Leave Illegals Alone, Says Obama Task Force

If an executive order from the president couldn’t get the job done, then the Obama administration might have to resort to other means when it comes to making illegal aliens feel at home in America. Since there are no greater issues facing the country right now, the Obama-appointed Task Force on 21st Century Policing recommends severing ties between Homeland Security and local law enforcement authorities.

“The U.S. Department of Homeland Security should terminate the use of state and local criminal justice system…to enforce civil immigration laws against civil and nonserious criminal offenders,” says the task force report. Rather than move these illegals into the deportation process, “law enforcement agencies should build relationships based on trust with immigrant communities. This is central to overall public safety.”

Oh, certainly. Ask any expert in criminal justice and they’ll tell you that the best way to promote public safety is to stop enforcing the law. That’s just common sense!

“Immigrants often fear approaching police officer when they are victims of and witnesses to crimes when local police are entangled with federal immigration enforcement,” says the report. Gee, isn’t that true of any outlaw? Perhaps we should just legalize everything and cut this Gordian knot right down the middle. Imagine how much tax money we could save. Get rid of police, throw the borders wide open, and let the chips fall where they may. Instead of electing a president next year, we can just hand the White House over to whichever warlord is tough enough to take it. Hope and change, ladies and gentlemen. Hope and change.

Federal immigration authorities are already hesitant to take action against illegals for fear of incurring Obama’s wrath. Now the administration wants to take one final step and prevent local police from taking over where DHS left off. All this in a cynical attempt to shore up the Hispanic vote for the Democrats. If they have to wreck the country on the way to political dominance, then at least they’ll have freed America from the evil clutches of the white patriarchy.

Obama’s critics have been harsh and prone to exaggeration over the last six years, but even the worst of them may have underestimated the coming darkness. This president has flaunted our Constitution, handcuffed the free market, and put us on the road to ruin. He’s not just the worst president in history, he is a traitor that deserves to be remembered right alongside Benedict Arnold. If things keep going the way they are, unfortunately, he’ll be remembered as a hero.

Er, el héroe, that is.

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  1. Obamer is a Jerk-in-Chief megalomaniac…

  2. No. If I have to foot the bill to support them, then I’m having my say. Too bad if Obama has a problem with that.

    • right on, not only that they have been shopping in stores near us and just staring at you and then they laugh, I am from Brooklyn and I would love to smack that smile right off their faces, they use EBT cards, and WIC while we are paying for that smile on their faces. obummer and the illegals should all be deported. I stare back and see what they do, they turn their heads, WHY?

      • They do seem comfortable don’t they? The smile is cause they know that we are working to support them. Against our will Obama has you in “indentured servitude to the takers”.

        • Perhaps Obama thinks it’s time to pay Whitey back for things that happened a 100 years ago. He wants to be in Control.

          • Well over 100 years ago.

          • We ended slavery about 150 years ago. That is 150 years and still counting ahead of Islam.

          • Jane Spaulding

            The Birth Right Citizenship which was used by Slaves is being used by our Government in order to keep them here in the USA. Have your baby here in the USA and its free. Just cost you tax on the Birth., We have called and emailed and ask them to please get rid of the Birth Right Citizenship and they won’t do it, won’t even try to take it off. Saying its in the Constitution and in the Bill of Rights. This was for Slavery, Not for the Illegal Hispanics.,

          • I understand that Muslim women have been coming here to give birth and then returning back home. Is this because of superior American facilities? Or is this so that their babies will be citizens and can return here as citizens?
            When they come to take over our country you won’t see warships off the coast and there won’t be war plains dropping bombs overhead. It will be done through immigration.

          • And their American-citizen baby is being taught to hate us and our freedom. I fear for my grandchildren and WILL NOT give to any charity that potentially helps any Muslims-children or not. Stick to Christian ONLY charities.

          • Afraid that I made an error in the above post. I meant to say can return here as terrorists? You should see to it that your grandchildren are trained in self defense.

          • Children and grandchildren all were taught to shoot at age of 3, with emphasis on gun safety, of course. My late husband was a Marine Corps sniper in Viet Nam and taught us ALL .

          • That’s good, but they also need something like Kung Fu. Once you have it the government can’t confiscate it and it always makes it past the security system at the air port or the court house.

          • Actually, that’s being done, also. You are right. What I want to see is a network of anti-Islam sleeper cells in every neighborhood in America to be prepared and trained for when all hell breaks loose, and I believe that it will soon. Guess I’m paranoid.

          • I have a sneaky suspicion that Christian charities are probably helping to relocate Muslims to America, but their motives at least are honorable. They probably do it out of the “goodness” of their hearts, not realizing that those they’re helping might one day stab them in the heart if they get the chance.

          • Well, you may very well be right, but I have a close pastor friend that runs an orphanage in a third world country and it is only Christian children. I give to that because I know that those children are being taught Christian ONLY. Of course, some could grow up and be radicalized as adults, but who could possible predict that in advance. There are other Christian charities like “Feed the Children” who would not verify to me that they were not helping Muslim children. Why would I consider housing, clothing, nourishing, educating and providing medical care to something I KNOW is being taught to embrace the Koran?

          • If enough patriots start screaming and yelling about the insanity of granting birthright citizenship to illegals and their anchor babies, and to the offspring of temporary visitors, something will get changed. They don’t have to revise the Constitution to do it either, because illegals and visitors are not legally “subject to the jurisdiction” of U.S. laws.

      • Because they feel shame.

    • It would be terrible if Obama’s Rich Donors had to give up their Illegal Employees.

    • disqus_fPh2QejLBf

      Damn right! That idiot in the White House does not get it!! HE IS THERE TO REPRESENT US!!! The AMERICAN people and WE THE AMERICANS WANT THE ILLEGALS OUT!!! This is not HIS say!! It is OURS!!!!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Try telling “it” that. He’ll probably send a hit man to take you to breakfast, just like he did Chris Kyle !!

        • People need to “hit” back.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Two people were arrested yesterday for shooting mooselums with paint balls. They said it wouldn’t have been too bad, but the paint was oil based…..and they said a small amount of what seemed to be blood was also detected in it. It’s getting to be a craze any more. heeheehee

          • Too bad it was only paint balls. Hope the oil and blood were swine.

      • Ha, Ha. The poison pen and executive orders will prevail.

