Law Professor: Trump “Has Broken the Constitution”

If we give out year-end “Chicken Little” awards to those liberals who are horrified by Tuesday night’s election results, University of Baltimore Professor Garrett Epps is almost certain to take home a prize. And that’s saying something, because we’re witnessing leftist hysteria of unprecedented proportions.

Epps, who teaches Constitutional law, wrote a piece for The Atlantic this week that seems destined for years of mockery. Here’s a sample:

Donald Trump ran on a platform of relentless, thoroughgoing rejection of the Constitution itself, and its underlying principle of democratic self-government and individual rights. True, he never endorsed quartering of troops in private homes in time of peace, but aside from that there is hardly a provision of the Bill of Rights or later amendments he did not explicitly promise to override, from First Amendment freedom of the press and of religion to Fourth Amendment freedom from “unreasonable searches and seizures” to Sixth Amendment right to counsel to Fourteenth Amendment birthright citizenship and Equal Protection and Fifteenth Amendment voting rights.

Unsurprisingly, Epps skips the part where another writer might provide concrete examples of Trump’s unconstitutional comments. You can use your imagination to figure out why that is.

Trump’s comments on the First Amendment have been in warning over a liberal press that is publishing abject fiction and selling it as truth. Trump has been understandably disgusted by this un-American evolution in the media, and it’s led to some discussion about strengthening the libel laws. He’s made no remarks that make us fear for our freedom of free expression; in fact, we feel a lot better about that freedom under Trump than under Democrats – some of whom have started talking openly about “hate speech” laws.

On religion, Epps is probably referring to the Muslim immigration ban, apparently unaware that there is nothing in the First Amendment that grants Muslims permission to emigrate to the United States. It’s laughable to even consider the idea.

On the Fourth Amendment, Epps is likely talking about “stop and frisk” policies, which Trump has vehemently supported. Well, the only way you can believe those policies are unconstitutional is if you believe that “stop and frisk” means “stop minorities at will.” And only someone deep inside a liberal bubble of crazy could think that.

Since we’ve exposed Epps’s agenda, which has nothing to do with constitutional law and everything to do with liberal whining, there’s no point defending Trump on the rest of the allegations. Trump hasn’t broken the Constitution; liberals like Epps have forgotten what the Constitution actually says.


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