Latinos Trust Trump Over Biden?

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – In battleground states, Latino voters have stated that they believe former President Donald Trump is a better option for handling the U.S. border than President Joe Biden is. 

A survey by Equis which included 1,592 registered Latino voters from seven battleground states found that when asked who they believed could handle immigration better, 41 percent supported Trump while 38 percent backed Biden. Latinos also expressed that the most concerning part when it comes to Biden is that while he and the Democrats have previously promised immigration reforms during the campaigning process, they have always failed to deliver on those after winning. 

Around 72 percent of Latino respondents stated that due to the lack of results after the election, they had lost their trust in the Democrats and Biden. 

In the upcoming presidential election, it is estimated that around 36.2 million U.S. Latinos will be eligible to vote. The group makes up a large demographic in the upcoming election. 

The Equis poll found that while Latino voters had in the past been considered reliably Democrat, they are now identifying as independent voters, with those in the working class leaning towards the Republican party. 

Trump announced a new coalition earlier this month to bring more Latino support to his camp. He also praised members of the community who are leaders in their fields and have been elected to office. He also made a post on his website in which he pointed out that during his administration the unemployment rates in the group were very low, while that is not the case during the Biden administration. As he stated, the current administration has left Latinos behind as they grapple with lower wages, higher prices, and increased interest rates. 

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