Leftist Psychiatrist Can’t Stand That She Was Proven Wrong About Trump

Dr. Bandy X. Lee got her moment in the spotlight this month when it was revealed that she spoke to several Democratic lawmakers at the end of last year about President Trump’s supposedly-deteriorating psychological state. The psychiatrist used this revelation as a platform to go all over television and warn the public that Trump was either sliding into the early stages of Alzheimer’s or suffering from some other psychological malady that made him unfit to hold office. She called on the president to undergo mental tests as a way of proving to America that he was, indeed, perfectly capable of being the commander-in-chief.

So that’s what Trump did.

Answering both Lee and her psychiatric cohorts (who have been publicly criticized by the American Psychology Association for their freelance diagnoses) as well as critics who think he’s dangerously out of shape, Trump underwent a full mental and physical battery of tests, performed by White House doctor Ronny Jackson, M.D. The results were comprehensive and conclusive. Not only was Trump in fine physical condition for a man his age – “excellent health,” in fact – but there was absolutely nothing wrong with his cognitive abilities.

Chastised and humiliated, Dr. Lee penned an op-ed for USA Today on Friday, insisting that the proof she requested and was subsequently given…was actually not proof of anything.

“Unfortunately, all that he received was a brief screen, the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, used to determine whether additional testing is needed for cognitive or Alzheimer’s issues,” she writes. “Here, there are already ample indicators that additional testing is indicated, and the results prove little more than the limitations of a single simple screen.”

Trump scored a perfect 30 out of 30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, so it’s a little difficult to figure out where Dr. Lee is coming from when she says, “here, there are already ample indicators that additional testing is indicated.” And it is with an almost stunning lack of self-awareness that she gives us the sour-grapes conclusion: “The results prove little more than the limitations of a single simple screen.”

Right. And so what do you suppose Lee would say if Trump underwent all of the psychiatric evaluations that she prescribes and still came out with flying colors? “Oh, I guess I was wrong after all?” Doubtful. She would simply decry the process, impugn the reputation of the doctors, and call for yet more testing. Her identity and professional reputation now hinges on whether or not she was right, and that means she has nothing useful left to add to the conversation (if she ever did).

Go home, Dr. Lee. You’ve embarrassed yourself enough.

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  1. Karen VanCraenenbroeck

    why don’t you take the tests you are asking the president to take – maybe yours won’t come out like you think and Trump’s will do better than you think – get a life lady!!!!

    • I would like to see Schoomer and Pelosi take the tests…

      Then we will talk.

      • Schoomer (lol) would pass the tests for he is just pure evil.
        Peelosi might not, but I think she is really just criminally STUPID!

      • Also test Maxine W. That ought to be interesting!

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          She could not read the questions, it would be “rayciss” to ask that of her.

        • Francisco Machado

          I’m hoping the Democrats nominate Mad Maxine for their 2020 candidate. I know, that sounds unrealistic – but when look at the other candidates, she’s got more entertainment value than they do. They certainly have their moments, but she’s a full time zany. Her leaps of logic are hilarious.

        • That’s another fail; you have to be connected to reality and know the difference between it and fantasy to pass.

      • I can tell you right now Pelosi will FLUNK spectacularly! Schumer may be better at masking still but I’m not sure he’d pass either; his connections to reality are, at best, questionable.

      • I would love to see all the Fruit and Nuts liberal and Rhinos take the test. WOW that would be great for America.

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        Just Sayin!

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  2. That is so Liberal, If you don’t like the facts, ignore them.

    I got a better idea, ignore the liberals.

    • Like like like like!!!!! If only we would. Imagine how much better the world would be if we as a nation simply treated these people the way you would a tantruming toddler. Ignore them long enough they’ll eventually stop kicking and screaming and making fools of themselves with their childishly petulant and unrealistic demands. Pick themselves up off the floor. Wipe the snot running down their beet red faces and finally be ready to see reason. We could fix all they’ve broken carelessly playing social engineer and show them how to deal with their runaway emotions like calm, mature adults. A win for everyone.

      • I had a liberal friend of mine describe the Left as “Children of the Enlightened.”
        And “Right
        wingers are Construers of Disparagement”

        I had to agree with him, Children often view their parents as construers of disparagement.

        I kind of view it this way. Parents (the right) are pushing their diabetic children (the Left) down the candy isle in a supermarket. The children keep screaming I want as they pass by each box of candy (Socialism). The parent says NO, that is not good for you. and the child views the parent (responsible one) as the construer of disparagement…

        These trolls on these sites push for socialism which is very bad for the people. Socialism leads to Communism.

