LAWSUIT: Liberal Violence Could Cost UC Berkeley $23 Million

Pressure from conservative Americans – up to and including the President of the United States – hasn’t been enough to convince UC Berkeley to stop providing a space for violent liberals to riot every time a speaker they don’t like schedules an appearance on campus, but a new $23 million lawsuit might guide them to the light.

An Oakland woman is suing the college after she was attacked by left-wing Antifa protesters at a Milo Yiannopoulos event in February. Kiara Robles claims that the college did nothing to protect her and very little to quell the riotous atmosphere that Milo’s controversial appearance caused on campus. In the suit, Robles claims that she came out to the college to listen to Yiannopoulos speak on February 1. Shortly after she arrived, violence – stirred on an agitated by leftist protesters, many of whom covered their faces to avoid identification – erupted in the form of thrown objects, destruction of property, and the use of pepper spray.

From the Los Angeles Times:

As she was being interviewed by a KGO-TV news station reporter, Robles said, she was attacked by both masked and unmasked assailants with painful pepper spray and bear mace — all because “she chose to exercise her right to freedom of speech and show support for the planned speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos.”

As she was being assaulted, she said no campus police were present.

“Instead, nearly 100 campus police and SWAT members waited in the Student Union building, within eyesight of the violence happening outside, watching the protesters become more belligerent and dangerous,” Robles said.

She claims the university chose to withhold police protection because she, Yiannopoulos and a large number of his supporters are gay and politically conservative.

The university, she said, “has acted to unconstitutionally curtail the 1st Amendment rights of its students and invitees.”

This has been an ongoing problem at UC Berkeley, whose administrators have allowed – if not encouraged – these violent liberals to take their campus hostage every time a conservative speaker dares to set foot on campus. When it came to Ann Coulter, the university blatantly gave in to the pressure and told Coulter that she was not allowed to speak because they could not guarantee her safety. Can you even IMAGINE how the media would crucify them if the speaker was Dan Savage, Linda Sarsour, or some other leftist provocateur?

UC Berkeley’s negligence is about to cost them a fortune, and it ought to cost them their public funding. These universities, one and all, need to learn that there is no political contingency in the First Amendment.

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