Left-Wing Terrorists Discuss Putting NRA on Trial

Some of President Obama’s old running buddies, including domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, held a little event for extremists last month. Gathering at a Chicago bookstore, Ayers joined author James Kilgore for a Q&A session centered around the latter’s book, Understanding Mass Incarceration: A People’s Guide to the Key Civil Rights Struggle of Our Time. The video of the entire talk is available online if you are trying to lower your IQ for some reason.

Let’s focus, though, on one exchange between the panel and an audience member. When the conversation turned to the state of Chicago’s gun violence, a man in the audience asked the panel what they thought of his brilliant new idea.

“We need to initiate citizen tribunals to try the NRA,” he said. “A lot of bad things happen when you flood neighborhoods with guns.”

Ayers and his Communist friends thought this was a stroke of genius. “I like that,” Ayers said. “I think sometimes we wait for official channels to do stuff for us.”

The man went on to elaborate on his plan, telling the panel that these public trials could then go a step further. “We indict the NRA,” he said, “and we charge them, and we take the case to the U.N., whatever.”

“Beautiful,” Ayers said, a gleam in his eye.

It would be easy to just write this off as another chapter in the liberal ramblings of academics who don’t matter, but this kind of sentiment isn’t restricted to former domestic terrorists. The left is increasingly frustrated with America’s unwillingness to bend to their will. They want to give authority over to international courts instead. Hell, the UN is currently proposing a world court that would evaluate and punish countries who fail to address climate change to their standards, so this is not as radical as it sounds.

Liberals are really starting to hate democracy. They hate that they have to ask millions of dumb Americans for permission to do what they know is correct. They hate that they have to abide by things written by men who weren’t half as wise and enlightened as they are. Where was George Washington when the Vietnam War was raging? How many classes on gender inequality did John Adams take?

So now they’re looking for ways to get what they want without consulting the American people. Ways around that pesky Constitution. And if you’ve been paying any attention at all for the last seven years, you know that these people can be found not just in a Chicago bookstore but at the highest – the very highest – positions in the U.S. government. And if they are willing to give away America’s sovereignty when it comes to gun rights and climate change, where would they stop?

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