        • Left – altruistic.
          Right – selfish.
          Both nuts!

          • I was talking to Steven Hawkins yesterday, and he mentioned you; he said
            “The Universe is made up of
            and Morons!!!!”

          • Normally I don’t go along with name calling on these posts, but when it’s artfully done, the way you did it, I can’t help myself!

          • Sometime name calling is appropriate, e.g., Turban Durbin who called our troops NAZIS, & “Songbird” McShame who his fellow POW’s at the Hanoi Hilton called him a traitor & his captors named him “Songbird”.

          • Are you referring to Juan McShame?

          • If you name yourself Mr. poohead, you are just asking for ridicule………..

          • The ridicule is on you. Duh!!!!!!!!!!

          • Can you not come up with something original, instead of plagiarizing me????
            You say you are genius, at least show some independent thought and words……..

          • No plagiarism, just ridicule!

          • Up voting your self again?
            Do you not have any friends? It shows you are full of your self…..hu?
            You do display no original thought process, browning my adjectives and all.

          • You mean I only do well documented facts and no conspiracy theory, sorry! I’m here to correct their drivel with facts that they can never refute with a reputable reference. Funny as!

            Why would I have friends on a site for the far right, I’d be embarrassed if I did.

            No “browning”, just ridicule – Steven Hawkins indeed!

          • Actually you have not ridiculed anybody on this thread. Is this a new word for you? Reading your posts, all you do is slightly disagree w/people.
            Your decent is never backed up with any facts, or links proving your point just your opinion. Opinions are like noses; everyone has them. I suppose you think facts are on the honor system. Since you are trying to sway peoples right wing opinions, you should change your handle. It is hard to put stock in anyone named poohead. Only a moron would take advice from poo. Most people I know flush the stuff down the toilet. Would you take advice from someone calling themselves
            Mr. Shit For Brains……..????

          • No need for me to ridicule you, you’re quite capable of that on your own. Ha!

            I’m pleased you think me “decent”, but a little surprised. Oooh the English language huh?

            No need for me to provide a link; everything I emit is well documented fact. If, you can refute anything with a reputable reference I’ll pay $10,000 to a charity of your choice. Good luck!

          • Thank you for stopping!
            My tears were falling like rain!!! My self esteem was at a all time low! Your mercy is of legend, and I shall pass the tale through the ages of how mrpoohead speared me from his razor sharp wit, and daggers of his insults.
            For the past 24 hours I was an emotional wreck, as your cunning verbiage scorned my delicate eyes!!
            You mercy shows your black heart of ridicule has yielded to the light of compassion……….
            May the Golden Dawn follow you, always

          • Didn’t have to engage brain or apply wit – you did a perfectly good job of continuous dumb comments. The jokes on you! The ridicule was all self imposed Funny as!

          • I see you do not understand ridicule, and I see sarcasm is also a new concept to you.
            Never knew poo to have much intelligence. Because it is so far away from ones brains. Basically your handle implies you have poo for brains………just sayen’. Come to think of it, your posts back up my hypothesis.

          • Ridicule requires a snappy one liner, thereafter it backfires – the jokes on you.
            Sarcasm; unless you have a British, Irish, Kiwi, Aussie parent or both parents are Canucks or NY Jewish then you should not attempt sarcasm. At least 50% (probably 80%) of Americans do not understand sarcasm – the basic default is slapstick or “humour for dummies”. Obviously from your comments you fall into the latter category.
            That there is technically correct and sarcastic.
            Here end-eth the lesson.
            I remain never refuted!

          • Like to up vote your self Hu? That shows low self esteem. Having a battle of wits w/you, is like having a gunfight w/an unarmed person…..
            Like Dr. Hawkings said
            “The universe is full of
            And Morons.”
            Dr. Hawkings statement fits you like a glove…..

          • Up-voting amuses me and confounds the retards.

            Hawking is not a “doctor”, he has a PhD. The letters come after the name, at the front they designate an office held. At least you got his name right.
            Even I can’t miss at this distance, like shooting rabbits in a barrel.
            I remain never refuted! Thanks!

          • I REFUTE your second sentence.According to Webster’s Dictionary and Wikipedia PhD is defined as follows:

            PhD Is a doctrine in any discipline except medicine.