        • disqus_fPh2QejLBf

          Start packing Vinny, no they won’t! Pretty much everything that idiot has done, Obama care, his little illegal immigrant love fest, GUNS, ALL will be reversed when a Republican gets in. HA HA HA to YOU!

          • That is not guaranteed. Democrats will do anything to win and they got a lot of tricks to fool the fools. It may take all out civil war to get them out. One way is for all of us to just do nothing between January first and April fifteenth.

          • Jane Spaulding

            to show you how smart some of those that are voting now days., One girl said “she couldn’t understand why someone being a Non-Citizen like Obama can’t be President” heck anybody born by C-Section should qualify for President of the USA., Colorado furnishes food stamps, health care, welfare, reduced priced housing and anything else you can think of.

          • While American citizens (sometimes whole FAMILIES) are homeless. It is clear to anyone with half of a brain that Obama is desperately trying to change the demographics.

          • That’s part of his promise to “transform” America. Secondly, Obama knows that nearly every immigrant he brings in will dutifully vote democratic in the elections. He doesn’t even care if they’re legal citizens or not. He’s having his flunkies register them right off the boat!

          • it his jihad on working class whites Pelosi explain it working class whites lifestyle is too good and them unwilling to work on welfare lifestyle too low- they just fixing that inequality

          • Michael Dennewitz

            That had to have come from a Velcro head!!!

          • That accent is great–laughed so hard I almost peed on myself.

          • If a civil war is what it takes to put there hind ends back across the border and get rid of obama well that’s ok with me if that’s what they want

        • In the pits of hell only.

          • it will never go back to the way it was this path of victory for minorities and homos will stay. whitey want easy cheesy lifestyle? get somewhere else. 50% fed income tax coming your way fools. pay for 150 million who don’t work so they stay home and feed breed and play games all day while you make your commute to some stupid job. that be the new white privilege. and die yung from it
            the good people get jiggy all day long love America no work here it all play and griping sexing up ten times a day love this country!

        • terryhoaglland123@aol.com

          You are an idiot Vinny!!!!!

      • The UN said so –Tell them to go to hell and America has fired them .Every one of them

      • Try to tell that to a libtard that thinks he is a king!
        Yeah the king of the golf course but he’ll be king of nothing by the time he’s gone!
        With 11 million illegals now in the US by the time he’s gone his race will damn sure be the minority as they will be out numbered! Even welfare mothers can’t reproduce as fast as the flood across that border!
        His lie that he’s black will finally catch up to him when they figure out he’s working for blacks enemy called the ones who sold their asses to anyone not only white men than needs a black as a slave as he is MUSLIM first and then 1/4 black not the 50% he’s been lying about! He laid his claim by his training in Indonesia, and no folks, there never is nor was there ever a mixed religious school for Christians and muslims! Don’t listen to spin doctors but look it up! We all know how muslims feel and have felt towards Christians for centuries so don’t fall for any bullshit!

        • Jane Spaulding

          there are 52 million right now, 11 Million was a vagye figure 5 years ago.

          • Sorry darlin but jumping that far in 5 years from a what you call a VAGUE number is ludicrous at best even for a mental reject!

            BUT your reading comprehension bites big time lady!

            Read it again and see what the 11 million covers?

            You apparently have this post confused with another I made so get it right woman. That 11 million figure PERTAINS TO THE NUMBER OF ILLEGALS IN America, NOT JEWS ON THE PLANET! Hell the word JEW is never seen in the above post but the name found on carpets for wiping our pig leather shoe soles on of muslim damn sure is!

            NOW go to the ones who know, as in from the horses mouth and not some conspiracy theorists bull-crap drivel information! This is an honest site unlike other media outlets and wilkimisinfocrap! http://www.jewishpress.com/news/jewish-news/jews-less-than-0-2-of-world-population/2012/09/20/

            I’ll go with the the ones who know the facts, not someone on FB that can’t even post a simple rebuttal in the right thread!

            FYI: LOOK AT THE DATE of the article and verify that 52 million of yours and then answer the following question:

            Why do the cowards of islam feel so scared of maybe 15 million OR that 52 million of yours when there are by the same article that shows there are 1.66 BILLION muslims that breed like rats so they can dominate and kill the planet for some idiot god?

            Really? That many screaming idiots are scared of YOUR 52 million or the real maybe 14 million to be fair.
            What is that figure in one on one odds? 30 to one? I failed miserably at math and figuring those odds is out of my field. YOU tell US please or someone who does the numbers game to explain why again the Jewish people are persecuted for being the ones to come up with God and those who reconfigured THEIR religion to fit their own agendas hate the ones who it came from?

            Morons over man made deities that not a single one of any of the billions that need some god have EVER seen, but think faith has something to do with there being one?
            I’m waiting for one of those so called gods to come and smite me down PERSONALLY, NOT some coward or one of their followers doing the work for the fake thing because HE or IT will never do it himself and doing it from behind my back because they are again cowards and won’t do the deed in front of me or with a warning!

            Only over inflated religious fanatics will for insulting their fake god to their faces and on line!! Proof there is or ever will be a God.

            Only primitive man needs a deity that offers some amusement after death!
            Not civilized, educated man who has struggled out of the mud after millenniums of struggles with living and working.

            NOW?? What was your real post supposed to be about in reply to me? You got me off on your silly post.

          • Angry American

            I didn’t see where she mentioned jews at all, so what in the hell were you reading?

          • I believe the true number is closer to 30 Million, which is still a far cry from the 11-12 Million the liberals constantly claim. Whatever the number is, we don’t want them, we don’t need them, we don’t want our jails and prisons filled with them, we don’t want our colleges filled with them, we won’t tolerate being threatened by them, or having our wages depressed because of them, or having our property taxes soaring through the roof to provide them and their large broods with subsidized housing, and “free” education, and food stamps, and “free” healthcare! We’re sick of it, have been sick of it since 1986! That’s when President Reagan granted 1 million illegals amnesty. That 1 million turned out to be 3 million, and that 3 million have bred like rabbits for 29 years, and now we’re overrun!

          • Florence Millard

            Thank you. I feel the very same way.

          • you won’t haft to worry about your wages being depressed cause you won.t have any wages cause you won’t have a job can’t hardly get a job now and getting worst how long do you think you’ll have or get a job when or if they legalize them get real

          • What??? How about spell checking.

