Legacy of Hate? Americans Don’t Buy It

When it comes to the Confederate flag, Americans are almost split down the middle. According to a new CNN poll, a slim majority of 55 percent favor the flag’s removal. In the South, where the flag stands for so much more than the actual Confederacy, it’s a dead heat. But even before our “democracy” can come to a consensus on the flag, liberals are already expanding the movement to include other symbols and memorials marking our nation’s history. Robert E. Lee’s enduring legacy has been called into question, as has Thomas Jefferson’s.

But this country’s race-baiters and Northern elitists may be jumping the gun a bit when it comes to erasing any hint of our divided history. The same CNN poll shows that when it comes to symbols of the Confederacy beyond the flag, Americans are not ready to see them come down. Only 29 percent of the country would like to rename “streets and highways named after Confederate leaders.” A meager 21 percent wants to remove tributes built in honor of Confederate soldiers.

These results undoubtedly tell our nation’s social justice heroes that there is still work to be done. Despite changing the history books until they bleed liberalism, they haven’t convinced America to shed the skin of its racist past. Under all the glad-handing and platitudes, we’re all putting on KKK robes behind closed doors and re-enacting the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

These liberals lack the ability to apply their cognitive thinking skills. They refuse to understand that pro-flag Southerners are not standing up for slavery or racism. They are standing up for a proud culture they’ve been immersed in since birth. And they don’t appreciate a bunch of blue state bluebloods telling them that they are perpetuating a legacy of hate.

Quite frankly, there has been a lot of silliness over the last year when it comes to race relations in this country. But this diversion over Confederate symbols is one of the most idiotic. That flag has nothing to do with systemic racism, wealth inequality, or Dylann Roof. Taking it down doesn’t change a damn thing. It’s just another win for political correctness, because it’s better to offend white people than it is to offend black people. Sure. Whatever you say.

It has been especially amusing to watch retailer after retailer magically decide overnight that the Confederate flag is racist. Jeb Bush, as lamentable as he is as a presidential candidate, can at least claim to have opposed the flag before opposing it was cool. Was the rest of anti-flag America confused about its origins before this week? Do they still teach the Civil War in history class?

If so, it’s probably a tainted version. Enjoy those Confederate memorials while they stand. Another twenty, thirty years of indoctrination, and Americans will be primed and ready to tear them down. A legacy will be destroyed. Not a legacy of hate, but one of pride.

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