            All doctrine letters come after the professionals name. Look up physicians on line. The name comes first, then the specific discipline. Example
            John Smith MD
            MD= Medical Doctor
            Sam Wilson DDS
            DDS= Doctor of Dental Science
            Jimmy Johnson DVM
            DVM = Doctor Veterinary Medicine.
            Dr. Hawkings has quite a few discipline’s after his name.
            Another error on your part.
            Now you are batting .125.
            In the past hour your NEVER REFUTED average has dropped .750 points.
            That really sux. Just keep ’em coming. I am about to retire your bogus claim…..

          • Fail! That refutes squat! Doctor at beginning of name is a title, PhD at the end is an accomplishment. Fail!
            The doctors letters after his name merely describe what in – teeth, MD, vet, whatever. Duh!

          • Refute – means to prove a statement or theory wrong. Try harder. Duh!

          • Definition is actually immaterial – it is essentially etiquette. Try harder.
            Still never refuted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • PS A doctor of medicine is MD-PhD, “MD” for short.

          • If you are shooting rabbits.
            I must be Bugs Bunny, and you have to be
            Elmer Fudd!!!!!
            (Version .125)

          • I have too much hair for Elmer – finally a funny. Well done – how many friends did you need to get that?

          • Congratulations – you’re another dummy! It would have been funny if he actually had the name correct – instead he’s presented himself as a buffoon. Like you!

          • 😂😂😂

          • Ahh, at least one on here with at least one working “synapse!”

          • Don’t forget the 2 cells between which that synapse actually works.

          • Walah! The Democrat problem solved; they are all missing that ONE necessary “cell!”

          • And the Far right’s – no brains at all!

          • Like Hawking – I’m never refuted. seems I’m not the moron.
            My father-in-law often chatted with him – scientists, bunch of weirdos. White coats and waving arms.

          • The only white coats in your life are on the Mental institution where you reside .

          • Which is why I’ve never been refuted – right! Father-in-law was rocket scientist for NASA and headed up a team on particle accelerators. Suspect you’re closer to the institution – the far-right can’t get anything correct one. Ha!

          • None of his smarts rubbed off on you as you fall into the class of dumpster divers like your street people . You have politicians that are worse than our Demon Rats .

          • Well they wouldn’t as we are only related by marriage. My daughters tell me brains skip a generation too – the eldest goes to high school this year. Her English is in the top 2% of the country, maths not far behind. That makes her smarter than you by miles – me too!

          • If you have girls they got the Smarts from the mother and not you . have you told them what you call yourself, a Shithead ????

          • Well they could have got it from my parents too actually. Girls nick-named me “MrPoohead”, which I’m sure I have told you before. Alzheimer’s?

          • So you must stink a lot for them to call you that ,don’t they have soap and water in your hut ??? Glad to see you finally admit to having Alzheimer’s !!!

          • Mr. Poo Heads wife can’t be all that smart; look who she married!!!

          • Smarter than I and her father was a rocket scientist for NASA and mother a noted biologist.

          • Particle accelerator AND top 2% daughter? Wow! People whose daughters are that smart don’t brag publicly on Patriot News Daily. You are pathetic. It must suck being such a loser in life that you have to make shit up online…

          • No need to make things up, let everyone else here do that. Never refuted!

          • ……When they were passing out brains. It is true you were the first in line; unfortunately (for you) you just held the door open for everyone else!! And let that boat sail on by.

          • Yet, thankfully I still received more than yourself – obviously a different door. I remain never refuted – you remain dumb.

          • Up vote yourself? Real classy thing to do.
            I was not in your line. I was in the line with Segan, Hawkins, Oppenheimer, Adams, Pasture, Jimmy Page………
            You just held the door open for Rosie, Steven Cobert, Michel Brown, All of The View women, Charlie Manson, Frank B, and Barney the Dinosaur…….

          • Who is Hawkins? You’re more in line for dumb and dumber. Funny as!

          • Only the truly insane believe themselves to be sane, and/or “irrefutable!” Note, this whack’s own vote is the ONLY up vote he ever achieves….there is no reasoning with the unreasonable, ignoring them is their just reward.

          • It is AK number 2 !!!

          • Yeah right. Particle accelerator. LOL

          • Yep, spent a lot of time at CERN too, used to bring home Toblerone’s. As a father he was fairly useless, interesting guy though.

          • I was not comparing you to Hawkins, just stated me mentioned you in his new astro physics law…………

          • I should hope not – never heard of Steven Hawkins. I presumed you meant Stephen Hawking – who the f..k is Hawkins?
            Seems the yolks on you and your idiot friends – nothing new there.
            I remain – never refuted. Especially by the likes of you.
            I look forward to your response – can you embarrass yourself further. Let me guess, you’re related to Trump? Well inbreds and the ignorant must stick together I suppose.
            Funny as!