      • Friggin “A” right!! “F” ALL illlegals no matter what color, age, religion, country the illegal bastards come from!! There is the LEGAL way to come into the United States and an ILLEGAL way, period. I am sick and tired of PreZident Obongoloid doing nothing..we pay for their welfare, education, food, healthcare, housing, etc.etc.etc….round them up and gas all 11 million that are here now! Screw it! iArm our borders with more Border Patrol, active military, more air support, more intellegence and LIVE AMMO!!! They drag their sorry asses across the border illegally, they are open game to shoot to kill!! Get all the friggin trafficers, drug cartel scum of the earth human feces matter! Let militias’ participate without repercussions!! YEAH BABY!! Would love to sit quietly in the desert with night binoculars, night scope and BOOM! Maybe even BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!!

      • He doesn’t care what you want. He is King Obama. Even though his mother was white as could be, he doesn’t really like them & Michelle positively despises whites. It’s all about votes & nothing more. He hates this country. His mother lived overseas & grandparents loved communism. Maybe the press should do their job & rest of voters peel back layers & see what you’re getting.

    • well I hate obama worse than the ileagals

  3. I have noticed many young mexican illegal women carrying new borns. This has made me very angry. they are popping out babies so they can remain here.

    • We need to get rid of the Anchor Baby syndrome, If we vote in a decent President, then he can undo all of this crap that has been foisted upon us. So The Next President better be listening and he better be listening well, We are done with the Bull Shit that Obama is putting us through, Just like one ignorant girl said: We don’t need a President who comes from the USA we just need a President that was born by C- Section and you don’t think we are in trouble, I would say they are the next generation,. Some body send this off spring to the Mexico and close the Border and now, Nobody should be voting if they are that dumb. Oh sure, they are carry free births here in the USA., You would pop out kids too if you didn’t have to pay to have them in the nearest hospital, That’s Obama Care for you. Let them come and have free everything.,

    • We really need to change the 14th amendment. if they can deport Chinese, they can deport the illegal baby factories only here for the goodies.

    • HEll – it’s NOT just Latinos – look at all the Chinese swarming in, having babies, getting citizenship on them. Did you know they have classes before they come here on HOW to get on the system and profit?????

      • Did you know the government gives them $10,000.00 starting-out money? I was told this by a Vietnamese refugee. She then asked me in broken English if all Americans got that same money when they became adults. I was so pissed I couldn’t speak (to some viewers that might seem unbelievable, but it really DOES happen to me sometimes!), I just shook my head indicating “no.”

    • I say we pick the baby up and dust it off and redirect them back the way they came..

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Ummmm, ALL the minorities are doing it. More babies, more welfare. I just saw in the the grocery store yesterday. FIVE KIDS, and not a one of them over 6 YO..

  4. those who regard obama as a hero or role model would like the devil as well

    • Those who like or love Old Blow hard liar and chief Obummer. May wish to pull their heads out of their As### real soon. Before the find their hero just screwed them over big time. Hey Black america ,White liberal cave dweller unenlightened ones. You happen to be next on his list of those he can easily F over.
      Truly both groups are most worthy of just what is coming to you fools. I’m just laughing my ass off knowing how screwed you all are.

      • just look at how he treated his so called “best friend” Professor Gates at Cambridge University after he invited him and the law officer to the WhiteHouse for a get together beer party, and if this is how he treats him then he will treat you the same or worse.The picture of that law officer helping Professor Gates down the numerous steps while obama was way in front says it all

        • here is link to that photo

        • The “Peter Principle” personified!!!! And, multiply that by a trillion…and you will get Obama’s IQ. All imaginary!!! Incompetent SOB!!!

      • raffaelecafagna

        it is not for democrap votes ; it is to destroy this nation with invasions of all species .
        zero could care less about illegals ; he`s using them to the max. and at the end the illegals will be disposed off ; same to all the alphabet working for zero ; they will be gone too.
        David against Goliath = n.w.o against us . Once goliath is down the rest of the planet will follow .
        Once America is taken out or taken over , the rest will be easy controlled .
        that is the story , nothing more nothing less.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Couldn’t have said it better myself!! :-))

  5. As long as they are costing all of us to be here, they need to be deported, we have enough unskilled workers at this point.

    • If the RINOS cave and grant Obama fast-track authority on the TPP, he’ll be flooding in millions of unskilled workers from Third World nations, taking millions of additional jobs from Americans and legal immigrants. When and if that happens, I expect the crap will really hit the fan, so best prepare, folks!

      • david b cordick

        gen11, is there any doubt in your mind that those lying bastards in the gop will not give obama what he wants? they gained control of the congress by promising to stop him dead in his tracks. got elected and immidiately jumped on the money train that runs through the halls of congress, by the sleazes representing businesses and corporations wanting favors. and at the same exact time held a party paid for by the taxpayers, to laugh at we, the fools that voted for them and their lies. but thats all right, open the borders even wider, let illegals from all over the world come right in. lets just fast track the disaster that is coming. let them have the jobs, let them support us for a change, of course the liberals are going to go into shock when they see their jobs have been taken too. how about all the unions that sent tons of money and held demonstrations to get the idiot in chief elected. all whites should move out of the cities immediately, all law enforcement personnel move out to and just protect the ones in the communities that are supporting themselves. then all of us racisit can sit back and watch as they self destruct. wonder what obama and the rest of those politicians will do when all these illegals invite themselves to dinner

        • Based on what I’ve observed on C-Span since January, I must agree with you. I’ve gotten so angry on nearly a daily basis, my blood pressure no doubt would be very alarming if I bothered to monitor it. Then, once I’ve partly calmed down, I call the D.C. office of House Speaker John Boehner, and read him the riot act! Only a handful of calls since January have been for the purpose of agreeing with some action taken, while 95% of my calls occur because I’m furious that the Republicans are caving on something yet again! If you someday notice that my posts have suddenly ceased, it probably means I’ve suffered a debilitating stroke due to my inability to grasp techniques of political anger management!

  6. Tell obama to stick it up his black a**!

    • There’s no room, he’s got a goat up there already.

    • Evan – Can’t. Racism.

