHillary, no one does crooked like Hillary.No one even comes close.

    Please feel free to Copy & Share this Compilation with EVERYONE.
    Let’s try & prompt an investigation for Fraud, Collusion & Racketeering.

  101. Sure and COMEY was not influenced by White House. Aides key witnesses taking the fifth. You believe that then you’re wasting our time.

  102. Here’s another fact. Chelsea’s apartment (only one unit to a floor 126 E or W 23rd street in the Flatiron District is also listed as a medical facility and qualified to receive drugs and other medical supplies.

  103. I am a registered democrat, but-DEFINITELY-NOT voting for corrupt Hillary. Did not vote for Obama either.

  104. Bought off, scared, or just another R.I.N.O., WHO knows;but, is not talking.

  105. wish I could vote them all out

    Lester Holt should be taken out and horse whipped. If he is a up and up narrator ,I’m a astronaut.He stunk the place up, proved to be what Black Lives Matter means, “a pile of bull S—.

  106. wish I could vote them all out

    All of these comments doesn’t mean a hill of beans, what will mean something is to get out and VOTE. TRUMP has my vote, I don’t know about you, but I refuse to vote for a liar like Hillary.

  107. He was a left wing hack. We call those republicans RINOs . Besides just because someone says they are registered republican doesn’t mean they aren’t hiding their leftist ideology . He is a leftist and it showed . I wonder how long he’s been this closet republican? And who had he voted for in presidential and senatorial and judicial elections ???? Bet there are no R’s by their name . He is no journalist . Just another political pawn. Maybe he was just trying to stay alive. Lots of mysterious deaths surrounding the Clintons.

  108. Trump said, “could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds.”
    What happens when fat-shaming becomes part of the presidential campaign?
    “How many of our youth were sitting there and watching these debates, and thinking that this is OK to talk about and shame people based on their appearance?”

    Is that the type of abuse you want in the White House.
    What will he stupidly insult? What war will he start with his mouth>

  109. Male replica of Candy Crowley.

  110. Joseph Vanchieri

    Give Trump some credit. He did better than some so called coservative pundants gave him. Obviously Felonious Hillary got more help than met the eye. She was being given answers in realtime. Watch the scurring around her podium. They take her so called notes and whatever she had under her podium and tried to hide it fromm all.

  111. He had me fooled before this. But it was not only the obvious signals Hillary used in the debate it is evident that she has been provided with the script of these debates for both SHE and TRUMP. She knows what the questions will be so she can keep her signals straight.

  112. Holt is a stage of the left wing media and was no way in this world that he was going to give Trump a brake even though Trump did not help himself either.It’s funny that Hillary can remember all about Trumps past but forget about her emails and her server and about the truth when it came to tell the families of those lost in Benghazi what really happen.We need to clean up our politics on both ends and clean up our media also.

  113. BREAKING: Comey Drops 3-Word Bombshell About Hillary Investigation… He’s Finished

    Advertisement – story continues below

    It’s been a bad week for FBI Director James Comey. During his testimony before Congress, Comey offered various excuses for why the FBI had fouled up the Hillary Clinton investigation, absolutely none of them convincing.

    However, Comey’s worst moment may have come on Wednesday, when he told congressmen, “I don’t remember,” when asked why the FBI had not looked into testimony that proved Clinton aide Cheryl Mills had lied to the FBI under oath.

    According to Breitbart, the testimony in question had to do with whether Mills knew what a “server” was, at least in the computer sense. Mills had told the FBI during her deposition that she did not.

    Advertisement – story continues below

    However, email was discovered that indicated that Mills, in her role as chief of staff for Hillary Clinton during her time at the State Department, had written to Clinton’s private staff about the server.

    And why did Comey not ask Mills about this or pursue it further? Three words: “I don’t remember.”

    James Comey is an honorable man, or at least I would like to believe he is. The fact that he has been willing to sacrifice so much of this honor on the altar of the Clinton campaign seems stunning to an observer like me.

    Advertisement – story continues below

    It was bad enough when he decided not to recommend charges be filed against Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified material on her private server. However, he said that he would have a hard time obtaining a conviction. Fair enough.

    Mills, who now acts as Hillary Clinton’s personal lawyer, would be significantly easier to prosecute. In fact, all of the evidence is there. Why was her perjury overlooked?

    “I don’t remember.”

    Those three words may be the funeral pyre for James Comey’s career. It’s sad to see that a man respected by so many has succumbed, in such a fatal way, to the myriad pressures of Washington.

    Advertisement – story continues below

    Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you agree that James Comey’s tenure at the FBI has become a disgrace.

  114. Lester holt is a damn idiot he’s about as smart as the pile
    of shit he just slithered out of and it’s no wonder he’s taking cues from HILDABEAST!

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