          • Lots of Morons

          • The numbers seem infinite as the universe its self, just look at Washington DC, California, Arizona, Florida, and lets not forget the poohead family……

          • Ha, ha, ha! 36 folk. Who the f..k is Steven Hawkins? Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            What a bunch of retards – yes, take a good look in the mirror you morons. It’s you!
            It is Stephen Hawking – ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            An’ I’m the dummy? No wonder I’ve never been refuted – you don’t have a brain cell between you.

        • Socialism IS communism; they just don’t have passports!!! Lest we forget what the “S” in USSR stood for!!!

          • So true, I get so tired of trying to explain that to the Left…

            I often use socialism and communism interchangeably.

          • Also In National Socialist, as in NAZIs.

          • And for those really hard of comprehending:
            ‘National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei (NSDAP)’
            Translation: ‘National Socialistic German Workers Party (NSGWP)’
            No question here where it originated, Left or Right: Socialistic Workers LEFT!

          • United society of socialist republic

        • Very good analogy

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          • Flagged you scum puppet.
            Reported you to Discus as well.

          • She appears under multiple names, I have blocked her before and will continue to no matter which name she’s under, I report her as well.

          • No kidding; I’ve done so half a dozen times already just today.

        • Well stated!

        • Total. Propaganda, Trump is a racist, Mentally unfit,egomaniac anybody can see !

          • That’s a racist statement.
            Trump passed his physical and mental test. This Lee woman has broken the psychiatric Golden Rule:
            “Never diagnose someone with out physically being in the room with them.”
            When you get sick, do you go to your Dr’s office? Or do you E-Mail him/her a video of you for a diagnoses? I go to the Dr’s office for a accurate diagnoses.

          • You got any proof to support your slander?

          • What does it matter you never do!

      • Uh, well, “ready to reason” may be a bit far for leftists to actually reach even when in the best of humors. But they will stop throwing their tantrums! They’ll eventually figure out they’re just hurting themselves.

      • good idea !

      • The Vagina hat wearing liberal a$$hat$ will NEVER admit they are wrong, or have made a mistake.

    • DirtyDaveyDownEast

      Can’t we deport them?

    • I always ignore them like I ignore claims of sluts who come out of the greasy woodwork decades after an improper activity allegedly took place with a conservative candidate for office. Recall the slut accusations against Associate Justice Thomas, Herman Cain and Judge Roy Moore. Yet the same activity by William Jefferson Clinton was considered “cute” by liberals.

    • I read somewhere, I cannot remember where, that she isn’t even a psychiatrist, but a clinical assistant.

      • The Left is getting desperate… They would have been better off with an unnamed source.. 🙂

        • The right is nuts – has no facts just drivel. And you are their leader – what a relief, just something to laugh at!!!!!!!!!!

        • There is no left. Republicans and Democrats are varying degrees of conservative, Bernie is a liberal and then there’s you idiots in far-right, no facts, just lies hyperbole and BS land.
          Still you only represent 0.001% of the population – funny, not a concern. Something to ridicule!

          • The Left is now full on communists. But keep on denying things, nobody is listening to you…

          • There is no left – Democrat policies are the same as Republican. The only difference is LGBT, abortion and gun regulation – are Republican’s commies too?
            Big government – America has one if not “the” lowest public sector employment (per capita) in the Western world. Where’s the Big Government?
            Were you born dumb or did you aspire to it?
            No denial – just facts. Something you have precious little of.
            TRIED, TESTED AND OUSTED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It’s time to put her on suicide watch. When reality doesn’t play out like the voices in one’s head tells them it should, it’s time to pull the plug!

  4. I have a simple solution. Go through all of this ‘doctors’ patient records and see how many times she suggested further testing for those with perfect scores on her own cognitive ability tests. I guarantee you she didn’t second guess herself nearly as much as she obediently second guesses the test of other, probably much more qualified doctors and patients she never met or examined because the Democratic party, desperate to discredit our President while consistently, hilariously discrediting themselves over and over again with this obvious nonsense told her to.

    • The woman is obviously a hypocrite and needs to be ignored.

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  5. This Doctor is a disgusting maggot who thinks she knows something about someone she never met and only based on her judge mental attitude. She should stick to checking out herself. These people must be some of the most miserable people the way they try to make everyone else just as miserable as they are.
    I am glad I have a choose over who I see because she would never be that someone.

  6. She does not have a license in the state where she lives, so charge her with practicing medicine without a license. If found guilty, jail her and prohibit her from offering any medical “diagnosis”!