      • Racism is in danger of becoming popular again. And it is mostly Obama’s fault. When I was in the army I heard someone say the N word 50 to 100 times a day. I used to argue with those southern boys. Now after seeing all the rioting and looting I sometimes wonder if those southern boys were right all along. Seems like for every on Dr. Ben Carson there are a hundred drug dealing, drive by shooting, rioting, and looting thugs. It is only seeing Harris Falkner on Fox news that brings me back to reality.

  7. From one illeagle pos to American Citizens don’t pick on the other illeagle POS’s. Come to hamerica crap out a kid get citizenship, welfare and the RIGHT TO VOTE? Hellllllll NO!

  8. There is judgement day a comin For old liar and Chief.

    • I hope so,

    • AS Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.

      • He also said: ” Taxes will be the death of you.”
        What will happen when the Whites are gone? Where will the Welfare checks disappear to or the living money come from?

        • No disagreement.

        • I doubt there’s a single member of the black leadership at the NAACP who has stopped complaining about “Whitey” long enough to think of that aspect! And you can bet that Al Sharpton wouldn’t stop blabbing “No Justice No Peace” long enough to listen to reason!

        • Slavery was a very evil and bad thing and didn’t just hurt blacks, but it damaged all of us. Seven hundred and fifty thousand killed in the civil war for starters. Were it not for slavery most of the drug dealing, drive by shooting, rioting, looting thugs and welfare moochers would probably not be here. You can claim all the excuses you want, but the bottom line is that America would be a much better place if those people were not here. Were it not for slavery Al Sharpton and the mayor of Baltimore would probably living in a mud hut in Africa and America would be a better place. We did not start slavery, we inherited it from the British. And once something is established just like the thousands of government programs, it is hell to get rid of.

        • The powers that be will probably initiate a 40% tariff on incoming goods from unfair trading partners!

      • Tyrants first!

    • For America’s sake, I hope it comes very, very soon!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. skippy will provide taxpayer funded limo rides to polling places in the upcoming “election”.

  10. OK, so the Fudderals should also stop enforcing all Tax Laws, Drug Laws, and Firearms Laws, too, right?

    After all, lawbreakers should not “fear approaching police officers”, should they?

    Income tax scofflaws are also “civil and nonserious criminal offenders”, are they not?

    Let’s just stop enforcing ALL federal laws, shall we?

    I would agree, just so long as that includes all laws against sending the criminal alien insurgents to their Eternal Celestial Dirt Nap the moment that they are observed crossing our border.

  11. The obama goon squad will soon be disbanded.

    • got fingers, toes, legs, and eyes all crossed for that miracle. Now pass me the Excedrin Migraine please…
      Have had to take two a day for the last 7 years…

    • It can’t come soon enough and obummer should never have been elected in the first place.

  12. Someone ought to scoop them up like the criminal trash they are dump the en masse over the border. As long as it costs one native born American anything they’re not worth it.

  13. Send them back and we will leave them alone. The President should have not let them in here to begin with. Stupid move wanting to tear up the Constitution of The United States. Lawlessness for sure.

  14. Maybe the guy that said lets open the Border and put signs down there, if you want to run this Country then you take your self to Washington and you run Obama and all of Congress out of Washington. See if you can do a better job, I am all for that. So far we can’t get our Government to listen to us, I bet they would listen to a group of Mexican Nationals. Obama won’t resign, but he would if Mexican Nationals take over Washington., Then we just need to drop a bomb on the Capital, problem solved.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I bet they’d listen to the mafia if they were still around!!

      • Obama still acts like he and his goons are the good old Chicago Mafia. Thats how Obama has been running this Nation. Just try to disagree with the thin skinned little boy and see what happens. He does most of his lawlessness right in front of all of our eyes and all we can do is sign protest and polls.
        I am really scared, because this Administration and their king has NO regards to what they are doing and care nothing about what the American People want or say. Total Lawlessness is on Obamas agenda as long as you follow him. You can break any law, just don’t cross Obama.
        I do not see any way to put this genie back into his bottle. We allowed him and his kind through PC to destroy common sense and logic.

  15. What did the last post say, Obama doesn’t like to be bashed. Well as soon as he leaves Washington and resigns, I would have no problem with him,

    • Actually, I thought that “Homeland Security” was supposed to be a concept, not a massive government agency (money sponge). All indications are that “Homeland Security” as an agency has done little to secure our country or sovereignty and in some cases is working in direct contrast to the immigration laws. In a time when this nation is in debt beyond all imagination, cost cutting by the elimination of unnecessary and/or non productive government entities. DHS, followed by TSA heads the list, especially when the head of DHS has started that he doesn’t understand the fourth amendment to the Bill of Rights.

      • Jane Spaulding

        Not according to Senator Bennet. Bennet went down to the Border and he and John McCain reported back to Obama that there wasn’t any need for a Border Patrol, everything was secure.
        Then President Obama in an unprecedented move in January of last year. Sent planes down to South America and loaded up as many children or teenagers as possible that 6 planes could hold. These children and young adults had parents, but he flew the children and parents to the Border of Mexico and the USA, told them to walk across the border and to act like they were dying and then the Border Patrol would pick them up and bring them into the USA. The Parents were then to cross the Border into the USA and reclaim the Children, never going home. Obama promised every person who took in a child or children that they would receive $3000 credit for each child. The Parents would then come into the USA and reclaim the child, but the people who did this would still get to keep the Tax Credit., This Tax Credit was worth a lot of money. The Border Agent who was killed and the guns that Obama and his Home Land Security Personnel were never charged for taking the guns down there nor charged for the agent being killed. So Home Land Security has to be enlarged and a whole new form of this part of our Government is going to cost us Millions of Dollars in order to make this Amnesty happen. This isn’t going to be cheap. 22 Million that were here already, there are probably 52 million now. He was going to make it 11 Million Amnesty to begin with , then he claimed he was doing us a favor by only making 4 Million Permanent Citizens. Home Land Security is just a title given to a dead beat bunch of Seat Warmers who have helped wreck our State and Our Country.

  16. Get rid of obummer and his task force

  17. Chris Robinette

    Government is working against American citizens, including DHS.

  18. Go to hell, task force and take your leader with you!!!

  19. Claymore mines & barbed wire at the border …
    Shoot First, ID the bodies later ……………..

  20. Roy Clingenpeel

    Appoint a group of communist socialist cronies and Obama gets the advice that he wants to hear. Its negative impact on this country is irrelevant.

