Leftist Judge Charged With Helping Illegal Alien Escape Deportation

Massachusetts District Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph is facing federal obstruction charges over an incident that occurred last April when the judge took it upon herself to help an illegal immigrant escape Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In an egregious abuse of her position, Joseph actually shuttled the alien out a courtroom backdoor when she learned that ICE would be taking him into custody after a scheduled hearing. The indictment also nails court officer Wesley MacGregor, who was instrumental in leading the immigrant to the backdoor and away from federal agents.

Democrats are naturally lining up to defend Judge Joseph, because apparently it’s just fine for court officers to thwart justice as long as it’s in the name of resisting the Trump administration. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, a Democrat, ridiculously said the charges amounted to a “radical and politically motivated attack on our state and the independence of our courts.”

These charges, she said, violate “a bedrock principle of our constitutional system that federal prosecutors should not recklessly interfere with the operation of state courts and their administration of justice.”

Here’s how Judge Joseph operates her state court and how she administers justice.

In April 2018, she presided over the immigrant’s hearing. He was facing charges of being a fugitive from justice, if you needed any added irony. During the hearing, Joseph said, “So, it’s my understanding that ICE is here.”

The immigrant’s attorney confirmed that ICE was present and would be detaining him the moment he walked out the front door.

At that point, Judge Joseph (illegally) ordered the court recorder be turned off. After a break in the transcript (during which Joseph obviously hatched her plan), the recorder comes on in time for the immigrant’s attorney ask if he can speak to his client downstairs in the courthouse jail.

“I believe that he has some property downstairs,” the lawyer said. “I’d like to speak with him downstairs with the interpreter, if I may.”

Joseph granted this request. After the hearing concluded, MacGregor helpfully walked the immigrant and his lawyer down to the courthouse jail, right to the back door, and allowed him to walk free of ICE’s clutches.

How is this anything other than obstruction of justice? How is this anything other than a judge taking off her robe to become an immigration activist? It’s ludicrous. And it’s abominable that groups like the ACLU are actually sticking up for her.

“In contrast to Attorney General William Barr’s famously narrow view of what constitutes obstruction of justice — at least when it comes to President Trump— the Department of Justice has now charged a state judge and court security officer based on a theory of obstruction that is shockingly aggressive,” the Massachusetts chapter of the group said. “This decision seems to have little to do with the actual facts, and everything to do with enforcing the president’s anti-immigrant agenda.”


So, complaining about the Mueller investigation on Twitter = Obstruction.

Secretly ushering a wanted criminal out the backdoor of the courthouse so he can escape deportation = Not obstruction.

What an interesting and novel view of the law these leftists have.

This judge should be disbarred.

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