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  7. This woman is NOT a licensed nor certified psychiatrist in any state of this Uniom

  8. angelo cucuzza,jr

    Why not ask that navy doctor who examined President Trump and have him check out CHUCKIE THE SMUCK TOUMOR A ASS-HOLE PELOOSI.

  9. She is not even a licensed psychiatrist. Why should be the question? lost her license because of poor advice, or no longer insurable due too many settlements by the insurance companies.

  10. Pound sand, lefty. Let’s put her under the same tests.

  11. Another lying fraud who cannot believe anything but her narrative which is BS

  12. angelo cucuzza,jr

    Idiot, just wanted to just wanted the typical 5 seconds of ‘fame’, take her licence away.

  13. She is a liberal, therefore an arrogant liar.

  14. Everything Progressives say about Trump, and their opponents in general, is proven false. Remember when they ran around feigning alarm, saying that Reagan was gonna blow up the entire world???

  15. Dr. Bandy X. Lee, a well known brainologist has pronounced Clazy Tlump as a clazy Plesident of the United States and is not fit for office! Meanwhile the well known brainologist, Dr. Bandy X. Lee. does not want to take the Montreal Congnitive test to see if Dr. Bandy X. Lee, a well known brainologist is velly clazy!

  16. Just another DEMOCOMMUNIST. Their “Opinions” are like butt holes they all have one, and they all STINK.

  17. I always take medical and psychological advice from UNLICENSED UNPROFESSIONALS!!!!!
    (Don’t you???? *eyes rolling*)
    Trump should sue her for several things. Practicing w/out a license and Libel for starters………..
    Also he should sue any network or publication who gave her a soap box giving her an opportunity to lie to the general population.

  18. A diagnosis without talking to the person. Fake doctor!

  19. This is an individual in need of a “shrink”.She is a typical brain washed wannabe human out from these Communist Colleges of today

  20. The Patriot News article provides a vastly oversimplified analysis in its attempted rebuttal. The only mental test administered to Donald J. Trump was one that examined cognitive competence. Results of that test do not disclose anything of significance concerning other aspects of the President’s mental health. The short and simple test administered during his recent examination has no significant bearing relative his demonstrated, long-term behaviors that strongly suggest his status as a chronic, and likely pathological, liar and malignant narcissist.

  21. Another tabloid doctor wannabe.

  22. She is not currently practicing.

  23. Dr. Lee no mental health professional diagnosis from a far. You are a fraud.

  24. WHO the fuk cares what you think, only idiots like you??
    SMACK her in the face with a coal shovel, it’ll improve
    her looks and her disposition!!

  25. What defines “normal”? I am surrounded by what I think are crazy people. People calling for impeaching a duly elected president, an FBI and DOJ committing conspiracy at the highest levels of management, a free pass for the Clinton syndicate, the list goes on and on. But I believe that I am not crazy.
    I’m worried about the half of the country that has been brainwashed by the “left”. How are they ever going to adjust to reality. Obama, TRAITOR; Hillary, TRAITOR; Lois Learner, conspiracy ; Susan Rice, conspiracy / TRAITOR; Loretta Lynch, TRAITOR ; I’m getting tired of typing but you get the idea. When these criminals are led off to prison, how are they going to cope with reality? BTW, I don’t believe we hang traitors these days. But they deserve more than ankle bracelets.
    Remember to vote.

  26. A fruit-cake nut job like most LibTurds. G-F-U “Doctor” Lee you worthless piece of dung.

  27. I am laughing my ass off at that stupid Dumbocrat loser! She’s been proven wrong and she’s too STUPID and stubborn to admit defeat. She should just shut up and go home.

  28. Just like a little child who cannot get over losing at a board game, this little vindictive communist just can’t get over the fact that she is a shill for communism and a laughing stock. I think the psychiatric association should revoke all licenses of psychiatrists who act like this stupid biotch.

  29. Frankly, I think SHE should be subjected to these tests. This seems to be a case of the POT calling the KETTLE black!!!!!

    • i think shes on pot and lives in a black kettle! every pysc will not give a public comment without talking to the patient! lee, return to the basics, or return your degree to the issuer!

      • Not every, just ethical; one may state so and so demonstrates symptoms of this or that, but not a flat out diagnosis.

  30. DirtyDaveyDownEast

    With my Midnight, Star, Globe correspondence school decree in supposed and sensationalized psychiatry; I from a very long distance away diagnose Dr.(?) Lee as mentally incompetent in la, la, land.


  31. Only misinformation and propaganda mean anything to these willing idiots of America’s version of Communism. This woman is an educated fool.