  21. Take time to read all of these comments. This is America speaking out, and it’s nothing like the misleading rosy trivia the national media is forcing on the country. This is a conspiracy. It has been a conspiracy since this puppet was forced into office.

  22. Hey Obama. “the people who pay you don’t want the illegal aliens here. We don’t want to pay for them, We don’t want them to take our kid’s jobs, we want them gone.”

  23. Willie Clinton is ”aging” terribly. He needs to visit Hillie’s Botox Doctor. Since he has to work to pay the Bills perhaps he should ask one of his Foreign Contributors. If not, he most likely won’t be able to afford the 10% that he and Hillie give to their Charity. It would be terrible if they had to ”give” up one of the Luxuries they feel they ”deserve.” Dipping into their personal Millions is ”out of the question.”


  25. Wrong! Deport illegal aliens NOW!

  26. obama will NEVER be remembered as a hero. He is a traitor and should be tried for treason and all the other crimes he has committed.

  27. MuslimLuvChrist

    hey AMERICA, obama doesn’t care about God’s law (he will replace it with sharia) or the Constitution with his illegal amnesty, illegal voter fraud, division of this country by race,
    WANTING TO NATIONALIZE THE POLICE LIKE HITLER DID WITH THE GESTAPO, …, especially now with lynch supporting all of these. obama will do everything to increase his illegal voter pool, obama knows he is king, there is only one way to get rid of a king, I pray it happens soon.

  28. So, naturalizing these HUMAN BEINGS so that they don’t have to face these sort of working conditions and be able to report employers (slave traders) is destroying the country? Do you (or your lazy ass children) want these jobs? For these wages and mistreatment?

    • What a complete crock & sick to death of hearing about it. There are at least 93 MILLION REAL AMERICAN CITIZENS looking for work. That Americans don’t want / won’t do the work is a blatant lie & a lib mantra.

      • So you are totally cool with 100 degree field work for below minimum wage? You would do that job, that’s what you are saying?

        • If it came to me putting food on the table, absolutely. BTW, I do it now on my own farm for NO wages, but I do have food on the table. And, FYI, many years ago before the ILLEGAL invasion, tenant farmers (you know, American citizens) traveled around the country doing what you don’t think American citizens would do.

          • We took our Lilly WHITE asses to the fields in high school all Summer in So-Cal …. and got free veggies for doing it !!

            Screw Cesear Chavez and all his Illegal Taco Bellies !!!!!!

          • Mac Boy: Right-on!! I’m with you a thousand percent!!! Their main meal is peanut butter and jelly tacos!!

  29. This is a ridiculous plan that only a man of Barry’s mindset would propose.

  30. After being run over TWICE by illegal aliens, once in 2006 and paralyzed, then again in March of 2014 in my wheelchair, and almost killed, if another freekin illegal gets ten feet away from me he’d better run for his life. We have a numbskull for a president, a true idiot.

  31. disqus_fPh2QejLBf

    I don’t think the illegals will be laughing much longer, once a Republican gets in the White House? They best start packing quick!!!

  32. I recall that arrogant, smug quote of, “Yes we can” written on the shoes of all the illegals flooding into our country. It would make me very happy to deport each and ever illegal with a sign on them saying, “Oh no you can’t”. I would further identify every one of them deported and permanantly deny them future consideration for immigration. Contrary to the visions of Obummer and his minions, he is not king and this is not “his” country. (He is, according to one of his college applications, a foreign national attending on a scholarship.)

    • I think they should be shot on sight as soon as they cross the border (children excluded-they are the REAL victims of this mess-but they still need to be sent back immediately-orphaned, if necessary). I know how harsh this sounds, but AMERICANS are suffering, being homeless, being denied healthcare when they can’t afford it, hungry, while illegals are having everything paid for them-it’s just WRONG. Furthermore, look how our vets are being treated. There should not HAVE to be private charities to take care of them. The government should be taking care of each and every vet we have.

  33. Obama is breaking Constitutional Law all over the place here. The entire Obama Administration should be in prison.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      And he and his mooselum entourage will keep on giving orders and this once blessed country will do NOTHING !!

      • Don’t be too sure-we need some militia sleeper-cells of our own, like at least one (or more depending on the size of the town/city) per town. We still have 2nd Amendment rights, and we better start exercising them. We have the right to form militias to protect our country from enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. Enough people are not convinced yet, because he’s doing his little under-handed illegal executive orders slowly. And no, I do not belong to a militia, but if I could find one I would.


  35. Michael Dennewitz

    Task force???? Excuse me??? Does anyone else out there see the same things I do? Task Force?? In a pig’s eye!! Now, if someone were to say, “Ovomit’s personal army,” yeah, that would be closer to the truth. Our little wanna-be king is giving out ALL the orders that he’s NOT authorized to give, and America sits back and watches!! Good God people, we’re right at the point where many of the things he’s destroyed will never be “fixed!”. What in God’s name is this country waiting for ? ? ?

  36. Obama is stripping Americas rights away piece by piece since he got into office. First he hires Muslims to office where they can help him run the country and now he wants illegal aliens to come into the country and live for free. They take away jobs that US Citizens can have and they do not have to pay taxes. I imagine he is claiming they are taking jobs that no one else wants. Wonder how he would know that? He sends our troops into danger zones and does not support them when they come back. He just turns them around and sends them back again. This used to be a proud country that others looked up to. They wanted to enter the right way and become citizens. Who cares about that now since you can enter with out thinking about becoming a citizen and getting a free ride for family and friends. I wonder what would happen if Americans tried to enter other counties illegal?

  37. Leave it to Obama to tell the Local Law enforcement they have no right to enforce the law.

  38. I am sick to death of this worthless President destroying our country by over-running it with illegals from all around the world. We now have MILLIONS of illegals from Mexico and South America, millions of Muslim from all over the place, and the latest is now Syrian refugees. These are not the poor little kids being dragged across the river by their parents as babies…the are adults, in many cases felons, drug dealers, child molesters, rapists, and people that HATE AMERICA and what we stand for. They are here because Obama has PROMISED them FREE FOOD, FREE MEDICAL CARE, HOMES, JOBS, LAWYERS, AND MONEY! They have been ARRESTED and Obama orders them turned loose. He does NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICANS only his own agenda. Worst President ever.

