Lesbian Counselor Arrested in Arizona for Sex with 15-Year-Old Student

The horrors of sexual crimes against children at schools continue and the latest culprit in this nightmare is a counselor accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student at a high school in Tucson, AZ.

KGUN 9 (ABC News) reported on Friday (May 13, 2022) that 29-year-old Zobella Brazil Vinik, who was a school counselor at the Tucson High School, was reported to the Tucson Police Department Child Sexual Assault Unit on May 3 for sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student of the school. A week later, on May 11, Vinik turned herself in to the police. She was charged with one count of Sexual Conduct with a Minor.

Prior to turning herself in, Vinik reportedly resigned from the school on May 5. The gender of the minor was not revealed in the KGUN 9 story and neither were quite a few other important details.

However, the CBS-affiliated channel KOLD News 13 reported that the person reporting Vinik to the police is her own ex-wife, implying that Zobella Brazil Vinik is either lesbian or used to be a man but now identifies as a woman.

According to the interim complaint, Vinik’s ex-wife called police after finding evidence that Vinik was having a relationship with the minor.

The story also added that the sexual relationship between Vinik and the student existed since February this year. This was found out by the investigators when they talked to the minor in question. The police found plenty of evidence of this relationship on cell phones of Vinik and the minor student at the school.

Stories of school teachers engaging in sexual relations with children at their schools have increasingly been making news these days. On Thursday (May 12, 2022), the New York Post reported that Daniel Heath Norment, a 41-year-oldd middle school teacher in Florida, was arrested for coercing his 16-year-old into sex with him. Teachers getting busted for sexting their students have also made news. Last month, a West Virginia middle school teacher named Christopher Brewster was arrested for sending explicit images and messages to one of his students.

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