  32. Hmmmm – She needs her license reviewed…..

  33. Armchair Psychiatrists … not worth a plug nickel! Dr Brandy X. Lee’s license to practice expired in 2015; and she may now lose her Medical Degree (AMA) for practicing “long distance” psychiatry, without examining the patient.
    Liberals go to no end to push their agenda.

  34. And, ANYBODY really wants to go see this woman? Psychiatrist?! Only if the word is spelled FLAKY FLACK. She obviously has a terminal case of TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome!


  36. This obvious paid cog in the Soros-Clinton machine has no medical license, board certification or Drug Enforcement Administration registration. If she were a credentialed medical practitioner she would be in violation of the ethical standards of the American Psychiatric Association and American Psychological Association. Without these credentials Lee is practicing medicine without a license, which is a felony in Connecticut and all other states, and should be reported to the Connecticut authorities.

  37. Well, since she doesn’t hold the credentials she claimed, I’d say SHE’S the one who is questionable. I’m a retired RN who learned psychiatric nursing before the APA went off the rails and began calling the sick and abnormal normal. We don’t diagnose, of course, but we DO assess and report potential problems to docs, since we spend more times with patients in hospital settings. I’ve seen no evidence of cognitive impairment in the POTUS; and the test used by Jackson is the standard by which DOCS decide whether a patient needs FURTHER definitive testing or not; in Trump’s case, it’s NOT!

  38. Average Snowflake Libertard reaction, when confronted with the truth ignore it. This is why so many say liberalism is a mental illness. Just look at Pelosi, Waters, and Green for proof.

  39. Dr.Brandy Lee should heed the Biblical mandate, “Physician Heal Thyself”.

  40. This so-called psychiatrist apparently needs help herself. But then, she and others like her are actually part of what is dangerously wrong with the U.S. today. Her and her motley collection of malcontented ilk are much more hazardous to a civil order than Trump could possibly ever be.

  41. How can that dingbat just crank out a psychiatric evaluation of someone she’s never held a conversation with? She’d be the last person to go to for anybody who had a real problem. Her opinion would not be worth the time it took to crank it out.

  42. I’ve always wondered why all the kids I knew who had parents who were Psychiatrists or Psychologists were strange or mentally screwed up. Maybe it’s genetic.

  43. Libs in general DO have at least one serious mental problem. They want the government to be an all-powerful benevolent parent, that just is devoted to causing good things to happen to the general population. Maybe they should take a look around, and try to find a socialist country where the government fills that role. China? North Korea? Venezuela? Russia?
    Just even try to come up with a socialist country where the people have a good standard of living.

  44. These nut job psychiatrists need to have their licences removed. Where is the oversight?? Do they or should they be practicing on living people? No wonder our youth is so screw up after a couple of visits to these nuts. How would you like it if you were sane and these kooks said you weren’t, they’ll lock you up an good luck getting out. Why would anyone go to any psychiatrist with fools like these.

  45. This person should never be allowed to practice ever again, plus she should be in jail an an inmate not a doctor!!!

  46. Hillary should go under the same tests President Trump has to go through. Just for s*** and giggles.

  47. I would like them to test Maxine Waters & Nancy Pelosi to begin with. Those two are not stable!

  48. Well Dr Lee, too fin bad for your arm chair diagnosis.
    Go stick a sock in it

  49. Maybe now you need to see a SHRINK!!!

  50. Pull her licence and screen her for incompetence and sanity and institutionalize her. She is the nut case.

  51. Isn’t it interesting how Leftists start quoting a bunch of hooey when they have been outsmarted. All she could come up with is just a bunch of medical jargon about tests, nothing substantial. She is nothing more than a “Blow Hard” blowing smoke to cover her misdiagnosis of a patient she really knows nothing about. Isn’t there something unethical about that?

    All I know is if I were looking for a psychologist, she would be the very last one I would go to, no matter what her credentials are. Armchair diagnoses hurt more people than help them and it’s a shame she felt she had that ability to diagnose our President. Hopefully, anyone using her as their psychological physician looks elsewhere for better treatment!

  52. This Lee woman is an archetypal deranged Trump hating liberal. What is she and who is she? She should get out of our country.

  53. How come in one place doctor Jackson signs his name “Ronny” and in another place he signs “Ronnie”? Something is not quite right.

  54. Trump, by submitting to “tests” to silence critics did what the non citizen muslim former President could have done to silence his critics about not being a citizen. But htat would mean he would either lie, or have to open his sealed records. Well, simply put, Trump is a leader. Mr. Obama is/was not. What if Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1 & 2 AND Trump had sealed his records like the former President did?