  39. I’m not going to leave them alone you bugger. They are taking the jobs of AMericans who you have put on the welfare roll. You are a jerk of the first class. Every;thing about you is wrong. YOur a socialist and a commi and they have never survived you dimwit. They all have fallen in history and you are heading in the same direction. We will put you up with stalin and marx and Lenin and hitler. It took us awhile to see through your facade, but you have pegged yourself with your agenda. We want you gone from our sight. Your community organizer is a joke.!!! Your a first class agitator. and you need to be up on treason to my COUNTRY.!!!!!!!!!

  40. Old news…..just ask immigration officials….off the record. Immigration Officers haven’t been allowed to do their job at our border for a couple years…..obummer rules by memo and policy directives…..not by the law.

  41. I take this as a threat to discourage anyone from identifying illegals and pointing them out to law enforcement agencies. If this is accurate, Congress, “just where are you” on the impeachment and criminal action of our President and all of those who support him in this clear violation of our federal and state immigration laws? This administration “edict” (executive order?) surely meets the requirements for both impeachment and criminal action (for failure to adhere to his sworn “Oath of Office”). It is probably already too late to prevent “blood in the streets”, by both, his followers and those NWO “plants”, stirring the political pot, to create internal strife in our great country. However, the longer congress waits to take action, the more blood will flow, as the NWO groups and Muslims are getting both, more organized and bolder each day. And, as for those congresspersons, “setting on their hands” (being polite), and doing nothing, they will be just as guilty and accountable as those trying to overthrow this country—(they too took and oath to protect and defend this country). I see many congresspersons deep in work on both local state and “other” national issues—-much of that work is to hide the fact that they are afraid to tackle the gravest problem facing this great country since our Civil War—an attempt to destroy the greatest political and social experiment in the recorded history of this planet!—The United States of America”. If congress can not solve this immigration issue, most all other problems will become “moot”, in that there will be a very small handful of fanatics running this country and not congress. Everyone should contact all of their elected congresspersons, regardless of party and demand both explanations and just what is congress going to do about these critical issues—and don’t “settle” for just one of their “canned replies” they send to all who contact them. Flood them with letters, emails and telephone calls and attend their “town meetings” when they “back home”. History dictates that If enough people contact their congresspersons, they will listen, as their jobs may well be at stake.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Sheesh.. There’s that asshole again.. Is headuphisass with you??

      • Michael and Panel moderators: Surely the panel has not been infected with Michael’s case of “mental masturbation”—Michael is one very sick person and your refusal to censor him(or her?)) makes you a member of “that” club. The question marks are required, as a “lady” would not use such language. Michael’s language seriously detracts for the critical issues of the day—-is it ignorance or are you a “plant” to take the readers’ focus off of what the administration is up to today?—either way, you are guilty.

  42. Re the article’s headline, Leave Illegals Alone says Obama Task Force, the question of WHY comes to mind, for what is the role of government if not to enforce the laws which supposedly protexct the country?

    • Could not have put it any better Alan404. The answer to why is obvious, purely Political. Obama is one of the biggest law breakers. This is why he took Constitutional Law in College. He had to take it to learn every way possible to break it. His kind want to destroy our way of life and our Constitution by spreading the lies of how it is not fair to Minorities. Our great country has grown to be as great as she is because of our Constitutional Laws and there should be someone around Obama to remind him that he works for US and not our enemies. They have enough of their own reasons to hate America and Her People, so I think he needs to stop giving them more ammo every time he opens his mouth to put America down. I don’t know of any job I could get that would allow me to look right at any boss and tell him, sorry you did not build this so give me more. I have every right to lie right to your face because you do not know what is best for your employees or customers. Maybe with logical thinking like that is why they have not become business owners. Think that is why Obama has made so many mistakes, because he never has had a job of any kind. He was trained to be a professional campaigner. That is the ONE and only thing that I see him good at. He is a professional liar, who I believe is totally convinced by his own lies.
      and to dondehoff, you asked where is Congress? Well as far as I can see, they don’t like or want their jobs anymore. They keep handing over their responsibilities that we put them into office to do.
      Guess that way, when all Hell breaks loose because Obama succeeded in bring the USA to her knees, they don’t have to take responsibility. Problem is we need to remind them by not doing their job and just handing Obama their power, this very fact.

  43. That lying treasonous sissified BOY barack hussein obama can KMOA. Obama is a terrorist appeaser and supports law breaking illegals who have no respect for our laws and emulates obama. obama also loves the criminal and shows his support for them also. The American tax payers are forced to pay for these law breaking illegal SOB and we have every right to say FU obama and FU illegals SOB.

  44. What ever happened to FOLLOW THE LAW??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Obama is leading by example. He has done his best to make the USA into a lawless country. When the people see that Government does not follow and does everything to break or change our Constitutional laws, it is a green light to those that are always on the VICTIM gravy train.
      He has purged our military of some of our best, all the while he has done everything in his power other then walking the demonstration lines himself, to turn the American People away from our Police Force.
      Yes yes I know, there are bad apples in every field, but that does not mean turn on them all. Thats just insane.
      But the way the Black Community is going, they are going to let Obama have his way by demanding Government to take over our Police force. They think they got it bad now, what do they think when they give Obama that kind of power.
      Whats so bad is that the American People are right now and for a long time to come suffering because of all the BAD decisions Obama and His Goons have made.

  45. Because of them and others getting freebies, my property taxes, utility and sales are going up and up, especially here in Chicago, Illinois and service taxes will be going up in a few days. Looks like the Welfare checks will be cut because any person not of color and Illegal cannot and will not pay. The White man get’s screwed again.
    The admin ( democrats ) brought back slavery.

    • They already encouraged discrimination with the passage of Affirmative Action. They made sure ALL non-minority groups were discriminated against.

  46. michaele carvell

    All we would have to do is put all illegal motherfuckers in a trailer and start it on fire and let them motherfuckers die

  47. michaele carvell

    Here’s an idea don’t give illegal motherfuckers a job or a place to live let those motherfuckers starve to death including their children

  48. michaele carvell

    Poison all illegal motherfuckers including assholes Obama Luis Gutierrez

  49. I say deport all of them including obama and most of his administration. However, in obamas case he should be tried for treason then upon convection executed.