  55. Carol Juliano Popp

    Lee is a paid scumbocrat moron. If she was any kind of a doctor she would have a practice. Instead, she teaches school.

  56. Another Leftist Loon for the trash heap,.

  57. Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

  58. she sounds like a little girl that’s trying to get her brother in trouble and it’s just not working. it’s making her look like a spoiled rotten little brat!

  59. Awwwwww the UNLICENSED X PhySico Path is mad because she doesn’t have a CLUE. I think Ms Lee NOT Dr. LEE Ms. Lee is the one that needs Physc help because LIBERALISM is a Disease that if goes untreated becomes total Socialism that cannot be treated and leads to Certain Death from Poverty and unhealthy living conditions. Dumb Bitch STFU

  60. Time to declare all liberals insane, the proof is in the definition. To attempt the SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND EXPECT TO GET A DIFFERENT RESULT IS INSANITY. So formally declare all liberals insane, remove them from office, and institutionalize them!

  61. Me thinks she needs a shrink! She would do better with a conservative one, if there is such a thing.

  62. Dr. Bandy X. Lee is a complete liberal moron just like the rest of the liberals in America.

  63. I wish to make a modest proposal. Let’s get the Dr. Lee to undergo psychological evaluation to prove she is within normal limits herself. And get her to sign a release so results can be posted here.

  64. This jack ass psychiatrist should try evaluating the obviously demented Pelosi, I mean seriously? This woman is the leader of the radicalized branch of the Democratic Party? No wonder why the confused and disconnected cryin Shumer got to where he is in that party. It’s time the democrats wake up and join America and ditch these two clowns.

  65. Has she heard of the Goldwater rule? Trumps score is also an indication of how incompetent she is.

  66. See how much time you don’t waste if you don’t watch these Libturd media sources.

  67. Who in the hell is she anyway?? Bandy X ?? Related to Malcolm X?? A terrorist?

  68. Turns out that she’s NOT a doctor anymore as she hasen’t renewed her licenses, just a butt-hurt, boneheaded IDIOT, nothing more!

  69. The false information, the fake news, the deceitful character of the people putting it out there is mind boggling. One really has to be in a tunnel to accept this kind of “conspiracy of lies”. One day, when some of them actually realize what they were doing and why will likely humiliate and shame them into depression. The end result, hopefully, will be much like Saul’s Damascus Road conversion. Praying for their enlightenment.

  70. For Dr Lee, and all others on the left, no factual proof will ever be enough. Their belief system is: “The invisible cat in the chair .” If there is an invisible cat in the chair – the chair looks empty. The chair looks empty – therefore there is an invisible cat in the chair. Nothing in the real world will convince them they are wrong.

  71. What this supposed “Psychiatrist” did was to make a fool of herself which the Media trolls were more than happy to exploit for their self-serving efforts to sling slime at OUR President, Donald J. Trump. This Doctor was gullible enough to allow the media to use her in this way, meaning she might need some degree of psychiatric analysis herself. I have heard a lot of TV’s real professional medical pundits confirm my opinion on this matter. I also believe that Dr. Bandy X. Lee committed ‘Malpractice’ when she went on National TV to warn the public, at the request of Democrat lawmakers, of President Trumps “supposedly deteriorating psychological state, sliding into the early stages of Alzheimer’s or suffering some other psychological malady, all that makes him unfit to hold office”. THIS is where she crossed the line and committed the egregious and unprofessional act of Malpractice. She made a professional diagnosis. At no time did she say that any part of her statement was based on her opinion, not a clinical diagnosis she was able to make following thorough physical and mental cognizance testing/evaluation. The National Boards of Medicine and Psychiatry should review this case in which Dr. Lee made an unsubstantiated diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. This is not a diagnosis that should be glibly used for her own ‘shock purpose’ which leaves many people, including my own family overwhelmed with fear and sorrow when given the news. Even after the White House Doctor publicly reported the results of all the Presidents test performed which included both physical and mental cognizance evaluations, Ms. Lee (I refused to refer to her as a doctor anymore) is still making public comments, which the American Psychology Association has described as “freelance diagnoses”. She did an op-ed in USA Today insisting the proof she requested (mental test) and was provided is “not actually proof of anything” and that she now wants more test to be done. Again, she is not the President’s Doctor and I have serious doubts she is qualified to diagnose the mental health of a gnat. Well, maybe since she herself seems to have the cognitive ability of a gnat, whose only purpose is to swarm around rotten fruit and make a pest of itself. Yeah, I’m going to go with that and make my own ‘freelance diagnosis’ and say that it is my opinion the Dr. Lee has the equal mental capacity of a pesky gnat. We need to contact the AMA and ask how we can request an evaluation of this supposed physicians medical and professional behavior.

  72. The Psychiatrist, Dr. Lee (?), is in need of a very thorough in-depth clinical psychological evaluation. Her recent position on Donald Trump shows she is unstable and very likely should have her license to practice revoked. I would not recommend anyone seek her advice for mental health issues.

  73. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4a9354f004ff73ad6ffd13adbc0c04cc2bf0054e7dd6f673e2ac1b9400b157f5.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cabf8af324390f9ec6d6914570b30557619344db130ed45108b51384666c6360.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/33843f0581dc944f8bd809b7a37fbf2a6b231a36aed860de51af6095f6c16a26.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c678ce392887cc378228409f803545fd13be66a65626d34bc434fb6868aea4a9.jpg Trump would be crazy to allow her to be the one that made the tests and the evaluations. She is blatantly bias and working for the demonRATs to destroy him and yank him out of office to put them back in power and control. It is obvious, with the smear, slander, lies, the frame set up that Obama, DOJ, FBI, Comey, Mueller set up gang has done to frame him for something he never did, that this psycho would dub him, in her warped opinion, to destroy him. It is clear that these maggots would go to the ends of the earth to purger, murder, blackmail, fraud, lie, create false dossiers, and commit high treason to get back in power and control over us and our tax dollars.

    Their criminal acts of treason are exposed, they cannot be trusted to carry out any normal business of running their elected offices to SERVE our citizens with any morals, ethics, integrity, character, loyalty to OUR citizens instead of their loyalty to themselves and their new world order for greed of our tax dollars and absolute and total power and control over us.

    Seeing their level of their mafia mob style in running our country, and in their loyalty to illegals and muslim refugees, and their high treason to OUR citizens in abandoning their loyalty in defense and protection of our citizens, these maggots need to be fired, voted out and the demonRAT party needs to be disbanded.

    And, after what Obama did to weaponize our most powerful government offices using the demonRAT party, Hollywood, NFL, the mainstream media to take down our Constitution and our sovereignty through creating division through racism and hate, and what he has done to destroy Trump, what he has done to the conservative party which they have made clear that they hate, and to our Christian faith, we should add a new law into our Constitution that would disband any party with such hate and malice that even “thinks” about what these maggots have done to us.

    This is more than a mere scandal, it even goes beyond high treason! The demonRATs have schemed and gotten together in their secret room to plot a government takeover for their dictatorship to hand us citizens and our sovereignty over to their communist muslim globalist UN new world order, with their full intention to raise our taxes so high that we will become a third world country under their rule of bondage and we will work for THEM to keep them in luxury and power and control over us until the end of time.

    These people are pure evil maggots, and if you look and listen close enough you can see their horns.

    If you sincerely watch them, every once in a while they flash the devil horns sign, and if you search it on the internet, there are pictures of them doing it. And, he loves to give our citizens the middle finger. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2d6c193b1adda894000c021bece26b06b22eefce6d4a1260f9049cc0dbcdc3b1.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/32e568b5fcc073973e3d7a6fb5c57680535de292ec1d259e3f8c8dd49ecd4011.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/74bdc2d3726fc5bb9d300898fb2b899c0456a672676bb758cf4085b20f44275c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f5c873e12db1002d470ea0f98f013c0f1777f58f5df1baab5303ebd5f1eed1cd.jpg

  74. hey dr you need to be checked out because your a stupid air head ,you must have bought your way in , get a life you boob . OLD VET

  75. Has anybody examined this loon or the liberals who agree with her? Where is/was Obama’s tests, surely he was a nut job as was Hilary.

  76. Has it ever been noticed that many Psychiatrists are not very stable mentally and take on the personality that suits their egos best? ….or that their home life (if they have any) is all screwed up with divorce, kids in trouble, drugs, etc.?? Think twice before you go to a Psychiatrist, thoroughly check out everything about their personal life first, you don’t need their problems to become yours too!!!!

  77. Still crying and throwing temper tantrums over the results of the election!! I guess the November 8, 2017 famous “National Snowflake Screaming Day” did not do the trick. They have 7 more years to “cure” the afliction!!

  78. The fools on the left will never accept that the President is perfectly fit to hold his office and take care of the nation’s business. They are like the old scratched vinyl records in my closet. They can only repeat one line because they are defective.

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