    THEY RElly do think that they are going to walk away from this smiling.
    We will have to build a new Fed pen for all of the dem politicians going to jail.

    • I love that dream… Hate to say it but that is what it is. A Dream.
      We the People made our voice loud and clear last election cycle. Instead of learning from their mistakes, they lie and say what they know the American People want to hear. But as soon as they get elected or re-elected their backs turn on the very people who gave them their jobs. Mcconnell and Boehner are perfect examples of this. They swore they would if Elected, take on Obama and His lawlessness with Obamacare, IRS, NSA, Fast & Furious, Bengazi, ETC..(you would think we would have ran out of initials by now LOL)
      but as I said, they have They turned their backs again. Tell me one thing they have MADE Obama take responsibility for with his contempt of OUR LAWS.

      That is why I say, It does not matter what you have behind your name (R or D). Your job is to protect us, not help someone like Obama destroy us.
      Get rid of all RINOs and demand laws to be changed for Term Limits for ALL Government officials.
      The Person who gets voted into office in 2016 better be someone who stands with America and Her People, instead of what we have now if we want to try to save this once Great Country.

    • This government will have to be REbuilt, the way it was originally intended by the framers of the Constitution. I’m not sure we have enough courageous Americans left to succeed.

    • This government will have to be REbuilt, the way it was originally intended by the framers of the Constitution. I’m not sure we have enough courageous Americans left to succeed.

  51. We’ll have these criminal illegals until the states quit giving illegals state benefits and to hell with Washington. States keep thinking they have to suck up to Washington. Quit taking from Washington and arrest illegals and try them in state court.

  52. BULLSHIT . SHOOT the SONSABITCHES . Bet that stops them crossing

  53. Without the illigal’s voting obma would never been president. He stacked the deck again by allowing whoever to enter this country. With a drivers license you can register to vote.

    • Whats bad is when we have states that follow his cry to break our laws. Washington State, where I live is one of the biggest other than CA. and NY that harbors all the illegals they can along with fighting for illegals rights to have IDs. I am sorry, they are not American Citizens so why are Obama and his trying to give them right of an American.?
      Its all Political and no one darn bit about the security or safety of America and Her People.
      If they destroy us then who will Obama have to blame when more of his BS policies fail. Oh thats right, thats when the Democrats will see he is not their friends either.
      The only thing good I see coming from any of this crap is that the Democrats and their good feeling liberals will have to suffer right along with us after they help to destroy their own freedoms and safety.
      The sad part is we who have and use common sense are becoming out numbered and its not going to get any better until we literally fight against those who would destroy us.

    • Not only that, here in Texas, our car insurance rates have gone up because there are so many illegals who drive without a license, so when they drive and cause accidents, which most of them really suck at, or drive drunk and hurt and kill others, OUR uninsured motorists insurance has to take care of it.


  55. Since we have become south america north why not just have a military takeover of the white house they can execute him for treason after a FAIR trial LOL return the America I new for 65 years back to my America . Round all ILLEGALS up and fly them all back to the tip of South America . By the time they get back to our border we should have enough security there to defend our boarders. Then come election time in 16 if there can be found a decent candidate let the elections begin with the military in the back ground to insure America’s safety. Jail the Clinton’s , Learner, and all the rest of Obama’s cohorts that have got away scott free for the crimes they have committed . He wants to be leader of South America north then lets have a good old fashion junta. Happens all the time down there.

  56. If this president was white, He would already been IMPEACHED.

  57. Deport obummer and get rid of his task force

  58. Dennis B Anderson

    Oh Obama gets it alright the thing is he doesnt want you to get it anymore here is the demographic change and you baby arent in it.

  59. DHS is run by muslims appointed by obummer. You think they will keep the country safe?

  60. Obama is like a vacumn cleaner; SUCKS

  61. Margaret Longoria

    Like Ann Coulter’s book, Obama is attempting to turn our great country into a 3rd world hellhole. I cannot understand why Congress doesn’t show some backbone.

  62. pound sand you nazi obama

  63. Boris Badenov 1520

    no, they are right. Our real enemy are the left national socialists and these New World Order leaders like Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    they use these ignorant illegals to garner votes and power in the biggest comspiratory story sdince the Nazis tOOK over the Weimar Republic.

  64. Sambo needs to meet with Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson ………………. ASAP!

  65. We need to deport the ones that come to us. Deport the ones that come to us in the back of a police car. Deport the ones that come to us to register as sex offenders. Deport the ones that come to us to apply for welfare and food stamps. Deport the ones come to the emergency room for routine medical treatment.

  66. 26 of 50 states have filed/joined in this lawsuit. What part of not right doesn’t our seated President understand?

  67. Keep up the pressure on them damn wetbacks! Turn them in for loitering, no license to drive or what ever. They get no jobs, no help! They are criminals just like the nigger in the WH!

  68. Alleged Comment

    Leave illegal immigrants alone so they can find their way to a Demnocrap voting booth undetected and vote Demoncrap.

  69. How do you stop it with Republicrats like Boner and McChinless at the helm?

  70. Leave them alone after they are all deported. Prison for any returnees, IF & ONLY IF they get by the Marines stationed along the Rio Grande, sent there to stop the invasion (SOON I HOPE). A little late but still doable!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Doable, only after the little halfbreed bastard has totally destroyed everything this country had stood for. They’re laughing their asses off at us overseas. No one fears the US any more…..

  71. Michael Dennewitz

    I actually miss the 50s and 60s. And we thought we had it bad then! HA!

  72. I don’t know that we should leave them alone. Perhaps we should tell them that if Obama cared about them, he would have taken issue with the Mexican government officials who are corrupt. Perhaps we should tell them that Mexico is rich in oil and precious metals. Perhaps we should tell them that Obama brought them here as eunuchs, and once he and his turn America into a socialist state, he will take everything away from them. The next time they wave their free stuff in our faces, we should remind them of how they’re being used, and how our pockets are almost empty. We may have to brush up on our Spanish.

  73. Who are the members of this “task force” and when was this auspicious body cerated? (I wonder how much it is costing the tax payers for their useless “advice”?)

  74. I hope local LEA’s tell dhs to stuff it where the sun never shines.

  75. NO, says brabbie2002. It is my tax monies paying for government. Therefore, you bunch of feckers work for me!

  76. Tell them to leave us alone.

  77. Well Obummer is illegal himself so why would he want citizens to deport illegals?

  78. This president must be stopped, he is just working alive with things he is doing to ruin America. He should have been impeached the first year of his presidency. Now he does not have any restraints on him because he doesn’t have to face the people because he can’t run for a third term, thank God, so he is going stark raving mad and doing everything he can to complete his mission, fundamentally changing America. meh

  79. Get them out of our country NOW. We have AMERICAN citizens living on the streets, and this administration wants us to house, clothe, feed and provide medical care for people who shouldn’t be here in the first place? Charity is fine when you can afford it, but you take care of your own first. Americans FIRST. Obama’s executive order is illegal, and therefore should be ignored by all law enforcement personnel. Just say NO. How can charges be brought up against you for enforcing the law? Maybe citizens need to bring charges against the agencies who are neglecting to enforce our already existing laws and therefore not protecting us under the oath they took.

  80. hes big on that since he is illegal let them all in and sign them up for welfare and ssi. then pack your bags and get a passport cuzz it aint gonna be whiteys rule no more. get out now while you can

  81. Obona has white working class all buns up kneelin and he is wheelin and dealin. you like?

  82. Dennis B Anderson

    Hey Obie 2 Tone I live here Im not a second class citizen, Im not a illegal immigrant. Still I have to wait behind these vermin in line at the Department of Motor Vehicle.At the communuty hospital. I pay my taxes where they dont how about it if we run you out of our country not yours our country??? Ive been waiting to see anything about your past but you havent been making any points BOYYYYYY. Your records are sealed why is that. The first black crak smoking, homosexual man who was disbarred from practicing law went on to be our countrys president. How is that is this what you call white priviledge and discrimination? Youre trash and your making my country just like you and your gutter snipe Hife Micheal. Global warming is more important than protecting our borders really?? Its time you were in a cell waiting to be hung for your treasonous charges along with the Clintons for espionage treason charges for the missing E Mails and brokering our countrys uranium to our enemies. Russia is constantly in our no fly zones. Like a hooker you have spread your legs and you dont care who plays with you. We the american people are tired of you throwing our tax dollars at the problems you created. I say to you close our borders run the vermin out of our country and go overdose yourself.

  83. Milton W. Lowe

    Sure, leave the illegals alone…the Fake wants them to vote for Godzillery…Period!

  84. Florence Millard

    I’m thinking the reason he wants to give citizenship to all of the illegals is because HE IS ILLEGAL HIMSELF!

  85. MrsTJNic@aol.com

    He certainly has made a mess of this country, with all the layoffs due to Obamacare, & done every thing backwards. He forgets he works for US not the other way around. Impeach him now!

  86. obozo should practice safe G.F.H.self

  87. Democrats are THE problem. Worthless POS Democrats. Liars, Thieves, and Crooks. ALL of them.

  88. I pay my taxes,my fair share and then some.That makes Obama and his liberal goons my employees.So mr.obama and company,if those people are here illegaly,they ARE criminals,kick them out of my country.They broke our laws,that makes them criminal.By the way Obama is illegal also,so send him packing too.

  89. Help the Homeless in the U.S. but first you have to admit that they do exist here.

  90. The simplicity of the situation is truly amazing. People found to be illegally in the country should be deported. To do anything else is just plain dumb, which is a pretty good description of the Obama Administrations policy.

  91. to hell with obama and the task force and especially the ileagals they won’t be bothered when they go back across the borderweh belong

  92. all part of ovomits/satan the ineligible treasonous war crimes racist muslum terrorists in the wh,his agenda21{New world order}add the cair group which is a frt for the muslum brotherhood terrorists and la razz.add open borders which ovomit and eric{I,m in contempt of court}holder has told the border patrols,to stand down on arresting these illegals{means against the law}aliens/drug cartels/muslum terrorists,so they can come in to the usa and saturate our country.and ovomit can have his illegal army to continue to destroy the usa.why do you think holder doesn,t want voter id,so the dead and illegals can vote multiple times,how do you think the usurp ovomit got into the wh,there where voting machines which when you voted for romney,it would cast a vote for ovomit.and there were illegal somalianos being bussed from one voting site to another voting site.they even had an interpreter who showed them were and whom to vote for.and not one person we know ever voted for ovomit/satan either time.and there our multiple muslum terrorists training camps in dearborn michigan maine upstate new york near hancock,and in dallas where the 4 muslum terrorists lied and said they were lawyers,to bring in there muslum tribunal,and in irving where the muslum animals tryed to intimidate the city council,so they could bring in there muslum sharia garbage.don,t trust or believe any of these muslums,they are good at deception and lying.they will never pledge allegiance to the american flag.they say they are peaceful,but were was the outrage and protests,when the paris attacks took place.read the book the muslum mafia.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens

  93. What part of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT does Oblamer not understand? Oh, is it possible he is one?

  94. WHY?!!!! Are we to leave bank robbers, rapists or any other criminal ALONE too? When is our government going to ENFORCE the LAW of the LAND (United States of America)? Or do the illegals own the country now because they are future demoncraps?!!!! Illegal means breaking the law of the United States of America. And for any law enforcement agency saying we should leave the illegal alone is saying we should break the law……

  95. Don’t give them jobs. Don’t let them vote. Maybe will go home, where they belong.

  96. Michael Dennewitz

    Yeah, you leave my illegals alone bud. I’m giving those little bastards everything they could possibly want. That way, they won’t have a problem with becoming my mooselum army when I declare martial law!!! :-((

  97. Absolutely NOT! The illegals have to be driven out of our country, and soon! They can also take the faux president with them as he is an illegal as well! Run ALL of them out–drive them into the sea!

  98. Do you have to be an utter fool to be a Democrat? It seems so, but you don’t. You could be just evil.

  99. One way to make sure the libs don’t retain control is for legal voters to challenge every one at the polls. If they can’t prove the right to vote ,run them out,physically or have them arrested, and tell voting officials to go to Hell if they protest !

  100. Of course obama and his Socialist Regime want the Illegals to be allowed to stay here, they form the base of their voters. And isn’t it interesting that they call these Criminals, Illegals.

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